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Playing Chauffer 7: New Deal

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2018 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; hotel; naked; bond; belt; sex; oral; climax; rom; MF/m; cuckold; key; chast; cheat; cons; X

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Part 7: New Deal

"I don't know how much 'more' there is right now" my barbarian sheepishly confessed with a relieved smile once he realized he and I were on the same proverbial page, and that instead of going too far, he hadn't gone far enough... yet.

I for my own part felt guilty for even asking, what man of almost forty could wow a younger woman two days in a row with such a rip my clothes off kind of passion, and still be up for more immediately afterwards? Men needed to recharge, like a battery, where I could do this until I was too sore to go on, and then perhaps even a little longer if the lust were high enough. Jim had shown me this side of myself, or perhaps he had just reminded me of it's existence, but in either case I found myself becoming a very sexual being, and selfishly I wanted more.

"Are you going to let me go then?" I asked, resigned in my mind that there might not be all that much more that Jim could do for me at the moment. I was still bound and sitting on his sweaty lap while trying not to gush all over the floor though, my position on his lap and the sheer size of him threatening a gaping mess should I relax those particular muscles, something I had never had to worry about in the past with any other man. I felt used... deliciously used, but not yet deliciously sated.

"Never!" Jim replied with conviction, obviously answering the question I had no intention of ever asking him as opposed to the one I had.

"Well we'll have to do something" I told him with a smile, I then turning my body and holding my bound wrists out to the side so that he could SEE what I was asking to be 'let go' from...

 "I'm about to make a mess here." I then told him much more candidly than I intended as he studied my face. It sounded crude the moment the words left my lips and not at all playful as I intended, my exhausted smile possibly softening the rudeness of my words though. Had I really wanted out that instant I could have always said "that word", but I had obviously chosen not to, Jim's safe word thing making more sense all the time.

"I've got a better idea." Jim responded, he then whisking me up like a doll before I could protest and hoisting me up with my thighs on his shoulders, he then burying his face into my used neither regions like a man starving, or perhaps a man willing to do anything to make sure I got all that I could from him. It was revoltingly exquisite, a luxury no woman should ever have, while at the same time one that no woman should ever have to live without... at least once in a while.

My submissive husband was tender and sweet with such things, almost like a female lover would be, but he had never done this revolting thing for me a single time even though he had often promised to. Jim in comparison took this act roughly to a entirely new level and did things to my body as if he had known it his whole life. He at first toyed with me in a further display of his masterly control over my bound body, he eventually reducing me to nothing more than a twitching and convulsing mass atop his powerful shoulders as he literally stole endless orgasms from me. I eventually found myself too exhausted, sweaty, and sore to go on from more big O's than I can possibly count, my body eventually refusing to respond to Jim's expert torments, and I fully sated to nearly the point of actual pain.

We migrated to the bed afterwards and both tried to fall asleep in a naked heap on it, my wrists freed from Jim's belt and I wrapped around him as if I never wanted to let him go after I kissed and thanked him. So far this adventure of trust that Jim had promised had turned out like nothing I could have imagined, and in gratitude I wanted to find a way to gift myself to this man in a more permanent way, there but a single "thing" in the way of that though.

Jim already owned my body with his masterful bedroom skills, it his to do as he pleased with, my heart almost entirely his as well as I found myself head over heels in love with this former neighbor of mine. What fool of a woman would ever let a man like this go? I asked myself for not the first time.

Speaking of fools, there was another man that had a claim to this heart of mine what seemed a lifetime ago, but for reasons that I can still only speculate about, my husband Jack had chosen to offer me up to another man, this man whose arms I were now in after he had sated me in still another way that no other ever had. 

One might think that I would be having second thoughts about this affair I had been manipulated into in the sated afterglow of some extraordinary sex, and second thoughts in general about having Jack chastity caged and helpless while Jim and I got to play our lover's games. Except that Jack had lied to me and wasn't really helplessly trapped in that device and could apparently cheat on this little arrangement whenever he was both alone, and felt the need.

Was he at this very moment back home and self entertaining himself while fantasizing about me in the arms of my magnificent lover, or worse yet in his own afterglow of his own solo sex, and having his own second thoughts? And if either were true, didn't that make both myself and Jim nothing more than tools for Jack to use for his own rather twisted sexual purposes, and not our own?

That damn second key! 

Jack was using both of US, for sex, there just was no other conclusion that I could come to, well at least for a kind of solo sex at any rate. And while I didn't mind in the least when Jim used me for his own sexual purposes as there was an obvious give and take to this relationship of ours, I most certainly didn't want to be used by Jack like this, and I was even more certain that Jim would like it even less. 

"Can't sleep?" I heard sweetly in my ear a short time later. "I would have thought you'd be out."

