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Playing Chauffer 4: Playing Chauffer, The Sequel

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2016 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M/mf; cuckold; chast; denial; date; hotel; room; shower; naked; tease; torment; sex; climax; cons; X

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Part 4: Playing Chauffer, The Sequel

The dinner and show had been magnificent, and as we walked the short distance to the hotel in the cool night air my belly tingled with anticipation, and a tiny bit of dread. If I was going through this, I ever so briefly wondered what was my husband Jack going through suspecting what Jim and I were about to do? He had a long list of chores that Jim had unapologetically given him to keep him occupied in preparation for the real estate people, the irony of his freely giving even more to the man that now looked to be about to replace him as my lover apparently just too delicious to pass up.

Would my husband be excited that Jim was about to take my married virtue for his own, and he to finally become a true cuckold as in his fantasies, or would he have second thoughts even though it was far too late for any of those? For that matter, was Jack even able to see past his vicarious lust in promoting this taboo relationship to wonder what came next?

In a moment of brutal honesty with myself I admitted that I didn't care all that much. Jack had not only encouraged my married virtue to go back out on the market, but he had even helped broker the agreement with the man presently holding my hand, although the terms of which were still supposed to be unknown to me. Such suggestions by me in my seductive bedroom voice less than a month ago (along with a few good strokes) was all that it took in concept to satisfy Jack's manly urges with a satisfied groan, (and resulting sticky stain), and I thought it ironic that this apex fantasy realized wouldn't be able to be parlayed into one of his wonderfully satisfying orgasms while working around Jim's house locked in chastity as he was.

He might still cum while watching the clock in anticipation of the night's events as he knew our itinerary, but it wouldn't be a satisfying orgasm in any sense of the word if his recent history played out. What should have caused his eyes to roll to the back of his head as he groaned and grimaced in panting seized muscle release instead would be reduced to nothing more than a simple involuntary biological function, like sneezing. Given enough time locked in chastity, (my friend at work had promised), the one would become as exciting as the other to him, a simple reflex action to clear the plumbing, and just as potentially messy if not holding a tissue in the right place.

I found myself standing in our very nice penthouse hotel room overlooking the city lights after an elevator ride fast enough to make me queasy, it by far the nicest room I had ever been in though. My head was swimming with sensory overload as I tried to keep up with all that was going on at once, I feeling like a floating stick caught up in a fast moving stream with little control over where I ended up.

The front desk man had made to look me up and down in approval moments before, (or perhaps suspicion despite my missing rings), but one sharp look from Jim stopped his traveling eyes cold. Jim it appeared DIDN'T like to share, not even in the form of an admiring glance from an appreciative man, setting him apart from my self enslaved husband in a rather notable way.

My dress fit me well and I was showing a lot of leg, my very high heels necessary to try to bridge the height gap between my muscular date and myself, but I couldn't wait to get out of them. It was an intentionally provocative look intended to remind my date what I brought to the proverbial table, but still this side of suitable in the company of a charming man and not the least bit trashy. Had the admiring front desk man seen the price my husband had paid for the garment in question and its scant color coordinated accessories he would have realized this, but perhaps he was perceptive enough to know what was really going on here bearing in mind how our bags had been delivered to the hotel earlier. One thing for sure was that Jack's erotic fantasies weren't unique to him alone, at least if my girlfriend at work and all the things I had read on line were to be believed...

This little adventure had gone just a little faster and more naturally than I thought it would when I had agreed to that first extramarital date alone with our good friend and neighbor Jim, but that was likely before he had fully figured out what made Jack and I tick, his masculine and unapologetic leadership the key missing element that our relationship was apparently lacking. The signals were all there for the right man to decipher, Jim most certainly the right man as he had easily passed the unintentional test I had established in my mind for the next man to share my bed. I felt more than simply desired by this new man though, one could easily say "owned", and at least in my case it was a wonderful feeling that words can't do justice to! Jack my husband was owned as well by this man, but I didn't know if he realized this yet.

Some would call this the science of desire, or lust, it a product of both pheromones and observation long established in the human female mind to properly evaluate breeding partners so as to produce the strongest offspring with the greatest chances for survival. Perceived security after the breeding played a rather large part as well, this gift I was about to freely give ordinarily having little high maintenance consequences all the way back to caveman days without modern medical interventions.

Jim had both the physical mass to keep me from almost any harm, (even while out on a city sidewalk at night in a short dress), and the more modern financial security that comes with success. Both of these important attributes were on full display as Jim courted me and my charms on our expensive overnight city date, this feeling more like pre engagement dating rather than an illicit tryst with my charming neighbor.

Back in the caveman days the most courageous and cunning hunters likely ate the best and had the strongest muscles, and therefore attracted the most desirable females to their proverbial table as they had extra, those primitive females in their own simple ways making a similar subconscious decision as I. Or perhaps I was over-romanticizing the entire period, and instead the strongest caveman chose who he wanted (no matter who she had been partnered with, nor her willingness) and simply took her, the others not strong nor courageous enough to stop him from doing what he willed with her.

