Parasitic Love

by Tigerstretch

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© Copyright 2022 - Tigerstretch - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f; bond; alien; latex; insert; hood; gag; chastity; tease; armbinder; legbinder; collar; catsuit; mermaid; impregnate; rom; cons; X

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Chapter 6 - Invasive Parasite

"Alli, your mother and sister are sooo nice!"

"I know. Did you enjoy that little family dinner, Sky?"

"A lot! I understand why you are so amazing now."

"Hehe. Yes. I was raised okay, I suppose."

It was Friday night, and my lovely parasite and I slowly walked back from a small family dinner. I had a mother, a brother, and a sister. Since my brother worked overseas, it was just my mother and sister tonight. Skylar was very quiet during the whole evening as she didn't want to cause any trouble around my family. Anyway, her desire to learn more about interpersonal relationships was greater than her desire to tease me.

"Your mother really wants you to find a boyfriend."

"Haha. Yes, I know. But it's not going to happen now. And it's not like I can introduce you to her. It sucks. She wouldn't understand that I'm dating a parasite from space."

"Awww, sorry."

"No, don't be sorry. It's not your fault, and I regret nothing. We are happy together, so that's all that matters."

"Yes. We will figure it out as we go, I suppose."

Walking along the path following the river wasn't a shortcut, but Skylar and I just wanted to relax and chat after our first intense week as a couple. We spotted an empty bench facing the illuminated park and decided to sit on it to enjoy the freshness of the night.

I didn't have to ask Skylar anything. She knew what I liked. Under my clothes, she crawled all over me and turned into a full catsuit with a high neck. She loved to keep me warm that way, and the way she undulated all over my skin made this the best hug ever.

"Mmm… I love when you do that, Sky."

"I'm glad cause I love it too."

"Hehe. There is nobody around. Cover my head too. My ears are cold."


Why not? Wearing a latex hood wasn't a crime anyway. So, who cared if someone saw me looking like a fetishist woman? Skylar quickly crawled around my head and only left my eyes and mouth open. I already felt sexier.

"Mmm… That feels good. It's crazy, uh? We had so much sex this past week, yet, I'm not tired of it at all."

"I'm making sure you stay as healthy as you can be. Plus, this week, we didn't have sex the same way we had on Monday. So it was light sex."

"Monday? When you encased me in a hard shell all night? Haha. That was nuts. Yeah, we can't do that every day, or else I'll lose my mind."

"Do you still like your belly tattoo, Alli?"

"Oh, I love it. But I'm worried now. It looks almost complete, so my padlock is going to close after my next orgasm or two."

"Hehe… it's possible."

"Then what?"

"Then you'll never cum agaaain! Neveeer!"

"Haha. Maybe that wouldn't be too bad. But seriously, how will I unlock it?"

"Not sure yet. We will need to talk about it and find a fun idea."

That was such a nice little game. Everybody should play it, even though they don't have a parasite to assist. Skylar had tattooed a very nice tribal heart just above my pussy, and the more I came, the more the lines filled up. In the middle of it was that drawing of an open padlock. When I would reach my fiftieth orgasms, the padlock was supposed to close, and it would prevent me from cumming again as long as it remained in that state. At first, the idea turned me on very much, but after a week, seeing how close I was from getting to that point, I did my best to save some orgasms for later. Not only doing this kept me aroused, but on top of it, it kept our sex life at a more reasonable level.

But we had not decided yet what we would do once the padlock drawing had locked.

"Sky… Make me cum now."

"Really? Just like that?"

"Yes. I want to complete my tattoo."

"Hehe. Like this?"

"Mmmm… yeees!"

There was no deep penetration this time. Her little tendrils simply wrapped around my clit and tickled it delightfully.

"Aaah… That feels so good. Aggrlll…"

"Hehe… You are always moaning too loudly. I'll gag you, so we don't get in trouble."


I mmmphed my approval. Yes, please. Her tentacle entered my mouth and filled it like a glove. I would never get tired of this feeling. She also closed my eye holes for good measure, and I was now secretly encased in my alien skin in the middle of a public place with only two small nostrils as air intakes. This was so perverted and delicious.

As she worked hard on my case, the only thing that really worried me was if I were to be discovered in that state. It would certainly revive the pyromaniac fetishist story. The media had somewhat stopped talking about it, and in the end, new investigation elements and testimony had ruled out my criminal responsibility. The fire was caused by that forgotten pot of oil on the stove by that lady while she was on the phone, and the videos from the witnesses clearly showed that Skylar had saved the boy from the raging flames. They also concluded that the strange fetishist heroine was dead. Seriously, nobody could have survived that fall from that bridge. Still, they had no clue who wore that "latex suit" outside a very poor description from the mother, the only person who had actually seen me before I entered the house. She was so panicked that she remembered absolutely nothing.


"Are you close already? You are such an orgasm machine, Alli. I love it!"


Skylar was doing such a good job at rubbing my clit. Every single time, my mind turned into pink fuzz, and my eyes rolled up. I wish I had met her earlier. I always loved sex, but none of my previous partners had managed to satisfy me like this before. Turning into a depraved sex toy in bed for fun has always been what I desired, but not many people had succeeded in making me feel that way—none, in fact. I suppose I was too strong and confident for most males. But Skylar didn't have any trouble controlling my sexuality and pushing me in every direction at once.

And then it happened. I fell down the bench on my fours and came ridiculously hard. Maybe other people in the park were staring at me acting like a cow in heat, but I couldn't care less.


"Haha. You are so fun to watch, Alli."

"Mmmph! Mmmph!"

That was a long one too. My parasite was pretty good at keeping me up there and making me ride my orgasm. She kept saying that she wasn't tampering with my brain, but sometimes I wondered if it was true.

I collapsed in the grass and panted through my small, constricted nostrils. But then, I felt something warm on my lower belly where my tattoo was. Not being a fool, I had a pretty good idea about what was happening.

