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by Leexxx

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Mathew and Ashley had been friends since childhood, they lived right across the street from each other and did everything together. Ashley was always in the lead, dragging Mathew to almost every adventure she wanted. Mathew was timid and most of the time just did whatever Ashley told him to do. Growing up, Ashley turned into a bombshell blonde, the perfect DD rack, just the right height at 5’5”, and a curvaceous body toned with hours spent in the gym. Mathew never really bit much bigger, barely breaking the 5’9” mark, always skinny but toned just enough from his hard, labor intensive jobs, and a ratty looking man bun acquired from years of not cutting his hair. Ashley graduated high school and proceeded to move onto college with a full scholarship while Mathew had to work days to afford his night classes. They weren’t joined at the hip like they used to be but Ashley still made the effort to hang out with him, despite his social awkwardness and her sorority’s dislike of beta males.

Ashley was moving into her capstone project for her senior year, being the extremely intelligent girl she was she had taken on a massive project, building a machine that could be used to hypnotize people. That was the simplest way she could describe it. The focus was set to help people overcome fears or bad habits, for example smoking or the fear of flying. The machine would take in a “patient” as she liked to put it, then expose them to audio and visual, sometimes even physical stimulation, to essentially rewire their brain to accept what ever they wanted. With tests, they were finding that even people that showed strong resistance to hypnosis could be hypnotized and in little as one session quit smoking for example. The machine was getting a lot of attention and buzz around campus, and Ashley was close to publishing her research, she just had to test how far the machine could be taken, spending countless sleepless nights writing a variety of programs for any number of applications. Now she just needed a willing subject.

Ashley approached Mathew on a Wednesday night, waiting for him outside of his last night class. “Hey Pat, so I was wondering, would you be willing to give my machine a test run for me, I know you’ve been wanting to quit smoking for awhile now and the machine could help you kick the nasty habit” she said, her innocent smile always Pat’s first warning when she was up to something.

“And what do i get out of it, I thought you already had enough tests for smoking already and didn’t need me for it” Matt said back, keeping his guard up but open to the idea of helping Ash out.

“Well a few of the test subjects backed out when they had a relapse because they couldn’t follow instructions and lay off the smokes for 24 hours and allow the hypnosis to completely stick” she explained, “and how about we go out for dinner, just you and me, does that sound like a fair trade on top of breaking your bad habit.” Matt had asked Ashley out on several occasions however she always shut him down, saying she valued their friendship too much to ruin it over a relationship she knew probably wouldn’t work out.

It was a dream come true to have a potential date with her, his childhood best friend.“Okay, that’s a deal I can get behind, when should I come by?” Matt responded after thinking it over for only a moment.

“Perfect, come by when you get off of work tomorrow, I’ll email your night professors and let them know you’re aiding in my senior capstone” Ashley said excitedly before taking a separate path, an almost evil grin forming on her lips.

Mathew practically rushed over as soon as he was done with his shift, he was eager to go see Ashley and help her out and get this over with. He walked into the lab building, quickly finding Ashley in the nearly empty department that she worked in. “Where is everyone” Matt asked, knowing Ashley had a small team in a variety of majors to make this all work. “Since it’s just the anti smoking session, no one else needed to come in to collect data. A couple of the sorority girls might come by later tonight tho to keep me company” she explained “now let’s get this show on the road, get undressed quickly and I’ll get you wired up for the machine.”

Matt froze briefly, he hadn’t been naked In front of her or any girl really since it became a little inappropriate based on age and growing bodies. Ashley clapped her hands and said “chop chop” before pulling off his shirt and reaching for his belt. Matt quickly got the memo and pulled off the rest of his clothes, not desiring her help. He soon stood there completely naked, protecting what little dignity he had with his hands.

“It’s okay, I’m a professional, I won’t judge you so you don’t have anything to be afraid of” she said trying to disarm him and she picked up a bundle of wires with adhesive contact points.

“Still doesn’t feel right being naked in front of you” Mathew said under his breath as she started sticking contacts down the length of his spine, a surprising amount on his butt and inner thighs, going down his legs with a few on his calves and a few on his feet.

He was somewhat ashamed of his mostly hairless body, he never had much hair and occasionally would just shave off the small amount of fuzz he could grow. Ashley pivoted around to his frontside now, still squatted down and attaching contact points to his shins and thighs. He couldn’t help but get hard with her face and mouth right at level with his cock. She swatted his hands away from his privates to attach a few more points to the left and right of the base of his shaft. she didn’t even flinch seeing his raging boner however he blushed and turned away. She continued to work up his body placing contact points on his abs, if he had a six pack one on each but his stomach was mostly just flat. The last to go on we’re his arms, neck, temples and four on each peck around his nipples. He was essentially covered in contact points by the time she was done.

