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Su-Lin's Biology Lesson

by Daviddrb6

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© Copyright 2014 - Daviddrb6 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; asian; bond; lycra; tease; costume; schoolgirl; mast; climax; cons; X

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story features the characters of Geoffrey Holmes and his sexy Chinese torturer Su-Lin, who appear in the stories: "Drip, Drip"; "Stop Yer Tickling!"; "Cutting It Fine"; and "A Wrap for Christmas". My apologies if I've got details of the Chinese school uniform wrong.


For once Geoffrey Holmes wasn't laid out entirely naked on the table. He'd been given a pair of Prussian-blue Lycra briefs to wear before he'd been strapped down with his arms by his sides and his legs spread out. He felt his penis stretch against the Lycra.

"C'mon Su-Lin where are you?" Geoffrey called out. "Let's get on with it!"

The door opened and Su-Lin came in. She had a heart-shaped face with brown eyes, a slim nose and a small, shapely mouth. Her brown hair which she wore in a fringe came down to her shoulders. To Geoffrey's surprise he saw her slim, petit figure was covered by a white, open-collared shirt over which she wore a grey sweater with the sleeves rolled up. She also wore a pale blue pleated mini-skirt, white ankle-length socks and black polished shoes. She had a knapsack on her back and was carrying a paperback book.

"Well hello," Geoffrey exclaimed. "I didn't recognize you with your clothes on!"

"I'm a little schoolgirl," Su-Lin giggled. "I'm going to learn all my lessons and be a good little girl!"

Geoffrey leaned his head back against the table and laughed. "Cor, you a good little girl. That is something you are not!"

"I was," protested Su-Lin but Geoffrey saw she was still smiling. "I worked hard and got good grades!"

"Let me guess. Bondage, torture, rape and titillation!"

"Ooh you are nasty Geoffrey. I think you were a naughty boy at school!"

"Now that's where you're wrong," Geoffrey said. "I got very good marks for a project I did on bridges. It's very interesting the different designs and engineering skills that the likes of Thomas Telford, Robert Stephenson and Isambard Kingdom Brunel used."

Su-Lin pulled a face: "How boring," she said. She took off her knapsack, and sat on the table beside Geoffrey; putting her book next to him. "As if I see enough erections anyway!" she added.

"Now I think my erections are quite interesting," Geoffrey said. "Even if they're not the cantilever or suspension type!"

Su-Lin laughed. "You always make me laugh Geoffrey, even though you shouldn't!" She placed her hands on his chest and massaged his breasts. "You know my job is to hurt you and break you."

"Well you haven't been doing a good job of it so far," Geoffrey said. "Oww!" he called out as Su-Lin twisted his nipples. She ran her hands down his sides to his thighs and then slid her hand onto his enclosed manhood. Geoffrey moaned gently and twisted against his restraints; feeling the palm of her hand slide over his penis. He looked at the girl who was staring back at him thoughtfully; a slight smile on her face. She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

"What's your book?" he asked.

Su-Lin picked up the book and held it in front of him. Geoffrey saw it was a Penguin Modern Classics edition with a white border and a colour photograph of a doll on it. "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" by Roald Dahl," she answered. "My favorite scenes are what happens to the other children on the tour."

Geoffrey recalled: "Augustus Gloop gets sucked up a pipe. Violet Beauregarde gets blown up. Veruca Salt gets thrown down the garbage chute, and Mike Teevee gets shrunk."

"You know the book very well."

"I'd prefer that to the Johnny Depp version. Roald Dahl would have gagged on the sentiment in it!"

"Some of those things I'd like to do to you." Su-Lin ran one hand up Geoffrey's front and with the other stroked his hair. Geoffrey felt his body tingle and he shifted on the table again. "I'd like to suck you up a pipe or slide you down a chute," she told him, leaning her face close to his. "I've done that to other men. They were naked and helpless like you and they were terrified."

"I thought you were going to immerse me in chocolate," Geoffrey said. "I'd like it if you did."

Su-Lin leaned back laughing. "Oh Geoffrey, you're silly!"

"Well if I can't fuck you then I can at least make you laugh."

Su-Lin faced him. "I wish you wouldn't Geoffrey, because then it means I've got to hurt you even more!"


Su-Lin got up and opened her knapsack; putting the book away and taking out a box of surgical gloves. She pulled a pair on to her hands, looking at Geoffrey as she did and smiling. She leaned over him again and rubbed her hands in circular movements up and down his front. Geoffrey shuddered as he felt the texture against his bare skin.

"Do you like the feel of latex against you?" Su-Lin asked softly.

"Yes," Geoffrey breathed.

"Latex can be soothing and seductive," the girl continued. She moved her hands to his lycra-covered crotch and slid her hands gently over them. She slipped one hand between his legs and gently fondled his genitals, causing Geoffrey to moan. She placed both hands on his legs and ran them down to his bare feet. She stroked his soles and Geoffrey twisted against the restraints and bent his legs as far as he could. "Oh God!" he gasped and raised his head to face Su-Lin. "Just get on with it!" he hissed.

Su-Lin came back and leaning over Geoffrey stroked his front again. "There's a reason why I'm dressed as a schoolgirl today," she said. "I wasn't good at everything at school. I always fell down on my biology lessons. So, I'm doing some extra classes on the study of men."

"I would have thought you knew enough about men," Geoffrey said. "Even if it's just tying them up and raping them!"

"But not about how they work," Su-Lin said, dropping her voice. "I want to find out what a man's like: how much pleasure and - "she kissed Geoffrey on the lips again, "How much pain he can take."

