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The Car Wash 2

by Jackie Rabbit

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Storycodes: F+/f; tape; strip; gag; machine; carwash; brushes; water; tickle; bdsm; torment; video; climax; cons/nc; X

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Part 2

Kris' video went viral, and the whole world was caught up in trying to discover who she was, and her possible motivations. Her face had been protected by her motorcycle helmet, and her license plate wasn't in the camera's field of view either, protecting her identity for the moment. Some enterprising souls had discovered the car washes web site, and the camera angles were unmistakeably the same ones making it a must see for those who saw the video. She had to instantly get rid of her old car, but with lines forming at all times of the day and night she could easily afford a nice new one to replace it.

Kris had searched for and found her torn up bikini in the drain filters on one of her maintenance inspections, and she took it home to launder it before displaying it behind glass near the inside status display. She didn't have any signs on it or anything like that, and she was sure some of her customers would wonder why it was there. For the others it confirmed their suspicions, and became the reason people traveled so far just to get their car washed.

The video also inspired others around the world to emulate Kris' actions, with some seeking adventure at the mercy of the car washes' robotics and taking the "bikini dare", and others with much more nefarious intentions.


The same series machine had been installed near an upscale state university in the Midwest, and some of the students answered an advertisement looking for them to pick up and deliver cars to the car wash. Once a week there was a special coupon in the local paper for the pick up service, and it allowed customers to get the deluxe package on their cars for the regular wash price. Here the college girls dominated, and they had a virtual assembly line of cars being delivered to the rear of the car wash, and the drivers would quickly run around to the front of the building and hop into another freshly cleaned car and deliver it back to where it belonged.

Tank tops and track shorts were the preferred uniform for the girls, and they cleaned up with the generous tips they received from their mostly male customers. Only the drivers had direct contact with the customers and actually received the tips, and the girls decided that the only fair way to distribute them between everybody was to collect them for the day and divide the proceeds equally. A small portion of those tips were put into a thick lexan box at the console where the regular customers paid, and it was labeled "bikini dare". The box was very strong and chained down to the concrete, and secured with a thick pad lock that only the owner had a key for.

The box looked like a huge tip jar, and some of the regular customers donated to it when they paid for their car wash, fully aware of what the money was intended for. The viral video had been seen on the evening news during a particularly slow news cycle, and even people who were not Internet savvy had seen it, although with certain strategic areas of the unknown woman's body blocked out for the sensitivities of their younger viewers. Those few sensitive young people who had yet to see it instantly logged on and saw the video as it was intended, and it had a resurgence in popularity.

The girls at the car wash saw the cash build up in the clear box all summer long, and when it looked like enough to one of the girls, she could take the "bikini dare" and have her own fifteen minutes of fame with the car washes' cameras. Just like in the video though, a good helmet of some kind would prevent positive identification of whoever was brave enough to take the challenge, but also making it unclear how they could claim the bikini dare money afterwards from the car washes' owner.

Chelsea worked at the car wash as a driver, and she was the only one of them that could drive a stick shift guaranteeing her some measure of job security over her peers. Her friends noticed the buxom red heads tips had fallen off, and as they vacuumed out the cars waiting for the robotic car wash to take them next, they lamented to each other how they had the hardest job there.

Jessica was in charge of the other girls, and she had also noticed that Chelsea's tips had suspiciously fallen off. Her stunningly unique red hair and her propensity for wearing clothes on the tight side of decent made her a favorite among the customers, and she suspected Chelsea was pocketing some of the tips instead of turning them in. Jessica's boyfriend had an older brother, Mike, and she devised a simple trap for Chelsea if she were stealing tips, and to exonerate her if she wasn't. Mike called to have his full sized SUV picked up at the end of the day and given the deluxe package wash and wax job with the special coupon, and Jessica made sure to send Chelsea to do the job.

Mike smiled, and tipped her a very generous twenty dollars for picking up the large SUV, and she thought at the time it was due to his obvious appreciation for her flaming red hair. Mike's smile was not only due to her stunning good looks, but in anticipation of what Jessica had told him she had in mind if she were proven to be stealing from the others. The bill Mike had given her had a special message written on it in black light pen, and he hoped to be seeing the sexy Chelsea again with the bill in her hand.

