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Three J's and an S Go Skiing Day 4

by The Technician

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Day Four

Joan was awakened by sunlight streaming through the top of the window directly onto her face. She looked sleepily at the glass and wondered why anyone would put a dark curtain across all but the top two inches of a window. Then she realized that the curtains were wide open and what she was looking at was the snow piled that deep against the front of the cabin. She found her robe at the foot of the bed and went upstairs to see who else was up.

Sara, naturally, had been up for quite a while and was standing in the kitchen putting away dishes from the night before. She was wearing a long T-shirt style nightshirt with a big image of "Hello Kitty" on the front.

"Don't you own any clothing that you didn't buy in the children's section," asked Joan with a laugh.

"Growing old is mandatory," replied Sara, "But growing up is optional."

Sara gave Joan a big grin and then yelled in the direction of the bedrooms, "Ron..., Kevin..., your note said make sure you were up by eight."

Ron and Kevin stumbled into the kitchen from the bedrooms. Both were wearing the robes Joan had provided for them the night before. Julie followed shortly thereafter. She was wearing her cotton pajamas. Judy came in last. Once again, she was wearing her black nightie. This morning, however, she had on a matching pair of very small bikini bottoms with ruffles on the back and a black micro bra, also with ruffles. The bra barely covered her areola, let alone her breasts.

"Worried about the cold this morning, are you," asked Julie with a snicker. Judy just stuck her tongue out at her and sat down.

"Coffee's ready," announced Sara. "I can do eggs, waffles, or pancakes. And you've got a choice of bacon or sausage. What does the group vote for?"

After some general murmuring, Joan announced, "It looks like pancakes and sausage wins this morning."

Judy looked over at Sara and asked, "Are you getting shy this morning? Or is there something that you don't want us to see?"

"What do you mean?" asked Sara.

"Well," said Julie. "It wasn't like we were snooping or listening in, but the crack of that paddle was pretty loud and either your favorite team won the Superbowl - FOUR TIMES - or you and Joan had some really fantastic S&M sex last night."

Sara blushed slightly - something that she normally didn't do very easily - and replied. "I'm not hiding anything. If you want to see what my ass looks like this morning, here." She turned around and pulled up the back of her nightshirt. Her ass cheeks were still bright red with darker blue and purple splotches on them.

"I don't hide anything," she continued. "But I don't cook bacon or sausage in the nude. Some pain is just that - pain." She dropped her nightshirt back down over her bottom and turned to get ingredients out of the refrigerator.

Just then a low beep, followed by three high beeps and a warbling tone sounded from the pocket of Ron's robe. "Oh oh," said Ron. "We may have to gear up and head out."

He pulled a satellite cell phone from his pocket and answered with "Snow Rescue, this is Ron." He listened for a moment and then answered, "I think you know the answer to that sir. And I am very sure that I can speak for Kevin on that, too." After a pause, "OK, sir. We will bring e-kep and e-cass down here to cabin 19 with us and will be on standby from here."

He put the phone back in his pocket and looked around. "The plows can't bust through the drifts on the road, so they have to wait until they can get a blower from the state. It won't be available until late tonight or early tomorrow. Since the snow kept almost everyone from getting here and the resort is basically empty, they have decided to totally shut down the slopes and use the down time for mid-season inspection and maintenance on the chair lifts. The boss asked if Kevin and I would rather be on standby for emergencies or help with greasing the cables. That was a no- brainer." He smiled at everyone and finished, "You heard my answer. We will be on standby from here until they re-open the slopes."

"What is e-kept?" asked Julie.

Kevin laughed and answered, "e-kep... E-C-E-P. It stands for Extreme Conditions Extraction Pod. Basically it's a tube on a sled that you can pull behind a snowmobile. If someone breaks a leg or whatever, it protects them from the weather while you get them back to the lodge or to a road to meet an ambulance or to the aid station to wait for a helicopter."

