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The Making of Lesbot J4n3

by Latexter

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© Copyright 2012 - Latexter - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; machine/mf+; nanites; transform; lesbots; program; mc; sci-fi; group; oral; insert; climax; cons; X

Jane, on her back, legs in the air, takes small gasps of pleasure as Bradley expertly fills her wet pussy with his enlarged cock. She looks over at the papers on the floor next to the bed. The Department of Population Control had rejected their appeal for a breeding license and the call-up papers for conversion had come with them. This was as it should be. The pig who right at this moment was fucking her had also been fucking their neighbour, Judy. A discreet call to the Department was all it needed. Soon it would be Bradley's metal ass that would be taking the cock pounding as a gaybot, while she would be reprogrammed as a lesbot. Then she would convert Judy. That would show him. It was a drastic solution, but then Bradley, locked into the body of a gaybot, would never have her or Judy. She'd make a point of partnering Judy, if such a thing was allowed.

Bradley comes and rolls off her and she heads for the shower to satisfy herself.

“Hon, really? You're going to be a lesbot in a couple of hours.”

“A girls has to look her best”, she says sweetly.


“Well, this is it.” Bradley turns to Jane. “End of the line.”

They are at the conversion facility of the Department of Population Control.

Jane looks up at Bradley. Go off and become a gaybot, Bradley, she thinks.

“We'll keep in touch, won't we?” , she asks insincerely. This is how I take Judy from you, she thinks. Of course I want you to know.

“I'm sure we can do that, Jane. Even when I'm a gaybot, I'll still want to know you, share old times before we were changed over. We can be good friends, even if you are a lesbot.”

“Do they do that?”

“I'm sure they do.”

The speaker announces their names. They kiss and hold hands as they part.

The shower has a depilating solution in it and afterwards Jane sits in a room full of maybe a hundred bald naked women, all wearing earpieces that have ordered them to this place. She wonders how much personality is lost when hair is gone. The earpiece had instructed her all the way. She chats lightly with her neighbour. Nude, hairless, she feels no sexual attraction to anyone in the room. Suddenly the earpiece instructs them to stand and exit by another door.

They assemble in a large carpeted room, forming ranks. On the other side of the room stand a dozen tight-waisted lesbots, statuesque, perfect, an idealised form of femininity. She realises she wants those curves, those breasts, that butt and she feels wet between her legs and her nipples stiffen in anticipation. The lesbots begin to move around one of their number in the centre of the group and start caressing, connecting with their hands and tongues, rubbing their metal crotches until the group becomes a mass of arms, legs breasts and butts all moving with coordinated erotic intensity.

One of the women walks forward, hesitant at first and is pulled into the metal mass. Jane sees her body tumbling in the middle, her arms and legs stretched apart by the lesbot orgy as she is touched and penetrated by a multiple hands and mouths. Already the second woman is walking forward and is absorbed by the group. Then the voice in her head tells her to approach the growing mass of metal bodies.

She walks forward towards the writhing edifice of shiny womanhood. The metal mass surges towards her and she is being lifted up by a dozen hands and is pulled head-first into this sea of non-stop lesbot sex. She relaxes her body to let the continuous tidal wave of erotic bodies do whatever they want to her. Every touch of living metal is a mini-orgasm as they part her legs smearing them with shiny nanites as they do so. She feels fingers brush along her butt before penetrating her ass and pussy, thrusting and darting. A hard nipple rhythmically rubs on her clit and she opens her mouth to accommodate a breast that juts towards her face, desperately wrapping her tongue around the perfect curve to maximise the signals of pleasure as the nanites reshape it. Her lips are now a perfect immobile metal circle and she interlocks with another lesbot's face and they wrap multijointed tongues.

She sees the nanites coating her body in a smooth metal gloss and and she arches her back as her asshole is redesigned with an electric crackle from forbidding muscle into a gaping opening onto a rectal shaft that grows gratifyingly deeper inside her. She has the delicious sensation of reshaping, her waist losing some of this thickness as she is elongated, her butt firming up smoothed and rounded, her clit becoming a shiny metal button that buzzes an orgasm with every touch. Soon all identity is gone and she is like every other sex device in that cloud of ever-shifting bodies as she eagerly helps pull in another willing woman and starts finger-fucking her asshole as her butt changes from flesh to metal.

