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Mandy's Milk

by Jay Jay

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© Copyright 2011 - Jay Jay - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; machine/f; stuck; collar; gag; bond; piercing; branding; tattoo; bodymod; transform; milking; toys; rubber; oral; sex; climax; nc/reluct; X

This story is inspired by Olsen's Family Dairy Farm and Jane Becomes Livestock. Both great stories in my opinion. I hope you and your visitors are able to enjoy Mandy's Milk as much as I had fun writing it.

1: Accidental Introduction

Mandy could not believe she was falling victim to her own devices. Had she never pushed her father into the 21st century, she would not be in the predicament she is today. Mandy was born and raised on the family farm. She had left to go to college and had returned after gaining dual degrees in Computer Technology and Financial Accounting. But in the five years since she had left the fourth generation dairy farm; it had become apparent that the farm was in severe jeopardy. As she worked on her accounting degree her father talked more openly about the finances of the farm. As she entered her junior year it was obvious that the family farm was in serious jeopardy. The cost of labor was killing them, productivity was way down, and the profit on their average gallon of milk was breakeven on a good day. She began researching other farms only to find extremely high levels of automation that increased productivity, reduced labor, and lead to a higher grade of more consistent milk. She had convinced her father to completely revamp the farm. It was a huge risk and would cost him nearly everything he had, but she promised the farm would be profitable within two years and could potentially pay for itself within three. He loved his daughter and couldn’t bear the thought that he would be the last generation of farmers and could ultimately be responsible for the demise of the family farm.

She used the farms financial books in her final paper for her accounting degree. It had been two years since her dad had installed the new equipment with Mandy working as the Systems Engineer helping to write code and integrating all the electronics it saved her dad a bundle of money and gave her a better understanding of how to maintain all the equipment and an insight into how the finances were directly linked to the performance of every piece of equipment. That insight and understanding is what lead to her undoing. She had been monitoring productivity on Milking Stall One for a week, this was the test stall and the one that they had used to trial all their new equipment and new concepts before integrating them into the other twelve stalls. As a result it was also the most sensitive cell to operate and maintain as devices were added, removed, and spliced in over the last two years. She and her father had discussed shutting it down and replacing it “…one of these days.” They agreed that they would as soon as they had paid off all the initial investment. Mandy had a convention to attend on Saturday and was taking off on a business and recreational trip for a week and wanted to make sure the cell was running fine before she left. She had planned on trouble shooting the station that morning before things got busy then leaving a note for one of the skilled staff to fix it based on her instructions.

She woke up early Saturday before the sun rose got dressed and thought she would stop by the cell and see what was required. She was wearing a comfortable pair of 3-inch cowboy boots that came up to her knees. A pair of tiny Daisy Duke denim shorts and a half-T-shirt that showed off her tight firm stomach. She knew she had time to catch her flight, check into the hotel, change into something fancier, and then catch the afternoon convention. She went down to the milking barn and entered the control booth. She spent a few minutes diagnosing the cell as the occasional cow cycled through the door. She guessed that there was a broken proximity switch, but couldn’t be sure since she kept getting crossed readings. Knowing she didn’t have a full understanding of the problem, she had to do a more ‘hands-on’ investigation. The Saturday crew wouldn’t be arriving until eight, so she had at least two hours before anyone would be entering the barns.

Since her cab would be there within the hour, there was little time to waste. Running back to the main house, getting changed, putting on coveralls, fixing the cell and getting changed again would take too long. She stripped down nude and jumped over the fence wall. She had less then thirty minutes to crawl into the milking station find the problem, crawl back out, then shower up and get redressed before the cab arrived. She had waited for the last cow to go past her and then manually set the system so the next cow would be routed into the problem Station #1.

As soon as she jumped the fence her bare feet landed in the mucky dirt and filth that led to the switching station. Her face cringed as the smelly goop oozed through her painted nails. She immediately thought back to her childhood days and walking around in her bare feet through the muddy driveway after a long rain. While standing their in the nude contemplating her situation she stopped for a second reconsidering her impulse decision to investigate the working end of the milking station. Before she had a chance to jump out and come back in the proper attire, another cow wandered in behind her and nudged her forward knocking her flat onto her naked toned belly. She promptly fell forward into the six inches of goop scrambling to her hands and feet crawling and sliding through the muck to avoid getting trampled by the cow behind her.

