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by KnottyNarrator

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Background: CattleCorp is currently one of the largest agricultural firms in the western world. Breaking onto the scene merely a decade ago, the company distinguished itself from the competition through its innovative automation technology. The firm’s core business is livestock production, handled through its various facilities with nearly zero human oversight required.

Part 3: Reap What You Sow

Chapter 1

Very rarely does one so successfully get to have their cake and eat it too. Yet, here Katrina was, six blissful months later, and she had practically gotten away with murder. Figuratively speaking at least. Literally speaking, Katrina capitalized on the misfortune of her former boss, Tessa, and now the bitch was just that; bound and broken into nothing but the horny mutt, Daisy, at her feet, permanently trapped in her lewd bitchsuit. Then came Ellen, the pretentious inspector who tried to take away Katrina’s prize. Instead of capitalizing on her misfortune like she had with Tessa, Katrina decided to make her own fortune, tricking Ellen into becoming another acquisition. Instead of becoming a bitch like Tessa though, Katrina decided it would be more appropriate for the uppity inspector who had insulted her personal hygiene to join the pigs that had just arrived at the breeding facility. The little sow, Missy, had a pink piggy bitchsuit of her own complete with a cute curly tail, a nose hook that permanently held her face into a humiliating expression, and a collar that reduced her speech to nothing but squeals and oinks. And to top everything off, there was Luke; whom without none of this would have been possible. Luke had designed both Katrina’s pet’s devious outfits and had taken up her job offer months prior. Romance wasn’t quite the right word to describe Luke and Katrina’s relationship. They were partners in crime. Granted, they fucked like rabbits; passions certainly ran deep. But they were less of a traditional relationship and more like good colleagues with a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Luke had definitely pulled more than his share of the weight in their dynamic. He had a strong work ethic when it came to actual job responsibilities working with real animals, and Katrina loved to watch him work on their little ‘pet’ projects, Daisy and Missy. Missy had held onto her pride far longer than Daisy had, and it was Luke’s idea to add mirrors to her cage so the vain inspector could admire what she had become 24/7 that finally pushed her over the edge to accept her fate.

The two of them, Katrina and Luke, each had their preferred pets. Luke was fond of Missy and could be found toying with or fucking the pig pretty much anytime he was on shift. Katrina was more fond of Daisy, for personal reasons. She took extra satisfaction in knowing who Daisy had once been and decided early on that Luke wasn’t allowed to fuck the mutt. Not out of spite for Luke or selfish reasons, Katrina simply enjoyed denying her formerly straight boss any chance of male companionship. Daisy was at least allowed the privilege of watching Katrina take Luke’s magnificent cock fairly regularly; Katrina wanted the mutt to know what she was missing out on. Luke wasn’t exactly thrilled about not getting his slice of that pie, but he understood and couldn’t complain considering he had two other open invitations in form of Missy and the perpetually ready-to-go Katrina whenever he felt like fucking.

Katrina and Luke split the shifts in a way so that they would often overlap with one another’s schedules a few times per week while still permitting each of them to have time off. It was on one such overlapping shift, after an especially steamy ‘meeting’ in the main office between the regional and new assistant regional manager and their pets that Luke decided to playfully propose an idea during pillow talk. The two of them had just managed to catch their breath and Luke was glancing down at Daisy and Missy who were knocked out cold on the floor below them, exhausted from the exertions of the meeting.

“I’ve got a proposal for ya, Kat” Luke said coyly. Katrina could tell by the shit-eating grin on his face that any words Luke was about to vomit out at her were not to be taken seriously and probably preposterous. Katrina typically enjoyed his banter despite this. “Why don’t we get you a cute little animal suit to match these two?” Luke jested, glancing down at the two bound girls. Katrina gasped in indignation and flirtatiously punched him in the arm.

“Pssh, in your dreams, pervert!” Katrina shot back. Luke chuckled at the irony of Katrina calling him a pervert.

“What? Come on,” Luke continued his spiel. “You could even pick your animal! Anything you want, I’ll make,” He graciously offered, altogether too pleased with his preposterous proposal.

“And end up like these dumb bitches?!” Katrina debated playfully. “No way! I’m meant to lead, to dominate,” Katrina said impishly, emphasizing her point by firmly grabbing Luke by the balls. Luke ignored her gesture.

“Hmmmm,” Luke pondered out loud. “We could make you a cat, like your name?” He offered. Katrina rolled her eyes dramatically. “Or,” Luke started again, gently breaking Katrina’s grip on his balls. “I think you could make a decent bunny, given how eager you always are to hop on my cock.” He explained with a giddy smile, eager to observe Katrina’s reaction to his pun. Katrina audibly groaned before succumbing to a laugh. It was one of those jokes that are funny if only because they’re so bad.

“That joke was so terrible it hurt me.” Katrina teased, trying to suppress her chuckle. “Besides, I’m far too practical to ever be compared to something so ornamental like a cat or bunny” she asserted.

“Practical huh?” Luke quipped back, keeping up his assault. “Well if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life crawling around on your knees and you want to be practical, we could always make you a Ponygirl.” Katrina was growing bored of Luke’s prolonged entertainment of this silly idea. She casually pushed off of him and dismounted the large desk they’d just been fucking on, gathering her clothes that had been tossed about the office.

