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Three J's and an S Go Skiing Day 6

by The Technician

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Day Six: Part 1

Ron and Judy, Kevin and Julie, Joan and Sara were sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast when Ron's cellphone rang - his regular cellphone, not the snow rescue satellite phone. He stepped away from the table to answer it and came back several minutes later looking upset.

"Well," he said, "do you want the good news first or the bad news."

"Let's go with good first," answered Julie.

"The lodge will be open for business as of 9:00 this morning. They are booked solid and expect to be full to capacity by nightfall."

"And the bad news?" asked Judy.

"They found a problem in the cable for the chair lift on this side of the mountain and it will have to stay shut down for another day at least. It looks like it took a lightning strike in that thundersnow we had just before Christmas and there is a burnt spot in the cable. It takes a special machine to cut out a section and re-splice, so they have to wait for the repair people to get here tomorrow."

"So what does that mean?" asked Julie.

"It means that you have a choice between the bunny hill with its rope pull to get up the little slope or the black diamond slope on the other side. The Mogul Hill is more or less open, but that is 'expert only' even when it has been properly groomed. We can get you up to the lodge, and you can ski back down here to the cabin, but the chairlift on this side is a no go until sometime late tomorrow."

"The bunny hill doesn't sound like much fun, and I don't think I can handle the expert slopes," said Sara. "I will just stay here and watch TV or whatever."

"I'll stay with Sara," said Joan. "We'll find something to do."

"I'll bet you will," snickered Judy.

"Everything doesn't have to be about sex," harumph Julie. "Two people can just sit and watch TV together."

"Maybe the Sara and Joan we knew last week before we came up here could just sit and watch TV together all day," responded Judy, "but I think we have all changed - a lot - in the last few days. "

Sara replied, "There's satellite TV and a strong internet connection. Joan and I are going to research some of her genealogy that we were talking about the other day. It looks like there might be some interesting stuff hidden away in the closets of her family tree."

"Hope you don't find too many horse thieves and ladies of the night buried back there," said Judy as she repressed a laugh. "Who knows what you might turn up if you started digging through my family's closets."

"We could come back early for lunch and see if you have changed your mind." said Ron.

"You four have fun on the slopes," said Joan. "We'll expect you back in about three hours. Sara and I will be OK here."

"We'll be more that OK," started Sara, and the rest joined her to finish with "we'll be fine... mighty fine."

Ron, Judy, Kevin and Julie were still laughing as they walked out onto the deck and down into the yard.

After they had left, Joan turned to Sara and said, "So, does this genealogical research begin with getting out a key that my aunts have hidden in that strange bench of theirs?"

"Like I said," replied Sara, "I'll bet there's some interesting stuff hidden away in your family closets. Why else would they go to so much trouble to hide the key?"

"Maybe so we wouldn't play with their toys like we have with the Jurgensen's." answered Joan.

"It probably isn't dishwasher safe," suggested Sara, "because whatever is in that closet wouldn't fit in the dishwasher. If it wouldn't fit in those big drawers, it has to be something big."

"Shall we begin our research?" asked Joan.

"After you," replied Sara with a bow and a sweep of her hand.

When they got downstairs, Sara said that she would go get the key and walked out into the area under the deck. When she returned, she was carrying the entire bench. "I was thinking...," she began, "This weird bench, or whatever it is, was probably expensive to have made. It has a lot of expensive looking hard wood in it. The very top portion adjusts up and down, and it is reinforced with steel where the wood joins together. I'll bet this has something to do with what is in that little closet."

"So let's see what is in the closet," replied Joan as she set the bench on end and pressed the dark knot in the wood that opened the secret drawer.

Sara and Joan walked together into the bedroom on the left and Joan tried the key in the lock. It unlocked and the door opened downward as though it were hinged on the bottom where it met the floor. But there were no hinges visible. Instead, two pins stuck out from the edges of the bottom of the door and were held in place by open-topped brackets that were attached to the wall.

"It looks like you are supposed to lift it up and out once you have it opened," said Sara. Joan did exactly that. There appeared to be several large boards stacked sideways in the small closet.

