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Background: CattleCorp is currently one of the largest agricultural firms in the western world. Breaking onto the scene merely a decade ago, the company distinguished itself from the competition through its innovative automation technology. The firm’s core business is livestock production, handled through its various facilities with nearly zero human oversight required.

Chapter 1

Tessa, or Tess as she preferred to be called, had pretty much made it. Regional Manager of a successful company, CattleCorp, as well as lead engineer of her own facility. Batch breeding was CattleCorp’s core business function: Mass breeding of various animals with the help of advanced automation for sale in other markets. Having graduated with a master’s degree in industrial engineering and quickly moving into a high paying, management position, Tess was pretty damn successful for a woman of 26 years. Or at least that’s what her resume would suggest.

Her title of Lead Engineer and Regional Manager were a little misleading, given that her facility was the only one in the region, and the only other engineer, or employee for that matter, working in the facility was the Assistant Regional Manager, Katrina, who worked the other shift in the second half of every month when Tess was off. Truth be told, Tess didn’t do very much managing. Hell, she didn’t do very much engineering either. The facility Tess ran was fully automated in all of its processes. Tess just hung out for two weeks at a time on site to troubleshoot any issues that might rarely arise and to make sure reports were submitted to HQ at the end of every month. Aside from when she signed for shipments of new animals every few weeks, the only company Tess had with her at work were the machines and the animals that were being bred, should Tess feel bored enough to wander out onto the line that is. Life as Regional Manager at one of CattleCorp’s Batch-Breeding facilities was, in fact, rather mundane and monotonous. Still, the position afforded Tess a lucrative paycheck and the bragging rights of a prestigious title that she could dazzle friends and family with who were otherwise unaware.

Tess, bored of mindlessly skimming the web, decided to look up from her phone and to check out the various monitors around her office that displayed the facility’s production line. Despite her work itself generally being less than engaging, Tess did have an appreciation for the level of automation the facility was capable of. The engineering involved always managed to excite her inner geek whenever she stopped to appreciate it. After animals that were shipped in were received into a large holding area, the facilities processing system would handle everything from there. A series of mechanical appendages would gradually guide each of the animals into individual pens or cells, depending on the animal breed. From there the cells and pens would use a series of highly sophisticated scanners to perform complete diagnostics on the animal in question, which would in turn compile the data to determine ideal mating conditions and partners based on the other animals available on site. Depending on the results from the tests, pairs would either be physically mated together or, alternatively, females could be artificially inseminated by a machine from sperm harvested from a suitable male.

This month’s stock was dogs, Tess observed from the monitor. CattleCorp dealt in all manner of animals, not just livestock. Cows, horses, sheep, pigs, and even household animals like dogs or cats were handled on rare occasions. Someone at HQ must have signed a contract to supply some major retail pet store, or something, Tess figured. Glancing at the monitor, Tess could see that all 200 or so of her cute little stock of puppers had been successfully wrangled into their cells and some were already being paired off and led to individual breeding rooms further down on the production line. When the dogs are first settled into their pens and the system completes its diagnostic scan of the animal, they’re each outfitted with a custom-made collar with a chip that contains all of their personal information and breeding requirements as determined by the system. When the animals aren’t busy participating in breeding activities, the facility’s automated system will supply sufficient food and water for each of the animals with nutrient content being tailored specifically to the needs of each animal, and the cells themselves contain a number of features that help keep the dogs humanely docile and entertained. The whole process, for a batch this big, should take about two weeks to complete. After each of the females are impregnated, they’ll either remain on site until birth or be shipped off to an alternate site to make room for new stock. Meanwhile the male animals are generally cycled out as needed. All this is handled by a single, sophisticated computer system.

Tess glanced away from the monitors and gradually slouched forward until she was gently resting her forehead against the desk and starting to fall asleep from boredom.

“ERROR: ISSUE DETECTED ON PRODUCTION LINE SECTOR IV!” blared obnoxiously from the speaker of her monitors.

“Gah! I’m awake, yeah yeah. I’m on it...” Tess grumbled groggily, her hands wiping the sleep from her eyes. Truth be told Tess looked forward to these moments. The only time she really had any work to do was when an error was detected on the production line, where she would get to troubleshoot.