“Today was the last day of your shift, right?” Katrina interjected, ending the previous conversation. Luke wasn’t torn up about Katrina rejecting his idea; it was, after all, just a silly joke. “Better get yourself and Missy cleaned up before you head out.” Katrina said sharply. She was kicking him out now. Nothing personal, they generally got around to kicking one another out eventually whenever their shifts overlapped, going through this mutual ritual of playing hard to get. Luke got the message and packed his things.

Katrina showered and by the time she emerged, Luke was gone, having put Missy back in her pen on his way out it seemed. Till next they met; Katrina mused to herself. She already kind of missed that clown. Katrina had three more days until she’d see him again. Thankfully, she had Daisy to keep her company, or even Missy if she were feeling particularly desperate, though she mostly just had the facility’s system watch her when Luke wasn’t around. After getting dressed Katrina decided to glance at her computer for some actual work and ran some diagnostics on their current batch of livestock. The breed of the month was cows. Breeding and milking; Katrina found the content particularly unengaging and decided that a nap would do her good after finishing her reports.

Chapter 2

Katrina awoke to Daisy’s tongue being dragged across her face.

“Blah! Gross! Do you know where that tongue has been?!” She scolded Daisy groggily. The poor mutt needed to relieve herself, Katrina recognized. “Oh, all right,” She relented, rousing herself and fetching Daisy’s leash from the other side of the room. Katrina fastened it to the bitch’s collar and started getting ready to head outside to take Daisy for a walk. Opening the door, Katrina stepped through before stumbling back in recklessly. Katrina poked her head out the door once again. No mistaking it. Someone had pulled up to the facility; someone Katrina didn’t know.

Katrina was lucky Daisy never made it far enough to be seen. In a bit of a panic, Katrina hurriedly stuffed the mutt into a small pet carrier she kept under one of the office desks. Daisy whimpered in distress.

“I KNOW!” Katrina spat. “I know you have to go. But I’ve gotta go handle something. Stay here. Don’t make a fucking sound.” She said sternly, wagging her finger at the poor mutt below.

Katrina composed herself and started heading outside again to meet this stranger. This time as Katrina swung the door open, she saw the person had left their car and started walking towards the building. It was a woman. A dozen paces away now, Katrina could see a blonde woman in her early thirties staring her down.

“Can I help you?” Katrina inquired nervously.

“Hi! I’m looking for someone, would you mind if I came in and spoke to you for a moment?” The woman pleaded, sounding slightly desperate.

“Um, I’m the only one here?” Katrina replied in a guarded tone. The woman started walking closer.

“I’m Kelly,” The girl replied, extending her hand as a greeting. Katrina reluctantly shook it. “I’ve been looking for my sister, Ellen.” Kelly’s eyes shifted down and her tone dropped. Katrina’s blood ran cold at the mention of Ellen’s name.

“I’m sorry, ‘Ellen’? I’m afraid I don’t know anyone named Ellen.” Katrina lied. 

“She works for this company? Look, she went missing a few months ago and I’m just trying to retrace her steps. I’m told she came here on an inspection at some point?” Kelly continued. “Please, I’m just trying to maybe find some clues as to where she could have gone.” The girl pleaded. Fuck. This Kelly girl wasn’t going to take no for an answer, and she knew Ellen had been here. Katrina would have to appease her somehow or risk looking suspicious. 

“Oh, yeah I remember your sister!” Katrina exclaimed, feigning surprise. “Please, come in. I’m so sorry to hear she’s gone missing.” Katrina guided Kelly to a side door, away from the offices she had just emerged from. “Company policy; can’t let strangers into the main offices, trade secrets and all that...” Katrina made up on the fly, directing Kelly away from the offices where Daisy resided. Stepping onto the main production floor, Katrina impatiently addressed Kelly. “Soo what can I do to help? Is there something I can do?”

“Was there anything my sister said that stood out to you while she was here?” Kelly inquired.

“Hmmm.” Katrina pretended to think. “Sorry, but we mostly just talked about the business and she left in a hurry, said she was starting a vacation soon, I think? Maybe something happened during her trip?” Katrina tried to reason. Any hope in Kelly’s expression faded.

“...All right,” Kelly muttered. “Would...would you maybe let me look around? Or show me where she was while she was here? Maybe she left behind some sort of hint.” The girl was grasping for straws. Katrina wasn’t exactly thrilled at the idea of letting this girl wander the factory.

“I can’t really let you wander around the facility, and even if Ellen had left something the factory’s computer cleans everything from top to bottom on a weekly basis; there wouldn’t be anything left after so many months.” Katrina explained, almost feeling bad for the girl. She could see Kelly’s soul getting even more crushed by the second, as if she were on the verge of tears. Katrina relented. Was she usually this soft? “But-...” Katrina said, Kelly’s eyes lighting up. “I’d be willing to accompany you on a quick walkthrough the area if it’d make you feel any better.”

“Oh my god, thank you so much!” Kelly quickly accepted.

“All right, you can follow me I guess,” Katrina exhaled as she began strategically guiding Kelly around certain areas of the facilities floor plan. Within 20 minutes the mini tour had reached its conclusion, and the two of them were standing outside one of the insemination chambers. Katrina was eager to have the girl out of her hair, and Kelly seemed resigned to leave until something seemingly caught her eye.

“Sooo, you said the factory cleans itself every week?” Kelly inquired innocently.