"Wait a minute," said Joan, and she opened one of the closet doors. "The floors in the closets have been raised up about two feet so that you can slide something really long in there. Help me drag those boards out into the main room."

With a little tugging, grunting, and groaning, Sara and Joan dragged several large boards out of the closet and into the main downstairs room. They returned and each carried a stack of smaller boards out into the room. There was also a medium-sized wooden box filled with black iron straps and bolts, and a large, padded board that looked like the seat to a strangely shaped chair.

"There's something else big tucked in on the other side," observed Sara. ""There's also a little bench and a big leather box of some sort." She handed the bench and box out to Joan and said, " I think I can slide this other thing out into the bedroom and pick it up."

A few moments later, she carried what looked like a black half-barrel out into the main room. "I didn't realize they were this heavy," she said. "This thing must weight twenty or twenty-five pounds."

"You know what it is?" asked Joan as she set down a black padded bench or stool that seemed to match was Sara was carrying.

"Oh, yeah," answered Sara. "I've seen pictures." Setting it down she added, "And I've seen some very interesting videos of this thing in action."

"What is it?"

"It's a Sybian."

"But what is it?" asked Joan again.

"It would be a lot easier to see what it is if the attachments were in place," responded Sara as she opened up the black leather case that had also been in the closet. She held up a T-shaped piece of soft, pink plastic and set it on top of the black leather half-barrel.

"It's a vibrator!?" said Joan, her face showing her obvious surprise.

"Oh no," answered Sara, "this is much, much more than just a vibrator. This is the B52 of vibrators. The Sybian is the top of the line, leading edge, female masturbatory machine in all the world. They cost over a thousand dollars and the extras can run that up to almost two thousand. It vibrates, rotates, pulsates and just about every other "ate" except munching on you. These things can give you so much pleasure that they can actually be used for torture."

"No thanks," answered Joan, "I've already had my brains fucked out by machines once this week."

"But I haven't," said Sara with the puppy dog look on her face. Her eyes were glistening over with tears. "Do you think Sandy and Mandy would mind if I gave it a test drive? I'm pretty sure that the attachments can be washed and sanitized even if they can't quite go through a dishwasher."

"I don't think my aunts would mind," said Joan. "... especially if we don't tell them."

Joan looked around the room and continued, "But before you fuck your own brains out with that thousand dollar dildo, let's see if we can figure out what the rest of this stuff is."

"Now that I am thinking heavy duty BDSM," said Sara as she looked around, "I think the long boards we pulled out of the closet are a Saint Andrew's Cross." She pointed at the long, heavy boards on the floor, "See, you can tell where the boards cross and the bolts hold them together in a big X shape. Those shorter boards with the hinges on them must attach to the uprights and the short lengths of chain go between them to hold everything up like a giant artist's easel. That padded thing that looks like the top of a chair is probably the body pad for the center of the cross."

"That leaves those other boards with the half holes in them and all the short pieces with plates and hinges attached to them." said Joan.

Sara walked around the room holding some of the pieces in her hands. Suddenly she turned and walked over to the bench. "This is a base for that," she said, pointing over to the Sybian. That's why it has six legs. The middle legs are to strap your legs to. The metal brackets hold the Sybian in place, and the eyebolts recessed in the end connect to the chains attached to...." She looked around the room and suddenly said, "... those eyebolts halfway up the beams. With or without the Sybian clamped in place, the bench can be held directly between the beams in the center of the room."

She walked around the room some more twisting the large piece of wood in her hands that had one large and two small half-circles cut out of it. "And this is a pillory that mounts on top of the bench if the Sybian isn't there. See, if you put the two big pieces together, they form a big hole for your neck and smaller holes for your wrists."

She went over to the bench and turned some of the adjustments. "This can be raised to almost five feet in the air. It wouldn't have to go that high just to make a Sybian horse, but if this pillory were clamped in place, it would be just the right height."

Sara put her hands on her hips and faced Joan. "Your aunts, Sandy and Mandy, are two totally kinky ladies. How did you turn out so straight?"

"If you consider intentionally losing so that I ended up spending an entire night in electro-sex bondage as being 'straight,' I would hate to see what you consider 'twisted.'"