"Uh, oh, Alli! You better look at this. Hehe."


I felt Skylar crawling off my lower belly, so I raised my shirt and pushed down my pants with my thumb to expose my sexy tattoo. When I saw it, a wave of excitement ran through my veins. This was so much better than I had anticipated.

It was amazing. It was glowing pink, and of course, the padlock in the middle of the heart had closed. It was so pretty and intriguing.

When Skylar crawled out of my mouth, I could finally express my contentment.

"Wooow! Sky! How did you do that? It's glowing."

"Hehe. I just used the right chemical elements. It will only glow at night, though."

"It's so prettyyyy!"

"And it's so… chaste."

"Right. Haha. So now I can't cum anymore?"

"Yes, and I will also keep your arousal level at a healthy level."

"Uh? What does that mean?"

"It means this…"

I wasn't sure what she was doing at first, but quickly enough, I realized that I had this lingering arousal feeling that was usually not there unless I was stimulated the right way. It was the perfect level that would make me want to ask for sex. Was she serious? Would she really do this to me?

"Mmm… Skyyy! That's mean!"

"I think it's great. It will make you work hard at unlocking your padlock."

"You can be so evil!"

"Hehe. It's because I love you. Let's go home, Alli. Then we can play some more."

"Mmmm… I guess I wouldn't mind."


"No, Sky. You said we would play tonight. Not watch TV."

"Awww… But we will play after! I promise."

"Right! Last time, you spent the next hour trying to understand why you failed."

Skylar didn't annoy me often, but I just wanted to slap her butt when she acted like that. Too bad she didn't have one. A while ago, during a random discussion at work, she convinced herself that she could guess the lottery numbers in advance and make me win. I told her a hundred times that it was impossible, but she just wouldn't listen.

At first, I let her try because the idea of becoming rich was appealing to me, but seeing her fail, try after try, wasn't fun anymore. Every time she was convinced that she had the solution, and every time, her new theory didn't work. And tonight would be no exception. So I didn't want to watch TV; I wanted to have fun with her instead and discuss how I was supposed to get rid of my chastity seal.

"That's enough, Sky. I'm turning off the TV!"

"Nuuu… The draw will start in only two minutes…"

"I don't care. HEY! Let me press the button!"


What a child. She just hacked my brain, so I couldn't press the remote button to turn off the TV. That was clever, but I got another idea. Since my parasite used my eyes to see, I placed my hand in front of my eyes, knowing that she would be hesitant to control my body without my consent in a non-sexual context.

"No! Alli! Let me watch!"

"Nope. You said we would have fun tonight, not that we would watch the lottery."

"But, the lottery is fun."

"No! It's not. When I'm talking about fun, I'm talking about bondage and hot sex."

"Ah… okay. Like this?"

That little rat.

She pulled my arms behind my back and wrapped them in a tight armbinder. She also quickly built a neck corset that immobilized my head and forced me to look at the TV. Because I was sitting on my couch, I could have just walked away, but Sky foresaw this as well and created a stretchy sheath around my legs. I was stuck.

"Gaaaah! Sky! Stop this!"

"But you said you wanted bondage. Hehe."

"Fine! Fiiiine! We will watch your stupid lottery. Let me go!"

"No. Maybe later. Hehe."

At least my constant arousal due to my magical chastity crest printed on my belly kept me company as Sky watched her boring program. I had to look at the screen, or else she would continue to whine. Unfortunately for me, the numbers that she was trying to guess were at the very end of the show, so I had to endure everything that came before. She would probably never admit it, but I could tell that she enjoyed this "lottery game" more than just a little. Her silence and focus while the small balls bounced inside the tumbler indicated that she took this very seriously.

But quickly enough, it was time for her draw. It was simple. Six numbers would be selected out of forty-nine, and if she guessed those six numbers right, we would win the jackpot. Sadly for Skylar, there was no way she could predict the future, no matter how smart she was, and in fact, I thought that was what bugged her so much.

"Alright, Alli. This time I'll get them right."

"Suuuure. What numbers did you pick this time?"

"4-8-15-16-32-48. Last time it didn't work because I miscalculated the probabilities. But it's simple math. This time I'll get it. You'll see."


I could almost feel her bouncing on my skin when the show host began mixing the balls. Soon enough, the first numbered ball rolled down a little rail and bounced cutely at the end. The pretty lady grabbed it and showed it to the camera.













And here we go again. Skylar failed miserably to predict the numbers and, due to an instant depression, retracted behind my neck, leaving me naked on the couch. The only person here that had predicted something right was me. Not only I wouldn't get rich from the lottery, but it was also possible that Skylar wouldn't want to play tonight because she took this game too seriously.

I reached behind my neck and gave her a good squeeze.

"Are you okay, Sky?"

"Bwaaaah! Why did it not work?"

"Because it's just not possible. It's too random."

"Pfff… I wanted to make you rich, Alli."

"Money isn't important. I can be happy with you even if I'm not rich."

"But you have to work all the time. If you were rich, we would get to spend more fun time together."

"Yes. You are right. But it is what it is. Even if I have to admit that it would be nice to be rich, we can still experience wild things together."

Sky relaxed a bit and began crawling over my body, seemingly encasing me into a beautiful catsuit.

"I like hugging you all over, Alli."

"Hehe. I like it too."

"So, what do people do when they are rich?"

"Oh, they travel, they buy big houses and nice clothes. They also buy cars and boats and eat fancy food."

"The generic compound I feed you with is way better."

"Haha. Your food is convenient, Sky, but it's not better taste-wise. I really enjoy my human food."


After turning into a catsuit, Sky immediately morphed into something else as if she tried to find something fun to do. It took me a short moment, but I realized what she was doing.

"Hey! That's the sexy suit you made me wear when we recovered my bag from the backyard."