Kevin looked over at Ron, and Ron continued the explanation. "E-cass is E-C-A-S, and that stands for Extreme Conditions Ambulance Sled. It is a miniature ambulance with a hand stretcher in it and room for an EMT to crawl in alongside someone. It bounces like mad, so there isn't much you can do in there except check vitals and make sure the IV's are working, but it means a severely injured person isn't riding by themselves in a glass coffin."

Julie raised her eyebrows and Ron added "That's how someone described the e-kep before we had e-cass available. I'm fully qualified for both units. Kevin is qualified on e-kep and has gotten halfway through the E-D-P-P tests for the e-cass."

"Too many letters," said Sara as she set a stack of pancakes on the table. "It makes it sounds like Kevin is half pregnant."

Kevin laughed. "I have to show that I can tow the sled properly Empty, with a Dummy in it, with a real Person in it, and with a Pair in it."

"He's done empty and with a dummy. Since I am instructor qualified, I get to be the person and then one-half of the pair," said Ron. "Maybe we can find time for Kevin to complete his certification tests today or tomorrow. After breakfast we will run up to the aid station and pick up the units and stop by our cabin for some overnight stuff. Judy, if you want, you can ride along with me, and if Julie wants, she can ride along with Kevin."

"Are we allowed to ride along on the resort's snowmobiles?"

"The snowmobiles belong to Ron and I," answered Kevin. "As long as we aren't actually on a rescue run, we can have passengers ride along. Unless, you are there for a reason, however, you can't ride in the sleds."

"Oh drat," said Judy with a grin. "I was really looking forward to riding in a glass coffin."

After breakfast Ron and Kevin and Judy and Julie all got dressed and prepared to head out on the snowmobiles. "Are you sure you two will be OK here alone for most of the day," asked Kevin.

"We'll find something to do," answered Joan.

A few minutes later the two snowmobiles were whining their way up the slope toward the lodge. Sara cleaned up the table and stacked the dishes into the dishwasher. Then she turned to Joan and said, "You know what I would REALLY like to do today?"


"Sleeeeeeeeeeeep." answered Sara. "Last night was new and exciting and wonderful and fabulous, but this morning I am TIRED!"

"It takes a lot to burn the fires that hot," said Joan. "I will probably lay down for a while myself."

"Separate bedrooms," said Sara. "No offense, but my mind is really telling me that I have to get some sleep and I don't want my body overruling my mind...... again... (lopsided grin) ... for now."

Joan swatted Sara lightly on the butt and "You take the bedroom on the left. Then you won't hear the Jurgensen's toys calling to you either. I will stay up here and fall asleep watching TV."

Sara yawned and walked over to the stairway to the basement. "Wake me up at three or when they get back." She loudly yawned again as she walked down into the basement.

Joan was asleep on the couch in the living room when the roaring whine of snowmobiles in the back yard woke her. It was almost four. Joan ran to the steps and yelled down into the basement, "Sara, I'm sorry I didn't wake you, but it's four o'clock and they're back."

A voice from the kitchen answered, "That's OK Joan, I have a built-in alarm clock in my head and have been up here since a little after three."

Joan laughed and asked, "Then why didn't you wake me?"

"You looked like you needed the sleep, and besides, I didn't know how much junk TV you watched before you fell asleep."

Ron and Judy, Kevin and Julie came in through the doors to the deck. They were each carrying their boots, which they set on the rug next to the patio doors. Ron and Kevin were also carrying small overnight bags.

"They gave us a tour of the whole resort," bubbled Julie.

"It's immense," added Judy. "And they couldn't even take us up on the snowmobile trails through the woods because they're on duty."

"The snow is kind of tricky up there sometimes, and it wouldn't look good if the on duty snow rescue team had to call for rescue." said Ron.

"Talked to the boss," said Kevin. "The state blower should be here sometime after midnight. With any luck they should have the highway open by this time tomorrow. That means the lodge will be open the day after that."

"So, we get at least another night and day together here with nothing to do?" said Joan.

"I wouldn't say nothing,'" answered Ron, "but yes the lodge and the slopes will remained closed for now."

"Why don't you two guys go change," said Julie, "while Judy and I bring the rest of our group up to date on what's happening."

