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The Car Wash 2

by Jackie Rabbit

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Part 3

Chelsea spent the night with with Mike, but she didn't consider it a hardship at all. While she ordinarily preferred women over men, Mike had proven himself an extraordinary lover, so much so that she thought she may even have a change of preference. She also had found a sudden affinity for restraint, and here Mike was only too happy to indulge her kink, and she found herself deliciously bound in several helpless positions before being taken by him repeatedly.

Jessica arrived at Mike's place after her boyfriend went to classes with the clothes she knew Chelsea would need. At the time she thought their stunt was a fitting payback for stealing from the girls, but once she slept on it she realised what she had done had amounted to kidnapping and torture, and if she didn't make up with Chelsea properly she could find herself, along with the others, on the wrong side of the law. When Mike didn't answer his door she let herself in hoping the worst didn't happen. Mike was a great guy and all that, but one never knows what a man will do when presented with a helpless bound woman to do with what he pleases. Jessica knew one thing for sure, Mike was all man, and truth be told she thought more than once that she was dating the wrong brother, but at this point there was no way to undo that mistake.

She walked in and heard the shower, and some giggles associated with two bodies bumping around in a space meant for one. She sat in the familiar living room and waited for the two to emerge, (successfully fighting off the jealousy she felt), and soon enough they did. Mike was wrapped in a towel, his muscular body hardly concealed by the improvised skirt, and Chelsea only wearing one of his long shirts that clung to her rather nice wet body in ways she couldn't ignore. She had obviously seen all of Chelsea's charms previously, but Mike wearing a towel was a wicked treat that she shouldn't be allowing herself to enjoy. It reminded her of what her friend just had some of, and what she likely never would as long as her boyfriend was in the picture.

The two finally noticed Jessica, and the smile Chelsea had for her friend let her instantly know the two could probably work something out without involving the police. Jessica stood to hug her friend when she approached, and the two embraced as Chelsea whispered into her ear that Mike fucked her so hard that she might actually be straight now. That was two revelations in one for Jessica, and when the two broke away from each other Jessica noticed how wet the front of her was from her soggy friends hug. Mike watched the two, and there was no hiding his towel tenting in front of him at the thought of the two girls doing more than just hugging.

Mike also had a hidden lust for Jessica, but at the moment it wasn't all that well hidden.

Chelsea glanced at Mike's towel with a knowing smile and told him he was insatiable, and then hugged Jessica again before kissing her deeply for Mike's benefit. Jessica kissed back! While she had no experience with women, she had plenty with lust, and the two girls kissed passionately with their hands roaming all over each other, with Mike temporarily forgotten. Chelsea lead her friend by the hand to Mike's room, and just as instantly their relationship changed with Chelsea this time in command. Their clothes flew off as Chelsea laid back down in her familiar spot on Mike's still warm bed, with the smells of recent sex and Mike's presence both ignored.

Jessica had wanted to handle the red heads magnificent breasts from the first time she saw them apparently just as badly as her boyfriend had wanted to, except for him it was to be expected. Jessica had relatively small breasts on her athletic body, and Chelsea's voluptuous body was a stark contrast to her own. The two again kissed passionately, and Chelsea guided her friends head down to her breasts where Jessica found her small nipples hard and inviting. She kissed and sucked and nibbled at them until her head was guided down further, and she kissed her way down to Chelsea's flaming red bush for another first.

A tentative touch lead to more exploration, and nature and lust took over from there as Jessica entertained her friend with minor tutoring. Chelsea's strong hands on the back of Jessica's head weren't going to let her go anywhere, but she still jumped when Mike first kissed her raised ass. He kissed and nibbled his way around, and soon he was doing much the same thing she was doing to Chelsea. Several groans and orgasms later their positions were switched in a silent but cooperative way. Jessica knew she should have stopped things, but her lust was like a boulder rolling down a steep mountainside, and once in motion wouldn't stop until it ran out of energy on it's own.

Jessica found herself on her back with her head on one of the sweaty pillows that smelled like Chelsea, and Chelsea gently pulled Jessica's wrists on either side of one of the iron rungs of Mike's headboard. Mike had used up almost all of the duct tape that was left in his truck on Chelsea earlier, but there was still enough to tape Jessica's wrists together with the bar in between them. A slight tug confirmed for Jessica that she was trapped by her friend, and her body responded as she splayed her legs in willing invitation. The move wasn't missed by either Chelsea or Mike, and Chelsea mounted her friend in a classic sixty nine position and started to work her practiced magic on Jessica's neither regions. At first Jessica didn't return the favor, but when Chelsea stopped what she was doing at a critical point, Jessica got the message.