Much to her dismay and satisfaction the door to Station 1 opened and closed behind her isolating her from anxious heifer behind her. She was now locked inside the dysfunctional station and could take in her situation. Her long brown hair was covered in manure and mud. Her face was black as tar and she used her hands to scrape away the muck so she could see. Her ample C-Sized cups were covered in goop and clumps of brown and black chunks hung off her breasts and legs as she recovered from her fall. As she sat in the stall she immediately recognized the problem. The plug to the switch on the entry door had worked loose and was giving false readings if a cow was present or not. The rattling of the steel walls and the moving herd was enough to set the loose sensor off, telling the computer to open and close the doors to let the current cow free. The entry and exit doors cycled a couple times indicating a cow had come and gone without actually leaving the station. Unfortunately, Mandy had only set the computer for one manual cycle. The next cycle of the doors would be fully automatic and in full accordance with the daily production schedule.

She sat down on her haunches squinting as her ankles and bare ass sank deeper into the muck knowing full well that the stalls had not been cleaned in a week. To save money on a full-time crew, they used a smaller part-time crew to come in on the weekends to spray down the buildings, shovel up the manure and really clean up the barns. She didn’t care about the maintenance schedule right now and just wanted to fix the door switch and get out to shower the crap and manure from her body. She reached through the steel grating and tightened the plug on the switch and the light began glowing green indicating it had full communication with the control room. As soon as the light turned green, the exit door swung open allowing the current cow to exit. She waved her hand through the light beam to reset it causing the exit door to close. The entry door then opened behind her.

Since she was still sitting in the entryway, she was blocking the motion sensor so the door immediately began closing before she had a chance to crawl out. She sat for a brief second confident she had found the problem when the entry door started closing and second phase of the milking process started pushing her completely into the milking bay. Powerless against the steel grate that was designed to move heavy stubborn cows forward she began crawling forward on her knees as her feet slipped under the bottom rung of the pusher bars. She panicked briefly but before she knew it her head was forced forward into the front grate. As soon as her head hit the front grate the bars closed horizontally and vertically trapping her head in the front of the cell. She knew she was in trouble as the light ahead of her turned green indicating she was ready for identification and milking.

The computer scanned her body and realized she did not have an RF ID tag, which classified her as a new heifer to the farm. As soon as this was done the computer set a robotic arm in motion and welcomed her to the farm. A large leather collar was wrapped around her neck and riveted closed. A large square cowbell hung from her neck and would announce her every movement for the duration of her time spent as a cow. At the same time a rubber covered steel bit was placed through her mouth as a complicated leather harness wrapped around her head and was riveted in place. The rubber bit was uncomfortable and kept her from completely closing her mouth and prohibited her speech. She knew that the leather could be cutoff, and the rivets could be drilled out, but she knew that there were certain future changes that could not be undone.

A special Radio frequency ID tag was placed to her ear as a sharp needle went through the eyelet of the tag and through the base of her ear. She knew that she had just been tagged with a metal business card sized transmitter that would track her movements and productivity throughout her life on the farm. But she feared the next part would be worse. To control unruly cows, a large metal ring was placed through each animal’s noses. Any farm hand could attach a lead to the ring and instantly control the large cows. She also knew that the ring would be welded closed the instant it was attached. The mere thought of the massive ring permanently hanging from her nose made her cry. The pinching feel of the ring getting punched through her septum made her scream as the sides of the ring pushed against her nostrils flaring her pretty little nose as the heavy weight of the ring was felt down past her lower lip. She forced her eyes closed imaging how cartoonish the large cow sized ring would look on her human sized face.

She was still cringing over her ruined nose and had completely forgotten the next phase. Simultaneously she felt the burning sensation of a million hot pokers getting forced onto her ass cheeks. She instantly screamed as the realization that she had just been branded on her ass. Although she could not see it, she knew that every cow on the farm was branded the same. The large circle outlined the shape of a classic Americana barn and the name “Dawson Farms” written along the roof and sides of the old looking barn. Mandy was extremely proud of the logo as it had adorned four generations of cattle that had been brought to the farm, but she never planned on having it burned into her own ass. They had decided on a slightly larger logo when they automated the branding process, perhaps a bit over the top. She knew that within days the scar tissue would be formed and the black logo would be emblazoned on her ass forever. Her other cheek would be labeled to match the Radio Frequency ID Tag in her ear. She didn’t know the number, but she knew that “Milk Cow #____” would keep her from ever wearing a bikini again. Her head was spinning knowing that her machines, her hardwork, were now retaliating on her.

