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Three J's and an S Go Skiing Day 2

by The Technician

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Storycodes: FFF/f; FM; D/s; naked; outdoors; snow; stuck; collar; tease; hottub; oral; climax; cons; X

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Four young college girls on a skiing vacation have to find other things to do when an excess of new snow traps them in their cabin. This is the second in this series and might make more sense if you have read "Three J's and an S Go Skiing."

Day Two

Julie, Judy, and Joan slept until after eleven. By the time they had awakened, Sara had the cabin completely cleaned and straightened up. The Three J's took their time showering and finally emerged into the living room around noon. They were all wearing the same light, pajama-like sweatsuits they had been wearing the previous evening before stripping down and going into the hot tub on the back deck.

Sara was wearing a long nightshirt with a giant picture of Sponge Bob Square Pants on it. It made her look like a little girl, but anyone who had been watching her clean the cabin would have known immediately that she was NOT a little girl. That was because as she cleaned, Sponge Bob was hanging on the doorknob of the closet in the kitchen.

Sara liked doing housework naked. It made her feel free and alive, while at the same time allowed her to feel that she was a naked slave serving her masters. Her breasts had bounced freely as she moved quickly around the living room, not only picking up the minor litter from the night before, but also cleaning and dusting every surface in the room. When she heard The Three J's begin stirring, she scurried over to put on her night shirt and then went into the kitchen to begin preparing breakfast.

Sara, unlike The Three J's, had always been an early riser. In their apartment at the university, she would always get up around 5:00 and clean the living room and kitchen and do up the dishes from the night before. She always did this naked, and just like this morning, when she heard The Three J's beginning to stir, she would put on her nightshirt and begin preparing breakfast. None of them had ever seen her cleaning in the nude. That was her little secret. Nor did they see her cleaning their bedrooms or the bathrooms naked. That she always did when the three of them were in class.

As Julie, Judy and Joan came into the room, she called out, "Breakfast will be ready in a moment. Your choice is eggs or waffles. I already have the bacon done and the coffee on."

The Three J's voted for eggs and gathered 'round the kitchen table. In a few moments, the eggs were done and Sara joined them. As they were eating, Joan said, "Sara, we have to talk about last night." She paused and added, "...this morning..." Another pause, "...when we haven't each had a bottle of wine."

Sara turned slightly pink and answered, "The wine only brought out what was already there. I have been your obedient slave since the fifth grade. I like it. I enjoy serving you. And you have always protected me and taken care of me."

Joan continued, "But you have not always been our slut slave. You have been our friend, and we want you to continue to be our friend."

"Does that mean you didn't like what happened last night?"

"No," blurted out Judy. "That was fabulous. It would almost be enough to make me give up on men." She turned slightly red and continued, "But sex has a way of messing up friendships, and The Three J's and an S have been together for a long time."

"Does that mean we can't do anything like last night again?" asked Sara. The fear and disappointment in her voice was obvious.

"What we have to do," explained Joan, "is set down some new rules." She looked around the table. "Sara, you need to know when we want a slut slave and when we want a friend."

Sara swallowed and nodded and Julie continued. "And we need to know when you want to be treated as a friend and when you wanted to be treated as a slave."

"I am always your slave," answered Sara.

"Ok,' said Judy. "Then we need to know when you want us to treat you as our friend slave and when we should treat you as our slut slave. If we don't know what each other wants and expects and what each other's limits are, then we will screw up a really wonderful friendship for all of us."

Joan took Sara's hand and asked, "Sara, what are your limits. What is it that turns you on and what don't you want or won't allow."

Sara sat thinking for several minutes. She began, "I think you have already realized that I have this thing for snow." Everyone laughed. "And it is pretty obvious that once I am turned on, spanking really takes me over the edge."

She looked up like she was trying to recall something or go over a list in her head, "But I don't want anything that will permanently injure me or mark me. No tattoos or brands or anything like that unless I decide to get them."