She was so full of lust that she hardly paused when she felt Mike nudging at her right near where Chelsea was hard at work, and even as aroused as she was Mike was going to have a hard time getting his large self in. It was not for a lack of desire, but simple mechanics. Mike was hung like a monster. Jessica was not accustomed to something so large, and it took some patience from Mike, as well as Chelsea's considerable oral skills to get the job done. Mike was incredibly excited to have two sexy women in his bed at once, and the only reason he hadn't popped off on entry was his exhausted condition from Chelsea's earlier attentions. Mike grabbed Jessica's ankles and held them high and wide as he worked gently at first, and then rougher as she started to thrust back. Chelsea went along for the ride and enjoyed the show from such a close vantage point as Jessica's womanhood clutched at Mike every time he pulled back in it's desperate attempt to retain him.

From Jessica's point of view this was nirvana, a skilled monster sized man inside of her, and an experienced woman nibbling on her at the same time. She was helpless to escape, (not that she wanted to), but that restraint also prevented her from feeling any responsibility for her actions. Exploring Chelsea's stretched out womanhood was actually a treat for Jessica, and she also realized how much she loved Chelsea being on top, both figuratively and literally.

Jessica's body was too sore to go on much sooner than she would have liked, but even when Mike was trying to be gentle he was rough on his new partners. Jessica was released, and the three cuddled together as she realised what she allowed to happen. The two women napped together, and then showered the same way, and they dressed and went to the car wash to collect Chelsea's bikini dare money from the owner. Jessica thought it would be fitting that she got the money, and that it would keep her happy enough that she wouldn't press charges against her abductors, but with their shared experiences with Mike she thought charges were unlikely.

The owner was watching a tape of the event in his office when the girls went to see him, and it was obvious that he liked the show his camera's caught by the way he stared at Chelsea's body. However, he refused to open the bikini dare box for Chelsea because he said he saw no evidence of a bikini anywhere in the picture, and to illustrate this he went frame by frame over the best parts as the girls looked on. "Rules are rules", he stated with a lecherous smile on his lips.

The two girls went away determined to collect the cash, and Jessica had already started to form a plan to do so, and to help her conscience for cheating on her boyfriend with Mike. Chelsea and Jessica were united in their efforts against the owner, and she thought that much better than their earlier conflict... When Chelsea heard Jessica's plan she smiled, and when she realised she was serious Chelsea insisted she take half of the bikini dare money for her efforts. That was good because when the girls were done, both would likely need a new summer job!

Chelsea this time borrowed a white smaller SUV from a friend, and it was Jessica's idea that Chelsea bind her on top of the truck and run her through the machine, just as they had done to her. There was more to it than that, and Jessica was sure Chelsea would have no lingering animosity toward her when they were done with their little stunt.


It was dark out and the borrowed white SUV was parked in the dark back lot of the car wash. Jessica was wearing a thread bare white bikini from her teenage years that should have been discarded long ago. It looked as if the tiny strings could pull out on their own as she climbed up on the truck, and once she assured Chelsea she didn't want to back out she laid face down on the cold steel of the roof. (She purposely didn't bring another stitch of clothing with her to prevent any last minute change of heart she may want to have.)

The top of this truck was much smaller that she initially thought, but she was determined to go through with what she had put Chelsea through, less she be thought of as a hypocrite. Her wrists were secured by clear packaging tape to the top of the roof rack, as well as her elbows bent at ninety degrees and laying parallel to the bars. Her face was right in the middle of the sun roof and looking down onto the front seats, and Chelsea went inside the truck and opened the sun roof so she could have access to Jessica's head. Chelsea knelt on the seats and the two were face to face as they kissed passionately, and when the two broke away from each other.

Chelsea held the two items agreed upon earlier. Chelsea held up the large red ball gag and asked her friend if she had any last words, and Jessica responded with "no mercy". She then wet her lips seductively and opened her pretty mouth as wide as it could go, and Chelsea easily pushed the big ball behind her friends teeth locking it in place. The strap held her jaw closed around the ball, and Jessica was happy she had test fit and worn the ball hours earlier, proving to herself that she could breathe properly with the large thing stuck in her mouth. She knew her jaw would ache before their stunt was over, but that was nothing compared to what else they had planned. The ball was no formality either, but necessary to ensure her silence for the coming events.

