Parasitic Love

by Tigerstretch

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© Copyright 2022 - Tigerstretch - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f; bond; alien; latex; chastity; insert; tease; anal; bodymod; denial; sleepsack; encased; rom; cons; X

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Chapter 5 - Harder and Deeper

"My brain is going to get damaged because of all this sex."

"No, I promise, Alli. Your brain is fine. And now that you are exclusively eating the balanced food I give you, your body will be healthier than ever before."

"Exclusively? Sky! You feeding me three times in a row today didn't mean I want to do this forever. It's not going to be like that all the time."

"Well, you wanted this. You asked me to feed you, and you liked it because you thought it was hot."

"Haha. Yes. But we spent the entire day hidden in this wood. There is no food around, and until I get my bag back, I can't buy any or even go home."

"Awww… but I still like feeding you, Alli. Maybe I'll do it when you sleep. I'll suck out your bad food and replace it with good food."

"Whatever. If it makes you happy. As long as you don't wake me up, I don't care. Okay. Talking about my bag, it's dark enough now. Let's go get it so we can go back home."

"Sure, let me dress you up. Do you want the same outfit as earlier?"

"Yes, please."

What a day. While we waited hidden in the little wood near the park, Skylar, again, gave me a run for my money by fucking me in all ways possible while I was a prisoner of the sleep sack she had formed around me. She also had me wear those enlarged breasts and had not told me when or how they would shrink back to their original size. I got the feeling she could have returned them to normal but was not doing it just to tease me, or perhaps until I asked her if I could keep them forever. I would have to chat to her about that later, but for now, I didn't mind this fun upgrade.

After she gave me back a passable outfit, we walked out of the woods and returned to the park. This time she was the one guiding me around as only she knew where my bag was. She had gotten rid of it while being pursued by the cops during her unfortunate experience with law enforcement. This little stroll was a good moment to just chit-chat.

"Hey, Sky. How come I'm never getting sore after you fuck me? I mean, you pounded my ass so hard."

"I'm making sure you remain healthy. Sure, your fibers are getting a bit damaged when we have fun like this, but I repair them right away, so you don't even notice."

"I'm cool with that. If I can get more pleasure out of it, I'm in."


"We? Yeah, I know you like it too."

"Alli… Have we never talked about this?"

"About what?"

"I'm your parasite. I'm connected to you."

"Yes, I know that. So what?"

"When you experience pleasure, I do too."

"… Really? So, when I cum, you cum too?"

"Well, I don't cum like you, but yes, it feels really good. That's why I like it as much as you do. And it makes me feel closer to you. Allowing me to have a lot of sex with you makes me so happy."

"Awww, Sky. You are cute."


Skylar could be adorable, and that deserved a little squeeze. We knew this relationship was all new, but hours after hours, day after day, we committed to it a bit more, and it made things easier. We could discover more about ourselves and understand each other better the more we had those intimate moments.

For the next few minutes, we walked toward a residential area. Hopefully, she would remember accurately enough where she had left my bag. It would make it easier to retrieve. It was not like we could just ring a doorbell and ask to go into their backyard. We would have to sneak in like criminals, and the last thing Skylar and I wanted was another police chase.

"Okay, the house is on that street over there, Alli."

"Mmm… People have cameras everywhere these days. I need to conceal my identity, or else we will be in even more trouble than we already are in. Can you make me a mask?"

"A mask? I can cover your whole head."

"No. If we get caught, that will make me look like a fetish pornstar. Make me a mask that just covers my eyes. I want my hair and lower face to be visible."

"Does it not defeat the purpose, Alli?"

"Nooo… That's what they do in the movies."

"… in the movies? Ah, whatever! If that makes you happy."

Skylar spread on my face and roughly created what I asked her to. I would have needed a mirror to see exactly what it looked like, but it seemed to be somewhat decent just by feeling it with my fingertips.

"Cool. Now give me a sexy outfit. Something that would cover me enough so you can protect me, but we still need to be able to see my boobcrack and my belly."



"You're weird!"

"Pfff… Look who's talking. The parasite who makes me cum from my tits."

"Aaah, fine. I'll give you your slutty outfit."

"Yay! I just want to look sexy while we are committing a crime."

"Whatever, Allison. If you want sexy, I'll give you sexy."

She blocked the eye holes on my mask right after she said that, and then I felt crawling all over my body as she reshaped herself into the suit I asked for. It was probably not the best idea to do this on the walkway, but it was nighttime, and we had a lot of great sex today, so we got a bit carried away.