"Stick around," said Sara with a wide grin. "You might get a chance to see just how twisted I can be." She then carried the bench into the center of the room between the two beams with eyebolts and began attaching the leg chains to the four corners. She also attached four chains to the ceiling beams.

"I see how this is supposed to work," she said with a satisfied smile. "See how this bracket goes under the wood and slips into these brackets on the ends of the Sybian. Somebody has done some modification to the internal base plate so it can be held firmly in place on this horse rather than just setting it on the floor or on a bed."

Sara set a pad of thick rubber on the top of the bench. It fit exactly. "I'm not sure what this pad is for. Maybe it controls noise or lets the machine vibrate more freely." She had Joan help her set the Sybian in place and together they adjusted the height of the bench so that the top of the device was just below her waist.

She then went over to the accessories case and brought back a medium sized dildo attachment and an almost flat one with a large nub in the center of it. "You could actually remain a virgin and use this machine," she explained. "In fact, with this one," holding up the flat attachment, "you wouldn't even have to take off your clothing." She grinned and added, "If you didn't mind getting everything all wet and gooey."

As she put the dildo attachment in place, she continued to explain to Joan, "The man who invented this says that you don't really need anything ramming inside you for the orgasm of your life. That's why it vibrates and rotates rather than thrusting like a man. If I could find a man who could rotate and vibrate, maybe I would switch sides."

Sara checked that everything was properly in place and said, "I will start with this one and work up to the double penetration one or maybe even that extra large monster."

"Don't wear out my aunt's expensive machines," said Joan sarcastically.

"I think I am going to do a Julie on you," said Sara.

"What do you mean?" asked Joan.

"I want you to tie me up in this like Sandy and Mandy have it set up for and then take over the controls. You do whatever with the speed, intensity and amount of rotation. I want to show you that I totally trust you."

"Rotation?" replied Joan.

"Yes, rotation," answered Sara. "Weren't you listening? It doesn't just vibrate." She held up her index finger and twirled it in small circles, "It also rotates and wiggles. At full intensity, it is supposed to be able to make a frozen nun climax in just a few minutes."

"Hah!" laughed Joan. "Take my word for it, some of those 'frozen nuns' aren't as chilly as you would think. From the roof deck of one of granddad's summer houses we were able to look down into the valley at the back yard of a convent. They had a big swimming pool back there. There were high walls, so I guess the sisters thought no one could see them in their bikinis. We were the only house overlooking the bluff, and we weren't there most of the time, so I guess they forgot about us."

"Anyway, you could always tell when the mother superior was out of town because when she was gone, so were the suits. I never saw anything else. They weren't kinky or into public sex or anything like that. But they did like to lay around in the sun naked. They probably thought skinny dipping was a mortal sin that would send them straight to hell, but they still did it. The priest probably had to take a cold shower after hearing their confessions that week."

Sara laughed. "I went to public schools, remember? But if I confessed everything I did to a priest, he would probably have to run barefoot and bare assed out into the snow just to cool off."

"So what exactly do you want to do, and when?" Asked Joan.

Sara finished tightening all of the clamps and adjustments on the bench and walked over to the wall to plug in the Sybian. She picked up one of the sets of wrist cuffs. "These cuffs have two sets of D rings on them. That's because they are supposed to connect to two sets of chains, one from each end of the beam. That way my hands are held in place just like the bench is held in place."

She picked up two wide belts that were in the accessory case. "These belts wrap around my ankles and those middle legs on the bench so I can't get up off the Sybian. If you adjusted the bench high enough, it would be pure torture with my cunt carrying my whole weight on that pounding ridge. But I have it set so I can keep some or most of my weight on my legs."

"So all you have to do is strap me in place, turn it on, and turn me on." Sara giggled. "I really want to see what my inner fire does when it is dealing with pure pleasure rather than a mix of pleasure and pain."

"If you really want to do this, I'll do it for you."

"I want it," answered Sara as she swung her leg up over the Sybian, impaled herself on the dildo, and settled down into the "saddle."