"No, something on my mind, and it's not you before you even ask, you're perfect!" I answered without even opening my eyes, I both feeling his body's warmth and smelling his manly smell. Jim even smelled good, his excess testosterone, (or who knows what), impossibly desirable to my rediscovered female needs.

"Well, what else can this perfect barbarian do to help you get some sleep then?" he asked softly as he started to rub my back and butt as if to relax me.

"Oh, God that feels soooo good!" I whispered, even though it was just us two in the expansive room. "But that's not my problem."

"Give me your problem and then get some rest, whatever it is. I'm really good at solving problems." Jim offered in a whisper of his own.

"It's now a what, but a who..." 

"...I should have guessed, but the offer stands. I can't stand you being upset by such an insignificant little matter." I for the first time really hearing a certain something in Jim's voice, for Jack, even though the two apparently had an understanding. Venom, or perhaps a mixture of venom and disgust for this former man of mine who fell painfully short of what this magnificent man next to me likely thought was properly masculine, the solution for which was as obvious as it was self serving had I thought about this exclusively from Jim's point of view. 


The rest of our time together in the hotel was uneventful, but the ride home after Jim called for our driver not so much so with our soon to be former chauffeur looking at the both of us sitting intimately close in the rear seat of the SUV while on our way back to the suburbs. Jack could tell, I just knew it from his eyes, he knew that Jim and I had really done the deed and had fulfilled this part at least of his curious and foolish fantasy, likely before he had even noticed my telltale anklet, but with it's missing little key.

 Did he think we might not? I wondered, I for a very brief time holding out the same misconception, but that was foolish of me, and even more so of Jack. He had offered me up to this man, what did he think a man like Jim would do with such an offer? Our three alone courting dates led to this incrementally and naturally as my husband watched first hand... he passively watching as my desires grew for this former neighbor, and he still doing nothing seriously to stop it! Only a deluded fool immersed in his fantasy would think such a thing might not happen in the real world, but still, even with the obvious deception of that hidden second key, I felt the very real pangs of guilt over my adultery once actually in his presence, even though he dared not say a word about it in Jim's.

"Second thoughts" I reasoned, were likely indicative of a submissive soul, of one who is unsure of what to do at times and therefore is more comfortable with another taking the lead. If these character traits applied to myself, they most certainly applied to Jack to even a greater degree. Could Jack be wishing for a second chance to stop this affair, even though such a thing in the real world were now impossible short of a time machine? 

 There is no such thing as a time machine though, and it was way too late for any cuckold fantasy turned harsh reality second thoughts now, from either of us. We had all agreed to take this proverbial roller coaster of a ride, so the only thing left to do was strap in and enjoy it with Jim as the proverbial ride's conductor. I for one had no intentions of ever going back to boring and uninspired quasi lovemaking, nor wishy washy manliness from any man in my company, and Jack's thoughts on this or any other subject were therefore unimportant at best, and best also kept to himself.


"I think I'm going to get rid this big SUV" Jim opined from the rear seat next to me loud enough to let Jack clearly hear once we were near home. "I've never really liked the thing, and why should one keep something around that's no longer useful for it's intended purpose anyway?" he further quipped.

I was rather shocked to hear Jim say such a thing, his overt double entendre perhaps applying to the large SUV, Jack my husband in general, or even specifically his caged up manhood, all in equal measure...

"Don't you agree Jack?" Jim prodded in smug confidence as he asked his very loaded question. Jim was enjoying this... this triumph over this lesser man sitting in front of us who was still obligated to meekly do our bidding. Jim had taken something from Jack that he should have cherished, (or at the very least missed) just as easily as taking candy from a baby, and Jack couldn't even find the nerve to object in the smallest of ways as he obediently drove us home. 

But "lesser man" wasn't even fully accurate either, as this lesser man wasn't really fully in the "I have a penis club" anymore, not at least in terms of free access to his man bits whenever he wished. But even that wasn't strictly true with that second key floating around someplace, but I had a feeling that Jim had a new plan for that...

"Yes sir, I kind of see your point." Jack responded from the drivers seat with a tone that told Jim he really did get the message.

"I don't wish to sell it though, at least not yet, perhaps I'll just lend it to some worthy cause and let them repurpose it as they see fit." Jim offered, I wondering where he was going with this. "Maybe to someone or some organization who'll get some good use out of it, maybe even someplace where I can visit now and again and still see it being used for something constructive."

"Did you have an organization in mind sir?" Jack meekly asked at barely a whisper, the dread in his voice telling me he had some inkling as to where this line of thinking might be leading to.

"Yes, yes I did. It's called Visiting Maids, they provide free maid services for elderly and infirmed people who can't afford such things on their own. I'll give you the details and a point of contact when we get home as I've already been in touch with them."

"Yes sir." Jack answered, although it was clear that Jim was being anything but clear with what exactly was being offered to be lent to the Visiting Maids charity...

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