"Hey! I want to see."

"One sec… I'm almost done."

"It doesn't feel like a full catsuit. I can feel the wind on my skin."

"Hehe. You think? Okay, I'm done. There… look."

As soon as she reopened my eyes, I inspected her work, and it didn't take me long to understand what she had done.

"SKYLAR! Come on!"


"That's not funny!"

"Yes, it is. Let's go get your bag now."

"I swear, I'll put you in the juicer."

For a start, I had long black latex-like stockings and matching opera gloves. I also had this little collar wrapped around my delicate neck. But for the rest, she gave me the tiniest G-string ever, it was barely hiding my private parts, and for my bigger boobs, I had this small bra with open nipples. Everything was held together by a series of thin and very sexy strings crisscrossing around my almost naked torso.

"This is so embarrassing! I wanted to be sexy, not naked. My butt is fully exposed, and so are my nipples. Why don't you give me slutty heels since you are at it."


"… Hey! That was sarcasm!"

Obviously, she knew I didn't mean it, but she wouldn't back out of that last idea I, unfortunately, gave her. Since this outfit was so minimalist, she had plenty of material left to add to it. I felt my heels rising and more of her body wrapped around my ankles and calves.

"Nooo! Sky! That's too high! I won't be able to walk!"

"Is it? They are only six inches! And it makes your butt pop out. I like those boots a lot."

"Okay, Sky. Stop it now. I don't want to break my ankles. Just give me flat sole boots. They can be sexy too."

"Aaalright. You are no fun. I'll try to replicate the ones I've seen at the store. Remember, the one I told you about?"

She quickly remodeled my boots to something that actually looked good and that would also allow me to walk around like a normal woman, even though there was nothing ordinary about me at the moment. I observed the change, and the more she progressed, the happier I got. My little slime was a talented one.

"Mmm… I like these, Skylar. Good choice. How can you be so good at it?"

"I will force you to wear the high heels ones at home when we have sex."

"Deal! Alright. Enough playing, or else we are going to get caught. Let's go get that bag now and then get out of here."

"Yes, miss slut."

"Hey! Be nice."

"Hehe… But you look slutty. I love it."

"Mmm… and I love it too, silly slime."

Yes, there was something nice about walking at night wearing a sexy outfit and a mask that concealed my identity. It was such a boost of self-confidence, a feeling of freedom. And now that I knew how strong Skylar really was, I also didn't fear danger nearly as much. Under normal circumstances, a cute woman dressed like this in the street late at night would possibly get raped. But knowing that my parasite would never let this happen provided me with a fantastic feeling. I was allowed to express my sensuality without worries.

We sneakily entered the back alley, where we would be able to access the backyard of the house where Sky had left my bag. I followed the fences, hid behind containers, and then…

"Allison! It's this one. Your bag is just over this fence."


With my hands on my sexy hips and my girlish smooth chin up, I looked at the top of the seriously problematic fence. There was no way I could climb something this tall; I was only five foot four.

"And how am I supposed to climb this, Sky? Is there not another way?"

"Just jump."

"Funny alien! I'm not you. I can't jump that high. That fence is like eight feet tall."

"I'll help you."

"Uh? Are you saying that you can lend me your strength!?"

"Yes. Remember, that's how I controlled your body."

"No, I don't remember because a certain cute parasite had disconnected my brain while she did it."

"Awww… sorry."

"Hehe. I'm just teasing. So, if I jump, you'll make me jump higher?"


"Okay… Let's try then… Get ready, three, two…"

"No, Alli. Don't count. You don't need to tell me when you do a movement."

"No? How are you supposed to know when to boost me then?"

"I will intercept your brain signals along with your intention and compensate for what you want to do at that point."

"Uh? You are thinking that fast?"

"Yes. I'm super smart."

"Haha. I know you are. Alright… "

As creepy as it was to have a parasite accessing my brain waves, it was pretty convenient. I took a step back and jumped, hoping that it would work.

I jumped just high enough to land comfortably on top of the big fence, to my great amazement. It was so bizarre. Since I had not expected this, I was all off-balance, but I could feel Skylar do all the work to stabilize me by using my sexy clothing items to move my limbs the right way. I even felt some tickling on my clit.

"Ooooh… I love that, Sky! That's awesome."

"Yes, crouching on top of the wall like this makes your G-string dig deeper in your butt crack."

