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Three J's and an S Go Skiing Day 3

by The Technician

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Day Three

"Come on sleepy heads," yelled Sara. "You told me to wake you up at 8:30 so we could hit the slopes as soon as the lifts were going. Breakfast is on the table."

The Three J's came into the kitchen wearing their nightclothes. Julie was wearing cotton pajamas, and Joan had on a long flannel nightshirt. Judy, however, was wearing a black, almost see through nightie with nothing underneath it. Her nipples puckered slightly as she walked through the cool air next to the patio doors that led to the deck. Her pubic area was completely bare, but Joan, Julie and Sara already knew that from several sessions together in the hot tub. Sara even knew that Judy must have had her bush lasered away because there was no stubble detectable to her tongue, and even the best wax job remains truly that smooth for only a day or two.

"Who were you expecting last night?" asked Julie.

Joan, who was sharing the bedroom with Judy answered, "She says she forgot to pack something to sleep in. That is her 'emergency nightie' that just happened to be in one of the side pockets of her suitcase."

"Who were you hoping to run into up here?" asked Julie.

"The rescue guy was kind of cute," answered Judy. "You never know... and a girl should be prepared."

"You don't have his number, or his name," said Joan. "So I don't think you have much of a chance with him."

"Oh, I've got his number," answered Judy with a huge smile as she pointed to a big magnet stuck to the front of the refrigerator. It was a red square with a white cross in the middle of it and the words 'Snow Rescue' above and below the cross in big white letters. Across the bottom of the square in slightly smaller letters were three phone numbers which were labeled, Office, Lift Area, and Emergency."

"What are you going to do?" snorted Julie, "Call and say you have an emergency case of the hornies and need those two hunks on snowmobiles to come to your rescue."

"I've heard worse pickup lines," said Joan.

Julie responded, "Now that I think of it, those two guys last night looked pretty good. I wouldn't mind calling Snow Rescue for them to come help me with my hornies. Sara is nice, but I really need a man, and I was hoping there might be some action up here."

Sara, meanwhile, finished serving breakfast and joined them at the table.

When the conversation lulled into an extended period of quiet, Julie looked over at Judy's stiff nipples and commented, "I didn't realize so much cold air drifted over here from the patio doors. Maybe we should close the blinds."

"You three are making me feel naked," responded Judy.

"You are naked," snorted Julie.

"I forgot jammies or a nightshirt. OK? And my underwear is not really comfortable to sleep in. I'm the least dressed one here.... I know. Let's change the subject."

"If it would make you more comfortable, I could take off my nightshirt," offered Sara. "Then you wouldn't be the least dressed one."

Judy didn't say anything, but Sara stood, reached up, pulled her long T-shirt up over her head, and then sat back down naked. "There, now you aren't the least dressed one here."

Joan laughed softly, shook her head and said, "Let's just finish breakfast, shall we. We did come up here to ski, after all, and we have a chance to ski all day on the slopes by ourselves today. Once they get the highway back open, this place will be packed."

The girls followed Joan's advice, completed breakfast and got dressed for skiing. As they were getting their coats and parkas out of the closet, Sara stopped, walked over to the end table by the couch and picked up something. It was her "J J J" collar.

"You won't need that on the slopes," said Joan.

"It isn't just a symbol for sex or servitude for me," said Sara in a soft voice that seemed to be full of emotion. "The Three J's are my masters and my protectors. This makes me feel close and protected. You guys have a lot more experience than I do. I am pretty much a Snow Bunny, and we will be going down the main hills. I'm relying on you to protect me."

"Don't worry, Sara Bunny," answered Joan. "I will protect you from any big bad wolves we meet on the way. And don't worry. The slope behind us is actually an intermediate slope, so you should be OK. The black diamond slope for the really serious skiers is on the other side of the mountain."

Sara pressed her lips together in thought and said, "I'll still wear my collar. It won't show under my ski mask anyway."

A few minutes later the four girls were putting on their skis in the back yard and preparing to head down the slope.

Joan gave some final instructions. "Now remember, all you have to do to get to the chair lifts is stay on this path until it merges into the main slopes. There isn't really anywhere else you can go, so that will be easy."

"When we want to come back to the cabin, we need to turn off the main slope about one-third of the way down. That is the easy turn, and there is a big blue sign that says 'Parallel Slope.' It's so big because it used say something like 'Reserved for Snowboarders and other Non- skiers' but now they let the boarders go anywhere."

"The hard part is the path that leads to this cabin. The sign is smaller, brown, and just has an image of a cabin and an arrow. I'll remind you of all this again when we come back to the cabin for lunch."

The next two hours were heavenly skiing. The powder was fresh and there was absolutely no crud on the slopes. When they rode the chairs to the top they could see no one else on the slope beneath them. In fact, they could clearly see the trail of their skis from the previous run

Joan took that as an opportunity to instruct Sara on her skiing. "You see where the lines are clear as you turn? You are carving exactly right there. But over there where everything is all mixed up you were skidding or slipping pretty badly and you shouldn't have been at such low speed on such good snow. It's all in how you bend your legs and where you put your body weight. I'll show you before we start down for out next run."

A little before noon, the girls decided it was time to go back to the cabin for lunch. "I want to try something," said Sara. "I may never get a chance to try this again, but the slopes are empty except for us. They don't even have attendants at the ski lifts."