The two young men hung their snowmobile suits in the closet and wandered back toward the bedrooms. Judy looked slightly confused, but refrained from saying anything until the guys were out of earshot. She then looked at Julie and said "What!?"

"I've got to make this quick because I don't want Kevin to hear," began Julie, "But could you guys come up with some reason for all four of you to go downstairs early tonight so Kevin and I can have the deck and hot tub all to ourselves. He's sweet and special and..."

"Shy," interjected Judy.

"Let's just say he isn't as comfortable with his body... with being naked in front of others... as some of us are. I really think he might be Mr Right,' and I don't want to mess this up." She looked from face to face and then added, "Please?"

"There are eight chains in the Jurgensen's toy drawer," said Sara.

It was Julie's turn to say "What?"

But Joan merely smiled broadly and said, "What she means is got it covered.' Judy, you are going to suggest that we explore some group B&D. Let's see how high a roller coaster Ron is ready for."

Judy commented, "I've always wanted to try a little bondage, but never met the right person. Ron might be the one. After supper, I will steer the conversation towards what we heard from you guys last night, and then I will let you talk Ron and me into joining you downstairs."

Sara shook her head slowly and said, "Clink, clink, clink, clink, clink.." The Three J's looked at her and she said, "The roller coaster is starting up the first hill, and I think it is going to be a really steep and bumpy ride on the way down."

All four girls were laughing as Ron and Kevin came back in the room. They were wearing the light weight track suits that they had on the previous evening. "Are you ladies finished with your necessary girl talk' or do Kevin and I have to go back and shave or something?"

"Were we that obvious?" asked Joan.

"We don't mind," answered Kevin. "What is obvious is that you four are very close friends. And close friends - male or female - like to check signals regularly in strange situations. Two of you were out of the loop half the day. You needed to talk about today..., tonight..., and maybe tomorrow to make sure that you all agreed on what was what."

"Wow," said Judy. "The only thing worse that someone who doesn't understand you is someone who does."

"So what's the plan for the evening?" asked Kevin.

"Drinks, conversation, and supper," answered Sara, "and then drinks, conversation and whatever out on the deck. And then Judy wants to find out what made me scream so loud last night. Ron, if you're up for a really wild roller coaster ride, we'll let the carousel crowd have the deck and hot tub for the night and the four of us will go downstairs for some wild and kinky sex."

Kevin shook his head. Ron laughed. "Boy, she just says it, doesn't she? But that sounds like a good plan to me. What about you, Kevin? Do you think you could stand a quiet evening with just Julie and the hot tub?'

Kevin didn't respond at first, but then he looked over at Julie and her hopeful face and stammered, "Yes... of course..."

Joan could sense that there was still something bothering Kevin so she piped up, "Then it's settled. The hot tub is reserved for Kevin and Julie tonight from 8:00 o'clock on. We won't even use it ourselves before that. Just conversation and drinks on the deck until 8:00."

Kevin seemed to relax greatly and went over to stand next to Julie. He pulled her into himself in a sideways hug. Judy, who was now standing behind them, began mimicking riding a merry-go- round horse. She abruptly stopped moving up and down as Julie turned to say something to her.

Joan, Judy and Julie used the time before supper to shower and freshen up. When they came back, all three had changed into their light weight, pajama-style sweat suits. Meanwhile, Ron and Kevin sat in the living room and watched TV, and Sara remained in the kitchen preparing the evening meal. She continued to wear her Hello Kitty nightshirt.

Following supper, all six sat around on the deck fully clothed and talked. Sara even kept her nightshirt on when she twice went out to get a bottle of wine. As eight o'clock approached, Sara announced, "Last call on wine before the four of us bid you adieu and go downstairs."

She then refilled everyone's glasses and took the empty bottle out to the case buried in the snow. When she returned she announced in train conductor fashion, "All aboard. Roller coaster leaves from downstairs in five minutes." Then grinning broadly, she headed back inside and down the steps.

By the time Joan, Judy and Ron got downstairs, Sara was stripped down to just her collar and had laid out all of the Jurgensen's toys on the couch in the big room.