"Haha. Perv. And I felt you playing with my clit too."

"Did I do that… Nooo… I would never dare. It was just trying to help with your balance."

"You are funny. Hehe. Okay, where did you put my bag, slimy?"

"Under the shed just there. I hope it is still there."

"Can I jump down without breaking my legs?"

"Oh, yes. Don't worry about it, Alli. Just move as you feel it. I'm a parasite. I will adapt to everything you do and keep you safe. That's my job. You'll see. In a while, it will feel natural to you."

"Sweet. Let's go then."

Trusting Skylar with my life, I jumped down on the other side of the fence and landed silently in the grass. I didn't even feel a shock as Skylar had completely absorbed it. I felt like a robot. I then sexily crawled on my four toward the shed and tried to look underneath it.

"Where is it, Sky? I can't see it."

"Deeper. You have to crawl under it. It's almost in the middle."

"Aaaah! Why so far. It's full of spiders and bugs."

I wished I had a full bodysuit right now because the dirt was humid and cold. But I couldn't be mad at Sky since she had gone an extra length to protect my identity when she ran away from the cops. I felt a bit vulnerable with my body half stuck under the shed and my naked butt sticking out and available for anybody to slap. At least they wouldn't be able to see my perverted bra with open nipples that Sky had not-so-innocently selected for me.

"Ah! I found it!"

My hand finally reached the bag, and I hurried to extract myself from my compromising posture before getting too many bugs in my hair. After brushing the dirt off me, I sat cross-legged on the cold grass and opened my bag to inventory its content.

"Yes! Everything is there. We can go home now."

"Cool, and we can celebrate with hot sex."

"Haha. Yes, please!"

But then, the worst thing that could have happened, happened. A bright light turned on in the backyard, and the patio door slid open. I got discovered.


"Alli, let's run."

"No… Wait… Maybe we can just… explain."

A big man walked rapidly toward me, so I quickly got back to my feet. The closer he got, the more I should have listened to Skylar's suggestion. My idea to justify my presence on his property was a terrible one, after all. Males could be imposing in size, and his total mass made me gulp.

"I can't believe this. Who are you? Why are you dressed like a whore?"

"… A whore?… Oh well… Haha… I mean…"

"Wait a minute… Are you the girl from the news?"

"Uh? The girl from the news?"

"Yes, the pyromaniac fetishist… Oh my God! It's you!"

"The pyro what?"

Before I could even react, the man grabbed my arm very hard and yanked on it.

I felt nothing.

Sky, as promised, had reacted quickly to protect me by strengthening my opera glove to absorb the energy, and for some reason, instead of being scared to death, it made me smile. I didn't have to fear this person. With my parasite, I was way stronger than him. Best feeling ever.

So I smiled at him, but it was time to bail.

"Haha. So rough. Anyway, very nice to meet you, but I have to go now. If you would excuse me, mister manly man."

I effortlessly pulled my arm off his grip and jumped on the shed, just to bounce off it and land on top of the fence. I looked one last time at the man while purposely giving him a good view at my butt and caressing it with my gloved hand.

"Sorry, this little body is not for you to touch! Haha!"

Amazing. So much power. It was intoxicating. I jumped off the fence and ran away with Skylar and my recovered bag.

"Aaaah! Home sweet home!"

Still wearing my overly sexy disguise, I let myself fall on my back on my bouncy bed. Barely held in place by my tiny bra, my large boobs followed the same motion; I could get used to those.

"Are you okay, Allison?"

"Are you kidding, Sky? THAT WAS AMAZING! Not only we had hot sex all day, but you allowed me to do something every little girl can only dream of."

"I did?"

"Yes! To do dangerous things without fearing anything. To be a hero. It was awesome!"

"We just picked up your bag. It doesn't seem to be a big deal to me."

"But it was to me. I didn't fear this man at all. Oooh! I need more of that feeling! Give me a hug, Sky!"

I didn't have to ask twice. Skylar undid my sexy outfit and reshaped herself around my torso, encasing my arms at the same time, and then squeezed me tightly.

"Mmmm! That feels so good too."

"Yes. You are so pretty, Allison."

"I do feel pretty today. I can tell you that. I had never worn such a sexy outfit, and particularly not in front of someone else. Make sure you remember how to make it again."

"I will. It's easy. I liked making it too because it embarrassed you."

