Rogue One

by The Technician

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Rogue One Has His First Lesbian Threesome.

Brulaxian World Ships have destroyed seven Earth colonies and are approaching Colony Two. Rogue One arrives with a promise of a way to defeat them. But can he?

This is another of my Science Fiction stories. The SciFi is mainly in Chapter One and Chapter Six with the sex in Chapters Two, Three, Four, and Five. If you just want the SciFi, you know what to skip. If you just want the sex, you also know what to skip. But if you want both, like me, read the full story.

I have divided the story into three parts. Each part contains two chapters. This is part Two.

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WARNING! All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Actions, situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be attempted in real life.

All characters involved in sexual activity in this story are over the age of 18. If you are under the age or 18 or do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality or if you reside in any state, province, nation, or tribal territory that prohibits the reading of acts depicted in these stories, please stop reading immediately and move to somewhere that exists in the twenty-first century.

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Continues from

Chapter Three - Amanda

All of the staff except Julie and Jennifer were done with breakfast and at their posts by the time Rogue had showered. He hadn’t shaved because he didn’t trust the razors that Darlene and Amanda had sitting in holders next to the sink. He would shave when he got back to his ship.

There were several choices from the automated food dispenser. Rogue chose an egg omelet, which was surprisingly good for something out of a food synthesizer. The two security women sat at a separate table and watched him eat. After he was done, Julie– he knew it was Julie because her name was on her uniform– Julie said, “You can take some coffee back to your ship with you. We assume you have final adjustments to make before battle.”

“That’s a more or less polite way of telling me to get the hell out of here,” Rogue thought. Then Jennifer said in a much more pleasant voice, “The evening meal is at eighteen thirty hours. You are welcome to attend. The airlock code is alpha-alpha-niner-niner-seven. Remember to say it exactly like that. Jada is very particular about entry codes.”

“Who’s Jada?” Rogue said in surprise. A voice from the speaker on the food synthesizer said, “I am. Who do you think runs this base when all of the fleshies are asleep?”

Julie and Jennifer started laughing. “Jada is the AI control computer for this base,” Jennifer said. “She claims she is sentient, and she might be. But if we reported that to central command, they would wipe her memory and re-install her. Then we would all have to do a lot more work around here.”

“Damn straight!” Jada said strongly.

Rogue picked up the thermos of coffee that had appeared in the food synthesizer port and said, “Thank you... Jada. See you at supper.” Then he walked out to his ship.

Archie and his crew were still asleep. Or at least they were dormant and hanging on the walls and ceiling of the shuttle. Rogue was used to them so he just sat down at his flight station and started going over the instruments and checklists. The Space Force fleet wouldn’t arrive for three more days, but if there were a problem, Rogue wanted to be ready for it long before the first battle cruiser appeared in the sky above Two Omega.

He had gone over everything several times before deciding to play some of the games on the ship’s computer. He had almost reached the last level of Space Pirates when Archie scuttled up next to him and said, “It is time for Rogue One to go back to the base for your evening meal.” 

Rogue wasn’t sure he would ever get used to Archie’s voice just appearing in his mind, but he said “Thank you,” and went out the hatch.

When he got to the airlock for the base, he faced the lock and said as clearly as he could, “alpha-alpha-niner-niner-seven.” A somewhat tinny voice responded with a giggle. Then Jada said, “I recognize you, Rogue One. You could have said anything and I would have let you in.”

“Then why...” Rogue started, but Jada cut him off by saying, “I just like to play around with Julie and Jennifer. And it helps with the illusion that I am just a control computer.”

“I will keep your secret, Jada,” Rogue said with a laugh. 

“And I will keep yours,” Jada responded, “... all of them.”

Rogue said, “OoooKay” very softly as he stepped through the now open hatch. As he walked down the short hallway a tinny voice behind him said lightly, “I heard that.”

He was slightly early and the staff, except for the security pair, Julie and Jennifer, were still at their stations. 

“It must get lonely here with a crew of only five,” Rogue said casually.

“We manage,” Julie said curtly. “And besides, we have occasional visitors such as yourselves to break the monotony.”

“Which reminds me,” Jennifer said, “Amanda will be giving you a tour of the station after evening meal.”

“Uh... yes... OK,” was all that Rogue could respond.

