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Background: CattleCorp is currently one of the largest agricultural firms in the western world. Breaking onto the scene merely a decade ago, the company distinguished itself from the competition through its innovative automation technology. The firm’s core business is livestock production, handled through its various facilities with nearly zero human oversight required.

Part 2: Sowing Seeds

Chapter 1

The last two weeks had been amongst the most gratifying in all of Katrina’s life. Sexually speaking, that is. Katrina had spent the fortnight toying with her former boss turned bitch, Tessa, uninhibited in the privacy of the automated CattleCorp breeding facility. A new shipment of various animal stock came and went, though Katrina didn’t really let herself get bogged down in those details. She was just enjoying herself too much at Daisy’s expense, who seemed to lose a bit more of her original identity with each passing fuck or insemination. It was one afternoon after a game of fetch with Daisy using one of Katrina’s favorite dildos that she realized a slight hiccup in her plan; shift change.

Shift change was set to happen in a few days, except there was no one to change shifts with! Tessa, now Daisy, was currently preoccupied; bitchsuited as she was, with her talented tongue plunged into Katrina’s sex - she wouldn’t be in any position to relieve her for the next two weeks, or ever again for that matter. While the eager pup was busy going down on her, Katrina started to brainstorm her options. She couldn’t just never leave work and stay on shift 24/7, 365 days a year; It wasn’t sustainable. While these past two weeks had certainly been relaxing, Katrina would still need time off work and there wouldn’t be anyone else to watch the factory. Considering her predicament, Katrina recalled finding Tessa’s old access ID card; and a plan started to come together.

Katrina gingerly slid her former boss’s key card into the office computer and went to work. Logged in as Tessa, Katrina submitted a report and email to corporate explaining the situation as ‘honestly’ as she could.

SUBJECT: Resignation

To Whom It May Concern,

While my time working as Regional Manager for CattleCorp has been amongst the most humbling and fulfilling experiences of my career so far, I am sorry to say that I must step back from my current position as I reorient my professional and personal goals. I’ve been offered a lucrative position that I feel better utilizes my talents working for a former associate whom I deeply revere. While I am immensely thankful for all of the opportunities CattleCorp and its affiliated organizations have afforded me, I must officially submit my resignation from the company and the position I’ve been privileged to be a part of, effective immediately. Attached to this email below you will find my final reports for the facility with which I am charged, as well as my personal recommendation that Katrina, the current Assistant Regional Manager, step into my position as I leave. Katrina has proven herself time and time again to be far more reliable and resourceful than I could ever hope to be, and I am certain that with her at the region’s helm the company will prosper even more than it has before.



Regional Manager, CattleCorp

Batch Breeding Facility 17A

Katrina was feeling pretty cheeky with some of her references to how ‘humbling’ or ‘fulfilling’ Tess’s experiences were with the company, chuckling to herself after glancing down to the bitch bound at her feet. It didn’t take long for the big wigs at HQ to reply. Not to Tessa’s email, but to her own.

SUBJECT: Promotion


As we’re sure you’re already aware, it has been brought to our attention that Tessa, your Regional Manager and colleague, has resigned her position. While we consider all of our options, we would like to temporarily elevate you to Tessa’s old position of Regional Manager. The promotion will provide you with a suitable pay increase, as well as overtime to compensate for any extended work periods that may be incurred while we decide on the hiring process. We intend to dispatch a representative in the next week to evaluate the state of the facility and submit a report on your overall performance. Should the facility meet all of our expectations, we would have no issue hiring you to permanently billet the Regional Manager position, should you be interested. Please let us know your thoughts on the matter at your earliest convenience.

That almost went as well as Katrina had hoped. She immediately replied back accepting the position should they decide to consider her. Katrina now had new priorities. She needed to get this factory spotless and running like an even more well-oiled machine. That wouldn’t be too hard; computers did most of the work anyway. The challenge was Daisy; what was she going to do with Daisy when the inspector showed up? Katrina didn’t want this fucker snooping around and ruining the good thing the two of them had going.

First order of business was to load Daisy’s profile back into the system to be babysat: Katrina had serious work to do and she couldn’t afford to be distracted for the next few days while she got everything in order. Thankfully, Katrina had more experience working with CattleCorp’s automated systems than just about anyone. After a few long nights of coding and adjusting parameters, Katrina figured out how to effectively hide Daisy from all of the system’s reports, and had her cage moved to a remote area of the facility. That wasn’t to say Daisy would be free from the facility’s influence - no, Katrina figured out how to have the system feed and take care of her just like before, even with the occasional insemination to keep the needy bitch docile. The only difference was that unless someone knew to look for her, they would never find Daisy, in either the system or the factory. This worked in Katrina’s favor, as it freed her from all the responsibility of pet ownership while she got everything squared away for her inspection.

It had been four days. Katrina glanced at the schedule; they had a shipment coming in today; a truckload of a few hundred pigs. Perfect. When the inspector arrived in the next couple days, the most error prone part of the process would be complete and they’d witness nothing but smooth sailing, hopefully securing Katrina her new job. Katrina was getting ready to hop into the shower at work when suddenly she heard the shipment truck pull up outside.