She twisted her mouth in an odd way as she thought, "And nothing, of course, that would get me or any of us kicked out of school or hurt my - or your - future careers."

Joan nodded her head. "It sounds like you have thought about this a little."

"Fantasized is more like it," answered Sara, lowering her eyes and staring at the table. "But I never thought any of this would become anything but a fantasy."

Judy spoke, "It's a reality now, and we have to work with that new reality. Some things will change. Some thing will not. And we have to figure out what does what."

Julie asked suddenly, as if she had just thought of it, "Do you have a safe word?"

Everyone looked at her and she stammered out, "I read the book... and some stories on line...” She turned bright red. "OK, a lot of stories on line, but I know what a safe word is."

"So do I," said Sara softly. "My safe word is 'summertime.'" She smiled and added, "Summer is the opposite of winter. I don't really like hot weather."

The Three J's laughed. "Summertime it is," said Julie. "As long as it is winter, things are OK, but if it turns to summer, it is time to stop."

Joan added, "Then the logical 'slow down' word would be 'springtime.' If things are getting close to summertime, then 'springtime' tells us to back off."

"Winter, full speed ahead. Springtime, back off. Summer, stop. I got it," said Julie.

"But that still doesn't solve the problem of how we know for sure whether or not the snow is falling - or about to fall," said Judy, who then raised her hands and shoulders in that way that means "I don't know," and asked, "Any suggestions?"

"I have an idea," said Joan, and she got up and went back into her bedroom. She returned a moment later carrying something black that looked like a short velvet belt.

"This is one of three I bought online a while back to use as a straps to hold my skis together for storage. It has a Velcro catch that will grip at almost any size and it has my initials embroidered on it in gold. The only problem is that it isn't waterproof. I ended up throwing out the other two after only one season because they were so water damaged from melted snow."

Joan set the strap on the table. In golden script it said "J J J."

Sara said, "The Three J's."

To which Joan answered, "And also my initials.- Joan Judith Johnson."

She held up the strap and Sara put it around her neck. It fit perfectly and looked great. Her face was framed in the outline of the black of her hair and the black of the collar. She looked truly beautiful at that moment. Her smile was beaming and her eyes were bright with happiness.

Joan continued. "The collar will stay in a special drawer in the hutch in the living room. Or when we are traveling together, it will be in a place we all agreed on. Whenever we want our slut slave friend to make an appearance, we will set the collar out on the table. And whenever Sara is willing to play - or needs her masters in a special way, she can just put on the collar. We will all know what it means."

"I could even wear it in public and no one would really know," said Sara softly. "It looks like a velvet choker."

"I could even get '& an S' embroidered on it in the same thread" added Joan.

“I like it the way it is,” replied Sara.

"That sounds like we have that figured out - more or less," said Julie.

"And that will look much better on you than on a pair of skis, " added Judy.

"Our skis!!!" shouted Joan suddenly, as she jumped to her feet, her eyes wide open.

Everyone was looking at her with questioning looks on their faces.

"We hung them on the storage rack next to the deck. They are several feet beneath the snow. As it packs down today, it might warp or even break them. We have to get them out of there."

All four girls ran to the back windows. The snow had almost stopped falling and the clouds were beginning to give way to sunny skies. There was at least two feet of snow on the deck and it was level with the snow powder in the yard.

"I've seen powder snows like this before - well not exactly like this," said Joan in a very serious voice. "I've never seen it this deep, but once the sun comes out, the powder will settle and pack. By tomorrow at this time it will be half that deep and you will be able to walk across it. If we don't get those skis out before the powder packs and warms, they will be damaged."

"Does that mean we have to go out there and shovel our way down to the ground?" whined Julie.

"No," answered Joan, "Sara and I will go under the deck through the basement. There is a door next to the steps that opens inward. We should be able to dig into the snow from the doorway and get to the skis. There is only enough room under there for one or two people to work, so you girls stay up here. Turn the heaters on the back deck on and once the snow has melted away, take the covers off the tub. We might go back into the tub later this afternoon."

