Parasitic Love

by Tigerstretch

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© Copyright 2022 - Tigerstretch - Used by permission

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Chapter 7 - Seeing Through Your Eyes

"How are my babies doing?"


"Did they hatch yet?"

"Sky! Shhh!"

"Can you feel them inside you?"

The problem with my parasite is that she was both a tease and hard to shut up. I pinched my alien-skin-covered arm to make her understand that I was serious, and that she needed her to keep quiet, but Skylar just made herself more rigid so that I wouldn't be able to get a good grip.

I was stuck inside a cramped meeting room with all my coworkers, and to make it even more awkward, Lilian was sitting right next to me. Since I had rescued her and discovered her kinky side the other day, or I should say the other night, I couldn't look at her the same way. The knowledge of her nightly activities had tainted the young, pure, and innocent image she projected. I could even smell a faint rubber smell emanating from her, but that was probably just my imagination.

If it had been just that. While I was trying to listen to my manager's speech, I could feel all those large eggs that Skylar had placed inside my womb. I kept a hand on my belly and could feel them through my thin skin. If someone were to touch my belly inadvertently, they would immediately feel them, too, which made me feel vulnerable. Since my lower abdomen also bulged noticeably from this, at least from my point of view, I worried that someone would approach me thinking I was pregnant and discover something disconcerting about me.

Even worse, if I pressed the eggs with my fingers, I could make them shift position inside me. It was so slimy inside my uterus that moving one would make them all move, causing them to rub against my internal organs. There must have been ten eggs in total, causing very interesting sensations. Sometimes, just doing my normal activity was enough to make them shift unexpectedly, forcing me to moan like an idiot while they repositioned in between my intestines.

More than once during the past couple of business days, people looked at me strangely, wondering what was wrong with me and why I suddenly started wearing loose shirts in the office. A form-fitting top would have exposed my condition right away. Being a host carrying alien eggs was not necessarily an asset for career development.

Here, in the cramped meeting room with nowhere to go, it was oppressive, and Skylar knew it, which meant that she had to tease me even more because I couldn't say or do anything to stop her.

"Ali… I isolated Lilian's pheromones."


"I adjusted your cell receptors in a way that she will turn you on every time you'll be around her. Isn't that great? Maybe you'll fall in love with her too."


"Wouldn't you love to have two girlfriends? I don't mind sharing. Lilian is hot. Haha."

Yes, Lilian was hot. But, I became hot too. My pussy got all wet and warm, and my cheeks began burning. I took another quick look at Lilian, who was taking notes, and a wave of desire hit me like a ton of bricks. Her cute young face, her red hair, her large breasts, I wanted her so badly. My pussy almost convulsed so much my sexual desire for her was strong.

And for this new twist, I wanted to put Skylar in the juicer so badly.

Since the table hid my lower body, I discreetly slid a hand down there and could feel the heat… and then my eggs shifted again inside my womb.


And now everybody was looking at me. Oh nooo! My manager, unpleased by this interruption, checked on me. I wasn't even paying attention to what he was saying.

"Do you have something to say, Allison?"

"… N… No… Sorry."

"If you don't care about this case, you can tell us."

"No, no… You can continue."

"Glad to get your approval on that."

So embarrassing.

My eyes returned to Lilian, and this time she was fixating me, like everybody else. Her eyes were so beautiful. I wanted to have sex with her right now, even though I had never been into girls. Skylar was very proficient at messing up with my perceptions.

As if a million weird things weren't enough, I also wanted to cum so badly. Because I lost my bet against Sky, my chastity seal remained locked, and no matter how I played with myself or how hard Skylar fucked my innards, I just couldn't reach an orgasm. I begged her to release me or at least tell me what I could do to have it unlocked, but my efforts led nowhere. She kept saying that she hasn't come up with a good idea yet and that, anyway, it was my punishment for doubting her.

Talking about fucking, her tentacle inserted in my ass wasn't helping anything right now and was probably the reason why my eggs moved so often without warning. My big intestine was filled up to capacity and reacted positively to this alien snake undulating inside it. If I were to lift my shirt, people would clearly see this giant worm crawling inside my guts and under my skin and would be terrified.

Due to my unquenchable arousal, an unfortunate blob of drool dropped from my blood-engorged lower lip and landed on my notes. Like an embarrassed kid, I immediately placed my arm over it and discreetly wiped off what I could with my sleeve… until I noticed that Lilian stared at me some more. She saw what I had done. Not only did she still turn me on like crazy, but on top of that, I felt humiliated beyond reason. At this point, there was no doubt in my mind that she knew what a girl in heat looked like and that I was one of them.