Ron glanced back up the steps to be sure that the door to the stairway was closed and said, "I assume you girls decided in advance to keep things down to Kevin's comfort level."

Joan replied, "Julie asked us to keep it to the carousel level on the deck tonight. Evidently Kevin is afraid of roller coasters and she doesn't want to scare him off."

"But you aren't afraid of roller coasters," said Judy, running her hand down the front of Ron's shirt. "So let's get this ride rolling."

She walked over to the array of toys on the couch and exclaimed, "Wow! No wonder you were yelling. There is enough here to be too much for anyone."

"Not for me," answered Joan.

"Wanna bet?" fired back Judy.

"What's the stakes?" asked Joan.

"Sara told me how you had her wired up and used the paddle on her. We both get wired up. Ron and Sara swing the paddles and turn up the controls. Ron swats me; Sara swats you. Ron controls your electro-stims and Sara controls mine. We go until one of us says Uncle.'"

"What's the winner get?" asked Joan.

"Satisfaction," answered Judy.

"And the loser?"

"Losers!" said Judy with a smile. "We are in this as teams. The losers get strung up and wired up overnight while the winning team goes into the bedroom and makes sweet love all night long. Of course, the winners also have the right to come out once in a while and warm the losers' asses a little with one of the paddles."

"Do you agree to that, Sara?" asked Joan.

"I'm in," answered Sara.

"What about you, Ron. If you loose you end up with contact pads on your nipples and electro- stim rings on your johnson. You willing to risk that?"

"I won't lose," said Judy.

"Then I guess I will risk it," answered Ron.

"So," said Judy. "The submission word is Uncle,' and we keep going until one of us breaks."

"Orgasms don't count as breaking, do they?" asked Sara.

"No," answered Judy, "Only if you cry Uncle.'"

"Click, click, click, click, click," said Sara softly.

"What?" asked Ron.

"The roller coaster is starting up the first hill," answered Joan.

"We should probably all be naked for this," said Judy as she started to take off her top. Once everyone was naked, she stood under one of the beams and asked, "So, how does this work?"

"Sara knows," replied Joan as she stood under the other beam facing Judy.

Sara gave four cuffs to Ron and said, "Small ones on the wrists, big ones on the ankle. The clip close to the wall for the feet chain is double sided. Move it up the chain to tighten things so that her legs are held well apart."

When both girls were properly restrained, Sara handed one of the control boxes to Ron and said, "This belts onto her waist in the back - no put it on the front since I'm the one who will be changing control settings. I will do the same for Joan's."

Holding up one of the vaginal cups she said, "I think you can figure out where this goes. Remember to lube the contact strips as well as the metal dildo. It ties on like a thong bikini."

"I've never tied one of those in place before," answered Ron. When Sara looked up at him he added, "But I have untied a few of them so I guess I know how it is supposed to work."

After the nipple and vaginal electrodes were in place, Ron asked, "Are you sure you two want to go through with this?"

"The roller coaster is already at the top of the first hill," answered Joan. "Let's do it."

"Start with the nipple controls," said Sara as she turned Judy's control up to 3. Judy drew in a sharp intake of breath as the sting began.

Ron turned Joan's controller and she too reacted.

"It cycles up and down, so we should wait a little between changes." Sara informed Ron.

"Five minute steps?" asked Ron.

"Works for me," answered Sara. Meanwhile both Joan and Judy were starting to vocalize slightly as their bodies tried to get used to the tingling sting, and they worked to turn the pain into pleasure.

"Going to five," said Sara.

"Five it is," responded Ron.

Joan and Judy both began swaying slightly from side to side as the pulses bit into their nipples.

Five minutes later, Sara giggled and said, "Time for some pussy popping." She turned the other control knob to 3.

Ron did likewise, and both girls again took ragged intakes of breath as their body accustomed itself to the painful stinging sensation.

"It's too bad we don't have another couple of controllers," said Sara. "There are two anal torpedoes that we could have used."

"Some other time," grunted Joan.

