Women Will Save The Males

by Tigerstretch

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© Copyright 2021 - Tigerstretch - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; ravish; handcuffs; hospital; sub; reluct; X

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Chapter 1 - Isuki

"Mishaaaaa! I'm tireeed!"

"I know, but whining won't make your shift end faster."

"But it's Friday, and I want to go back home!"

"And what will you do once you reach your living room couch, Isuki? You never do anything anyway."

"I don't know... Maybe you can spend your weekend with me? It would be like a date."

"AH! In your dream. You are a good friend, but I already have three girlfriends to take care of. I don't need one more."

"But, I have no one! Nobody wants to date me."

"It's because you are complaining all the time, and you only try to date me because I'm your only friend. Come on, now. Follow me. We have one last round to do today before we can go home."

Misha grabbed her see-through glass tablet from her office desk and poked Isuki on the side of the head, which didn't even interrupt her lethargy. Sure, it was Friday, and most of the staff had already left for the weekend, but it was no reason to stop being professional.

Having no other choice but to comply, the small nurse finally got off her chair and followed her similarly dressed dictator coworker with the intent of accomplishing some work.

It was no secret that Isuki was trying to get some brute affection from Misha, but a person had to set reasonable boundaries at some point. Her targeted lover was already hooked to three other girls, and the continuous rejection of her demands was totally justified. Still, being alone sucked, particularly in this society.

The two women walked together to the nearest elevator, giving plenty of time for Isuki to grab Misha's arm.

"Cling as much as you want. You know it's useless."

"You get to touch people all the time, and I don't. Let me have this, okay?"

"Suit yourself, Isuki. I don't mind at all."

Pressing her cheek on Misha's naked shoulder felt good. At least their nurse uniform was small enough to expose most of their body, which created plenty of opportunities for innocent skin on skin contacts. Their white mini-skirt barely hid their panties, and their minimalist top tied in front in a cute knot was just enough to cover their boobs. Because it was quite warm inside the facilities, all the nurses were happy to wear this adorable outfit while working.

Around their neck, Misha and Isuki both wore the same pendant representing their profession. In their case, since they were nurses, it was a big red cross. It helped others identify what they were responsible for and conveniently served as an electronic passport to access the building's different areas.

Even though they were identically dressed, it was still easy to differentiate the two women. Misha was taller with shoulder-length brown hair, she had a prominent chest that overfilled her top, and her hips were definitely curvier than her friend.

Isuki, on the other hand, was a cute girl of Asian descent that a lot of people were jealous of. Her short black hair covered one of her big black eyes, and her chest, even if not nearly as impressive as Misha's, was still showing that she was a developed adult despite her adorable short size.

After entering the elevator, Misha pressed the S button, sending it to the storage section, the facility's lowest underground floor. This little trip allowed some more time for chit chat. Misha had a hard time understanding what Isuki's problem could be.

"Anyway, Isuki. Why are you alone? How is it even possible? How old are you now? Eighteen?"

"Nineteen. And I don't know. Nobody likes me."

"You know that's not true. Lots of people like you. You are just pushing them away when there is some romance involved."

"I'm not pushing them away! I just..."

"... push them away?"

"Yeah! So what? I'm scared, okay!"

"Scared!? What are you talking about? Jennie was after you like crazy. Were you blind or what? She is super cute too. Why didn't you ask her out? She would have made the best girlfriend ever."

"She has two girlfriends already... She doesn't want more..."

Misha frowned at that last comment and detached Isuki from her arm. She then placed her hands on her shoulders to make sure she would understand reality.

"She was SINGLE at the time she tried to date you, and you know that. She only met her new girlfriends two months ago. What's wrong with you? What are you scared of?"


"Isukiii... Tell me, or else I can't help you!"

"I... I never had sex..."

"WHAT? How is that even possible? You are super cute and fun! Everybody would love to play with you."


"Anyway, there is nothing scary about sex. Jennie wouldn't have judged you for being inexperienced. On the contrary, she would have enjoyed teaching you all her mean sex techniques."

Isuki turned her head sideways and looked down while letting out an unhealthy groan. It was an embarrassment to be nineteen and still a virgin. Everybody she knew had this kind of fun way younger, usually after a pillow fight during a movie night with friends. But it had never happened to her for reasons she couldn't explain.