Mandy’s frazzled mind could not even keep up with the automated changes and she was always one step behind predicting what would happen next. However the next assault she could have never predicted as it was something her father had done without telling her. The robot returned and using a pair of pinchers; pulled her lips out from her mouth until she was certain they would be yanked clear off her face. The robot then tattooed the same number onto the inside of her lips just in case someone tried to steal the cow and raise them on their own farms as one of their own heard. As her lips were much smaller then a cows, the full tattoo barely fit on her lip. Instead the top lip had the text “DAWSON FARMS” clearly displayed along her cute painted red lips while the lower lip proudly displayed “MILK COW”. The number she had been assigned and branded on her ass was written permanently on the inside of her lower lip. She had never known this was being done, as she had never looked inside the lips of their herd.

The unexpected treatment of her lips knocked her further off-balance and she was once again caught off guard by the strange feeling on her chest. She was shocked when the four pop can sized silver tubes emerged from the sides of her stall and locked onto her belly. Before the cylinders attached themselves a spray of warm disinfectant hosed off her underbelly then immediately sucked onto her flesh. The first two found her nipples easily gripping onto her perfect “eraser” sized tits. The second two however struggled to find home and eventually latched onto her belly just above her ribs. The suction at her nipples stung at first and grew more painful as the sensations continued but quickly turned up empty. Next was a stinging in her waist as the computer drew a blood sample and DNA test to determine why her initial production was so low. The alarm went off indicating she was not a healthy cow and had to be isolated.

Isolation was a bad thing. The quarantine barn was a smaller detached facility from where the milking and housing stalls were built. To avoid contamination, the barn was off limits and completely automated. Only Mandy had the entry codes and even she had only been in there twice in the last two years for the annual audit. Now she was about to be detained there for God only knows how long. Before she could react, clamps closed around her wrists and above her knees forcing her to stay on all fours as she had been since repairing the stall. The gird pattern holding her head in position briefly relaxed allowing an automated shuttle car to arrive at Milking Station 1 and move it over the to the quarantine area. She was quickly docked into the Heifer Hospital as they had aptly nicknamed it.

There were two other cows in the building, which could hold twelve cows, but seldom held more then six. As she was parked in place, the grid returned around her neck, but the shackles around her arms and legs stayed locked prohibiting her from lifting her limbs. The few minutes it took to go from the milk house to the hospital allowed her to think about her future. The milking machine would soon return latching onto her body for the entire duration of her stay in the hospital. She would be given an IV and doped up with anything that the computer deemed necessary to return her to the herd. Medication, DNA supplements, added nutrients, and any other medical needs were at the computer’s disposal. If the daily blood testing indicated she was lacking something, she would be administered it instantly until all four of her teats were consistently producing. She feared what that would mean to a human with only two breasts.

With mechanical precision she was quickly trapped in her bay and the silver cylinders returned spraying her body a second time with disinfectant and latching onto her boobs. The needle quickly jabbed into her arm and took a blood sample and diagnosed her with a number of cow related deficiencies. As a human she was perfectly healthy, but as a milk-producing heifer; she was a wreck. The computer immediately began giving her DNA injections of their healthiest herd member. The suction started on her breasts again as her human nipples began to harden in fear of what would happen next while the set attaching to her ribs felt as though they were getting ripped from her body. She tried to scream but her voice was hoarse and the bit in her mouth kept her from making more then muffled noises that were indiscernible over the sickly neighbors next to her.

She knew that her cab would be arriving soon. She knew that the cabbie would not wait long at such an early hour of the morning on a Saturday to pick her up. If she did not answer her phone when he called to check on her, he would soon leave to go find a paying fair. She feared that the expensive leather Coach Hand Bag with her initials on it would be found in the control room, but doubted that anyone would sort through it and find her clothes haphazardly packed inside it, and would likely just return it to her bedroom. She wondered how long it would take for some one to realize she never made it to the convention. That she never made it out on vacation. That she was still stuck on the farm being mistreated as some four-legged cow. It could be ten days before anyone even realized that she was not accounted for. She wondered what would happen in ten days, and what would happen if she went undiscovered for even longer.

