Trick And Treat 3: The Finale
by Grumpy
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© Copyright 2014 - Grumpy - Used by permission
Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; succubus; spell; majick; transform; insert; tail; captive; enslave; stuck; sex; climax; cons/nc; XX
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Trick And Treat 3: The Finale Grumpy Solo-M; F/m; succubus; spell; majick; transform; insert; tail; captive; enslave; stuck; sex; climax; cons/nc; XX
story continues from part two

3: The Finale

Talia. Where do I begin?

I had first met her two years ago when she appeared in my living room. Strange as it sounds the first thing she did was to whisk us off to hell for sex. At least I think it was hell. Then I started dreaming about her, so much that I convinced myself that she was just my imagination. Last year she appeared again, saving my life from a meteor that destroyed my back deck. She also took me back to hell. She has tied me up, teased me, abused me, and jacked me off in person twice now. The doctors tried to convince me that she wasn't real. They said something about a concussion-induced delirium, but as she continued to haunt my dreams I knew otherwise.

Once I knew that she was real her appearance in my dreams stopped changing. When she invaded my dreams now I saw her true form. Talia was a succubus. A devastatingly beautiful demon that lived for and fed on sex, and for nearly two years now I was the only item on her menu. In a way I supposed I have been lucky. Talia appeared to be just a baby. She couldn’t completely enter our realm, and more importantly she wasn’t strong enough yet to suck my soul out of my body. As a result I have had the pleasure of surviving two of Talia’s visits, complete with the most mind-bendingly powerful orgasms ever known to man. Not to mention innumerable pleasant daydreams, wet dreams, and fantasies. If that was all there was, I might actually enjoy having Talia in my life.

That was about to change. I have been doing some research. A 2 year old succubus is almost always fully mature, with no limitations on her power. As far as I could tell she was due any day now, and I had a feeling that only one of us would survive the encounter.

But, like I said I have been doing research. First I found a psychic who believed me. She put me in touch with a Romanov Sorceress who taught me everything I never wanted to know about succubae. She also introduced me to a magician who agreed to train me. I then consulted with a priest and a rabbi, to see what they had. None of them believed me at first. Once they did, none thought I had any chance of surviving the upcoming encounter. They did train me though, so despite their opinions I was hopeful.

- < = | = > -

It was nearly midnight. I was sitting naked in my spare bedroom, but the room wasn’t the same as it was a few months ago. I had stripped it bare to the walls and built it back up into a supernatural war zone, building a completely new room within the old one. There were no windows, sockets, fixtures, or switches now. Every surface was exactly square, making a cube. Nothing broke the smooth black surface of the walls, ceiling, or floor. Even the door was designed to virtually disappear into the flat wall when closed.

A perfect pentagram was drawn with bone chalk on both the ceiling and the floor, with the ceiling filled in with elaborate scroll work.Five candles made of my own fat (thanks to a Mexican liposuction) burned in the corners of the star on the floor. In the center I sat in a recliner holding a book in my lap and waiting, exactly as I had for the last three nights. The last 3 nights nothing had happened, and I had gone to bed around 1am only to have some of the most vivid dreams about Talia to date.

Slowly, the flames on the candles grew to nearly 2 feet tall and turned red. There in the dancing red firelight stood Talia. She was every bit as sexy and beautiful as in my dreams, and the sight made my cock leap to attention.

She was a statuesque brunette with perfect D-cup breasts, partially concealed by hair that fell halfway to her navel. Her deep red horns were a good six inches tall. Her narrow waist and wide hips stuck the perfect profile without the need of a corset, and her lithe legs seemed to stretch for miles before reaching her bare feet on the floor.

Her tail was coiled up on the floor behind her feet. It was thick where it emerged from the base of her spine, and the way it moved made it look very strong like some giant python. Her large leathery wings were folded on her back, and could easily be mistaken for a floor length brown leather jacket hanging from her shoulders. Her deep brown eyes widened for a moment as she took in the room. She smiled at me as she focused on my stiff thick dick, one of those smiles that can absolutely melt my heart while filling my mind with lustful thoughts. She began laughing as I stood and pulled a drumstick from a pocket on the recliner (they make great wands!). Her laugh was just about the sexiest sound I had ever heard.

“Ha ha ha ha… (chuckle). Ooh, this is sooo sweet! Now how did you know I like to play with my food!?!” Her big brown eyes were bright and practically dancing as she spoke.