"OK" said Joan as she began to wrap the wrist cuffs around Sara's wrists. After she had them in place she reached up and pulled one of the chains over to one of the cuffs. Since she was in front of Sara, she attached the chains from that side first, and they pulled Sara forward on the Sybian, but after Joan had stretched the second set of chains over and snapped them in place, Sara was held very upright on the machine.

She asked, "Are you seated where you need to be?"

Sara answered, "Yes," and Joan bound Sara's legs to the center legs of the bench.

"Wait," said Sara. "This isn't right. With my hands held tight like this, I can't bend forward and there is way too much pressure against my front inside from the dildo. Maybe we have to go with that flat nubbly thing."

"Or maybe you didn't have everything figured exactly right," answered Joan as she moved Sara's foot forward and set it on a small ledge a little ways up from the bottom of the front leg. Joan strapped the foot in place and did the same to the other leg. Sara now looked like she were riding a very strange motorcycle. Sara must have thought the same thing because she said, "Vroom, Vroom," and twisted her hand like she were controlling the throttle of a bike.

"Let's see what this does," said Joan, "and what you do in response."

She switched the unit on and the Sybian began humming softly under Sara. She increased the amplitude of the vibration and Sara said, "Wow!"

Joan said sweetly, "Let's see what this control does."

Sara pulled against her wrist restraints and said, "Ah! I can feel that moving inside me."

Joan played with the controls for a little while and the sound of the machine - and Sara - varied in tone and intensity. Finally she was more or less satisfied with the combination and stood in front of Sara.

Sara began to moan slightly and said, "That is really intense."

Joan moved the controls again and Sara began saying "Yes... yes... yes..." She looked up at Joan and said, "Pure pleasure is much better than pure pain." After taking a deep breath she went on, "... the right mixture of pleasure and pain is really nice, too."

She tilted her head back so that her throat was totally open and moaned deeply. "But pure pleasure is really, really, really nice."

Joan watched as Sara then began to go into the pleasure as she had so often gone into the pain - giving her body to it... swaying with the sensations boiling within her... letting her body and mind soar together and separately upward into the source of her inner fire.

"Just leave it at that level and let me float here for a while," she murmured to Joan. "Right now, I want this to go on forever."

"Forever is a long time," said Joan. "I am going to go soak in the hot tub and will be back in 15 minutes."

Sara's only response was a long "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" as she undulated her body between her wrists which were held in place by the chains and her pelvis which was held in place by the Sybian's upright dildo.

Joan started to leave, but Sara called out to her, "Joan, before you go, let me see your body. I want to imagine your body as I go higher and higher."

Joan laughed. "Sara, you are weird..., but OK." She quickly slipped off her sweatsuit and underwear and stood in front of Sara.

"Like what you see?" she asked as she turned slowly around. When she was again facing her, Sara gave her what could only be described as a smile of contentment and then closed her eyes and once again went back to a long "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" as she swayed in the Sybian saddle.

Joan blew her a kiss and walked up the steps to the hot tub. Fifteen minutes later she traveled back across the deck to re-enter the cabin and check on Sara. She gasped, however, when the door would not slide open for her. Despite tugging at the door and slamming her fists against the glass, it would not open.

She ran frantically down the steps of the deck and around to the front of the cabin. Running up the front steps she grabbed the handle of the front door, but it, too, would not budge. The front door was locked!

She thought of the car and driving up to the lodge for help. The fact that she was nude wouldn't have stopped her, but the keys were inside the cabin. She thought of running to a neighboring cabin, but the closest was almost a mile away by road, and she had no guarantee that anyone would be there. She ran back around to the door beneath the deck. It might be open... but it wasn't.

Finally she walked dejectedly back up onto the deck, and to stay warm, submersed herself in the hot tub while she tried to think of some way to get back into the cabin. She lost track of how many times she walked around the cabin trying to find some way to get in or break in. Had the deck chairs not been firmly attached to the deck to prevent theft, she would have thrown one of them through the patio door. She looked for a large rock or tree limb or anything which she could use to break a window, but everything was frozen under the snow.

When the snowmobiles finally came into the yard, Joan was curled up against the patio door beating softly on it with her fists and crying.