A male voice pulled me out of my bad place just to send me to a worse one.




"Uh? OH! Yes?"

"Pay attention. Do you think you can finish this report by the end of Friday next week?"

"Uh? Hum… What report?"

"Seriously!? The one I just spent the last ten minutes explaining. I want you to do it."

"Oh… Oh yes… Sure… I'll do it."

Skylar would have to brief me on this one because I had no idea what my manager talked about.

After the meeting, I crawled back to my office like a miserable puppy and finally had a chance to scold Skylar for everything I could think of!

"Sky! This time it's true! I'm definitely going to stick you to a raccoon!"

"Whyyy? The meeting was boring! I just tried to keep you entertained."

"A meeting in a cramped room full of people is not the right place or moment to do that. My eggs kept shifting inside my womb."

"Yes, I need to rotate them on a regular basis if I want them to hatch well."

"They are not going to hatch, and you know it! I don't know what they are, but I know your race is not reproducing like that. You told me more than once!"

"But, they are my babies!"

"No, they aren't!"


And they shifted again, making me grab my belly and feel them relocate themselves. It was such a strange feeling, and in all honesty, I loved it. Who else in the entire world was lucky enough to experience such a thing. In the real world, people couldn't carry alien eggs in their uterus.

With one hand feeling all the bumps on my belly and the other squeezing my boob to release some sexual tension, I decided to drop that silly topic and jump to a more concerning one.

"And what the fuck, Sky!? Why am I so attracted to Lilian now? You knew that I already felt weird when I saw her after having rescued her from that latex bodybag the other night."

"You desire her. There is nothing wrong with that. It's natural."

"I don't desire her! YOU made me desire her. That's a big difference."

"I think she likes you too."

"Bullshit, Sky! Make it stop!"

"No. Every time you'll be close enough to smell Lilian's pheromones, you'll feel extreme arousal."

"And I'll put you in the juicer."

"Hahaha. You love me too much for that."

She was right. I wouldn't get rid of her for anything in the world. I loved her too much and found her creativity so incredibly entertaining. It was a bit wrong to use an unsuspecting girl in our sex games, but now knowing what Lilian was into after work, I would be willing to bet that she wouldn't mind playing along with us. Here, at the office, she looked like a beautiful angel, but she was a dirty little one at home, not that there was nothing wrong with that.

I reached behind my neck and gave Skylar a good squeeze.

"Silly parasite."


"What about my chastity? I want to cum badly."

"I told you, Alli. I haven't found a good idea yet."

"Then just unlock my seal. It's been long enough."

"But, that's not very fun. Give me a few more weeks and…"

"Few more weeks!? Hell no! Tonight, Sky."

"Alli! That's not fair. I wanted to have fun with this."

"Then find an idea before we go back home. I'm not into long chastity games. For a little bit, it's okay, but when it's too long, it's less fun for me."

"Aaah… Okay, okay. I'll think of something."

That's what I loved about Sky, she was such a powerful being, and honestly, I wouldn't be able to do a thing to prevent her from taking over my mind and body, but she would never do such a thing without a serious reason. She was playful, but she also listened to what I wanted. I trusted her a lot. After all, she was a parasite feeding on me. If I weren't happy, she would feel it too, and it would make her uncomfortable. Despite all the crazy stuff she put me through so far, she never exceeded my limits and always had my blessing, direct and indirect, before and during our kinky activities.

For the next hour or so, we talked about some more financial stuff. Sky explained everything she made me miss during the meeting. It turned out that I had not missed much, and she helped me tackle the remainder of my work for the day. I learned that even though Sky and I finished our daily tasks very quickly, I didn't have to tell anybody and could just browse the web until the end of the day instead of seeking more work. Showing the whole company that I had superpowers would only result in even more responsibilities. It was definitely more fun just to let Skylar massage me in and out until it was time to go home.

Today, Sky was interested in shoes, so I went to various vendor websites and scrolled through their selection. Occasionally, she made me stop and attempted to replicate what she saw on the screen. She created new boots around my feet using her skin. She was pretty good at it. It made me daydream about all the fancy unaffordable clothes I could wear for free.

But then, it felt a bit funny inside my belly.

"Uh, what now?"

"Oh, Lilian is nearby."