The Three J's looked at her waiting to hear what it was that she wanted. She smiled broadly at all three of them and said, "I want to ski back to the cabin naked."

"Go girl," yelled Judy.

"You are absolutely crazy," added Julie.

Joan, looking like she was thinking seriously about something, advised, "Keep the ski mask on. There might be security or safety cameras on the slopes or someone might come by with a cell phone. You don't want to be a viral video on YouTube... or worse."

Sara nodded and Joan continued, "Judy, you have a back pack, so you can carry her clothes. Julie, you lead. Sara and I will bring up the back. Remember it's a big blue sign to the parallel slope, and a little brown sign to the cabin. Got it?"

Everyone nodded and they walked over to beneath the deck of the closed lodge for Sara to strip off and get ready.

"Are you really sure you want to do this?" asked Joan.

In reply, Sara slipped off her ski pants and long underwear and handed them to Judy to put in her back pack. After she was naked except for her mask, she put her boots back on and yelled excitedly, "Let's go!" A few moments later, the four of them started off down the slope.

The combination of warm noontime sun and cold air was exhilarating for all four girls, but especially for Sara who could feel both the sun and the cold wind on her bare skin. Her nipples were tightening and extending and she could feel an especial chill between her legs as the moisture which was forming on the lips of her sex evaporated in the cold, dry air that swept past them.

Julie began carving to the right and Judy followed her. Sara could see the big "Parallel Slope" sign and kept her skis in the tracks the other two girls had made. The turn for the second sign, however, wasn't so smooth. Julie didn't see the cabin trail sign far enough in advance and had to turn sharply to make the turn. Judy, who was following Julie, was caught even more off guard and began skidding badly as her skis broke loose in the tight turn.

Sara didn't have a chance. Once her skis broke loose, she didn't have the experience to recover and didn't know enough to 'drop to stop,' so she ended up straightening back out, and then, totally out of control, she went french frying straight down the slope, rapidly gaining speed. Joan, running behind her, retained control, but chose to follow Sara down the slope, calling out to her to cut and zig to slow herself down.

Sara regained control, and several very long minutes later, they were at the bottom of the slope just above the entrance to the chair lift.

"What now?" asked Sara.

"No choice," Answered Joan. "We have to go back up on the chair lift and then ski back down to the cabin."

Sara looked like she was about to cry.

"Good thing you kept the ski mask on." said Joan. "There are security cameras on the chair lift. Probably nobody watching them today, but you never know... they might be recording. Or, we might run into somebody up at the lodge. In any case, as soon as we get off the lift, head back down the slope."

Sara just nodded her head. Then she said softly, "I'm scared."

"You'll be alright," assured Joan. "Your face is covered and there's no one here to see you."

"No, that's not it," cried Sara, "I don't care if people see me naked, but if we get in trouble, you could get kicked out of school or not be able to get into the fancy schools you need for your masters and doctorate."

"Let me worry about that," answered Joan. "Let's just get my naked little friend-slave back to the cabin."

Joan helped Sara onto the lift and sat beside her. As soon as their feet left the ground she felt the cold of the seat coming through her ski pants and wished that she had taken off her jacket and let Sara use it to sit on.

Sara started to shiver. "Are you alright?" asked Joan.

"My fire is going out," answered Sara, "I'm getting cold."

"If they're recording the security and safety cams, this is going to make one hell of a video," muttered Joan, and she took off her gloves and reached over to Sara. With one hand she stroked Sara's breasts as her other hand slid between Sara's legs. Sara moaned softy and seemed to relax, but her flesh felt like ice beneath Joan's hands.

Finally they got to the top and Joan pulled Sara from the chair. Sara seemed slightly dazed as they moved over toward the slope. Joan had seen something like this before. Sara was in the very early stages of hypothermia. The cold metal of the chair had sucked too much warmth out of Sara's body and her body temperature was getting critically low.

They started down the slope with Sara only slightly ahead of Joan. "Big sign!" yelled Joan. Sara responded by weakly nodding her head, and they turned onto the parallel slope.

Joan was worried. Sara was now wobbling slightly on her skis. Joan couldn't risk leaving her side, but at the same time couldn't risk not being ahead of her so Sara could follow her at the turn. Sara would never see the sign. She had to get ahead of her. But what if Sara didn't turn behind her?

Joan was just starting to move slightly ahead when she saw them. Two orange snowmobiles parked sideways on the parallel slope. Their yellow strobe lights were flashing and two people in red snowmobile suits were standing in front them waving their arms pointing onto the trail to the cabins.

Sara nodded her head weakly and turned with Joan onto the side trail. As they approached the cabin, Joan could hear the whine of the snowmobile engines behind them.

"Get her into the hot tub," yelled Joan as they reached the deck. The two snow rescue people grabbed Sara and easily lifted her out of her skis, out of her boots, and up the steps. One of them pulled her ski mask off and the two of them began to lower her into the tub.

Joan dropped into the tub to support her. Somehow she had shed her clothing as she climbed the steps and crossed the deck. Joan unwrapped the collar from Sara's neck and flipped it up onto one of the deck chairs.

"How are you feeling," asked one of the men.

"OK... " responded Sara slowly with a slurred voice. Then the warmth of the water hit her and she seemed to perk up. She looked up at the Snow Rescue people and added, "...more than OK, fine - mighty fine,"

The young man blushed slightly to hear his own words from last night echoed back at him. Sara looked up at him again and continued, "Thank you for your help." Then turning to Joan she said, "I think I found the limit of my fire."

