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Careful What you Sign up for

by Leexxx

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Storycodes: F+/m; machine; hypno; reprogram; conditioning; naked; shower; shave; makeup; lingerie; fem; cd; sissy; tricked; cons; X

story continued from part one

Part Two

The light was almost blinding as the door to the machine was opened. The restraints released themselves and Ashley was now there to remove the goggles and gag. As the posture collar was released and he was able to turn his head, he realized there were three other girls from her sorority there with her. Internally he knew he should be nervous being around them naked however it felt okay, a confidence and equality with the fact making it seem natural and alright. He stepped out of the machine getting a little support from Ashley as she carried him over to a chair. “Do you want a cigarette” she asked holding up a pack of his favorite brand. He hesitated for a moment then said no, disgusted almost with the habit he once had. “That’s very good, lemme go get you some clothes to put on, these three will keep you company till I come back” she said as she put the cigarettes away and went out of sight to a locker.

One of the girls pressed a key on the computer and a soft soothing song started. He relaxed in the chair for a moment and closed his eyes listening to the music, not his normal death metal but it was appropriate for the moment so he could wind down. “Do you know how long I was in there?” he asked the girls.

“About as long as it usually takes I suppose, took a bit longer since you were fighting the hypnosis apparently but not much longer than was expected.” the brunette girl in the middle answered.

Ashley returned with a pile of clothes he didn’t recognize. “Let’s get you all dressed up and pretty now, we’re going to a party tonight” Ashley said as she set the close down a little out of his sight.

“A party on a Thursday night, you college girls are wild and brave” Mathew commented as he stood up.

“It’s Friday night dear, you’ve been in the machine for awhile, it’s okay if you can’t remember everything. How about we all go shower real quick, you’re probably a little grimy after your session” Ashley said as she took his hand.

The five all went towards a back shower room, Mathew wasn’t opposed to the idea of showering with the four beautiful girls but in his head he was a little worried about why the hypnosis had taken so long. They all stripped right in front of him, as if they weren’t worried about a male seeing their naked bodies. They all piled into the showers, similar to a gym style locker room. Ashley came up behind him and pressed her breast against his back with, “You know, maybe you should shave your body like us, I think you’d be cute.”

Internally Mathew protested, trying to tell himself what little body hair he had was one of his few manly traits however what came out was only, “You really think so, okay.”

Ashley gave a nod behind his back and the other girls came over, carrying a full package of pink disposable razors. Each took a limb and began to strip away and hair on his body. He was a little startled when Ashley had him spread his legs and began to shave his crotch and crack. He was was smoother out everywhere and began to enjoy the feeling of the warm water flowing over his naked body. They shut off the stream for a moment before Ashley began to distribute Naire into the palms of each girl’s hands. They rubbed the hair stripper over his entire body, minus his eyebrows and long hair. After a few minutes to let the chemicals do their job, they turned the water back on and rinsed off his body before the chemicals could burn and damage his skin. He was now truly completely hairless.

“You know, these chemicals are pretty bad for your skin, next time you should come to get waxed with us, if you get it done frequently enough it doesn’t even hurt” Ashley commented, Mathew agreeing with a nod as he simply enjoyed the extremely smooth skin. Ashley washed his hair then ran a slurry of conditioners through it till it was silky smooth, he often neglected his hair but knew he’d have to condition it more often.

They exited the shower together and Mathew found himself wrapping the towel around his chest like the girls had, he thought it was a little silly since he should only have to cover his waist but it seemed right. He followed them over to the mirrors where they all sat down with a blow dryer and fluffed their hair. He didn’t know exactly what to do but Ashley lent him her blow dryer and showed him a little technique to do it right. He had never really worn his hair down so he was unfamiliar with the blow dryer but soon the hypnosis had taken over and he watched in the mirror as his hands naturally fluffed, combed, then ironed his hair into a rather feminine style. Large curls adorned his head and he found himself curling his bangs, something he had never done before.

“Your hair is so pretty” they all said almost in unison seeing his completed style.

“I don’t know what came over me, it just seemed right, I’ve never done my hair like this before” Mathew commented looking at himself in the mirror and wondering how he had become so skilled at modeling his hair.

“I wonder what you’d look like with a bit of makeup” one of the girls commented picking up a full bag of makeup products.

He protested a little with “I don’t know, I’ve never worn any makeup and I don’t want to be too feminine” he was reaching for the comb to undo his hair when Ashley’s hand stopped him.

“It’s okay, we won’t go over board, maybe just a little foundation and eye liner to see” she lowered his guard. It didn’t take long for the four girls to have a thick coat of lipstick on him, his cheeks and face contoured, a dark eyeshadow applied, and some eyeliner wings to be drawn on. He had to admit it was very good and he looked like a very attractive female from the neck up. “Let’s go get you dressed up” Ashley suggested as they picked him up from the stool not giving him a chance to protest about the feminine makeup.

The girls all slipped into their bras and panties, pulling on fishnet leggings or stockings, they were going to a party so it made sense for them to go all out with their lingerie. Ashley stopped half dressed and noticed he wasn’t putting on any clothes. They all surrounded him still only half dressed “Do you like what you see” she commented holding her hands behind her back. “How about you out these on, you know just to try them out” Ashley suggested bringing her arms in front of her and showing him a set of dark blue, very lacy and practically see through, boy short cut panties.