Tess eagerly examined the monitors and determined where the issue would be found. Sector IV was one of the chambers where artificial insemination would take place for animals deemed not suitable for regular mating, for whatever reason. Tess had her heading and was just about ready to make way to her destination. First, however, she playfully kicked off her heels before jumping out of her chair. Tess liked to pretend that she was actually the business hotshot she made herself out to be on her resume by wearing what she considered to be her sexier business outfits at work; no one else would see her anyway so she only dressed to impress herself. Today, it had been a short white pencil skirt with a tight, chic sleeveless black blouse to complement it. As powerful as the ensemble made her feel, the heels weren’t really practical when she had to head down on the floor. Setting her 4-inch stilettos off to the side, Tess made her way out of the office and onto the production line, barefoot. Was Tess violating pretty much every safety guideline ever? Absolutely. But work had become dull lately and Tess needed a little excitement to quell her complacency.

Gingerly frolicking through her factory, Tess gradually progressed to her destination after stopping to pet some of the adorable little furry friends she passed along the way. Sector IV stood before her now. The now secured, padded cell was sealed shut and silent; Tess wondered what the issue could have been. She took off her access card, which had hung around her neck from a lanyard, and used it to open the locked door. It slowly creaked open. The room was empty, as far as Tess could tell. Confused as to what the issue was, Tess took a step inside to investigate.

Not a moment after she stepped past the door, Tess felt a sudden and heavy shove hit her from the side, knocking her to the ground. Before she could respond she felt a long, wet, tongue slide across her face.

“AHH! Down girl! It’s okay!” Tess giggled, relieved that the Great Dane now atop of her was friendly. Maybe Tess had been a little too complacent; this could have been really dangerous had the dog been aggressive. Tess noted that the dog's collar read ‘Daisy,’ a name the facility would have procedurally generated upon arrival. “C’mon, girl. Let’s get you where you need to be,” Tess cooed, standing herself up and straightening out her skirt and blouse.

Tess grabbed the Great Dane by the collar and tried to guide her over to the center of the room where the system would recognize the chip in her collar and restrain her in a breeding post for the insemination process. The Great Dane didn’t budge. “Hey now, young lady!” Tess said in her sternest voice, trying to intimidate the animal. “Daisy, you need to come with me.” Tess tugged again, growing impatient. The Great Dane got excited. Not upset, but playful, misunderstanding the situation. Suddenly Daisy reached out and clamped her teeth around the lanyard that held onto Tess’s access card.

“Daisy! No! Bad girl!” She reprimanded. Tess was now trying to drag Daisy back into the center of the room both by her collar and by the lanyard that Daisy was now trying to steal. “DAISY!” Tess shouted, “THAT'S NOT YOUR TOY!”

With one last tug, Tess tried to yank Daisy once more, but Daisy pulled back and ducked her head at just the right angle for Tess to pull the Great Dane’s collar right off, causing her to stumble back and lose grip of her lanyard. Daisy enthusiastically jumped in place and shook the lanyard triumphantly, with Tess starting to realize the severity of her situation. “DAISY! Drop It. Now.” Tess demanded one last time, trying to hide the desperation in her voice. Daisy proudly bolted out of the room, and as Tess’s access card left with her, the door slammed shut.

“Shit.” Tess spat. “Alright... how to fix this...” Tess said aloud, fingers massaging her temples in frustration. Before Tess could determine a solution, another problem arose.

“SECTOR IV ERROR RESOLVED: RESUMING INSEMINATION PROCESS” the system’s speaker echoed throughout the chamber.

“Wait what?” Tess asked with concern. She had just enough time to glance down at the dog collar she was holding in her hand before she felt several mechanical appendages ripped her off her feet and pull her into the middle of the room. “WHAT? NO, I’M NOT A DOG YOU IDIOT!” Tess cursed at the system. She quickly discarded the collar hoping to fool the system, to no avail.

“IDENTIFICATION TAG UNSECURED: TAKING CORRECTIVE ACTION” The system stated plainly. Suddenly Tess felt something close tightly around her neck, just firm enough as to not choke her. “SECURITY COLLAR ESTABLISHED.” The system added.

“Oh go fuck yourself!” Tess barked. The security collars were pretty much impossible to remove without bolt cutters. They consisted of a series of thin steel bands placed within a thicker leather strap that would be locked in place as the Security ID Tag, essentially a dog tag made out of a padlock, was cinched into place. “I’M NOT AN ANIMAL YOU STUPID PROGRAM!” Tess screamed once again. She began to buck and tug at her restraints as it finished easing her into an adjustable breeding post that would secure her in place. “I’M THE REGIONAL MANAGER! OVERRIDE CODE 96072-“ Tess’s screech was cut off by the system fastening a leather bit and muzzle over her head, muffling her last chance to escape.

