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The Keg

by Mélodie

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© Copyright 2015 - Mélodie - Used by permission

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Hello, I am Melodie, I am working for a consulting firm. I used to be an engineer for manufacturing companies in the past but with my luck, I was packed and shipped twice as finish product (see curtainfactory and bottlingproblems). That is not counting the time I was washed while working as a maid to pay my tuition fee (see washed). I now work in an office designing fabrication line. It is more 9 to 5 routine than before but the pay is better and most importantly, it is a lot safer, what could go wrong in an office? Installation was supervised by a field engineer.

This morning the team I am in was invited to the inauguration of our latest project. I believed it was more a publicity stunt than recognition for our hard work. The client was making beer kegs, one of their employees designed a new type of keg that would double as a beer cooler. Instead of an ugly aluminium keg that would be returned to the brewery to get refilled and needing a place to store it under a bar, it was all polished copper. This keg was to be permanently affixed on the bar on a base that would cool the beer in less than 3 seconds, a little bit as a coffee machine that would boil water on the fly as needed. It was design to go in a "man's cave" and I suspect the company wanted free publicity on the evening news as there was 2 TV crews present.

At the request of the customer, we designed a fully automated line; workers just had to feed the raw material to the machinery. I designed the portion that was finishing the keg. An engineer specialised in metal fabrication has design the first part, and 2 others the final assembly and packing.

After the initial presentation in the shipping-receiving area, the only place big enough to hold everyone, guests where going along the line, with all the steps explained. Some panels had been removed and safety switches bypassed to let the guest see the inside of the machine as the kegs where being built and where there was no risk of objects flying away. Of course TV crews where forbidden to record the inside, trade secret. As my chief engineer finished explaining the portion I designed, he turned toward me and said that all this wonderful machinery had been designed by me, my face turned as red as my dress as people were politely clapping their hands.

As the group marched toward the next step, I realised that I had to pee. I headed the opposite way to go to the ladies room. As I reached the beginning of the part I had designed, I saw 2 maintenance workers putting the panels back in place.

"Hey, you designed that part?"

"Well yes I did."

"Could you pose in front of it so I can take a picture of you?"

Gee, I am not a rock star, surprised by the request, I said yes and positioned myself if front of the machine.

"Could you move a little bit to the left... a little bit more, perfect, don't move".

I stop moving and put a smile on my face as he was fumbling with his cell phone. His buddy came from my right side and punched me hard in the stomach. Ouch, I never experience such pain before as all the air in my lungs flew out. I had hard time trying to breathe.

"This is for designing all this crap. In the old days, we would have been about 200 employees, now thanks to your hard work we are only 12 to unload the truck, feed the raw material to the machine then load the finished product and the 2 of us to maintain all this crap. My 2 sons and my brother are now out of work thanks to you".

I had no chance at all to explain to him that at least there still was 12 jobs here instead than 200 in a low wage Asian country plus the thousand our man(women)-hours needed to design, build and install all this machinery. Not only I was still unable to speak just trying to breathe but if he punch ladies like he just did, he is surely too dumb to understand all this.

With that he pushed me backward. As I was bent in 2 from his punch in my belly, I felt butt first, the bottom of my dress rushing upward exposing my thong and garter belt. I fell in the assembly line just after the first step I had designed; luckily I didn't fall just before it as this first step was a coarse sanding to remove oxidation and oil from metal forming steps. As I moved down the line, blasts of air from under me pushed my dress upward where it was sucked into a tube. 'Oh no! How will I be able to get it back? All those metal particle end up in a container before being shipped to recycling. I just hope it won't be ruined.'

I was now wearing only my thong, bra, garter belt and nylons plus my shoes. I was on my butt, with my legs along my torso and arms over my head. The machine started to spin me around at about 60 RPM just before a clothed pad started spinning on the bottom of my butt to polish the keg, well me in that case. As the pad was spinning on my butt, my thong got stuck in it and ripped apart. Just before ripping, they had penetrated deep inside my labia, which hurt a lot. The pain was quickly replaced by pleasant sensations as the pad spun on my butt hole then it started to rise on my side. I was also a starting to be light headed by spinning around repeatedly.

When the pad reached my labia, I got really aroused. The sensation while the pad was alternating on my butt check and labia was incredible. As it moved higher and reach my clit, I exploded and cum right there. I didn't even notice when my garter belt got stuck in the rotating pad. It had broken easily at the clasp. My nylons were also ripped by the rotating pad. Before I was able to think again, the pad had reach my bra which was also quickly remove as the clasp got stuck in the pad. As it was a model with removable shoulder straps, the straps unfastens easily preventing me from being strangulated by them.

