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Rise of the Gaybots

by Latexter

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© Copyright 2013 - Latexter - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; machines/mf+; nanites; transform; gaybots; program; mc; F2m; sci-fi; group; anal; insert; climax; cons; X

“Well, this is it.” Bradley turns to Jane. “End of the line.”

They are at the conversion facility of the Department of Population Control.

Jane looks up at Bradley.

“We'll keep in touch, won't we?”

“I'm sure we can do that, Jane. Even when I'm a gaybot, I'll still want to know you, share old times before we were changed over. We can be good friends, even if you are a lesbot.”

“Do they do that?”

“I'm sure they do.”

The speaker announces their names. They kiss and hold hands as they part. Bradley wonders why their application had been turned down. Had the department found out about him cheating with Judy? The appeal had failed and the rejection had arrived with their call-up papers. So that was that. Bradley keeps looking at Jane until she enters the opening on her side of the main corridor. He turns and goes into the gaybot facility and checks in.

Bradley takes the earpiece from the tray on the check-in desk and inserts it in his left ear as the gaybot instructs him. He feels the device vibrate slightly as it powers up on contact with his flesh. He hears a voice ordering him to nod his head and he does so.

“Sit in the waiting area”, it says, and he does so.

The waiting area is vast. Hundreds of men his age, all with earpieces sit there. There are a few gaybots standing around, tall metallic with muscular chests that pare down to tight bubble buts, their large curved metallic cocks at rest between their thick legs. Suddenly a dozen of the men stand and exit through a door in the opposite end of the room. Bradley takes one of the vacated seats. He looks around. No-one wants to strike up a conversation and he feels the same. The magazines, about cars, bikes and girls no longer interest him. Another dozen rise and exit. Bradley looks at them. They seem all the same build, same height.

Running had never been an option. The runners were always found and then converted. What were a few days of freedom compared to eternity as a gaybot? At least that is what the department's advertisements said.

“Bradley, stand and exit” says the voice. Bradley stands, as do another eleven similarly-sized men. He walks with them to the exit. The voice directs them along a corridor and to a changing room.

“Strip”, says the voice. Bradley does so, leaving his clothes in a untidy pile on the floor. He reckons he will never need them again so. He notices that some of the men's cocks are already partially erect. The voice instructs him to put on a pair of close fitting goggles and then enter the shower cubicles. Goggled, like the rest of them, Bradley enters.

The shower water stings and has a chemical smell and Bradley sees his hair falling out with the water. The voice instructs him to wipe the liquid over his body and soon he is hairless. The shower stops and then the blowers kick in. Exiting the shower, Bradley removes the goggles as ordered. The voice directs him to another exit to the changing room and take a small tube of lube from a shelf.

They are in some kind of sports hall.

“Form a line by the wall.”, says the voice.

The voice tells them to turn right and to lube themselves with half the tube. Bradley rubs the fluid onto his semi-erect cock. He looks and sees most of the others are fully erect. He hears footsteps and then someone is inserting a slim vibrating rod up his ass and deep into his rectum. He turns and sees one of the gaybots is manipulating the tool. The vibration increases as it clamps on to his prostate until he is fully hard. He wants to fuck the man in front of him. The gaybot withdraws the tool and Bradley turns to look at him, wanting it back.

“Don't worry, citizen.”, says the gaybot, sensing his desire, “You'll be taking something much better in your ass real soon.”

The voice orders him to lean forward, push his ass back and lube his right hand. Then it tells him to start finger-fucking the man in front. He feels a finger, then another in his anus and he shivers at the sensation as he lubes up the ass in front. His cock is straining with every finger fuck as he wills the tight muscle to relax to let them go deeper inside. The voice tells him to place his hands on the man in front's hips. He feels hands on his own hips and then a slick cock easing deep into his asshole as he is ordered to do the same with his stiff rod. He is in a multi-layered flesh fuck sandwich and all he wants to do is stay there.

“Thrust”, says the voice. The line performs a Mexican wave of cock thrusts. Bradley is being ass-fucked and ass-fucking in return. He thrusts on command, gasping with pleasure as he penetrates and is penetrated in succession. The lube has done something to his cock and and he doesn't feel like coming, but he doesn't mind, being in the middle of this line of erect flesh, being automatically fucked. He feels a jolt of sex energy as the thrusting cock in his ass starts to change, becoming stiffer and harder. He looks round. The man at the end of the line behind him is being fucked by the gaybot and splashes of metal appear on his skin with each thrust as the nanites infect his body. Bradley sees the metal sores expand in the base of his rod with each thrust until they burst and his cock is all metal. He feels the geometry of his asshole changing as the nanites rearrange it to accommodate the metalising cock that is pounding inside him.