2: Back at the Ranch

Just as she predicted, life went on without her. While she was being diagnosed in the Heifer Hospital, her cab arrived, and waited. The driver called back to dispatch that in turn called her cell phone. When she didn’t pick up the cabbie honked his horn a couple times and waited. Her Dad woke up upon hearing the commotion and grabbed his robe and walked to the window. As he pulled back the curtains, the yellow taxi drove off, presumably with his daughter safely on her way. He decided to not go back to bed and instead start his day a little early and dressed for breakfast. Right on schedule the weekend crew arrived and went about checking repair and maintenance items off the weekly list of chores that had accumulated over the last seven days.

The lead technician Brandon entered the control booth and discovered that Milking Station One was working fine. He had received Mandy’s call earlier in the week warning him that Station one would require some repairs. However instead of a list of things to check out, instead he found Mandy’s small duffle bag sitting on the desk in the control room. He assumed that Mandy had time to repair the Station before she left, but accidentally left her day bag behind. He monitored the milk production paying close attention to Station #1 for the next hour. He grabbed her duffel bag, returned it to the main house and left it sitting by her desk in her private bedroom back in the old family farmhouse. He and Mandy had the occasional late night roll in the hayloft but their relationship was strictly confidential. They always seemed to be dating other people so they could never pursue a relationship beyond a flirtatious friendship behind the backs of their current significant other.

Her dad called that evening to congratulate her on the repairs to Station #1 and to see how her day at the convention went. He was not surprised when she didn’t pick up as she was often out partying and flirting with the various venders and suppliers who attended the conventions. Being young, good looking, smart and female in the male dominated industry made her vary popular with any number of prospective suitors making a play for her at any given moment. Of course her phone was in her duffel bag, which was about three doors down and could not be heard through the thick plaster walls of the old farmhouse. He would call again on Sunday and leave her another message that evening. He didn’t want to bother her on vacation, so he wished her a good flight and promised to see her on Sunday. Eventually the phone went dead and Mandy’s hopes for rescue were similarly fading as the computer continuously pumped drugs into her system as it kept attempting to extract milk from her sore nipples. The pain was becoming unbearable as her breasts and flesh felt as though they were going to be turned inside out.

Her father had forgotten what time her flight was due to arrive and nervously fell asleep late Sunday when his only daughter had not returned. It was unusual for Mandy to not return her messages and even more out of character for her to not call at least once to check in on the farm and how her dad was doing. When she had not arrived home Monday morning and still hadn’t called to check in, her father called the authorities and the hunt began. The local sheriff had known Mandy since she was in diapers and took her disappearance very seriously. He interviewed each full-time resident on the farm and started going individually to each part-time employee checking everyone’s story and trying to spot signs of foul play. He submitted search warrants and pulled phone records, taxi dispatch records, convention hall surveillance tapes, searching for any signs of Mandy’s last minutes on the farm.

Brandon had the only leads indicating that she had repaired Station One but left her bag behind. The bag was still sitting on the floor of her bedroom but no signs of Mandy. They searched the barn from top to bottom with exception of the Infirmary. While they could not get into the infirmary without Mandy’s codes, they could however view the surveillance tapes monitoring the movements in and out of the barn. The exterior tape monitored all of the barns from one location and showed nobody even approached the barns in the last week, let alone entered the barn in the last three months. Since it was a limited access quarantine building with access to expensive drugs and technology, there was a dedicated camera inside the building monitoring the entrance and the lab. It had a peripheral view of the stalls, but unfortunately Mandy’s stall was not one of the ones on camera. The sheriff’s investigation lead nowhere so he continued pouring through the hundred’s of hours of tape footage and pursued many dead end leads and still had gotten nowhere. The Heifer Hospital was immediately eliminated from the list of possible hiding places as it was only accessible by automated heifer transport or the entry door which was still sealed from it’s annual inspection three months prior.

The investigation had entered week three and Mandy was still stuck kneeling in six inches of mud, manure and piss while the computer continually pumped her system full of drugs and medication. Her days had become a boring blur as the neighboring cows were randomly pulled in and out once healed and released back to the herd. It had only been three weeks and Mandy desperately wanted to be returned to the herd despite her former human status. However her place in the stall remained constant as the machines continued their ongoing repair of her human condition. Suddenly without warning, something changed. Both her tits, one shortly after the other, felt the strangest of sensations. At first the pain was unbearable and stung like nothing she could imagine. But soon the rhythmic stings matched that of the pumping machine and she realized what had happened. Tears of mixed emotions began pouring from her eyes considering what had just transpired. She was happy on one note that she was getting closer to release from her hell, but scared and sad that the machine had convinced her body to begin producing milk in such a short period of time.