"Yes. Let's go out again. Let's go visit some rich people's houses. I want to see for myself."

"Uh? You want me to wear this slutty outfit again tonight and go for a walk?"

"Yes, and visit big houses."

"Mmm… I don't know. It was exciting last time, but I'm a bit shy to try this again."

"We won't get caught. Remember, you are super powerful with me attached to your body. We can easily run away from trouble."

"Mmm… I don't know, Sky…"

"If you do it, it will unlock your chastity seal."

"Oh… In that case. Haha… You have a good incentive."

"And I'll make you cum a lot too."

"Okay, okay. I get it. Haha. I can work with that."

I stood up and felt womanly. Those latex-like tongues were barely hiding my pussy lips, the long glossy black stockings were tight and awesome, the opera gloves were as nice, the bra was definitely revealing, the little choker gave me that submissive bitch look, I still loved those boots, and of course, my little mask over my eyes hiding my identity. As I slid my fingers over all those small black strings crisscrossing all over my almost naked body, I couldn't do anything but admire Skylar's talent to morph into all kinds of sexy clothing items.

My heart pounded in my chest as I looked down at the ground from my balcony. I lived on the third floor, so it was a pretty big drop. Dressed in my slutty outfit, carrying my glowing chastity tattoo just above my minimalist space panties, I questioned Skylar once more.

"You sure it won't hurt?"

"Yes. I told you. Just jump already so we can go for our walk."

"It's… it's very high…"

"Do you want me to do it for you?"

"Yes… Just this time."

"Okay. Take a deep breath."

Skylar took control of my body and made me jump over the railing. Feeling the wind on my skin convinced my mind that I was going to die, yet, my trust in my parasite was strong, so I didn't scream like an idiot as I was falling.

When she extended my limbs to absorb the shock, I got this unreal feeling of strength. My body slowed down rapidly after contacting the ground, but it didn't feel any different than landing on a feathery pillow.

And then, Sky made me stand.

"See, Alli? It was nothing."

"Yeah… It was… cool?"

"Hehe. Alright. Let's go visit big houses now."

"Okay. The wealthiest part of the city is a bit far. I suppose we could jog there since you are super strong."

"Yes! Let's run!"

"I said jog!"

"No! Run! And jump over things! It's more fun! One of my previous hosts was doing that a lot."

"Haha. Alright. Let's see how it goes."

It was very late at night, so there was virtually nobody outside. At first, Skylar let me jog as I wanted, but it quickly became boring, so I accepted her suggestion to run. The boots she made me wear were great for that, or it was perhaps just because she anticipated all my movements and reacted accordingly to everything I did. If I were to land on an uneven surface, she would correct my ankle position so it wouldn't cause any discomfort.

 Since I was wearing this very sexy outfit that was totally inappropriate for a nightly stroll, I had to jump over a fence or hide a couple of times to avoid some other nocturnal people. As embarrassing as it was to look so slutty, it was great to wear something that gave me full freedom to use my body as I saw fit. For some reason, I felt very confident in the abilities I got from my parasite lingerie.

I felt very sexy and powerful.

Running for forty-five minutes was impressive. I didn't feel tired, sore, or exhausted but certainly felt alive. My heart perhaps pumped harder than at rest, but it felt like I could have kept going like this for days.

"Alright, Sky. Can you cover my glowing tattoo? If we are to sneak into backyards, I don't want to get caught."


"Hey! You can't say no! I'm serious. I don't want to get caught."

"I'll just make it stop glowing. But I'm not covering your lower belly, or else you won't be as sexually attractive."

"Sexually attractive? You just want me to turn on random people?"

"Yes. I want to see them drooling over you while knowing that you are mine."

"Silly parasite!"

I poked at the black mass behind my neck with my finger. Sky could have such a strange sense of humor at times. But, at least, my sexy tattoo stopped glowing. For someone to see it now, he would have to be very close, particularly during a dark night like tonight.

This little adventure was exciting. It was the first time in my life that I fully felt this confident. Okay, it was just a little game between Sky and me, a condition to unlock my chastity seal, so it wasn't like we would steal a car or murder somebody, but still, we were probably about to break the law the same way we did on our way here. The last time I checked, it was not legal to jump over fences and enter people's backyards, even to avoid being seen due to embarrassing clothes.

Now that we had arrived at our destination and hiding behind a big bush, we came up with a little plan.

"Ah! We are so stupid, Sky. We should go back home."

"Hehe. No. I want to see those big houses. They look nice."

"Nice is an understatement. Each of these is worth more money than what I'll make in a lifetime."

"Aww… Alli. You can buy one when I understand how the lottery works."

"Ah, no! Enough with that, Sky. So, how do we do this? There are too many street lights, so I suppose we could sneak into the backyards. I'm getting good at it."

"Yes, let's go to that one over there. I want to see it."

"Okay. And if we get caught, we run to the park just over there. There is a small river we can use to escape."

"Sounds good."

I felt like a thousand bucks with my sexy suit, boots, and little mask, all made out of Skylar's indestructible flesh. I silently sprinted across the street and graciously jumped over the fence, and disappeared in the darkness.


It was perfect. This first backyard was so dark. There were no lights, and because it was already 1 am, even the house was completely dark. Sleeping people was a convenient thing when breaking the law. My first reflex as a sexy criminal was to sit in that super-extra-rich-people lounge chair and whisper my amusement to Skylar.

"Haha! Are we really doing this? Oooh, I would LOVE a backyard like this, Sky."

"Hehe. We can come here whenever we want to enjoy the place for free. It is much better than your small apartment."

"Of course, it is better. And there is a nice pool too. I envy those people."

