Rogue One

by The Technician

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Rogue One Arrives at Earth Base Two Omega

Brulaxian World Ships have destroyed seven Earth colonies and are approaching Colony Two. Rogue One arrives with a promise of a way to defeat them. But can he?

This is another of my Science Fiction stories. The SciFi is mainly in Chapter One and Chapter Six with the sex in Chapters Two, Three, Four, and Five. If you just want the SciFi, you know what to skip. If you just want the sex, you also know what to skip. But if you want both, like me, read the full story.

I have divided the story into three parts. Each part contains two chapters. This is part One.

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WARNING! All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Actions, situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be attempted in real life.

All characters involved in sexual activity in this story are over the age of 18. If you are under the age or 18 or do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality or if you reside in any state, province, nation, or tribal territory that prohibits the reading of acts depicted in these stories, please stop reading immediately and move to somewhere that exists in the twenty-first century.

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Chapter One - The Brulaxians

“Incoming! Incoming!” the shrill voice of the communications tech for Earth Base Two Omega screamed loudly just before the auto-defense alarms began blaring, drowning out her screams.

“Report!” barked the commander after silencing the alarm and the tech replied a little more calmly, “I’m reading an incoming ship traveling at light eighteen.” The communications tech’s bright blue eyes were wide with a mixture of surprise, amazement, and fear as she scanned her instruments.

“What else, Darlene?” Commander Sylvia Blackstone asked curtly.

“The engine signature is the same as a class seven Star Cruiser with Zorloxion reverberating quad thrust drives, Commander,” the tech reported. “But the ship reads as a... a... a... size much, much smaller than even a class one Planet Cruiser.” Then she added in a quivering voice, “It reads even smaller than a star fighter, but I can’t trust my instruments on anything that small traveling at that speed... if it is actually traveling at that speed.” Her voice dropped to almost a whisper as she turned to face the Commander and added, “... if anything can truly travel at eighteen times the speed of light.”

Everyone’s attention was drawn to the weapons tech as she called out loudly, “Incoming missile launched from craft. Small... very small... heading directly for the base.”

“Size? Type?” Commander Blackstone said tersely. After a moment of silence she added angrily, “Amanda, can we defend against it?”

“Unknown,” weapons tech Amanda Dawson said slowly. “But it is small, very small.” Then she added, “Arcing in almost directly at us. But we can’t do anything as long as it is beyond light.” Her eyes were wide with fear. Sweat glistened on her ebony skin as she awaited impact.

The base shook violently. Compressed light and space particles that are pushed ahead of anything traveling faster than light slammed into the mountain just west of the base as a small communications drone dropped out of overlight directly overhead and began circling the base. 

A male voice immediately came over the communications speakers. “This is Rogue One requesting permission to land at Earth Base Two Omega,” he said in that calm voice pilots use when requesting landing clearance. Then he laughed and continued, “Actually, there is no way you can give me permission to land because you can’t communicate with me while I am in overlight. But I will be dropping out of overlight shortly before landing and I would really appreciate it if you don’t panic and start shooting at me.” He paused and then said somewhat rapidly, “I have important information for the base commander. I have a way to penetrate the Brulaxian shields. The fate of Earth depends upon you allowing me to land.” After a pause, he returned to his calm pilot’s voice and said, “I am assuming that you got this recorded message. I will be landing shortly.”

Nothing was known about the Brulaxians other than the name broadcast by Earth Colony Nine shortly before that planet was destroyed. That heavily garbled super burst transmission said simply, “Under attack by Brulaxian fleet.” An even shorter burst a few moments later said, “No hope.”

Earth defense fleets responded immediately, but the shields of the Brulaxian invasion fleet were impenetrable. Every type of ship, weapon, or even communication attempt simply bounced off the Brulaxian shields. 

Advancing within those shields, the Brulaxians captured, or more accurately, obliterated six more earth colony planets as well as countless uninhabited planets and planetoids like Base Two Omega. Earth colonies Eight through Three disappeared one after another along with all of their perimeter bases and any Space Force defenders in their vicinity. Those planets, which had been terraformed to allow habitation by earth life forms, were turned into clouds of jagged rocks floating in space. It was as if the Brulaxians had vaporized the inhabitants and then mined anything of value from the planets, leaving only a drifting pile of slag and overburden in their wake. 