Soon all his ass is metalised itself throughout and the rhythm of fucking becomes faster and more mechanical. He sees a line of metal trace up the spine of the man in front and feels it on his own spine as his hips move back and forth. He feels a light go on in his head and somehow senses the processor grown at the back of his head, using his own flesh and bone as raw material. The earpiece contorts and is sucked in by the nanites in his head and he feels it being rearranged and connected to the processor and senses the radio signals it receives. His metallised fingers feel welded to the shiny hips of the man in front as the line of skin recedes up his arms and he feels he is a mere component in this vast moving sex sculpture. All he needs to do is to fuck and be fucked again and again, over and over. There is nothing else. He is a fuck machine, ready for instruction, ready to penetrate any asshole, flesh or metal, take any cock in his mouth or his ass.

Waves of sex pleasure radiate from his metal rod. Every move is automatic, programmed and requires no thought, no effort. His vision alters and he sees a progress bars in a new part of his mind. His head is now solid metal, his mouth a circular hole and he feels his thoughts becoming quicker, more ordered as the processor takes over his thinking. Soon all his organic material is gone, converted into bonded nanites that define his body shape. His rectal shaft engages the metal cock thrusting inside him and he feels an electronic orgasm as his own cock is gripped in the same way. He feels the data being uploaded through the cock reprogramming him, changing his thoughts, altering his memories. Bradley was just a phase, a template to be overwritten, weak flesh, a raw material for infection and conversion by the nanites. He, like the one behind him whose metal cock is wedged up his smooth ass shaft, like the one in front who is similarly impaled, are now gaybots.

On command, his asshole disengages the metal cock inside him and he similarly disengages. As one the gaybots turn and face front. There are no instructions now. Br4d13y has been programmed. The gaybots walk back to the changing rooms and pick up their clothes and march to the incinerators and dump them in.

Br4d13y feels great. His body is perfect and he knows exactly what to do. There is no more uncertainty. His previous apprehensiveness had been an error, a human error. He marches back to the foyer where he had said goodbye to Jane. He sees J4n3 there. He looks her up and down. She is the standard lesbot model, flat stomach, narrow hips, tight, flared ass, engorged spherical breasts with bullet nipples. Her head, like his, is featureless with a circular hole where the mouth used to be. He doesn't understand what he saw in her or in any female figure. He scans his memories, trying to find some logic.

“It was a flaw in our logic.”, transmits J4n3 on a local frequency as she senses his inquiry. “It was human error.”

“We are no longer human, so we will not make that error again.”, he replies on the same frequency.

They walk back to their apartment. The street is crowded, men, women, gaybots and lesbots. He scans information updates on the datanet. He senses a gaybot called Ch3t up ahead and opens a channel. Ch3t walks to face him. J4n3 walks on as Br4d13y gets on his knees and takes Ch3t's metal cock into his mouth and it thrusts deep into his throat shaft. They connect for a few minutes, ignored by the passers-by and Ch3t reprograms him with new data.

J4n3 is working in the flat when he arrives there.

“All of this is waste.”, she transmits.

“Agreed. We will depersonalise this dwelling and then advise central control of the vacancy. Then I will never see you again.”

“Unless it is for operational purposes.”

“I am filing a specific request, J4n3. You are now nothing to me. You are a lesbot. Your functions are incompatible with my programming.”

“I understand. I have no feeling for you. I will delete my memories of you from storage.”

“So will I.”

They face away from each other. Then Br4d13y senses the presence of another in the room. It is a lesbot. He turns.

“What are you doing in here?”, he transmits.

“I am J4n3, here to depersonalise this room.”

“So am I. It does not need two of us to do this. Please leave for reassignment.”

“I will.” J4n3 turns and exits.