“SUBJECT IS HIGHLY AGGRESSIVE: IMPLEMENTING SAFETY PRECAUTIONS” the loudspeaker declared as Tess was officially sealed into the post. Tess moaned with indignation.


Oh god... Tess thought, contemplating what was about to happen.

“OBSTRUCTION DETECTED: INITIATING CORRECTIVE ACTION” Tess began to whimper, anticipating what was coming. The mechanical appendages reached down and meticulously sheared off all of her clothes, until only the tatters of her blouse still hung loosely over her shoulders. Forced on all fours, Tess could feel the cool air now brushing against her exposed sex. While she’d have liked to have mourned the loss of her favorite skirt and panties, she had bigger issues to deal with now.

“INSEMINATION IN PROGRESS” The system updated, as if Tess wasn’t painfully aware of what would be coming. She could hear the mechanical arms above her start to reposition, prompting her to close her eyes and bite down on the muzzle, hoping to somehow will away this entire situation. Tess knew the machine was about to violate her with a metallic hose or nozzle; she’d seen it happen a thousand times. Seeing it, however, did nothing to prepare Tess for what it would feel like.

It was cold at first; frigid even. The tip of the nozzle lightly prodded her sex for a moment before withdrawing. Next, she felt the hose produce a gratuitous amount of thick, warm lube that was now starting to drip down her thighs and stomach, before, without warning, it plunged itself deep into Tess’s pussy.

“GAH Mmmmm.” Tess moaned and whimpered through the muzzle as the tube sank itself within her. It was hot now. Tess knew what was coming next: the machine was about pump several loads of freshly harvested canine semen into her womb until the system was certain she would get pregnant. What Tess didn’t know was how slow the process was going to be, and what it would feel like on the receiving end. As the hose began to presumably pump the semen from its source in another area of the facility, the hose itself started to rock and gyrate rather aggressively from all the force being generated by the machinery. “Mhhhhmmm Ahh.” She moaned, a bit of drool starting to drip down her chin. Tess wasn’t ready nor expecting the vibrations, which now had her toes curling as she unconsciously started rocking her hips further onto the hose.

The process dragged on for what felt like an eternity. Finally, after what was likely only a matter of minutes, Tess was on the brink of involuntary orgasm. It was everything she could do to stop herself from cumming. Tess would never live down the personal shame of getting off on something so disgusting. That was her intent, anyway. As the process reached its crescendo, so too did the vibrations. As the insemination hose finally started to pump the fresh semen into Tess’s womb, the vibrations and gyrations increased and pushed Tess over the edge.

“Nmm! Nahhmmm!” Tess whimpered into the muzzle as she started to cum her brains out. The vibrations didn’t let up. Tess could feel the machine starting to pump load after load into her pussy for almost 3 minutes. When the machine finally withdrew from her trembling and twitching hole, the excess sperm that had been creampied into Tess started to pour out onto the floor. Tess would have died from humiliation, had she been aware enough of her surroundings to even know what was happening. Tess was so overcome with stimulation that she just wanted to fall asleep. Which, a matter of moments later, she did.

Chapter 2

As Tess awoke a short time later, her body still sensitive from the ordeal, she realized she had been transported to one of the animal pens. Well, not quite. Having been deemed an aggressive and dangerous animal, Tess was now locked in a small cage barely large enough for her to posture up on all fours. Tess was naked now. Before her, at the front of the cage was a bowl of water and dog food, no doubt calculated as whatever would have been a great meal for Daisy.

Daisy... Tess thought. That fucking bitch. When I get my hands on that mutt I SWEAR. Tess started to raise her voice when a small shock erupted from her collar. “fuck...” Tess whispered, painfully reminded of the security collar she was wearing. She glanced down at the tag and recognized the familiar bitch’s name was now branded around her own neck; Daisy. Tess needed to figure out what to do next. She shifted slightly in her cage when she suddenly felt more sperm start to drip out of her, making her cringe with shame as she remembered what had just happened. Distracting from her escape planning even more, Tess was starving. She glanced over to the two bowls. Quickly dismissing the dog food, Tess experimented; trying to find a convenient way to drink the water without being able to sit up. She tried scooping it, but it wasn’t efficient. After a long pause of deliberation, Tess relented and lapped up the water just like the bitch that should have been in this cage instead of her would have. Her stomach growled. Tess glanced at the food. Tess was content to ignore it, but then remembered an unfortunate detail about the program’s protocols: animals that stopped eating ended up getting food pumped into their stomachs.