Ron and Kevin came running up the onto the deck. Kneeling down beside her, Ron asked, "Joan, what's wrong? What's happened?"

Between sobs, Joan replied, "I accidentally locked myself out of the cabin and Sara is inside on a sex machine. She's been there for almost three hours." Joan was now totally blubbering,. "I tried to get back in, but I couldn't. I couldn't even break the glass in the door."

"Why didn't you use the emergency key?" asked Julie. "You told us about it on the way up here. It's taped in place under the deck rail by the hot tub controls."

Joan shot to her feet, "Oh my God! How could I have forgotten."

She ran across the deck and clawed at the area under the deck rail. There was a wide double strip of something like duck tape with an edge folded over so she could get hold of it. She peeled it off and beneath it, wrapped in plastic wrap, was a key. She ran back to the patio door and inserted the key.

"It's already unlocked," she screamed. "Why won't it open?"

Kevin, looking through the glass, said, "The safety bar has fallen down into the track. The door won't open."

"The front door will," cried Joan as she ran down the steps of the deck and through the snow to the front door. A moment later she was running across the cabin to lift the safety bar to allow Ron and Kevin in.

"She might be hurt!" screamed Joan. "Please come help me."

The five of them ran downstairs.

Sara was drenched in sweat and humming softly to herself. As they ran over to her, she opened her eyes and said, "Hello Joan. It started getting painful a little while ago."

She continued to explain with a dreamy expression on her face, "But by then my inner fire could have melted steel, so I just went into the pain and mixed it with the pleasure while I waited for you to come back. Did something happen? Are you OK?"

Joan was crying, "No, Sara, are YOU OK?"

"Let's get her out of this," said Kevin and he and Ron started unfastening chains and straps. Joan picked up the control and the Sybian went silent.

Ron and Kevin lifted Sara off the Sybian saddle and set her on the couch. "I'm going into my doctor mode here," said Ron. "I'm not being a dirty old man. I need you to spread your legs so I can check for damage."

"I don't mind," answered Sara. "I have no inhibitions, remember?"

Ron reached out and slightly spread Sara's labia. "There is some bruising," he said, "but she is basically OK." Turning to Sara, he added, "I would stay off that thing at least for the rest of the day, however."

"Anything you say," she replied. "You're the doctor."

"Not yet," he answered, "but definitely don't try to wear out that machine. I don't think even you can do that."

He helped her to her feet. Joan, still crying softly, embraced her. As they hugged she said, "I am so sorry. I panicked. I could have gotten back in here hours ago if I had just kept my head."

"That's OK," responded Sara as she hugged her. "I could have stayed there for a lot longer."

"But then you might not be able to walk for a while," added Ron.

"It would have been worth it"

Sara looked around at everyone and said, "And now it's time for me to fix you all some lunch. I will get out some sandwich stuff while you get your coats and stuff hung up. Then you can join me in the kitchen."

A little while later the six were sitting around the table eating. Ron said, "Did you ladies bring something nice to wear?"

"What do you mean?" asked Joan.

"The boss said Kevin and I and our guests or family are supposed to attend a special banquet at eight tonight at the lodge. That idiot we rescued is evidently a rich idiot, and he wants to show his appreciation for saving him and his family."

"I don't have anything really fancy," answered Julie.

"Fancy up here is clean and dry," said Kevin. "A nice, light weight sweat suit would be acceptable. A dress would be better." He laughed and added, "But you can forget about high heels unless you carry them into the lodge in a bag. Heels really don't work in the snow."

"You get us back here by six tonight, and we will be ready by seven thirty." said Judy. "If you have a car, you can pick us up, or the four of us will drive up to the lodge and meet you there."

"I think it would be best to meet at the lodge," answered Ron. That way Kevin and I can change into something at our rooms in the aid station building. We will meet you at the front entrance to the lodge at 7:45."

"So, what's up for this afternoon?" asked Joan.

"You guys could come with us and try the upper slopes," suggested Kevin.

"It would keep Sara off the sex machines," added Judy.

"I'll wait until the lower slopes are open," answered Sara. "What are you guys going to do?"