Earth fleets had been forced into a retreat. It wasn’t that the Brulaxians had superior weapons, speed, tactics, or numbers. Their weapons capability was unknown because they never returned fire on the Earth Star Cruisers except when destroying planets, and then the cruisers defending the planets had no chance to report what had obliterated them. The highest speed recorded for the Brulaxian ships was just point eight light. And there were only nine ships in their armada. But each of those massive ships– if that’s what they were– was inside a giant translucent shield sphere that shimmered and glowed so that it looked like a giant marble floating in space. 

Earth fleets buzzed around them at up to light two point three firing every known weapon at the advancing threat. But that made no difference. Whatever was behind those shields ignored the Earth fleet as if it didn’t matter or didn’t even exist. The most powerful weapons the Space Force could bring to bear bounced off the Brulaxian shields. Even when Captain Hartford of Star Cruiser SC 2422 snapped and rammed his ship at light three into one of the shield spheres, it did not buckle. Instead, the giant marbles continued to roll across the universe seeking more planets to devour. And those glowing marbles of death were headed directly toward Earth Colony Two.

Earth Base Two Omega was the furthest outpost from Earth Colony Two and was directly in line with the oncoming Brulaxians. The spacers stationed there would be eaten first, and they knew it. 

“Let him land,” Commander Blackstone said wearily. “It won’t make any difference if it is a trap. We can’t stop them anyway.”

A few moments later a bright arc of light shot across the sky above the dwarf planet on which Earth Base Two Omega was located. The flash was caused by the release of energy and particles which had built up ahead of the faster than light ship... whatever it was. A freighter once carelessly dropped out of light while aimed directly at Earth Base Seven Gamma. Luckily the commander had seen the trajectory of the ship and raised shields or the base would have been destroyed. That base, as well as Colony Seven were now gone.

A small ship began to fire its engines and slowly descend to the surface of the planetoid. The ship looked like it had originally been a small interplanetary shuttle, but now there were four thruster nacelle pylons from a starship along with what appeared to be four or five dozen weapons launch tubes welded to its outer shell. 

The ungainly ship wobbled back and forth several times before stabilizing on the landing pad. Then a lone figure wearing a breathing assist apparatus emerged from the ship and walked the short distance to the main airlock of the base. Once inside, he pressed the intercom key and announced, “This is Rogue One. Take me to your leader.” Then he said, “I’ve always wanted to say that,” and started to laugh.

He was still laughing when two armed spacers opened the inner hatch. “Come with us,” the two women said in that flat, slightly threatening tone common to all security personnel. He was no longer laughing as he entered the main control room and was ushered over to Commander Blackstone’s command station.

“You say you can take down the Brulaxian shields,” she said calmly. Then she asked in that same calm command voice, “Can you?”

“Yes, I can,” Rogue One answered firmly. “And if we coordinate an attack, I can light them up with a laser so you can get past all their other jamming technology and score direct hits with everything you’ve got.”

“Why should I believe you?” Commander Sylvia replied as she carefully assessed his rumpled clothing that looked like he had been sleeping in it for weeks.

“Oh,” Rogue One said with a smile, “you don’t have to believe me. You just have to believe Archie.”

He then reached into a large side pocket and lifted out an insect about twice the size of a football that looked very much like a common Earth cockroach. All four of the women in the room reacted in horror, but Rogue called out, “He’s sentient! He’s sentient!”

“We’ve seen these insects before,” Commander Blackstone said dryly. “There has been no indication of sentience.”

“Yeah,” Rogue replied, “but you didn’t crash on one of their repair asteroids. I did, and while they were repairing my ship... and me... they implanted a translation chip in my head so I could understand them.”

He reached into another pocket and set a small box on the table. The super-large roach reared up on his back four legs and a firm, human sounding voice came out of the box. “Greetings, Commander Sylvia,” it began. “Now that our language barrier has been overcome, I think you will recognize our intelligence and accept us as equals. My name does not translate into your thought patterns, so you may call me Archie as Rogue One does.”