The sheriff was relentless and continued pursuing every lead regardless of how obscure and unlikely it seemed. The fact that it was a small country sheriff department also meant they had plenty of time, even though they might not be the most proficient at cracking crimes. Meanwhile Mandy continued changing as she was stuck in the infirmary with each passing week. As she was sitting on her knees with her calves laying flat behind her, the automated cleaning system was unable to thoroughly clean her cell so the dirt and manure piled up slowly around her and could not be removed effectively. With her head stuck in the grill bars in front of her she was unable to look back at herself and see her sides, back or stomach. So she couldn’t even see the changes that were occurring to her.

The mere fact that she could feel the changes happening to her but could not see them was driving her insane. She could feel an unusual constriction around her hands and feet. She couldn’t see either so she only assumed that the mud was drying and hardening around her toes and fingers. She knew that she had to keep moving her arms and feet to avoid her muscles from atrophying and preventing blood clots from forming in her veins. The chains limited the movement in her limbs, but she had to keep moving them if she wanted to stay alive and keep her body from falling apart. The tight chains kept her from itching her ears, legs, arms or any part of her body. She could only assume that the uncleanly conditions had lead to sores, fleas or insect bites on her body that was causing the unrelenting itching sensation all over her body. The Heifer Hospital was never intended for long term detention with the average cow spending less then a week inside before automatically getting released.

The investigation continued outside the barns, but her situation was getting worse on the inside. The itching got worse on her ears and soon her whole back and arms and calves were a constant source of annoyance. She craned her head and scanned the room for any reflections that might give her a hint of what was going on with her body. She had always been very active on the farm and stayed in shape with running and working out regularly. Weeks of continuous inactivity were making her weak and the constant drugging from the computer was mind numbing. The 24/7 availability of the water slurry dripping from the rubber-nursing nipple was adding to her waistline. The long rubber nipple resembled one of the female cows nipples and was designed to entice the sick calves to supple their daily food intake. Mandy’s overall weight classified her as a baby cow and therefore she was feed through a rubber nipple rather then via a feeding tray like the larger older cows that entered and exited the facility. The nutrient rich food mix was packing on the pounds as she felt the extra weight hanging from her rib cage. She feared that she would never be able to work off the added weight and return to the slender waistline of the 120-pound young lady that entered Station One just weeks before.

The investigation entered the third month and the sheriff was preparing her father for the inevitable. After 90 days without a break or a ransom note or a phone call the local authorities theorized she may have been kidnapped or ran away but feared she may very well be dead. While lacking any motives or any reason to suddenly disappear, the police were running out of possible ideas. It was a brutal reality, but with no other leads, the investigation was close to slipping into the “Unsolved Mystery’s” category in the sleepy farming community.

But hidden inside the Infirmary there were several mysteries that Mandy could not solve. Her breasts had continued getting heavier and the stinging sensations from the daily pumping had become less painful and more pleasurable with each passing day. The gentle suckling at her nipples was the only attention the lowly human cow had received in months and the only thing that kept her sanity. Her belly also felt like it had quadrupled in size and she could only imagine that the machine had somehow impregnated her in it’s attempt to start the milking process. The joints in her fingers seemed to have seized and bending them became a daily chore. She feared her fingers would start to atrophy and she would soon lose any dexterity she once had in her hands. She strained her neck to look underneath her and through the metal grate around her head. Despite how hard she tried, she still could not see the changes to her body beneath her neck. It wouldn’t have mattered either way since the muck and manure was easily ten inches deep and the chains around her wrists prevented her from lifting her crud and crap encrusted hands above the dirt and mud. The same feeling that was gripping her hands also seemed to have possessed her feet as her toes and ankles seemed to grow stiffer and more constricted each day.

The itching on her back, calves and forearms had begun to lessen. The painful itching and burning at the base of her spine had somehow disappeared completely and felt more like a dull pulling or dragging sensation. It seemed like a fifth suction cup was attached above her ass and her spine was getting pulled out thru her skin. Meanwhile her nose had begun to itch relentlessly. She spent most of her day shaking her head hoping the swaying and jerking of the obnoxious stainless steel ring would somehow relieve the annoying feeling that had taken over her nose. Her days were spent bouncing from emotional highs to the deepest of lows. Every time a new heifer was automatically removed or deposited into the infirmary, her heart raced wondering if it would be her time to be returned to the herd. Each day she was disappointed as her day returned to it’s constant monotony.