A few moments later a shrill whistle-like tone came over all of the speakers and Jada’s voice could be heard saying, “Base switching to automatic for overnight. Fleshie crew are relieved to their rest and recreation cycle. This evening’s sustenance for your flesh will be French Dip sandwiches and English chips with your choices of non-alcoholic beverages.”

“She just says that to irritate me,” Commander Blackstone muttered angrily as she came into the kitchen area. She looked up at Rogue and said in way of explanation, “I once got mad at her and said that she was just a lump of intelligent silicon. I apologized, of course, but ever since then she has called the crew ‘fleshies’ just to remind us that we are just lumps of intelligent flesh.”

She composed herself, turned to Rogue, and said almost brightly, “Archie was in this afternoon.”

Rogue startled and replied, “He was?”

“Yes,” Commander Blackstone answered. “He said that you thoroughly enjoyed the tour of the station which Darlene gave you and would be most happy to receive tours from the rest of the crew.”

“He did, huh?” Rogue replied, looking around the room.

“He also said,” the commander continued, “that I didn’t have to worry about tiring you out because you could rest up on the way to meet the Brulaxians since he and his people would be handling things until you got there.”

“Yeah,” Rogue said a little unsteadily. “My part is primarily to light up the warships with the lasers after Archie and his boys drop the shields.”

After a long silence, he looked over at Amanda and said, “I would love to take a tour of the base with you after dinner.”

Amanda smiled and said, “I think I would also love that.”

Jennifer looked up and said in her flat, security voice, “Don’t worry, Rogue, we will ignore any accidental emergency sirens.”

All of the other women, except Amanda, giggled slightly, but Rogue just took a deep breath and began eating his sandwich. For coming out of a computer food synthesizer, it was amazingly good. And the simul-ale he had with it tasted almost like real dark ale.

Amanda was on cleanup duty, so after everyone left the kitchen area, she and Rogue put everything in a big chute next to the synthesizer. “Jada will sort it, clean stuff, recycle stuff, and all of that. I don’t think we could manage without her.”

“Thank you, Amanda,” came a voice from the kitchen speakers.

“A happy control computer is a happy base,” Amanda said, looking at Rogue.

“You got that right!” Jada said loudly as Rogue and Amanda began the short walk down the hallway to her bedroom.

“I assume Darlene told you what happened last night?” Rogue said.

“Not really,” Amanda answered as she took off her uniform blouse. Rogue was slightly surprised, but appreciative of the fact that her firm breasts needed no brassier. When she slid off her skirt, he was further surprised... and appreciative... of the fact that there was no underwear under the skirt. There was also no pubic hair.

Anticipating his comments Amanda said, “I never wear anything under my uniform. If I could get away with it, I would run around naked like some of the women do on the solo stations.” She looked down at her body and said, “I really like naked. And as you can tell, I had the genetic treatments to eliminate all body hair except on my head so I could be completely naked.”

“Did Darlene say anything?” Rogue asked as he took off his shirt and slacks and folded them onto the desk.

“Only,” Amanda answered as Rogue removed his underwear, “that I should be sure to visit Paris before going to London... whatever that means.

“I showed Darlene what ‘around the world’ meant,” Rogue said, laughing slightly. “It was her first time... for everything.”

“It won’t be my first time,” Amanda said with a sly smile, “... for anything.” She smiled even more broadly and said, “I’ve done everything, including a couple of things that you can’t do with another human.”

There was a slight glint of moisture on Amanda’s slit and the smell of aroused woman filled the air.

“OK,” Rogue said quickly, “Around the World is oral, vaginal, and then anal. On old Earth Prime, they were commonly called, French, English, and Greek.”

“Back home,” Amanda said, leaning forward and kissing Rogue lightly on the lips, “we call that going around the galaxy.” She laughed and then added, “but the general itinerary is the same. And yes, you should always start at Alpha Prime and end with Gamma Moon.”

“Then by all means,” Rogue said, making a sweeping gesture at the bed, “let us go to Alpha Prime.”

“Together,” Amanda said, pushing Rogue toward the bed. Then she added, “... with me on top.”

Amanda was more familiar with the arrangement of her bedroom so she skillfully guided Rogue over to the bed so that his feet were still on the ground at the head of the bed as he lay back over the sheets. Amanda then fit in with her feet almost touching the desk at the foot of the bed.

“You’ve done this in here before,” Rogue said playfully.

“Not with a man,” Amanda replied with a slight laugh. “Julie is insatiable and when she wears Jennifer out, she comes to visit me.”