Judy smirked, and Joan added - "to soak and warm up."

All four girls laughed.

"Besides," added Joan, "The heater switch also switches the hot tub from standby to pre-heat. Between the heaters and the hot water circulating in the system, the area beneath the deck should be warm enough to work in without freezing our asses off while we dig out the skis."

Joan opened the closet and took out her coat and walked back toward the bedroom to change. She returned shortly dressed in jeans. Meanwhile, Sara said, "I'll turn on the heaters," and she quickly opened the back door and stepped out onto the deck to flip the heater switch."

"We might as well watch some TV until you guys get finished," said Julie.

"Yell for us if you need help, " added Judy as they sat down on the couch.

"Sara, you might want to put on something warmer," said Joan. "We are going to be working, not making love. And set the collar on the table so it doesn't get wet while we work. I need a friend slave to help me, not a slut slave to eat me out"

"I'm always ready to be - or do - either." answered Sara.

Joan started to put on her coat and Sara continued, "And I'll let you know if it gets too cold for me." She then opened the basement door and started down the steps wearing only her Sponge Bob nightshirt.

The basement of the cabin was "semi-finished." What that really means is that even though the basement was effectively at ground level on three sides, they were never able to properly solve the groundwater problems, so there was no carpet on the floors and no paneling on the walls. There was nice furniture and a finished ceiling, but nothing that couldn't be moved if things got a little wet.

The stairs came down into the basement in a large, open room that took up the back half of the space. The front half was divided between two bedrooms that looked out onto the highway. The doors to the two bedrooms were on the interior wall. In the middle of the back wall, there was a single, exterior-style door that opened inward into the basement.

As Joan reached to open the door, she explained to Sara, "The deck isn't closed in, but it is pretty close. There are little gaps between the boards to allow ventilation, but the snow doesn't usually get under the deck, and what does rapidly melts when the hot tub heaters kick in."

Joan went through the doorway. "Watch your step," she instructed as she stepped down six to eight inches.

Sara was surprised to see that the floor under the deck was concrete and had curbs around it almost like a highway. There was a large drain in the middle of the area. The hot tub itself was built on a foundation of concrete blocks and bricks. A large water tank and pump stood next to the wall of the tub. The pump was whirring softly. A couple of red lights glowed on an electrical control panel.

Joan reached up and pulled a string to turn on a light. Sara could see a small amount of snow against the outer walls. It was cool, but not overly uncomfortable in the small enclosure.

Joan pointed to the floor, "This catches any rainwater that comes under the deck in the summer and channels it under the house and out toward the road. We don't have to worry about what to do with the snow we pull in, it will just melt and go down the drain." Then she opened the outer door.

The snow had been packed tightly against the outer door. There was an impression of the individual boards apparent on the face of the snow, and there was a small hole where the lever- like doorknob had been pulled free when the door opened.

Joan reached into a dark area alongside the hot tub and pulled out two small camp shovels. "These are for cleaning out the fire ring in the summer, but they will work for digging a hole in the snow to retrieve our skis."

Some water dripped through the deck Evidently the heaters were beginning to melt off the snow. Another drop fell, hitting Sara on the shoulder.

"Are you sure you don't want to go put on something warmer," asked Joan.

"It would just get wet," answered Sara, "and once your clothes are soaked - especially denim, you are better off being naked." With that she pulled her Sponge Bob nightshirt over her head and threw it back out into the basement of the cabin.

Joan squeaked as several drops of icy water fell onto her neck from above. Handing one of the shovels to Sara, she said, "We had best get digging."

It took about fifteen minutes before they were at the tips of the skis. At that point, they had a tunnel into the snow about two feet long and three or four feet high starting from about two feet above the ground. "Damn," said Joan as she tried to pull one of the sets of skis into the basement. "I was hoping the powder would still be loose enough to pull the skis out, but it looks like we are going to have to clear the whole length of the ski."