Tess’s heart sank. She sat there staring at the bowl for an hour or so, contemplating her options. Eventually, Tess started to hear some of the machinery of the factory around her rev to life. It could have been coming to force feed her, or it could have been doing any other mundane process in the factory; it didn’t matter. The thought scared Tess enough that she shamefully stuck her face into the bowl and started lapping it up like a stupid animal. With both her stomach and her pussy full, Tess curled up and started to cry, reflecting on what she had been through until sleep eventually took her.

Tess slept like shit. Worse yet, rousing Tess from her slumber was the smell of her, or rather Daisy’s, food and water bowls being refilled for breakfast. Breakfast?! Tess had slept in a dog cage ALL NIGHT? She was never going to live this down. Tess needed to find a way to escape and delete any record of this whole shit show ever taking place. Tess started to piece together the facilities animal handling processes before realizing that she had no idea what was going to happen next. The system would be reacting to whatever it thought Daisy needed, but would it know what Tess would need? Adamant to not eat dog food again, Tess waited to see if the system would consider relocating her to a larger cell given that she wasn’t behaving aggressively anymore. Tess held strong for 4 hours. 5 Hours. 8 Hours. It was cresting into late afternoon, maybe early evening by her best guess and the system hadn’t done ANYTHING with her?! What was this bullshit? Finally, tired of waiting and fearful that the system might force feed her soon, Tess once again degraded herself and lapped up the food and water in her bowl. Bits of dog food were smeared around her lips, which were quivering to hold down what she had just ingested. Another long moment of absolutely nothing happening passed before Tess realized she had an entirely new issue; she had to go.

Not like, she had to get out; that problem wasn’t new. Tess had to go as in she had to use the restroom. A brief moment of panic set in before the door to her cage suddenly opened. Was this her chance? Was she free? Tess had let her desires overshadow her logic. Just as quickly as the door opened a mechanical arm reached in and synched down around her collar, dragging her out of the cage.

The bright lights from outside her cage dazzled Tess momentarily, and she failed to notice the muzzle being refastened around her head before it was too late.

“Sthahp” Tess meekly tried to protest, as the arm dragged her along through the facility far faster than she could keep up with. Before she could really even register what was happening, Tess found herself in a partially exposed outdoor cage, naked, chained tightly to a bolt in the ground. Tess immediately tried to posture up and stand but found she could barely erect her posture more than she had in the cage. Tess wasn’t going to give up yet; she quickly secured two firm grips around the base of the chain pulled up as hard as she could to break free. The chain and bolt actually lifted about an inch! Unfortunately, as it was apparently designed to, when Tess gave a strong enough tug the chain also released a tiny electric shock that sent Tess reeling off of it in surprise. Laying on her side, Tess realized pitifully that she had peed a little when it shocked her and understood what it would take to go back inside.

It was cold outside, and Tess really had to go. After making peace with what felt like the last bit of dignity she had left, Tess lifted her leg and pissed in the grass like a mutt. Tess was led back inside, albeit a little gentler than before, with tears streaming down her face.

This had become Tess’s routine for the next two days. She would wake up, lap up dog food and water, be led outside to relieve herself and stretch, then be returned until mealtime again. Tess had started to get used to her situation, until the routine had suddenly changed. It didn’t take long for Tess to piece together what she should have foreseen from the beginning; the system realized that she hadn’t gotten pregnant. Therefore, the cycle was about to start all over again. Tess, believed to be Daisy by the system, was led back to the infamous sector IV all over again. Unlike the real daisy, Tess lacked the athleticism or will to resist the machinery guiding her path. Tess whimpered, resigned to her fate of getting inseminated once again. Shamefully, Tess found herself concerningly aroused as she was locked into the breeding post. The vibrating nozzle glided into her so easily this time, and she would quickly find herself cumming after only a minute or two of the treatment, losing herself in the experience. Like before, the pleasure was so overwhelming that Tess passed out sometime during the ordeal. Tess would later awake in her cage, her body still twitching from pleasure, with cum leaking out of her pussy. Also, unlike the first time, Tess found herself shamefully aroused by the semen dripping out of her, a development that upset her greatly.