“Yep.” Katrina replied, maybe a smidge too quickly.

“So, there’d be no chance of anything that might have belonged to my sister still being here after so long, right?” Kelly further questioned; her tone still innocent enough.

“Exactly.” Katrina remarked, happy that the message seemed to be sinking in. “Your sister hasn’t been here in nearly half a year; it’d be impossible to find any trace of her around here,” she explained contently, happy to be wrapping this up.

“Then,” Kelly began, her tone starting to change. The girl bent down and plucked something off the floor. “Then how would my sister’s diamond earring still be on the floor here, if she hasn’t been around for months?” Kelly’s tone became increasingly harsh with each new word, now holding up the earring she’d found to Katrina. What lousy luck; the stupid thing must have finally fallen out when Luke was lugging the sow back to her pen this morning. The two girls glared at one another. Silence. The tension was growing. Katrina was at a loss for words, she’d been caught in a lie. This was bad. “What. Did. You. Do. With. My. FUCKING. SISTER?!” Kelly shouted, lunging forward at Katrina in anger. Katrina was the physically stronger of the two of them, but Kelly was spastic and unpredictably aggressive. Katrina found herself slammed up against the outer wall of the insemination chamber. She quickly shoved Kelly away and tried to get her back off the wall, but as soon as she started to sidestep the frantic girl came at her again just as fast, sending both girls cascading into the chamber’s adjacent open doors. This girl was nuts, was Ellen this crazy all along too before she was caught? Katrina figured at this point there was no other choice; Kelly would be soon sharing her sister’s fate. Katrina just needed to get Kelly off of her long enough to seal her in the chamber.

“You’re acting crazy! You need to get off of me and calm down!” Katrina shouted, trying to appear as innocent as possible as she conceived her plan. Kelly was mounted atop Katrina now in the chamber, prompting Katrina to reach up and grab a fist full of Kelly’s hair, pulling Kelly forward before bucking the girl off of Katrina altogether. Katrina quickly scrambled to her feet and made for the door of the chamber, but just as her hand clasped the edge of the doorway, she felt Kelly grasp around and start pulling her back in by the leg. “Get OFF!” Katrina shouted as Kelly began to regain her footing. Kelly started shouting back at Katrina.

“You’re not going ANYWHERE until you tell me where my sister is!” Kelly yelled. She planted her feet firmly and with both hands started tugging at Katrina’s leg to drag her back into the room. Katrina used both of her hands now to hold onto the edge of the doorway, attempting to pull herself free and trap Kelly inside. In the chaotic struggle between them, Katrina managed to get one of her arms far enough out of the room to start frantically flailing around for something new to cling onto. Her hand found purchase on the corner of the control panel nearby, and Katrina wasn’t quick enough to catch her mistake. She accidentally initiated the chamber’s processing protocol and instinctively pulled away upon realizing her mistake, causing her to lose grip and allowing Kelly to yank them both back into the room as the doors sealed shut ahead of them. Katrina’s mind flooded with an overwhelming number of thoughts on how badly she had just fucked up. Katrina hadn’t been wearing her employee access card, meaning the system wouldn’t recognize either of them. She had pulled a Tessa all over again. Kelly was too belligerent to even realize what was unfolding around them.

“UNIDENTIFIED BOVINE SPECIES DETECTED: INITIATING PROCESSING PROCEDURES PRIOR TO INSEMINATION,” A mechanical voice updated over an overhead speaker. Fuck. Of course, the system would assume they were bovine given the stock of cows currently filling the facility. Katrina’s body suddenly went still, anticipating what she had seen happen to Tess and Ellen on the video recordings. Kelly was just as belligerent as she had been, and this would hopefully buy Katrina a bit of time.

“Giving up, huh?!” Kelly shouted, standing over Katrina’s still body. She never saw the series of mechanical appendages reaching down from above her before they synched down around her, restraining her into a breeding post. Katrina wasn’t spared; she knew she wouldn’t be. The arms reached down and restrained her as well so that the two girls were facing one another; the only difference being that Kelly was jerking and flexing every muscle in her body to get free. “WHAT THE FU-,” Kelly’s protest was interrupted by the system securing a muzzle around her face.

“HIGHLY AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR DETECTED: DIVERTING RESOURCES FOR CORRECTIVE ACTIONS,” The speaker updated them; that was exactly what Katrina had been waiting for. The system had limited resources in each chamber, and the more Kelly struggled the more it would focus on her before Katrina. Katrina watched on in horror at Kelly whom she would be sharing a fate with soon if she didn’t play her cards right. 









Kelly was too combative to listen and probably too stupid to comprehend what was about to happen to her. Katrina took a mental note of what was to come for her next if she couldn’t find a way out of here. Silently, Katrina watched on as a variety of mechanical appendages descended upon Kelly’s breeding post and started their corrective actions. First, a thick feeding tube was connected to the muzzle on her face and a thick, white liquid began pumping its way down her throat, causing Kelly to recoil in disgust as it hit her tongue. Next a series of bladed arms meticulously sheared off her clothing in preparation for what was coming next. Kelly wasn’t aware of it yet, but Katrina got to watch the insemination nozzle slowly descend from the ceiling and methodically align with the girl’s slit before being thrust forward, causing Kelly’s eyes to open wide in shock, distracting her attentions enough to finally permit the feeding tube to force its contents down her throat and into her stomach.