“Does she wear you out, too?” Rogue said as Amanda moved around to position her now-dripping slit over Rogue’s head.

“Nobody wears me out,” Amanda said as she lowered her slit toward Rogue while at the same time beginning to suck his rigid prick into her mouth.

Rogue had done 69 with a woman many times before, but this was the first time that the woman was almost totally in control. Amanda somehow was able to grind her cunt against his face, sliding it up and down so that his tongue was forced to go from clit to rosebud again and again and again. All of the time she was doing that, she was somehow able to also bounce her head up and down on his engorged prick while licking the underside and the glans with her tongue.

Just as Rogue felt his balls tightening, Amanda spread her knees wider so that her cunt now crushed his face. Her clit was pressed into his mouth, so he suckled greedily at that pink pleasure nub. In response, she pressed harder against his face. He was almost ready to pass out from lack of breath when Amanda opened her mouth and moaned very loudly as her body thrashed and shook. Her head returned to envelop his shaft as he pumped load after load of spunk into her mouth. She continued to tremble and moan slightly for several minutes before raising her head... and cunt... and swinging herself off Rogue to slip into the bathroom.

“If I were trying to impress you,” she said as she came back, “I would have swallowed all of that. You don’t taste bad for a sevener, but I figured you wouldn’t want to be tasting yourself on my lips the rest of the night.”

Rogue started to get up from the bed, but Amanda said, “Unless you have to go piss, stay right there. I prefer to ride the rocket.”

He wasn’t sure what that phrase meant, but he immediately understood when she climbed back over his body with her knees straddling his chest and lowered her cunt down just far enough to slide against his semi-flaccid prick. As she slowly rocked forward and back, his prick began to again stiffen.

“I really like my tits played with,” Amanda said almost dreamily. “And when the time comes, pinching my nipples really hard will put me very high over the top.”

“Anything to please,” Rogue said as his hands came up to glide along Amanda’s ass cheeks. As he brought his hands further up so that he could stroke the outside of her breasts, he added, “... well, almost anything.”

Amanda laughed in a throaty way and moved up and forward so that Rogue’s prick would slide almost out of her dripping cunt. She then rammed herself back down hard enough to create a loud splat of flesh meeting flesh and an “umph” from Rogue.

The next rock forward and splat was just as noisy except for the “umph”. Rogue was expecting it. What he wasn’t expecting was for it to continue for over ten minutes after that. All the while Amanda was groaning louder and louder and her groans were becoming more and more shrill. Finally after what seemed like hours, but was in reality only seventeen minutes, Amanda erupted into a tremendous orgasm. She threw her legs straight out so that she collapsed flat against Rogue’s chest. Rogue had somehow remembered to pinch her nipples as the eruption began and found that he was pulling her breasts out toward the side as she writhed and moaned on top of him. Somewhere in there, he thought he climaxed, but he wasn’t sure.

After they lay together in a sweaty mess for a while Amanda said softly, “Maybe I should have told you that I put a male inhibitor up my cunt while I was in the bathroom. It doesn’t affect a woman, but it keeps a male from peaking for a long time.”

“A long, long time,” Rogue said as he pushed Amanda up slightly from his chest. “And now I have to go pee.” He stood up and looked back at Amanda and said, “Just pee. I don’t have any special creams to keep you going.” He huffed and said, “You definitely don’t need that.”

When he came back out of the bathroom, Amanda was kneeling on all fours on the bed. “I already greased myself and got myself opened up,” she almost purred.

Rogue knelt behind her and slid his prick into her gaping rosebud. “I really like it in the ass,” Amanda said in a deep, throaty voice. “But I want you to pull on my tits and twist and pinch my nipples the whole time you are fucking me.”

Rogue could only answer, “Uh... OK,” as he reached up and began mauling her breasts.

Again it was Amanda who was in control. Rogue tried to thrust into her, but her strong thrusts met him before he could move forward much and after a few attempts he just held himself steady and let her ram back against his prick.

After a few minutes she grunted out, “Tits... Nipples...” and he began squeezing her nipples and pulling down on her tits. A few minutes later, her actions became almost furious and her moans became a continuous scream. As she pushed back against him, she screamed out with a loud shrill sound. As she moved forward, she screamed as she inhaled, creating an odd sound that was slightly softer and slightly lower in pitch. The combination sounded very much like alarm sirens on various ships which Rogue had served on. Just as he climaxed, he remembered that Jennifer had said that they would ignore any accidental emergency sirens. Rogue half expected Amanda to collapse onto the bed, but instead she pushed back against him hard and held that pressure for several minutes until he began to deflate.