Chelsea helped her friend into an old white helmet, and once it was secure on her the sun roof was closed trapping her on the outside of the truck where she instinctively knew she didn't belong. The helmet was securely taped in place with her hair bundled up under it, and as they hoped the white bikini and helmet along with the not so tan Jessica nearly disappeared on top of the white truck. Jessica's feet and legs were hanging off of the smaller SUV's short roof, and Chelsea had a plan for this inspired by her own ride through the car wash. Chelsea bent Jessica's knees one at a time until they touched her elbows, and then she secured them in place on the roof rack with the sticky reinforced clear tape. Jessica struggled with the position, but didn't have a word of complaint with the ball gag properly in place, just as Chelsea predicted earlier when she suggested it. Her ankles were taped to the roof rack as well with the soles of her feet pointing up, and Chelsea sadistically hoped Jessica was as ticklish as she was.

Chelsea had no intentions of showing Jessica any mercy long before her friend's last words suggested it, and in keeping with that concept she pulled three brand new golf balls out of her pocket and bent over her surprised friend who never the less couldn't see what her friend intended. The tiny string bikini coupled with her extreme position left the thin bottoms crawling into her sex erotically as her hips were raised in invitation. At first Jessica only thought her friend was readjusting things for her comfort, but when Chelsea slipped several fingers inside of her friend she couldn't help but to respond by thrusting her hips down onto them.

Chelsea momentarily stopped her actions, and when her fingers went back to work she worked one of the golf balls deep into her friends slippery womanhood. Jessica bucked and thrashed at the unexpected intrusion, just as she did when Chelsea added the second and third balls to her neither regions, filling her fully. Chelsea had tried three balls out on herself earlier, and she found herself tormented by their bumping into each other while she walked. It took some concentration and muscular control to keep them inside of her when she walked around, and while they didn't bring her off, they did make it hard to concentrate on anything else. Chelsea knew if Mike could fit inside of either of them, three or possibly four ball could as well.

With the balls in place Chelsea pulled Jessica's bikini back into it's intrusive place holding them inside her friend, and she slapped her ass playfully as the balls were set in motion. Jessica groaned into her gag as she felt Chelsea pull her bottoms down in back, and she thought with horror that her friend was going to put more balls into her back side where no man had ever been before. She instead felt her writing something on her naked ass with indelible marker pen, and with a different kind of horror she realized what had been written on her. Jessica's bikini was again pulled back up, and she squirmed helplessly as Chelsea walked to her own car and drove away.


Jessica was left alone long enough to hear two cars turn around in the dark parking lot, and she feared she would be discovered on top of the truck in her helpless condition. A third car pulled into the dark parking lot with it's lights off, and Jessica heard two sets of feet walk to the truck cautiously. Were these thieves looking to steal the truck and find her later as a bonus, or were these the people she expected? She was relieved to hear Chelsea's voice, and she was talking sweetly to Jessica's boyfriend as the two got closer.

They got into the truck with Chelsea driving, and as each slammed their doors the balls buried deep inside Jessica bumped into each other. She could feel the vibrations of the small engine through the balls as well once it was started, and as they drove toward the main road Jessica was horrified that Chelsea wasn't sticking to their plans. She felt like little more than cargo trapped on the roof, and all the vibrations and bumps of the roadway made the balls feel alive inside of her. She was at the mercy of the mechanical actions of the truck body, and she popped off the first time as Chelsea drove toward the same set of fields they had been to when Chelsea was in her place.

Chelsea drove through the field at a modest pace, but even that had the balls bouncing off of each other violently as she tried to hold them still with clenched muscles. The truck finally came to a stop out of sight of the main road, and the truck's radio was tuned to a college station with a heavy beat, and it was loud enough to vibrate the truck body, and hers where the two met. Jessica couldn't hear the conversation inside the truck, but she could read their body language easy enough through the sunroof, and her boyfriend was all over Chelsea's magnificent breasts like a slobbering beast. He pulled her shirt off and she held his head to them as she looked up at Jessica through the sunroof and smiled wickedly.