She would eagerly suck the rubber nipple placed in front of her knowing that it would eventually lead her to release. If she did not eat, she would certainly die, but she would not be allowed to die as the machines were designed to intravenously keep the cows alive and nurse them back to health even if they would not eat. Eating also had turned into a sexual activity as the more she sucked and swallowed the sweet ambrosia dispensed from the end of the rubbery tube the wetter she became between her legs. She had few sexual partners while away at school, even fewer that she had lowered herself to suck their penis. But the longer she continued sucking the red rubber nipple the more she envisioned the rubber nipple as the penis of her lover. Each lick made her wetter as her juices dripped down her legs and added to the moist mixture that was pooling up around her knees. Every tug at her nipples from the milking machine became a gentle suck and caress from some mystery partner eager to please her and keep her on the edge of orgasm. The Heifer Hospital was kept at a constant comfortable temperature, but sweat oozed from her every pore 24 hours a day, as she was stimulated nearly 24/7 but never allowed relief. The constant excitement and emotional roller coaster kept her on the brink of insanity and she prayed each day for rescue or death not knowing which fate would have been preferred.

The weeks turned into months as her daily routine slowly ate away at her mind. She wondered how many more days she could endure before her body simply gave up on her. She thought back to the many arguments she and her father had regarding the economic return on investment of a cow that kept revisiting the infirmary. Considering her current state, they argued coldly and without consideration for the cows that they had turned into money making machines. “What is the average lifespan of a milk producing Heifer? At what age does the cow stop producing useable product and reaches retirement and eventual slaughter? How many days a year should a cow be allowed time in the infirmary? How many sick days should a cow be allowed in a lifetime? At what percentage of milk days to sick days does a cow become economically non-profitable?”

She wondered how many days the computer would keep her alive before it was programmed to take the non-profitable heifer out to slaughter? She tried to think back to her programming days to determine if there would be a chance of escape before she met her final days? She wondered what day it was today and racked her fragile brain to remember what her father had agreed to use as the break even number on an unhealthy cow? Did he chose a percentage of the cows overall age? Did he settle on a max number of days per year? No matter how many days or what final percentage was, she was certain that her time had to be drawing to a close. She vowed that if she were ever released from this place she would never refer to the cow as if it was just an emotionless animal. Security procedures would be assessed and the robotic machine treatment of the cattle would be humanized; somehow…

It was day 142 in the outside world as she had come to know it. The investigation was all but closed as an eerie sadness descended on the farm. The farms only daughter, the sole inheritor of the Dawson Dairy Corporation was gone and the last of the privately owned family farms was certain to get swallowed up by some huge corporate giant. Her Dad had never planned on anyone other than his daughter to take over the farm. Now he was faced with the disappearance of his only daughter and the eventual end of the Dairy Empire she had helped create.

Meanwhile Mandy sat nearly motionless in the hospital stall that had held her for the last 20 weeks. She recognized the new pains in her stomach and screamed into her rubber covered metal bit. The second set of silver cylinders had been working on her body for weeks now and after 142 days something had finally changed. She could feel the burning and piercing sensation that she felt way back in her first month of confinement. She could only imagine that her body had betrayed her, somehow the milking machine had finally modified her body and she was now miraculously leaking milk from four locations. After the muted screaming subsided the tears began pouring as the realization of her predicament began to set in. She was locked in a metal stall on all four feet covered in almost 12 inches of accumulating feces. Her body was now being milked in four locations and she could not imagine what other transformations had taken place to her body. The weeks dragged on and eventually the pain subsided and the suckling machine eventually turned pleasurable and the daily milking sessions soon turned erotic and she had the same wetness in her legs as she had come to look forward to in the weeks prior.

