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Three J's and an S Go Skiing Day 6 Part 2

by The Technician

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Day Six: Part 2

Again, there is basically NO SEX IN THIS SEGMENT. This is the second half of what was supposed to be a minor plot and character development. I may turn these stories into a book someday, so I am leaving the section, but putting it in its own segment that you can just skip if you want to. If you just want the sex skip to Three J's and an S Go Skiing - Day 6, Part 3. Judy and Julie tell the others what happened in the afternoon and Sara tries to get things back in balance in the red ass cheeks department. For the most part, the stories in this series are pretty mild. If you are looking for heavy duty stuff, try one of my other story series.

* * * * * * *

It was after 7:00 when the snowmobiles came roaring back into the yard. Judy and Julie jumped off and scampered up the steps into the cabin while Ron and Kevin turned the units around and roared back up the hill.

"You're running really late," observed Joan and they hurried into the cabin.

"We know! We know!" they both yelled in unison. "We'll explain everything later."

"Joan and I have already showered and gotten most of the way ready," yelled Sara. "We will stay out of your way."

"Yeah," said Joan to herself. "All I have to do is figure out what I can wear under this skirt." She was currently standing in an off-white pleated skirt with a bright red blouse above it. She was carefully wiping off a pair of four inch heels that exactly matched the skirt. Beneath the skirt was an equally bright red bottom and nothing else.

Joan had returned to the snow in the back yard several times since she ordered Sara to punish her. Sitting in the snow took away the sting, but sitting anywhere else was brutal. She walked into the living room and looked at herself in the mirror. She fluffed her hair slightly and then turned around, lifted the skirt, and looked at herself in the mirror over her shoulder. The globes of her ass were red and swollen with dark purple splotches starting to form right on her "sit spot."

Sara came into the room. "I should have stopped after 25," she said. "I knew you had been punished enough, but you said ten every ten minutes for two and a half hours, so I kept going." She hung her head and lifted up her eye at Joan like a small child caught by a parent. "Besides, for each of those ten minutes, I was riding the Sybian up to the heights of heaven."

She sighed and stepped forward with her hand held out. Joan didn't quite catch what she said at first, but as Sara placed something in her palm, she said "These will help take away the pain. They are left over from when I screwed up my back last summer. They are really powerful, but NO alcohol. Without any alcohol, these things will get your buzz on, but with even one drink, not only will it totally blotto you, it can kill you."

Joan took the two pills and walked back into the kitchen for some water. After taking the pills, she went over to the stairway to the basement. "I'm going to go downstairs for a few minutes and sit on an ice pack," she told Sara as she started down the steps.

"Take a towel with you,' said Sara, as she started down the steps. "Or you will get that skirt wet when you put it back on."

"Got it covered," answered Joan.

Joan entered the basement area, took off her skirt and draped it over the couch, and then, naked from the waist down, went outside through the doorway under the deck. She walked a little ways out into the snow and sat down. There were several other depressions in the snow nearby where she had "sat on an ice pack" earlier in the day. Unlike Sara, the icy feel of the snow was not pleasurable to her, but it did temporarily kill the pain and was definitely helping to control the swelling.

As she sat in the snow, she could feel the pills beginning to take effect. She could also feel the snow melting between her legs and becoming slightly slushy against her and pushing further up into her ass cheeks and the cleft of her sex. "Sara would really like that," she said to herself, "but I am starting to get uncomfortable." With that she got up and went back into the basement.

Joan dried herself with the towel she had taken into the basement earlier, and stood around for a few minutes making sure that she was totally dry before she put her skirt back on and went back upstairs. As she climbed the stairs, she felt slightly light headed, almost dizzy. "Whoa," she thought to herself. "These pills are good stuff. It's a wonder that Sara didn't share them earlier."

When she got back upstairs, Sara was holding a bag with four sets of heels in it, and a small clutch handbag. She called out, "Judy and Julie are almost ready. Julie used her remote starter thingy so the car is warming up. We won't have to wear coats for the few minutes up to the lodge." She then looked over at Joan and asked, "Are you carrying a purse, or do you want me to keep that extra pain pill in mine?"

"Extra?" asked Joan.