Katrina wasn’t sure if it was the vibrations of the insemination tube or the sedative being pumped into Kelly’s stomach, but the violent physical protests of the girl quickly subsided as her face took on an empty expression with her eyes glazed over. Kelly didn’t even blink when the system briefly plunged a syringe into both of her nipples, which Katrina presumed were the milk production hormones. Katrina could see the insemination tube start to shake and gyrate more aggressively than before, implying the bull semen had arrived and was now being pumped into Kelly’s womb. Katrina could have sworn she saw the girl in front of her start to smile at the sensation, unaware that the chamber was now attaching a set of industrial milk pumps to her breasts.

Katrina shook her head at the futility of the system’s milking efforts, only to be shocked when the girl suddenly started producing milk from her breasts as if she’d been lactating for months. How fucking strong were these hormones when used on humans? Were they even safe? Her plan better work. It needed to work. The combination of being milked and the insemination tube’s gyrations apparently reaching their crescendo caused Kelly’s blank expression to momentarily contort into what was very distinctly an orgasm.

“MMMMAH…..OOOH” The poor girl moaned behind her feeding tube. Katrina almost done a double take. Did Kelly just… moo? Katrina dismissed the possibility, but the sound was eerily similar. Katrina’s window of escape was closing.

“INSEMINATION COMPLETE, PROCEEDING TO SUBJECT TWO,” The system announced. Each passing second felt like an eternity.









Peanut? Katrina definitely wasn’t going to be spending any period of time going by that name. Her chance was now or never. Katrina cleared her throat and began to speak in the clearest, loudest-but-not-shouting voice she could muster.

“Override code: 96073A” Katrina declared, praying her plan would work. The system halted suddenly.

“PROCESSING REQUEST…” It updated. Katrina realized she’d been holding her breath for the last minute and finally released it. Her plan was working. “REQUEST DENIED: OVERRIDE CODE INVALID. ONLY REGIONAL MANAGER OR ABOVE CAN CANCEL PROCESSES AFTER INITIATION” The speaker declared emotionlessly.

“WHAT?!” Katrina spit. “I AM THE REGIONAL MANAGER! OVERRIDE CODE-.” Katrina had let her anger get the better of her and raising her voice earned that all too familiar muzzle being shoved into her mouth and locked around her head. “NMM! NH NHH NUHHH!” Katrina pleaded, shaking her head as she watched the same bladed arms descend and start sheering her clothes off. They fell off her in ribbons until she was completely naked, not even her boots surviving the endeavor. Katrina could hear the loud gyrations of the insemination tube slowly descending behind her, and saw the hormone containing syringes coming toward her from the front. Katrina desperately looked back to Kelly to see what she had become. Already Kelly’s breasts had swelled several cup sizes, and the docile girl simply laid there, expressionless while bull spunk dripped out of her and the milk pumps sucked away at her tits. Katrina shut her eyes in despair; what would become of her now. Her mind raced to Luke. What was Luke going to do when he got there?

Suddenly, the sound of the machinery grinded to a halt. Katrina opened her eyes, surprised, seeing the syringes stopped only inches from her nipples. She briefly considered how far off the insemination tube must be, before questioning the luck of whatever was going on. Had her override code finally worked? The door to the chamber swung open, with none other than Luke heroically striding in. Katrina’s prayer had been answered.

“Yikes! I guess it’s a good thing I forgot my phone in the office,” Luke joked. Katrina wasn’t in a joking mood.

Chapter 2

“Looks like you’re lucky I arrived when I did!” Luke gloated to Katrina. She was, quite literally, a captive audience, and it seemed as though Luke was going to take his sweet time monologuing. “Yep,” He continued. “Looks like the chemicals and hormones we use on the cows were a little too much for this one here,” Luke explained as he slapped Kelly, or now Bessy, on the ass. The docile cow mooed in ecstasy at his touch. “Seems like the only thing she’ll be good for now is… well you’re looking at it.” Luke said, amusing only himself. “Anyway, I found my phone in the office and saw the car outside, so I decided to go looking for you on the camera feeds.” Katrina was right, Luke was going to make her sit through his entire spiel, no doubt ending in some stupid punchline. She couldn’t even complain with the muzzle on, though she glared at him as expectantly as she could with her eyes. If Luke took notice to Katrina’s impatience, he didn’t show it. “It was quite the show, I wasn’t sure I was going to intervene at first, Katrina. Or should I call you Peanut?” Luke teased. Katrina gave him a murderous, penetrating glare. “Sheesh! Chill out,” Luke chuckled. Luke reached down and undid Katrina’s muzzle, liberating the poor girl’s tongue and jaw.

“Enough of your games, Luke! Just get me out of this thing.” Katrina complained.

“Tsk Tsk Tsk.” Luke shook his finger at Katrina. “You got yourself into this mess, so you get to listen to my monologue for as long as I want.” Luke gloated. Katrina held her tongue, still not one hundred percent certain of Luke’s intentions. “Don’t worry, I intervened because you’re no cow, Katrina. I couldn’t just leave you to such a fate.” Luke explained to put Katrina at ease. “I have no intention of keeping you locked up in this factory like this other… livestock.” Luke said dismissively as he glanced over to the mind broken hucow next to them. Katrina’s mind finally began to relax at Luke’s assurances.