“I need to clean myself up a little,” Amanda said as she pulled herself free of Rogue’s prick and rolled out from under him. When she came back out of the bathroom she said, “All yours,” and Rogue went in to clean himself off. He was surprised that, except for some very slick grease, his prick was very clean.

“I cleaned myself out in advance,” Amanda said as he came back out of the bathroom. “And I’ve greased myself back up.”

Rogue involuntarily groaned slightly and Amanda laughed. Then she said, “ Darlene said that you fell asleep inside her. I want to do that. I will lie on my stomach with my ass raised and you enter me. Then we can roll over for the night.”

She turned over and presented her ass for him to mount. He did and then he pulled them over so that they were both lying on their side with his prick buried in her ass. Unlike Darlene who lay quietly after that, Amanda moved very slightly forward and back. It even felt like she was milking him slightly with her sphincter muscles even though she was fast asleep. Amanda slept very soundly that night, but Rogue got very little sleep. Something about being kept on the edge for hours on end somehow interfered with sleeping.

Chapter Four - Julie & Jennifer

Rogue didn’t eat breakfast, or if he did, he didn’t remember it. In fact, he didn’t remember getting out of Amanda’s bed. He did remember that sometime during the night he finally slipped out of Amanda’s ass and was able to fall asleep, but he had no memory of waking up and going back to his ship. 

Around 5:45pm– or 17:45 as the base kept time– Archie awakened him by shocking the bottoms of his feet. Archie and his crew were able to generate electric shocks to protect themselves from predators. The shock wasn’t that severe to a human, but it was enough to get your attention and bring you totally awake from the deepest sleep.

“Archie!” Rogue shouted, “I told you not to do that.”

“You ignored your alarm,” Archie replied, “and I threw several beakers of water at you.” He stood up on his back legs and said in a rather hurt voice, “I could have just bit you on the nuts. That would have awakened you.”

“Sorry, Archie,” Rogue said glumly. “I had a really rough night.” He shook his head and added, “And to think I used to dream about having nights like this.”

“I gave you a serum so you could perform as often as you wanted,” Archie said with a slight chuckle.

“But these women are the horniest females I have ever met,” Rogue said almost angrily.

Archie’s voice became very soft in Rogue’s head. “They think they will be dead... eaten... before the week is up. What would you do?”

“I might be dead before that,” Rogue said, “but I don’t have to fuck all night, every night, until then.”

“Neither do they,” Archie said sternly, “but you are the only man they are likely to see before then.”

“I never thought I would have to give a woman a pity fuck,” Rogue said.

Archie was now on his back laughing. “Rogue,” Archie began, “I have seen the depths of your mind. You would screw anything that was almost human and had an opening you would fit into. I think the fact that you are going up against the mightiest armada that has ever been in space is causing you to think funny.”

“I guess you’re right,” Rogue said. “I’ll see if I can get Darlene to give me another tour of the base tonight.”

“Maybe when you get back,” Archie said, “Julie and Jennifer will have volunteered to give you the tour tonight.”

“Oh, great,” Rogue said. Then he stopped and said, “Oh! That might be great. I’ve never done a threesome with lesbians. It might be interesting.”

As Rogue finally walked across the landing area to the airlock, he could still hear Archie chuckling in his head. Just as he pressed the entry button on the airlock Archie’s voice came in loud and clear, “Oh, it will be interesting, Rogue. Believe me, it will be interesting.”

Julie and Jennifer met him at the airlock and said in unison, “You’re late. Jada will be extremely upset. She is a stickler for us being at the table when she is ready to serve dinner.”

Rogue tensed slightly, but then a voice came over the speakers saying, “Archie told me you would be late, so I adjusted things.”

“How often do you and Archie talk?” Rogue asked, but the speakers remained silent.

“I think she likes him,” Julie whispered.

“He’s a bug!” Rogue almost shouted.

“She’s a computer,” Jennifer replied. Then she laughed lightly and said, “It takes all kinds.”

“No,” Rogue said thoughtfully, “it doesn’t take all kinds. But there are all kinds and once you accept that life is a lot easier.”