"Didn't you hear me tell you 'One for now, one for later.'?"

"Oops," said Joan with a slight giggle.

"Definitely no alcohol," replied Sara. "I'll put my bottle of pills in my purse, but I don't think feeling pain is going to be your problem tonight. You are so 'not feeling any pain' right now."

Judy called out from the front door, "Time to go. We said we would meet them at the entrance to the lodge at 7:45."

The four girls hurried down the front steps and into the car. Since it was Julie's dad's car, she drove. When they got to the lodge, the parking lot was fairly full and they had to park a little ways from the door. "Good thing we didn't just stay barefoot," said Julie, looking at the thin layer of snow covering the parking area.

"What do you mean, we?" answered Sara. Joan, Judy and Julie were wearing tennis shoes. Sara got out of the car barefooted. Ron and Kevin were waiting for them just inside the door.

Noticing the bag that Sara was carrying, Kevin said, "I was only joking about carrying your heels in a bag. The tennis shoes would have been OK." After a withering glare from The Three J's and Sara, he turned to Ron and muttered, "Women....."

Ron just smiled and held out his hand for Judy. "Sara, you can check that bag with the tennis shoes in it at the coat check." Seeing that there were only three pairs of shoes in the bag, he added, "Did somebody forget something?"

"Oh, somebody definitely forgot something," answered Sara with one of her lopsided grins. "It was windy in the parking lot," she added and grinned over at Joan who suddenly turned just a few shades less red than her blouse. "But I," continued Sara, "intentionally left my tennies down at the cabin so there are only three pairs to check."

As she walked over to the coat check, Ron and Kevin turned toward each other and raised their eyebrows. Kevin asked, "Do you have any idea what she is talking about?"

"I don't think I want to know," answered Ron.

Together they both muttered, "Women..."

The main hall of the lodge had been set up for a banquet and it was packed. "How did they get so many people invited is so short a time?" asked Judy.

"Mr Montrose invited them," answered Ron. "There is a picture of his father over the fireplace. They are the family that donated most of this mountain to the state for a park and backed the building of the resort. Big money... old money."

"And people just came?" asked Julie.

"There was an announcement taken to all the rooms and cabins saying that Mr Montrose wanted to celebrate the reopening of the resort after the storm and was inviting everyone to a free banquet at the lodge at 8:00 pm." answered Kevin.

"Free food... free booze," added Ron. "That will pull in a crowd every time its tried. We really need to get to our seats."

They had just gotten themselves seated when the wait staff swarmed among the tables. There was a choice of several entree's and several different choices for wine. When Joan started to order a glass of wine, Sara cut in with "No alcohol tonight for Joan. She is already feeling no pain from some pain pills that you can't mix with alcohol."

"Forgot," said Joan. "I guess it's water or 7up for me tonight."

"Why the pain pills?" asked Ron.

"It's nothing," explained Sara. "Besides, it's all behind her now."

Joan shot a very stern stare at Sara.

Kevin started to ask something else, but Ron gave him a quick look indicating that they should shut up while they were ahead.

Following the meal, everyone sat around talking for a while until someone approached the microphone at the head table and asked for everyone's attention. "That's the idiot from the car," said Ron.

Kevin looked back and forth between Ron and the man at the microphone, "Isn't that Mr. Montrose?" he finally asked.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," the speaker began. "Some of you may recognize me, or may note the strong family resemblance to my father whose portrait hangs over the main fireplace here in the lodge. And I think that all of you heard what happened the other day. So.... half of you are probably thinking 'How can anyone that rich be that stupid?' And the other half are probably asking yourself, 'How can anyone that stupid be that lucky.'"

He looked out over the crowd and made a hand gesture pointing to several of the tables in the front. "I am here tonight because of these people," he continued. "I did something extremely stupid and extremely dangerous. I didn't know how stupid it was until my go-anywhere-at- anytime all wheel drive SUV bogged down in the snow. I didn't know how dangerous it was until an avalanche tumbled that 8000 lb SUV down the mountain like it was an acorn. I am very rich, but I did what I did because I was an idiot, and my family and I are alive because we were lucky enough to have these people in our world."