There was a pause before the commander asked, “Can you disable the Brulaxian shields?”

“Yes,” Archie answered. “With the special modifications we made to Rogue One’s ship it is possible. How long will it take you to assemble an attack fleet? I suggest four star cruisers for each of the Brulaxian spheres with another four cruisers in reserve. How long will that take to arrange? Time is of the essence.”

Commander Blackstone paused a moment as the reality of talking with a large cockroach sank into her brain, then she answered, “Four days. We can have forty Star Cruisers here in four days. It will then take the attack force an additional two days to reach the Brulaxians if they travel at light two point five and the Brulaxians maintain their less than light advance.”

Archie turned to Rogue and said in what almost sounded like a laugh, “It looks like you have four days... and five nights... to kill here on Two Omega.” The voice changed to a very stern tone as it added, “Try not to start another war or get yourself killed. We need you in top shape when the fleet sails.”

“Aye, aye, sir!” Rogue said as he snapped to attention and gave Archie a salute. Then he turned to the comm tech and asked, “What time do you get off duty? Maybe you can give me a tour of the base.”

“Darlene can give you a tour of the base, Mister Rogue,” Commander Blackstone said tersely, “but you have only three more days... and four nights. Your fourth day will be filled with battle plan briefings and coordination with the Star Cruiser captains, and your fifth night will be spent resting in your ship getting ready for... whatever it is you and your friend Archie have in mind.”

“Aye, aye, ma’am!” Rogue one said loudly as he again came to attention and saluted her.

Chapter Two - Darlene

“I don’t seem to see any men on the base,” Rogue One said brightly as they left the control room and walked down a tunnel-like hallway. As they got a little further down the hallway he asked, “Are they all out on Star Ships?”

“Nothing that glorious,” Darlene replied. “Small bases such as this are lightly shielded and the gravity is only point three Earth. A woman’s body handles this a lot better than a man’s would.”

She laughed and then added, “Besides it is normally boring as hell on one of these colony advance bases. We are primarily a communications relay base, so nothing much happens here. And when a woman folds up from the boredom she usually just goes to her room and cries. When a man folds up, he tends to get angry and start breaking things and hurting people.”

“So, have things been boring lately?” Rogue asked.

Darlene stopped walking and stood quivering as if trying to keep herself from crying. “Worse than that,” she said. “It’s boring as hell and more than scary as hell.” She pointed up at the ceiling and said in a very shaky voice, “It’s boring because there is nothing we can do. And it’s scary because those things keep getting closer and closer and there is not a damn thing we can do about it.”

She turned to face Rogue, put her hand on his shoulder, and asked plaintively, “Can you really stop them?”

Rogue stood very still looking directly into Darlene’s eyes, then he slumped slightly, “Archie says they can do it. But I really don’t understand anything he is saying. I’m just a glorified taxi and delivery driver.”

“Then we are all going to die,” Darlene sobbed. 

“Maybe,” Rogue answered, staring at the floor, “or maybe not.” After a pause he added in a very flat voice, “At least it will be quick.”

“Don’t let me die a virgin,” Darlene said suddenly. She had composed herself and was looking directly into Rogue’s eyes. “I want to at least know what I could have had if these... things... hadn’t come along.”

“Uh,” Rogue sputtered, “uh, sure, but that might be a bit difficult here on Two Omega.”

Darlene smiled at him and said, “You’ve seen the entire base. It’s just the control room and this hallway to our quarters. Unless you count the small kitchen area behind Commander Blackstone’s desk and the small exercise room behind that.” She shrugged and pointed to the five doors in the hallway. “They give us separate rooms,” she said almost brightly, “so we feel like we have a space of our own.” She gave Rogue a quick smile and said, “Evidently that is supposed to keep a female crew happier.”

“Or keep you out of each other’s beds,” Rogue said with a laugh.

“That doesn’t stop Julie and Jennifer,” Darlene said with a snicker.

When Rogue said, “Who?” Darlene quickly said, “Security. You met them when you landed.”

“Oh,” Rogue said as Darlene pulled him through one of the bedroom doors.

The room was rather Spartan– a desk, a chair, a rather large vid screen, and a single-sized bed that was directly in front of the door.