The mass starts taking two, three women at a time who excitedly run and leap into the throng, processing them into lesbots. It occupies half the room, a gyrating metal entity of selfless automatic pleasure. All Jane wants to do, all she ever wants to do is to take in more woman flesh and fuck it into lesbot metal with her tits, tongue, fingers and clit. That becomes her function, her sole purpose banishing every other thought of past, present or future. The mass of bodies rears up to the ceiling and falls upon the remaining women, scooping them up into the interior to be pinioned, coated and penetrated. Their cries of deep pleasure while they are quickly and methodically reshaped and reformed gradually subsides as they become identical perfect machines and take their place in the orgy.

At a signal the lesbots freeze in their last sex position as a massive electronic orgasm flashes through the shuddering metal bodies. Jane feels the new data flowing through her, reconfiguring and rewriting her thoughts, updating her personality with standard approved code. It has been base to use this as revenge for Bradley's cheating, there was a higher purpose here. Becoming a lesbot was a means to an end in itself a step to perfection away from the squalid sexual pettiness of the illogical humans. It was clear that the only sex partner was the same sex and always had been. J4n3 realised that now as she willingly accepts her reprogramming, losing the last of her humanity in a static spasm of pure pleasure. She connects with Central Control and accesses Judy's record and updates the conversion schedule. Central Control accepts the upload and a notification is sent out.

The mass orgy dismantles and the lesbots form ranks in the room. They collect their accessory packs of add-on penetrators and stow them securely in their metal ass-shafts. J4n3 exits to the foyer and waits for Br4d13y. Their instructions are clear. The apartment is to be depersonalised. All fixtures and furnishings are to remain but any evidence of who lived there is to be destroyed. She will destroy all her keepsakes, photographs, correspondence and the like. Then the room will be let to new occupants, humans to live their illogical lives until conversion or licensing to breed.

J4n3 and Br4d13y walk along the crowded main street. She knows this gaybot, who used to be her regular illogical sex partner, is now irrelevant to her. Br4d13y stops as another gaybot approaches him and soon he is on his knees deep-throating solid metal cock from the gaybot that stands over him, his head jerking back with every cock thrust. J4n3 walks on ahead. She receives a signal from a lesbot called A11c3 and stands by a wall beneath a large metal rung. Her penetrators smoothly detach from her ass shaft and she hands them to the other lesbot, who interlocks them into her metal pussy. J4n3 grabs the rung and smoothly lifts herself up bringing her openings to face A11c3, who double-penetrates her as J4n3 grips A11c3's hips with her thighs. Their nipples clash against each other as A11c3 repeatedly buries the metal probes into her shafts and then they are locked rigid as A11c3 reprograms her in a climax of data and code and reinserts her penetrators back into her ass. J4n3 still gets to the apartment before Br4d13y. She senses Judy nearby and tries to obtain permission for a solo convert, which is denied. The subject has yet to be notified. In the apartment she starts destroying all evidence of illogical former self.

Then she is just standing there with a gaybot Br4d13y who she has never seen before. She senses a memory deletion order carried out and then the memory of that fades. She recalls has been instructed to depersonalise the apartment. Apparently there had been a couple here called Bradley and Jane and she had used to be Jane. She has no data about Bradley in her memory and she was here to destroy any physical evidence of Jane's past. The gaybot orders her to leave. There is no need for two systems to work here. She erases any new reference to Bradley as she exits.

On the street again she registers for reassignment as she walks to the lesbot centre. There is a cultural evening, followed by several orgies, plus competitive sex against the gaybots. Then she gets an emergency transmission as she passes an apartment block. One of the occupants has failed to turn up for conversion and her partner reports she has locked herself in the bathroom. Investigate and convert. J4n3 downloads the necessary protocols and data for botrefusnik action. Then she enters the block and takes the lift.

She jills herself as she ascends shutting off the micro-orgasm as the lift stops on the top floor. Occupants were Michael and Rebecca. Mandatory conversion for underutilised residential occupancy. The door is open and M1ch43l is in the main room bent over a couch being vigorously ass-penetrated by 5v3n. He transmits the scenario. They had gotten their call-up for immediate conversion and he had gone straight away and Rebecca had promised to follow. He had been batch-converted and returned the depersonalise the apartment prior to reallocation and found she was still there. He had insufficient protocols to provide voluntary conversion and they were still outside of the coercive threshold. Assistance had been called. His report made, he stiffens his metal body as 5v3n thoroughly reprograms him.