He paused to look once again at the tables. "One man... and then eight more, came out to rescue us from my idiocy. They knew how stupid it was to be on that road. They knew how dangerous it was to be there. And yet they came out to where an idiot had buried an SUV on a closed road. They didn't do what they did because they were idiots; they did what they did because they were heros. I don't know who said it, but I read it on a plaque somewhere, 'A hero is just a person who is brave enough to do their duty when duty calls.' This idiot... this very rich idiot would like to thank you heros for bravely doing your duty."

He held up several envelopes in his hands. "For the county plow driver, Mr Harold Watson... for the state rescue workers, Mr David Long and Mr Robert Watson - cousin of Harold's.... for the county rescue workers, Mr Wyat Thompson, Mr Larry Michelson, Mr William Polk, and MISS Shirley Jones... and especially for Snow Rescue EMTs Ron Jeffry and Kevin James, I have, in each of these envelopes, a certified check for $250,000. The taxes are all taken care of and if there are any problems, the card for my lawyer is also in there. Just call them. They will straighten everything out. My people will get with you in a little while and explain how this all will work."

"In addition," he continued, "I have arranged for a 'meritorious admission' to Harvard School of Medicine for Ron and Kevin who are both pre-med students here at the local college." He turned and addressed them directly. "Or if you would rather go to Stanford or Johns Hopkins, I can arrange that also." He smiled out at the crowd. "There are some advantages of being a billionaire, even if you are an idiot billionaire."

Seeing their looks of shock, he went on. "I've checked you two out. Your grades are more than adequate, but schools like that also need a little push from above to get you in. Or, if you would rather go somewhere else, just let my people know. There are still a few medical schools in the country that don't have a building named for my family."

Kevin and Ron just stared at each other with open mouths. "And don't worry about tuition and books and that stuff. All you have to worry about is your living expenses, I will pay the rest."

He then turned back to the crowd and said, "I've always wanted to do something great in my life, but I am too much of a rich, spoiled, self-centered idiot to ever do much except manage money my great-great-grandfather made back in the old days. But these two have already shown that they are willing to give their lives for others. They will make great doctors, and giving the world two great doctors like them may be my only way to bring greatness into the world."

There was a tremendous round of applause, after which Mr Montrose concluded, "Enjoy your dinner and sleep well tonight knowing that there are heros among you."

Ron and Judy, Kevin and Julie, Joan and Sara sat talking excitedly among themselves until two men in dark suits came over and bent down to speak with Ron and Kevin. "I'm sorry Judy," Ron said. "We've got some legal papers to sign and then the lodge wants us to do interviews with the local news media. I think they said something about a news conference tomorrow morning, so it looks like we are stuck up here tonight."

Kevin took Julie's hand. "We're back on duty at the aid station tomorrow morning, so you four are on your own tonight and most of tomorrow. Why don't we meet you back at the cabin for supper. I might use some of my new-found wealth and get some pizzas delivered from town."

Ron asked, "Will you girls be OK on your own tonight?"

"We will be more than OK," they said in chorus, "We will be fine... mighty fine." Their laughter caused people at several surrounding tables to look over wondering what was going on.

Kevin kissed Julie lightly on the lips and Ron gave Judy a quick kiss on the cheek. "See you tomorrow night," they both said as they accompanied Mr Montrose's "people" back into the office area.

"Shall we go?" asked Julie.

The four of the got up from the table and started toward the door. "I'll go get your tennis shoes from coat check," said Sara. "Unless you want to walk barefoot with me across the snow in the parking lot."

"I'd rather sit bare assed in the snow at the edge of the parking lot," answered Joan. "But I think I will wait until we get home to get bare assed naked."

"You're already bare assed under that skirt," said Sara. "Like I said, it was windy in the parking lot. Half the people here know that you are bare assed under that skirt."

"I didn't hear you say to take only one pill," said Joan, her face turning red. "It kind made me loopy."

"Oh, that explains a lot," said Julie.

"What do you mean?" asked Joan.

"I think she is referring to the fact that you were stroking my breast and legs most of the night." answered Sara. "Those who didn't know you were bare assed, know you have a girl friend."

"I don't have a girl friend," said Joan, standing up very straight. "I have a fiancee."