"Is that why I feel warm all of a sudden?"

"Hehe. Yes."

It was ridiculous. Just having Lilian's pheromones floating around the office was enough to turn me on. It was tampering with my brain and crotch.

But when Lilian unexpectedly entered my office, I must have squirted on my chair a little. That big wave of sexual desire that came with this surprise was way over the top. My brain shortcutted, and I couldn't think straight anymore. I just wanted to take off her clothes and have sex with her or something.

"Hi, Alli."

"Mmm… Hi…"

"Hum… Are you okay?"

"Y… yes… I am."

"Okay… Can I sit for a minute?"

Sit? Why would she sit in my office? Lilian was an administrative assistant and didn't really have anything to discuss with me. Her role was basically to bring me the paperwork, look cute for the manager, and charm the clients with her gravity-defying chest. She wasn't stupid by any means, but her role in this finance firm was on the sexist side of the spectrum.

"Uh? Okay…"


Her tight pants, this little vest that looked too small for her bust, that silky red hair, she wasn't even mid-twenty. I wanted her firmness to be mine, even if I wasn't bad-looking myself.

"So, Allison… During the meeting…"

"Oh! Ah! Yes… Don't worry… I was just a bit hot and…"

"Well… You looked at me a bit differently than usual, several times…"

"Ah! I'm sorry about that. I was… I was… trying to read your notes. That's it!"

"… Really?"

"Yes… I mean, I couldn't focus… You know… the boss was boring and…"

"Ah, I'm sorry…"

"What for? You did nothing wrong. It was me who…"

"Well, I thought that… maybe you had a thing for me, and that you were sending me a little message… This is so embarrassing…"


"I'm sorry, Alli. I… I'll go now… Sorry."

"… No! Wait!"

Nooo! Why did I say that? She was about to leave, and it wouldn't have been a bad thing to reduce my stupid arousal. So why did I ask her to stay? Her observation was wrong and right at the same time, and the best thing I should have done would have been to ignore and move on with my business. I knew my attraction to her came from Skylar. It was an artificial one.

Yet, she got me curious.

"Wait, Lilian… I didn't know you were into… into…"

"Girls? How would you know? I don't tell everybody about what I like. I don't have a gender preference. But I'm sorry… I thought you were cute during that meeting and… that was misplaced. I'm sorry again."

Speechless, I let her leave and wondered what had just happened. This wasn't Skylar's doing because she couldn't control Lilian. This meant that Lilian decided on her own that she was attracted to me.

She smelled so good.



"I found my idea."

"Uh? What are you talking about now, Sky?"

"To unlock your chastity seal."

"Oh, really? That's random… HEY! Wait, wait, wait… Don't tell me that you want me to…"

"YES! I want you to go on a date with Lilian!"

If Sky had a neck, I would have twisted it. Terrible. Terrible idea.



"Me, going on a date with my coworker Lilian?"


"With a big glowing chastity tattoo over my alien eggs-filled belly?"



"Alli! Lilian is super kinky too. You know that. And she just told you that she has a crush on you."


"Awww! But whyyy? You want her badly."

"It's because you tampered with my brain. I didn't care about her before."

"Minor detail."

"Sky, I'm not going on a date with my coworker. If the word spreads, it's not going to be good for our career."

"She won't tell anybody."

"You don't know that."

"Okay, Alli. Tell me. Let's put your extreme arousal aside. Do you find Lilian cute?"

"Of course she is. That's not the point."

"You wouldn't mind playing with her for one night?"

"I don't want to play with her. She is a girl."

"Oh, that's a lie, Alli. You would enjoy an opportunity to experience something with another girl. I know you. You are super deviant."

"Mmm… Okay, even if I did, it wouldn't change anything. Can you imagine the face she would make when she finds you behind my neck and discovers that I'm carrying your eggs in my uterus? It doesn't sound a bit strange to you?"

"She doesn't have to remember anything."


Sorry, what? It was one of those moments when I would have loved to look at Skylar in the eyes to understand if she was joking or not. Was she suggesting that she could manipulate Lilian's memory, somehow, even though she wasn't her parasite?



"Are you saying you can detach yourself from me and take control of another person?"

"WHAT!? NO! Alli! You are MY host, and I love you very much. I would never leave you like that."

"Sooo… How, then?"

"How what?"

"Why did you say that Lilian won't have to remember anything if we go on a date?"

"Well… If I crawl to her while staying linked to you, I could reach her ears and…"

"… get to her brain."