As much as she would have loved to know what hot sex was, the stars had just never aligned. Over time this shameful reality had turned into a handicap, and it was harder and harder to imagine that it would ever happen to her. If only she could get herself to...

"Have you ever kissed someone at least?"

"... mmph..."

"WHAT? You never even kissed a girl before?"

"Aaaah! Leave me alone, Misha! I don't want to talk about this anymore."

"As if..."

As soon as Misha discovered her friend's most shameful secret, she grabbed Isuki's hair at the back of her neck and placed her other hand around her neck, pushing her chin up. Being a few inches taller than her, Misha didn't have any difficulty overpowering her friend.

"Ack! Misha! What are you doing!?"

"I'm fixing you!"

Without hesitation, Misha pinned Isuki against the wall, making the elevator rattle and causing the aggressed girl to raise on her tiptoes not to get strangled more than she already was, and then their lips touched.

There was nothing shy about that one-way kiss. Misha pushed her tongue inside Isuki's mouth and attempted to make her react by giving her something firm but pleasant in the most erotic way possible.

Isuki just kept her arms to her side, not even trying to fight back, and let her friend do whatever she wanted. Slightly choked by the fingers around her neck, she knew Misha didn't require her approval at the moment. Anyway, she was too busy trying to process those new sensations.

After a few seconds of intense kissing, the elevator stopped half-way to its destination, and the doors opened. As if this moment was cursed, Jennie, the nurse they had talked about only a moment ago, entered the elevator and gasped at the shocking scene, which didn't stop Misha from continuing her action.

"Awww... MISHA! I tried to get Isuki for so long! How come she let you kiss her like that!?"

"She didn't let me. I'm forcing her."

"Oh, okay. Feeew! That makes more sense. Oops, I thought you were going up!? I'll just go down with you and then ride back up if that's okay. I'm done for the day."

As if there was nothing special about the forceful make-out scene, Jennie pressed the button to close the door, and the elevator resumed its course. But almost immediately, she turned around, still not fully digesting the fact that Misha had taken the initiative to do kinky stuff to the girl she had tried so hard to get for herself.

"It's still not fair!"

"Aaah, don't worry, Jennie. I'm not dating her. I'm just kissing her."

"I want to kiss her too, then! If I had known she was into being forced, I'd have done the same."

"Alright, alright. Don't act so angry. I'm not sure that she is that much into it to be honest, but go right ahead. She is not even resisting anyway."


"Yes. Look at her. She is all confused. That's a perfect opportunity I would say."

Jennie didn't have to be asked twice about this. Being on the shorter side like Isuki, she pushed Misha out of the way, quickly wrapped her arms around Isuki's thin waist, and pressed her generous chest against hers. Before the small victim could even comprehend what was happening, Jennie's tongue was deep inside her mouth, exchanging her delicious saliva.

Blonde with blue eyes, Jennie was the typical pretty nurse that everybody admired. However, her personality was a bit intense. When she wanted something, she wouldn't give up easily. The fact that Isuki had never ended in bed with Jennie despite the relentless harassment she had to endure was simply remarkable. A magnificent failure.

Misha analyzed the scene and shook her head in frustration. The reason why she had decided to kiss her friend in the first place was to incite her to get out of her shell, but it didn't work the slightest.

"Isuki! Do something! A hot girl is French-kissing you! Aren't you going to take more out of this experience?"


"I don't know, moan a little? Hug her, maybe? Grab her boobs? Do something, for crying out loud!"


The best Isuki managed to do was raise an arm half-way up, but Jennie already was in attack mode. Already too much into it and unaware that this kissing was just supposed to be a lesson, the blonde nurse pushed Isuki harder against the wall and kissed her even more wildly while grabbing her ass. 

Jennie's determination to fully enjoy the moment made Isuki lose all willpower. It also caused Misha to rub her eyes in disbelief; this was a pathetic waste of opportunity. How could Isuki be so easily dominated by a girl her size?

The elevator stopped, and the door opened. Jennie finally let Isuki go and stepped back.

"This your floor, Isuki?"


Isuki's legs gave up, and she crumbled down to the floor like a bag of potato.

Misha dragged her romantically defective friend out by the arm.

"Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Have a good weekend Jennie."