"At first, yes. But then… When I easily escaped that man, I just felt terribly seductive. I was proud to show him my butt and let him know he couldn't have it."

"Haha. That was funny."

"But you, Sky. You can have it whenever you want, and you don't even need to ask first."

"Mmm… Good to know. I will fuck you so hard when you are at work."

"Hey! No! Not at work!"

"Haha. Just kidding."

I loved Skylar so much. She was everything I ever wanted from a lover, but a million times better. She was sensitive, funny, strong, brave, daring, playful… Everything.

"Alright, Sky. Let me go. I want to check my phone. And I'm also very curious about what the man said about the news… What did he call me?"

"The pyromaniac fetishist."

"Oh, that's not good."

Sky let go of my arms, and I rummaged in my bag to find my smartphone before returning to my back. My squishy parasite had retracted behind my neck, turning into a comfy pillow for my head.

"Yay, the battery is still half full. Let's see."

I had a few text messages, which was quite normal. I would just have to make sure to reply to those so people wouldn't think I was dead. Next, I went to my favorite news website and checked if there was an article about my entertaining parasite adventure. Poor Skylar, I hoped it wouldn't be too bad, but she caused quite a commotion in town based on what she told me.



We both had the same reaction when we saw the front-page article.

"The pyromaniac fetishist is still on the loose. Oh, noooo! It's the biggest story on the site!"

"… Are… are we in trouble, Alli?"

"Naaah. But we should definitely lay low for a while. They will eventually give up. Look, there are tonnnnnes of pictures of us. They all think it was someone wearing a kinky latex suit, a very athletic person because you ran for so long. Look at that one here. I can't believe you jumped from that bridge. You could have killed us."

"Haha. Not a chance. It was nothing compared to an atmospheric entry. Imagine how you'd feel sitting on a block of ice and rock that catches fire and sometimes even explodes because of the air friction."

"I guess… But it would have terrified me."

"We should try again while you are conscious. You'll see, it's super fun."

"Ugh! No! I don't think so."

"You loved jumping over a fence, Alli, so why not try a bridge?"

"There is a massive gap between jumping a fence and jumping down a large bridge."


I loved how Skylar's perspective on things differed from mine.

Last night we didn't do much outside reading all the news articles about her stunt. We had so much sex during the day that we agreed to take a little break and let our fun experience at the park sink in. It didn't prevent her from caressing me everywhere lovingly, which I had no problem with, but there was no fucking.

This morning, we were back to our routine, though.


"Morning, Alli. One sec. I'm almost done cleaning your teeth."


It was unnecessary, but she had wrapped her body around my head during my sleep, keeping me prisoner while she was doing what she loved the most, taking care of me. My hand slid down to my crotch to rub my clit, but there was a little problem.


"Ah, yes. I deposited part of my body inside your womb last night, and I also covered your crotch so you can't masturbate."


"Don't get agitated. Last night you said, "Sky, I need to sleep, and tomorrow I want to focus on work." So, I'm helping you focus. No sex for you, Alli. Haha."


Unable to see, I tried to reach my crotch from all angles, but it was hopeless. She had created a pair of panties that were hard like metal and felt fused to my body. I couldn't feel anything even when I knocked on it with my knuckles.

But, AH! I was super smart. Skylar had taught me how to cum from my tits. It was unlikely that I could achieve an orgasm that way on my own, but at least it would procure me with a bit of pleasure.


"Oh, yes. I almost forgot. I did the same for your tits. They are now encased in a hard shell bra. Sorry. By the way, I returned them to their normal size while you were asleep."

NO! What a tease! I couldn't even touch my boobs either, and all of this turned me on like crazy.

"Haha! What's wrong, Alli? Feeling frustrated?"


"Don't be like that. I know you love me. Plus, you have to be nice because I saved you from being late for work. I'm the one who just woke you up, and I also already placed food inside your stomach. When I'm done with your teeth, you'll just have enough time to dress up and walk to work."

I let myself fall on the bed, defeated by evil and kindness. I loved my parasite so much.

On my way to work, we heard several people discussing the pyromaniac fetishist. This all happened over the weekend, so Monday morning was the right time to share the news with everybody who had not yet heard about it. If they only knew that this strange girl was, in fact, Skylar and me… It was unfair, though, because all we did was save a child from certain death, and nobody talked about that even though some articles had mentioned it.

"Stupid people. They know nothing. We saved someone."

"Haha. Don't worry, Alli. I like this. It teaches me things about human behaviors."