3: The Search is Finally Over

The weeks continued plodding along as Mandy began looking forward to suckling the rubber nipple enjoying every drop of rich nutrients as they dripped down her throat and dribbled off her chin. With each gentle tug on her nipples she wished she had someway to touch herself and bring herself over the edge. It had been nearly 23 weeks and her once brain’iac straight laced intelligent mind had turned into a continual never ending circle of erotic pleasure. Every thought she had somehow had turned sexual. Each sucking of her nipples was multiple lovers slowly caressing and massaging her nipples to the most exquisite of pleasures. Every time the rubber nipple appeared in front of her she could only think of a myriad of naked men who she begged to take into her mouth. She envisioned her imaginary lovers clipping a lead to her nose and parading her through the barns and out into the fields while she salivated over what was hiding beneath the zipper of his jeans. She was having nightly dreams of crawling with the herd as they took turns licking and drinking from each other’s nipples as they grazed in the sunlight of the day. She could not explain what had occurred to her mind and the feelings that her body was experiencing. She could only attribute the changes and her extreme horniness to the isolation and lack of human or other attention. Meanwhile the computer kept pumping her adult female sized libido to the edge of humanity with cow sized doses of drugs. The over dosages were leading to permanent changes that would lead to irreversible changes in her body chemistry.

It was Sunday morning day 197 and her Father was sitting in the control room with the Sunday paper and his morning coffee. This had become a weekend ritual since his daughter’s disappearance. It was the last location that Mandy could be placed before her disappearance and somewhere in his mind he hoped that she would someday magically reappear. As he sat there reading the day’s headlines, an alarm went off in the Heifer Hospital signifying a cow was about to be released back into the herd. He took a break from his newspaper and watched the computer screen as the computer mindlessly went through the steps to dismiss Mandy out of the infirmary and back to daily production.

He was very much in tune with his herd and the fact that this particular cow had a unique entry date it immediately caught his attention. All heifers were assigned a date when the RF tag and brand were applied to the animals. Typically the cows were brought to the farms in groups of a dozen or more, but Mandy was a single cow and was introduced to the farm on a date when no other cows had arrived. He clicked on the cow and brought up her profile and quickly realized that this particular single cow had not left the hospital since her introduction to the farm. This indicated that there was a severe issue with the cow’s health and perhaps she still posed a serious risk to the other cattle. He had set the limit to 200 days before a cow would be considered unprofitable and this particular cow had been confined for a continual 197 days and had finally been released when her milk production had become balanced between the four nipples averaging about 16 liters a day. It didn’t take long to realize that her singular date of being added to the herd was the same date as Mandy’s disappearance from the farm. His coffee mug fell from his hand when he realized that the entire six-month search for the missing girl and she was locked in a barn in the middle of the farm the entire time.

He ran down to the milking barn to intercept the automated transport wagon, which moved the cows from the hospital to the milking barns. As the rickety cart transported her feeble frame along the rough concrete floor the piles of dirt and manure fell from the cart revealing her disheveled body below. He ran up along side the cart and saw the thick leather bridal around her face with the heavy rubber bit bisecting her mouth. He barely recognized his own daughter, but he certainly recognized that she was no ordinary heifer. He hit the emergency stop button on the cart bringing it to a standstill in the middle of the barn. He knelt in front of the cart and stared into the eyes of his daughter. They were deep dark orbs and seemed empty and thoughtless. As he reached up and caressed her cheek she seemed to awake from the deep sleep that had absorbed her mind. She began to breath heavily and her ears began to perk up at the first sight of another human in over half a year. The shock of finally being found was too much for her and she quickly hyperventilated and passed out as her father began dialing the phone to call for help.

Within seconds Brandon arrived on site hearing the alarm sounding in the milking room. Since Mandy’s disappearance Brandon had been hired on full-time to fill in her place and assume the overflow of daily work that Mandy typically coordinated. Mandy was glad that she was unconscious when Brandon arrived. They had an on and off affair going on which Mandy secretly wanted to become a full time thing. She often lured him into the sack trying to break up his current girlfriend. But by the time he dropped his latest fling, Mandy had given up and moved onto a new beau herself. Despite several attempts to enter into a relationship, timing was always against them. Brandon quickly loosened the engagement pins holding the bars around her neck and digging through the muck at her hands and feet to uncover the chains holding her wrists and knees to the frame of the transport cart. Neither Brandon nor her Father could believe what they were seeing as Mandy hung limply from the cart stopped in the middle of the barn.

As her transformed body was removed from the cart, Brandon quickly called for a vet and the family doctor to rush to the farm for an unprecedented emergency. The two men carried her limp body into the farmhouse and brought her into the kitchen so she could be stabilized and fully checked out by the medical team that was on the way to the distant farm. With the family doctor on site and several assistants they surmised that the shock of being rescued sent her into a light coma that they thought it would be best to keep her sedated until her body could be fully reviewed. They immediately began running test on her vital signs and her blood, as she lay motionless on the large country style table. With initial testing complete, they moved her body into the bathroom so she could be completely disinfected and cleaned up and prepared for her reawakening. The medical team moved her to the oversized bathroom suite and placed her in the large two-person tub. They quickly began hosing off her body and used a large set of clippers to shave her body hair from her legs, back and arms. The months of accumulating debris had left her hair matted and knotted all over her body. With her bath complete she was toweled off and returned to the bedroom that had been cleaned and replaced with fresh sheets on her king sized bed.