“Shit.” Katrina muttered under her breath. That’s what she looked like; shit. Katrina hadn’t showered over the last few days and reeked of sex and long nights. Her long brown hair was disheveled and scattered all over the place. “Oh well,” Katrina resigned to herself. It was only the driver, who cares if she looked like a mess. She threw on some dirty overalls and a pair of boots and went out to sign for the shipment; they were dealing with pigs after all, no reason to get any clean clothes dirty.

Making her way outside, Kat saw the all too familiar CattleCorp branded delivery truck and trailer waiting in the docking area. As she approached, the driver popped open the door and made his way over, holding the receipt paperwork.

“Sign here,” he stated, with a tired expression.

“Sure thing!” Kat replied enthusiastically, trying to liven the dynamic between them. She took the pen and began writing her name, when she heard the passenger side door of the truck pop open. “Who is that? New driving partner or something?” Kat inquired, trying to play down how stupid ‘driving partner’ sounded after it had left her mouth.

“Nah some broad from HQ,” the driver explained in a hushed tone, “kinda prissy; not who I wanted to spend six hours with.” The driver gave Kat a nudge and a suppressed chuckle. “Good luck with that one, she’s all yours now,” he said, taking the paperwork and making his way back to the truck.

Crap. The inspector was already here! Stepping out of the truck, Katrina watched two slender legs supported by tall, white heels reach out for the ground as a woman climbed out of the truck. What was with these wannabe executive bitches and wearing skimpy suits to a factory floor? At least Katrina had the common sense to pack a pair of steel-toed boots. The woman was out of the vehicle now, and Katrina quickly sized her up. She was maybe a year older than Katrina, so 29, wearing an all-white business suit with a skirt, diamond stud earrings, and carried what must have been some immensely overpriced designer handbag slung over her shoulder. Her pristine appearance made Katrina feel a little insecure about her own mess of an outfit. The woman had short, platinum blond hair, a jawline to die for, and what Katrina begrudgingly had to admit were some immaculately groomed eyebrows. Her frame was especially petite, and a little on the shorter side. She looked like she belonged on a runway, not in some factory in the middle of nowhere. Katrina hated her already. This woman was beautiful, and yet the way she carried herself told Kat everything she needed to know. Tessa might have sometimes acted like she was better than Katrina, but this bitch was actively looking down on her.

“Hi, I’m Katrina, it’s a pleasure to meet you! You must be the inspector?” Katrina stated warmly behind her best fake smile, extending her hand out to the woman. The woman glanced down at Katrina’s hand and frowned as if Katrina had just tried to hand her a pile of her own shit.

“My name is Ellen... It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Ellen replied, reluctantly shaking Katrina’s hand. She quickly followed up by wiping her hand along her leg, as if to wipe the filth from it. This was not a gesture that went unnoticed by Katrina. “I’d like to get this inspection started, I plan on calling an Uber in the next few hours and my vacation time starts after I submit my report.” Ellen continued, clearly unhappy to be here.

“Well if you’d like I can direct you to the office, and you can feel free to look around while I help the driver unload these pigs.” Katrina replied back, smiling through clenched teeth. How was this uppity princess going to roll up to HER factory in the middle of a shipment and start putting everything on her schedule? Nuh uh, nope. “Then after I’m finished, I can sit down for the inspection with you. You understand; have to keep this place running.” This inspection would be happening on Katrina’s terms. Ellen scowled slightly before making her way to the office, resigned to wait.

“What a bitch,” the driver commented, observing the situation from afar. He and Katrina exchanged a good hearty chuckle before quickly going to unload the pigs from the truck. After unlocking all of the truck hatches the pigs slowly wandered out into the processing area where the facilities automated systems took over from there. From start till finish, the whole thing took maybe 10 minutes of actual work. The driver thanked Katrina for the help, secured his truck, and made his exit. Now Katrina had to figure out how to deal with this skank, Ellen. Hopefully she would be in a hurry to knock out the report and get the fuck out. Making her way back into the office, Katrina spotted Ellen already snooping around, going through files on the computer. 

“All right, are you ready to start the inspection? Is there anything I can help you find?” Katrina inquired nervously.

“Actually, I mostly just needed to access some reports and files on your network, which I’ve already found.” Ellen explained dismissively. “If you wanted to give me a quick tour of the facility, I could compile my report and be out of your hair within the hour.” Katrina wasn’t a fan of Ellen snooping around through the system unsupervised. Had she found anything related to Daisy? No, there’s no way she’d know to look for it.

“Uh, sure thing! Let’s give you the grand tour.” Katrina said with a fake smile. She wanted Ellen out as soon as possible. Katrina began walking Ellen around all the major areas of the factory, explaining how everything worked while Ellen looked off into space disinterestedly. Around 20 minutes into the tour Ellen interrupted and said she had everything she needed to finish her report, and just had to use a computer to draft and send it out. Katrina couldn’t believe how self-important this girl was. Ellen hadn’t even asked her any personal questions about herself or the facility! How was this supposed to be an accurate report? “Oh, of course. You can use the one in the office,” Katrina replied diplomatically.

The two of them sat in the office together for the following hour. Katrina did her best to appear busy but couldn’t help but notice Ellen glance over between keystrokes and look at her briefly from time to time before furiously starting to type again. The tension in the room was thick; it was clear the girls weren’t fans of one another. After an especially long bout of typing, Ellen leaned back and sighed, lightly rubbing her eyes.