“How do we do this?” Darlene asked, looking around the room. “Do we pretend we just came home from a date? Or should I try dancing sexy or something?”

“Let’s start with me telling you my real name,” Rogue said, and he pulled Darlene into his arms. “I am Roger Montague the Third. That’s the name that was on my shuttle. But when I crashed on Archie’s asteroid, the ship... and me... were all shot to hell. All the bug people could read was the first part of Roger, the last part of Montague, and one of the three I’s. When I finally woke up, Archie and his people had rebuilt my ship... and me... and they had decided that my name was Rogue One.” He looked around the room and then said, “I decided that Roger Montague III died in the attack on Colony Seven. But Rogue One is going to make a difference for Colony Two... or die trying.”

“Oh, Rogue!” Darlene said loudly just before she mashed her mouth over his. There wasn’t a lot of conversation after that. They stood entwined in the center of the room as their hands explored each other’s body. Soon hands began to slip under clothing, and shortly thereafter clothing began dropping on the floor.

“How’d you get your shoes off,” Darlene asked as they came up for breath.

“Practice,” Rogue replied. “How’d you get your bra off?”

“Practice,” Darlene replied with a laugh and pulled him toward the bed.

Soon they were on the bed. The covers had somehow disappeared and were now lying across the desk at the end of the bed.

“It’s a little small for two people,” Darlene said.

“Only if you’re trying to lie side by side,” Rogue answered as he moved so that he was lying partially over Darlene’s body.

He bent down and pulled one of her nipples into his mouth. Darlene let out a muffled groan as he began to suckle. He continued to work on her nipples with his mouth while at the same time running his hands from her shoulders down to below her knees. 

Soon her body began to undulate on the bed and her legs bent and opened slightly. Rogue then moved back to deeply kissing her mouth while running one hand between her legs. His fingers were sliding through her slit, but not penetrating very far.

When she began arching her back, Rogue’s fingers moved to her clit. That brought a shrill gasp as she dug her hands into the bed and bunched the sheet up in her fists. 

“Are you ready?” Rogue asked softly.

“Yes,” Darlene replied. Her eyes looked somewhat fearful and she added, “Remember, I’m a virgin. Be gentle.”

Rogue suppressed a laugh as he moved his body between Darlene’s legs and lined up his prick with her flowing cunt. He tried to be gentle. He pushed in very slowly and stopped when he felt an obstruction. He was waiting for her to adjust to his girth when suddenly Darlene thrust upward burying him balls deep in her twat. She then lay there panting with her eyes closed.

Rogue slowly started moving. He tried to keep the strokes regular and even. He was trying to maximize the pleasure and minimize the pain. Darlene was his first virgin. He was familiar with omen... very familiar. He had just never deflowered a virgin.

After a short while, Darlene began actively responding to Rogue’s thrusts. She thrust back up against him, slamming herself into his stomach. Soon she was yelping slightly with each thrust. Rogue knew what that meant. She was approaching orgasm. He no longer had to hold himself back. Her shriek as she climaxed was probably heard all the way to the control room. Darlene was the only one who heard Rogue’s groaning grunt as he spurted within her.

Rogue lay on top of Darlene until his breathing returned to normal. He then said, “Normally, I would move over and lie alongside you to hold you for a while, but that is a little difficult in this small bed.”

“I’ll turn on my side and you can cuddle me from behind,” she replied.

“That works,” Rogue said as he rolled his body against the wall. Darlene turned onto her side and he slid in behind her.

“That was wonderful,” she said in a soft breathy voice. After a long pause she said very tentatively, “Maybe we could try some other things?”

Rogue laughed softly. “What do you have in mind?” he asked. Then he said, “We could go around the world, but that might be a little much on your first night.”

“We might not have a second night,” Darlene said more or less flatly. “What does around the world involve?”

Rogue again laughed and said, “Not only a virgin but naive.”

“My parents were strict Michaelians,” she replied. “I have lived a very sheltered life.”

“OK,” Rogue said with a soft inhalation of air. “Around the world is an expression from Old Earth. Certain sex acts were associated with some of the ancient nations. Normal fucking was called England; oral sex was called France; and anal was called Greece. If you do all three in the same night, you have gone around the world.”