"What?" asked the young man.

Sara, now apparently almost totally back to herself, smiled at him and said, "Judy would like your name and number so she can call you when it isn't an emergency."

She looked over at the other man dressed in red and added, "Julie would probably like your name and number also if you're available for the next few days."

He answered, "We are scheduled until 5:00 this afternoon when the lifts shut down, but we're all your's after that. My name is Kevin."

"And mine is Ron," added the other.

Sara looked up at Judy and said "Judy, meet Ron."

And then she looked over to Julie, "Julie, meet Kevin."

Looking at Judy and Julie, she added, "I'll use one of the downstairs bedrooms tonight so you two can screw you heads off if things work out." Then she gave all of them a very lopsided grin.

"She is still showing some effects of hypothermia," said Ron. "I'm in pre-med and an EMT. I've seen this before when someone is out on the slopes too long in really cold weather. She will be OK in an hour or so, especially if she stays in the hot tub for a while, but right now it's like she is as drunk as if she had just finished off a bottle of wine."

"Amazing what a bottle of wine can start," sighed Judy.

"I will also sleep downstairs tonight," said Joan, and then as Julie began to turn bright red, she added, "to keep watch over Sara... and in case you need some privacy."

She paused and went on in a quieter voice, "Right now, Sara and I need some privacy while she warms up in here. I don't want to leave her alone for now, and we seem to be the only two naked people here, so it's a bit uncomfortable with all of you standing around up there."

"Not for me," chirped Sara. "I could be naked in front of anyone, anytime. Remember?"

"That's the hypothermia talking, " said Ron.

"Don't bet on it," laughed Julie, as she grabbed onto Kevin's arm and said to him, "Before you go back to work, I do want your phone number." With that, she pulled him into the cabin. Judy and Ron followed and left Sara and Joan alone in the hot tub.

As they left, Joan called after them, "I want that number also. I have a special favor to ask of you two for later."

After they had gone inside and closed the patio doors, Sara stood up and looked into Joan's eyes. "I'm fine," she said. "And this isn't the hypothermia or the wine or anything else talking. If you hadn't relit my fire on the chair lift, I wouldn't have made it. Let me return the favor and maybe get both of us totally warmed back up. We could even do a 'Hottie,'"

"What's a Hottie," asked Joan.

"A quickie in a hot tub," answered Sara as her mouth closed over Joan's.

Joan heard a light rumbling noise and looked up to see the blinds being drawn across the patio doors that opened onto the deck. She pushed down with her arms so that she raised out of the hot tub and sat on the deck. As she did so, Sara's mouth trailed down her body. She lay back and let Sara light the fire between her legs. Sara stroked her thighs and ran her hands down the inside and outsides of her legs as she licked and nibbled on her labia and sucked lightly on her throbbing clit.

Both were back in the hot tub about fifteen minutes later when Ron, Judy, Kevin and Julie came back out onto the deck.

"We have to get back on duty," said Ron, "but we will definitely see you tonight."

"Oh, you will!" answered Joan. Judy and Julie looked over at her as she added, "Trust me, you will DEFINITELY see us tonight."

A few moments later the two snowmobiles whined out of the yard and Julie said, "Are you two going to stay in the hot tub all day or are we going to eat lunch and get back out on the slopes. They are shutting down the lifts early so we only have a couple more hours."

"I've already eaten," answered Sara with a giggle, "but I probably should get some food, too". She and Joan dissolved in laughter as Judy and Julie turned to go back into the cabin.

= = = =

An hour later they were back on the slopes. Sara's skill improved dramatically with each run, and by late afternoon, she was even doing "mogul jumps" over small hills on the slope. Around 4:30 Joan announced, "This is our last downhill run for today. With the lodge closed, they are shutting everything down at five o'clock."

The Three J's and an S raced each other down the slope. When they got to the bottom, Joan said, "When we get back to the top, let's meet over by the lodge deck. There's something I have to show you."

Julie and Judy looked at her with questions apparent on their faces. Sara, who rarely questioned anything The Three J's were doing, just walked over to the lift and waited for Joan to join her for the ride up.

When they got to the top, the three of them followed Joan over to the deck. "What do you want to show us," asked Julie.

"Wait 'til the lifts shut off," she responded.

A few moments later, the whir and clank of the chair lift slowly ground to a halt.

"So what is it?" asked Judy.

"This," answered Joan, as she pulled her suitcase out from under the deck. "I had Ron and Kevin bring it up here. They will take it back down to the cabin for us when they get off duty... which is now."

"What's that for?" asked Judy and Julie together.

"Your clothes," answered Joan. "Or more accurately, our clothes. We failed Sara this morning when she was depending on us, and this is our way of making it up to her. If you enjoy it, consider it a chance to participate in her pleasure. If you don't like it, consider it a punishment for letting her down, but you are going down that slope like she did this morning - wearing nothing but your boots and ski mask."

"Oh well," answered Julie with a shrug. "It's like Sara said, we may never get this chance again. Who knows, I might like it."

"You'll NEVER like it as much as Sara," added Judy. "But it's hard to pass up the opportunity to do something this crazy."

Soon all four girls were packing their ski pants, parkas, and underwear into the suitcase.

Julie looked down the slope and said, "We'd better be sure we don't miss the turn this time. With no chair lift, we would have to herring bone our way back up to the turn, and that would be a LOT of work."