"Maybe… kind of…"



It was an appropriate time to rub my face with my hands. When would this parasite of mine stop surprising me with such oddities? And also, this was clearly a twisted and unethical proposal.

"Skylar, you cannot fiddle with someone's brain without permission. You know that."

"Of course. We will ask her first."

"Really? Hello, I'm carrying an alien, and I would like it to take control of your brain?"

"Exactly. She won't remember anything after that anyway."

"Oy! Sky! You are giving me a headache."

"Seriously, Alli. Lilian wants to spend time with you. She confessed her attraction. So why not at least try to go out and see how things unfold?"

"I don't want another girlfriend."

"No. Lilian just seems to want to fool around with multiple partners. It's just for the experience. And it's for me too. I want to learn how it feels when two humans share an intimate relationship."

"And why did you have to pick Lilian for that anyway? If that's what you wanted, I could have grabbed a random drunk guy in a shady bar. Not someone working in the same office as me."

"Lilian is hot. I want to feel her making love to you and grabbing your boobs."

I spun my chair around and looked outside for a moment. It was one of those rainy days with not much to do. Usually, I liked going out for a walk with Skylar to show her new things, and then we would have a hot night of sex where she would overuse all my orifices for our mutual pleasure.

What Skylar had suggested was on the craziest side of things since it involved another person, but she wasn't completely wrong in her approach. When I got my parasite, what attracted me the most was all the new things she made me experience, things I had never considered before; from being force-fed by a tentacle to being mummified and suspended to a tree, without forgetting the alien eggs I carried inside my uterus. These were all super weird things that I would have said no to under normal circumstances but that I had loved after trying.

Sleeping with a cute girl? It didn't seem much more challenging than having my throat fucked every day by a tentacle.

"Alright. Sky, I'll invite her home tonight. But you better have a good plan, so she doesn't discover you."

"Ah! Really? Yay! Alli, you are the best! It's going to be so fun!"

"Why do I get the feeling I'm going to regret this?"

"Haha! Scaredy cat!"

"Pfff… Quiet, Sky. I'm going to see her right now. I'm not scared."

Having committed to the unthinkable, I walked out of my office and headed toward Lilian's cube. I had to stop on the way because the eggs I carried shifted inside my expanded womb again, and I also breathed some of Lilian's residual pheromones floating in the air. I was so turned on right now and almost forgot how awkward this chat would be. For once, I was glad not to feel like myself.

My eggs and I finally reached the cute red-haired girl's cubicle.


"Oh? Alli? I'm… I'm sorry. I understand that I shouldn't have done that in the office. I… I don't want to lose my job, so I'll be careful next time and…"

"Heeey! No, no, no. It's all good. Actually, I thought about what you said and wanted to know if you would like to come to my place tonight."

"Your… your place?"

"Yes. No pressure. I would just like to get to know you better. That's all."

"Okay. Well, I would love that. But are you sure it's okay?"

"Oh, yeah. We will keep this between us. I don't like stupid rumors either."

Well, there was no going back now. Thanks to my silly parasite, I programmed my first date with a hot girl that I knew was kinky.


And she forgot her umbrella, of course. Shoulder to shoulder to protect ourselves from the rain, Lilian and I walked toward my place. We grabbed some Chinese food on the way. Even if Skylar whined about it, there was nothing she could do to make me change my mind about the food she hated because it was Lilian's idea. It made me smile internally. I would take any opportunity to avenge myself for her devious initiatives.

Being so close to Lilian was hard, though, because I desired her so hard, thanks to Skylar's brilliant idea to make me oversensitive to her pheromones. What started as teasing was quickly evolving into something more serious. We were really going to my place, and our unspoken goal was to have a good time together, likely meaning sex. My mind bounced from excitement to worry. How would she react when she sees my belly tattoo, or if she found out about my squishy parasite nested behind my neck? Skylar had formed a bodysuit around me to protect me from the cold, so only a small part of her remained under my hair, but when she would retract, it would be more challenging to conceal her. Claiming that I had a giant mole wouldn't fly.

Lilian was clueless for now. She held my arm as if she was a good friend, pretending to want more protection from my umbrella. Her touch felt good and fueled my artificial desire even more. I still had all my mind, so I could have asked Skylar to stop interfering with my senses, but it felt good, and I didn't really want to feel otherwise. For some reason, I was okay with being this turned on around Lilian as it seemed to make this little adventure a bit easier for me.