"Kevin is going to complete his qualification for the e-cass," chirped Judy. "I've volunteered to be the patient, so I get to ride in the sled with Ron."

"That isn't as great a prize as you think," said Ron. "It really bounces around back there, and part of the certification is that you have to take the sled up and down each of the three main slopes. That includes the Mogul slope."

He turned to Joan and Sara and continued, "Technically, Kevin and I are now off-duty now. We left the e-cap up at the aid station with one of the other teams. When we leave here after lunch, Judy and Joan will be riding my machine and Kevin will be towing me in the e-cass. We will make a run up and down a couple of the slopes and then I will write up the evaluation. We'll leave the e-cass at the aid station, and then, assuming someone doesn't need it, after we ski for a while, we will go back and Judy and I will get in the back while Kevin and Julie ride up front. For the qualification test a rider up front is allowed, since sometimes you have to bring back someone with the injured party and they might have to ride with you."

"So, you guys ski and qualify, and Sara and I watch TV or whatever."

"I saw whatever set up downstairs," said Judy. "Just make sure that one of you doesn't get trapped outside while the other one is tied to that cross in the basement."

"Oh, we wouldn't use that cross this afternoon," answered Sara with a grin.

She paused until everyone was looking at her. "But there is a pillory that goes on the bench in place of the Sybian."

"You two!" said Julie.

"Don't knock it until you've tried it," answered Sara.

"Well it's time for us to hit the slopes," interjected Ron. "We should be back here around six to drop off Judy and Julie." He got up and began gathering his boots and coat. "See you then," he added and then said, "Oh, almost forgot." He walked over to the door and lifted the upright safety bar totally out of the track. "You are supposed to hang this on the hook on the wall to keep it from accidentally falling back down into the track and locking you out."

When Joan looked up at him, he added, "You aren't the first person we've had to rescue outside in the snow after the patio doors locked them out."

"You aren't even the first naked person we have had to rescue," said Kevin. "I don't think I will ever forget that hugely obese fifty-five year old man from last year," he added with a shudder.

"That's because you want to remember that twenty-three year old model he had in the hot tub with him," replied Ron with a laugh.

"There's that too," responded Kevin as he put on his boots. A few minutes later, the whine of snowmobile engines faded off into the distance.

Sara was cleaning up the kitchen while Joan continued to sit at the table. After a little while Sara turned to her and asked, "What's bothering you?"

"I screwed up!" she answered. "You trusted me, and I screwed up. You could have been badly hurt because of my stupidity."

"The safety brace falling into the track was an accident. You can't blame yourself for that."

"But I CAN blame myself for panicking and forgetting about the emergency key," wailed Joan. "I would never be able to forgive myself if something had happened to you because of my mistake."

"I forgive you. Just let it all be in the past," said Sara as she sat down at the table with her. She took Joan's hand. "But it looks like you already can't forgive yourself."

"I DON'T forgive myself," cried Joan. "I can barely look at you without thinking that I could have really hurt you bad with my stupidity. I need to do something to make it up to you so we can both move on and let it be in our past. This may be nothing to you, but it is a giant wall to me."

"Sometimes the slave must teach the master," said Sara softly. Then she asked, "Are you asking to be punished?”

"No..., yes..., maybe..., I don't know," replied Joan. "but I need to do something so that my guilt is balanced out."

"Sometimes, for some people, forgiveness is not enough. If you really want me to punish you, I will. What kind of punishment do you have in mind?"

"Nothing..., something..., " Joan suddenly raised her head. "The pillory!.... I want you to put me in the pillory for the same amount of time that you were on the Sybian." She stopped and looked up at the ceiling as if she were reading something or trying to remember something important. "And I want you to use one of the paddles on me... ten swats every ten minutes. And I don't want to be able to change my mind, so use one of the ball gags."

"I was on that Sybian for two and one-half hours. That's 150 minutes. That would be 150 swats."

"160 actually," replied Joan. "If you count the ten at the start."

"Do you really want to do this?" asked Sara.

"That question seems to be getting asked a lot lately," answered Joan. "Yes, let's do this."