The girls confronted Chelsea when she returned with the SUV when Jessica told them the special bill was not in the envelope where it was supposed to be, after looking for the special message with her black light. The girls were supposed to put all of their own money into their lockers, and only have an envelope for the tips to be turned in after each run. To be fair it was possible Chelsea had dropped the bill somewhere, and as angry as Jessica was at her for stealing, she wanted proof before she carried out her plans.

Jessica saw the other girls had the buxom red head by the arms, and she wasn't going anywhere without their consent. Jessica told her they knew what she has been doing with the tips, but if she 'comes clean' with them that they would go easier on her. The other girls were in on Jessica's plans as well, and they all smiled at the comes clean part, and Chelsea had an ominous feeling at the joke she had been left out of. "Tell us where you have hidden your stolen tips, or we are going to tear every piece of clothing off of you until we find it", Jessica said.

Chelsea suspected she had been ratted out by one of the customers, or possibly more than one of them, but she was certain that if the girls stripped her and didn't find any cash hidden on her they would be forced to believe her innocence. The thought of getting stripped against her will also kind of turned her on, and she taunted Jessica, "You've had your eyes all over my tits since we first met, so I'm not surprised you would want to have a look for yourself, I DARE YOU!" There was truth in her words, and not only had Jessica had her eyes on them, but her boyfriend had commented on the sexy red heads assets as well.

Jessica was well prepared, and she bought out one of the rolls of black duct tape she had bought for the occasion, with all thought of compassion for the red head lost with the stinging truth of her words. Three strips of the sticky tape were placed across her lips, one horizontally, and the last two forming an "X" sealing in her taunts and insults as she struggled in vain with the seven girls of the car wash.

There was no way to easily remove her tank top with her arms held, and they couldn't let go of those without risk of her running to the front of the building for help. A stout yank of the neck line of the shirt didn't do anything to it, and one of the girls produced a pair of scissors and cut up the front of the surprisingly strong shirt as Chelsea looked on with wide eyes. She didn't struggle when they did that for fear of having something nipped off in the process, and the tank top was discovered to have built in support that made a bra unnecessary for her large breasts, and probably cost a fortune. The straps were nipped as well and the shirt was in tatters on the wet ground, her magnificent breasts that attracted so much attention displayed for all to see. No money was found, and her shorts received the same treatment next, as well as her panties, and all the girls found was her neatly trimmed red landing strip.

Jessica was so sure she was guilty before they started, but she couldn't stop now either. The girls hoisted her struggling form into the air by her arms and legs, the latter flailing about so badly that two girls had to hold each one. Jessica pulled off her sneakers next, and was near despair when she didn't find anything there either, although Chelsea struggled especially frantically when Jessica touched the soles of her little feet. Jessica wasn't in the tickling mood, although Chelsea obviously could be tormented in that way as well. She wasn't the kind of girl to give up easily either, especially when her pride was involved, and she gave the girls some instructions and ran to get something out of her car. When she returned Chelsea's hands were taped into fists, not for fighting, but to prevent her the use of her fingers. Jessica put an old motorcycle helmet onto her head and buckled it tight, and then put strips of the black tape over the visor preventing her from seeing anything.

The effect was instantaneous, and she stopped struggling with no way to see her attackers, or the path to freedom. Jessica told her if she doesn't co-operate and get up onto the SUV, that they would take her to the park and just dump her off there to wander around the way she is. The park at night was famous for drinking and smoking among the college crowd, and there was a heavy police presence because of it. Chelsea didn't know what would be worse, found by the cops nude and questioned, of found by her peers and subjected to who knows what... She nodded her helmeted head with little choice and allowed herself to be directed on top of the cold black truck.