"Don't worry about it," answered Joan. "I've taken care of that."

Sara yelped, "Let's go!" and all four started down the slope.

The sun was low in the sky so there was no warmth on their bodies as they sped downhill. Their nipples puckered in the cold air. But Sara was not the only one who felt the extra coolness of moisture evaporating off the lips of her sex.

They carved left together onto the parallel slope and soon Julie and Judy were straining to catch sight of the small brown sign which marked the turn onto the secondary trail. Joan signaled Sara to slow down slightly and let the others get ahead of them. She wondered why until she saw the flashing yellow strobe lights up ahead. Ron was standing in the middle of the slope waving them into the trail. Kevin was standing along side him holding a digital video camera.

"Whoooaaahh!" screamed Sara and she raised her arms high holding her ski poles almost over her head as she and Joan passed the camera. As they zoomed down the trail, they could hear the snowmobiles revving up behind them. Soon the flashing strobes passed them and headed toward the cabin. When they arrived, the snowmobiles were parked in the yard and Kevin was standing on the top of the steps to the deck with the video camera.

"Put your skis in the racks," yelled Joan, and Judy and Julie scurried to get their skis put away so they could hurry up the steps onto the deck. Joan put her skis on the rack and walked calmly up the stairs. Sara racked her skis, took off her boots and threw them up onto the deck. Then she walked barefoot and bare assed out in the snow to retrieve a couple of bottles of wine from the case on the picnic table.

She held them up for the camera and danced around Rocky style with them above her head for a few moments. Then she pressed one to each of her breasts and walked with an exaggerated swinging of her hips over to the deck and up the steps. As soon as she had passed Kevin, Ron yelled, "Cut." and Kevin lowered his camera.

Julie and Judy had run into their bedrooms and returned wearing their short robes. Evidently, they left the boots and ski masks in the bedrooms. Joan put her boots and ski mask on one of the tables on the deck and lowered herself into the hot tub. Sara picked up Joan's boots and mask and carried them into the house. When she returned, she was wearing nothing but her collar and was carrying a tray with 6 full wine glasses on it.

"Why don't you all relax out here on the deck, and I will fix us something for supper," she said as she set down the tray. She then picked up one of the glasses and went back into the kitchen.

"I think we are a little over dressed," said Ron as he began to unzip his red snowmobile suit. Beneath the suit he was wearing a light gray track suit. Kevin had a similar track suit in light blue.

After he and Kevin had removed their suits, Sara reappeared beside them and held out her arms. "I'll put those in the living room closet," she said. "The boots will be on a rug just inside the patio doors. Dinner will be ready in a little while. In the meantime, if you need more wine, let me know."

Ron and Kevin sat down in the deck chairs and picked up one of the glasses of wine. Judy sat next to Ron and Julie sat next to Kevin.

"What are you going to do with your video," asked Julie.

"My camera, my video!" yelled Joan from the hot tub. "I will make sure that no faces or identifiers are on it and then it is getting posted through a techno-geek I know who has accounts everywhere. Nobody will know who it is except Ron, Kevin, The Three J's and Sara. Within hours, we will be the unknown ski streakers on hundreds of websites. Who knows, it might truly go viral and we will be anonymously famous."

"You can't be both," said Judy as she drained her glass.

Ron said, "We'd better save some of that wine for after dinner."

She pointed out at the box barely visible in the snow, laughed and answered, "There's another case under that one. If we need more wine, we will just send Sara back out to get some."

"Is she your servant? I thought she was your friend." asked Kevin.

"It's kind of complicated," answered Joan. "Sara is definitely our friend, but sometimes she is our friend-friend, and sometimes she is our servant-friend and sometimes she is our slave-friend and lately sometimes she is our slut-slave-friend."

"And I think for Joan," added Julie, "she is also lately becoming a love-slave-friend."

"Like I said," responded Joan, "It's kind of complicated."

"Are you two lovers?" asked Kevin, pointing to Julie and Judy. The disappointment was obvious in his voice and on his face.

"They are omnivores who lean heavily toward men," answered Joan.

"Very heavily," added Julie. Then looking directly in Kevin's deep brown eyes, "Especially hunks who are planning to become doctors."

"I, on the other hand," explained Joan, "am an alpha omnivore who leans a little bit toward my own gender." She paused and continued, "Lately a LOT toward my own gender."

"Dinner's ready!" came the call from inside.

Rod and Judy, Kevin and Julie got up to go inside. Sara came out onto the deck carrying a towel and Joan's robe. She was still naked except for her collar. A few moments later Joan and Sara joined the others in the kitchen.

"If it makes any of you uncomfortable, I will put on a robe, but as you may have figured out by now, being naked in public turns me on almost as much as being a good servant for The Three J's."

"Fine by me," answered Ron. "I'm good with it," added Kevin.

"I'll get naked for you later," whispered Julie to Kevin. But since everyone else had stopped talking at that point, her whisper could be heard by everyone.

"Ditto," said Judy to Ron.

Both Ron and Kevin looked slightly flustered. Sara spoke up, "The Three J's are very powerful women who say what they want and want exactly what they say they want. You two look like you can handle it or they wouldn't have invited you. Besides, they only need one submissive servant, and that's me."

