Trick and Treat
by Grumpy
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Storycodes: F/m; Other/m; majick; bond; torment; tease; fantasy; oral; denial; climax; cons; X
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Trick and Treat Grumpy F/m; Other/m; majick; bond; torment; tease; fantasy; oral; denial; climax; cons; X
story continues from part one

Part Two

Oh what a year this has been! In some ways it has been one of the best years of my life, but I can’t help but think something fishy has been going on. Let me start from the beginning.

About 3 years ago my wife died when she was hit by a drunk driver. Ironically enough she was walking home from the corner bar because she didn’t feel sober enough to drive. Go figure.

Things were going as well as can be expected at first, but about a year ago I started having these dreams. The first one was a real mind bender, almost more of a nightmare than a dream. For a while I thought it might have been real, but it couldn’t have been (could it?). Since then I have been dreaming of the same girl again and again. She was always a little different, but always the same… and she called herself Talia.

She was usually a short thin little thing, probably only 5'6" or so without heels. She had black wavy hair that cascaded down her neck, just brushing her shoulders as it framed her face. She usually appeared to be pretty young, maybe her in her 20’s, but sometimes when I looked into her deep brown eyes they would get this look that spoke of great age and wisdom. This was quite a contrast to this one sly little half-smile expression she would get when she was amused. Even though she was quite petite she had beautiful large tits, a thin waist, and pleasant hips. All in all it was a figure that could make an old-fashioned coke bottle green with envy. She always wore heels, and despite her short stature she had legs seemed to stretch for miles.

The first time I dreamed about her she was wearing a tight black and red leather corset and black seamed stockings with garters, but in my dreams over the last year she has worn just about every sexy outfit you can imagine at one time or another. I know she is just a fantasy, but she even made nude look mysterious and sexy. Most of the time she appeared as some kind of hot demon with cute little horns on her head and a thin little wisp of a tail that hung down to her knees. For the last year she has starred in every sexy dream I have had. She has been the figure that I have imagined while masturbating, and she has been my daydream fantasy during every sexual encounter.

It’s actually that last little item that is causing tonight’s trouble. I have been dating Shera for about a month now. Well, I had been dating her. She dumped me earlier tonight. How is it that women always seem to know that you are fantasizing about someone else while you are in bed with them? Well, I guess calling out the name Talia while in throes of passion is not exactly a good thing.

* * * *

So here I am sitting alone on the back porch a little before midnight on a beautiful cloudless star-light Friday night. Sipping on a glass of 3-year old Scotch I begin to notice a meteor shower in the sky. Since my home backs up to a hill overlooking Sequoa National Forest I had quite the view as a meteor landed almost in my back yard! The flash was so bright it literally blinded me for a couple minutes.

* * * *

As my vision slowly returned everything was lighted in red from the burning crater. Then I noticed Talia walking towards me. At least, I think it was Talia. She looked the same, but different. As she climbed the stairs in her bare feet I stood to admire the view. Just as quickly the sight made my cock stand tall and hard.

Talia had grown in the last year. She was now nearly as tall as my own 6' frame. Everything else was bigger too. Her perfectly proportioned breasts were still perfectly proportioned, but now she had to be sporting a D cup size! Her cute little horns were now thicker and more solid looking, but the real shocker was her tail. Where it used to be a small thin decorative thing that would hang limply no lower than the back of her knees, now it extended out behind her and swayed from side to side as she walked. As thick as my arm at the base it tapered down to the width of a finger at the end, and it must have been every inch of six foot long!

She was wearing a dark blue, almost black leather vest. The vest was laced up the front and pulled the vest skin tight so that not a single curve or contour was hidden, and it left a 2-3 inch gap that showed off her cleavage and a stretch of smooth belly. She also had what appeared at first glance to be a dark brown leather duster, open in the front but hanging from her shoulder to just brush the ground.

I was quite frankly shocked to see her for real. At first I thought I was dreaming her, but as she wrapped her arms around me in a very possessive hug I could smell the sweet perfume of her hair. I could feel the leather vest she was wearing as it pressed against my shirt, and I could not miss her tail as it coiled about both our hips, squeezing my denim covered cock against her naked pussy. Her duster turned out to be wings that she closed tightly around us.