"That makes three of us," replied Judy.

"I think we have a lot to talk about when we get back to the cabin," said Sara.

Judy, Julie, and Joan handed their heels back to Sara to put in the bag which already held hers. She handed them back their tennis shoes, Joan refused saying, "Put them back in the bag. I'll barefoot it with you. Maybe some of that cold will work its way up to my bare ass and cool things off a little."

Sara stuck her tongue out at an older woman standing nearby who had overheard them and was looking at them with an obvious expression of shock and disgust on her face. Then taking Joan's hand they walked out into the parking lot together.

Day 6, Part 3

"So who wants to go first and say what happened for them today?" asked Julie after they got back to the cabin.

"I'll start," said Joan. "It's pretty simple. After you two left with Ron and Kevin, I was feeling so guilty about having let Sara down that I had her punish me by locking me in that pillory downstairs and spanking me... hard... really hard... a little bit too really hard." She turned around and lifted the back of her skirt so that Judy and Julie could see her ass cheeks.

"Wow!" said Judy and Julie together. "No wonder you took those pain pills and wanted to go out and sit in the snow. Your ass is all red and swollen. How many times did you tell Sara to spank you?"

"Ten," answered Joan. Then she added, "Every ten minutes... for two and a half hours."

"Shit!" exclaimed Julie, "That's 150 swats."

Sara said, "Actually it is 160, if you count the first ten."

Everyone looked at her and she continued, "Only Joan would correct you on that as you are swatting her ass with a paddle." Sara smiled and went on, "Afterwards, she told me that the guilt was gone and all that was left between us was her love for me." She paused for a while before continuing, "And then I said that I had always loved her, and one thing led to another and I guess we sort of proposed to each other."

She looked over at Judy. "When Joan more or less announced our engagement, you said, 'That makes three of us.' So tell us what happened between you and Ron and you and Kevin."

"Kevin asked me to marry him while we were on the chair lift," bubbled Julie. "He said that he felt that I was the one from the moment he met me. We are going to wait until we both get our undergraduate degrees. Before tonight, I was afraid that I might have to put off graduate school for a while. Now all we are trying to figure out is when and how to do the whole 'meet the parents' thing. We figure we should at least let our parents think we are taking it a little bit slow, so we probably won't get rings until spring break."

"Did Ron ask you on the chair lift also, Judy?" asked Joan.

"Not exactly," answered Judy, turning slightly red.

"Oooh, this should be interesting," said Sara. "Tell us all about it."

"When we left here," began Judy, "Ron was in the e-cass behind Kevin, and Julie and I were on Kevin's snowmobile. We followed Kevin up and down the service trails alongside the slopes and finally got to the aid station. We went skiing for a while and then Ron said that we should finish getting Kevin qualified, so we went back to the aid station."

"The e-cass was still hooked up to Ron's snowmobile. Ron opened the back door and told me to slide in on one of the stretchers."

Judy looked around at the other girls, "If the small one is a glass coffin, the e-cass is a glass funeral coach. It is all plexiglass or something. The outside is one of those wrap on plastic things like they use to put advertizing on busses. You can't see inside, but from the inside it is like looking out through tinted glass all around... and above. As I slid in, it was like I was laying on a bench or picnic table outside somewhere."

"Ron slid in beside me and said, 'You might want to hang on. It can get really bumpy in here.'"

"I started to ask him, 'Hang on to what?' when he reached over me and pulled two straps up over me from alongside the stretcher."

"As we started moving, he said, 'I could strap you in, but we don't usually do that unless we are dealing with a drunk or someone who doesn't know what is going on.'"

"'But what if it suddenly gets bumpy.' I asked, and almost immediately Kevin must have gone over some rough snow or something because it got very bouncy in there."

"'In that case,' answered Ron, 'I throw myself over the person and hold them in place.' And he did just that. We were passing skiers going down the hill or just waiting at the edges of the slope."

"'What must this look like to them?' I asked. 'You're laying on top of me.'"

"Ron laughed. 'You can't see in, only out. You could be lying there naked with this parked outside the lodge and no one would notice. We could both be naked going down the slopes and all anyone would see was a red, Snow Rescue, e-cass ambulance. If there were any room in here we could be screwing our brains out and, as long as we weren't too noisy, no one would notice.'"