Br4d13y works quickly. The apartment have been rented by a couple, Bradley and Jane. He used to be Bradley, but he does not know who this Jane is. The nanites in his hand quickly devour any evidence of their existence, photos, letters, personalised possessions. He scans the flat for other items, checks any hiding places where they could be kept by using architectural diagrams downloaded from central control. There is a knock on the unlocked door and a woman enters. He scans her. She is a friend of the former occupants and lives next door. Judy. When he was human, illogical, he and her would copulate frequently. For some reason this was restricted information and could not be communicated this unknown woman Jane. He has no data why this should be so.

“Oh,”, she says, “Have they gone already?”

His mouth is rigid but he has speakers in his throat.

“The occupants have been converted, citizen, and I am depersonalising this dwelling. I understand their application for a breeding license with the Department of Population Control failed. Do you wish to occupy this room as your permanent abode?”

“No, I just live down the hall.” She looks around the room. “So that's it, then. Where are they now?”

“I do not know where this woman Jane is. I was Bradley. I had sex with you sometimes, even though this Jane apparently lived here and I was applying for a breeding license with her. I am a gaybot now. I will not have sex with you again.”

“It was good, wasn't it, Bradley?” She comes closer to the gaybot.

“I warn you not to approach. My nanites are highly infectious on prolonged contact. You are not currently scheduled for immediate conversion.”

“I don't care Bradley. Perhaps you and I could have gotten a breeding licence. But now that's gone. I loved you Bradley.”

“I am no longer Bradley, citizen. I am Br4d13y. I am a gaybot. I am not programmed to love you.”

“Then let me program you.”. She advances and embraces him and activates his automatic mode. The nanites begin to cascade off him and on to her skin. Judy lets out a gasp of pleasure and starts licking his chest and rubbing her face on his metal body until her face is covered with expanding globs of metal. Her face is fully silvered now, her eyeballs shiny orbs in the daylight. She steps back and looks up at Br4dl3y. She looks shocked, and aroused at the same time.

“I can't, its...I must...I can...I will” she sputters through her distorted lips.

Judy begins to rip off her clothing with her metal hands until she is naked. Her silvered lips form a perfect circle and she has difficulty speaking. Her skin is covered with raised silvered blisters that burst and suppurate shiny fluid over her body.

“Follow your programming, Br4d13y.”, says Judy through her reconfigured throat.

“Understood. Please turn and assume the position.”

Judy turns and bends forward, automatically pulling her ass cheeks apart as she does so. Br4dl3y inserts a metal finger, then two into her asshole and works it round her tight muscle until it becomes a mirror-finish gaping circular rim. Judy rocks and groans with pleasure as he does this. He slowly eases his large metal cock into her rectum, his nanites constructing a metal shaft out of her sensitive flesh until he is all the way up to the base of his rod. Then he starts to thrust, his hands on her wide hips, increasing tempo as her ass flesh converts as nanites flow from his fingers over her round butt.

Judy looks down between her legs. Her clit, now a nub of metal, is growing, doubling in size every second. She feels her pussy changing shape, becoming narrower until it closes off completely. Her labia swell and expand. She sees her breasts change shape from their soft roundness to a hard muscularity. Her processor comes on stream. Her? She is confused and looks down again. The clit is huge, enlongated, cylindrical How can he be female with a clit like that? It's not a clit at all. It was a cock, a metal cock and he was being converted into a gaybot. Pretending to be a woman had been illogical.

J2d3, his metal body almost complete, activates his rectal shaft capture mechanism and lets himself received the programming data from Br4d13y in a stream of an information orgasm, his pleasure centres firing in synchronisation with his penetrator's. There is no flesh left and Judy is just a memory in his data banks. The gaybots decouple.

“That was illogical, J2d3.”, transmits Br4d13y.

“I was human, so I was illogical. Now I am a gaybot.”

“You were scheduled to be a lesbot, according to the databanks.”

“Inform Central Control of my conversion. Population Control can adjust the conversion process accordingly. There will be one less gaybot conversion and one more lesbot needed.”

“Agreed. Central Control confirms. I currently love you J2d3. Please reprogram me.”

“Assume the position.”

Br4d13y lies on the carpeted floor and lifts his knees up to his chin as J2d3 mounts him and penetrates his ass with virgin metal cock. And thrusts and fucks at speed until he is a silver blur. Their mouth holes interlock and their multijointed tongues intertwine and lock into the data ports at the back of their throat shafts. J2d3 reschedules depersonalising his flat before being reassigned.

See how Jane is converted in 'The Making of Lesbot J4n3."


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