I had this habit of caressing my clothes now because they were an extension of my lovely parasite., and I loved her. From an outsider's point of view, it would just make me look like a horny woman caressing her body sensually, which was, all things considered, what I did. Here, in my soft chair, I was the embodiment of a sexual fantasy, shamefully dressed like a cosplay slut and squeezing my boobs for my own pleasure. I would definitely have to be careful not to do that at work, or it would look super strange.

Let's reserve this whorish behavior for dark backyards.

But as I was running my fingers on my own curves, I noticed something.

"Sky. Is it just me, or I'm getting sexier?"

"Yes. It's all the sex we have. You are getting fit."


"… Okay. It's not just sex. I just improved your biochemistry. I told you about that already. Your body is slowly adopting its best expression. You could have done that by yourself with proper food and exercise, so it's not that special."

"Mmm… I like it. I can feel all the muscle fibers on my flank. Hehe."

"I love your flanks, Alli."

After this little romantic moment, we walked to the other fence and jumped over it. For about thirty minutes, we visited different backyards; they were all very stunning. The more of them we saw, the sadder I got. Or was it jealousy? I would have loved to live in one of those palaces with a private backyard. Maybe it was a mistake to come here today and witness what I couldn't have. Even with a super-smart Skylar as my assistant, a job that would pay more would also involve more work, so I didn't think this life would suit me. As Skylar said, maybe it was better just to visit illegally once in a while and pretend it was ours, just for one night. Perhaps there was something nice about changing home every day. Variety was a good thing.

Once more, I jumped over a big fence and silently landed in the grass on the other side.

"Ooooh! That one is amaaaazing!"

"Wooow! Alliii! I love it too."

It was as dangerous as it was beautiful. There were so many garden lights that if the owner were to look in my direction, he would have no trouble seeing the sexy me. Same with the neighbors. I wasn't hidden anymore. But my mind was too busy to care. The massive underground pool was illuminated with underwater lamps and had some sweet designs at the bottom, like in movies. There was a nice she-shed, a gazebo that could fit a table for twelve, a bbq area, and everything else that screamed wealth.

And that was when Skylar got a fantastic bad idea.

"Alli! Let's go swim."

"Swim? Hehe. We will get caught. Everybody would be able to see us."

"Nah. I sense a young lady upstairs on the bed and a male asleep on the living room couch."

"Uh? You can sense that?"

"Not in great detail, but I know they are there. I can feel the vibration of their heartbeat.

"Wow… You are one sensitive parasite."

"Yes. And I'm cute too. Can we go swimming now?"

"Haha. Sure. Why not? The neighbors will just think we are the owner. Let's not make a noise, though."


Whatever. If we were to get caught, we would just run away effortlessly anyway. I would have to learn how to relax a little bit when I was in my parasite mode. Skylar showed me more than once that I could easily outrun and outpower anybody with speed and strength. What did I have to lose? I surely didn't want to alert the whole city about a strange girl invading backyards at night, but right now, we were not really at risk, so why not enjoy myself a little with my special stretchy space girlfriend.

I crawled to the pool and entered it without making too much splashing. The water was crystal clear and also very warm. I dove underwater. Maybe it was wrong and illegal, but it was so cool at the same time. I had never been in a big pool like this before and could barely remember the last time I swam. Of course, Skylar had used my body to swim away from the city for a good five hours straight, but I wasn't conscious at that time, so it didn't count. Yeah, Skylar really wanted to run far away from the cops on that day.

In any case, this was nice. I glided to the middle of the pool and let myself float on my back to look at the stars.

Our universe was big. Most of the night sky was masked by the city glow, but I still loved how majestic it looked. I have seen it to its fullest during various trips around the world, so it was not too hard to complete the picture in my mind and memories. We were so small, and the universe was so big. I envied Skylar. She had traveled so much and so far. It must have been terrifying at times. But still, I envied her nonetheless.

"Sky, did you see a lot of worlds in your life?"

"A few, yes."

"So, are there other intelligent life forms out there?"

"… Alli, are you saying I'm not intelligent?"

"Bhahaha! Sorry! I keep forgetting that you are not from Earth. You know what I mean, though?"

"Mmm… I do. And yes, there are."

"Are they going to attack us?"

"Oh, that's highly unlikely. But yes, there are bad creatures out there who would destroy your world if they had a chance."

"Oh, that's scary. Hey, tell me what your previous host was like."

"It was a snake."

"No, I mean, in a previous world that you visited. Did you attach to another sentient being in the past?"

"Mmm… Yes. But I'm not sure I want to tell you about that."

"Why not?"

"It's not something you are supposed to know. Anyway, your race will never encounter theirs."

"No? Why? Are they too far?"

"Relatively speaking, yes. But that's not the reason. They are extinct now."

"Oh? I'm sorry to hear that. Were you there when it happened?"



"Can… Can we talk about something else, Alli?"

"Oh… okay. Sorry, I didn't mean to pry."

Maybe I was too curious. Skylar was so awesome that it was hard to imagine bad things had happened to her in the past. She was more than likely ancient and had seen her fair share of fun and not-so-fun things. I didn't think it was wrong to ask those questions since she was my girlfriend, but perhaps now wasn't the best time to do that. She wanted to go out tonight to have fun, after all, not to be interrogated about her past hosts.

Since we were in a giant pool, I got an idea that would cheer her up.

"Turn me into a mermaid, Sky!"

"What is a mermaid?"

"You know. After you jumped down the bridge? You told me you had given me a fishtail to swim away faster."

"Oh. Yes. Like all the water creatures around me. That was super fun. Let me show you."

More of her body came out of my crotch, creepily as ever, and encased my legs into a single sheet. And as expected, she created a nice rubber mermaid tail for me.

"Haha! That's exactly what I had in mind, Sky! Blllrrrrbb!"

Of course, I wasn't used to swimming with a tail, so I kind of sank at the bottom of the pool. But Skylar quickly helped me and brought me back to the surface.