"Mmm… Too bad. I would have loved to go out again wearing this full catsuit."

"Nothing is stopping you if that's what you want to do."

"Mmm… I don't want to get caught wearing it, and then they will find out about you and send us to a lab to experiment on us."

"Alli, that won't happen. You read it in the news as I did. They think It was just a crazy woman wearing a latex suit who ultimately committed suicide. Even the man who reported having seen you in his backyard wearing a slutty outfit was discredited. Everybody saw me plunging down the bridge. They think that person is dead."

"Mmm… maybe you are right. Okay, quiet, now. We've arrived at work."

I said "we" because Skylar and I were a team now. While I would make sure the job was done correctly, Skylar would identify all the errors she found on my sheets and would just spit them out to me when I would be ready to hear them. She was the best helper I could dream of.

We started our workday, and as usual, we did an outstanding job. I was forced to admit that her chastity game had allowed me to keep my mind on what I wanted to do even though it was not very fun.

Several girls in the office came to see me, lately, to comment on my good look. They said that my skin and hair looked amazing. I didn't have much to tell them since I had no extra parasite to share with them.

Sky and I went to the nearest plaza during my lunch break and sat on a bench to chat. As usual, I placed my headphones in my ears to pretend I was talking on the phone.

"Alli, have you ever dated a girl?"

"I'm dating you. You sound like a girl, Sky."

"You know I'm not a girl. I'm a parasite. I mean, I don't mind if you see me as a girl. I like human girls a lot. But I meant, before me…"

"No. I never had any interest in girls."

"Just males then?"

"Yes. Just men. They made me feel safe. But now that's all out of the window because I feel a million times safer with you. Why are you asking?"

"Because Lilian is hot."

"Bhahaha! The new admin assistant? Where does that come from?"

"That comes from me. I think she is hot."

"Of course she is. She is twenty years old. All firm and fresh."

"And she is blonde with blue eyes."

"So what? You want to attach to her instead of me?"

"NO! ALLI! You always come up with weird ideas."

"Okay, so, what is it then? You have a crush?"

"Yes. Can you have sex with her? I would like to know how it feels."


"… What? It would be hot. Imagine how rubbing your body against her would feel."

"Sky… Are you pulling my leg?"

"… maybe. Haha."

"Aaaah! Damn you, squishy thing! You almost got me. Don't tease me like that."

"She is still hot."

"Hehe. Yes, she is."

There was never a dull moment with my parasite around. I reached behind my neck and scratched her a little. This little gesture was always perfect because everybody had to scratch their own neck at one point or another. Nobody would notice that, in my case, I was amorously playing with my parasite.

"Why are you working, Alli? It's more fun to do things when you are not at work."

"I agree, but I told you ten times."

"You need the money?"

"Yes. That's how it works here. Additionally, my services are useful to other people."

"You could be useful without working."

"Yes, you are right. But that's called volunteering, and it doesn't pay the bills."

"Mmm… Is there no other way to make money in your world?"

"No, work is the only way. Unless you are rich enough to make people work for you or win the lottery."

"What is the lottery?"

"Well, it's like a game humans play. I'll show you one day. A lot of people put, let's say, five dollars in a pot. And they get a number in exchange. Then at the end of the week, they randomly pick a number, and if it's yours, you get all the money from that pot. Sometimes it's a small amount, but sometimes it can be millions."

"Oh… Let's do that then. Why aren't people doing this instead of working?"

"Hahaha! Sky, you are so innocent. So many people play all their life and never win anything. It's a waste of money. The odds of winning are way too low. It's too random."

"Nothing is random, Alli."

"Ah! Are you going to make me believe you can guess what the next lottery number will be? That you can predict how the balls are going to tumble in the mixer?"

"I don't know. I would have to see how they do it. But I'm good with numbers, so I'm confident it's possible."

"Alright, Skylar. You are a parasite, not a seer. Let's go back to work, silly squishy. My lunch break is over."

"Aww… okay. You should go see Lilian on the way and grab her young firm boobs."

"Sky! Behave! That would be called harassment in the workplace."

"She would love it. I'm sure."

We returned to my office and restarted working. I wasn't sure if we were still playing this chastity game, but Skylar didn't stimulate me all day. She stayed very quiet and only helped me when absolutely needed.

