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Playing Chauffer 5: Passionate Collateral Damage

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2017 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

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Part 5: Passionate Collateral Damage

"...That I tend to ruin perfectly good women, or so I've been told, along with my being a hyper aggressive barbarian" the latter delivered with a testing smirk.

There was a lot going on here, and I knew my response would be critical, and on top of that I had my own thoughts to contend with. I didn't regret what we had done, but this new day brought with it some powerful feelings for myself, the greatest of which was that I had no regrets. There was an obvious price to pay for this first infidelity of mine, (every step for the first part of my day at least likely reminding me physically of what we had done together), but I apparently wouldn't be paying the bulk of it, nor I though would Jim as he seemed rather content with himself, as he should...

"I need a shower, and I think I'm looking about as awful as you've ever seen me, but I don't necessarily feel ruined" I lied to my new lover for the first time ever. One didn't have to wonder who had told this man such things, and I felt obligated to prove that woman wrong, I seeing Sheila his former wife in a whole new and unflattering light. Why crush this masterful man, or attempt to, if your moving on anyway?

...My hair was a knotty mess and I felt sore just about everywhere, to obviously include there, the collateral damage from Jim's above average self felt as a throbbing raw ache, not to mention the lingering mess of what he had deposited deep inside of me more than once, those squishing sounds of our fornication the night before almost comical if not for the overwhelming passion of the moment. Muscles had been stretched like never before, but they were designed for that, I feeling like I had just ran a marathon and won, and in a way I had.

Jim was a large powerfully built man, and he had truly gone where no man ever had before with a practiced skill, and yet restraint, his cocksure attitude on our dates making all the sense in the world to me now. How could a man like this possibly be anything but be successful, either in bed or out? I had sensed it in him on that first dance he and I had shared, and I suspected the men around him did as well, to now include my willfully submissive husband.

At the same time this apex alpha male had been as gentle with me as he could that first time, all the parts obviously still fitting together as nature intended with just a little extra effort on his part despite my overwhelming passion. This was obviously no tender (dare I say long forgotten) husbandly session of making love that seemed a lifetime ago, but something roughly intoxicating to be experienced with ever nerve ending in my body at the same time.

Jim was no barbarian though, but instead a man in control of himself that had made passionate love to my whole body and mind, my husband's narrow focus in comparison on a particular part of me in something approaching a slave like worship. Yes, I had thought at the time that my husband's efforts had been wonderful, but only in comparison to what I had known, and not to what I now knew.

Despite Jim's obvious physical attributes, the raw power he had exercised over me was what I think made this what it was, that having little to do with his obvious gifts, or handicaps if one were to see things in that twisted way. Sheila had been wrong, as had I for a shameful moment or two. Ruined was definitely the wrong word, enlightened I think a much more accurate one. Those were for real toe curling, bedspread clutching orgasms, and this was making love on an entirely different level, what I had done in the past with any other man (to include my sensitive husband), not fit for comparison, and I think a part of me selfishly resented the years I had wasted in figuring this out.

Was this a one off thing though, or would the second time and beyond be just as magical? In other words, was this so passionate for me only because of the taboo circumstances that brought Jim and I together for this first ever infidelity?

It were these and a host of other questions that I wrestled with as I had no experience with one night stands by design, although those were centered around Jim and myself, my self enslaved husband not even on my radar, except for the now obvious need to repurpose his future labors toward more constructive things within his apparently limited skill set...


I was showered and feeling much more human before I tried out the deep soaker tub while looking out at the city through the huge windows, I felt raw and sore and sitting in that tub submerged to my neck in a most unladylike position when Jim knocked and then entered while playfully announcing room service. The tray he carried had juice and coffee, and some light breakfast items, he knowing I must be hungry and providing for me in a different but meaningful way.

"Is this how you barbarians ruin the ladies in your life, or am I special?" I asked, my smile evident as I felt myself glowing.

"You are far more special than I think you know... I don't want to scare you off, but if you'll indulge me I now know that I can take you places you've never even dreamt of. It will take some courage, and a huge helping of trust, but I promise you it will be fun, and that I'll never take you where you don't really want to go."

"Where are we going?" I asked on reflex, thinking for a foolish moment that Jim's inferred adventure destination was a place, but my words at the same time telling him by implication that I had already chosen to go with him wherever it was.

"It's not a destination so much as a journey, you just have to be willing, and open minded, but I think you already have that covered" the latter delivered with a mischievous smile. "Unless of course you want me to whistle up our taxi so you can go back home to..."

"...No, not that... not today at any rate" I told my new lover after rudely interrupting him, knowing at the same time that something would eventually have to be done with the old one. "Out of sight, out of mind" was an old saying, and pondering my chaste and willfully submissive husband's long term future was easier without having to look at him.

Short of holding hands and jumping off of the hotel's roof I had already decided to go wherever Jim was leading, any adventure with him sounding just wonderful to me. Two months ago my life had been nearly celibate and happily boring, and this morning nothing on earth could make me willingly go back there again...

"Feel up to a little shopping today then?" Jim asked as if changing the subject, "maybe a gallery or a museum?" he further queried. "The city has some things that you just can't find in the suburbs" his handsome green eyes studying me like a stalking cat's.

"I'm all yours" I offered with total sincerity. "But would you do something for me first?" I then asked.