Fast forward three more days. Tess was inseminated once again. She actually kind of wanted it this time. Three more days. Had the system been putting some sort of aphrodisiac in her food? Tess was constantly horny now; spending most of her days touching herself and looking forward to the next insemination. Three more days. Shift change should be coming soon! Maybe Katrina would find her and save her from this nightmare, Tessa contemplated as she lay on her back, rubbing her clit. She’d recently started lapping up the extra semen that she could fish out with her fingers; extra protein she figured, she needed the strength, or something. Tess wasn’t too concerned with trying to justify the strange, new desire right now. She had taken a liking to the taste, craving it even. Three more days.

Chapter 3

Katrina rolled up into work. She was almost an hour late for her shift, and she was positive that bitch Tessa was going to have her ass for it. Tessa would always get an attitude if Katrina was late to relieve her from her two-week shift. Understandable, Katrina supposed. Two weeks in the middle of nowhere does get boring, though the two weeks off every month felt pretty cush.

Surprisingly, the bitch was nowhere to be found! Had Tessa cut out early? Gotten sick of waiting? Why didn’t she call? Whatever; Katrina was in the clear and wasn’t about to question her luck. Katrina hated dealing with the uppity little cunt. Tessa was two years younger and while she was good at her job, it always felt like she thought she was better than Katrina. Not to mention the girl liked to dress so provocatively at work. Sure, she was alone for most of the two weeks; wear whatever you want. But don’t be a bitch and then flaunt your ass and tits all over the place. Katrina had a penchant for girls as well as guys and dreamed up many a revenge fantasy of getting back at that bitch Tessa. Anyway, it was time to get to work.

Tessa hadn’t done her any favors; the office was a mess! Tessa had even left her fucking stilettos next to the desk. Katrina couldn’t help but imagine how they would accentuate Tessa’s legs and ass. Frankly, it kind of pissed her off. Katrina wasn’t trying to get distracted at work and start masturbating in the office on the first day; that was usually reserved for week two levels of boredom.

Katrina checked the schedule and saw that today was shipment day. Time to ship off all of the pregnant bitches from the last two weeks to make a profit on puppies. Katrina analyzed the reports the facility had automatically generated and saw that all the bitches were headed to a familiar medical facility they’d worked with in the past for the birthing process. Well, all except for one apparently. The system found that there was one mutt that managed not to get pregnant, and it was supposed to be sent to a rescue to be sold on the cheap.

That’s odd, Katrina thought to herself. The facility ordinarily has a 100% success rate with this sort of thing. Katrina decided to pull up some more details on the poor bitch to see what the issue was. The report read:

“ID: Daisy. Breed: Great Dane

Subject displayed optimal fertility scores during initial scan. After multiple inseminations subject has failed to conceive. Prone to aggressive behavior. May possess some physical deformities: Anomalies detected during subsequent scans.”

“Aww, poor baby.” Katrina cooed. Katrina had a soft spot for dogs, especially the big ones. She would have to pay the poor thing a visit later before it was shipped off. She noticed an extra interesting little detail at the bottom of the report.

“ID: Daisy Breed: Great Dane

Value has been determined and available for purchase prior to shipment: all payments due to CattleCorp prior to issuance of ownership license and registration. Animal will be chipped upon completion of purchase. Current Asking Price: $99.99. Would you like to purchase? [Yes] [No]”

Katrina’s heart sank. $99.99? That’s so criminally inexpensive for a dog, especially from this company. The deformities must be so bad, Katrina thought. Her little heart couldn’t take it, she clicked purchase. Katrina would make sure this poor bitch would have a good home with her. It was a bit of an impulse buy, but Katrina had no regrets.

“Now let’s see what my new girl looks like.” Katrina commented as she began to pull up the video files for ‘Daisy.’

Chapter 4

Tess woke up after another night of insemination, still dreadfully horny. She wanted more and started touching herself like she had taken to every morning for the last week except that now her body was numb to all the orgasms. Well, aside from when the system wanted to breed her, that is; that still knocked her socks off pretty well. Tess’s frustrated morning ritual was suddenly interrupted by a sudden announcement from her cage’s speaker that brought her back to reality rather swiftly.

“Congratulations on your new home, Daisy! You’ve been adopted!” A prerecorded voice said excitedly.

