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The Car Wash

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2013 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; sbf; straps; bikini; machine; carwash; brushes; water; torment; video; cons; X

It was a small town, but not so small that it didn't have two car washes, but that's where the similarities ended. The one on the North side of town was old fashion, and everything was done by hand with college kids working for little money and big tips. The owner of that establishment had little invested in his business, and he did quite well the few days he was open, as most of the men in town liked to see the girls washing their cars in their cut off shorts and bikini tops. The girls had fun, and if things got slow they would stand on the side of the road and flag the cars in. The owner was old school, and he knew that sex sells, but he also knew that his competition was the future.

Kris was the owner of the automated car wash on the East side of town, it was a gleaming new establishment with a fully automated car wash system, and her customers could get their cars washed whenever they wanted, day or night. There was a control panel at the entry door that could take a customers money, after they choose what they wanted done, from a simple wash job to the super deluxe package with hot wax. The door would open when the customer paid, and the complex robotics systems would take control of the mechanism that moved the car back and forth through the many processes once inside.

When the system was satisfied the car was clean, and all imperfections were removed from it's surface, the car was blow dried and the exit door was opened. The car was then deposited on the far side of the exit door so passing motorists could see how well the machine worked. Kris had a huge capital investment in her business, but not in payroll, and the fact that she was theoretically open twenty four hours a day meant than she should be killing her competition, but she wasn't.

The townspeople were still reluctant to trust their fine cars to Kris' automated car wash, even after she installed high definition cameras to broadcast the process on her website proving it was safe and gentle. She knew she had to do something drastic, and she came up with a plan, inspired by far too many glasses of wine as she pored over her overdue bills. Kris set up her website to dump all the nights captured video onto one of the video sharing sites that streamed on the web, and she drove herself to her car wash wearing only her string bikini, but in possession of her full face motorcycle helmet and three straps. 

First she parked at the entry door and went inside with her pass card to inspect all of the soft cloth brushes to see if any of them had anything stuck to them that could damage her finish. It wouldn't do at all for a video to be broadcast all over the world showing her body getting scratched up at a car wash she wanted to promote. Next she hooked the three thick ratchet straps to the frame of her car left to right and passed them over top of the body. The first she secured near the front of the front doors, the second between the front and rear doors, and the last behind the rear doors. 

Kris' pass key allowed her to select a program in the machine to start with any delay she selected, unlike what a paying customer would be able to select. She had done so countless times in the past so she could watch the robotics from outside of her car to ensure they were operating properly, and her car was always hot waxed and as shiny as the owner of a car washes should be. Kris' hands were shaking as she inserted the pass key into the panel and selected a long start delay, the reality of what she was going to do finally setting in past the fog of her inebriation.

Kris was desperate though, and desperate people did desperate things. She climbed up on her cold car after donning her full face motorcycle helmet, and locking the shield in place to protect her pretty face. She had plenty of time to get into position and first slipped her bare feet under the front strap and then ratcheted it down tightly on top of her ankles. Her legs were spread slightly by the time she had the strap as tight as she wanted across the curve of the windshield, but she felt secure in that position.

Next she ratcheted down the second strap that was across her midriff, this one she had to duck under and then pull the slack out of it as she laid down. She again traded some comfort for security, and her flat stomach was compressed by the thick strap. The last strap went right across the front of her helmet, and she pulled it tight with some difficulty as she couldn't see the tension mechanism with her head pinned in place. This was again for safety, and with it in place she couldn't move her head the slightest bit. She was unsure what to do with her hands, if she had someone to help her they could have used another strap to secure them out of the way, but she didn't.

Kris couldn't see the countdown timer with her head pinned looking up, and she waited for an eternity before the machine sprang into life. Her car was bumped forward by the traction device, and once she and it were safely inside the car wash, the entry door closed with an ominous thud. First her car, and her were rinsed off with cold water from hundreds of tiny high pressure nozzles pointing in every direction. She had allowed herself to forget how cold the water could be, and by the time the process was complete she was freezing. Next came the warm soapy water, and compared to the last step felt wonderful even though it found itself in places she never anticipated. The machine sprayed extra soap on top of her car a second time in it's attempt to remove what it decided was foreign material stuck to it's roof, and with that complete the car moved ahead to the next station.

The soft cloth brushes spun to life next, and Kris' visor was covered with soap suds preventing her from seeing them approach, but she knew what they sounded like. About that time she got her first hits on her streaming video, and within seconds she had hundreds of hits, and then thousands more as friends contacted other friends all over the globe. The brushes were spinning fast enough for her to feel them slap the car body she was bound to, and when the first ones hit the bottoms of her bare feet  it was like getting smacked with a wet washcloth over and over again.

The robotic brushes moved down the car's sides as well, but the ones moving over the top of it were of most concern to her. They slapped at her legs higher and higher, and when they got to the apex of her thighs they slapped her without mercy there as well. The brushes moved further up her bound body, and in an instant became entangled in her bikini bottoms and ripped them off without pause. She then experiences the relentless abuse of the spinning brushes directly on her most tender skin, and she realised she had made a terrible mistake. Tens of thousands of computer users were watching Kris getting stripped and whipped by that time, and those watching from the comfort of their homes hardly blinked as they listened to the powerful machine's torment.

The brushes moved up her body, and she had little choice but to endure her abuse as she hung on to the strap across her stomach. The brushes reached her rather large breasts, and her bikini top joined her bottoms somewhere inside the machine as her breasts were slapped in all directions. The brushes moved up slowly, but they had little effect on her tightly strapped helmet, and she thought the worst of it was over.

The machine's sensors still detected foreign material on top of her car, and the program called for more aggressive action from the brushes, and a bidirectional second pass. To Kris' horror she heard the motors spin up much faster, and they traveled in the opposite direction starting with rear of her car. When the brushes got to her bare breasts they were savaged violently, and Kris' groans were muffled by her helmet as well as the high pitched noises from the drive motors. The brushes continued on their irreversible path toward her toes, but before they got there they slapped her without mercy between her legs, and she passed out.

When she woke she was still inside the car wash, and she had just been rinsed off again with cold water, but at least the tormenting brushes had finished their assault. She could see clearly through her visor after the rinse, and the display meant for passengers INSIDE their cars told her that her hot wax was about to begin. Kris struggled to release the straps, not even realising she had chosen the deluxe package, but before she could even start the hot liquid was sprayed all over her and her car. It was very slippery, and she couldn't even grasp the handles on the straps, trapping her on the top of her car.

The display said the blow dryer was next, and her car moved toward it as it started to run. The air coming out of nozzles was at seventy five miles per hour, and it was this rather than the mild heat it produced that dried the cars. Kris' body was buffeted by the wind blast, but the helmet prevented her ears and face from experiencing the full force of it. Her breasts were thrashed around by the tremendous energy of the blower, and the position her legs were held in directed the air into her uncomfortably. 

The machine finally went silent, it's job almost complete, at least to the extent of it's simple understanding. The exit door opened and the traction device pulled Kris' car out of the door. The door then closed, and she was trapped looking up into the night sky, naked, and freshly washed and waxed just like her car. She struggles with the straps holding her on top of her car, beat up by the gentle machine, but also fully aware she was horribly exposed in her parking lot and in full view of any cars that could drive by. She got free and slid down off of her car and drove home without a stitch of clothing on, and once there found out she was an instant Internet star. 

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