The rock and roll weekend we had experienced with the burning house, the forest trip, and all that good sleepsack sex had been demanding, so both of us wanted to calm things down a bit for a moment so we could catch our breath. Since I had just declared my love to Skylar, which was a big deal for me to commit to this kind of alien-human relationship, it was nice to see that we could control ourselves a bit and not abuse the good things. I loved being fucked hard, but work was not really an appropriate place to tease each other that way.

One amusing thing, though, was when Lilian dropped by my office in the afternoon for the first time ever to drop some paperwork. After our improper discussion about sexually harassing her at lunchtime, it was hard not to think about how good-looking she was. Of course, being connected to my ocular nerves, Skylar knew that I had stared at Lilian's boobs and butt and had no chance of denying it. So after Lilian left, Sky made sure to tease me some more.

"Oooh! Alli… You want her."

"Ah! Shut up! Hehe. I wouldn't have looked at her that way if you had not mentioned anything earlier."

"I should take over your mind and go flirt with her and set up a date."

"Ah! You wouldn't stand a chance."

"Well, I did manage to make you fall in love with me, Alli."

"Yes, because you used illegal sex techniques on me."

"Ah! That's not true. It was all because of my natural charm."

"Ahan… and your soft skin."


Skylar wrapped around my torso and gave me a warm hug. Good thing nobody could see what was happening under my clothes, or they would have wondered what was wrong with me. I rubbed my belly to pet her at the same time she was doing that.

But as I resumed my work, a question popped up in my mind, directly linked to Lilian's impromptu visit.

"Hey, by the way, Sky. Did you see her tattoo?"

"What is a tattoo?"

"The little drawing she had on her skin. It's permanent and often means something."

"Oh, the flower drawing on her wrist?"

"Yes. We use ink to do those, but I was wondering if you had the means to do the same without ink."

"I could change the color of your skin pigments on a specific location, yes."

"Sweet. Then we will have to find something we like and try it."

"Sure. That could be fun. I was wondering what those were. I've seen many people wearing tattoos but never had an opportunity to ask you about it."

For the next hour, we finished our work before returning home.

"Nooo! I don't want to!"

"Sky, why do you make a fuss every time I want to take a shower?"

"It's making you dirty. I can clean you much better."

"Well, maybe, but I like taking showers after work. It's relaxing."

"Ffff… It's just a bad habit."

I knew she was right, technically, but human food and showers were not something I was willing to give up. In any healthy relationship, both partners had to be flexible enough to adjust to each other. So I didn't want to give Sky the impression that I wasn't listening to her.

"Okay. So, what if I only take two or three showers a week instead of every day? Would that make you happy?"

"Mmm… Yes. That would be fine."

"Good. But you are not allowed to whine about it anymore, okay?"


We could try that for a while and see how it went. It was not a big sacrifice to concede a few showers a week since Skylar could easily keep me clean and fresh.

I squeezed some body wash in my hands and began rubbing my naked body with it. It smelled so good. Skylar had retracted to the back of my neck earlier but left a big portion of her body inside my uterus. It was a good feeling to feel her moving around inside my belly, as odd as it was. Having a portable lover was such a nice perk that came with dating a parasite.

But as I was running my hands over my belly, I noticed something.

"Hey, Sky. Did you grow some more? I feel fuller than before. I almost look pregnant."

"What did you expect?"

"What do you mean? Am I right or wrong?"

"No, you are totally right, Alli. It's because you keep eating human food instead of letting me feed you. And since you don't want to go to the washroom anymore because you prefer to let me clean your insides, that new mass must go somewhere. Don't worry, though. I can regulate my size. You won't end up with a giant belly."

"Okay. I mean, it's fine for now. It feels really good. But if you get a lot bigger, does it mean that you could do more fun things to me in bed?"

"Oh yes! Would you like a thicker sleep sack, Alli? Hehe."

"Ooooh! That would be nice."

After my shower, Skylar wanted to dry me up herself. So she crawled from behind my neck and out of my vagina to coat my entire body. With my perfect catsuit on, I went to my bed and laid down comfortably.

"Can you let me have sex, now?"

"Hehe. Yes. But before that, I got a tattoo idea earlier."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes. You said that tattoos meant something, right?"

"Most of the time, yes. It's saying something special about its wearer."

"Can I try something then? If you don't like it, I can erase it."

"Sure. Where?"

"On your lower belly."

"Ah, cute. Go ahead. Will it take long?"

"No, no. Not long at all."