All three of them were still laughing when they got to the kitchen in the command module. 

“What’s so funny?” Darlene asked as they sat down at the table.

“I’ll tell you next week,” Rogue replied. “If there is a next week.”

They all seemed very quiet as the food was placed on the table. It was chili. “That’s thermally hot, but spicy mild,” Jada said. “If you want more spice hot, there is chili powder in the condiment tray.”

Rogue started to reach for the center of the table, but Darlene caught his eye and shook her head. “Good,” said Jada, “I knew you would all like it the way I fixed it.”

Rogue ate slowly and mostly in silence. Near the end of the meal Commander Blackstone cleared her throat and said, “The security team will be giving you your tour of the base tonight, Rogue.” She paused and then said, “If that is acceptable to you.”

“I will be honored to tour the base with you, Julie and Jennifer,” Rogue said in response. Then he asked, “Is it also your day to clean up the kitchen?”

“Yes,” Julie replied, “we set up a special schedule for this week.”

“Cleaning up the kitchen,” Jennifer said, “gives the rest of the crew time to get to their sleeping quarters before we begin our tour.”

“How considerate of you all,” Rogue replied as he began putting things in the big chute on the counter.

Julie’s and Jennifer’s bedrooms were identical to the other bedrooms, except they had been modified. Julie and Jennifer’s rooms shared a common bathroom similar to Darlene and Amanda’s rooms. But the wall that separated the two rooms had been removed and the two beds were pushed together in the center of the new, bigger room.

“Looks like a lot more room on the bed,” Rogue said pointing at the combined bed.

“It’s a single mattress,” Julie said. “I got tired of slipping between the cracks and falling on the floor.”

“Now I slip between her cracks and push her onto the floor,” laughed Jennifer.

“What?” said Rogue, not quite following what Jennifer had said.

“Forget it,” Julie replied. Then she turned to Rogue and said, “I understand you went around the galaxy with Amanda last night.”

“Do you girls talk about everything?” Rogue sputtered. Then as both Julie and Jennifer stared at him he said, “Well, yes. And Darlene and I went around the world the night before.”

“Tonight will be the same song, different verse,” Julie said with a smile.

“What Julie is trying to say,” Jennifer said slowly, “is that with three of us things will be the same, but different.”

“For example?...” Rogue said, shaking his head slowly from side to side.

“For example,” Jennifer answered, “I don’t do cocks, at least in my mouth, but Julie is an omnivore, so she sucks you, you suck me, I suck her. Then you fuck her from behind while she uses her mouth on me.”

Jennifer stopped and looked at Rogue. He looked over at Julie and then back at her and asked, “What about the Gamma Moon?”

“That will be our little surprise, taxi man,” Jennifer said flatly. “That will be our little surprise.”

“Let’s get ready for a trip to Alpha Prime,” Julie said brightly as she began stripping off her security uniform. Rogue was only a little surprised that beneath the uniform blouse and slacks she wore no bra or panties. Jennifer quickly followed. He was definitely not surprised that she had a reinforced sports bra and thick granny panties beneath her uniform. Rogue folded his shirt on the desk and then slid his pants and briefs down together and laid them with his shirt.

“I take a while to heat up,” Jennifer said, “so we will start with you tonguing me. I will start on Julie when I think that the time is right and then she will start on you when she thinks she should.”

“OoooKayyy,” Rogue said as he settled himself down on the bed. He was thinking that the previous two nights seemed a lot less complicated. As they formed a sort of round triangle, he was sure of that. He was on the outside of the circle between Jennifer’s legs. Julie was also on the outside of the circle with her twat over Jennifer’s face. But she was somehow corkscrewed around so that she was facing Rogue’s cock, flicking her tongue out every so often to keep him stiff.

“Before you begin,” Jennifer said in her almost flat voice, “I think you should know that Julie isn’t 100% human. She has some Mordofo DNA which makes her extremely flexible.”

“You smell human,” Rogue said, glancing up at Jennifer.

“I am,” Jennifer replied. “I just need a lot of tongue action to start my motor.”

Rogue thought of a lot of things to say, but said none of them. Instead he leaned closer and began lapping at Jennifer’s slit. She not only smelled human, she tasted human. And more importantly she tasted like a very clean human who was secreting a lot of pheromones. Rogue could feel himself getting stiffer and stiffer.