"You too, Misha. Bye Isuki! Thanks for the kiss! It was fun. We will do it again, right?"


Jennie never got an answer, and it took Misha some effort to pull Isuki back on her wobbly legs. When she recovered her senses, she had bright red cheeks and glassy eyes and was ready to be scolded by her coworker once more knowing that she had wasted another opportunity.

"Seriously, Isuki? What's the matter with you? This is why you are still single! You are not even trying to get what you want. Your attitude was deplorable."

"... So... So this was... a kiss?"

"Oh, for fuck sake, Isuki! In what world do you live? Alright, let's go do our job so we can go home too. We will work on your incomprehensible behavior another day."

Misha swiped her pendant on the reader, which triggered a large metal door to open. The two girls entered the dark room and headed toward the nearby console. Pressing the blue button slowly dimmed up all the lights in the large room, as if not to stress the power system.

With the place now lit, the two nurses admired the always impressive rows upon rows of standing pods. Each of them was made of grey metal with a tinted glass front door, and the massive amount of cables connected to them ran on top of rails attached to the ceiling. The level of technology around here was beyond ordinary.

"Hey, guys! How are you doing?"

"Misha! Don't... Don't talk to them! It's creepy."

"No, it's not. Maybe they can hear us."

"Aaaah! Don't say things like that! You know they can't!"

"Haha. Scaredy cat! Come on, Isuki, we have to verify number 23 first. He is right there."

Not wanting to hear any more insane theories, Isuki took the lead and headed toward pod number 23. The first thing she did was press the blue button on the side to turn on the inside light, which revealed its mysterious content.

A typical male body stood inside the pod, eyes closed and inanimate. He wore a skin-tight grey suit made of breathable material and had an electronic collar with a few flashing lights snuggly fastened around his neck.

Casually, Misha loaded her monitoring tool on her tablet and started the diagnosis.

"His blood pressure is a bit high. Lower it by three points."


Isuki played with the touch screen attached to the pod's side and adjusted the settings according to the direction she had received.

"Outside that, he looks fine. His blood sugar is normal this time. I think we finally found the right dosage for him."

"Yeah, it was a bit concerning the other day. But you know, this one is old. Maybe we should monitor him more often."

"Yeah, he is 575 years old. Let's wait a few more weeks. If we detect more trouble, then we will flag him for transfer."

"Yeah, we have so many of them anyway. It's no big deal if we lose him."

Disliking what she had just heard, Misha pushed Isuki on the shoulder to turn her around and angrily pointed her finger at her nose.

"Hey! Don't say things like that, okay! You know how important they are for us, Right?"

"Calm down, Misha. I was just kidding. Yeah, without them, we would be in serious trouble."

"Exactly, so don't joke about it."

"Stupid meteorite!"

"You got that right."

What Isuki had referred to was the great male extinction that had occurred about five hundred years ago. It had drastically transformed their civilization.

Back then, a small meteorite rushing toward Earth had been detected at the last minute, not leaving any chance to put in place any countermeasure. The only thing humankind had time to do was evacuate the region where it was estimated to strike and pray that it wouldn't cause too much damage.

When the critical moment had arrived, a line of fire and smoke had shredded the sky in half, and the space object had hit the ground at an extreme velocity, only flattening a large number of trees in a deserted area along with roasting a few critters. 

Following this extraordinary event and the lucky result, everybody had gone home to celebrate their survival. It had quickly been classified as a somewhat minor incident... That was until the human males started dying inexplicably.

It hadn't taken too long for the word to circulate. The asteroid had brought a vicious virus, or something along those lines, that was spreading so fast that the science community barely had time to react. Only attacking the males, the virus had made them fall like flies, leaving the heavy burden of finding a solution on the women's shoulders. The males' priority had been to isolate themselves not to get infected.

Most had lived for months, some lucky ones for years, but not a single one of them had been immune. Even the genders hovering the middle of the spectrum had been affected for the most part, leaving the scientific world puzzled. What could have been so different between males and females to cause this discriminating catastrophe?

Nobody had ever found an answer to the virus, but a new field of study named cryostasis had quickly emerged. It had taken years for women to perfect it, but they had succeeded just in time to rescue a few thousands remaining males by placing them into pods which would keep them alive until someone would discover a better solution. The ability of humankind to perpetuate their race depended on those precious pods.