When we got to my home, we placed our coats in the closet, and almost immediately, Lilian started taking off all the clothing items that she didn't need anymore and ended up with a tank top that made her classy work pants look a lot more casual than they were designed to. Seeing her real curves made me realize how sexy this girl really was. So far, I had only seen her wearing business attires or a very erotic rubber sleepsack.

On my side, I had a problem. If I took off my clothes in front of her, she would see the latex-looking catsuit that Skylar made for me. I needed options.

"I… I'll be back. Feel free to look around."


I quickly retreated to my bedroom and closed the door.

"Skyyy! How can we hide you?"

"Well, your uterus is full of eggs, so I can't go in there."

"Aaah! Stupid eggs! She will find out!"

"Nah. Calm down, Alli. Just take off your clothes and walk out wearing only your catsuit. She will love it. You know she is into latex."

"Urrgh… But we are not supposed to know that."

"She won't know that we know. She will just think it's a nice coincidence."

"Urrgh… I'm shy… Even if I did that, what will I do next?"

"Stop urrghing. You said you dated many people before. Aren't you supposed to know more about dating than I do, Alli?"

"Sky! She is a girl. It's not the same at all. I only dated men before."

"Okay. I'll take care of it, then."

"Wait… what?"

My limbs began moving on their own. My fingers unbuttoned my shirt and pulled down my work pants. That was pretty much all I was wearing.

"Skyyy! Give me my body back."

"Hehe. Really? I think you like it."

"Silly parasite."

Of course, I liked it when she gently took over my body like this. It was like that time when I jumped down the balcony. I was very scared to die, but then I let Skylar take over so she could do it for me. It was great to have someone to rely on during challenging times. And this time was one of those. She was about to make me walk out of the bedroom only wearing a catsuit, and then I would have to face the situation without any possibility of retreating.

My hand grabbed the door handle.

"Are you ready, Alli?"

"Does it matter if I'm not?"

"No. Haha. Here we go. Lilian is going to love you."

I opened the door and stepped out a bit too quickly for my taste. I ended up face to face with Lilian, who, as instructed, was visiting around while waiting for me.

She was there, two feet away from me. My face instantly turned beet red, and I brought my hands to my mouth, confirming that Skylar had returned my control over my limbs. It was so embarrassing.

And this damn arousal was just getting worse.

Poor Lilian. She stared at me, silent, and probably wondered how this happened to her. She faced this terrified girl wearing the sexiest form-fitting catsuit in town made out of alien flesh; she certainly had no idea about that last part, though.

As if she understood my distress, she came to me and gave me a big hug without saying a single word. It felt as if I had given her an unexpected gift, and she was very grateful for it. Since she had her arms locked around my waist, I placed one hand on her back and the other one behind her neck. She was so warm and delicate. Finally, after desiring her all day, even if I knew it was just one of Sky's playful games, I got to hold her in my arms.

It was so awkward.

Why was I doing this? Why did I think it was a good idea? Lilian's accelerated and short breath made me believe that she had the same kind of thoughts. It must have been challenging for her to come to me today at work and share her feelings. She had no awareness that I knew about her secret kinks, so she might have had some trouble reacting to what I had just done. Walking out of the bedroom wearing a black catsuit was probably not what she had expected.

The good news, and I would take every little bit of positivity I could, was that she seemed to calm down faster than me. Her breathing had slowed down, and her hug became lighter… and then her arms fell to her sides, limp.

What!? Limp!? Why!?

"Uh? Lilian? Are you… okay?"



This moment of uncomfortable silence was precisely when Sky decided to jump in.



"She is unconscious now. She won't remember a thing."

"Wait… what?"

"Lilian. She is sleeping."

I looked at my red-haired administrative assistant, and her eyes were peacefully closed. She just stood there, immobile. How was this even possible? Obviously, Skylar had something to do with this, but how could she have affected her? My parasite didn't have any telepathic abilities that I knew of, and if I were to suggest such an idea, she would tell me that telepathy wasn't a thing. So how did she manage to interact with Lilian?

Most of my questions got answered when I tried to remove my hand from her neck. Using her alien body, Skylar had crawled over my fingers, wrapped around Lilian's neck to prevent my hand from moving, and had inserted two mini tendrils in her ears, the same way she had done with me when she had contacted me at first. So swiftly and sneakily, Skylar had taken control of Lilian's body and disconnected her from the present moment.