That image flooded my mind and I started flooding somewhere else. I asked, 'So why can't we screw in here?'"

"'The same reason you can't do much in the bottom bunk of a bunk bed.' he replied. 'No headroom.'"

"We had reached the bottom of the first slope, Kevin stopped and walked back to check on us. There were people right up next to the walls of the e-cass and as Kevin was walking back around to the doors of the e-cass, I suddenly had this image of us lying there fucking while Kevin drove us around among all these people through all the slopes. Ron told Kevin that everything was fine back here, and that's when I knew what I wanted to do. I asked, 'Don't you guys have radios?'"

"Both answered, 'Of course.' So I said, 'Then, Kevin, you just keep going. If anything isn't fine back here we will give you a shout out on the radio.' Kevin said, 'OK,' and went back up to join Julie on the snowmobile."

"As we started moving again, Ron asked, 'What was that about?'"

"Bunk beds don't bounce on their own,' I answered and started skooching out of my clothes."

"'What are you doing!?' he asked and I answered, 'Just get naked and get inside me before the bunk bed starts bouncing.'"

"It took a moment before it finally hit him what I was asking him to do. He said "Oh... OH!" and started trying to get out of his clothes. Luckily for us, a couple of skiers wanted to ask Kevin something and it was a several minutes before we started moving again. By then we were both naked and Ron was trying to slide up on top of me."

"It was such a turn on to be lying there like we were on a picnic table in a public park full of people, and yet no one could see us. I was sooo wet before he even slid over on top of me. He was right. There isn't much head room in that thing. I could barely raise my legs to give him better access, but he got inside me and began sliding slightly up and down on top of me."

"It was nice, but then the e-cass started bouncing and that was terrific. Ron wasn't moving that much in and out of me, but he was really bouncing against my clit. That was a totally different experience, it was taking me higher and higher and higher. And while we were doing this, I could look out the windows on either side or on the top and watch people going by on both sides or on the ski lift above."

"I started cumming and screaming and suddenly Ron clamped his mouth over mine to keep me quiet. It was intense. He was basically lying flat on top of me bouncing with the motion of the sled as we traveled down the rough snow at the edges of the main slopes. For some reason," Judy stopped to give a big grin to the others, "For SOME reason, neither Ron nor I noticed when Kevin got to the bottom of the slope and started to make a wide swing across the flat area to start back up on the other side. The sudden motion rolled us over onto the other stretcher and suddenly I was on top."

"Our legs were a little twisted together, but Ron was still inside me. I tried to bring my legs up under me so I could straddle him, but there just wasn't enough room in that little ambulance. I spread my legs around his and pushed myself up on my arms and just let the bouncing of the e- cass do the work. My breasts were hanging down and Ron reached up and began playing with my nipples. In a little while I was screaming again and then sudden we could hear Kevin's voice on Ron's radio. 'Are you guys OK back there? I thought I heard you yell or something.'"

"Ron dug through his clothes and found his radio and answered, 'Everything's fine. Judy was just enjoying the scenery a little too much.'"

"Kevin answered, 'One more slope and then back to the aid station. I'll let you out of back as soon as we get there.'"

"'Take your time,' answered Ron, 'and don't open the doors when we get back. I will release things from the inside when we are ready to get out.'"

"A little while later, we turned ourselves over and Ron was back on top. As we were bouncing down the last slope, Ron said, 'This isn't exactly how I had planned to do this, but are you willing to marry someone who is almost as crazy you are?'"

"I said 'Yes.' He wants to take a little bit more time to be sure that there is more to this than just wild, kinky, sex. So, for now, Ron and I are just 'Pinned.'"

"'Pinned?' asked Joan. Ron isn't a member of a fraternity."

"Yes he is," answered Judy, "One of the most exclusive fraternities there is." She pointed to a oval golden pin on her sweatshirt. In the center of the pin was a red square with a white cross on and the words Snow Rescue. "He is a part of the fraternity of heros."