In ether scenario Jim could still be my caveman, if he was bold enough, the conclusion of our second date suggesting he was. When he had pinned my arms playfully while we kissed like passionate teenagers in my driveway I had all I could do not to wrap my legs around him I wanted him so badly. I knew Jim had felt my passion up close and personal, all while my passive husband Jack was powerless to do no more than watch in the side view mirror.

At the same time, allowing a man other than my husband to see me in such a full blown passionate state was a rather significant step for me to take on this journey of ours, but hardly a surprise with the building sexual tension between Jim and myself.

Was Jim taunting Jack in that instant by reminding him where this game was about to lead, or giving him a preview to the show that most cuckold's claim they would just love to watch had they the courage? At the very least such would remind Jack that Jim could do as he pleased, where he pleased, an important precedent to set based on Jack's apparent false notion that Jim's commanding influence shouldn't naturally extend to under my roof, and therefore preserving the option to have Jim move into my house and bed after his house sold...

That same night in my driveway I had felt the full mass of Jim's arousal for the first time, knowing there would be consequences of my own for any intimacy with a man so endowed. "A wife ruined for life by another much larger and better man" was one of cuckolding's most infamously implied themes, and while I thought that might be a bit of a stretch knowing how resilient the human female body can be, (pun intended), I don't recall hearing any of my size queen girlfriends from back in college ever speak fondly of going back to more normal sized men with good career prospects. After all, once you've gone to the moon and back on a giant rocket, what can one possibly do you do for an encore?


I had a pretty cautious plan all things considered, or at least I had thought so early on, my initial intention being not to physically consummate this relationship with Jim while implying quite clearly to my selfless husband that I had. This was my secret out on this affair, and one of the things that had made this insanity acceptable to me in the first place. It was after all my body, and I could do, (or not do) with it what I pleased. I had thought to make Jack my husband believe Jim and I had "done it" to see how he responded, preserving the option to truthfully confess that we hadn't should this cuckolding thing cause him to suddenly "man up". That reasonable and practical plan however didn't last very long, both men in my life now likely expecting that I would give in to this temptation that I had been freely offered...

I had modelled some special lingerie for my husband that he had bought for the event, that in itself still another cliché, the customers in that store likely thinking we were about to celebrate some special anniversary. Their appreciative glances inflated my ego even further, I wondering what they would have thought if they knew my husband was intimately caged and buying such things for another man to peel from my body before my first ever adultery.

I had packed that tiny outfit for our overnight date, although I didn't expect to be wearing it all that long after my shower in that massive glass enclosure overlooking the city lights, but even that plan didn't work out as I had daydreamed it would. It felt as if I were showering on the roof of our hotel right out in the open, that in itself rather out of character for myself, but this was the new me with a new set of paradigms to go with my new man, and if someone were out there watching with a telescope I thought I might as well give them an anonymous show.

The lights were down low so as not to intentionally back light my shower for the city's viewing pleasure, and I luxuriated under that warm water far longer than necessary as my conscience wrestled with my desires one final time, the outcome a forgone conclusion though. Jim knocked on the door and soon joined me, we soaping and groping each other’s bodies in the near darkness in a rather wonderful "get to know you" moment, his manhood feeling the size of my forearm in both length and girth as it ground on my backside, and I knowing that such a monster wouldn't easily fit inside my nearly celibate petite self. The rest of his massive body was just as rock hard, and I felt like that stick caught up in that stream again, I going wherever Jim took me willingly as he freely explored my body. This was my own form of submission to this masterful man, likely more enjoyable for me that my husband's version, but that in all truth was yet to be known for sure. If I got off on this, wasn't it at least possible that Jack was getting off on his submission as well, at least in a philosophical way?

Jim's hands weren't the least bit soft like my husbands though, and every touch as he soaped my intimate parts from behind sent electric shocks through my deprived body as I twitched in reaction. His playful explorations as he pressed himself up against me from behind had me taking some deep breaths as I unintentionally ground back on him, implying that nothing was off limits to this dominant man. That would be obvious insanity for a man of Jim's proportions, I doing such for my averagely endowed husband a single time early on and not necessarily enjoying it all that much. Still there are other things one can do in that position if the man in question is well endowed, and the woman both open minded and flexible.

Jack had done nothing for me in the weeks since I had started dating Jim, and we hadn't made anything even close to traditional "love" in far longer, and as a result my lust for a man was nearly off the charts. I had felt myself turning into a class a bitch, (at least toward Jack I had thought at the time), I apparently riding my own emotional roller coaster despite the ability in my case to self-entertain, which I chose not to do. My unanswered lust was empowering me to do things that I never I thought I could, all while demoting Jack into further submission to both myself, and the man that was about to claim me as his own. Such was the ultimate irony, but that was the whole idea, and my empathy on vacation where Jack was concerned...

Tender and sweet kisses followed, my bare breasts and buds grinding on Jim's hairy body as we were now facing each other under that endless stream of warm water, his manhood threatening and massive like a weapon though. It was at least somewhat spontaneous, although not to my original plan of modelling my expensive husband purchased lingerie for Jim as a prelude to our intimacy.