Now, using the connector and bundle of wires like a leash, she lead him over to the machine. It didn’t look like much more than a large box from the outside, however a large panel opened up on the side which exposed the cockpit. She had him climb in and adjusted the wires as he did to make sure he didn’t get uncomfortable by laying on the bundle. The position wasn’t all that bad and was fairly comfortable he found, it was a similar position to riding a street bike, leaned forward and straddling the seat. It was a bit different in the sense that it seemed to put him in the submissive side of doggy style, his legs spread quite wide resting on his knees and shins and forward on his elbows and forearms. The shape of the seat forced his ass up a bit higher than his head. His head had a resting point for his chin and neck, he wasn’t exactly looking straight forward but down at a bit of an angle for comfort and at a large tv screen that took up his entire field of view.

Ashley now plugged in the connector for the array of wires attached to his body and a number of cuffs latched onto his wrists, forearms, calves, thighs, and ankles. He wasn’t going anywhere, the cuffs were somewhat like a blood pressure cuff, inflated with air, they were just snug enough to have a firm hold but not be uncomfortable. He tested one of the restraints and as he pulled the cuff tightened then released its hold when he quit struggling. “A bit serious on the restraints huh” he said with a nervous little laugh. Ashley was straight faced and answered coldly with “gotta make sure you can’t escape or struggle too much.”

Ashley now manually closed a cuff around his neck, this forced him to face forward with a posture collar like grip, he wouldn’t be able to turn his head away. Again airbags inflated around his neck for a firm but comfortable hold. “Open up” Ashley said coldly again, as she produced a strange looking gag. He obliged and opened his mouth nervously. Without opening all of the way she pulled the gag in which forced his mouth wide open, two rubber like wedges seated in the hinge of his jaw, he could close his mouth but it required him to bite down to crush the wedges. “Don’t worry, in case you have a seizure it’s to keep you from biting off your tongue, the machine uses flashing images and up to 20 speakers at a time for suggestive text and speech, it can trigger epilepsy in some” she said just to explain the gag briefly.

Now she pulled a goggle like band around his eyes, adjusting it to perfection. He found it harder to blink and nearly impossible to close and keep his eyes shut. Ashley explained what it was when he tried to ask what through the gag “it’s a plastic like frame that is wedged onto your eyelids, the simple spring in it allows for blinking but keeps the patient from closing their eyes and blocking out the images, I want to make sure this sticks so I’m taking every precaution.” The last thing Ashley did was prick his arm with an IV needle that was connect to the machine. “The machine will keep you hydrated and give you anything you need during the program” she explained, sounding more and more nefarious and giving Mathew a bad vibe. “Have fun with your training” is the last thing she said as she lowered the lid and sealed him inside of the chamber.

He sat in the darkness for what felt like hours, nervous and running everything Ashley had said through his head over and over again. Ashley worked outside of the machine, booting up systems and checking to make sure the machine had everything it would need for the next 24 hours, she grinned ear to ear as she worked. She sat down at the command counsel and put on her headset to speak with Mathew one last time before starting. “Sorry I lied to you Matty (she knew he hated this feminine nickname) but it was for the better. You’re currently helplessly stuck inside of the third generation of my hypnosis device. The first two generations were good for simple things like overwriting fears, then overwriting addictions, but this machine can overwrite an entire personality, and create new ones. I won’t spoil your fun but in 24-36 hours, depending on how quickly you submit to the training, you’ll emerge a completely changed person, exactly the way I want you to be.” She explained slowly, leaning back in her chair and grinning, an evil tone slipping in and causing Mathew to start to struggle inside of his restraints.

Three distinct beeps followed by a buzz initiated a stream of images and an almost whisper like voice. Completely naked women flashed across the display his eyes were glued to, the voice suggesting he should always be completely clean shaven. Another voice started to suggest he let his hair down and out of the bun. For two hours this stream of information piled into Pat’s head, he was nervous and in complete disbelief of what was happening, not knowing what to expect but the subliminal message began to sink in. He began to wonder why he kept his hair up, and his occasional tendency to shave off his fuzz became something that felt like it should become a daily routine. He couldn’t keep track of every image and it seemed like 10+ voices were talking to him. Near the end he began to think that the females he was watching flash across the screen had dicks, and that became more and more obvious as the photos finished what was 1/100 became 1/5, for some reason he found himself being drawn to this finding it almost desirable and more attractive.

Suddenly it all ended, he couldn’t remember exactly what had happened but he was trapped in the darkness again for another five minutes before a buzz two beeps and a buzz signaled the beginning of a new set of images on the screen. This time every model was wearing lingerie or dresses, always something extremely feminine in nature, videos lapsed through of girls getting dressed, and voices started to suggest this was what he should always wear or desire to wear, that he would be prettiest in these clothes. Again nearing the end the models began hiding away a cock in their thongs or panties. As the message began to stick he felt the desire to feel pretty like these girls and dress like them. At this point he had no idea how long he had been inside the machine, again his most recent session became a blur as the machine shut down again and left him in the darkness.