The facility where Misha and Isuki worked hosted about three hundred of those rescued males that would be carefully harvested for reproduction purposes. The large building not only served as a storage but also as a research center where many people still tried to find a cure for the elusive sickness, perhaps to one day bring back the males.

Of course, half a millennium later, the situation's perspective had drastically shifted. For sure, history was still there and well accepted by everyone, but males were just a strange concept for most people these days; most of them had never seen one in real life. Male care was nothing less than a field of study at the university, one that Misha and Isuki had picked as a career.

They were just nurses, not scientists or historians, so their role was pretty limited. They wouldn't be the ones finding a solution to the males' horrible faith. Perhaps the only awareness they had that the general public didn't was that they actually had seen real males with their own eyes.

"Okay, let's go check the next one... Let's see... number 52."

"Oh, is that the black one. I like him a lot."

"Yes, let's see. As per the historical data, he was from a country called Nigeria and had a wife and two daughters."

"Well... had... They died five hundred years ago. Can you imagine how he would feel if we were to revive him?"

"Isuki! That's horrible. Don't make me think about things like that. It's so sad."


One by one, the two girls inspected all the pods flagged for inspection and corrected a few minor problems along the way. Overall, it was business as usual, and an hour later, they were back in the elevator, ready to head out for a well deserved weekend.

Being confined in a small space again was enough for Isuki to cling back to Misha's arm.

"What now?"

"You... You gave me my first kiss."

"Yes. One that you should have begged for over five years ago. Now that you know what it is, don't you want to get yourself a girl or two and enjoy life?"

"Can... Can you do it again?"

"Isuki! That's enough! Grow up! Even Jennie was happy to kiss you. Why are you acting like an idiot? Find a girl you like and go get her. You know I'm not available."

"I... I just don't like the thought... of being the one..."

"The one what? What are you talking about now?"

"... Well... The one, you know... who initiates things..."

Misha looked up at the ceiling and groaned loudly, understanding a bit better why her little friend was acting like a baby all the time.

"Isuki? Are you THAT submissive?"

"Well... Maybe... I don't know."

"Is that why you never attempt anything outside begging the girls you knew would say no to dates? Was that just a smokescreen to make us believe you were trying?"

"... Maybe..."

"And is this also why you didn't respond to Jennie when she flirted with you? Because you were waiting for her to force herself on you enough?"

"Perhaps... I dunno."

"Okay... I heard enough, Isuki. Let's go home. You are giving me a headache! I can't believe what I'm hearing. You have to learn how to take the initiative at some point and not wait for others to always make a bold move on you."


As expected, Isuki's weekend had consisted of nothing interesting. She knew her friend Misha was right and that nothing fun would magically appear out of thin air if she weren't ready to go out there and get what she wanted. Despite that, she couldn't bring herself to try new things, meet new people, or even send a good signal that she was available and interested.

Riding the aerobus back to her storage facility this morning was a bit tougher than usual because she knew Misha would reprimand her again for having wasted another perfect weekend. On top of that, Jennie would probably still be a bit mad now that the cat was out of the bag, and she knew that she had missed an opportunity to date her; Jennie was really into her before she finally gave up and met other girls. As she fiddled with her red cross pendant, Isuki felt a bit guilty about that last one.

The big flying bus reached the landing pad and let the employees out; a few nurses, doctors, scientists, and even some mechanics and janitors. The small group walked to the main gate, scanning their respective pendant to get into the facility.

When it was Isuki's turn to scan hers, she only received a humiliating red light denying her access. She tried a few more times with the same result. The gate just wouldn't open. Wondering if she had forgotten to renew her accesses and having no desire to delay the other workers more than she already had, she headed to the small security booth to discuss her problem.

The woman wearing this a star necklace, lazily sipped her coffee with her two feet up on the control desk while reading something on her tablet. Like with the other workers, her uniform matched her role. As a security guard, she wore those knee-high leather boots, a tight and shiny black vinyl shorts that were molding her ass and crotch nicely, and similar to the nurses, a small top held together by a front knot, hers was marine blue.

She almost spilled the hot drink into her very open cleavage when Isuki carelessly knocked loudly on the side window to catch her attention.

"Isuki? You scared the crap out of me! What is it?"