Pointing to her collar she explained, "Three J's and an S. I'm the S. That's Sara, Servant, Slave, Slut, Sister, or whatever they and I want it to be. Sometimes its even 'Spokeswoman' because I have absolutely no shame and can say anything to anybody - whether I am dressed, naked, or somewhere in between."

"I think the somewhere in between is what the rest of us are looking for," said Joan. "Ron and Kevin, I will get you guys some robes."

"From where?" asked Julie?

"In case you hadn't noticed, there are three drawers in the wall between the closets in each bedroom. There are six people who own this cabin and time share it. The drawers are to store stuff while you are not here."

"Although each of the drawers is supposed to belong to one of the owners, The stuff in the upstairs drawers is basically available to anyone. There are sheets, towels, robes, pajamas and nightshirts was well as some shampoo and stuff like that. The agreement is that if you use someone else's stuff, you clean it and put it back or you replace it if it is something that gets used up."

"NOW you tell me about the pajamas," said Judy, over acting as though she were deeply hurt.

A few moments later Joan returned carrying two tartan-patterned flannel robes and handed them to Ron and Kevin. "After supper, you can change in the bathroom or one of the bedrooms, and then join us out on the deck. I put a few items from the 'Cougar Cache' in the pockets in case you need them tonight."

"What's the Cougar Cache" asked Ron.

"Mom's two younger sisters have a sixth of the cabin. They never married. They're both college professors out east. They do NOT come here to ski. Their main interest is the skiing instructors and college students. They always say, 'The law doesn't say we can't fuck students. It just says we can't fuck OUR students."

"Mandy and Sandy?" asked Kevin.

"You've met them?"

"No, but I was warned about them. I was told they were pretty foxy for older women, but that they could probably wear out a jack hammer in a week."

"I don't know about that," answered Joan, "but they always come prepared with several boxes of condoms in various types and flavors, and what they don't use, they throw into their drawer. There must be about a case and a half of condoms accumulated in there. Mom always complained that they should keep them locked up in the basement like the Jurgensen's do their toys, but they never did."

"The Jurgensen's toys?" asked Judy.

"A whole different story - different owners," answered Joan. "When we were little, Mandy and Sandy got into the drawers in the downstairs bedrooms and when mom came downstairs there were whips and chains and cuffs and dildoes and about everything else you could imagine scattered all across the floor. Mom called Mr Jurgensen to yell at him, but he said he didn't care if the girls - or anyone else - played with their toys. It was all dishwasher safe anyway and could be cleaned up after use."

"Next time we came out here, there was a lock on the drawer, but after that, the first day we were here, Mom always ran the dishwasher empty a few times with bleach in it. I think Mandy and Sandy still borrow the toys once in a while to use on their boy toys or on each other. The key to the lock hangs under the deck."

"Food first. Fun and games later," interrupted Sara. "Have a seat at the table, I'm going out to get another bottle of wine."

As Sara walked out into the snow, The Three J's, Ron and Kevin seated themselves around the kitchen table.

The six sat around the table as if they were three couples - Kevin and Julie, Ron and Judy, and Joan and Sara. After they had finished dinner, Sara asked, "Would anyone like any dessert?"

Julie said to Kevin, "I think we should wait until later for some desert."

Judy poked Ron and said, "Yeah, I'll give you your dessert later, too."

Ron laughed, Kevin blushed slightly, and Julie turned bright red. "That's not what I meant," she stammered. "I just thought we could spend some time out on the heated deck for a while before we ate... No, I mean I'm full for now but would have room for something later... I mean... "

Judy rolled her eyes. Joan said with a laugh, "Julie, when you get to the bottom of the hole, quit digging."

"Then I guess we are ready to go out on the deck for a while," interjected Sara. "You guys go on out and I will clean up the kitchen. I'll take the empty bottles back out to the case and join you in a little while."

Ron and Kevin went over to the bedrooms to change into their robes. Joan went out onto the deck, shed her robe, and walked down into the hot tub. Judy dropped her robe on one of the chairs and joined her. Julie, however, pulled her robe tight around her, sat down in one of the chairs and said, "I'll wait for Kevin here."

"Is Julie getting shy?" asked Judy?

Joan leaned in closer to her and answered quietly, "Maybe she is seriously attracted to Kevin and doesn't want to blow it and ruin the relationship."

"I'm seriously attracted to Ron," replied Judy, "But I think that if I blow it, it will strengthen the relationship."

"You two!" snapped Julie. "Just because I don't throw myself at a man cunt first, it doesn't mean that I'm shy or sexually repressed."

"I've never tried that," snorted Judy, "I'm definitely going to have to try that some day."

Julie was frowning with her arms crossed, and Joan and Judy were laughing heavily as Ron and Kevin came out onto the deck. "Did I miss something?" asked Ron.

"No," stuttered Judy through her laughter, "I haven't tried it yet."

Julie groaned loudly. Both Judy and Joan relapsed into fits of laughter.

Ron looked at Kevin and shrugged his shoulders. Sara, walking up behind them said, "Just pretend you are on a roller coaster."

"What?" said Kevin.

"Trying to keep up with The Three J's is like riding a big roller coaster. It can get fast and sometimes it can get scary, but as long as it doesn't go too far off track, the best thing is to just relax and enjoy the ride."

In response, Judy and Joan both raised their hands above their heads like they were at the top of a roller coaster hill and then both yelled loudly and, mimicking the bouncing of a roller coaster, submerged themselves beneath the water as they went "down hill."