The four of them hugged each other in a group hug for a few minutes and then Julie said, "It is actually getting a bit late. Anyone for a short dip in the hot tub before we head off to bed.?"

Joan answered, "I don't think heat is exactly what my ass needs right now."

"It's what mine needs," said Sara.

Something about the tone of her voice caused The Three J's to turn abruptly to look at her. "What's wrong?" asked Joan.

Sara looked down at the floor. When she raised her face, her eyes were swimming in tears. "When you said that you needed to be punished to remove something that had come between us - on the inside, I was laughing at you. I mean, if you're forgiven, you're forgiven. It's over? Right?"

"But then I over-punished you. I could see that you hadn't realize how painful a full-on ass spanking like that could be. After 25 swats, you had learned your lesson, or whatever it was that you needed. I should have stopped. But I didn't... and it wasn't just because you had told me not to stop."

"I had a ball gag in my mouth. Remember?" said Joan. "I couldn't tell you I had made a mistake or changed my mind."

"You didn't have to tell me, Joan. I knew. I could tell. I knew at 25 you were broken. I should have stopped at thirty, but I wanted to keep going so I could keep going back to sit on that damned Sybian. God!, that machine is pure pleasure. I put my pleasure above your pain, and now I can't stop thinking about it."

"What do you want?" asked Judy.

"I want the three of you to take me down to the Saint Andrews Cross and tie me in place. And then I want each of you to take a paddle and give me ten hard swats. Do it all at the same time so that they come hard and fast and I can't turn that pain into pleasure. Then my butt will match Joan's butt and we can go out and sit in the snow together and say that we love each other. You can laugh at me if you want to, but it's what I need."

She looked up at Joan and whimpered "I laughed at you because I didn't understand. I do now, and it is OK if even you laugh at me, but please do this so we are back in balance."

"You two are going to have a strange and wonderful relationship." said Judy.

"I'm strange," answered Sara, "She's wonderful."

"OK," said Judy. "A little detour to the basement to make Sara's ass all bright and red and burning so it will match Joan's. Then Julie and I will come back up to the hot tub while Joan and Sara go out and melt some snow."

They went down into the basement together. Sara stripped off her dress and underwear. "I wore underwear just so I wouldn't accidentally embarrass any of you at a high class function tonight."

Joan slipped off her skirt and blouse. "But I was the one with the bare ass." Then she added, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes," said Sara as she stood against the cross and put her arms up against the upper cross pieces. Judy began to strap her arms in place.

Meanwhile Julie came back from the bedroom carrying three paddles. After handing one each to Judy and Joan she said, "Ten, as hard and fast as we can. Right, Sara?"

Sara nodded and The Three J's began swinging. The noise of the paddles striking flesh was loud and fast. Sara was screaming after just the first few swats. On one swat, Judy's paddle actually landed on top of Joan's. She didn't count that one.

After just two or three minutes all three J's said, "Ten!" and stopped their paddling. Sara was hanging slightly limp and crying.

"So that's what pure pain feels like," she said. "Pure pleasure is much, much better."

Joan ran her hand lightly over Sara's bottom. It was hot and red and slightly blistered at one spot. "I think you will need to sit in the snow with me for quite a while tonight." Then she asked, "Did you get what you wanted?"

"Yes," answered Sara. "The wall is gone. Only the love is there." She looked over her shoulder at Joan. "Maybe next time when we feel a wall starting to rise, we can overwhelm it with love and pleasure rather than breaking it down with pain."

"That would be a good thing," said Joan as she started unstrapping Sara from the cross.

"See you two in the morning," said Julie as she and Judy went up the steps toward the hot tub.

"In the morning," answered Joan as she led Sara out through the doorway under the deck to find some fresh snow in which to sit.

"Maybe by morning, we can come out here and melt snow in a different way?" said Sara. "but for now, I just need to cool off the fire in my ass before we go to bed."

"I think we are both strange," said Joan.

"And both wonderful," sighed Sara as she sat in the snow.

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There is one more episode after Day 6 in "The Three J's and an S Go Skiing" The saga will hopefully continue.
Sara has already talked about wanting to go to Mardi Gras sometime, And Joan's dad thinks it would be a good idea for the girls to have "real jobs" over the summer.
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