He was already feeling extremely exhausted also extremely confused. He knew he had been inside of the machine for hours, but in his head only minutes had seemed to have passed, not being able to remember exactly what had transpired. He let out a panicked cry as the machine signaled with two buzzes and two beeps and he knew he was about to be forced into another session. He tried to force his eyes closed and listen to anything but the voices however in the chamber, the voices echoed all around him and his eyes were forced back open by the goggles. The images displayed were women in bondage or submissive poses this time around. The voices began to chant and cheer for submission, suggesting it was the only way and best thing for him. The longer it transpired the more suggestive and intense the hypnosis became. The girls on screen were being dominated by large men or other women with strapons. He had the faint feeling it was ending as sissies began to appear on the screen, being dominated and fucked in the ass, cumming on the ground and moaning from the pleasure. It was impossible for him to hold out against hypnosis and he moaned out loud as the screen went black again and the entire session disappeared from his memory again. ‘What is Ashley programming and training me for’ he asked himself internally, trying to recollect anything from his hours spent inside of the machine.

The machine began its next program with four beeps. Before he could react, images of large dicks started to flash on the screen and instead of starting with just one suggestive voice, 10-12 were constantly willing him to submit to alpha males. Mathew’s body began to refuse him as his dick grew harder and harder with each image and every passing second. He couldn’t fight the machine even if he tried as every passing moment he found himself giving in. The images took a sudden change to women being bent over and fucked in the ass by these larger men, the voices encouraging him to submit and be like these women. Before long, the images changed to gay men and shemales on the receiving end. He felt something being pumped into his arm, a large dosage of testosterone was being forced into his system making him extremely horny. Another hour of this had him on the verge of begging the machine to fuck him senseless.

Almost as if the machine heard his plea, he felt pressure against his virgin asshole. A very small dildo only three inches in length forced itself into his tight rear, a generous amount of lubrication being pumped into him to ease its entry, he couldn’t fight it as it pushed in and lubricated the hole thoroughly. It only had to fuck him for 15 minutes before the pressure on his prostate caused him to cum. As soon as he did the fucking stopped briefly and the small dildo in his ass dumped an artificial semen into him. The dildo retracted and the machine shuffled through its internal tool bank, finding the next size up. Now a dildo 7 inches in length and an inch and half in diameter pressed against him. He let out a moan as it entered him slowly, partially from pain and partially from pleasure as it stretched him. The images on the screen and voices now encouraged him to please men with his mouth. Before long a matching dildo centered on his mouth.

At first he tried to close his mouth and refuse entry but the head nestled into his mouth and started to move forwards and back slowly working deeper and deeper with each thrust. At first the machine tested his gag reflex, only pushing past it slightly at first. He was so enticed by the images and voices that his tongue began to work the length, occasionally the machine encouraging him to take more and give him pointers on sucking cock. It wasn’t long before the dildo began to bottom out in his mouth, artificial balls resting on his chin. Meanwhile the dildo in his ass had long since worked its way all the way into him and had began to violently fuck his rear. Occasionally a sharp smack was delivered to one of his ass cheeks causing him to moan around the cock in his mouth. He didn’t last half as long with the dildo in his ass as he felt an orgasm wash over his body. The machine again returned with spraying his inside with the warm semen however it didn’t stop this time. It withdrew then pushed back in, the machine was running a train on his ass. Finally after his second orgasm the cock in his mouth started to ejaculate dumping warm salty semen first down his throat, then on his tongue, and finishing with a bit on his face. He tried to fight the urge however his body refused and he swallowed what had ended up in his mouth. His body begged for more as the third round in his ass was finished.

He realized he wasn’t even hard anymore as the third sized dildo took its place. 10 inches long and 2.5 inches  wide was eased in. The shear size and force on his prostate made him cum instantly before the machine had even started to thrust into him. The cock in his mouth switched to match, the head alone with more than enough to fill his mouth completely before it started to force its way down his throat. It wasn’t easy at first however before long he was taking the whole length without even flinching. His tongue worked furiously until both dildos dumped their large loads. He swallowed without a second thought despite the awful taste and texture. The warm load sitting in his ass was somehow comforting to him as he was encourage to receive pleasure for pleasing a man. This treatment continued for ages, each time he craved the next cock even more before everything went black and he forgot the entire experience. His ass ached and his jaw and throat were sore, he had no clue as to why as he tried to recollect what had happened. With all of the orgasms he had experienced, the dopamine overload in his head only left him to believe he had had a good time with the last session, still a fear lingered in the back of his head.

The sessions that followed only further reinforced his training yet he could never remember how long he had been there or what had happened. Each session took less and less time as the previous foundation had already been laid. Everything that he needed to be a proper sissy was embedded in his brain, the subliminal messages and images echoing inside of him and rooting themselves in his psyche. When the image “training completed” finally flashed on the screen he had no idea how long he had been in the machine, in fact, he could barely remember the moments leading up to entering the machine. He trembled in the restraints, feeling exhausted but content for some reason, overjoyed and happy that he had come in for the anti-smoking therapy that he was told he was coming in for.

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