"Yes, anything" Jim answered profoundly and without condition, I sensing that he thought I was about to ask for something foolishly expensive, or with far reaching consequences, (the latter ironically occurring, although not by design).

I then realized that while Jim had a wonderful power over me, I likely had an equal power over him should I wish to be materially selfish, which I didn't. I didn't want things, I wanted him!

"Can you grab my bag for me by the bed? There's something in it that I couldn't wear until now and I would like your help putting it on... It's kind of a tradition, or so I've been told by a friend at work" I added as Jim looked at me with a smile.

When Jim had returned from doing my bidding I fished out the tiny key to my husband's special tamper proof chastity cage and a slender gold anklet with which to hold it, at least for the day. I intended to have Jim put it on me himself, a rather overt sign to Jim, and eventually my husband, that I was both available, and not.

"Is that one of the keys to that tiny cage thing?" he asked with both wonder and amusement. Jim had known about the special chastity device almost from the beginning, and that Jack my husband would be trapped within it before I would consent to go out on a date with him alone, ensuring Jack's physical commitment to this rather unique adventure of ours. There would be no backing out with that key in my possession, nor apparently any last minute manning up on his part either I was to discover.

"It's the only key, so we really ought to be careful that we don't loose it" I corrected gently with words that belied my commitment to that goal. Certainly loosing such a thing that I had solemnly sworn to keep safe was nothing to joke about, although I had to admit that the implications now had a certain element of humor to them, my use of "we" not an accident either. Would Jim offer to help me keep that key, or even take possession of it completely should I grow weak at some point?

What if Jim instead just took it from me and flushed it down the toilet? I fantasized. Such actions could permanently remove his single competitor from the field in a single stroke, not that there could be any real competition between the two after last night.

"They always come with two keys!" Jim pronounced as if quoting some law of physics, his knowledge of such things rather curious all things considered.

"Do they?" Jack's odd behavior after my first date alone with Jim making more sense now.

...If this were true, it appeared my treacherous husband hadn't placed one hundred percent of his trust in his key keeper, but had instead hedged his bets and had hidden a second key someplace where he alone could find it, likely freeing himself and doing the deed solo while I was out on my first alone date with Jim, spoiling his kink for abrief but tangible moment. That would obviously need to stop, and a suitable punishment found for his embarrassing treachery...

"Are you absolutely certain?" I asked with a very serious tone, any dishonesty potentially voiding our modified marriage contract, although pointing that out before the contract had been allowed too run it's course had it's own pitfalls. For now, at least, my husband had to do as told by both of us, and a year was a long time for me to find a hidden key that he couldn't admit to loosing once I did.

"Let's be certain" Jim offered confidently with a smile that told me he already knew the answer, and a quick search on his smart phone brought up the site that Jack had ordered the device from, "Secure The Manhood, Secure The Man". Clearly stated on that site was that every device came with two numbered and unique keys, my own picture of my kneeling and panty gagged husband confirming that the device and the one on the site Jim had quickly found were the same.

"Since there is most certainly a second key, I have an idea" Jim offered, "and it would look stunning on you if we can find the right place to pull it off, as well as send a rather overt message about trust..."


As Jim and I walked up the sidewalk a short time later I felt the weight of the anklet and key with every step, not that the thin gold chain and tiny key that Jim had placed on me with his own hands "felt heavy", but the symbolic weight felt as if I were wearing a neon sign. It felt as if every man or woman we walked past had taken notice of my jewelry, or perhaps just that I found myself falling in love with the man holding my hand despite my intention at the beginning of all this not to.

A jewelry store was first, I reminded of my missing rings and wondering what Jim was up to, this a little fast even for me for him to offer to put his own ring on my bare finger despite my feelings. Once inside he stepped away and spoke discreetly with a well dressed woman behind the display case for a minute or two, she approaching me with Jim pacing her on the other side of the long glass display cases containing a small fortune in gems and gold, both of them smiling at me almost conspiratorially.

"I understand that you have a key of sentimental value that you may wish to preserve" the well turned out woman asked without really asking, her voice intimate and just for the three of us and not the others presently in the store. "We have several processes depending on the construction of the key in question, each will keep it safe and displayable for a lifetime, or more, if your interested."

"...May I see your key?" the woman asked with that same knowing smile as I stood there trying to catch up with her words, wondering if this is what Jim had in mind when he offered an adventurous journey built on trust. Was this my first chance to prove (to him) that my words of trust were more than just words?

"Yes. Yes of course" I answered, Jim then going to his knees before me to retrieve what he had put on me in the bath.

The woman held the key in her hand that Jim had handed her and turned it over in careful examination under her loop, her broad smile getting even wider, telling me she well knew what this particular kind of key with it's unique shape and serial number was for.

"Brass... that's good... we have done these before by the way. We can encase this in lead crystal if you so choose and form it into a locket for either an anklet... or choker if you prefer. It will be optically transparent to the point that the numbers will be legible, and they make a great conversation piece obviously. It's always possible there will be some slight mechanical distortion of the key itself from the heat of the process should you wish to one day destroy the locket and recover the key to use for it's intended purpose, but none I have done to date have suffered this fate."

Jim looked me in the eye as if trying to read my thoughts, and then I in his likely with the same, wondering if this was the trust he had asked for.

"Do you need some time to think about this?"Jim asked reasonably...

story continued in part six

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