“Thanks, Luke.” Katrina exhaled. He was turning out to be a better friend than Katrina had expected.

“No problem.” Luke replied warmly. His pleasant smile quickly shifted into a devious grin. “Although,” He began. “I feel like I do deserve some kind of reward… and well, this is the insemination chamber.” Luke playfully suggested as he began unbuckling his pants. Katrina could see he was stiff as a tree.

“Oh fine, go ahead.” Katrina sighed and rolled her eyes at his attempt at humor. “I suppose you have earned a prize.” She added, now biting her lip. With the existential danger now past, being stuck in the breeding post felt kinda hot. Luke moseyed his way around Katrina and lined the tip of his cock up with her slit, much like the insemination tube would have had Luke not intervened. Luke proceeded to pound into his helpless boss until she started sounding almost as incoherent as Bessy across from them.

Chapter 3

Luke was sort of laying atop Katrina, both of them breathing as if they had just run a marathon. Luke’s half erect cock was nestled between Katrina’s cheeks, with round after round of Luke’s dried cum drenching her back and ass. However long they’d been fucking, Katrina was certain it was a new record for them. Luke evidently was a fan of Katrina being stuck in the breeding post, though now that the moment had passed Katrina was eager to stretch her legs.

“All right big guy,” Katrina said. “You’ve had your fun, now let’s get me out of here.” She tried to say as diplomatically as possible. Luke erected his posture and took a step away from her, the cold air of the chamber now chilling her back where he’d just been pressed against her.

“Yeah, I guess it’s time.” Luke said casually, stepping out of view from Katrina. Katrina let out a yawn and almost choked when Luke abruptly refastened the muzzle back around her head from out of sight.

“HMM?” Katrina moaned concernedly. What the fuck was Luke up to? He already explained he was going to let her go earlier, didn’t he?

“I guess you weren’t paying attention,” Luke teased triumphantly. He had Katrina’s full attention. “I said I had no intention of keeping you here. In this factory.” Luke said, his usually jovial tone fading. “I explained that you weren’t a cow, and you told me earlier you weren’t a mutt like Daisy, or a pig like Missy.” Luke had a concerning smile on his face now. “And you didn’t like my proposal of being a cat, or a bunny; no, you’re far too practical, remember?” Luke concluded. Katrina began to struggle and shout as much as she could from her post before feeling something sharp jab into the side of her ass. “Don’t worry, you’ll be very ‘practical’ when I’m done with you, Peanut” Luke whispered in Katrina’s ear before her world faded to black.

Chapter 4

Katrina awoke in a vaguely familiar place; she had seen it before; that she was certain. Suddenly the memory of the events leading up to now started flashing back to her. Kelly, the insemination chamber. Luke. Katrina recognized where she was now; Luke’s workshop. That portion of her mental inventory complete, Katrina was suddenly aware of a deep aching pain in her shoulders, along with her jaw. She was laying on the floor in one of Luke’s stalls, and started to take in her situation. Her arms seemed to be in some sort of especially heinously designed armbinder – pinching her elbows and upper arms flush together behind her while also forcing her forearms and hands forwards and secured alongside her tits, not unlike that of a puppy when it begs for food. Her hands were bound in these thick pink rubber horse hooves which robbed her fingers of all mobility. Glancing down at her feet, she found herself in similarly styled shoes. A horse hoof covered in pink rubbery material encased both of her feet, with the hooves connected to the ball of her foot and leaving nothing to support herself with on her heels. The boots traced all the way up her calves and were snugly secured with seemingly no way to loosen them. Her torso seemed to be clad in a similarly pink colored harness that left her tits and pussy exposed, and she could feel what she assumed to be a pink collar around her throat as well. Paying attention now to the ache in her jaw, Katrina saw that in her mouth was a pink bit gag that seemed to be part of a larger head harness, if the blinders flanking either side of her peripheral vision were anything to go off of. Katrina recalled Luke’s musing the other morning after sex on her being an animal and realized what he had turned her into; a pony girl.

Katrina started to stumble up to her feet. It wasn’t easy. She couldn’t use her hands to support her ascent and the hooves were impossible to walk in. Katrina hadn’t worn heels a day in her life, and she had just been thrust into the most extreme kink version conceivable. Katrina made it to her feet, her legs shaking worse than they ever had, knees pinched together for support. She felt like a newborn horse, the irony of the image not going unnoticed by her. Standing now, though only barely, Katrina tried to inch her head over the short stall door before realizing she could go no further as something was tethering her to the stall. Her efforts were for naught.

In the stall across from her, Katrina could see Luke had transported Bessy home with him as well. The dumb hucow was now docilely being milked with company equipment Luke must have helped himself to. Trying her best to perceive as much of her surroundings, Katrina could hear the muffled shuffling and oinks of what she assumed had to be Missy in the stall adjacent to hers. They must all be here now, Katrina figured. It wasn’t many moments later before Luke himself appeared before Katrina, Daisy following loyally at his side.

“Hey! My newest little filly is awake!” Luke cooed, patting Katrina on the head. Katrina tried to shout at him, but only muffled grunts and drool made it past her lips, now dripping down her chin. “There, there, Peanut. I know this must seem scary.” Luke said apologetically. “Here, let me take this out of your mouth for a second.” Katrina was surprised as Luke began unbuckling her bit-gag from the harness.