The pad was now touching my breasts and the sensation was again so wonderful, I could not think. The side of my breasts where gently massaged by the pad. My nipples were protected by my legs. I would probably have cum again if the pad had been able to reach my nipples. As the pad where moving upward on my shoulder I thought about my hair. If the pad reached them I would be in real trouble so I bent my arm around my head to protect my hair bun. The pad just reached the tip of my finger before moving away.

I was then moved toward the next step, being blown with blasts of air again en route. This time, I was stamped with the beer company logo on my back. I received blasts of warm then cold air between each of the 6 colors application to dry then harden the various coats. As I waited for those coats to be applied, I had time to think about my situation. This was the third time I ended up as parts, this time, on a line I designed myself. The only hope I have to not end up being boxed as finished product is to get somebody's attention, not an easy task on this fully automated line.

I am also naked except for my shoes. What an embarrassment. I opened my eyes to see if I can find someone but the only 2 persons I saw were my 2 tormentors taking more pictures of me as I was stamped in the back. I wanted to shout back at them but the guy who punch me earlier pushed a rag in my mouth before wrapping electrical tape around my head pinning my arm over my head and preventing me from removing the rag. He then proceeded to close the panel.

My chance of alerting someone were just then reduced to almost none. I continued toward the next step where once again, a spinning cloth started rubbing my ass. This time, wax was spurting out of the cloth in order to protect the copper from oxidising and give it a nice lustrous finish. The wax made the gentle rubbing even more arousing. I almost came while the cloth was rubbing my rear hole before it started to go up. As before, I was spinning at about 60 RPM. As the spinning cloth reached my labia, I was so aroused that I came right there.

Not only was I dizzy being spun around but the rotating cloth was alternating touching and not touching my labia, that made the experience an incredible sensation and it made me cum repeatedly. Then the cloth reach my clitoris, I almost passed out as I had the most wonderful orgasm of my life. That was so incredible. As the pad moved up and reached my belly, I wanted it to go down and stay there. It then reached my breast. As they were polished on their side, I again had extremely pleasurable sensations. Once again the spinning cloth stopped at the tip of my finger wrap around the back of my head giving a nice polish to my red fingernails.

I was so dizzy by the spinning and spent by the best orgasm of my life that I almost didn't realise what was happening as the 2 plastic halves of the keg’s bottom where fix around my feet and head. Even if sealer had been applied around the plastic base, there was still gap to let air in as well as the hole to let the beer flow down. I was now as blind as someone could be. I was rapidly turned upside down with my butt up and my head, arms and feet stuck inside the base of what should be the keg.

I was starting to regain consciousness of what was happening to me as a thin plastic bag was dropped on me to protect the keg finish and logo during transport. Luckily, this bag wasn't to be sealed. I then found myself in a horizontal position before a styrofoam shell was deposited on me. I then was turned again this time, the shell being under me. The other half of the protective styrofoam was place on top of the first one, enclosing me between them. An arm pushed the protective shells with me inside a cardboard box trapping me in the styrofoam.

I felt the box going down the line and stopping at the station where the covers were closed and sealed with a length of tape. I also felt the bump as the box was put on a pallet and then spinning as it was wrapped in plastic. I then felt it going up as a robot put the pallet on a shelf until it would be placed in a truck for delivery.

I am now stuck once more inside a box, unable to get any attention, I can barely move my butt in that box and any sound I can make with my mouth is just kind of faint "mmmouffff" with this rag in it. That little bit of sound would be attenuated by the bottom of the keg and the little bit of it escaping would be reduced even more by the styrofoam and the cardboard box.

What would I do when I am finally released? With my luck, even working at the fast food place, I would probably end up wrapped as a quarter pound burger or a pack of French fries. Part of me wanted it to happen again, I don't know if it was because of the orgasms I had earlier this morning but I wanted to go back on the production line. I was beginning to wonder if I involuntarily provoke the situation so I could be processed and packed. Would I keep working in engineering or not?

The big question for now was what kind of guy will end up buying me, the keg, well, me as place of a keg. That guy will not find a keg in his box but me naked with my all shiny ass up in the air unable to do anything as my arms and feet are stuck in the plastic base with my head. Will I end up with a gentle guy, a rough guy, a master or worst, a gang of bikers installing kegs in their bunker?

I guess I will just have to wait a few days or weeks. I know I can survive, I did it twice already. For now, I will just go back to dreaming of being polished again and the marvellous orgasm I had.

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