"I don't do real well on roller coasters," muttered Kevin.

"Then you just sit this ride out," answered Julie from behind him. "I'm more of a merry-go- round person myself."

As Kevin turned to sit with Julie, Joan and Judy both bounced slowly up and down in the water mimicking riding carrousel horses. Julie stuck out her tongue at them.

"I'm from Ohio," said Ron, "and I've ridden The Maverick at Cedar Point and the Son of the Beast at King's Island.... never threw up.... never peed myself... and I kept getting back in line to ride again. You can't scare me."

With that he set his robe on one of the chairs and slipped into the water with Joan and Judy.

"Be with you in a minute," said Sara as she walked down the steps carrying an empty bottle. The Three J's paid no attention to her, but Ron and Kevin both watched her walk barefoot and naked through the snow to place the empty in the case and then return to the deck. She went inside and shortly returned with another empty for a second trip out into the snow. A third and fourth trip with an empty bottle followed.

After returning to the deck from her fourth trip, Sara asked, "Would anyone like more wine?"

A chorus of "Yes" greeted her.

"Be right back," she chirped and went for a fifth time back out into the snow. When she got to the buried boxes, she dug with her hands until she had released the top box. After setting it on top of the snow, she bent down and pulled open the lower case. In a few minutes she was once again coming up the steps to the deck, this time carrying a full bottle of wine which was pressed tightly to one of her nipples.

Ron watched her walk into the house with the bottle and asked, "How is she not in a constant state of hypothermia?"

"She has an intense inner fire," answered Joan.

"And Joan is her favorite fireman," giggled Judy.

Ron shook his head and said, "This is definitely an interesting roller coaster ride."

"I think we are going to check out the Carousel," said Julie as she got up from her chair. Sara was just coming out onto the deck with a tray of wine. Julie grabbed two full glasses off the tray, held one out to Kevin, and asked, "You coming?"

Judy started to say something, but the intense glare from Julie silenced her, so instead she and Joan went back to mimicking riding horses on a merry-go-round.

Sara handed glasses of wine to Judy, Joan, and Ron and set her glass on the edge of the hot tub. Then she set the tray on one of the low tables and carefully set her collar in the middle of it. Finally, she walked down into the hot tub and sat next to Joan. As she did, Judy slid closer to Ron and leaned her head against his shoulder.

The four of them talked about the events of the day as they drank their wine. As the glasses were growing empty, Ron asked Sara a couple of questions about her "snow thing," but she seemed a little distracted in her answers. The distraction probably had something to do with the fact that one of Joan's hand was rubbing up and down the insides of her thighs, with her fingers grazing the entrance to her slit each time the hand passed over the top. Judy's hand went under the water and soon Ron was also showing a great deal of distraction.

When Sara started moaning softly, Joan said, "I think it's time that Sara and I went downstairs and gave you two some privacy. You have the whole deck and backyard to yourselves."

Sara gave one of her lopsided grins and said, "You could try a coolie to see if you like it."

Joan added, "Or maybe even a hottie."

"What's a coollie?" asked Judy.

"A quickie in a snow bank," answered Sara with a deep giggle.

"Then's what's a hottie?" asked Ron

Joan looked down at the water and then at Judy who had turned and straddled Ron's legs and was sliding up onto his lap. "Oh," he said.

Sara pointed toward the end of the deck. "Somebody has to get out of the water about every half hour to push the white button, or the bubbles stop and the water gets cooler."

"Don't worry," answered Judy. "We will keep the water hot and agitated."

"See you in the morning," replied Joan as she picked up her robe and walked inside. Sara picked up her collar and followed Joan down into the basement.

When they got downstairs, Joan asked, "You want to go with separate bedrooms, or do you want to share one?" Joan pointed back and forth between the bedroom doors. Sara got that puppy dog look on her face and replied, "Which bedroom is the Jurgensen's toy drawer in?"

"The one on the right," answered Joan. "Let me show you where they keep the key."

With Sara following her, she opened the door to the area under the deck and stepped down onto the concrete floor. Then she turned around and pointed at the wall area above the door. There were six key hooks each labeled with a number. "The Jurgensen's drawer is drawer number four."

"Mandy's and Sandy's drawer," said Joan, pointing to the one empty hook, "is drawer number three, except it's not really a drawer any more. It's more of a little closet. I've always wondered what they keep in there, but no one has been able to find the key, so they must take it with them."

"I think I might know where that key is," said Sara, her eyes opening wide in sudden recognition of something. "When we were pulling all that snow in here the other night, we moved a couple of things out of the way, including that strange bench... or table... or whatever it is. I set it on its end to push it back behind the hot tub and when I pushed it, a little slide opened on the bottom side of it. There was a key in there."

Joan went over to the bench and set it up on end. "Push right there," said Sara, pointing to an odd looking knot in the wood.

Joan pushed and a small cavity popped open. There was a key inside that was very similar to the keys which hung above the door. "Lets leave that exploration for another day," said Joan. "I think the contents of the Jurgensen's toy drawer will more than keep us busy tonight."

Both girls came back inside and went into the bedroom. "Let's see what we have here," said Joan as she unlocked the drawer and opened it. The drawer contained an impressive variety of chains, cuffs, whips, dildos and other toys which Joan began laying out on the bed.

"What is that?" asked Sara, as Joan placed a torpedo-shaped object with wires trailing from it on the bed.