That was what this night was about—spending time with my parasite girlfriend and trying new fun things. For the next half hour, I had a blast learning how to be a mermaid. Skylar gave me tips and tricks, and rapidly, I was able to swim on my own. Sure, she added some extra power to my movements, like when we jumped around from fence to fence earlier, but I was the one deciding on everything now.

I couldn't remember the last time I went swimming. In a big city, unless you have enough money to own a house, pools were pretty inaccessible unless swimming in a public one full of continuously peeing children was appealing. To me, it was not, and since I lived in a small apartment, I never really thought I could enjoy one like this.

Skylar said she could sense if people were around, so I didn't feel anxious about swimming in a pool that wasn't mine. It was amazing to see how much Skylar's presence had changed my outlook on things. Never before would I have risked such a stunt as getting caught would have resulted in my arrest. My standard legs wouldn't have been able to escape the cops and their flashing cars.

Skylar brought me an extraordinary kind of freedom and allowed me to dream a bit more about a beautiful life without stupid rules.

"Mmm… Sky. Living here would be nice."

"Your apartment is very small, yes. It would be more fun if you had your own planet."

"Haha. You are funny. An entire planet might be a bit too big for me."

"Maybe, but you would be able to do everything you want."

"I'm not rich enough to buy a planet. I can't even afford this luxury house. It must be worth a couple of millions."

"Let's go visit it, Alli."

"Uh? What? NO! Are you nuts? You said there were people inside."

"Well, the male is sleeping, but I'm puzzled about the girl. Her heartbeat is a bit odd."

"Odd? Like how odd?"

"Well… Odd like yours when we have sex. But she is not having sex… I think…"

"Skyyy! What are you saying? Is she masturbating?"

"I don't know. Let's go find out."

"Skyyy! We… We can't do that."

"If we don't, I'm not removing your chastity seal."

"Oh! That's low! You promised."

"Just climb on the roof there so we can take a quick look through the window."

"Uuurgh! Fiiine. But I don't want trouble. Make sure you help me to be silent. And get rid of my mermaid tail. I can't climb with it on."

"Ah, right! Good point."

When I pulled myself out of the pool and got my legs back, Sky quickly crawled over me and removed the water from my skin and hair. That was one convenient hairdryer. Of course, she took the extra initiative to pinch my nipples at the same time, making me yelp.


"Oops… It was an accident, Alli!"

"Accident, my ass! I told you to help me stay silent. Not the opposite."

"Haha. Quick! Let's go spy on the girl before her male awakens."

"You are terrible, Sky! Terrible."

Terrible but fun. Again, this extra power I felt turned me into a bolder person. I wondered if it was just me or if everybody else with the same opportunity would fail to resist the temptation. Secretly, all humans were curious about what was happening in the other houses. Fortunately, not being able to climb on roofs easily and the fear of the law kept most of us in check. But since none of that was a problem for me anymore, I was a stealthy sexy girl… So why not.

I approached the small roof over the BBQ area and grabbed it with one hand. I pulled myself up like this, as if I had a bicep made of steel, and climbed on it. As I stepped toward the other roof leading to the second-floor windows, I felt something squishy under my boots. For a moment, I marched in place like a moron, trying to figure out what was wrong with my feet.

"Heeey… What's this, Sky?"

"I cushioned your feet so that we make less noise."

"Ah, neat. Good idea."

With my squishy feet, I effortlessly jumped onto the other roof section. Not a noise. This was perfect.

Walking up the steep roof on my tiptoes and fingertips, I quickly reached the top floor window and carefully peeked inside.

"Aaah! It's too dark. I can't see. Is the girl in that room?"

"No. She is in another room. I still don't understand what she is doing. She's been lying on her bed since we arrived, but her heartbeat is too high. Maybe she is in trouble."

"Bleh! Don't put ideas like that in my head, Sky. Now I want to make sure she is okay."

"You should go check. The window is unlocked."

"WHAT? No! Sky! We can't do that! It's called a home invasion."

"It's not a home invasion if they don't see us. I'll keep you silent."





"Raaaah! You… you think she is in real trouble?"

"I'm not sure… She may be."

"Grrr… Fiiine… I'll try. But if they notice us, we will have to run far away and quickly."

"We will be careful."

It was still a terrible idea. I carefully pried the window open and silently crawled inside like a cat. I could only imagine what the house occupants would think if they were to see a masked girl dressed up like a slut with a big chastity tattoo on the belly. Any male would either try to have sex with me or simply have a heart attack. We would have to be extra stealthy here.

Thanks to my super strength, I could move in any way I wanted without risking crashing onto the floor because of a misstep. My gloved hands reached the very soft carpet, reminding me that this was a luxurious house, and I pulled my entire body inside.

Now kneeling on the floor in an empty guest room, feeling the full weight of my breast in my small bra, the reality of what I was doing sank in.

"S… Sky… Mmmph!"

"Shhh! Alli! Don't talk!"

She wasn't wrong, but the way she covered my mouth so quickly surprised me a little. Skylar was definitely much quicker than when we first met. She could transform so quickly; it was almost scary at times.

But again, she was right and prevented me from making a mistake that would have alerted the two occupants. Skylar being Skylar, however, she just couldn't help but tease me some more at the worst possible time. Some small tendrils wrapped around my clit and began massaging it. Since my chastity lock was closed, I knew this was nothing else than fun torture.

… or maybe not.

"Hehe. Alli. Go find the girl. Maybe she is cute."



It was very dark, and Skylar wanted me to walk through the house blindly. After two steps, I could already project that my big toe would hit a piece of furniture and wake up everybody around. It was nonsense. Still on my knees, I extended my arm and patted the carpet in front of me in order to make safe progress.

"What are you doing, Alli?"


"Oh… Right. You can't see in the dark. There… Is this better?"