“I’m almost finished, would you be able to direct me to the restroom?” Ellen inquired, breaking the silence between them. Katrina suddenly saw an opportunity. Katrina walked Ellen out of the office and directed her to the restroom - the one on the far side of the building. “You don’t have a closer one?” Ellen whined, her bladder apparently in distress.

“Afraid not. We have one on this side but it’s down for maintenance.” Katrina lied. In a hurry, Ellen indignantly scuttled down onto the factory floor and across the facility, tightly pinching her legs together. “Shouldn’t have waited so long I guess,” Katrina muttered to herself. She’d have at least ten minutes before Ellen got back. Ten minutes she could use to see what that skank was saying about her in the report. Was it ethical? No. Did Katrina really give a shit at this point? Definitely not; she had too much to lose here. Jumping onto the computer Katrina started skimming through the reports that Ellen had left open. The facilities metrics were fine, but Katrina knew they would be. She kept scrolling until she found Ellen’s evaluation of her.

CattleCorp Employee Evaluation Form: Katrina

Employee fails to maintain a professional appearance. Employee appeared incredibly disorganized during our initial meeting and lacks standards of personal hygiene. Employee evaluations from her previous manager indicate a history of mediocre work performance with consistent trouble showing up on time or meeting deadlines. Employee has been described as crass and unprofessional, and likely not who CattleCorp wants as the face for the region. Final Recommendation: Replace the former regional manager as soon as possible with someone else and consider terminating Katrina from the company altogether.

“That. Fucking. Cunt.” Katrina couldn’t believe what she had just read. “Lacks personal hygiene? I’ll show that stupid bitch a lack of personal hygiene.” Katrina was fuming. And fucking Tess said what about her performance? That bitch’s ass was hers, later. After taking a moment to collect herself, Katrina knew what she was going to do. She wasn’t about to let this skank Ellen jeopardize everything she’d worked for. In for an inch, in for a mile, Katrina decided. She could see Ellen making her way back to the office from across the factory floor. Katrina intercepted her.

“Hey, Ellen, you won’t believe who just showed up!” Katrina said enthusiastically, a genuine smile creeping across her face this time.

“Hmm?” Ellen remarked skeptically, not a fan of Katrina taking up any more of her time.

“Tessa! She just swung by again to pick up some personal items. Would you like to see her? Katrina offered.

“Who?” Ellen remarked. The fact that she didn’t even know Tessa’s name kind of irked Katrina.

“The previous regional manager!” Katrina explained, keeping up the facade of excitement. “I can introduce you to her before you go in case you wanted to ask her any questions.” Katrina wasn’t taking no for an answer. She tactfully took Ellen by the hand and started guiding her deeper into the factory. Ellen wasn’t thrilled.

“Why aren’t her personal items back in the office? Why would she keep them out on the factory floor?” Ellen whined. She wasn’t actually suspicious of anything, more so convincing herself of how dumb everyone in this factory must be.

“Hmm, I don’t know! You’ll have to ask Tess that when you see her.” Katrina countered. There were holes in her story, she’ll admit. It wouldn’t matter for too long, her ruse only had to last another thirty seconds. She led Ellen pretty much in the opposite direction from where Tess actually was right now. “Here we are.” Katrina triumphantly announced, standing outside one of the facilities manual processing chambers.

“What’s this?” Ellen inquired. “And where’s Tess?” None of this made any sense to her. She wanted to shake hands with this ‘Tess’ girl and submit her report so she could call an Uber out of here. Had Ellen paid attention at all during her tour she would have realized what this area really was.

“Just a storage area, remember from the tour?” Katrina explained, Ellen unaware that she was already being mocked. “Tess is inside, why don’t you just head on in? I’ll catch up in a second after I check on something.” Katrina said as she flipped on a light for the area. Ellen was in a hurry to get this over with.

“Alright, but I really only have a few minutes before I have to finish my report.” Ellen relented before quickly marching into the chamber, eager to move on. As she entered, Katrina hit a switch on a nearby control interface, causing the door to slam shut behind Ellen. These manual processing chambers are typically used in the event that the main system’s scanners go down. The engineers would instead enter custom parameters for each animal and have them moved along for processing that way.

“Dumb bitch,” Katrina scoffed as she hit the button, “tell me I have poor hygiene... I know just what to do with you.” Kat mumbled as she entered parameters into the system. Katrina spent no more than thirty seconds making sure the system would designate Ellen as one of the new pigs before hitting submit and letting the system procedurally generate any other pertinent information. Katrina could hear Ellen’s protests and muffled cries finding their way out of the chamber, but she paid them no mind. Katrina had a report to fix.

Chapter 2

Cattle Corp Employee Evaluation Form: Katrina

Employee fails to maintains high professional appearance standards. Employee appeared incredibly disorganized organized during our initial meeting and lacks standards of personal hygiene displayed high levels of professionalism. Employee evaluations from her previous manager indicate a history of mediocre high work performance with consistent trouble, consistently showing up early on time or meeting and always beating deadlines. Employee has been described as crass and unprofessional, and likely not is exactly who CattleCorp wants as the face for the region. Final Recommendation: Replace the former Hire to the Regional Manager Position as soon as possible with someone else and consider terminating Katrina from the company altogether and allow them to hire their own replacement to ensure operations continue to operate smoothly.