They both went back downstairs. Joan stripped off her sweatsuit. She had not bothered to put underwear back on after they had rescued Sara. Sara was still wearing nothing but her collar.

"Help me take this apart," said Sara as she started loosening clamps and brackets. After they had lifted the Sybian off the bench, they began assembling the pillory that mounted in its place.

"I think this platform thing goes on first," said Sara.

"Then what are those holes for?" asked Joan pointing toward two large holes on the flat, padded base.

"Well," replied Sara, "If your head is on that end and you are bent over, something on your anatomy is going to be hanging down about there." She had set the platform in place and put her hand through one of the holes.

"Oh," said Joan as she handed Sara more pieces of wood.

"This forms a pad for your shoulders so you don't accidently damage your windpipe while your head is in the stocks."

"You seem to know how this is supposed to work, Sara, so I want you to set me up right and punish me like I said."

"Do you want the full set up?" asked Sara.

"Yes," answered Joan. "But don't tell me what it is. Just do it."

"OK," said Sara as she tightened the last bracket into place. "Let's adjust this to your height as you are bent over."

Joan bent over the now complete apparatus and set her head in the large half-circle and her wrists in the two smaller half-circles. She could feel the padding on the front of the platform pressing lightly against her thighs and the slightly higher padded step pressing against her chest just above her breasts.

"Those other cuffs in the accessories box," said Sara with a note of surprise in her voice. "The ones without the attachment rings. I see what they are for now."

She ran back into the bedroom and returned with two wrist cuffs. They were almost identical to the others except they had no attachment rings on them. They did, however, have a rather high ridge that ran along the outer edge of both sides of the cuff.

"Let me put these on you," said Sara as she wrapped the cuffs around Joan's wrists. When Joan again placed her wrists in the half-circles, the wood of the stocks fit exactly in the groove formed by the ridges on the edges of the cuffs.

"And that explains what that big thing is," said Sara as she went back into the bedroom and returned with what appeared to be an oversized version of the wrist cuffs. "This goes around your neck," she said. "Of course, not very tightly, but it acts as a pad so you don't get bruised or cut by the stocks if you thrash around... or should I say WHEN you thrash around."

Joan stood up and Sara wrapped the neck cuff somewhat loosely around her. She then put her neck and wrists back into the stocks.

"Now all I have to do is put the upper board in place and you are all set. Well, almost all set."

Sara put the upper half of the stock in place. There were two threaded rods which fit through holes in the lower half and protruded downward an inch or so beneath it. Sara threaded a washer and large wing nut over the post and tightened it in place.

She then went upstairs for something and returned a moment later and said, "I'm setting this timer for ten minutes. Every time it rings, you get ten swats. In the meantime, I will be riding the Sybian - with it set on a very low setting - and will be taking in pure pleasure."

Sara then came around in front of Joan. "Now that I have you totally secured, we can finish the set up. First the ball gag so you can't object or change your mind. Last chance to back out."

Joan said, "Do it. You may not need to punish me to forgive me, but I need to be punished to forgive myself. Just do it!"

"OK," said Sara as she put the gag in place. Then she held something up in front of Joan. They looked like oversized, old fashioned earrings with the screw thread that tightened onto the earlobe. The dangley part, however, looked more like a fish weight than a decoration. It even had "5 oz" imprinted on its side.

Sara reached under Joan and began to attach the nipple clamps. Joan grunted. "They have to be tight enough so that they don't drop off as they swing. The reason that the holes for your tits are so large is because they will bounce when you ass bounces. These will swing as your tits swing and add to the punishment."

"Of course, if it were me in there and you were working on me with a dildo or a strap-on, I would probably like the sensation."

Sara stood back in front of Joan. "The final accessory," she said, holding up a blindfold. She put it in place and announced, "Now we are ready."

Joan was now in darkness. She tried to remain still so that the weights on the nipple clamps would stop swinging. They had finally come to rest when she heard Sara say "One," and her ass exploded in pain. Sara swung at a steady, measured pace. After the fourth swing, Joan noticed that the nipple weights swung exactly four times between each swat.