"Mind if I play a while?" Those words whispered into my ear in the same irresistibly sexy voice I remembered from last year shocked me back to reality. I practically screamed my response as I began struggling to break her velvety soft iron clad hold on me.

"NO....YES...STOP...WAIT...NOOoooo" It was useless. Between her arms wrapped around my chest, her tail squeezing our hips together like a python, and her leathery wings wrapped around us like a cocoon I had no chance.

“That’s cute Sweety,” Said Talia as there was another blinding flash. “But I don’t really need permission. I was just being polite.”

* * * *

As my vision returned we were on a firm, padded, satiny feeling surface. I'm not sure if it was a bed or the floor because I never saw an edge. Now that I think about it I don't recall seeing any walls or ceilings either. A dim light was centered on us, but beyond about ten feet in any direction everything was shrouded in blackness. I don't know what happened to my clothes, but I was no longer wearing anything as I could feel Talia’s leather vest on my bare chest and her tail sliding around on my bare ass and lower back.

"No. No. No. No. Please, no. No. No. This can’t be real. No. NO. STOP. HELP! FIRE! LET ME GO! NO! No. No. No. no no no no noooooo……” I was in stunned disbelief as pleaded, yelled, and begged for this not to be happening. Well, I was also struggling with all my strength for all the good it did. While I was droning on Talia was quite cheerful as she secured me.

“Shhh. Hush my little candy factory.” She said soothingly while she unwrapped herself from me. “Just relax Sweety.” Talia gently but forcefully lay me down on my back on that smooth satin surface. As soon as my shoulders touched down a satin rope or tentacle or something shot out of bed, over my chest, and then dove back into the bed. It immediately pulled down and locked me on my back as though it was being ratcheted tight. Moments later when I banged my head back against the satin surface in frustration another one zipped out and around my forehead. That one and pulled tight enough that I could no longer even shake my head. While all this was going on Talia’s tail had coiled around my legs, binding them together under her power.

“No. No. No. no no no no”

“Oh Sweety, I love that you still care enough to struggle and make this fun for me… but you have to know it’s a futile effort.” She effortlessly grabbed my right wrist and stretched my arm out straight to my side. Satin tentacle thingies secured it at my wrist, elbow, and shoulder. In about as little time my left arm was stretched and secured the same way. “Besides I think you may like this.”

Talia swung her leg over and straddled me, sitting on my hips. Then she started swaying and moving in an incredible striptease as an expression of pure lust came over her face. At first her hands just roamed lustfully over her body as her pussy ground my rock hard cock into my belly. I finally stopped talking and just wept silently at the beauty and helplessness of my situation. Soon Talia’s hands started unlacing her vest as she continued to sway hypnotically to music that was only heard in her head.

The laces finally came off and the two most perfect breasts I have ever seen came fully into view. As she flung her vest off into the darkness I struggled and bucked with all my strength; not because I wanted to escape, but because I wanted to caress them and feel their weight in my hands.

“Oh Sweety, I want nothing more than for you to shove that steely hard tool into my hot steaming cunt. Someday when I’m ready I will have you as my first, but for tonight we can only play.” Said Talia with a sigh.

“Wait, what!? You mean you’re a vir…mmmmph!” Talia silenced me by leaning down over me and giving me the kiss of a lifetime. She lay down on top of me and pressed her breasts into my chest. As she continued to grind onto my cock her movement made her hard little nubs impossibly start massaging my nipples. She leaned in to kiss me and then her mouth opened as her tongue began worming open my clenched teeth, eventually roaming freely in my mouth.

She tasted sweet and a little like strawberries, and something in her saliva had my whole mouth tingling in a most provocative way. This was followed by a surge of lust and need that nearly took away all reason. That tongue felt like it was impossibly long, and it was rough like a cat’s tongue. The sensations caused as it pulled on my teeth and scraped the roof of my mouth were incredible. Not content just to roam my mouth, her unnatural tongue wrapped completely around mine and forcibly pulled it into her mouth. That strawberry sweetness was addictive and soon I was hungrily exploring her mouth. I was dimly aware that I was being drugged by her saliva, but I didn’t care. I was too busy sucking down all of that high octane lust juice I could get. I didn’t even realize that she had sharp little quarter inch fangs until I pricked myself on one. Even though the sweet strawberry flavor was now tinged with a coppery taste I didn’t stop until she sat up.