All of a sudden, the level of darkness diminished enough to allow me to see fairly well. It went from pitch black to, let's say, night light level. Did Skylar just do that to me? Did she switch something in my brain to make me more sensitive to light? If that were the case, it would be extremely convenient in the future. Particularly when I'm trying to locate my black panties in my dark closet at home.

Still gagged, I nodded. Much better.


"Yes. I made your retinas more sensitive. Next time I will listen to you better so you can trigger your night vision by yourself. Sorry."

I climbed back to my cushioned feet and inspected my environment. As I thought, it must have been one of the guest bedrooms even though it was much bigger than mine. The absence of decoration and bedsheets didn't lie.

Slowly, I headed to the big hallway, looking left and right to make sure nobody was around. I trusted Sky to warn me about all potential risks, but since she was still playing with my clit and had also discreetly started to slow-fuck me, I couldn't rule out that she was distracted. Not too long ago, she clearly explained that what was pleasurable to me was also pleasant to her. So I would have been a fool to delegate all my safety to her.

"Alli, she is in that room… Take a look. Something is odd about her. I'm telling you…"


It was so wrong to spy on people like that, but how could I have walked away knowing that a girl might have been in trouble. My curiosity was way too intense to ignore. At the same time, I also hoped that Skylar wasn't pulling my leg because I wouldn't be too happy.

I didn't want to frighten her, so I followed the wall and just took a very careful peek in that other room using my super eyes.

And what I saw made my heart skip a beat, and even Skylar stopped teasing my private parts for a moment, probably also in shock.

In the middle of a massive king bed, there was a glossy black form slowly struggling. It was something I was certainly familiar with. It indeed looked like a woman, but she was a prisoner of a tight latex sleep sack. The tight latex hood molded over her head had no eyes and no mouth, confining her to a world of darkness. Seeing her twist without conviction made me understand that she has probably been there for a while… But how long? And why was she in that bondage gear if her partner wasn't around? That was wrong on so many levels.

When my lovely parasite wrapped me in a similar way and kept me immobile for an extended period of time, she took great care of me. She fed me, kept my body clean, made sure I wasn't getting uncomfortable. But that exhausted girl didn't have anybody looking after her. If her partner was downstairs, passed out drunk on the couch, then it was unlikely that she had a good time. Maybe she wanted out but couldn't do anything about it.

At least, we were here now, and she was safe again. That somehow calmed my nerves. I even smiled a little because witnessing this was a bit sexy, and I wasn't the only one to think that way.

"Hehe. Alli. She is like us when we have fun."


"I got a great idea. I know what you can do to unlock your chastity seal."


"Climb on the bed and grab her boobs. She won't be able to do anything about it. You can play with her body as much as you want. She is defenseless."

And that was when my finger stabbed Skylar in the flank really hard. She was indestructible, but she would surely get my point. Abusing a helpless girl was not something I was willing to do.

"Ow! Okay! Okay! Sorry! I was just kidding. Why don't you let her out then?"


That was a better idea, but not that much better. Rescuing her would mean that she would see me and potentially scream or call the cops. At the very least, I would terrify her. There must have been a different way to help her.

She let out another long sigh and groaned in discomfort. Her little voice was definitely faint. She must have been a prisoner of that latex sleep sack for hours, abandoned by her snoring irresponsible man.

It was too much for me to bear, so I placed a knee on the firm mattress, ready to make a move and save her, but Skylar screamed inside my brain.



"Let's go back outside. Quickly. We need to talk!"


I wasn't too sure what that was about, but Sky's violent reaction had scared me. I rapidly returned to my feet and silently left the room. A few steps later, I reached the already open window and returned to the roof, where Skylar finally crawled off from over my mouth, allowing me to whisper again.

"Skyyy! What's the big deal. You scared the shit out of me."

"Allison! That girl… She … she…"

"She is a murderer?"

"… NO! Alli! That's not it at all!"

"What is it then?"

"… That girl… SHE'S LILIAN!"

"… Uh? Lilian? You don't mean…"

"YES! The cute administrative assistant at your job!"

That was it. This time it was too much joking around. I stood up, strong and proud, placed my fists on the small of my waist, and let Sky know that it wasn't funny.

"Sky! You are full of shit!"

"Uh? But… It's true! It's her."

"Stop messing with my brain, egg-laying alien. It's not funny anymore."

"I don't lay eggs! I told you a hundred times! And I'm not lying. It's heeer!"

"And how do you know that? She is covered in thick latex from head to toe. You can't tell!"

"She moaned. I analyzed her voice tone, and it is her."

"Many girls moan the same way. It's like the lottery. You think you are right, but you are not."

"No! That's not true. She used frequencies specific to her."

"… And you are wrong. Do you know how many girls there are in this city? Millions. And Lilian is an admin assistant. She can't afford this house. I don't see why she would live here."

"Maybe she built it for free?"

"Sky! It doesn't work that way. Unless her boyfriend were rich, she wouldn't sleep here."

While Skylar searched for her next insane words, I appreciated the moment nonetheless. I was standing on a roof overlooking a luxurious backyard, wearing nothing else than a slutty outfit, barely hiding my private parts and exposing my perverted belly tattoo that indicated that I wanted to fuck and be fucked while being unable to cum. How did I get to this point in my life?

It didn't matter because it was awesome. I felt so confident and pretty. Was it just because I had a girlfriend from space who loved me? Could love alone make me feel that way? Probably.

"I… I'll lay eggs inside you!"

"… Uh? Sky? Come again?"

"If… If I'm right about the girl being Lilian, I'll lay my eggs inside you! It's going to be your punishment."

"Hey! I don't want you to lay eggs inside of me. Anyway, you said you can't lay eggs."

"I changed my mind."

"Right. What if you are wrong then?"

"I'll unlock your chastity padlock and make you cum all night."