I tried to put steel in my voice as I replied, gesturing threateningly with the drumstick. “You are done Talia. Why don’t you make things easy on yourself and just leave now.”

While I was talking she reached out with one finger, touching the air above the circle. The candles sputtered a little, and inch long static sparks flew along the barrier in all directions from the point of contact. As she pushed the sparks grew to a little over a foot, but the barrier held.

“Oh my! I’m actually impressed little man.” Talia placed the finger in her mouth and pouted, “MMmmm, I don’t know how you made these candles with your own fat.” She looked over my nude body from head to heels. “Not a single scar, but oh this circle tastes delicious!”

“Constringe, entagle, et scandalum iniquitatis!” My wand bounced briefly and spit a thick white bolt at Talia, only to splash harmlessly against the barrier.

“HA Ha ha ha ha… I just love the way both your wands bounce at me and shoot thick white stuff! You are just so very precious! And you found new ways to screw this up too!”

With a sinking feeling I had to ask, “What do you mean?”

“Well, don’t you have this backwards? Normally when people try to capture me they put ME inside the circle.” With a big smile she continued, “This way it is you who are trapped. You can’t stay in there forever little man.”

“At least I’m safe from you, and if you don’t feed you will have to return to Hell in a few hours.”

“HA HA Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha…<snort>… <chuckle>… Oh my, I can’t believe you made me snort!” Talia smirked. “You are going to have to pay for that one!” Suddenly my ankles were encircled and squeezed together by Talia’s tail! As I fell I saw that Talia had pushed her tail down through the floor behind her. It came back up inside the circle to ensnare me. She had also pushed the candle behind me outside of the circle, breaking the magical barrier.

I hit the ground hard, but I managed to hang on to my wand. “Apertum, et dimitte dimittere!” A red bolt shot out and hit Talia’s tail, releasing me. Instantly I dove/rolled to the side, narrowly avoiding Talia’s dive to grab me. I didn’t get away clean though as one of her wings knocked the wand out of my hand.

“Venit!” I cried, reaching towards the wand. I felt her hand grab my leg as the wand started sliding across the floor to me. Although I fought with her every instant, she climbed on top of me. She snatched the wand away just as it reached us and carelessly snapped it in two before tossing the two pieces in different directions.

“Now, where were we?” She said. “Oh yes. The problem with circles is that no-one ever thinks to seal off the bottom. But, since you took the time to make this fun for me the least I can do is to finish it the old fashioned way.”

"Aaargggghhh!" I screamed in frustration as she forced my hands behind my back, where I felt her tail wrap around my wrists. I fought as she folded my legs with my knees by my chest. Her tail wrapped loosely around me a couple times, wrapping me up in a ball. Talia reached in and pulled out my rock hard dick and balls between my legs and began stroking them. "Ungh, STOP!"

"Whatever for darling?" She said as her tail started slowly constricting. My knees were forced into my chest while my arms, already tied, were pinned to my back. I accidentally bucked into the hand job. What can I say, I was distracted.

"Grrrrrr! Leggo demon bitch!" I could feel the coils sliding on my skin. I struggled, thrashing about madly. It was hopeless. I barely moved. My back and knees started cracking and popping.

"AAAHHHHOOOOOffff" I couldn’t move at all, not even an inch. Still her tail squeezed tighter. I was in agony, but her hands expertly manipulated my helpless cock. She made the pain merge with the pleasure, and the feeling of her powerful tail sliding on my skin became an intimate caress.

"Uhn... hugn... please... sto... ppp...." I started having problems breathing, desperately gasping for air. The world turned grey, then became a tunnel. Talia put her mouth on my cock and her finger on my prostate. I think I whimpered just before I came, and the tunnel exploded full of multi-colored lights. My last thought was 'T.S.Elliot was wrong. It ends with a bang AND a whimper,' then everything went black.

- < = | = > -

I was happy, comfortable, and well rested. I kept my eyes closed wanting just a few more minutes of rest before the alarm went off. I snuggled backwards into the arms of my lover (what was her name?), and she gave me a gentile squeeze as I wrapped our leather blankets tighter around us. Just as I was drifting off to sleep Talia (yeah, that’s her name. How could I forget?) started slowly stroking my manhood.

“Mmmm, that feels wonderful.” I said as I slipped into a dream of domestic and sensual bliss married to a succubus. Something about that bothered me as her tail slithered around my legs and gently pushed into my ass. Between the hand job and prostate massage I was rapidly getting very hard, and slowly waking up.