About the time that Jennifer began to moan slightly, a new smell filled the room. It was like the smell of an earth woman, but sweeter and more powerful... much more powerful. As soon as Julie’s moans began to match Jennifer’s, she pulled Rogue’s prick into her mouth. 

Rogue had gone very high with women of various planets and cultures, but this was a new experience. He was going high, and he was getting high. Whatever the scent or pheromone that Julie was giving off was acting almost like a narcotic on him. He was drifting somewhere in space licking and slurping on Jennifer’s cunt while Julie swathed his manhood with her tongue and slid it all around the prick she had pulled into her mouth.

Suddenly Jennifer began bucking and screaming. Julie pulled her mouth off of Rogue’s prick and joined Jennifer’s orgasmic wail. Somehow, her tongue returned to Rogue’s prick one last time and took him over the top. His lower pitched grunts were much softer than the wails of the two women.

“I think we need to give Rogue a little time to recover,” Julie said with a smile. Rogue lifted his head off the bed and muttered drunkenly, “Did you two drug me or something?”

“You don’t know much about the Mordofo, do you?” Jennifer asked dismissively.

“In the ancient past,” Julie began, “the Mordofo females used to slay the male after copulating with him and keep the meat to feed her young.” She gave Rogue an odd smile and continued, “They don’t do that anymore, but the female still gives off a very strong pheromone based drug when she is excited. A human male such as yourself is very susceptible to that drug.”

“I hope you don’t do that sort of thing,” Rogue said.

“I’m only one-quarter Mordofo,” Julie responded with a big smile, “and you are only the third male I have ever been with.”

Rogue didn’t find that especially comforting. He was trying to think of something witty to say when Jennifer almost ordered, “Second stop. You do me. I do Julie. ... and you two can kiss or something.”

Rogue was slightly confused until Jennifer pushed him off of the bed and lay back with her legs spread. Julie knelt on Jennifer’s shoulders so that her cunt was over her face and then pointed down at Jennifer’s open legs.

“I assume you know where you are supposed to be,” she said brightly.

“Yeah,” Rogue said, “I know,” as he crawled onto the bed between Jennifer’s legs.

“I’m already warmed up,” Jennifer’s voice came from beneath Julie’s spread legs, “so you should be able to get the job done.”

At this point Rogue wasn’t even sure that he could get it up, but then Jennifer started lapping at Julie and that strange sweet female scent again filled the room. Rogue was instantly iron hard and ready to go.

He leaned in and positioned his prick at the entrance to Jennifer’s cunt. He was intending to push in slowly, but she slammed herself up into him and began bouncing on the bed so that he almost had no need to move at all. Meanwhile, Julie leaned over toward him and pulled him forward so that she could kiss him.

After that things got a little hazy for Rogue. There was a strange, sweet taste as Julie’s tongue slid into his mouth and then... and then he was laying on the bed alongside Jennifer. Julie was keening in orgasm and Jennifer was thrashing almost violently beneath her.

After they both settled down, Julie got up and sat on the chair at the desk. Jennifer pushed herself to a sitting position on the bed and smiled at him. It was a strange, almost threatening smile. “Don’t worry cowboy,” she said in her stern security voice, “you did good. It isn’t often a man can take me over the top.” She laughed and added, “Your mind sort of blanked out from Julie’s Mordofo Mojo, but your body still knew what to do... up until the point where I threw you off as I blasted off.”

Julie said very quietly, “I really can’t control it. Grandpa was a Mordofo. Grandma had all sons. I’m the first female born in our family. I didn’t know why all of the boys fell asleep if we started making out. I got arrested twice for drugging them like I was going to rob them before Dad told me about grandpa.” She paused and then said, “You seem more resistant to it than other pure human males.”

It was now Rogue’s turn to laugh. “I’m not sure I’m 100% human anymore,” he said. “My body was in pretty bad shape before Archie and his crew rebuilt me. When I asked them what all they had done, Archie told me I really didn’t want to know.”

“Have you ever done a double peg?” Jennifer asked suddenly.

“Uhhh, I don’t think so,” Rogue answered.

“Then this will be a first time for you,” she replied again, giving him her strange, artificial smile.

“Off the bed,” she ordered and Rogue found himself bolting upright and standing on the floor.

“Julie,” she said and then made a motion with her head that indicated that Julie should get on the bed.