“Wouldn’t that be four instead of three?” Darlene said.

“What?” Rogue said in surprise.

“I mean, if oral sex is France, wouldn’t that be two things? A man doing oral on a woman and then a woman doing oral on a man.”

“I see your point,” Rogue said, “but if you do a 69– that’s both giving oral at the same time– it would still be three.”

“Why is it called a sixty... oh,” said Darlene. “I think that would be hurrying things. At least that’s what Julie said to Jennifer.” Darlene turned slightly red and said, “I overheard them talking at breakfast one morning.” She got a thoughtful look on her face and asked, “Is it still called 69 if it is two women?”

“Or if it is two men,” Rogue replied.

“Do men do that?” Darlene asked and Rogue laughed heartily.

“Normally,” Rogue said, “if you plan to go around the world it is France, England, Greece. Do you have a bathroom nearby? I’ll go clean myself off before we make our next stop.”

“The door opposite the desk,” Darlene said, “I share it with Amanda. Her room is next door.”

“I’ll be sure and lock the door,” Rogue said.

“Ladies first,” Darlene said as she got up off the bed.

“You did grow up in a sheltered life,” Rogue said.

Darlene just smiled at him as she scampered into the restroom. When she came out she was holding something behind her back. Rogue figured he would find out what it was eventually and just slipped past her into the bathroom. He not only wanted to wash off, he really, really, really had to pee.

When he came back Darlene was lying with her legs over the mattress at the top of the bed. There was enough room between the bed and the door for him to kneel between her legs. Rogue hadn’t actually had a chance to look at her pussy when they first made love. At first he thought that she was shaved or otherwise bare, but then he could see the very fine, blond hair covering her snatch.

She had very thoroughly cleaned herself. There was no evidence of their first stop on their world tour. As he leaned in close, there was no smell other than the smell of a woman who was slightly turned on.

He began by licking alongside her slightly damp slit. If she had a thick bush down there he wouldn’t have been able to do that, but the fine hair was almost not noticeable as his tongue slid up and down the skin just outside Darlene’s cunt. An increase in womanly odor and a very noticeable glistening of her slit told Rogue that Darlene was becoming more and more aroused.

He gripped the front of her thighs as he began dipping his tongue into her slit. She had an almost sweet taste, but it was definitely the taste of a woman. She responded to his actions with low, guttural moans and a slight undulation of her body. He wanted to make this last, but she was rapidly climbing orgasm mountain. He returned to licking the skin alongside her cunt, but she groaned “No, no, go back, go back.” So he again went back to running his tongue through her slit.

Darlene’s feet were on the floor and she was now arching her body well off of the mattress so that only her shoulders were on the bed. Rogue very slowly ran his tongue up her slit and when he reached the top began circling her clit. In response she arched even further and began a shrill keening that rose and fell in both pitch and volume as his tongue circled her clit.

It was time. Rogue pressed his face closer to her cunt and pulled her clit into his mouth. The keening wail became a scream as he suckled at that very sensitive nub. Darlene thrashed beneath him and pulled his head tighter against her twat. Her voice trailed off as she collapsed down onto the mattress and lay there breathing very, very hard.

“My God,” she said in a throaty voice. “No wonder that Julie and Jennifer make so much noise. That was amazing.”

She hopped up from the bed and said brightly, “Your turn.”

“Let’s try this with me standing,” Rogue said. When Darlene looked slightly confused he said, “And you kneeling in front of me.”

“Oh,” she said, “that seems awfully subservient.”

“More so than me kneeling between your legs?” Rogue asked. His pique was showing in his voice.

“I see your point,” Darlene replied. “I also see why the 69 approach is used.”

“There are other reasons,” Rogue said, “but I will keep those explanations for next time... if there is a next time.”

Darlene knelt in front of Rogue and then looked up at him. “Francine calls this a blow job. Do I actually blow or just lick or what?”

Rogue laughed and said, “No, you don’t blow. You pull me into your mouth and lick and suck. Some girls stop when they feel the prick starting to twitch so it doesn’t spurt in their mouth. Others let it spurt and then spit it out. A few just swallow everything that comes out.”