"Hi, Elana. My pendant doesn't work anymore."

"Did you get fired?"

"Hey! Don't say things like that! What is wrong with it?"

"Aaah, no sense of humor. Give it to me. I'll check."

Unceremoniously, the sexy security woman snatched the red cross presented to her and placed it on a metal plate next to her computer before making a strange face.

"So... What's wrong with it?"

"All your accesses were revoked."

"Revoked? Why? Did I forget to renew something?"

"No, someone has revoked them on purpose early this morning. Strange. I wasn't made aware."

"Why did they do that? I have work to do! I need to get in."

"Yes... Give me one sec, Isuki. I need to check something first."

Elana casually walked out of her booth and positioned herself behind the young nurse. Without warning, she grabbed Isuki's wrist and twisted it behind her back before grabbing her hair and pushing her face against the window.

"Ack! Elana! What are you doing!?"

"I'm arresting you!"

"Arresting me? WHY? You aren't even a cop. What did I do?"

"Nothing, it's just protocol. I have to arrest anyone who tries to get inside the facility without authorization."

"Mmm... Are you sure about that? You are just the security lady. Aaaah! Don't be so rough. I'm not even resisting."

"I know. I just like doing this a lot."

It didn't take long before Isuki ended with her hands cuffed behind her back. What could be more humiliating than this? The answer to this pointless question arrived right away, and it was not a bureaucratic one.

From behind, Elana reached for Isuki's boobs and began massaging them through her sexy nurse uniform.

"Hey! Why are you grabbing my boobs!?"

"I'm searching you for weapons. Do you have any on you?"

"What!? NO! Why would I? You are just fondling my breasts for fun!"

"You mean... Like this?"


Elana slid her two hands inside Isuki's top and reached for her nipples to playfully pinch and twist them for no apparent reason. This searching technique didn't feel very legit. As if it wasn't bad enough, instead of fighting back, Isuki's first reaction was quite the opposite as it should have been. Her cheeks turned red, and she stuck out her tongue a little.

“Aaaanh! E... Elanaaa... Are... are you done searching me?”

"Mmm... They are so soft. And no, I need to check down there too... You know, just in case."

"... Aaaah!"

A soft feminine hand slid down inside Isuki's mini-skirt, and a finger pressed right over her slit through her thin panties, not so coincidentally massaging her clitoris. With her hands cuffed behind her back, there was nothing she could do to stop the procedure.

"Aaaaah! I... I think you are not supposed to do that when you are searching people, Elana."

"Ah, no? Are you telling me how to do my job?"

"N... no... but... Nggnn!"

"You don't seem to hate being searched. So, just be patient, okay."

"Aaah... O... okay..."

"I think I have to search you more thoroughly. I think you may be hiding something from me."

Elana spun Isuki around and pinned her against the wall in a rough and dominating move before wrapping her hands around her waist. It was like the elevator all over again. Overpowered, Isuki couldn't do anything else but to receive Elana's deep kiss; the security woman was undoubtedly bending a few rules here... or was she? It wasn't all that clear for Isuki anymore since her brain became blank.

Who would have thought that Elana was such a great kisser, though? Instead of fighting, Isuki just melted like garlic butter over a hot snail plate. And it got even worse when a hand reached her crotch again, this time sliding inside her panties.


"Oooh, you are super wet. I think you like it when I'm searching you, don't you?"

"N... no... I don't..."

"No? And what if I do this, then?"

Without warning, Elana slid her middle finger inside Isuki's boiling vagina and quickly reached her g-spot, making the small nurse squirm like a worm. Her juices were flowing all over Elana's fingers. Nobody had ever done this to her before, yet her accesses had never been revoked either.

For a little while, Elana ignored Isuki's inaudible protests and attempted to bring her to the edge while deep-kissing her. There was nothing like a Monday morning when people had access problems, and when they were cute and irresistible like Isuki, it was even better. Getting to roleplay with a sexy nurse was a nice accomplishment, and she would be able to brag about it to whoever would want to listen. The way her little prey was acting, not being convinced if this was legitimate or not, was very entertaining and almost adorable.

But all fun things had to come to an end; a loud voice interfered with the steamy scene.

"ELANA! What are you doing to Isuki? I said to call me, not to play with her!"