“Oh Sweety, I have longed for this. I love the way you have kept feeding me all year. I have been able to grow so very strong on your lust, but feeding in person is so much more intense.” While she was talking she unwrapped her tail from my legs and sat down between my knees. As soon as she was off my hips another satiny rope like tentacle zipped up around my hips and locked me down to the bed. Somehow my brain struggled through a few lurching thoughts that came out as single syllable questions.

“What? Feed? Grow? Lust? What?”

Talia laughed. A sweet musical sound that wiped away all my questions and made me happy just to be near her.

“Silly. Didn’t you know? Every time you thought of me you called me. You really are my only man so I always sent my spirit to you right away.” While she was talking she reached back and grabbed my left leg with her hands while grabbing my right leg with her tail.


“Oh, such beautiful thoughts too! And such power in your lust and orgasms! At first I almost couldn’t take it. It would make me so sleepy I just had to rest. I swear some weeks it was all I could do sleep off one feeding before having to force myself awake to come to you again!” She pulled both legs up as she spoke, spreading them wide and bending them at the knee. Six more satin tentacles secured me above the knee, below the knee, and at the ankle on both legs. I was spread wide like a Christmas goose, unable to move, and pointing at the sky harder than I have ever been.

“But whaff vo you mungph yur huh murvighn?” Another tentacle flew up over my mouth, and this one had a big knot or something in the middle of it. Well now that I think of it in this situation conversation is overrated.

“Enough talking. It’s my play time. I only get to do this one night a year you know.”

As I lay there, quiet and un-moving (like I had a choice!) Talia slithered up my body and began licking and nibbling at my ear. Her hand was gently caressing my face when she gave me a deep kiss over the gage. She then continued over to lick and nibble my other ear.

She moved down and began kissing and licking the hollow of my neck while her hand found one of my nipples. Her tail got in on the action by gently caressing my balls. I don’t know if I was in heaven or hell. By this time everything felt so good I was going out of my mind to cum, but the strongest jerk, twist, and thrust of my hips amounted to about a half inch slow bob of tip my cock.

Talia slowly kissed her way down to linger on teasing one nipple with her mouth while teasing the other with a hand. The tail went away briefly before returning wet and slick with her pussy juices. The tip started stroking the crack of my ass while another part of the tail returned to massage my balls.

“EEGNS, eeaff! Eh me guuhm! Ees! I ghee oooh guhm!” I was desperate. In my mind I was screaming and begging to be allowed to cum, but that’s not exactly how it came out. I was straining and pulling with every muscle I had, and the most I was able to do was bounce my untouched dick maybe an inch. Don’t get me wrong, with as tight as I was secured an inch was an achievement, but it didn’t really help.

Then her tail slipped through my clenched hole and into my ass. Once she started stroking inside my ass everything in the world froze and the next second or so moved in super slow motion. For Talia the next few things were probably simultaneous but this was how I experienced them.

First, I had the incredible sensation that I was going to cum from all the stimulation. This was shocking because nothing had touched my cock in a very long time. As that unstoppable and glorious freight train left the station Talia squeezed, pulled, and twisted on my right nipple causing searing pain to race across my chest. Next I noticed that she was sinking her fangs into my left nipple, causing an entirely different pain. As these two different pains collided, stopping my heart, my last thought was that at least this was going to be one hell of an orgasm! Then Talia’s tail (which had been looped around my balls) squeezed tight and pulled hard. At that moment I would have sworn that I had been castrated. The shock re-started my heart, but it also derailed that freight train.


She had stopped the unstoppable orgasm from happening. As time started moving forward again I don’t know what hurt more. I was in unimaginable physical agony, but I was devastated that I hadn’t been able to cum. My cock quickly softened and drooped. A mere moment later she released my balls and both nipples, ending the pain.