It was probably a good time to start panicking a little.

"S… Sky… What have you done?"

"Nothing. I simply made her sleep."

"That's not nothing! What about asking her first? Remember?"

"But, Alli… You hugged her and placed your hand on her neck for me to attach to her brain. No?"

"What!? Are you saying it's my fault?"

"No, but I thought that was what you wanted me to do. Why did you grab her neck then? You never did that to anybody else before."

"I HUGGED her! I just placed my hand on her neck to make her feel good! It was not so you could attach to her brain!"

"Oh… Well, I didn't know that. Is that what humans do when they are intimate?"

"YES! Get out of her brain right now! She didn't consent to that."

"Aww… okay… I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. One sec…"

That was me panicking.

As much as I understood that Skylar had just made a mistake due to her inexperience in human relationships slash behaviors, the fact that Lilian had not been able to give her opinion about this was a bit wrong.

I waited for Sky to disconnect from Lilian's ears and wake her up, but it seemed to take a bit longer than what I knew she was capable of.

"Sky… What are you doing? Get out of her ears."

"No, wait…"

"There is no wait! I want you to…"

"No, no. Wait. Something is wrong with her body."

"… Uh? I'm sorry, what?"

"I'm serious. Lilian seems to be sick. She probably doesn't know it yet, but something is wrong with her brain."


"Yes. Her cells are dying. It's a genetic defect. Interesting. In a few years, she will probably start feeling strange."

"Parkinson? Dementia? So young? Can you… fix her?"

"Of course, I can. But I don't have enough time. I have to get out of her ears. Maybe you can ask her if she wants me to reattach to her brain and work on that and…"

"No, no! Sky. How much time do you need?"

"Oh, I'm not sure… Three minutes maybe?"


Once more, I just wanted to slap Skylar behind the ears, but unfortunately, she had none. Her normal was just abnormal—alien-style abnormal. Not only did she diagnose a degenerative genetic disease in a matter of seconds, but now she claimed to be capable of curing Lilian within a handful of minutes. How was I supposed to refuse this? I knew Skylar had mistakenly taken over Lilian's body without clear consent, but in the light of this, I couldn't do anything other than be glad she did. Were we about to save her from a life of suffering or even an early death?

"Okay. If you can cure her, then we should do it. We can make an exception in this case and keep control of her for a bit longer."

"She won't remember anything anyway, I told you."

"Sky, that's not the point. She is not a toy."

"Well, you like it when I'm controlling you. Maybe she does too."

"Psshhh! Enough, Sky. I will have to explain to you that concept better later. So, how do we do this?"

"You are strange, Alli. Anyway, take your hand off her neck. I'll make her lay down on the bed."

"But, if I take my hand off her, won't it sever the link between her and me?"

"Haha. No. Take your hand off, you'll see."

Unsure about this, I carefully brought back my hand to my chest. From the end of my catsuit's sleeve, a little wire extended all the way to the collar that Sky had formed around Lilian's neck, the one from which her ear wires originated. As long as this connection existed, Skylar was able to communicate with Lilian's body.

"It looks so fragile. What if the wire breaks?"

"Haha. It won't. I'm very strong. Come."

A sleeping Lilian walked past me and headed to the bedroom. That was quite creepy to know Sky was the one in control of her body. This must have been one of the strangest experiences of my entire life.

Lilian climbed on the bed and laid down on her back. I followed her and sat next to her, waiting for Skylar to work her magic. She was so peaceful and pretty. It was very reassuring to see that we weren't hurting her. She would probably never learn what we were about to do to her but knowing that she would live a healthier life was a great relief. And I was also a bit proud of Skylar for being so awesome.

"Okay, Alli. Relax. I'll let you know when I'm done."

For the next few minutes, I observed Lilian sleeping next to me as Skylar repaired her. Her fingers occasionally twitched due to her involuntary brain activity. I took the liberty to slide my hand under her tank top and caress her perfect belly. Sure, I didn't ask her about that, but before she fell asleep, she did initiate physical contact with me, so she would probably be fine with me supporting her that way. Her skin was so soft. I wouldn't mind being her age again.

It didn't take too long before Skylar finished her job on Lilian, but she had one more twisted surprise for me.

"Okay, Alli. I think I fixed everything. Let me know how she feels."

"… How she feels? I don't get what you are asking. How do you want me to…"

Before I could finish my sentence, my vision became all blurry and then all dark. Hurriedly, I opened my eyes that were not supposed to be closed and felt a bizarre sensation. I knew something had happened but wasn't sure what.