“You ASSHOLE! Let me out of here!” Katrina shouted. Luke seemed unphased. “You’re not going to break me like these other bitches, and my name isn’t fucking PEANUT!” She was fuming. “And why am I in pink?! I HATE pink!” Luke was amused by the last complaint.

“First,” Luke began. “I’d watch who you call an asshole, that’s going to cost you. Second, you’re right; I’m not going to break you like the others. I’m going to keep your mind sharp so that you can appreciate and congratulate me as I break your will, not your mind. Third, your name IS Peanut now, so that’s just something you’re going to have to get used to. Fourth, I chose pink because I knew it would make you feel the most self-conscious.” Luke explained. Katrina had formulated something of a response to his earlier explanations, but his explanation for the color pink through her off guard.

“You WHAT?-“ Katrina rebuked before Luke refastened the bit gag into her mouth.

“Before your punishment for calling me an asshole, we have to finish your outfit.” Luke said deviously. He had a small box with him. “First thing, every pony needs a tail!” Katrina’s heart rate started accelerating; she had VERY limited anal experiences, and they weren’t great. Luke held up his creation, a thick butt plug in the shape of a horse cock that was larger than Luke’s own. Katrina gulped. The hair on it was braided and complete with a pink bow near the end of its length, though the hair itself seemed strikingly similar to Katrina’s own. “Does anything look familiar?” Luke teased. “It is your hair after all.” Luke ran his finger across Katrina’s scalp between the harness straps and Katrina could tell for the first time that all of the hair on her head had been shaved. She wanted to cry, but she would never give the bastard the satisfaction. “Don’t worry though, it won’t grow back. I saw to that,” Luke explained with a chuckle, forcing his way into Katrina’s stall and bending the helpless filly over.

Katrina clenched down on her bit in anticipation of Luke forcing the tail into her inexperienced rectum, but Luke had a different approach. While Katrina expected Luke to either force it in or start warming up her asshole, Luke instead decided to take his time and started using his fingers to warm up her sex. Katrina was thrown off when Luke’s fingers started to probe her pussy and start teasing her clit, causing her crotch to grow damp. “I figured the most appropriate way to induct you into being a pony would be to make sure you’re cumming when it happens.” Luke teased into her ear.

Katrina was desperate to deny Luke the satisfaction, but Luke had too much practice doing this very thing to her. She felt him begin to lube up her ass with one hand as the other worked her pussy. Katrina did everything she could to prolong the inevitable, but Luke wasn’t going to be denied in this. Helpless to stop him, Katrina inevitably felt herself begin to cross the line into a prolonged orgasm, which Luke took as his cue to plunge the entire length of Katrina’s new tail into her barely warmed up sphincter. Electricity shot down Katrina’s spine, and if it weren’t for whatever were tethering her to the stall and Luke himself supporting her, she would have crumbled to the earth on her unsteady legs. This wasn’t something Katrina would just adapt to. How could she? Every twinge of every muscle below her neck caused her to involuntarily spasm and squeeze against the invader that had taken up permanent residence in her ass. Unfortunately, Luke wasn’t finished with her.

Standing before her now, Luke got to see the few tears Katrina had failed to hold back moments before. She wanted to pull away, but he held her face tenderly and wiped away the tears. Katrina almost thought he was being sweet for a moment before forcing herself to not get caught up in his Stockholm syndrome bullshit games. Katrina didn’t have to resist his charm for very long, as Luke revealed he had other intentions in the area. Holding each of her eyelids open, Luke gently applied a special contact lens to both of Katrina’s eyes. Katrina blinked in panic, trying to figure out what Luke had just done. As Katrina’s eyes oriented themselves, she realized something was very wrong. Katrina could clearly see Luke’s face ahead of her, but as he took a step back, anything further than an arm’s length ahead of her completely blurred away into nothingness. She was effectively blind to anything not directly in front of her.

“You can’t quite appreciate it yourself at the moment, but your pupils are now two cute pink hearts!” Luke enthusiastically explained, knowing how humiliated Katrina felt. “Maybe I’ll bring you a mirror some other time” Luke commented as he began taking something else out of the box. “This is the last piece for now, and it’s only because you decided to call me an asshole.” Katrina couldn’t see what he was holding, and really didn’t want to know what was coming next. Whatever it was, Katrina could feel Luke reaching down to her still moist sex and started to slip it inside of her. It was thick, whatever it was. Size and shape wise it felt comparable to a soda can; had she not been fucking Luke for months there was no way she could have accommodated something like this normally, not yet taking into account the massive rubber horse cock now stuffing her asshole. Katrina whimpered in displeasure as it stretched her out, and felt Luke secure a new strap between her legs to hold it into place. “This is your punishment, Peanut.” Luke stated coldly, grabbing the strap that had previously tethered Katrina to the stall. She could see him holding something vaguely resembling a remote in his hand, although the details were fuzzy. Luke lead the reluctant filly through the backdoor of his workshop, into the expansive fields which were nothing but a green blur to Katrina. She crept alongside him with uncertain steps, barely able to keep herself standing on her new hooves. Katrina had no idea where they were going.

Eventually they reached what Katrina could barely tell was some sort of rotating pole sticking out of the ground. Luke reached up and buckled something to Katrina’s harness – she tried to pull away, but found she was effectively stuck to whatever this thing was.