Katrina was once again satisfied with her forgery handiwork and hit the final submission for the report. The regional manager position was practically hers now, she just knew it. Sure enough, within the hour, she received another email from HQ congratulating her on the promotion.

SUBJECT: Re:Promotion


We here at CattleCorp HQ wanted to formally extend a congratulations on your new position. Our representative, Ellen, had nothing but glowing remarks about your character and overall performance as she observed during her visit. Additionally, as suggested by Ellen in her report, we’re going to give you complete autonomy on hiring a replacement to the assistant regional manager position. If you have any difficulty finding qualified applicants, please feel free to reach out and we would be happy to extend our resources to your region’s branch. Welcome to the management team!

Katrina loved it when a plan came together.

Meanwhile, Ellen was going through a harrowing ordeal. As the door behind her slammed shut a series of mechanical appendages swooped down and locked around each of her limbs, yanking her to the floor. Had the system not been bearing her weight by then, she might have rolled an ankle as one of her heels came loose and cascaded across the room. She started rebelling against her restraints immediately as much as she could muster, but her lithe, petite frame couldn’t even slow the machine’s efforts.

“KATRINA! THE SYSTEM IS-“ Ellen screeched before being interrupted with a muzzle being forced over her face.


“SOW??” Ellen protested in her head. She was going to have that slob Katrina’s entire career over this fuck-up, just as soon as she got help out of there. That help never came.

Ellen’s initial processing wasn’t too dissimilar to what happened to Tessa, minus the insemination. Ellen was forced down and restrained into a breeding post while the chamber ran a series of diagnostic exams. The final report was read off via the speaker.








Upon completion of the report, Ellen, now referred to as Missy by the system, had an ID tag pierced through her right ear, right alongside her diamond stud. Before Ellen really had the chance to cry out or figure out what was happening, the system’s mechanical appendages started transferring the entire frame of her breeding post across the factory before finally reaching its destination. A short, modified cage/pen hybrid opened before the restrained corporate executive and Ellen had a brief glimpse of what was waiting for her: mud. The system essentially tossed her into a pen that was barely tall enough for her to kneel. Ellen went tumbling into an inch or two of mud, ruining her pristine white outfit. Just before the doors to the pen were about to close, one last machine reached in and removed her muzzle.

“KATRINA! KATRINA YOU IDIOT GET ME -“ Ellen screeched at the top of her lungs before the cage’s scanners detected the aggression and released an electric current through her ear tag, shocking her. Ellen recoiled in pain. What could possibly be taking that lazy bitch so long to fix this? Katrina was looking at a serious lawsuit for negligence, Ellen told herself. “I’m going to fucking own this bitch once everything is said and done.” Ellen grumbled, trying to sit up to avoid as much mud as possible. She noticed a small trough on the other side of the pen; pig slop. It was revolting; Ellen could smell it from afar. Ellen sat up as best she could and examined how her perfectly manicured nails had become so filthy. Every detail she noticed made her angrier and even more impatient. Were it not for the tag that shocked her, the tag that had just pierced her poor, stinging ear, Ellen would be shouting for Katrina to hurry her dumbass up even more. And so, Ellen waited, pouting. She waited for a long time. Thirty minutes, an hour. What if Katrina didn’t know what was happening? What if she had walked away and didn’t realize? How long was Ellen going to be stuck like this before Katrina finally noticed? The uncertainty made Ellen start to lightly sob.

Two more hours went by. Ellen started to consider a new possibility, a much darker one. What if this was Katrina’s plan? What if she had done this on purpose, because... because she had read her report! There’s no way that lousy piece of shit Katrina would have the nerve to pull a stunt like this, would she?

Six more hours went by. Unlike Tessa, Ellen didn’t have an intimate enough knowledge of the factory to know that if the system detects that animals aren’t eating, it would force feed them. So, when the gate to her pen suddenly swung open and Ellen’s hopes had seemingly been answered, it was especially difficult to accept the feeding tube down her throat as the pig slop pumped its way into her stomach.

Chapter 3

Katrina had a laundry list of errands to run. As much as she wanted to spend the day getting acquainted with her brand-new pet pig, she simply had more important things to accomplish. Katrina double checked the system parameters being used on Ellen to make sure she’d be preoccupied for a suitable amount of time, as well that Daisy was going to be alright if left alone a while longer; she was satisfied with the schedules that she saw. Ellen was set to be confined to her pen alone and force-fed essentially all week long to encourage weight gain. Katrina had none of that in mind when she initially captured the sow, but she couldn’t think of a more fitting payback for the holier-than-thou cunt who tried to get her fired and accused her of poor personal hygiene. Daisy was on her routine feeding and insemination schedule, although now they had to use the available hog semen over the canine that she was accustomed to. Katrina figured the horny bitch wouldn’t mind either way.

Katrina’s to-do list: first she needed to start looking to hire a replacement employee; that would require a lot of thought and time. Katrina had nothing but time, given that she was stuck until there was someone else who could watch the factory, but she still didn’t want to put forth the effort of figuring out how she was going to pull that off just yet. The second action item on her list, more of a want than a need, was finding a suitable ‘outfit’ for her newest sow. Katrina had really sort of lucked out with Daisy’s bitchsuit; Katrina already had one in her possession, and it just sort of happened that Tessa fit into it. Katrina was an enthusiast, one might say. And an impulse buyer, if that wasn’t obvious. She’d gotten into the kink years ago and purchased it after her first paycheck with the company, though she disappointingly hadn’t really had any opportunity to use it ever. Until now anyway.