“Oohhh, shit!” Realization hit me and I started struggling with everything I had.

“Shhhhh. Relax little man.” Talia said as everything snapped tight. She was using one arm to pin both of mine to my chest while her tail easily controlled my legs. We were both also encased in her wings which were now pushing every inch of the incredibly hot sexy female into my back side. I could actually feel her nipples massaging little circles into my back.

“Fuck off you hell whore! AAAaaa… Hugn… Maah… Ghrh!” Her wings had started pulsing. It felt like a full body massage in waves up and down my body. Then she whispered something and began nibbling and licking my ear. It was the last straw. I tried to will it to stop but it was too much.

“No… Stop… UUuunngg… I’M CUMMINNNNGGGGOOOOOOWWWWCH!!!! THAT FUCKING HURT!” Talia sank her teeth into my shoulder. It derailed the oncoming freight train.

“Oooo, sorry babe. You should know by now that you are never allowed to cum that quickly.” While she was talking she took my arms and forced them above my head, pushing my hands outside between her wings. When she let go of my arms her wings clamped down on my wrists like handcuffs.

Now with both hands free she resumed slowly stroking my cock while playing with my nipples. Her tail slipped out of my ass long enough to slither around my hips before it returned to it’s resting place on my prostate. As I got closer and closer to orgasm again her tail tightened it’s grip until the ability to move my hips became a fantasy.

“Aaaahhhnnnggrrrr, I need to cum. I’m so close… aaaahhhh.” Time stopped, this was eternity. An infinite amount of time compressed to however many hours, days, or minutes I was tortured. I probably went insane.

Talia practically stopped stroking my cock, and her nipple play had become mild nipple torture. As the pleasure rose, the pain also grew to hold it back. Her wings pulled harder on my arms, igniting agony in my shoulders. Her tail squeezed harder on my legs, bringing suffering to my hips and knees. Her fingers pinched and pulled my nipples, sending fire through my chest. He fingers moved a millimeter while barely touching my cock, and the pain and pleasure mixed into an unbearable ecstasy that melted my soul around the need to cum. Finally my last crumb of resistance broke. I completely let go and gave myself to Talia, relaxing into her embraces. Resistance was futile anyways. Then it all stopped.

For a moment I felt nothing but confusion.

“NNNNOOOOOOO! PLEASE! Please…” I started sobbing uncontrollably.

“Shhhh little man,” she whispered soothingly as i softened. She released my hands and turned me around. I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed, crying into her shoulder while she rubbed my back and whispered soothing words I could not understand into my ear. Her tail shifted, coiling around both of us as our legs entwined. Eventually I cried myself to sleep in her embrace.

- < = | = > -

I woke alone in my bed with the morning sunlight on my face. I was alive, but I was alone. Waking alone hadn’t felt so lonely since my wife died, but this time it was Talia that I missed.

“NOOOOooooo!” Sitting up in bed alone I cried out in anguish.

“Something wrong little man?” said Talia as she walked out of the bathroom. She looked like a goddess in morning light. Yes, she was my goddess.

“Talia!” My heart leapt with joy at seeing she was still here. My dick leapt to attention at seeing her naked dripping pussy. I had to cum. I needed to cum. Nothing else mattered in this world. My hand grabbed my rock-hard cock and started to stroke…

“STOP! I did not say you could do that.” Exclaimed Talia.

My hand froze in place as my world crumbled. My goddess was upset with me. I wanted to die. I wanted to apologize, groveling at her feet, but my goddess said to stop. I tried my hardest to stop! I stopped moving. I stopped breathing. I would have stopped my heart if I could have.

“Well you can breathe silly.” Said Talia as she chuckled. “Men can be such simpletons when they are charmed.” She smiled at me as she approached.

My heart welled up with joy at that smile. Her tail reached me first. It slithered around my thighs and hips before wrapping around my chest several times, gently holding my arms to my sides. I squirmed just so I could rub against that beautiful sensuous tail. I also deliberately snuggled my hands and wrists under loop at my hips. I felt so safe, loved, and protected as she laid me down and moved me to the middle of the bed.

“It’s finally time little man,” whispered Talia. “Are you ready for me?”