I unnecessarily raised my arms above my head and let her do the work. Knowing Skylar, she would do it in a way that was not painful. The fear of discomfort was probably the main reason why I had never gone ahead with a real tattoo. But if my parasite could do it without me feeling any pain, it would be awesome.

When she started, I only felt a slight tickling, so mild that I even wondered if I imagined the sensation. Wondering what it would look like, I could only hope that it would be something cute.

"There you go, Alli. All done. Do you like it?"

I looked at my belly, but I couldn't see anything since I was all covered with her rubbery skin.

"Skyyy… Stop teasing me. Move. I want to see it. Move away from my belly."

"Hehe. Okay."

She retracted her skin from my lower belly to reveal her artwork. And right away, a wave of happiness washed over me because, even though I didn't know yet what it was, it looked all clean and smooth. It was so pretty.

"Awww! What is it?"

Taking a better look allowed me to understand the drawing better. First, she used a tribal style, which I loved. It was a small heart surrounded by a bunch of curvy lines to make it stand out. Inside the heart, there was a little unlocked padlock. But the one thing that caught my attention was that none of the curvy lines were filled. It was like she had drawn the contours only to give me an overview of what it would look like before finalizing it.

"SKY! It's so pretty!"

"You like it?"

"YES! But you should fill up the curvy lines. It would look better. And what does the padlock mean?"

"Wait, Alli. That's the fun part. When the padlock is open, we can have all the sex we want. Every time you cum, the curvy lines shaping the heart will gradually fill up. And when they are all full, the padlock will close."

"… Meaning…?"

"That you won't be able to cum anymore until it is unlocked again. But don't worry, you'll still be able to have sex and feel arousal. You just won't be able to cum."

I didn't expect that, and it fucking turned me on like crazy. How did she manage to come up with such a devious game? The idea of an interactive tattoo linked to our sexual activities was just genius.

"Do you like it, Alli?"

"Well, Sky… I wasn't expecting that. IT'S BRILLIANT!"

"Awww! So you want to keep it?"

"YES! And… I really want to fill up those lines now."

"Ah yeah?"


Before I could even ask for it, Skylar closed the eye and mouth holes of my hood and pushed a big tentacle inside my mouth.


"I think you'd look cuter as a mummy."


I nodded furiously. Immediately, she wrapped my legs into a single sheet and forced my arms down to my side before wrapping around them. In a record time, I was a prisoner of my delicious parasite and wished for many orgasms.

The cocoon was a bit stretchy, so I could wriggle around, trying to escape, but I knew that if I were to do it too much, Skylar would just secure me up to the bed… And that was why I struggled a lot. I wanted her to restrain me further and longer, like what we did in the park yesterday.

"Alli! Stop moving! You'll fall off the bed."

She didn't seem to have understood my strategy, so I kept wriggling around, hoping to trigger an efficient bondage response.

"Okay, that's enough, Alli."

I was totally expecting her to strap me to the bed like last time, or like the way she had tied me up to a tree, but I was wrong. What she did next was not what I had anticipated at all.

My stretchy sleepsack began to get more and more rigid. I wasn't dreaming. The more I struggled, the harder it became. Very quickly, I ended up unable to move my body anymore. What happened? It was so puzzling.

"There. All encased in a hard shell cocoon. That will teach you to make my life difficult, Alli. And now you are mine until tomorrow morning!"


"No. I'm keeping you like this all night. You just had to behave."


Immobilized like this for an entire night? That seemed as extreme as it was hot. But I didn't have much time to think about it because she pushed a tentacle inside my ass… Deep… deeper… very deep. And then it started moving in and out. I could feel it inside my belly, twisting, pulsing, and making me feel amazing. Oh, I loved this.

As my brain filled with endorphins, she continued her work, slowly and sensually. Unsurprisingly, my nose tendrils went down to my lungs, and my mouth one all the way down to my stomach. A new thing that she had never done before was when she started pumping in and out of my mouth as if to caress my esophagus' entire length gently. Being invaded that way was a mind-blowing experience.

I couldn't move an inch while her creativity pleasantly abused me. She must have raised her temperature, too, because I was boiling inside my alien coffin.


"Aaah! You are amazing, Alli. You are so fun to play with. I think you deserve a few orgasms while your lock is still open. Let's try to enjoy it because when it closes, it will be forever."


"Oh? I didn't mention that earlier? Yes, you might have about fifty orgasms left in your life, and then you'll never be able to cum again. Once the padlock is closed, it will be permanent. You'll just be aroused all the time and unable to get any relief."