His mind screamed absolutely not, but his hands reached up to take the panties from her. He felt the smooth and lacy fabric in his hands, the temptation to much as he bent over to pull them up his legs. The sensation of the fabric running over his smooth legs was irresistible and the farther up he got the less he wanted to go back. He snapped the waistband around his hips and ran his fingers around to make sure there were no creases in the fabric. Ashley reach into his panties and adjusted his package, tucking it up between his legs and flattening out the front of his panties like a woman. “Mmm, your so adorable in lingerie, I’d go for you” the redhead chimed in biting her lip a little.

“How about the whole set then?” the brunette suggested going over and gathering the rest of the lingerie. He tried to protest briefly with “the panties are far enough” but before he could say anything else, Ashley had began to wrap a garter belt around his waist, letting the straps dangle to his thighs. The next addition was a waist cincher. He quickly found breathing more difficult as they tightened the lacy garment, giving his skinny stomach an hour glass transition into his hips. The more they put on the less he protested. They sat him down and pulled a set of black stockings up his leg, topped with a dark blue lacy band that was quickly clipped into the garter belt that had little black bows on the clips.

He admired his figure in the mirror briefly when he stood up, his long legs transitioning into his butt which was rounded perfectly by the panties, his now curvy hips from the cincher that was for some reason turning him on by restricting his breathing, it was all a little overwhelming but he felt himself diving in and desiring more. “Sorry but the bra is for a D sized chest and I don’t think you have enough to fill it there” Ashley commented point to his chest, getting a little giggle from the other three. He didn’t know why but it was humiliating to have them laugh at him for not having a full chest like them so he commented, “Is there anyway we could just stuff the bra maybe, you know to complete the outfit at least.” Ashley paused for a moment putting her hand to her chin pretending to think for a moment, praising herself internally for how well things were going. “Lemme run over to the other tech department, I think they’ve been working on something that could help you out.” she said before turning and leaving. The other three girls finished dressing while he admired his body a bit more in the mirror, an attractive woman standing there that was actually him.

Ashley was back in less than two minutes holding a small box. “The tech department has been working on these breast forms for cancer patients, they transmit any signal to the wearer as if they were their real breast, hooking into the nerve bundles in your chest. They should just about perfectly matching the skin tone of your chest so no one will be able to tell they’re fake until they get your clothes off.” She sprayed the forms with glue and sprayed some on his chest then carefully and precisely placed the forms and held them there till the glue set which only took a minute. She gave the nipple a firm squeeze which caused him to yelp a little, then taking both breast into her hands and massaging them with her fingers and groping a little. It didn’t take long before he let out a little moan which caused her to stop.

“Pretty cool aren’t they, I think they might be set to be a little more sensitive than real breasts but that shouldn’t be a problem since you didn’t have a rack before and it’ll compensate” she said knowing full well that they were set at the maximum sensitivity and they didn’t have to compensate solely because he was male. Mathew was becoming anxious to put the bra on, the D sized breast weighing down on his chest seemed to want to pull him over. Ashley pulled the bra on over his arms and clipped it in the back for him. The lacy fabric rubbing against the nipple of the breast form, causing them to get hard which was another feature she didn’t mention, made him shiver a little.

Ashley produced a pair of blue high heals now, and without hesitation he stepped in, the straps being quickly tightened around his ankles. Despite being his first time wearing heals, and being 4 inch tall stilettos, he was able to gracefully walk. He caught another glimpse of himself in the mirror now, his long legs even more accentuated by the tight muscles he had to maintain to keep his balance. Ashley watched diligently, extremely proud of her hypnosis machine for doing such a thorough job in training him. A black mini dress on a hanger was pulled out now and he gracefully stepped in and pulled it up and onto his shoulders, the redhead stepping behind him and pulling the zipper up and tightening the satin black material against his body. It hadn’t even occurred to him why they had all of this ready for him in the first place.

“You’re so hot, you have to come to the party with us” the blond said, getting excited.

“I don’t know about that, I haven’t been to a whole lot of parties and I don’t know what I’d do, not to mention my voice is still fairly deep and not feminine, and I’m not really a girl, it doesn’t seem right” Mathew tried to deny the invitation.

“I’m one step ahead of you cowgirl” the brunette chimed in going over to the bag of clothes she had brought. She pulled out a black plastic collar about an inch in thickness and slowly approached opening it up. She closed it around his neck, giving a very slight click and a faint beep. “Go ahead and saying something” she encouraged.

“Why...” He was a little stunned and tried to clear his throat “what happened to my voice.” His voice was now silvery smooth and very feminine, all of the low baritone notes had been replaced with higher octaves.

“My research project is a voice changer for military application and what not, It’s currently set to sexy spy mode so even a manly deep voice will come out as a sexy female assassin like in the movies. It needs some trial runs so this would be a good opportunity, it’s only squeezing your vocal cords a bit to modify the sounds waves” she explained.

He looked in the mirror and had to admire the high gloss finish of the collar was a good accessory for the dress and had the perfect thickness and contour to cover his Adam’s apple. He really couldn’t refuse the group of girls now as they pleadingly looked at him, begging him to join them. Ashley turned to finish getting dressed with an evil grin when he agreed to join them for the party.

“Come on Matty, lets get this show on the road” Ashley cheered as the group of now 5 girls exited the building. Mathew was a little terrified to be seen like this but the group ensured him that everything would be okay and no one would become the wiser. ‘Matty’ echoed in his head, he should hate the name but now it felt right to be Matty, at least while he was dressed as a sissy following the group of girls to one of the biggest end of the semester Frat parties.

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