Whomever had made Daisy’s bitchsuit years prior produced custom orders on behalf of a now closed sex shop in the nearest city. That complicated Katrina’s search. It wasn’t as if what she was looking for could be found in a catalogue. If regular, dog themed bitchsuits were a niche product then locating a bondage themed pig suit was like try to find a hymen in a whorehouse. Katrina scoured the web looking for leads.

After days of web searching, Katrina started to track down some contacts who used to work at the aforementioned, now closed sex shop. Sure enough, after what felt like an eternity of searching Katrina finally tracked down a former employee who gave her the information for the individual who made the original suit. Ironically, the best ‘information’ they could provide was just a link to the guy’s profile on a kink dating site. ‘Luke’ seemed to be his name, and if his dating profile was to be trusted, it seemed he lived no less than an hour’s drive away. 

“Too. Easy.” Katrina declared triumphantly. She leaned back into her chair and stretched her arms out wide, relieved to be one step closer to finishing her task. Katrina quickly made a profile on the site and sent a quick message to Luke, praying he would respond.

“Hey! I know this is a long shot, but you made a bitchsuit that I bought a few years back and I LOVE your work. Is there any chance we could meet up sometime? I have a proposal for you if you’re interested ;)” Katrina hoped her message was flirty enough to grab this guy’s attention. Evidently it was, as he replied within the hour.

“Wow! it’s not too often I get girls chasing me on these sorts of sites, let alone ones who claim to be fans of my work lol I’d love to hear this proposal of yours in person, are you free tonight?” Luke replied. Katrina was giddy with excitement.

“Yeah totally! Anywhere in mind?” Katrina quickly shot back.

“Well there isn’t much to do around the area unfortunately, but if you’re willing to take a chance you could swing by my place and check out the workshop, and we can chat over dinner if you want.” Luke offered. It was a little forward. Katrina was doing this for a business transaction, and she wasn’t sure how cool this guy would be. That being said, Katrina was a big girl; she could take care of herself.

“Your place it is then! ;) send me the address.” Katrina said, sealing the deal.

Katrina was actually kind of nervous. Not because she was about to meet a stranger at his house; she was smarter than that. She knew to send a message to a few friends back home with her plans and location and to call the police if she didn’t check back in with them at a designated time. Katrina was nervous more because she sort of inadvertently signed herself up for a date! She didn’t keep a ton of nice clothes on hand at the factory but managed to get herself cleaned up, donning on a pair of tight jeans, a low cut shirt that sort of complimented her physique, and a nicer pair of boots that were cuter than they were practical. Katrina’s only real goal was to get this guy to make her another suit for Ellen, but still she felt a few butterflies in her stomach at the thought of meeting Luke. Resolved to get what she was after, Katrina double checked that Daisy and her new piggy were being taken care of by the system and locked up the factory for the night, making her way to meet Luke.

Pulling up to Luke’s property, Katrina observed the lay of the land. The plot, much like the building she worked in, was smack dab in the middle of nowhere. Down a long driveway sat a modestly sized house, with a much smaller farmhouse sitting behind that. Otherwise, there seemed to be maybe a few acres of relatively empty fields distinguishable from the miles of empty field that Katrina had passed on her way to the destination only by a short pick-it fence. It seemed like an honest enough home, though Katrina was naturally nervous of how isolated everything felt from the rest of the world. 

Katrina climbed out of her car and walked up to Luke’s door, which opened gingerly after a few well-placed knocks. Luke was standing before her now, the same Luke she had seen on the dating site, though the pictures didn’t quite do him justice. He was tall, a few inches over six feet at least, and he was built. Broad shoulders covered in a half zip pullover sweater with the sleeves rolled up, his vascular, chiseled forearms on display for Katrina to momentarily fawn over before regaining her wits and taking in the rest of him. He wore a well fitted pair of jeans just like herself, with a brown pair of work boots that reminded her of the ones she wore at the factory; a man after her own heart. Finally remembering to look him in the face, Katrina briefly admired Luke’s somewhat messy, sandy blonde hair that extended into a scruffy stubble that obscured his otherwise defined jawline before noticing his boyish dimples and blue eyes.

“You must be Katrina!” Luke broke the silence. “Looks like you’re real after all, and you look lovely; why don’t you come on in? I’ve got some food ready and after dinner you can tell me about this proposal you had in mind.” He said with a light chuckle, warmly inviting Katrina inside. Katrina was thrown off guard by how charming this guy ended up being. She hadn’t come here looking for romance.

“Uh- sure!” Katrina stammered. “Sorry, you just look better than your profile pictures let on.” Katrina explained with a slightly flustered expression. “Please, lead the way.”

Luke’s house was cozy, and over dinner Katrina managed to get far more comfortable with him. The two of them talked about themselves and got a feel for one another over the course of the evening. Katrina had jokingly mentioned how nervous she was to come out and how she’d notified some friends ahead of time; Luke took it on the chin like a champ and joked about how he was worried she’d feel uncomfortable and didn’t want to come off as a creep. All and all, Luke had so far done well to win Katrina’s approval.

“So, I’ve got to admit,” Luke inquired, finishing the last of his food. “I’m pretty curious about this proposal of yours.” Finally, it was time for business.