"I am really stupid," she thought to herself. "I was stupid for not removing the safety bar from the patio doors. I was stupid for not remembering the emergency key. I was stupid for not forgiving myself. And I was REALLY stupid for setting my punishment at 160 swats over a period of an two and a half hours."

Sara finally said, "Ten," and Joan tried to stop her dancing feet so the nipple weights would stop swinging. It helped to count the swings as the clamps tugged at her nipples. "Eleven," she said to herself when they finally stopped swinging. Now it was just a matter of waiting for the next round of her punishment.

As she waited, she could hear the Sybian began to hum softly. Soon Sara was also humming.

The timer rang and the humming of both the Sybian and Sara stopped. "Time to get back to work," said Sara softly. A few moments later she said, "One," much more loudly and Joan yelled into the gag as the paddle slammed into her asscheeks and the nipple weights began swinging wildly.

Joan was crying heavily into her gag by the time Sara said, "Ten." Then Joan heard the Sybian again start up and shortly thereafter Sara's happy humming filled the room.

"I think she knows exactly what she is doing," thought Joan. "She knows that I feel guilty that I caused her pain, and she is following my orders to punish me, but at the same time, she is showing me that she also had pleasure in that pain and I didn't really damage her ability to get pleasure, even from the Sybian." Joan shifted her legs slightly and the nipple weights began swinging again. "Why didn't I just sit and talk this over with her."

Joan had a lot of time to think and Sara had a lot of time to hum as the cycle was repeated over and over again. Finally the timer rang and Sara announced, "Last set." Then she said, "Before I start this one, I am going to remove these."

Joan felt Sara's fingers on the nipple clamps and then they both came free. Her nipples burned intensely from the rush of blood back into them.

Sara explained, "I thought you might want to have something to take your mind off the tingle while they get back to normal." Then she announced the first swat.

After the second swat, Joan was wishing that Sara had left the nipple weights in place. Without the distraction of the pain of the swinging weights tugging at her nipples, the pain of the swat seemed to be that much more intense. Or maybe it was because she had already received over 150 swats by that time.

Joan was dancing and writhing from the paddling when she heard Sara say, "Let's get you out of that." It was over.

Sara removed the blindfold and then the ball gag. Then she unscrewed the rods that held the top of the pillory stock in place. As she took the top half off the stocks, Sara said, "Don't stand up yet. You will probably get dizzy and I don't want you falling and breaking something. Ron and Kevin might not understand.

"I don't really understand," answered Joan. "But now there is nothing between us but what we want to have there. My guilt is gone. Only my love is left."

"Your guilt was probably gone at around 25 swats," responded Sara. "but I would have kept going to five hundred if I knew that's what it took to get you to say you love me."

"How long have you loved me?" asked Joan.

"Since before I knew what love was," answered Sara, "And I would have still loved you if you had fallen in love with some man and married him. You don't choose who you love. And you can't choose who will love you."

"I've always known that I more than liked you," said Joan with deep emotion in her voice. "But everyone - including me - expected me to meet 'Mr Right' someday and settle down and raise a family."

"You are my 'Ms Right,'" said Sara, almost crying. "And I could be your 'Mrs Right,' if you wanted me."

"We will see," said Joan as she stood upright and drew in a very deep breath. "In the meantime, Ms Right needs to soak her sorry ass in a very cold bath so maybe I won't have to stand through dinner tonight."

"Why cold water when there is all that ice cold snow out there?" replied Sara.

When Joan raised her eyebrows, Sara added, "No sex. I won't even come out with you. But right now, the snow is probably the best ice pack your blistered butt ever had. Go freeze your ass a little to stop the pain and swelling and then you can go up and take a shower to wash away the sweat and stink. I'm going to take the Sybian horse out for a full gallop to top things off and then I will clean up and get dressed."

As Joan went through the doorway under the deck to go out into the snow, she could hear a very loud humming noise from the Sybian vibrator and almost immediately a very loud wail from Sara.

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There is one more episode after Day 6 in "The Three J's and an S Go Skiing" The saga will hopefully continue. Sara has already talked about wanting to go to Mardi Gras sometime, And Joan's dad thinks it would be a good idea for the girls to have "real jobs" over the summer.


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