This time, I knew I was right. With the repeating lottery failure, I knew Skylar was overconfident at times and fallible. She didn't know much about humans yet, so she was likely to mistakenly compare us to a different race she knew. All humans had different voices, and even a pro impressionist had difficulty imitating celebrities. Even with my normal ears, I could tell the difference between everybody around me, but I required more than just a little noise to identify someone. I would win this bet. There was no way Skylar would have identified Lilian out of a small moan.

"Alright, silly parasite. I'm going back in. Don't cover my mouth this time. I won't make a noise."

"Ah! Okay. But get your uterus ready. I will overfill it with eggs."

"Ahan! Get your tentacle ready because you will make me cum all night."

"Not a chance! You'll carry my eggs."

At least this little game had cheered us up. Skylar was always so fun to be around, and it just triggered our creativity. That was why we loved each other. Okay, maybe I was in a good mood too because I knew I was going to win this, and, on top of that, she had clearly told me that she couldn't lay eggs. So even if I were to lose, she would have to find something else to punish me. Maybe an entire night immobilized in a hard shell sleepsack would do the job.

I silently made my way back to the girl's room. It was unlikely that she went anywhere during my absence, so I wasn't scared to bump into her in the hallway. Sky was awesome because my new night vision feature kicked in as soon as I thought that I would like more light. I didn't even have to ask for it. I reached behind my neck to scratch her to let her know that she did well.

Like a silent cat, I entered the girl's room, who was still well wrapped in her glossy rubber bag and tried to think of a plan of attack to rescue her. I didn't feel like waking up her boyfriend for some reason, so I had to think of another way. Perhaps I could use my super strength to rip her latex sack and make her believe it had failed… but that would be mean because she might love that bondage item. Those things were expensive. Maybe I could just unzip her and flee. That way, she would simply wonder what happened without ever understanding how she had regained her freedom. But to do that, I would have to turn her to her belly as the zipper was on her back.

Conveniently, this beautiful creature restarted wriggling, which gave me a great idea. I carefully climbed on the giant bed on my knees and hands, and I timed my move perfectly. As soon as she attempted a swing to roll over to her belly, she had attempted that a couple of times unsuccessfully already, I pinched one of the folds in the latex sleepsack and pulled hard enough to help her flip over. The surprised groan she let out made me think that she had regrets about being in this new position after having tried so hard, but she couldn't do anything about it now.

Thankfully, the super-parasite girl was here to take care of everything. The next part of my plan would be to pull her back zipper down fast enough that she would think it had been caused by some weirdly convenient tension in the latex. If I succeeded in doing that during one of her bigger moves, she would just consider herself lucky.

I approached my fingertips from the zipper tab, ready to perform my good deed, but a certain squishy parasite decided that it was a good moment to interfere playfully. I couldn't make a noise, so obviously, it was good timing.



"Do you want my eggs in your ass, stomach, or uterus? I said uterus earlier, but why not your ass? There is more room for more eggs."


Oh, I wanted to slap her. Skylar knew I couldn't make a sound or else we would get discovered, which was precisely why she decided to play with my head during this critical moment.

And why did I think that it was hot? Was she playing with my arousal? I've been joking about her laying eggs in me for such a long time, it was my favorite line for when I wanted to make her mad, but now that the thought of it happening for real took root in my perverted brain, I kind of liked the idea. There was no way I would tell her that, though.

I shook my head and pinched the zipper tab. As planned, as soon as she wriggled again, I pulled on the zipper really quick.


Success. I delicately crawled away from her and returned to my feet. Shocked, the girl didn't move for a long moment, as she was probably wondering if her sleeping man had finally come to rescue her. It took her a long moment to determine that it wasn't the case. Since nothing else was happening, she resorted to popping her shoulders out of her stretchy bondage gear.

She offered me a very nice spectacle while she was struggling like a worm on a rainy day. I could tell she was flawlessly young, and even if she wasn't trying to be sexy by contorting like this, well, she was. When she finally managed to pull her sweaty arms out of the internal sleeves and pushed the sack down to her perfect waist, I had a great opportunity to admire her large round breasts. Skylar probably wanted me to grab them, but I was not willing to do it, even though I would have liked to try.

Wait, did I really just think that?

After sitting up, the tired girl reached behind her neck and unzipped her featureless latex hood. And that was when Sky reminded me of something important…

"Uh? Alli? What are you doing?"


I couldn't just stand there staring at her with desire. Since the doorway was across the room and on the other side of the bed, my safest bet was to dive and roll under the bed as silently as possible. Skylar must have anticipated my reckless move because she did her best to cushion my bones as I was clumsily crawling into my hiding spot.

I barely had time to fully disappear before a sweaty latex hood fell heavily on the floor right next to me. The girl was no longer anonymous, but since a mattress separated us, there was no way to confirm whether or not I had lost my bet yet. Instead, I heard her rant.

"Idiot! Stupid idiot!"

Oh, she wasn't happy.

"Jake! JAKE! Where are you, bastard!?"

That voice… It couldn't be.

Two small naked feet appeared next to my shoulder. Could it be really her?

No way… don't tell me…

The feminine feet fast-walked to the door and disappeared from my sight.


"Lilian? I'm… I'm sorry!"

"You IDIOT! You said you'd be back in a few minutes. You left me tied up for hours! I was so scared!"

"I fell asleep… I said I'm sorry! Come on, don't overreact. It's no big deal."

"Whatever! I'm out of here!"

"Aaah! Don't be like that. You said you liked bondage."

"I do! But it doesn't work that way. I want to do it safely. I clearly can't trust you."

"Where are you going, Lilian? Don't leave!"

"We are not dating, Jake. We just agreed to play, and now I don't trust you. So find someone else crazy enough to do that kind of stuff with you on the forum."

"Aaah, come on! Come back."

Darn. It WAS Lilian. She just pushed that guy away, dressed up lighting fast, and slammed the front door behind her after storming out. What were the odds for that to happen tonight? As much as I was frustrated for having lost my bet, a little voice inside me said, "Good for you, Lilian, for not taking crap from an irresponsible play partner."