The girls must of felt some sympathy for her because they laid her on her belly instead of her back like they planned, and they taped her wrists spread widely to the front cross brace of the roof rack, and her helmet to the same brace in the center. Her elbows were at a ninety degree angle, and they were taped to the lateral braces of the roof rack securely. Her legs had to be bent at the knee as well to fit within the profile of the roof rack, and her ankles and knees were taped like her arms had been, forcing her into an ass high position and exposing her red bush from behind. The girls had plenty of tape left, and they went over each point again until they were out of tape, the second roll untouched.

When Jessica was sure she was secure she climbed up on the truck's door opening and removed the tape covering her face shield, and told her to tap her right foot on the roof. She did as instructed, and Jessica told her to do that when she was willing to tell them where the money was. Chelsea thought she was bluffing, why she later couldn't imagine, as Jessica hadn't bluffed yet. The girls all piled into the seats with Jessica driving, and she selected the deluxe package with the coupon and the entry door opened and pulled them in. The robotics had a huge database of every kind of car or truck that could be expected to drive into a car wash, and the scanners realised there was something stuck onto the top of this truck and decided on what actions to take. High pressure cold water blasted at the truck from all angles as Chelsea was helpless to stop it, not that the girls even could at this point if they wanted to. The cycle repeated, and when the robotics decided it wasn't working it started to deploy the soap jets all over the truck.

The girls had the sun roof's shade open to see Chelsea's tormented breasts smashed up against the glass, and they were enjoying the experience from the safety of inside the truck. They had forgotten about the cameras inside the car wash though, Chelsea had the helmet on and was therefore hard to identify, except for her stunning curves and red bush. The girls on the other hand were clearly seen inside the truck, laughing and joking with each other as the relentless brushes went to work on the truck. The brushes were really soft rags, hundreds of them on three rotating cylinders, one for the top of the truck, and one each for the left and right sides. They spun to life at high speed first to clean off whatever junk had been left on them from the last wash job, and then they stopped and approached the truck, and Chelsea.

This machine had different parameters built into it's programming than the machine with the viral video girl in it, unknown to Chelsea, or to the girls inside the truck. This area of the country had heavy mud this time of the year, and the robotics knew this, and the fact that it was cleaning a truck with four wheel drive. Chelsea was seen as nothing more than a lump of mud that would have to go! The car washes owner had paid extra for this option, and had the cameras programmed to flag when the option was selected by the robotics to see it's effectiveness first hand. The robotics manufacturer also had a similar flag in their program, and the event was being recorded on their research and development department's computer as well for later analysis.

The display inside the car wash announced to the girls that the mud option had been activated, and the brushes hung without rotating and scrubbed back and forth on the body of the truck, emulating the scrubbing actions a human might make. When the brushes got to the top of the truck where Chelsea was trapped, they paid particular attention to her and scrubbed back and forth, tormenting her ticklish self as she tried to escape their onslaught. Chelsea was so hysterical with laughter that she ripped the tape loose gagging her, and the girls heard her and broke into fits of laughter themselves listening to her having entirely too much fun. The scrubbing brushes reached her bare feet, the most ticklish part of her sexy body, and she was breathless by the time they finished with her.

The brushes moved away and spun to life flinging soap everywhere, and then they slowly mover toward her. They could be felt approaching her by their repeated slapping through the truck body, and when they got to her she felt like she was receiving the spanking of her life. When they went down her back they also slapped at the sides of her impressive breasts where they bulged out, and the girls all took turns watching them get abused through the glass sun roof. She wasn't laughing anymore, but she wasn't begging for mercy or telling the girls where she hid the cash either.

The brushes continued down her body, and with her ass up higher that the rest of her it got special attention. She was spanked without mercy, with some of the shots finding their way around to her bush, but despite that she found herself getting turned on by the control the machine had over her. The girls weren't doing this to her, even though she richly deserved it, the car washes robotics were. In a strange kind of way the girl's job was to feed the car wash cars, and in that way they actually served the machine. The machine ate the dirt and spit out clean cars, and as soon as it did they would feed it another one.