"Eehh.. Sky? What was that?"

"What was what? Does she feel good or not?"

"She? Wait… Why does my voice sound funny and… AAAH!"

Terrified, I jumped off the bed. Someone had laid down next to me and had placed its warm hand on my belly.


"Alli? What are you doing? Do you have a brain disease too?"


Confusion. Ultimate, massive universe-sized confusion. With my back pressed against the wall, I stared at the person on my bed.

It was… ME.

My body was there, wearing a full catsuit made of Skylar's flesh, and a black string linked my wrist… her wrist… to… my neck?

How!? How could I be on the bed and stand up at the same time? And… Where was Lilian? My hands raised to my chest and landed on two large and firm orbs. After a good squeeze or two and a quick look at my clothes, I felt a bit weak in my legs.


My knees gave up, and my back slid down the wall until my butt crashed to the floor.

"Ooooh… Not gooood. Nooot good at all!"

"Alli? Seriously? What are you doing? How does Lilian's body feel? Does it seem normal?"

"S… Sky? Did you just…"

"Cure her? Yes. But I just wanted you to tell me if she felt good from a human point of view. Just to make sure."

"Did you just… transfer me inside her?"

"Well, obviously, yes. So? Does she feel good or not?"


Clueless. Skylar was utterly clueless about the magnitude of what she had done. She talked as if transferring a soul from a body to another was a normal thing to do. It was completely crazy. I looked at my hands, and they were not my fingers and not my nail polish. When I touched my face, it was not mine, my hair either. It was unsettling at best.

But as if this was not enough emotion for one evening, my real body, the one on the bed, sat up, crawled to the edge of the mattress, and stood up in front of me before helping me stand up. That sentence alone broke my brain.

"Come on, Alli… Stand up."

"Are… Are you the one controlling my body?"

"Of course. Who else? You are inside Lilian right now."

"In… inside… Lilian…"

"Hehe. Lilian is very hot. Look at those boobs."

I, or Skylar rather, slid her hand under my tank top and reached my large young adult boobs. It felt amazing.


"Hehe. Do you like that? What about a kiss then?"


My real body wrapped its arms around my neck and pressed its lips on mine. How was I supposed to cope with this mind-shattering experience? The human mind wasn't designed to endure a kiss from itself.

Yet… It was so fucking hot.

Lilian's body was very sexual, perhaps even more than mine. When I started to focus more on the feelings generated by this kiss, it turned me on like crazy. Skylar was a playful space parasite, and I knew she didn't really understand what she was doing and how weird it was. But still, I kind of wanted more, so I might have unconsciously used her unawareness to pursue this bizarre adventure.

Unsure of how it happened, we ended up back on the bed, cuddling and kissing. Never in a lifetime would I have imagined doing this kind of activity using a body other than mine. It was as if I wore a costume, but a million times more realistic.

When Skylar slid her hand, or should I say my hand, inside Lilian's pants, which were my pants, I got assaulted by doubts. Was it wrong to do this using Lilian's body? At first, I thought it was ethically unacceptable, but then I walked back on my thoughts and put things into perspective. The way Lilian rushed at me earlier to hug me, before Skylar even took over her brain, demonstrated that she had something on her mind; she wanted to have some intimate time with me. There was no doubt in my mind about that. So, what we were doing right now was giving her something she wouldn't have refused in the first place, just in a different way, a very different way with no anterior point of reference.

On top of that, and since we were morally unbalanced already, Skylar wasn't completely off track when she said that no matter how this night would have gone, we would have had to erase her memory at the end of it. Letting Lilian know about Skylar would have been way too risky. As sad as it was, nobody could learn about the existence of my parasite, or else it could mean big trouble. That was my burden to bear. I had to protect Skylar at all costs.

All things considered, what we were doing was questionable but unharmful. It had been triggered by an honest mistake and desire that made the consent look a bit shaky. But the reality was, how else would we have provided Lilian with what she wanted from me? It wasn't like we had a ton of options to satisfy her needs. One corrupted part of myself even thought Skylar and I deserved this little reward for rescuing her from the body bag and curing her nasty brain disease.

"Aaaaah! Yeeees!"

In any case, as Skylar used my body to explore my non-owned pussy, I knew that we would need to do something extra nice for Lilian later as a reward for lending us her body tonight.