"Oh... Misha? Right. I must have misread the note you left in the system."

"As if! Let her go. I need her. Isuki, why are you letting her do this to you?"

"But... She said... she needed to search me..."

Elana took her hand out of Isuki's drenched panties and put her soaked fingers inside her victim's mouth to silence her while interrogating Misha further.

"What did she do to have all her access revoked anyway?"

"Nothing! It's an internal decision. And take your fingers out of her mouth, will you."

"But, she is sucking on them happily. Look! And what does that mean anyway? Internal decision? Is she still working here? I can't let her in if she has no access."

Isuki was super confused and still recovering from her almost-orgasm while Elana forced her to taste her own pussy juice. The drool around her mouth betrayed that it may have been delicious, or at least new and exciting. All in all, it just made it harder to follow the conversation between Misha and Elana and understand why she had ended up in that situation in the first place. At least she was being rescued... or so she thought.

"Okay, that's enough. Uncuff her, Elana. I need to take her to the lab."

"Aaah, you are no fun. Okay, okay. Just give me another minute. We were having fun. Just one minute, okay?"

"Sure... whatever... one more minute."

Happy to have been granted a little extra, Elana turned to Isuki and kissed her again to enjoy the small nurse as much as possible before Misha truly lost patience. She also returned her hand in Isuki's panties and penetrated her again with a couple of fingers.


"Your pussy is so amazing, Isuki. So tight. I need more of it."

"Mmm! I... I think... Misha is waiting... for me..."

Misha indeed rolled her eyes at Elana, who had a hard time letting her small victim go. Clearly, to be acting this way, the security woman must haven't had any satisfying sex over the weekend. 

Seeing how much she was into it, it was too heartbreaking to rob her from this innocent fun, so Misha decided to be generous and let her play for a bit longer with her new toy.

"Alright, Elana. You win. Take your time. I need to talk to my friend over there anyway. I'll be back in a few minutes."

"Hey, thanks! I appreciate that."

"Mishaaa... don't leave me... Mmmph!"

Elena slapped her hand over Isuki's mouth to help her focus on the present moment. She probably didn't know Isuki never had sex before, so she was finger-fucking her as if she would have done with any other experienced lovers. The ridiculous amount of juice flowing out of Isuki's crotch and her swollen clitoris didn't indicate that anything was unpleasant, though.

A few more minutes of that got her close to the edge. Isuki's brain was just static now, leaving all the empty room for her building orgasm.

"Aaanh! E... Elana... s...stop! I'm... about... to... mmmph!"


As Isuki's legs began to buckle and her crotch was about to explode, sensing the spasms, Elana took her fingers out of the nurse's panties and held her in a long and wet kiss as another attempt to dim down her whining. Isuki was so close to cumming, something she had never experienced with someone else, but Elena had cruelly denied her at the last second.

"Oh, no. I can let you cum unless you make me cum too, or else it wouldn't be fair."


"Let's get you close again. I really want to make sure you have no weapon on you."

"Aaaanh! I ... never heard of people... getting searched like this... aaanh!"

"It's my special technique. Very efficient. You should see how many nurses are hiding drugs down there..."

"They... they do?"

"Oh, yes. All the time."

Elana slowly restarted massaging Isuki's crotch, making sure to enjoy every moment of it. It was pretty rare that such a cute girl would let her do all those dirty things without pulling a fight. She knew Isuki as a friendly person, but she had never realized how submissive she was. For a few more minutes, she enjoyed caressing Isuki's body, kissing her, licking her neck and face while making sure she wouldn't go over the edge.

When Misha finally came back, she had to put an end to it. She didn't have all day and offered a reasonable compromise to speed things up, or else Elana would never stop this activity.

"Aaah, I know you are having fun with Isuki, Elana, but we are going to be late for her appointment. Why don't you grab her panties in exchange for letting her go."

"What!? Really? Can I?"

"Why not? It's not like Isuki can stop you. You cuffed her."


Elana quickly reached under Isuki's mini-skirt and pulled her panties down.

"Eeeek! You... You can't take them! They are mine."

"Well, why did you lift your legs to help me take them off then?"

"... I... I did?"

Indeed she did send the wrong message, and Elana was now the proud owner of a very wet pair of blue panties that she rubbed on Isuki's face while teasing her some more.