“Oh, are you now?” Katrina lightly teased. “Well, I’ll just cut to the chase. I would do ANYTHING for you to make me another bitchsuit, though with some custom modifications.” Katrina said with a wink, throwing it all out there. Luke seemed a little taken back by the bluntness of her request, though not displeased.

“Right, you had mentioned you bought one I made a few years back, right?” Luke asked rhetorically. “I take it... you’re a big fan? Of petplay? Or the suits?” He attempted to inquire innocently, as if Katrina didn’t notice Luke’s cock expanding behind his jeans as he cleared the table.

“Always had an interest, yeah.” Katrina confessed. “Although recently I’ve been way more into it.” Katrina could tell Luke had something to say.

“Sooo,” Luke beat around the bush. “Are you the one going to be wearing it?” Luke asked casually, trying to feign disinterest.

“Oh, not me.” Katrina quickly chuckled. “It’s more for a... girlfriend.” Katrina said carelessly.

“Wait, you have a girlfriend?” Luke asked, seemingly a little struck down. Katrina suddenly realized the problem with her lie.

“No! Wait she’s not a girlfriend per say...” Katrina quickly corrected, trying to think of how to explain the situation. “She’s just someone I... play with? I guess?” Katrina really hoped she hadn’t just blown her chances of getting that new suit.

“...That’s hot,” Luke said playfully after a moment of silence, causing both of them to chuckle and breaking the tension that had been growing. “Well, tell you what, why don’t I show you my workshop?” Luke offered. Katrina cordially accepted.

Leading them outside, Luke guided Katrina into the small barn behind the house. On the far side were a handful of small empty stalls that might be able to accommodate a handful of animals at best, whereas closer to the two of them were a series of workbenches where Luke explained how he crafted everything for the suits and other projects. Luke had explained how he’d gotten into the kink years ago with an ex-girlfriend, and how they used to role play in the very stalls Katrina was now standing next to. Lame as it was to admit, the enthusiasm Luke showed for his work, and the thought of him fucking the daylights out of some girl in the stall next to her made Katrina feel kinda hot. Luke was turning out to be a total babe.

“So, before I agree to any terms,” Luke began. “What sort of modifications to a suit are you looking for?” The two of them locked eyes.

“Hmmmm well...” Katrina began softly, her hands now helping themselves to exploring Luke’s chest and shoulders. “I need... a pig suit. The more degrading the better.” Katrina was upfront with her words. If Luke was again surprised by her bluntness, he didn’t show it.

“Well well, that’s a tall order.” Luke countered. “That might cost extra,” he continued, his hand tracing Katrina’s jawline until he was holding her chin up by one finger. “What sort of proposal do you have for me?” He teased. Katrina slowly lowered her hands from Luke’s chest down to his belt line and began unbuttoning his jeans, careful to never break eye contact. Within a matter of seconds Luke’s fly was open, and Katrina began sinking to her knees, pulling Luke’s pants along with her until his cock finally sprang free, nearly hitting her in the face. It was everything Katrina could do to not look away from Luke’s eyes, as his cock, as far as Katrina could tell from her peripheral vision, either rivaled or outdid some of the largest dildos she owned. Katrina sensually opened her mouth, tongue hanging out, and with her hands guided Luke’s cock into her mouth as she finally broke eye contact and soaked in the monster before her.

Katrina began methodically bobbing her head up and down Luke’s engorged cock. She could feel it distinctly throb against her hands and lips as they did everything they could to satiate this sleeping giant. Katrina had been with plenty of guys before, but none of them had ever been packing something like this. Kat began losing herself in the labor to where she hardly noticed Luke gather up her hair like a handlebar and start guiding her path up and down his cock. 

“Wow... This... Isn’t half bad.” Luke commented through labored breath. Katrina didn’t bother to reply. She was determined to exact her prize, seemingly unable to pull herself away from Luke’s cock until he came for her, until she was victorious. Katrina might have been a bit out of practice, but after nearly thirty, unrelenting minutes Luke’s cock erupted with hot seed that came out so quickly and in such quantities that not only did Katrina choke on it, but it also forced its way out her nose and poured down her chin. If Luke had said something about her job well done, Katrina was too distracted to hear it. While Katrina tried to get her bearing and clear the spunk from her airways, she felt Luke grab her hips from behind. 

“I suppose that makes it my turn to impress,” Luke growled sensually into her ear with an accompanying nibble to her lobe. Without hesitation Katrina’s jeans were around her ankles and before she knew it, she was bent over the door to one of the animal stalls with Luke stretching her out with his long, thick fingers while his tongue began meticulously teasing her clit. Katrina was gasping for air as she’d gone from swallowing altogether too much cum to now having her pussy played with like a master musician would strum his instrument. It wasn’t long before Kat could feel just how aroused she’d become as it dripped down her thighs. Luke saw his cue to get serious; withdrawing his fingers and lining up his now reinvigorated cock up against Katrina’s slit. He waited, seeing how she’d reply.