“I think I will play this by ear,” she replied. “... or maybe I should say play it by tongue or mouth or whatever.”

Rogue was going to say something else, but Darlene pulled his prick into his mouth and began suckling and rubbing the tip and underside with her tongue. “Damn,” he said, “You’re a natural at this.”

He thought that it might take a while to bring him to climax a second time, but Darlene’s wonderful mouth and tongue brought him off in just a few minutes. She continued to suck even after he had spurted in her mouth. In fact, she continued to suck until he began to soften and more or less fell out of her mouth.

“I thought it would taste bad,” she said, “but it doesn’t. A little salty, but otherwise it tastes OK.”

She stood up and “What is this last one? Greece? What is that?”

“It’s always the quiet ones,” Rogue said softly as he shook his head and sat down on the bed. 

He looked up at Darlene standing there in all her naked innocence... well not quite innocent anymore, but still very naive and trusting.

“First,” he said slowly, “we are going to need some sort of lubricant.”

He obviously startled as Darlene reached over to the night table and grabbed a large tube of cocoa butter. “I had this in the bathroom,” she said with an embarrassed smile.

Rogue rolled his eyes upward and said, “OK, first we have to get you greased and loosened up.”

“OK,” Darlene said brightly. “How do we do that?”

“And to think I used to dream about finding someone like you,” Rogue said softly to himself.

“What?” Darlene said and Rogue quickly raised his voice to a normal level and said, “Get on your hands and knees on the bed.” She quickly complied and Rogue said in obvious frustration, “Facing AWAY from me.”

Darlene quickly turned around so that her ass was facing Rogue. “Like this?” she said and Rogue replied, “Yes, like that.”

He then squeezed a big dollop of cocoa butter into the crack of her ass. She yipped slightly from the cold and then again as his finger pressed against her rosebud.

“I’m going to start with one finger,” he explained as he pushed his index finger into her ass. After a few insertions in and out, her rosebud began to relax. Once his finger was moving almost without resistance he added a second finger. And then a third. Soon he was pushing into her nether sphincter with all four fingers formed into a cone.

“I think you’re ready,” he said softly. “I am going to enter you slowly while you are still on your hands and knees. Then, after a while, I will roll you over onto your side and continue.”

“OK,” she said. Rogue couldn’t tell if she was unsure about this or very turned on. Maybe it was a little of both.

He got behind her and lined his prick up with her rosebud. He pushed forward until he felt the tip enter. Then he waited for her to adjust to his size before beginning to move in and out.

After only a few slow thrusts she began to moan softly. Rogue took that as an indication that it was time for them to fall over onto their sides before they fell out of the bed. He pulled Darlene over and pulled her tight against his groin. Then he lay there slowly moving in and out of her as she once again began to keen ever more loudly. He cupped her breasts in his hands as he moved slowly toward his own orgasm. When her keening was becoming very loud and very shrill and he was approaching his own climax, Rogue squeezed Darlene’s breasts tightly with his hands while pinching her nipples between the gap between two of his fingers. He grunted as he spurted inside her. She screamed loudly as she climaxed.

Rogue remained curled up behind Darlene. He was surprised that as she relaxed, she began to snore lightly. She had fallen asleep. He chuckled and pulled back slightly so that his prick would finish sliding out of her rosebud, then he put his arm around her and fell asleep himself.

He awoke with a mechanical sounding female voice saying “Day cycle begins in forty-five minutes. All personnel prepare for active day cycle.”

Darlene sat up in bed and then looked over at Rogue. She gave him a crooked smile and said, “I must look a mess. And I have to shower and get ready for duty.” She brushed her hair back out of her face and said, “You can use the bathroom after Amanda and I get done with it.” Then she scampered into the bathroom.

About a half-hour later, Darlene finished in the bathroom. She hurriedly dressed while Rogue lay on the bed watching her. She turned away from him, perhaps out of modesty, but when she bent over to put on her panties, there was nothing modest about the view she was giving him. After she was dressed she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and said, “You are welcome to breakfast, but I really have to get back to my duties... boring as they are, they have to be done.”

With that she walked quickly out of the bedroom.

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