"Aww! They are so cute. You know what? On my next break, I'm going to put them on and masturbate while thinking about you. Thanks a lot for the gift!"

"It... it wasn't a gift... I loved those. I want my panties back."

"Then come get them back later... I will make sure to squirt a lot in them. This is so hot."

Before taking her cuffs off, the security woman reached inside her booth through the window and retrieved Isuki's pendant. She gently attached it back around the nurse's neck and plunged her arm back inside the booth again to get something else.

"Usually, this is only for the ones who cum hard, but I'll make an exception because you were very cute and obedient."


A rubber stamp in hand, Elena pressed it on Isuki's exposed belly. When she removed it, the word, "Approved," had been printed in bright green letters on her skin.

"There. Hehe. I certify that you can get in the facility now."

"I... I don't think that was necessary..."

"Are you telling me how to do my job again? Maybe I should detain you all week."

"N...no... sorry."

After taking off the handcuffs, Elana let the small nurse trot back to Misha, who couldn't believe how spineless her friend had been during this whole ordeal.

"See you later, Isuki! Thank you again for the panties."


Staring back at the smiling security guard, Isuki walked away, holding Misha's arm tightly as if to seek further protection. The two girls crossed the main gate together and headed inside the building. It was time for another elevator ride.

"Couldn't you just resist her a little? Couldn't you see she was just playing with you?"

"Yeah... I mean... No... I was... cuffed. I thought she was serious..."

"You were just moaning like an idiot."

"Aaah, it's not my fault, she put her fingers inside my...!"

"If you had said no in a serious tone, and she wouldn't have done it. Instead you just went along with whatever she decided. Come on, that's what we talked about on Friday. You should be the one choosing what you want to do or not. Not always leaving it for the others to decide."

"... I... I didn't think about doing that..."

"Unbelievable... Ah well, at least your broken behavior made someone very happy today. It was for a good cause."

Isuki rubbed her belly, trying unsuccessfully to get rid of her seal of approbation.

"I think she used permanent ink... that was mean... It will take forever to fade out."

"Hehe. Actually, that part was funny. Elana can be such a tease sometimes. I think that stamp will fit your new role perfectly."

"My new role? Where are we going anyway? Why were my accesses revoked?"

"Well, I'm friends with the big boss, and I asked her for a favor. Your concerning attitude on Friday got me thinking. We need to get you started in life before it's too late. You are nineteen years old already and never had a girlfriend. Do you realize how weird that is? I'm your best friend, so I decided to give you the tools to succeed before it's too late."

"The tools to succeed? What does the big boss have to do with this?"

The elevator doors parted, and everything was awfully white, almost blinding.

"Hey, why are we going to the lab?"


"You didn't answer my question."

"I don't need to. You are still following me."

"Well... yeah... but..."

"Ah, it's this one."

Misha pushed a door open and yanked Isuki into the room. It was a typical doctor's office with some cabinets, an examination table, and devices hung on the wall. Isuki had been here before for her annual physical and minor scratches. Not knowing why Misha had brought her here this time made her feel uneasy.

"What are we doing here? Being single doesn't mean I'm sick."

"You are not here because you are sick. You are here because of my good idea."

"What good idea? Tell me!"

"Sit on the table."



Not having the strength to argue, Isuki just complied. Misha approached her, squeezed her hips between her knees, and then wrapped her arms around her. Since Isuki no longer had panties, this position was rather compromising and made her face turn red.

"See... You don't even resist. You don't stand up for yourself. You just do everything people tell you to."

"But... That's how I am... I trust people."

"And that's what we are going to work on. The boss has agreed to give you one month of vacation."

"Uh? Why? I'm not tired, and I'm doing a good job too."

"I know, but I'm the one who asked for this. It's for your own good."

"But, what am I going to do? I'll be bored alone at home."

"No, you won't. Listen to that, I decided that you'll be the facility's pet for a full month!"

"The facility's... pet?"

"Yes. And I hope this will bring you to a point where you'll learn to stand up for yourself."

Just like that, Misha gave Isuki a small hug, pressing her friend's face between her large boobs, and then stepped back as two nurses entered the room with a cart full of interesting items.

There was no doubt about it; the next thirty days would probably be noteworthy.


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