“Just... Put it in already!” Katrina whined in frustration, desperate to have him inside of her. Katrina didn’t know what she was asking for. Her pussy was prepared for neither the girth nor the length of what Luke had just plunged into her, causing her to lose her breath for a moment and her legs to go numb temporarily. This didn’t discourage Luke; he’d become insatiable. Luke fucked Katrina, bent over the stall door while she tried to get her bearing as the largest cock of her life mercilessly pounded into her. Seemingly just as Katrina was about to catch up to Luke’s tempo, he decided to grab her by the hair, kick the door open, and fuck her up against the wall. Katrina lost her bearing once again. When Luke grew tired of the position and saw that Katrina’s legs could no longer support her, he switched it up again. Now pounding her brains out doggy style on the floor in the hay, after over an hour of cumulative fucking, Luke relented. He withdrew his cock from Kat’s battered sex, flipped her over and blew another load all over her stomach and chest. Katrina had been having some of the best sexual experiences of her life the last few weeks with Daisy, but Luke just completely blew that out of the water. When it seemed like he was finally done with her, Katrina lulled into a deep, hard sleep right there in the hay.

When morning came and Katrina found herself opening her eyes for the first time, she realized she’d been moved from the stalls of last night and onto Luke’s couch inside the house. What a gentleman. Sitting up, Katrina could smell breakfast being made. After clearing the sleep from her eyes and glancing over, she could now clearly see Luke standing in the kitchen, preparing a plate of eggs.

“Morning, sleepy head.” Luke teased. “Breakfast is ready when you are.” Katrina slumped off the couch onto her still unsteady legs and graciously accepted Luke’s breakfast offering. After exchanging pleasantries and finishing her food, Katrina cut to the chase and asked if they had a deal for the pig suit. Luke was amused.

“Well I hope you don’t think our fun last night was sufficient payment alone. My work will cost more than a good blowjob.” Luke joked.

“No of course not,” Katrina played along. “I fully planned on paying you actual money as well, heck, I’ll even pay double what I paid for the original bitchsuit.” She offered back.

“Hmmm. That’s quite generous. I’ll accept, on one condition.” Luke counter offered.

“What’s that?” Katrina inquired nervously. Luke had a devious grin on his face.

“I want to meet this playmate of yours,” Luke stated. “Partially because I’m curious but also because I need exact measurements if I want my design idea to work.” Katrina was at a loss of words; how did she not see something like this coming?

“Well, I, they... I mean she,” Katrina stammered, searching for a way to tell Luke no.

“They? Hmm? I hope there isn’t a chance you’ve been dishonest with me, Kat.” Luke playfully mocked. “I get to see them or no deal.” Katrina found herself in a pinch. Does she try to renegotiate and risk losing her chances, or does she risk everything she’d done so far by showing Luke the girls?

“I... don’t suppose you can keep a secret, can you?” Katrina asked meekly. She analyzed Luke’s face as he formulated a response.

“Pretty sure whatever you’re about to tell me I’ve heard or done worse,” Luke chuckled. He seemed genuine, though Katrina doubted he could actually top what she had done. Her decision had been made.

“I’ve gotta get back to work... why don’t you come with me? I can show you a few things.” Katrina offered. Luke seemed a little surprised by the nature of her offer.

“Not what I was expecting... but why not?” Luke accepted hesitantly. “The sex last night was good enough to make me play along for a while” he joked once again.

”Perfect, everything should make sense soon enough then.” Katrina promised. Soon after Katrina was driving back to the factory, her home away from home until she could hire someone else, with Luke’s truck trailing behind her. Approximately an hour into their journey, the two of them pulled up to CattleCorp’s Batch Breeding facility, of which Katrina was now the regional manager of. Everything was just as she’d left it the night before. Luke looked in awe while Katrina gave him the quick tour and explained everything the factory did and could do.

“Here, why don’t I show you MY workshop now.” Katrina teased as they went up to the main offices. Once inside, Katrina did her best to answer all of Luke’s general questions about the facility and its purpose; he seemed genuinely pretty interested in everything that went on there. Once that was finished however, it was time to get back to business; the reason Katrina had brought him there. “All right, here’s my side of the deal, Luke.” Katrina said smugly, pulling up the camera feed of Daisy in her cage on the main office monitor. Luke’s jaw just about hit the floor, before his face flushed with excitement.

“Holy shit! That’s... That’s...” Luke stammered. Katrina was enjoying seeing him at a loss for words for once. “That’s fucking hot. How long has she been in there like that?” He inquired.

“Depends.” Katrina replied back confidently. “If you mean how long she’s been in her cage, maybe a little over a week. But if you mean how long she’s been in that delicious suit you made? She’s been trapped in that bad boy for over a month, which will continue indefinitely if I have anything to say about it.” Katrina commented. This was the point of no return; if Luke wasn’t on board her entire house of cards could come crashing down around her. Luckily, Luke seemed to be getting more enthusiastic about this whole thing by the minute.

“You have a deal.” Luke conceded, his eyes still fixed on the image of Daisy in her cage. “Is she the one I’m measuring?” He inquired. Katrina was stoked.

“Eh, not quite.” Katrina began. “Like I said, Daisy will be staying in her suit indefinitely. There’s another girl here though...” she explained. Luke’s curiosity was piqued even further.

“Amazing. Show her to me.” Luke replied. Katrina couldn’t help but notice Luke’s cock eagerly growing in his pants. Katrina pulled up the video feed and status report for Missy, their newest little piggy. Well ‘little’ wasn’t quite the word for her now; the system had put her on a weight gain routine which was now completed and had done its work. On the feed the two of them marveled at Ellen, the bitch that tried to get Katrina fired.