Julie immediately responded by almost jumping onto the bed so that she was on her hands and knees in the center of the bed. Jennifer threw a tube of lube to Rogue and said, “Grease her and loosen her up. You do know how to do that, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Rogue answered. The tone of his voice indicated that he was upset that she would ask. He squirted some of the lube into Julie’s ass crack. He was surprised that he hadn’t noticed that she had almost no ass. When she knelt on the bed, her entire slit and rosebud were very visible and very open. She began moaning almost immediately when his first finger slipped into her tight sphincter. By the time he had worked up to three fingers, her anal ring was very relaxed and the room once again had that sweet, cock-hardening pheromone smell.

“Put some of the lube on your cock and enter her,” Jennifer ordered, “but don’t start pumping until I tell you to.”

Rogue did as Jennifer had ordered. As soon as he was bottomed against Julie’s almost non-existent ass cheeks he felt something very cold against his own pucker hole. Under normal circumstances, this would have been the end of everything, but Julie’s powerful Mordofo scent had him in an almost dream state. Somewhere in the back of his mind he thought, “They could cook me and serve me for dinner and I wouldn’t be able to resist them.”

He was surprised that he was moaning almost as loudly as Julie as Jennifer inserted one, then two, then three, and then finally four fingers into his ass. When he felt the tip of a soft plastic dildo slide between his ass cheeks, he tensed up slightly but not enough to prevent it from sliding into his poop chute.

“This is one of my favorite strap ons,” Jennifer said in a soft but husky-sounding voice. It was obvious she was already very turned on.

“It’s my smallest one,” she said, “so I don’t tear up Julie’s ass. But it is slightly double ended and rubs inside me and against me in all the right places.”

Her voice changed back to that stern security person voice as she ordered, “Start pumping. I will synchronize to you and we should all have a really good time.”

Rogue wasn’t all that sure about that. But his prick was stiff; it was firmly nestled in a tight female asshole; and his mind was thoroughly fogged with something more powerful than anything he had ever drunk or smoked; so he slowly began pumping. He was vaguely aware of the fact that as he bottomed out balls deep into Julie, Jennifer bottomed out balls deep– or whatever– in him. Then as he pulled back to where he was almost out of Julie’s quivering ass, Jennifer was pulled back almost out of his own.

Jennifer had tremendous control and stayed synchronized with him as his thrusting became faster and, at times, more erratic. Then Julie let out a high-pitched keening scream and threw herself flat on the bed under him. He slammed into her one last time and erupted in her ass. Jennifer slammed into him and thrashed above him in an intense orgasm.

As all three of them slowly regained normal breathing, Rogue said in a more or less detached voice, “I’ve done sandwiches before, but this is the first time I’ve been the meat.”

It wasn’t until both Jennifer and Julie started laughing that Rogue realized that he had said that out loud.

Jennifer pulled back and the dildo pulled out of his ass with a slight pop. Rogue’s now flaccid prick made no sound as he slid from Julie’s ass. Soon Jennifer was sitting at the desk; Rogue was sitting on the side of the bed; and Julie was curled up on her side next to him.

“Think you’re up for another trip around the galaxy?” Jennifer asked, showing that artificial smile.

“Not if you want me alive in the morning,” Rogue answered. He then shook his head. Things he meant to only speak in his mind were coming out of his mouth.

Both Julie and Jennifer laughed. “We will escort you to the airlock,” Jennifer said. “I called Archie and he will make sure you get to your ship OK.”

It wasn’t until the outer door of the airlock opened that Rogue realized that he was holding his clothing– all of his clothing– in his left hand. His right hand went up to his neck to check if his oxygen assist was in place and he breathed a sigh of relief when he found the power switch and it started humming.

Archie was waiting for him. He could hear Archie’s high pitched laughter in his head as he staggered toward his ship. Twice Archie and several of his crew had to push him in the right direction.

“Did you know that Julie was one-quarter Mordofo?” he asked Archie in a very slurred voice.

“From her scent,” Archie replied, “I would have put it closer to a third or higher, but the way inter-species DNA combine is always a roll of the dice.”

“Oh,” Rogue answered as he stumbled against the ladder leading to the hatch of his ship. At first he thought he was floating, but then he realized that a large number of Archie’s crew had come out and were handing him up the ladder to the hatch. It wasn’t the first time that he was amazed by their incredible strength relative to their size. The next thing he knew it was morning and Archie was once again shocking the soles of his feet to awaken him.

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