Chelsea's deep thoughts stopped as the brushes could be heard spinning up for their high speed pass as it noticed she was still stuck on the roof of the truck. This pass was back and forth and much more aggressive, but she saw it as a battle of wills between the machine and herself, and as it tried to clean her off of the truck she instead had a powerful orgasm. The girls inside the truck all heard it, and were left to the conclusion that Chelsea was either one hell of a kinky little slut, or mocking them. The rinse was next, but the robotics didn't start the hot wax, or the blow dryer.

The display instead told them that it was sorry, but that their truck was still dirty, and if they would like to drive around and come back they would receive a free complimentary deluxe wash and wax job. The girls had never seen it do that before, but they had little choice when the exit door opened and it shoved their truck outside and then closed the door behind them. Jessica drove around to the back of the car wash with Chelsea still taped in place, and the girls had a conference between them.

The girls came to the conclusion that Chelsea was having way too much fun with what was supposed to be a kind of torture, and that if the robotics wanted to have the opportunity to scrub a muddy truck clean, they would give it one. They drove out onto the main road, and then quickly to a back road that lead to some muddy fields that Jessica knew of. Chelsea was helplessly trapped on the roof for the short drive, and she was thankful it was dark out and that they only had passed a handful of cars on the way.

Jessica put the truck into four wheel drive and took off through the fields with Chelsea getting bumped around on the roof. There had been some rain lately, and as a result some deep mud that she drove through, slowly the first time, but the second time at forty miles per hour as the mud coated the truck from bumper to bumper. There was so much mud on top of it that they had to stop and see if Chelsea was still there, and when they saw she was they did a few more laps around the field tearing it up.

They drove the muddy truck back to the car wash, and they accepted the free deluxe package and let the machine have another shot at getting the truck clean. At least this time there was some honest mud on it, along with Chelsea, and the casual observer could hardly see where one started and the other ended. The robotics followed the same program again, and after the cold rinse, soap, and scrubbing, it was finally satisfied that the truck was clean. The hot wax sprayed all over Chelsea, and she moved to the blow dryer that had no mercy on her until she was clean and dry. The truck was pushed back outside, only this time the machine was happy with the job it did.

Jessica still wanted their money, and wasn't feeling any mercy yet, so she left Chelsea on top of the truck and opened the sun roof just enough so the two girls could hear each other. When the glass sun roof panel slid backwards, it tried to drag her squeaky clean breasts with it, and the girls in the front seats saw her large breasts painfully dragged to the rear with an annoying screech. Jessica called up to Chelsea and told her they were going to just drive around all night with her, and maybe stop at the mall and go shopping, unless she could think of some other place she should drive to.

Chelsea told her she won, and agreed to direct her to where the money was hidden, and she could be heard giving Jessica turn by turn directions from her exposed position on the roof. She hid the money in a coffee can in the hollow of an old rotted tree not a mile from the car wash, and the girls found several weeks worth of tips hidden in it, but instead of returning to the car wash Jessica continued to drive out of town. She closed the sun roof and drove to the house that the truck belonged at, hopeful that her boyfriend was waiting at his brothers house like he was supposed to be. It was a nice house and when they got there the girls all got rides from their friends who were waiting, and none of them paid any attention to the roof of the tall truck in the dark driveway.

When it was just Jessica, her boyfriend, and his brother Mike left alone at the house, Jessica told Mike she wanted to thank him for lending her the truck, and that she wanted to show him something inside of it. Her boyfriend waited in his little sports car, and Jessica had no intention of showing him Chelsea's little body that he had expressed such an interest in, but Mike deserved something for all his help. With both of them sitting in the front seats and the doors closed, Jessica pushed the sun roof button and Mike was startled by the screeching noise the normally silent sun roof made.

When it was about half way open the horrible noise stopped, and Chelsea's large breasts flopped down into the passenger compartment. Mike was startled, and had to reach up to see if they were real, and when he grabbed them Chelsea gasped. Mike smiled, not realising she would still be strapped to the roof when he got his truck back, but he didn't seem to mind either. Jessica gave Mike a peck on the cheek for all his help, and told him she would be by in the morning with some clothes to pick the kinky little bitch up.

Jessica got into her boyfriends little sports car as he asked what that was all about, oblivious as all the others as to Chelsea's presence in the dark driveway...

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