I began crawling from under my hiding spot but quickly retreated. With Lilian gone, the guy was now climbing the stairs, probably to officially go to bed, frustrated for having lost a golden opportunity to have fun with a premium girl. He entered the room and climbed on his bed while showing his true colors.

"Fucking bitch. They are all the same. They act like they want something, and when they get it, they cry like a baby. Everything in the boobs and nothing in the head."

Hum! If he had known what kind of woman lived under his bed, he probably wouldn't have said that. A mere foot under his butt was someone who was quite a feminist and who could also crush his nuts with one hand. I was in full agreement with Lilian on that one; IDIOT! And now I was mad.

I waited under the bed for the next twenty minutes until I heard him snore. When I slid out and got back to my feet, I took a look at him and decided that I really didn't like him.

"Alli. Let's go. He is not worth it."


She was right. He was not worth it, so I left the room and headed downstairs.

"Hey, Alli? Where are you going?"

"I could have crushed his nuts, but instead, I will just leave him a little gift."

"Why a gift? He wasn't even nice."

"You'll see, Sky. You'll see."

Empowered, feeling superhero-ish in my sexy outfit and my cute black mask, I headed to the kitchen to avenge Lilian. I plugged the sink with its strainer and turned on the water. If he didn't notice that until the next morning, he would have a lot of fun cleaning this little incident.

"That would teach him to be irresponsible. Ah!"



"You are very odd at times."

"Haha. I know! But it feels good. Let's go home now!"

I opened the door leading to the backyard. It would be safer to return home the same way we arrived, stealthily and illegally.

As I was heading toward the fence, a tentacle rammed into my vagina, not so tenderly. It was enough to make me fall to my knees and hands.

"Uuuurgh! Skyyyy… It's not the time. We need to go home. It's already late."

"Did you forget about something, Alli?"

"Oh…Hehe… Well… Okay, you were right. It WAS Lilian."

"Yes! So, I have something to do."


"Remember our bet?"

"You can't be serious! You told me yourself that you don't lay eggs inside people."

"And I also said I changed my mind. Now I can and decided that you will carry my eggs in your uterus."

"… Sky! Gross! You can't… AAAH!"


What was happening? Something was pressing hard against my cervix. Sky had often entered that section of me to leave part of her body in it, but it never felt like that. This time it was as if she was pushing something hard against it. It couldn't be really… an egg…?

"S… Skyyy… What… What are you doing?"

"I'm laying an egg, and you'll have to carry it."

"Aaaah! SKY! It's… It's… entering my…"

"Hehe. Take a deep breath, Alli. They are big."

"T… they?"

"Oh, yes. I will lay many. Here, let me make it easier for you."

"AAAahmmmm… Ooooh!"

Okay. That was crazy. She didn't even give me time to discuss this crazy situation. She apparently was pushing a big egg inside my uterus, and as if it was going to make it any better, she entered my ass with a tentacle and began fucking me deeply, the way I like it the most. There was no way I could stand anymore. It was a healthy mix of creepiness, pleasure, and pain.

Laying an egg seemed to be a slow process. The more she pushed it inside me, the bigger it felt. Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, it just popped in. I swear, if I didn't have this chastity crest enabled, I would have cum right on the spot. I could feel my juice running down my legs, and my arousal was through the roof. I placed a hand on my belly and massaged it. She couldn't possibly have done this.

"Sky… I… I can feel… something… hard… inside my belly."

"Hehe. It's my egg. Sorry, it's a bit big."

"Aaaah… I… I want to cum."

"Nope. You lost your bet. The chastity lock stays closed."

"But… I'm so close… AAAH!"

"Oooh, Alli, I have another egg for you."

"Uuurgh! Skyyyy!"

Again! The same thing happened. Something hard and smooth started to push against my uterus. Was she really doing this? Did she lie to me, and it was how her race reproduced? Would those things… hatch? Those questions were important, and I demanded answers, but I also had my priorities well organized.

"Aaaah! Fuck me harder!"

"Shhh… Alli. People will hear you."

She was right about that. This little exercise made me forget where I was, in a well-lit backyard of a luxurious house. Without my consent, but with all of it at the same time, she crawled over my mouth and entered it, destination, my throat.


"Hehe. Alli. You like this too much."

"Mmm mmm!"

I nodded furiously and then fell flat on my chest when the second egg popped into my uterus. Again, I would have cum so hard… to the point where I wanted more of this. Quickly, my brain had submitted to this strange experience and, even if a bit painful, it really sent me to a very happy place. I was forced to carry alien parasite eggs. And when Sky covered my eyes and plugged my ears, it was the icing over the cake.

In the middle of this backyard, I was a living sexual ornament ready to be discovered, and there was nothing I could do to hide. With potential people watching from afar, from the neighbors' windows, I was becoming even more a host to an alien lifeform than I already was. One after the other, large eggs entered my belly and felt heavier and heavier. My uterus struggled to make room for all of them but somehow seemed very accomodating. What was Skylar doing to me this time? How would I be able to return to a normal life if she were to leave me one day?

I wasn't sure I fully understood my situation, but I loved it.

Egg after egg, my belly expanded. I turned into a mere reproductive organ, willing and motivated by my sex drive. What did that make me? And when I felt another egg pushing, I uselessly reached my crotch with my hand.


"You can't do anything about it, Alli. I have two more eggs to implant."


"Haha! I love you so much, Alli!"


Was it me, or was this one even bigger? When running my fingers on my low-fat belly, I could definitely feel large eggs inside of me and could even make them move by pushing on them with my fingers. It had to be the weirdest feeling I had ever experienced. There was no way out. I would carry parasite eggs for a while, apparently…

… and I secretly hoped they would eventually hatch…

… But not too quickly, please.


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