Playing Chauffer

by Jackie Rabbit

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"...A maid?" I thought, while trying not to crack a smile with the imagery such a concept suggested. I was reminded of an earlier suggestion Jim had offered as to borrowing Jack the maid just before our first alone date. No details had been offered during that phone call, just the seeds planted in my mind's eye with a playful suggestion that amused me, and the possibility of a compromising photograph while properly turned out in a feminizing maid's uniform for the task. Such a picture obviously had many purposes, but the greatest of which surely had to be continued incentive to submissively behave lest such a picture be used as blackmail by either of us.

I could also now see that this was an idea that Jim had some interest in long term, but more telling to me was that Jack didn't balk at the suggestion, or even speak up in the slightest manner in his defense.

What did this tell me? I wondered. What "man" would even entertain the suggestion under such circumstances, or for that matter any circumstances? But, Jack was obviously no ordinary man, nor an ordinary husband either, this potentially threatened feminizing form of further submission possibly seen as just a natural continuation of his servitude toward both Jim, and I, and one could assume eventually others as well if Jim were being serious.

...Jim could have made the whole story up on the fly about the Visiting Maids charity, all to see Jack's reaction to possibly lending him out as a maid, almost certainly properly dressed for the task, and also by implication under the firm direction of someone besides Jim or I. There was a sense of inevitability to this situation, and in a way irony, but that could have been my own prejudices seeping through in regards to a secret lie I had allowed to pass between Jack and I years earlier.

This was also total and complete submission laid raw. Jim could likely make my former husband do almost anything he wished on a sadistic whim, like a killer whale playing with a helpless baby seal... before nature took it's course and the better of the two finished off the other! This forced me to wonder still again at the power dynamic going on here. Was this solely due to the emasculating device Jack was trapped in, or did the precise terms of the secret agreement the two men had play into this?

From Jim's point of view, such restructuring of Jack's gender identity made all the sense in the world, Jim was the new alpha male in my life, and would likely soon be in our home as well. And just as a ship can only have one captain, so can a relationship only have one alpha male, if one expects things to run smoothly. It was painfully obvious to all three of us - I now think looking back on this whole adventure from the comfort of time passed pleasurably - who that man would be. Any words, or conditions, or even not so innocent white lies used to make this occur now seeming superfluous. There was a feeling of rightness and inevitability in the air to all of this, Jim taking definitive command of the three of us, and Jack going along, submissively, because this was his nature now.

Or more likely, this had always been in his nature, and it took these unique circumstances to bring them out of the proverbial closet.

...There was of course the possibility that Jim had made all this Visiting Maids stuff up, and if that were so it meant that Jim was a skillful and casual liar, the implications for myself as yet unknown, but I discounted that at the time as ridiculous, both love and lust blinding me to the possibility...

Would the duties our new maid needed to master come first, or would his feminizing costume? I wondered in amusement. He could do household chores already if closely managed and directed, (anybody could), but a proper maid didn't need such direction, and I had no desire for a part time job managing his extracurricular efforts either. Such direction might seem wonderful to some, but for me it had grown almost instantly tiring. I had no real desire to tell him to do everyday chores over and over again as this forced me to interact with him, and that was the last thing I wanted, even before I had found out about that treasonous second key.

Jack's female maid persona would likely have to be properly renamed as well to remind him, (or her), of her new status in life, and I found myself wondering at what the neighbors would think when they eventually saw her costumed self. This necessarily wasn't my problem directly either, but indirectly there would be stares and hushed accusations to follow, as there would likely be beforehand when Jim was moved into his new home with me.

...This was exciting, but at the same time foreboding to me, as well as several steps ahead of where we were now. Still, this "unloading of my burden" was liberating, and I felt myself getting aroused while sitting next to and watching Jim so easily dominate and manipulate our pathetically submissive chauffeur; the raw masculine power on display here intoxicating to me. I wanted Jim in that instant - in a deeply physical way - and I felt my body respond, knowing it wanted him as well. That meant that my body, mind, and heart were all aligned in choosing and wanting Jim over the lesser man in our company, but it would have been trashy to act on those desires in that back seat so close to home. It was sufficient to just give Jim "that look" - until recently a look reserved for my husband alone - he getting the message as I expected he might.

Had I just told my lover - unintentionally, but also unapologetically - that I approve of his intentions for our soon to be former chauffeur in the clearest of ways? Likely, but it was easy to be this honest with Jim, and wanting him again felt about as natural as breathing...

As if to confirm that Jim and I were on the same proverbial page he whispered his intentions into my ear, not as if asking me though, his tone was more of informing me of his desires. When his lips broke from my ear I looked at him for a long second, then smirked and nodded my head ever so slightly, the sexually charged gesture for us alone and most certainly not our driver.

I loved it when Jim took charge, it just felt so natural and right, but his plans were a further escalation and directly involved me, and in this he apparently choose to walk this fine line between asking and telling. To me it felt like reading a contract written by someone else, one could either sign the contract, or not, but in either case the terms were already decided by another, in this case Jim.

"Jack, I would like you stop at my place first, then I would like you go home and unpack our bags and launder our things and put them away properly there. I will show you how my things are to be hung a single time as I am quite particular in this, but I'm sure you know that from the work you have already done for me," Jim informed our chauffeur.

"Ahhhh... OK" was Jack's curious, stuttering answer, a world of emotions, and questions, hidden in his tone, this obviously not going the way he envisioned it would.

"Excuse me!" Jim boomed.

"I... I... meant... yes sir Jim."

"That's much better. We would like some fresh fish tonight for dinner, at seven sharp, with fresh vegetables and potatoes and a bottle of light white wine to go with it. That's not a problem, is it?" Jim asked reasonably as if an afterthought, even though his "request" would require several different stops at several different shops to make happen, and was in all fairness anything but reasonable at this hour.

"...No sir, not at all," Jack lied, he clearly perturbed, and again this clearly not going like he expected it might, but alpha males can apparently spoil a perfectly good submissive's fantasy now and again.

If I were having any deep thoughts at that moment I might have wondered at the significance of that response from our chauffeur, there was however a single thought on my mind...

Not fifteen minutes later Jim and I were safely deposited in his driveway with Jack and the giant SUV both on their way to my place with a list of things to do guaranteed to keep him busy. Once inside the door we again made out like oversexed teenagers, my formerly suppressed sex drive trying it's level best to make up for the last few years of uninspired quasi lovemaking. I was literally boiling with lust and panting like a wild animal, Jim the only man with an antidote to the crazy disease that had inflicted me as of late.

"I need you!" I told Jim both breathlessly... and unnecessarily.

"You're going to kill me!" he replied with a great big smile, belying the seriousness of his words.

"What a great way to go" I replied flippantly, only a small portion of my brain actually working at that particular moment.

"True enough."

"You know handsome, there's no need to be especially gentle with me, I kind of like it when you get a little rough."

"I know," was my lover's confident two word answer.

To be continued in "Playing Maid"


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