Talia continued her trail of kisses down my chest, slowly heading for my cock. As the pleasant stroking on my nipples, balls, and ass hole resumed I was quickly rock hard again. When she arrived with her trail of kisses she licked long strokes up and down my steely cock with her incredible rough tongue. Then she wrapped her tongue completely around me and twirled it down from the head down to the base. The only thing that stopped me from cumming was that she chose that moment to pinch both nipples with her hands while yanking my balls with her tail.

She engulfed my prick with her mouth, deep throating me effortlessly. Either she could hold her breath a very long time or she didn’t need to breathe, but between her throat and that fuckably incredible tongue she did things I didn’t think were possible.

Once she fell into a routine she didn’t vary it for a moment. After I would almost cum she would pause, staring hungrily at my cock from inches away while her hands and tail rested unmoving where they were. The moment I softened in the tiniest bit she attacked. Her tail would begin gently stroking my balls and ass hole. Her hands began gently massaging my nipples. Her tongue would wrap around my dick and pull it back into her mouth. Just as I was about to cum she would spit me out while yanking my balls and pinching my nipples until the orgasm was stopped. Then the staring and waiting would begin again.

I lost track of how many times I almost came. I lost track of time. I may have lost my memory and sanity. My entire existence only went back to the last near-orgasm. Dimly, I was aware that each cycle she was waiting longer and longer before starting again. She was teasing me for shorter and shorter times before spitting me out, until she didn’t even have time to pull me all the way in her mouth and just licked me instead.

Then an eternity later she did it a little differently. She engulfed my cock with her mouth, and when I almost came she didn’t release me. She still pinched and twisted and pulled on both my nipples just as hard; but her mouth, tongue, and tail continued to do amazing things to my cock and balls. She continued to tickle my prostate as well. I don’t know if it was because she didn’t yank my balls or I was just ready but my orgasm exploded through me, merged with the pain from my nipples, and blasted off ripping me right out of my body in an experience of ecstasy I find it hard to describe.

As I looked down on my ensnared and immobile body I felt as though I was enveloped in a pure white light of happiness, joy, and complete love. I could see that the aura wasn’t mine. It was emanating from Talia, and it kept me feeling safe and secure as it held me, preventing me from moving too far away. There was a moment when I would have sworn she looked up and smiled at me, an expression of pure love coming from her eyes, while still greedily deep throating my body.

Then I was slammed back to reality as the orgasm ended. Talia released my nipples and pulled her tail out of my ass, but she continued to gently stoke my balls and suck on my dick. Finally when I was soft she released me, and all the satin ropes vanished back into the bed. Before I could get up she grabbed me, pushing my shoulders so she had me from behind. Then Talia rolled over.

As she rolled over she tenderly wrapped me up. Her arms were already around me, but her tail coiled around both our legs and her wings cocooned us like a living sleeping bag. She murmured something about me knowing how to wear a girl out and promptly fell asleep. Even in her sleep she too strong for me to escape. I struggled a little but it ended up being more of snuggle to get comfortable, and then I too went to sleep.

* * * *

I woke to the sound of sirens on my back porch. As I groggily struggled to get up off my back a paramedic knelt beside me.

“Sir, are you alright?”

“Huh. Um, what happened? Can you help me up?”

“Just lie still sir, you may have a neck injury.” And he proceeded to gently hold my shoulders down.

I was flat on my back. My arms stretched out to my sides, and I was so sore just then that I probably couldn’t have moved without assistance even if I wanted to. Eventually they got me on a gurney and when they wheeled me out to the ambulance I got a look at the devastation.

Three fire trucks were fighting a small forest fire that started at my back porch. That meteor had hit not ten feet in front of me knocked me backwards, breaking the chair and slamming me on my back so hard I couldn’t move.

The next day they released me from the hospital with only minor injuries. My nurse said I was lucky to be alive and my doctor said that someone must have been looking out for me. Funny thing is, none of them could explain the four little round scars that were now spaced around my left nipple like some kind of vampire bite mark…

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