WHAT?!” Tessa jerked back to her senses instantly. “Adopted? What?!” Tessa had so many questions. So many concerns. Where was she going? More importantly, who was going to see her? If she got spotted in public like this, her career would be over! Tessa was starting to panic when she felt her cage open from behind and a sharp pain struck her in the rear. “Was that a sedative?! Why-....” Tess felt the strength drain from her limbs before everything went black.

Sometime later...

“Wakey wakey, Daisy!” Katrina said playfully. Tess was starting to come to. “Aww my little bitch is so sleepy, isn’t she?” Katrina cooed mockingly. Tess was still getting her bearing, but she didn’t appreciate Katrina rubbing in the situation. At least she was safe now.

“Dahh cahh mhh bich” Tess tried to reply. Her words couldn’t come out right, there was something lodged behind her teeth? A ring?

“Aww, don’t worry, bitch.” Katrina’s tone turning sharper now. “You’ll get used to your new life.” Tess was confused, at least until Katrina pulled out a mirror for Tess observe herself. Tess’s face was sealed behind some sort of dog mask? Her tongue dangled out all the same behind some ring that was preventing her from speaking and causing her to drool uncontrollably. Tess tried to stand when she realized her arms and legs had been folded in on themselves and sealed into some similarly colored, dog looking suit, forcing her to walk on her knees and elbows. As she shifted her hips, she suddenly felt the presence of a huge intruder in her ass. Rolling over get a look in the mirror, she saw a big rubber dog tail sticking out of her butt that would wag as she involuntarily squeezed and clenched around the object. Tess began to panic and rolled onto her back, struggling for freedom. Katrina loomed tall over her, happy to adjust the mirror for Tess to see the rest of her handiwork.

Exposed from the dog suit were Tess’s tits and pussy, each now pierced with their own ring going through Tess’s most sensitive spots. Tess started to tear up. How long had she been sedated? She couldn’t believe what was happening to her, what Katrina was doing to her.

“Don’t worry Daisy, I saw all the footage.” Katrina reassured Tess, now Daisy, with a sinister smile. “As your new owner, I know exactly what you need.” Katrina showed Daisy her ownership paperwork, featuring her purchase price of $99.99 triumphantly. Katrina put the documentation down and pulled out a small remote, activating it and sending waves of teasing vibrations through Daisy’s body through her new piercings. Daisy had been getting so overwhelmed, so much fear and uncertainty welling up inside of her. That is, until the moment the vibrations started, then her instincts took over and she felt her mind start wash away like it had been over the last week.

“If you want your reward, Daisy, you need to do some tricks for me.” Katrina seductively teased as she spread her legs, pulling Daisy closer by a leash. “You need to give me kisses,” Katrina paused to bite her own lip. “Yessss. Riight there.” she said firmly as she positioned the surprisingly eager mutt’s head in exactly the right spot between her legs. Daisy seemingly had, at least momentarily, forgotten all about her former identity. Over the past two weeks she’d gradually been slipping deeper and deeper into this new headspace until all she wanted to do now was lap up what was in front of her and get bred like the bitch she was. “Good..G-Girl.” Katrina muttered through clenched teeth as Daisy’s talented tongue brought her cresting to the peak of her pleasure. “Gahhh! Good... girl, Daisy...” Katrina sighed as she loosened her grip on Daisy’s head, letting the bitch breath as Katrina’s juices dripped down Daisy’s chin. Daisy felt oddly satisfied being told she was a good girl, though her pussy still ached for attention. Katrina couldn’t believe her fucking luck; that had to be the hottest experience she’d ever had. Katrina knew she wouldn’t be giving this up anytime soon; she was hooked.

Katrina took her time composing herself before grabbing Daisy’s leash and leading her somewhere deeper into the facility. In another time, this might have been the moment Tess remembered herself and tried and protest this madness. However, between her gently vibrating piercings and the huge plug violating into her ass, Tess’s mind was elsewhere. Only Daisy, the bitch in heat, remained.

Daisy was led to her familiar and beloved sector IV of the facility, where Katrina secured her into her cherished breeding post before stepping outside. Daisy eagerly waited with her ass high in the air for her favorite toy to give her the release she craved but was disappointed as time went on and nothing happened. On the brink of losing hope, Daisy was relieved when Katrina returned.

“Don’t worry, Daisy, I’ve got a special treat for my favorite little bitch.” Katrina explained deviously as she led a male Great Dane into the chamber.

To be continued...


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