I had years of experience with tender and sweet though, and as such those things I associated with my caged and physically absent husband, and I therefore needed anything but from this exciting mountain of a man grinding on me in the shower...

Whether I had somehow subconsciously communicated my "needs" to Jim in that shower, or whether he was that truly perceptive I might never know, but when he playfully grabbed to capture both of my wrists in a single hand I made no effort to stop him. I in fact worked to place them into his massive paw, freeing the other to do what he pleased while I was by implication helpless to resist. Even a fool would have noticed my passion flare with his imperfect restraint, and Jim most certainly wasn't one of those, a stifled groan escaping my lips giving express verbal permission to up the ante aggressively.

I found my wrists pinned over my head to the cold clear glass wall as I mock struggled, Jim kissing his way down my wet body as his other hand tempted my neither regions, he exploring and nearly lifting my bare feet from the tiled floor as I spread my thighs in cooperation. I found myself breathing in little gasps, and when his rough lips and teeth tormented my straining buds I nearly popped off right there while trying to impale myself on his exploring fingers, my breasts at one time, (long before tender and sweet Jack), liking rough treatment if the passion was high enough.

Jim apparently then decided that was enough foreplay for both of us, he effortlessly scooping me up in his powerful arms and I going where he willed, his commanding masculinity truly intoxicating, and refreshing. He turned off the shower and grabbed a large towel while carrying his burden to the bed, throwing the towel down first so that we didn't soak the bed spread nor make a biological mess for the maids to deal with later.

I was dumped down on the bed next, not quite in cave man fashion, but far closer to that than anything else I had the pleasure of experiencing in several years. More kisses, rough and possessive ones though, tender and sweet both perceptively left behind in the shower where I never wanted to see them again. Large and rough hands moulded my attention starved breasts into unnatural shapes as I groaned out loud and arched my back, Jim's massive body over top of my own petite one should "I" apparently have any second thoughts of my own. He was a curious lover and had already figured out two of my special triggers in record time, but that was all the fun in getting to know a new man, or should I say in letting him to get to know you.

I just wasn't going to get any more ready though, his additional foreplay turning into soft core torture as I felt that monster that I wanted just as badly as my next breath slap my thigh. I had my hands over my head with a fist full of bedspread in each as if I were bound in place, Jim noticing this and adding a large hand to each of my wrists and pinning me to the bed like no lover ever had once he was where he needed to be. I wanted to struggle and fight him with all my might, but I didn't want to actually win that battle, just struggle for the sheer pleasure of the power exchange going on between us. Jim was taking, and I was most certainly giving, that itself a rather stark role reversal with what I had become accustomed to.

My back arched even further to accommodate the massive intrusion by instinct when Jim started pressing into me in earnest, the pleasure and pain portions of my brain in open conflict with each other as my body was slowly forced to accommodate his massive manhood. I struggled against that man pinning me to the bed, but my passionate gasps could not be mistaken for anything but what they were, we both mutually committed no matter the consequences.

Jim worked my body like a trained musician with all the time in the world, he taking me almost "there", and then backing out and forcing me to cool off time and again. At first it was a rather clear demonstration of his dominance, but after the third time nothing but exasperating at I twitched with my almost there orgasm. I was pinned to the bed and only so capable of helping myself achieve my own selfish goals, this masterful man playing me like a Stradivarius he had handled his whole life, but his torments had an ulterior motive and eventually he was truly where no man had ever been before while gently bottoming out. That overfull feeling was another a first for me, and rather uncomfortable for a second despite my insane lust, but Jim was a big man...

That very first time with Jim was like trying to get into an excessively hot Jacuzzi, best entered slowly as your body gets used to something it may or may not like, you never sure where the stinging pain will end and the relaxing pleasure will start. His slow and deep thrusts were delicious torture, the pain of acclimation still there though, but overwritten in my brain by the pleasure of the moment as he bumped and rubbed places no man ever had. I felt everything in exquisite detail, at least until I slipped into a series of sensory overload orgasms, what I had thought was making love in the past not even fit for comparison. More hands and rough kisses, my own arms not willing to move without Jim's express permission, he exploring this new toy of his as I became more comfortable with him...

It was in the end truly magnificent, but at the same time I knew instinctively that it was only a prelude to what this man could really do once my body became accustomed to his and he learned all my quirks, I falling asleep a total exhausted mess as we snuggled in that big bed well into the morning...


I woke alone in bed with the sun in my eyes a ruined woman, the physical effects of our passions evident on my aching body, but the psychological addiction to what that man had given me indescribable. Almost everything hurt our lovemaking was so physical, and still it seemed he had held himself back for fear of damaging me, or chasing me away.

Jim was showered and dressed casually and came over to the bed when he saw that I was stirring, he looking down at me as if waiting for something terrible. "How did you sleep?" he asked, but I could tell he wanted to say something else.

"Wonderfully" I lied. "But I need a shower." I had dreams that were beyond strange, irrational ones that made no sense.

"So now you know" Jim told me almost melodramatically.

"Know what?"

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