"Well you're hurting me now", Geoffrey said. "Everytime you tie me up I feel you're raping me!"

Su-Lin grinned and taking Geoffrey's head in her hands caressed his cheeks and then his temples with her thumbs. She stood up and took off her sweater. As she did Geoffrey saw her shirt tugged up along with it revealing her bare stomach. She bent down to put the sweater in her knapsack and Geoffrey saw her skirt lift up to expose her pants.

"Fancy a PE lesson afterwards," Geoffrey asked. "I'll have you over the vaulting horse!"

Su-Lin turned round and Geoffrey saw that even though she was wearing her shirt loose over her skirt, it heightened her breasts. "I'd have you on the ropes Geoffrey!" she laughed. Even though the collar was undone, Su-Lin undid some more buttons and pulled it back slightly to show a hint of her bra underneath it. She leaned over him and Geoffrey found himself looking up into her cleavage. "I forgot, are you a leg or breast man Geoffrey?" she asked.

"Definitely breast," he answered.

Su-Lin pressed her breasts into his face. Geoffrey felt his nose slip into her cleavage and his vision was filled with warm fleshy mounds which were rubbed into his face. He tried to slip his tongue out to taste them but instead only licked the top of one of her bra cups. He chuckled as Su-Lin continued to rub her breasts into him and opening his mouth again, pressed his teeth against her skin.

"Ow!" he heard the girl say and she lifted herself of him. Su-Lin then bent down and kissed Geoffrey on the mouth. He felt her tongue slip into his mouth and her lips felt around his own. Geoffrey lifted himself against his restraints and felt his stiffened penis sting. Su-Lin parted from him for a moment. "Oh, Geoffrey!" she breathed and then kissed him full on the mouth again. Geoffrey felt his mouth fill with her saliva.

They parted; little threads of saliva appeared between their mouths and vanished. Su-Lin began rubbing circular, spiraling patterns into his body with her hands. She ran them up and down his front and Geoffrey twisted his head from side to side, panting. He heard Su-Lin's breathing quicken as well and looking back at her saw her eyes wide and bright, her mouth open and her chest rising and falling quickly. Her hands moved down his sides, between his prone arms and Geoffrey raised his body as she slid them underneath him. He looked up at the girl as he felt her move her hands down to his buttocks. Then, as he'd expected, she slid her hands inside his briefs.

Geoffrey let out a series of grunts as he felt her latex, enclosed fingers dig into his buttock cheeks. He felt them parted and air slip into the cleft between them. Then her hands slipped out and Geoffrey let himself slump back on to the table.

He gasped as he felt her touch his penis and raising his head, Geoffrey saw Su-Lin slip a hand inside his briefs. Moaning, he let his head fall back on the table and he gave out several primitive groans as he felt her take hold of his manhood and gently start to manipulate it. Geoffrey felt his loins tingle and he panted in time as she moved his penis back and forth. He raised his head and and saw Su-Lin looking at him. Her eyes were bright; her mouth half-open and her hair loose and spilling onto her open shirt as she bared her cleavage at him. He felt her manipulate his penis fasten and his body stiffened.

"Go on," he gasped. "Go on!"

He lowered his head back on to the table and stared up at the ceiling as his body trembled. The orgasm came and as Geoffrey cried out he heard Su-Lin grunt as well. His breathing slowed and Geoffrey felt his whole body was hot and sweaty. He saw Su-Lin come and stand over him and saw her expression had softened. She bent down and gently kissed him on the forehead and then his cheeks; whispering: "Geoffrey. It's all right, it’s all right."


Geoffrey watched Su-Lin get a packet of wet wipes out of her rucksack. She wiped down his face then his body. She used several to wipe his sticky penis which gently oozed semen and then the inside of his briefs; Geoffrey sighing as she did so. Then she knelt down beside him, put her arms around his neck and rested her head on his chest.

They lay quietly for a minute; Geoffrey watching as her head rose and fell on his chest. Then he raised his head and kissed her silky, brown hair several times. Su-Lin chuckled softly: "You're tickling me!"

"I thought you were the one supposed to be hurting me?" Geoffrey asked.

Su-Lin lifted her head to look at him and smiled. Geoffrey felt that without it being teasing it was friendly and affectionate. "Did anyone tell you you've got a lovely smile?" he asked.

"No," she answered and kissed him on the mouth. Geoffrey's lips moved with hers. He wanted to take the girl in his arms and hold her and tell her that he loved her. Silly, he thought, considering she was torturing him. Their lips parted and he smiled up at the girl who looked down at him. "I like you a lot Geoffrey, but you're still my prisoner and I will break you," she said.

She stood up. Su-Lin used a wet wipe to wipe her face. Then buttoned up her shirt and brushed her hair back with her fingers. Geoffrey saw her take out a pair of handcuffs from her knapsack. After putting the knapsack on her back, Su-Lin undid the straps holding Geoffrey on the table. Geoffrey stretched, glad to move his body then got off the table. At once he felt Su-Lin snap one of the bracelets on to his right wrist then pull his arm round his back and attach the other bracelet to his left wrist leaving Geoffrey with his hands secured behind his back.

Su-Lin took his arm. "Come on Geoffrey," she said brightly, "Let's take you to your next torture!"

She started to lead him to the door but Geoffrey stopped. "Don't you want to know how well you did in your biology lesson?" he asked.

"How did I do?" she asked.

Geoffrey looked straight at Su-Lin and said: "Ten out of ten!"

Su-Lin smiled and led Geoffrey out the door.


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