Jessica knew what was coming next before it even happened as her boyfriend had always wanted to try to make love to her small breasts, but she didn't have near the required cleavage required for that task. Chelsea did, and soon he was out and thrusting between her big beautiful breasts as she mashed them together around him. The truck body rocked side to side with his efforts, and before he even erupted between Chelsea's mashed breasts, Jessica popped off again with the rocking of the truck in combination with the vibrations of the radio.

Chelsea was left with quite the mess all over the front of her, and Jessica's boyfriend slumped back into his seat, spent and deflated from his brief exertions with her. She made no effort to clean herself up before she put her shirt back on, and drove back to the car wash with the radio still blasting, and Jessica still trapped like cargo on the roof. Jessica's plan called for the two of them to drive her through the car wash as Chelsea made out with Jessica's boyfriend, and then for Jessica to confront him later about his cheating on her. It was a dishonest plan, but one that would probably work all things considered.

Chelsea drove the small SUV to the entrance of the car wash, and both front seat occupants got out and slammed their doors, setting the balls buried deep inside of Jessica once again into motion. The truck was in neutral with the radio still blasting, and Jessica didn't hear Chelsea or her boyfriend walk away as the car washes robotics grabbed the front wheels of the SUV and dragged the truck inside. This wasn't part of her plan either, and she didn't even know if Chelsea realised what just happened to her. With the truck inside the car wash the door closed, and there would be no way for anybody to rescue her until the machine was done with her.

The cold rinse started, and Jessica instantly realized how cold, cold could be. The robotic water jets sprayed the truck all over, but paid special attention to her as the machine realized from it's database that she didn't belong on top of the small truck. Next the warm soap was sprayed all over, but again at her with special attention, and the machine thought she was no more than a lump of foreign material to be washed away! The brushes spun to life quickly to remove any junk trapped in their soft rags from the last wash job, and then they scrubbed back and forth imitating the scrubbing actions a human would make if she were scrubbing at a muddy truck.

The brushes reached the top of the truck where Jessica was trapped, and their actions threatened to reveal a well kept secret, Jessica was very ticklish as well. She was giggling and twitching as the brushes worked their way down her back, and when they got to the soles of her bare feet she thrashed around hysterically trying to escape their onslaught. Her struggles and hysterical gagged laughter set the balls back in motion, and she came uncontrollably for the cameras that she allowed herself to forget about.

The owner of the car wash recently followed the example of another owner of a similar machine, and he set all the video and audio to live stream on the web in real time to drum up business. The fact that Chelsea suggested that to him only last week was something she never intended to share with her friend. To Jessica's horror she would later find out that Chelsea gave everybody they collectively knew the live link information, and most of her friends were watching her torment in real time just as Chelsea and Jessica's boyfriend were doing at that very moment on his smart phone.

With the scrubbing complete the machine spun the brushes at high speed, and their assault on the body of the truck vibrated it roughly and it set the balls buried deep inside of her into violent motion. By this time Jessica was running out of the necessary strength to attempt to hold the balls still inside of her, and as the brushes relentlessly worked their way toward her she hoped her skimpy bikini held together.

It was a foolish thought, and as soon as the pounding brushes reached her exposed back her well worn and too small bikini top was ripped away, but only revealing the sides of her rather small breasts. The cameras caught it all, and in less than a second Chelsea and her boyfriend watched it streaming live on his smart phone, along with countless others all over the world. The brushes worked their way down her back, and the vibrations they created set the balls wildly bumping into each other inside of her, and she came so hard it actually hurt! Her bikini bottoms were ripped away moments later, and the entire world not only got to see her clenched womanhood, but her phone number written in marker on her ass as an earlier gift from Chelsea.

Jessica surrendered to the machine after that, and it had it's way with her as it tried to clean her off of the truck in obedience to it's programing. It returned to the dark marks on her ass over and over again, but she was helpless to stop it. The rinse and hot wax came next, and she was buffeted violently by the blow dryer before the truck was dragged outside. She was naked and exposed, and still trapped on the roof of the truck outside of the car wash.

Jessica was mostly out of it with the intensity of her ordeal, but she was startled back to reality when she felt the truck door slam, and the truck start up. The shade on the sunroof had been pulled closed, and in her position she couldn't tell who was even driving, and after several unfamiliar turns she was lost... The truck eventually stopped in a deserted park, and to Jessica's relief the sun roof opened and she could see it was Chelsea driving. Her friend looked up to face her and presented her with her options: she could be left in the park to be found by a stranger, or she could choose to be Chelsea's obedient girlfriend...

It wasn't a hard decision.

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