"Pussy power to 5," announced Sara. Soon both Joan and Judy were grunting in time with the pulses.

"Nipples to 8?" suggested Ron.

"Why not?" answered Sara.

Now both Joan and Judy were starting to writhe as they worked desperately to turn the pain into pleasure. Neither was a natural at it like Sara was, but both soon began to thrust their pelvises in a fucking motion as their bodies finally started to respond - or perhaps in an attempt to make their bodies respond.

"Pussies to 8" said Sara. Now both girls were beginning to thrust and grind like Sara had done the night before.

"It's time for some paddle action," said Sara. She handed one of the thick leather paddles to Ron. "Make it loud," she instructed him.

"Thwack!!!" Both paddles hit ass cheeks simultaneously. After the third or fourth swat, both girls began thrusting their asses back and up to receive the paddle. It was hard to tell if this was because they were getting sexual pleasure out of the strikes, or were trying to show that they could take it and more.

Sara was pretty sure that Joan sort of liked it, but Judy seemed to be forcing herself. She was slightly surprised that Ron wasn't sporting an erection. Either he wasn't into swinging the paddle, or he recognized that Judy wasn't being turned on by it and felt too guilty about what he was doing to get turned on.

After twenty or so swats with the paddles, Sara said, "I think it's time for nipples to maximum."

Joan took a deep breath. Judy began to quiver slightly. Ron said, "Back to paddle time... on one, two, THREE." Again the thwack of the paddles resounded as they stuck squarely on Joan and Judy's asses.

Another twenty swats passed and Sara said, "Pussy power to maximum."

Joan was now swaying back and forth with each pulse. Judy was trembling and looked like she was about to break. Five swats later, however, it was Joan who suddenly yelled, "Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!"

Sara stepped forward and released the batteries from both controllers.

Judy's head hung slightly limp, but she quickly pulled herself together and said, "Ron, leave Joan where she is. Put Sara in my place."

Ron unclipped Judy's cuffs from the chains and removed them from her hands and legs. Sara put the cuffs on her ankles, but wasn't able to wrap them securely on her wrists by herself. Ron pulled them tight and secured the velcro to hold them in place.

Judy removed the controller from her waist and put it around Sara's waist with the controller in the back. Then she moved the controller that had been in front on Joan's waist around to her back. After wiping everything down with the antiseptic wipes which were with the toys, she re- lubed the vaginal plate and tied it in place on Sara.

Judy put the batteries back into the controllers and said, "I think we will set everything at level seven. That is just above pleasure, but not far enough into pain to be torture." After running her hand across Joan's bright red behind, she said, "Ron and I are going into the bedroom to see if my team can win the superbowl at least once tonight. We'll see you in the morning." Then she and Ron went into the bedroom and closed the door.

After the door was closed, Sara asked softly, "Why did you throw the contest? Judy was near breaking. I could see it in her muscles and in her face. You, on the other hand, could have gone on forever. We didn't have to lose."

"She has no inner fire," answered Joan. "For her it was all pain. She tried. She was trying to make it feel good, but she couldn't make it happen. I know I could have won, but I also knew that she couldn't afford to lose. There is no way she would be able to spend the night like this."

Sara smiled at Joan as she continued, "I know your fire will rapidly turn this into pleasure if it hasn't already. And I also know that watching you will keep my inner fire burning brightly enough that I can also turn the pain into pleasure. We lost, and our forfeit is that we have to endure a night of pleasure out here while Ron and Judy enjoy of night of pleasure in there. So, we didn't lose after all. We both won."

Sara rolled her head slowly as she savored the pulses that were tingling and biting at her nipples and her pussy lips. "It's a good thing I slept all day," she murmured as her body began to respond. "I have a feeling I am going to be tired again in the morning."

"You and me both," said Joan, as her body also began to respond and her hips began to thrust slowly back and forth in time with the pulses.

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The saga of "The Three J's and an S" WILL continue. They will be at the cabin for several more days, and they have another year and a half of college. A lot can happen in 10 days and even more in 18 months.
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