Her clothes were completely gone now, and the once dainty and petite corporate exec now had a gratuitous amount of meat on her bones. That bitch had good genetics; Katrina had to admit. All of the fat gained, something to the tune of 30-40 pounds, seemingly found itself packed into the girl’s thighs, ass, and tits giving her a very seductive, if not rather jiggly, body. Luke looked like a kid in a candy store. Pulling out a notebook, he made a reference of a number of measurements the system kindly provided them. “Give me a week.” Luke stated boldly. “You’ll have your piggy in one week.” Katrina was more than a little turned on by the man’s enthusiasm and confidence. Before she could capitalize on it though, Luke gathered his things, thanked Katrina for her time and made his exit, apparently eager to start the project. Katrina, feeling a little dejected, went and fetched her favorite bitch to help relieve her tensions. It would be a fun week.

Time passed at the facility rather mundanely, with nothing of note occurring except Katrina finally exacting a bit of payback against her former boss for apparently writing some unfavorable reviews about her. Finally, the day Katrina had been waiting for arrived, signaled by the return of Luke’s truck.

Ellen’s spirit had all but broken at this point. Day in and day out she was force fed that disgusting pig slop and made to lay in the mud with zero mental stimulation. Worse yet, whatever was in this food made her insatiably horny, though she lacked the mobility in her pen to even do anything about it. That sexual frustration was the only thing that kept her mind from acknowledging everything else that was happening to her; the only way she could cope. She hated thinking about how much weight she had gained. Whenever she got up on her knees and elbows, she could feel the fat on her ass sway embarrassingly with every little twitch of her body, and her tits had grown to the point where they nearly scraped the ground from that position. She had given up on screaming for help, and now when the cage door forced itself open instead of hoping for release, she feared her next feeding. This time was different though. Ellen had resigned herself to another force feeding when suddenly Katrina appeared before her. For the briefest of moments Ellen allowed a glimmer of hope to enter her heart. Before she could mutter a single word to Katrina however, she felt something sharp stick into her ass, followed by her vision growing dim and her limbs becoming unbearably heavy. She passed out.

Katrina and Luke stood over the former corporate exec admiring their work as she roused from her slumber. Katrina was blown away by what Luke had managed to create. Ellen, now Missy, was permanently encased in her new form. It was a pink piggy bitchsuit made of a tight but flexible rubbery material. Much like Daisy’s, Missy’s tits and private parts were completely on display, however here they’d been lovingly given heart shaped holes to be displayed through. The biggest departure from Daisy’s suit, however, was how Luke had managed to handle the mask. Built into the hood and permanently affixed to Missy’s face was a nose hook that would forever pull up the little sow’s nose making her look like the little piggy she’d become. The other big departure was the fact that no gag was included; Missy would be free to open and shut her mouth as she pleased and make whatever sounds she could muster - sounds she could muster being the key idea. Around her neck was affixed a special collar that would inhibit her vocal cords in a way that only allowed her to produce a handful of squeals and oinks. Finally, the cherry on top that any piggy would be incomplete without; lodged deep within her ass was a large butt plug sporting a cute, curly pink tail.

Katrina was beside herself with how well Luke’s design turned out. Not wanting to make a repeat of missing out like before, she immediately undid his pants and started showing her gratitude for a job well done. Luke was by no means opposed to the gesture. While the two of them started to fuck, Katrina couldn’t help but notice Luke’s fixation on Missy beside them. Katrina knew what he wanted. Luke needed little more than Katrina’s glance of approval to help himself to the helpless sow before him. Luke’s cock, thicker than Missy’s forearms, unapologetically ravished her starved pussy while Katrina watched on. Katrina found herself so turned on watching Luke pound into the squealing cunt who tried to ruin her career that she decided to fetch Daisy and have the bitch satisfy her aching pussy. 

Inevitably, the two separate groups of lovers had to intermingle. Unsatisfied with just their own pets, Luke and Katrina came together. Katrina had Daisy start playfully kissing the squealing Missy while Katrina went to guide Luke’s cock back and forth between Katrina’s own mouth and Missy’s pussy. Katrina felt Luke approach the point of no return and ensured that his cock was lodged deep within Missy’s womb when he emptied his balls. Withdrawing his cock, cum spilled out of Missy’s pussy and Katrina directed Daisy to lap up everything she could, both inside and on the floor, which she did so eagerly. Meanwhile Katrina pushed Luke onto one of the other office desks and happily planted herself atop his still twitching cock and started to teasingly grind against it. The two kissed for a moment before a thought occurred to Katrina. Luke laid back with a satisfied look on his face as Katrina deliberated on the best time to pose her question. Fuck it, now was the time.

“Hey Luke,” Katrina began, catching his attention. Luke gave her a satisfied but acknowledging expression. “I don’t want to come off as too forward or anything...” Katrina tried to explain. Luke was now immensely curious at what she was going to propose next. “But I don’t suppose you’d be interested in doing this again... say every day?” Luke’s mellow, post-orgasm satisfied look completely washed away into some playful surprise. “What I’m asking,” Katrina continued, “is would you want to work here, with me? I’m offering you a job.” Katrina took Luke’s devious grin and decision to begin ravishing her pussy with his revitalized cock as a yes.


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