I soon ended up naked on the bed with my alien-controlled body licking me between the legs, and it felt incredible. I never thought my first time with a girl would be like this. I gripped my hair really hard, because it belonged to me, and rubbed my face without reserves in Lilian's pussy.

Lilian's body was amazing. So healthy, so vibrant, and when it came, it felt totally different than when I was orgasming with my real body. It seemed to be even better.

"MMmm! Skkyyyy! It feels so good."

"Hehe. Do you like having sex with yourself, Alli?"

"Mmm, yes! I love it."

So corrupted. So perverted. So ethically unresolvable. As Lilian's body recovered, my real body laid down on its back, allowing me to caress it. I could feel the eggs inside its uterus very well, they were bulging through the skin, and it was incredibly entertaining to make them move around without feeling any discomfort. This had to be the most deviant thing in the entire world.

And then Skylar pointed out something important as I was tracing the contour of my body using Lilian's slender fingers.

"Alli, guess what?"

"We are hopeless perverts?"

"Yes, but you came. You just had an orgasm using Lilian's body."

"Oh, you're right. So the chastity seal is only affecting my real body?"

"Yes. So now I know what to do. You'll only cum when you are using another girl's body."

"Skyyy! That's terrible! We can't just hack in random bodies to have sex."

"I didn't say it would be easy. Haha. You'll have to be creative, or you'll just get fucked hard without cumming for the rest of your life."

"Urgh! I don't know what turns me on the most… Trying other girl bodies or being denied for a lifetime."

"Haha. Do you want a hug?"

"From my body or from you?"

"Me. Haha. A very enveloping hug."

"Mmm… That would be nice."

My real body came close to Lilian's body and wrapped her arms around me. Again, those sentences were melting my synapses. It was so confusing. But when Skylar's black skin began to wrap around our two bodies, I almost came on the spot again. I didn't know she could do that.

It only took a few seconds for her to enclose us inside a very tight, warm, and inescapable bag, crushing our sweaty bodies on each other, robbing us of our freedom of movement. Once she finished, she enclosed my head, Lilian's head, into a tight hood. It was fair to assume that she did the same to my real body.

With my belly pressed on her belly, I could feel my eggs trying to find some more room.

"Oooh, Alli, I think we should transfer some of those."


A tentacle entered Lilian's pussy, deeply enough to reach her cervix. And then, I felt some movement happening in my real body's belly. It only took a few seconds to understand what was happening. With no means of preventing this from happening, Skylar pulled one of her eggs from my real uterus and was about to push it inside Lilian's. This was so wrong and good at the same time. I didn't really know if Lilian would be cool with being turned into an incubator, but what could I do to prevent it at this point? Nothing. My only option was to enjoy the incredible sensation.


"Haha. Lilian is very tight. She would love this."


I loved it. My pussy expanded, trying to make room for the alien orb traveling down the tentacle. Deeper and deeper, it reached my womb and began pushing on my walls. Cocooned like this, there was nothing else to do other than enjoy my life. My parasite was the best and most creative girlfriend ever, and yes, I agreed that Lilian would have loved this so much too.

Little tendrils working on my clitoris quickly brought me back to the edge, and when the gelatinous egg finally popped into Lilian's uterus, I had the orgasm of a lifetime.

I trashed in my stretchy cocoon with little respect for my real body, who had to withstand my uncontrollable convulsion. I loved this. I loved this so much. It was so wrong and right at the same time. It was our reward for a good deed.

As I tried to recover, confined in my dark world, Skylar linked our mouths together so we could breathe through each other's lungs, and large tendrils entered our pussies and asses to fuck us good.

"Do you like this, Alli? I'm having a blast! I can sense pleasure from two different bodies at the same time. It's great."


"Let's see if I can make you feel even better."

The cocoon around our two bodies began to harden. It was something that I had experienced and loved before, so Skylar knew it would turn me on even more. Lilian's body loved this so much. Being fucked this way, being encased this way, breathing hot air from another human's set of lungs, being unable to wake up and experience this first hand. I was now convinced that she would have demanded more if she had been conscious of all that. She was that type of girl, after all.

Sky and I would make her cum endlessly tonight as a payment for having let us save her life twice and being a known fetishist.

And just like that, Lilian's body came again at the same time as my real body. At least Skylar injected just enough fresh air in our breathing tube to keep me alert.

The thing I had not realized yet, though, was that we were Friday night. Maybe Lilian would be okay with us borrowing her hot body for a weekend of fun.


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