She unscrewed the retainer for the front of the shovel and turned the head so that it now looked more like a hoe than a shovel. "Just pull it into the room," she said and started attacking the snow with her shovel-hoe.

The snow was packed just enough to make it difficult to pull the skis loose without damaging them, but it was still loose enough to move easily and rapidly as Joan and Sara swung again and again with their camp shovels. In another fifteen or twenty minutes, there was about a foot of snow on the floor rapidly melting into the drain, and they had a tunnel nearly the length of the skis that extended from just above ground level to the top of the uppermost ski. Sara was dripping with icy water. Joan's clothing was soaked to the skin. Surprisingly, it was Joan, not Sara who was shivering.

"How do you do that?" asked Joan. "I'm freezing, and you're the one who is naked."

"I told you that once you are wet, it is better if you are naked. Those cotton jeans are wicking water and evaporating on the surface. That makes them colder than my wet skin. Your ski pants are special blends to prevent that, but right now, you would be better off naked."

"Hell with it," muttered Joan. "Never know if you don't try." Soon her wet jeans and underwear were in a heap on the floor of the basement. "Tops dry," she said, and kept her coat on. She looked rather odd with naked legs and crotch below, and a heavy ski parka on top.

Sara entered the tunnel and began chopping snow and pushing it back toward Joan who was nearer the doorway. Soon the bottommost set of skis was clear, and Joan carried them back into the basement. Two more sets soon followed. Sara had to go back to the end of the tunnel to clear some hard packed snow from the uppermost set of skis, but soon Joan was also carrying them into the basement.

Just as she set them inside the doorway, she heard a loud gasp and felt a blast of cold air. She turned and could see daylight through the outer door. She could also see Sara buried to her breasts in the snow that had filled the tunnel when the end of it collapsed.

"Help me," said Sara quietly, but with fear in her voice, "I'm stuck."

Joan hurried into the tunnel and pulled on Sara's outstretched arms. She couldn't budge her.

"You need to clear some of the snow first." said Sara. Then she added quickly, "Make sure you don't hit my feet."

Joan grabbed her shovel and rapidly, but carefully, began clearing the snow from the tunnel. It only took a few minutes until she was within inches of Sara's legs. She threw her shovel back into the area under the deck and again pulled on Sara's arms. This time, Sara pulled free from the snow.

When they both got back beneath the deck, Sara was shivering violently. "Are you OK?" Joan asked.

"Just cold," answered Sara. "The collapse scared me and I lost my fire."

"What?" said Joan.

"Snow turns me on, but only if I am already a little bit turned on or want to be turned on. Being half buried by an avalanche of snow and thinking I might die sort of kills the mood, so I lost my fire and got cold."

"So," asked Joan, "if I were really turned on, the snow wouldn't be cold to me?"

"Maybe not," answered Sara. "It works for me, but it might not work for everyone."

Joan said, "Then lets get you warmed back up." She gave her a strange smile and added, "And maybe we will try a 'Coolie' before going up into the hot tub."

Joan threw her coat into the basement and lifted her sweatshirt over her head.

"What's a coolie?" asked Sara?

"That's a quickie in a snowbank," answered Joan as her mouth closed over Sara's.

In a few moments both girls were squirming against each other with one leg pushed between the other's so that they could rub against each other's clits.

"Warmed up?" asked Joan.

"Mm-huh," answered Sara.

"You ready?"

"For what?" asked Sara.

"A sixty-nine in a snowbank." answered Joan. She then pulled Sara over toward the still open outer door. "I'm going to be on bottom, so you'd better light my fire really hot, really fast. Once we have both 'melted the snow,' we will run up and jump in the hot tub."

Sara giggled, said, "Let's go," and ran out into the tunnel with Joan right behind her. She stood facing the door with her head in the clear area of the collapse. Then she giggled again and said, "There's no way to do this slowly. Just dive into the snow and turn over. I'll dive into you and we will both melt some snow."