"It's a dildo, silly," Joan replied. "Or an anal plug. It's shaped so it could be used for either. I thought you were familiar with those things."

"Not that plug in," answered Sara. "And what are the metal strips on the sides of it for."

"Just a minute," said Joan as she rummaged through the drawer. A few moments later she lay a small black box and several other devices with wires trailing from them on the bed. The box had four knobs on the front and two on the top. There were also two openings on the top that looked like they were small headphone jacks. "This plugs in here," she said as she connected the wires from the dildo to the control box.

Holding up three, small circular bands an inch or so in diameter she set them aside and said, "We won't be needing these."

When Sara asked "Why?" she held the bands up by their wires and answered, "Just what part of your body would go through these donuts?" Then holding up a small curved cup with a long metal tube sticking out of it she added, "And what part of a man's body would this be for?"

"Oh," giggled Sara. She picked up a set of clamps with wires trailing from them and said. "I have a pretty good idea what part of the body these are intended for - at least on a woman."

"And these are for anywhere," said Joan as she held up several sets of stick-on electrode pads. Holding up the box, she added, "It looks like you can use any two at one time."

"Four," countered Sara, holding up a second, slightly different control box.

"Let's see," mused Joan. "We have several different types of paddles, two floggers, a whip, a couple of different blindfolds, a ring gag, two ball gags, some soft, black rope, leather cuffs, and.... eight lengths of chain with clips on both ends." She looked around the walls and ceiling and said, "Nope." Under the bed, another "Nope."

Joan walked out into the larger room and looked around at the floor and walls and ceiling. "Aha," she finally shouted. "Sara, bring me those chains, please."

Sara brought the chains out to her and Joan pulled a chair over to under one of the beams that ran across the ceiling of the large room. There were five, large beams spaced about three feet apart with equally large beams supporting them on both the inside and outer walls. "These cabins were originally designed with these beams holding up the deck so the area under them would be totally clear with no posts. There was supposed to be patio doors going out into the back yard under the deck. It only took one winter for them to figure out that patio doors at ground level were not a good idea in an area that got eight to twelve feet of snow on a regular basis. They changed their plans before they built this cabin, but still used a cantilevered deck. After the original owner installed a hot tub, he closed in the deck anyway and put additional support posts under it, but the beams are still here. And it looks like the Jurgensens - or Sandy and Mandy - have taken advantage of that."

Joan took one of the shorter chains from Sara and clipped it to a large, black eyebolt that was screwed into the overhead beam. Soon four chains were hanging from the beams. Joan then attached the longer chains to eyebolts that were screwed into the support beams right at floor level. "Since Mr and Mrs Jurgensen couldn't both be chained up at the same time, the second set of eyebolts must be an addition by Sandy and Mandy. Come to think of it, Mom said something once about her sisters and the Jurgensens sharing weeks together up here. I wonder if it was Sandy and Mandy chained here or the Jurgensens?"

"Tonight it will be me," whispered Sara as she stood under the beam, lifted up her arms, and then spread her legs as wide as they would go.

"Go get the cuffs," ordered Joan, "and I will string you up."

Sara ran back into the bedroom and returned with two small and two large leather cuffs. The cuffs were padded on the inside with what looked like real sheep's wool. "These aren't dishwasher safe," said Joan, as she wrapped the cuffs around Sara's wrists and ankles. Two inch wide Velcro straps held the cuffs firmly in place.

"Arms first," said Joan and Sara raised her arms above her head. Joan clipped the chains to D rings on the cuffs. "Now the legs," and Sara spread her legs wide.

"Hmmm," muttered Joan. "Too long... unless.... ah, yes. These are double ended clips. I have the chains backwards. I should have the adjustable clip at the wall." She then reversed the floor chains and again clipped them to Sara's ankles. "Let me see how tight we can get those," she asked herself as she pulled on the chain and moved the double-ended clip in several links. After she had done that to both chains, Sara said, "I think that is tight enough. I can feel it pulling my legs wider than I want."

"Which means that you can't close your legs at all and I can do whatever I want between your legs and you can't stop me." Joan reached up and rubbed Sara between the legs. Sara sighed and closed her eyes. Her nipples darkened and her sex began to glisten.

"So, what should I use on you?"

"Do I have a choice," asked Sara.

"Not really," answered Joan, "But I'm open to suggestions."

"I've never tried electro-sex," said Sara. "I've read a little about it, but never tried it."

"Electro-sex it is, then." Joan went back into the bedroom and returned with the two control boxes and a handful of the accessories. Each of the boxes had a fabric belt on it. Joan wrapped one of the belts around Sara's waist so that the control box was in the center of her back.

Holding up a set of black plastic nipple clamp contacts, she said, "I think you know where these go," and then clipped one to each of Sara's stiff nipples. She then led the leads over Sara's shoulder and plugged them into the box.

"Here is our all purpose torpedo," said Joan with a sly grin. "First we have to lube it up."

Sara's eyes widened. "Yes, it's going back there," whispered Joan into Sara's ear. "But even if it were going up front, I would still lube it. The lube helps conduct electricity, and we want goooood electrical contact."

Sara grunted slightly as Joan wiggled the torpedo into her and then pulled the wire forward between her legs and over her shoulder to plug it into the control box.