“yeEEEESSSSSSSSSSsssssssss…” I said as she lowered that perfect pussy over my eager meat. The sensation was like nothing I had ever felt or imagined. That one thrust was everything. I almost came as Talia’s snatch scraped slowly down my pole, feeling for all the world like fingernails brushing lightly on my sensitive skin. As I reached the bottom her tail tightened on me, immobilizing me from my shoulders to my hips. I was now gloriously helpless in the grasp of my goddess. I relaxed into her control, totally at peace and completely trusting.

Then my dick exploded in pain as a dozen needles or quills struck and sank into it. “AAAARGHH!”

“Aiieeeeeeeee!!!” Talia shouted simultaneously as she came. “Oh… Oh… Oh… Ohhh… DAAAAAAADDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Okay… Okay… Okay… Wheewfssss.”

“AAhhh… aaahh… aaahhh… ooowww… ooo…” I was moaning and panting from the pain, but slowly it became bearable.

“Oh my, that was the biggest orgasms of my life! My sisters told me it would feel good when I finally got to inject, but WOW!” Said Talia. “Thank you little man, words just can’t describe how you have made me feel!”

“What… the fuck… are you… doing to… me!” Between her tail squeezing my chest and the pain from my dick I as panting pretty hard. Surprisingly, my dick was still hard too.

“Don’t you worry little man. My venom is already starting to work.” Then she almost purred, “You are going to enjoy this!”

Before I could respond her pussy started stroking me up and down between the quills while squeezing and pulsing. Another part was pushing over the head, squeezing, then pulling back off. I know I was transfixed and unable to move, but it felt for all the world like I was fucking her. And damn did it feel good! Soon the pleasure eclipsed the pain, and then the pain and pleasure mixed. I exploded, squirting jet after jet into that pussy. On the second jet Talia joined me, soaking the bed with her cum.

When the orgasm ended the stroking continued. Part of me knew this should be torture, but it felt great! The intensity grew from where the first orgasm left me and went up and up. Pain and pleasure mixed again and I had another orgasm. Gold light exploded around me as orgasmic ecstasy flowed through me. The orgasm ended and the pleasure started growing to yet another higher level of intensity.

I opened my eyes and looked down on Talia fucking my body. She was covered with a sheen of sweat, and clearly having orgasm after orgasm right along with me. I was floating in gold cloud of light and love that was coming from Talia’s belly. There was also a silver cord connecting me to my belly down below.

I saw my body and Talia both have another simultaneous orgasm. A flash shot through the cloud from Talia, enveloping me unbelievable orgasmic ecstasy. This was followed almost instantly by a flash of blinding pain delivered through my umbilical. The pain and pleasure still mixed, but it was a far less intense orgasm.

This happened two more times before I realized Talia was speaking. An instant of unbelievable ecstasy almost immediately tempered by pain to a normal orgasm. Each one stronger than the last. Then I listened as another even more intense orgasm approached.

“cut the… cord… little man… the pain… will stop… cut the… coRD… OOOOHHH YYYEEEEAAAASSSSS!!!” The orgasm broke over me, and when it ended Talia resumed her chant.

I grabbed the cord where it emerged from my belly button. I gave it a tug and it popped right off me. I held the loose end back in place and it re-attached instantly. I saw another orgasm approaching so I popped it off and let float nearby.

I saw the orgasm, then the flash travelling through the cloud from Talia, then everything ceased to exist. I wish I could explain the mixture of ecstasy, bliss, love, and contentment I felt. It was every orgasm and happy feeling I had ever had all stuck together and blasted into me at once, and it didn’t end. I saw my body wrinkle and die as all the fluids and blood were sucked into Talia’s pussy, but it didn’t matter. I saw that silver cord flashing so fast with pain that it just lit up, but I didn’t care. I thought this moment was worth all of it.

Talia climbed off my dead body and looked up at me. “Oh my little man that was glorious wasn’t it? Now it’s time for dessert.”

Suddenly, the cloud went from gold to red. Bliss ended and became fire and agony. I began reliving my life at hyper speed. Every memory was relived, stripped from my mind, and consumed by Talia. In minutes I was already learning to drive, graduating college, watching my wife die in a car accident, meeting Talia and dying. Without my memories I was no longer me. I was just another nameless soul left to eternal torture without knowing why. That’s all that’s left after being consumed by a succubus.

- < = | = > -

Besides, after that I was able to use Grumpy’s memories to finish his story. Is anyone out there interested in daydreaming about the hottest brunette you will ever meet? I promise we can fuck in any way you can imagine!



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