Joan did exactly that. She dove into the snow between Sara's legs, squealing as her body hit the cold ground. Then she immediately turned over so she was face up between Sara's legs..

Sara also did exactly as she had said she would and literally dove onto Joan and began hungrily sucking at her labia and clit. Joan was soon moaning in passion.

Joan returned the favor and tongued and licked between Sara's legs. Within moments both were crying out in climax.

Sara almost immediately jumped up from Joan and pulled the shivering girl to her feet. "Hot tub time," she said and climbed up out of the tunnel into the back yard. Joan quickly followed her, and after Sara detoured to hit the white button, both of them were warming up in the tub.

The noise of the bubblers starting up brought Judy and Julie to the back door. "How'd you guys get up here?" asked Julie.

"Skis are in the basement," responded Joan, "but the snow collapsed on us and we had to come out through the tunnel into the back yard.

"So where are your clothes?" asked Judy with her typical smirk.

"Didn't you know that once you are wet, you are better off naked that in denim?" answered Joan.

"It was very wet down there," added Sara, trying to sound serious as they both dissolved into laughter.

Joan asked, "Would you two please go downstairs and close up the doors under the deck and then bring our clothes back up here for us? After that, join us in the tub. We can send Sara out for wine later."

A few minutes later Judy and Julie came back out on the deck. Judy was wearing her short robe, but Julie was naked. They had just joined Joan and Sara in the hot tub when the four of them hear the whine of snowmobile engines.

Two bright orange snowmobiles with flashing yellow strobe lights mounted on them drove into the back yard. The drivers wore bright red snowmobile suits with white crosses on the back and the words "Snow Rescue" above and below the cross.

One of the drivers got off his snowmobile and walked up the steps of the deck. He was talking on a radio set as he got to the top of the steps. "Checking in from cabin 19," he said. "Cabin is occupied. Power is on."

Sara got out of the tub and walked over to him. "May I help you?" she asked.

He took off his goggles and smiled at her and answered, "Maybe later. Right now, we have over thirty more cabins to check before dark."

He looked at the naked girl standing in front of him and then over to the three naked girls who were scrunched down low in the hot tub trying to keep their breasts below the bubbling water. "Only the four of you?" he asked.

"Yes," answered Sara.

He keyed his radio, "Four occupants. All four occupants accounted for."

There was a garbled response on the radio that none of the girls could understand.

The man chuckled and keyed his radio again. "Yes, they are all OK. In fact, they are more than OK. All four of them are fine - mighty fine."

He smiled at Sara, clipped the radio back on his belt, and said, "You might want to get back in the tub to stay warm, miss."

She just pointed up at the heaters over her head and said, "It is almost too warm here. I might have to go out in the snow to cool off."

He laughed and then addressed all four girls, "OK, here's the deal. The storm has passed. We will be running the groomers on the slopes all night tonight and things will be ready by mid- morning tomorrow. Even the side trails will be back in top condition by noon. If you girls want to ski tomorrow, the lifts will be running by 9:00am, but the lodge won't be open for another day or so until they get the road open. That's state fire regulations. Most of the cabins are empty, so you will have the slopes practically to yourself until the lodge re-opens. Hope you enjoy it."

He walked back down the steps and got back onto his snowmobile. As the two snowmobiles whined off into the distance, Joan said to Sara, "Your collar is inside on the table, but I don't think we want to get it all wet. If you are in the mood again tonight, just go down into the snow and bring us back a bottle of wine."

Sara walked down the steps into the snow. It was more solid now, but she still sank to her knees in the packed powder. After she had pushed her way over to the picnic table, she had to dig down with her hands to open the top case of wine. "One bottle or two," she called out as she reached into the case.

"One for now," yelled back Judy.

"We can send you back for more later," added Julie.

Sara smiled, held the cold bottle of wine against her breasts, and walked back up the steps of deck.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The saga of "The Three J's and an S" WILL continue. They will be at the cabin for several more days, and they have another year and a half of college. A lot can happen in 10 days and even more in 18 months.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

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