What a little devil. I knew she was just saying all of this to tease me, but it worked very well. The thought of being eternally punished for having had too much sex was such a turn-on, and she knew it. I wanted to cum now… I wanted to cum fifty times in a row to get that padlock closed and then experience a lifetime of relentless pleasure. Fantasies like this were really driving me wild.

Skylar attacked my boobs and clit in a very ferocious way.


"Alli, try not to cum too quickly, or else your tattoo lines will fill up very fast."


As if I had any control over that! Stimulated and restrained like this, I had no fighting chance. It only took her a minute to push me over the edge for my first mind-shattering orgasm of the night and maybe two more for my second one.

She had never gone this deep inside my guts before, at least it felt like it, and the farther she went, the more I wanted her to continue. I was even wondering if she could eventually join the tentacle in my ass with the one in my stomach; that would be as sick as it would be hot. But again, who else on this planet had such an incredible opportunity to experience those impossible things with their partner? I was the luckiest among the luckiest, and it would have been foolish not to take advantage of it.

I quickly lost track of time and how many orgasms she had forced on me. Sometime later, she gave me a small break and filled my stomach with some food. She could definitely keep me like this for as long as she wanted, and there was nothing I could do about it. My only safeguard was my trust. It was hard to explain. Even though our relationship was pretty recent, I just knew she would never do anything to harm me. Actually, she took better care of me than I took care of myself.

Since I met Skylar, I've never been this healthy and happy, which apparently was what she strived for. My skin was impeccable, my guts felt amazing, I slept like a baby, my work life was incredibly efficient and rewarding. What else could I have asked for? Only now I began to realize the full extent of the effect that a perfect love life could have on a person. Encased in my warm hard shell, I was hers to do whatever she desired.

I would never let her go. Never!

A good nipple pinch indicated that my break was over. This time, it's my vagina that received the biggest share of the pleasure. It was a rough and very satisfying pounding. With a bit of luck, she would keep going until I passed out and hopefully even continue after I was mentally gone.

I wanted to complete that tattoo as soon as possible.


"Morning, Alli! Hehe."

What was happening to me? I was on my knees and elbow, but I was still encased in that hardened suit, and I was getting one of those powerful ass fuck, the best kind. She must have moved me in that doggy-style position during my sleep. I tried to moan, but of course, Skylar had gagged me and was currently injecting some food in my stomach, possibly my breakfast. What a perfect way to wake up a girl, breakfast in bed.

When she noticed that I was fully awake, she rubbed my clit skillfully to push me over the edge again. Exploding so violently while I was in this very bitch-like position just made me feel good about myself. There was nothing better than waking up feeling sexually competent.

But then, my suit became soft again, and I landed flat on my belly. Skylar retracted from my mouth and opened my eye holes.


"Are you still alive, Alli?"

"You are such a beast, Sky. I don't even know what my name is anymore."

"Hehe. You have to go to work now. You have to leave in fifteen minutes."

"Aaaaah! I don't want to. I want to have more sex. Hehe."

"I would love that, but you know you have to go. Anyway, you don't want to fill up your tattoo too quickly, or else your lock will close."

"Hehe. Show me where it's at… I feel like I came so many times last night."

I wobbled to the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror. I felt incredibly rested despite having received the pounding of my life. Skylar crawled away from my skin. A small part of her body returned to my neck and all the rest to my womb. I was getting used to that and loved it more and more. But then I saw where my tattoo progress was at.

"Whaaaat!? It's already half full?"

"It looks like it, hehe."

"But you said it would take about fifty orgasms to complete it."

"Yes. Guess how many you had last night?"

"… That many?"

"Hehe. Yes. Get ready for a lifetime of being unable to cum."

"Right! Silly parasite. As if."

"What, it's true. It's going to be forever. No more orgasm for you."

"And I'll stick you to a raccoon."

"Okay, okay. Maybe it won't be forever. But I'll try to think of a fun way for you to unlock it."

"That's more like it, Sky. I'm always up for a good challenge."

And just like that, it was time for me to go back to work and earn some money to pay the rent. As Skylar said yesterday, it would be convenient not having to work to make money, but, unfortunately, things didn't work that way. It was okay, though. I was lucky enough to take my girlfriend to work with me every day.

Maybe this time around, I will ask her to tease me a little while I was pretending to work…

Just a little…


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