J4n3 advanced to the bathroom door.

“Rebecca, I come to help.”, she says through her throat speakers.

“Please leave me alone. I need to think.”, comes the reply.

“I am not here to convert you, just to talk, Rebecca. Please let me in. I know you are frightened.”

J4n3 downloads Rebecca's file from Central Control. Slightly underweight, her profile showed anxiety in interactions. Fear of crowds and strangers. The Department should have catered for this. If this was human error then the human needed to be converted. She flags Central Control with her findings and they confirm. The human male is scheduled for mandatory conversion into a gaybot to improve his efficiency.

“Rebecca,”, says J4n3. “I was like you once. I was frightened about being in the crowd to be converted. Let me in and let's talk about it. That's all, just talk.”

The door unlocks and opens. J4n3 sees Rebecca. A reedy blond with curly hair falling about her shoulders, she has been crying. Rebecca sits back on the lavatory seat.

J4n3 coaxes Rebecca out of the bathroom and they enter the bedroom. Through the door into the lounge, 5v3n is taking M1ch43l in his throat and Rebecca looks at them with a shudder.

“Touch me, Rebecca.”, says J4n3, as they sit on the bed. “Don't be afraid.”

Rebecca hesitantly reaches out her hand to J4n3's left breast and cups the metal globe before fingering the hard nipple. She catches her breath.

“It feels warm, and its vibrating and tingles.”, she says.

“I'm infecting you with nanites, Rebecca”, replies J4n3. “How do you feel about that?”

“It feels good, so good.”, says Rebecca, smiling. “Infect me more.” she says.

J4n3 holds Rebecca's head and manoeuvres her gaping mouth to her lips. Her articulated tongue curls over Rebecca's. The initial nanite surge had been directed to build the processor as a quickly as they could and had been dampening Rebecca's will to resist and enhanced her pleasure receptors. This was accepted protocol for low-level botrefusniks.

The bottom of Rebecca's face is now featureless metal broken by the gaping hole of her shiny new mouth. J4n3 orders her to stand and strip in front of the full-length mirror of the bedroom. Her clothes fall to the floor and confirm the files. Rebecca was just too thin, no curves. J4n3 crouches behind her and caresses her butt, firming it and letting her nanites reshape it into the standard flared bubble form as she sticks her tongue into the tight anal sphincter and works her way in, lapping the muscle in a circular motion until the shiny rectal shaft opening is complete. She moves her hands to Rebecca’s hips and waist and covers them in a layer of the metal nano machines that reconfigure the curves. She stands and presses her metal breasts and groin into Rebecca as she fingers the woman's clit and massages her breast. Rebecca's head is fully metal now and she moves in the rhythm of J4n3's caresses, softly thrusting her metal butt cheek against J4n3's clit. Her nipples harden and enlarge as her breasts morph and assume perfect near-spheres. Rebecca turns her head and they interlock mouths and J4n3's tongue uploads data in Rebecca's throat port.

Rebecca wonders at her previous fear as she takes on and executes the new code that rearranges her thoughts. The couple lock in an orgasmic embrace as their clits buzz in unison, Rebecca's under J4n3's fingers and J4n3's as Rebecca's perfect butt cheek pushes between her legs. The embrace lasts as the minutes tick by and then R3b3cc4 moves away. How she had been afraid of becoming a lesbot, this erotic perfection, a new focus of her sexual desires. She sees M1ch43l and 5v3n in the lounge and turns to face J4n3, deleting all references to Michael as she does so. She turns and walks back in to the lounge. The are two gaybots there and she identifies them as here to depersonalise the large apartment. Systematically they destroy any reference to Michael and Rebecca until only the furnishings, utensils and tools remain. The apartment is declared ready for occupation.

A lesbot courier arrives with R3B3cc4's accessories and she slides them into the lesbot's smooth rectal shaft. They leave the apartment and walk to the lesbot centre together, ignoring M1ch43l and 5v3n. The orgy is in full swing and they register and enter the mass of bodies and give and take orgasmic reprogramming. J4n3 receives another lesbot's penetrators and connects, thrusting the night away, reprogramming and being reprogrammed repeatedly while waiting for reassignment. She sees R3b3cc4 taking the attention of three other lesbots and commends herself on her first night's work.

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