“It’s a hot walker I made – It’s going to teach you to walk on your new legs.” Luke explained. Katrina was familiar with what they were – used to march horses around in circles for exercise. If this was the worst Luke had to offer, Katrina was going to be able to hold in for day one, at least. “You’ll have to do it right, though. Otherwise this,” Luke said gesturing to a shorter pole sticking out parallel to the ground from the center piece. “This will punish you. There are sensors in your boots: Keep those knees high and you’ll be alright.” Luke concluded. He reached over and turned on the machine, causing Katrina to get pulled forwards and start her march. “Almost forgot; your punishment.” Luke pulled out the remote from before and pressed a button, causing the invader in Katrina’s pussy and the horse cock in her ass to start to aggressively bounce around and vibrate.

“MMMMM!” Katrina drooled, trying to keep up with the machine that wouldn’t permit her to fall but also not allow her to stop.

“Have fun!” Luke said in his trademark joking tone. After Katrina’s first few stumbling steps the machine apparently decided her knees weren’t being lifted high enough and she felt the sting of a whip streak across her ass, accompanied by the device in her pussy to release an electric shock. She desperately cried into her bit as she was pulled along.

An hour later, Luke returned. He slowed down the machine to a slower pace and approached Peanut, unfastening her bit gag.

“Have we learned our lesson? Hmm?” Luke mocked.

“YES! YES! PLEASE LET ME STOP!” Katrina begged. Tears were streaming down her face. Her entire body was tense and drenched in sweat, and her ass was beet red from all of the times she hadn’t performed well enough.

“Alrighty then, just one simple thing you have to do then, Peanut.” Luke cooed. 

“Anything! Please do whatever you want, just let me down!” Katrina pleaded, desperate and exhausted.

“Perfect. You just have to beg me to pierce your nipples.” Luke explained nonchalantly. 

“WHAT?! Fuck you, Luke! You-“ Katrina was cut off by Luke shoving the bit back in her mouth.

“Fair enough, have fun then.” Luke said without a care, starting the machine back up to full speed.

“Mm! Mmm!” Katrina pleaded as she started being led away again, the whip and vibrator motivating her along.

Luke returned after another hour. Katrina didn’t sense his approach, but as soon as he removed her bit this time, she was ready to talk.

“Please! Please let me down, Luke! You can pierce my nipples. PLEASE Pierce my nipples, anything, just let me down.” Katrina cried.

“Now that’s more like it,” Luke replied. “But since you wanted to misbehave, the price for freedom has steepened.” Katrina listened intently. “I’d like to hear you beg me to pierce your septum as well now.” Luke said smugly. Katrina didn’t even hesitate.

“Anything! Please, PLEASE PIERCE MY SEPTUM, PLEASE PIERCE MY NIPPLES, LUKE!” Katrina was on the verge of breaking; Luke didn’t want that. He turned off the walker and helped the poor filly down. She was completely dependent on him to stand, and even if she could move on her own, she couldn’t even see the workshop from here, let alone anything else. Luke was the only thing in Katrina’s world at the moment.

“Let’s get you some rest, we’ll give you those piercings you wanted in the morning.” Luke coddled her. He carried her back to her stall and let her pass out for the night.

Chapter 5

Katrina, or now Peanut as she was resigned to being called now, had spent six months as Luke’s ponygirl. Luke’s training had been progressing well for her. Luke wanted to make sure she retained that fiery spirit he was fond of and walked a fine line by demanding obedience without breaking her. So, when Luke greeted Peanut each morning in her stall and she would enthusiastically prance up and down and shake her tits for him, causing the bells affixed to her piercings to jingle obnoxiously, Peanut did so veiling her disdain for both man and the ritual. Luke knew this, it was exactly as he wanted it. He’d clip a leash to her septum piercing, a thick, ugly metal ring dangling from Peanut’s nose, and would lead her out to the walker every morning for her daily exercise. Luke used this time to tend to his other animals, who took less mental energy to keep in check. Peanut often wondered if she’d have been better off ending up like Bessy, the mindless hucow she watched get milked every night. Luke at least fucked Bessy from time to time. Luke hadn’t permitted Peanut a single orgasm since that first night she’d arrived. At most she could beg, and whimper and he might consider fucking her in the ass, which was never enough to make her cum.

The last few days Luke had taken to a new post exercise ritual between them, and Peanut wasn’t quite sure what he was playing at yet. It drove her mad though. After Peanut’s time on the walker was finished, Luke would bring her back into the workshop and string her up somewhere she could watch Luke have his way with Daisy. Daisy used to be hers, Peanut thought to herself. Irony. That’s why Luke did it, Peanut knew. Irony. Back when they were equals, Peanut never let Luke fuck Daisy, because she wanted the horny mutt to be denied the cock she loved so much. Now Luke was doing this to Peanut. 

Problem was, it was working. Peanut knew better, but here she was watching the stupid bitch that used to be her boss take Luke’s cock raw and all she could think about was how it should be her instead. Arousal dripped down her legs and formed a small puddle on the floor. Peanut had enough. She began stomping her hooves and shaking her tits desperately, whinnying for Luke’s attention. Luke took notice. Withdrawing his cock from Daisy and approaching Peanut, the warmth of his cock radiating off so that she could feel it along her thighs, Luke removed Peanut’s bit-gag.