"Let's test what we have so far," said Joan, and she turned one of the dials on the box. Nothing happened. "Shit," muttered Joan as she opened the battery compartment. "Oh well," she said to Sara, "There are always a bunch of nine volt batteries in the drawer up in the kitchen." As she started up the stairs, she added to herself, "And if there aren't, I'm taking them out of the fire alarms."

A few moments later Joan returned carrying four batteries. "One for each box and a spare for later," she explained to Sara. Sara could feel Joan moving the control box and inserting the battery. Then her nipples started to tingle.

"That's the lowest setting," said Joan.

The tingle became a sting. "That's about one third."

The sting began to change in frequency and fade in and out on a regular cycle. "There are all sorts of controls I could play with here, but I think I will just keep the frequency the same and have it fade in and out." Sara began to moan softly.

"And this is the butt plug," said Joan. "What you will feel there is mainly your muscles clenching down on the electrode. I can run that one pretty far up without it being painful."

Sara suddenly felt like the butt plug was fucking her. It wasn't moving, but the sensations as her anal sphincter tightened and released were almost like it were moving in and out.

"This one is definitely a female only device," said Joan as she held up the clear piece of curved plastic with two strips of metal on it and a long metal tube sticking out from it. She lubed it, including smearing some of the lube across the metal strips, and pressed it into Sara until it was tight against her pussy lips. She tied it securely in place like a thong bikini bottom. The two metal strips curved together at the top and just missed being directly over Sara's clit.

Joan connected the wires to the other tens unit and set it to three. Sara began to squirm and twist in her bonds, and soon was grunting and moaning loudly. "Tell me if this gets too intense," said Joan. "Remember your safe word is summertime.'"

"No," grunted Sara. "I don't want a safe word tonight. Gag me or something so I can't say it. I want to totally put my trust in you and let you take me past my limits. I know you won't permanently hurt me. I want to know how far I can go."

"Are you sure?" asked Joan.

"Yes," answered Sara. "Yes! Do it! Gag me and take me as far as you want. I give myself totally to you."

"OK. If that's what you really want." Joan suddenly realized that the thought of Sara being totally under her control like this was causing her nipples to tighten and her slit to moisten. She took a deep breath and went back into the bedroom.

Joan came back with a red ball gag. "Open up," she said and inserted it in Sara's mouth, making sure that the safety air hole was not blocked.

"Close your eyes," she said and slid a black blindfold over Sara's eyes. Sara began swaying and moaning almost immediately.

What Sara could not now see was that Joan had slipped an identical vaginal stimulation cup on herself and was attaching it to the same tens unit which she now had belted around her own waist.

"Let's turn things up a little shall we," she said as she reached for the control box on Sara's waist. Joan turned up the anal plug to maximum. Sara took several very deep breaths as she accustomed herself to the intense sensations from her anal sphincter. Joan then turned the nipple clamps up a couple of clicks.

"Ugh, Ugh, Ugh," responded Sara as the tens unit rose and fell through its cycle. The "ugh's" changed to continuous "aaaah's" when Joan turned the control up further and to "eeee's" when the control reached maximum. Sara's hips began to thrust and grind as her inner fire rapidly caught up with the outer pain.

Joan turned the cunt-stim plate up several notches. Sara's thrust and grind became more frantic and sweat began to pour from her body. Her head was thrown back and she was thrashing it from side to side. Joan picked up a long leather covered wooden paddle and met Sara's movements with a solid thwack on her ass as she thrust her hips backwards. Sara's "eeee's" became "iiiii's." To give Joan better access, she stood on her tiptoes and began raising her ass up as she pushed back before thrusting forward.

Soon it was a ballet of pain as the electro-stims pulsed and Joan swung and Sara pushed and together they began climbing that explosive mountain toward an extreme orgasm.

Suddenly Sara went totally stiff and screamed loudly behind her gag, her arms quivering wildly in their chains. Joan dropped the paddle, reached to the tens unit on her belt and turned both controls to maximum. At the same time she grabbed Sara from the front and thrust her body against her. She was two or three inches taller than Sara when they were both standing straight upright, and with Sara's legs spread like they were, she had to bend her knees slightly between Sara's legs so that her pussy plate slammed against Sara's and her breasts and nipples pressed exactly against the shorter girl's.

Joan gasped as she felt the pulsing of Sara's nipple clamps which were now in contact with her own nipples. She reached up and tore off Sara's blindfold and gag and crushed her mouth with her own. With no gag Sara was very loud and Joan was not much quieter as they crashed through a first, second, third and finally a fourth orgasm, each more intense than the previous.

As the fourth orgasm finally began to fade, the pulses started to become painful and Joan reached down to the tens unit on her belt and opened the battery compartment. The battery fell to the floor and the pulses stopped. She reached behind Sara and did the same with her control unit.

Joan stood clinging to Sara. Both were trembling with the after energy of what had just occurred. After several moments, Joan reached up and released Sara's hands. Sara collapsed against her and Joan lowered her to the floor. After she released Sara's feet, she helped her stand back up.

"Do you want some wine?" asked Joan.

Sara shook her head no.

"Do you need to go out in the snow?"

Sara laughed and said, "I'd melt it." Then she turned and looked directly into Joan's eyes to say, "Just take me to bed and hold me. I think our fires joined together tonight."

Joan said nothing. She just held Sara by the waist to steady her and guided her back into the bedroom.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The saga of "The Three J's and an S" WILL continue. They will be at the cabin for several more days, and they have another year and a half of college. A lot can happen in 10 days and even more in 18 months.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

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