“Can I help you, my dumb little whorsie?” Luke inquired. Peanut detested being referred to as his ‘whorsie’. Hated even more how much she was conditioned to get turned on by it.

“M-Master?” Peanut mumbled. It was difficult for her to swallow her pride enough to call him that, but she knew it was the only way she’d get what she wanted. “Won’t you please fuck me instead?” Peanut pleaded, her lips curling into a pout. She felt so stupid, but she also knew this was what appealed to Luke most.

“Hmmm, sure.” Luke said shortly. “You just have to beg me to pierce your pussy now.” So that was what he was after, Peanut realized. Peanut couldn’t stand having these annoying bells constantly jiggling on her chest, and the idea of her poor clit sharing the same fate of her nipples made her stomach turn. On the other hand, however, Peanut was far too horny and deprived to let something as inconsequential as her dignity stand the way of what she needed now. She didn’t even hesitate.

“Pleasepleaseplease pierce my horny little pussy, Master!” Peanut begged in her most airheaded tone, trying to appeal to Luke’s tastes. Luke almost seemed disappointed.

“Huh. Thought you would have held out longer than that.” Luke thought aloud, prepping to give his whorsie what she asked for. It took him only a matter of minutes to prep his materials and pierce Peanut’s clit with a ring and bell that matched her nipples. Peanut screamed out through her gag, but she had become accustomed to pain by now. When Luke’s cock slid into her starved pussy, she knew it had been worth it.

Chapter 6

A year into her new life, Peanut had become quite accustomed to the routine. She started off each day with an hour of exercise on the walker and depending on what Luke had in mind that day he’d have her cart him around the property, pull a plow, or practice dressage. When evening rolled around, he generally rotated through a collection of human cattle and fucked them depending on whatever flavor he was in the mood for. Peanut did have a special place in his heart though, as she was the only one left with the faculties to appreciate what had been done to her.

Tonight, that routine was broken though. Instead of pulling Peanut out of her stall to fuck her like he usually did, Luke undid her bit gag – a rare occurrence for her to be permitted speech.

“All right Peanut,” Luke began. “Tonight, you’re going to beg me to brand you.” Luke said intensely, his eyes locked with Peanut’s. She shifted uncomfortably. Not because of his request, Peanut had long ago accepted that she’d probably spend the rest of her life like this and made peace with that fact. The permanence of something like a brand was inconsequential in comparison. No, what made her uncomfortable was the context. Every time Luke had demanded Peanut beg for something in the past, he was teasing something she wanted in front of her. Not this time. Not yet.

“…Sir?” Peanut questioned meekly. “I-I don’t understand.”

“Well let me explain it to you, then.” Luke stated coldly. “If you have my personal brand on you, it will make you far less valuable.” Peanut was even more confused at his explanation. Was he trying to make her feel bad? “What that means, is that you’ll be much harder to sell. No one would want a pony with someone else’s name on it.” Luke explained. Sell? SELL? Peanut’s mind was racing. She had no idea that was even on the table. The thought of anyone but Luke owning her made her blood run cold. She was stammering a response before Luke interrupted her. “I had told you about my ex, way back when, right? The one who got me into the kink?” Luke began. “Unfortunately, I ran into some financial issues and selling her got me out of the pinch. She fetched quite the price too.” Luke seemed amused at what he just said. “I’ll be getting rid of Missy and Bessy here pretty soon, already lined up the buyers. People are willing to pay quite a bit for sisters.” He explained.

Everything Luke was saying was moving WAY too fast for Peanut. Yesterday she was at peace with the fact that her sadistic ex-coworker had done to her what she had done to her old boss, but the realization that Luke had done something like this before meeting her? And he’d done it to someone he cared about? He sold someone for money?! Peanut was getting emotional.

“Hey, hey.” Luke said assuredly. “I’m sure this is a lot to take in, I’ll ask you again in the morning.” He said warmly as he secured her back into her stall. Peanut considered the idea that he was bluffing. In hindsight, Luke did seem to accept what she had done to Tessa too easily. Her doubts were further quelled when she witnessed Luke’s blurry figure load up her stall mates, the sisters Missy and Bessy, into crates and out of the room. Peanut tried to process what life could be like if she got sold to someone. Something told her individuals in the market for ponygirls probably weren’t the gentlest of souls.

Chapter 7: Epilogue

Ultimately, Peanut did end up begging for those brands. Luke lovingly had “Luke’s Whorsie” in a circular logo engraved above her pussy along with a barcode across her ass, and it was a sweet enough gesture to ask for that Luke did end up keeping Peanut. For a few extra years anyway. As Peanut crested into her thirties Luke found himself becoming less attracted to the old whorse. Especially considering he’d been secretly gathering up fresh batches of fresh meat back at CattleCorp’s breeding facility without Peanut’s knowledge. Fresh meat that could, at least better than the aging Peanut, better satisfy his desires. It was bound to happen eventually, and Luke couldn’t bear to tell Peanut the bad news when he’d made the decision. So, instead of breaking the poor ponygirl’s heart, Luke decided the most humane way to handle it was by starting to slip more and more of the sedating chemicals that Bessy had been exposed to into Peanut’s food until she ended up the same way; her mind docile and blank. Given that Peanut could barely see thanks to her contacts, she spent the rest of her dull life believing that it was her lover, Luke, that was fucking her, unaware she’d been sold and shipped away years prior. 


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