The medical team began documenting her body transformation in intimate detail as her dad sat at the nightstand next to her in stunned disbelief at his once beautiful daughter that lay in front of him. The bridal harness and rubber-covered bit had been removed. But the large metal ring hanging from her nose and electronic Radio Frequency ID Tag still hung from her ear, but her ears were no longer her own. Instead her human ears had been transformed into long pointed cow-shaped ears covered in white fur with black patches that looked more appropriate on an elf than on a girl. She no longer had long brown hair cascading down to her butt. They had to give her a cute shoulder length pixie cut in order to remove the tangled mess of hair that was knotted all over her scalp. Her cute little nose had grown slightly in size and had become turned into a lump of jet-black coarse flesh that felt like a hundred girt sand paper. The leather collar was reinforced with a special wire and electronic circuitry that reacted with the RF ID Tag as a secondary means of tracking the animals. The collar could not be cut free without sending a signal to the RF tag poisoning her milk supply and infecting the cow. It was a secret precaution her father had taken to deture other ranchers from stealing his cows. Not even Mandy was aware of the modifications that had been planned without her knowledge.

Her Father reached over and took her hand regretting the secret security policy that he and Brandon had created. As he held her hand, he closely examined her new fingers. Her normally polished nails were black hard and wide shafts of a hoof like material that covered her fingernails to the second knuckle and could not bend or be manipulated. Above her new black fingertips was a short span of pale human flesh that extended to just below her wrists. Above her wrists; her arms were covered in short white hairs with black patches that matched her cow-like ears perfectly. The hairy colored cowhide covered her back completely and narrowed at the base of her spine where it flowed into a long cow tail. Her ass was completely exposed, but covered in the heavy textured brandings that were burnt into her human flesh so many weeks ago. The short white and black hair started again at the bottom of her ass checks. The short fur covered the backs and front of her legs and terminated at the black hoofs that were once her feet. Only her face, breasts, buttocks and private regions between her legs were spared the classic white and black cow fur that had overtaken her body.

The doctors were fascinated by the transformations to her feet and marveled how the new feet seemed perfectly designed to support her body once she was standing. The hooves on her feet and the cow ears on her head were just some of the transformations that left the room shocked. Extending from the base of her spine and laying gently between the firm cheeks of her branded ass was a long black and white whip like tail about two feet in length with a large tuft of brown fur attached at the end. The most disturbing transformation was along her belly. Her normally C-Sized breast had swelled to overwhelming proportions. Her eraser sized nipples had been pulled, shaped and extruded into something that looked more like four hot dogs about three inches in length and roughly an inch in diameter. Even more disturbing was the second set of breasts that had started growing out of her stomach at the base of her ribs. Each breast was nearly the size of a milk jug and felt just as heavy. When standing on her hands and knees, the three-inch long nipples attached to the massive tits nearly touched the ground. The doctors began examining the set of four lactating nipples. As they moved her breasts to better understand their attachment her prone body began to gyrate and her private region began to moisten as even the slightest touch started to arouse her involuntarily. The doctors continued their examination to make sure her body was stable before deciding to bring her out of her coma.

It was late Saturday afternoon when she started to stir from her sleep. She slowly began to awaken and used her hands to block the afternoon sunlight from her eyes as she adjusted to the light. As her pupils began to adapt to her bedroom she saw her father sitting on the bed next to her and quickly sat up and hugged her dad as the silk sheets fell from her shoulders baring her body to the medical team in her bedroom. She was so happy to be alive she didn’t have a care in the world who saw her body after waiting six months to be seen by anyone. As she whispered in her dad’s ear she opened her eyes and was shocked by the arms that were crossed behind his back. She lifted her right arm to examine the hard shells that hard encrusted the ends of each finger and the short fur that had overcome each arm. She pushed her father away in disbelief thinking that they were playing a cruel joke on her.

With her father now retracting from her she saw her arms in full exposure as she twisted and rotated them to fully comprehend what had happened. Slowly the nightmare ebbed back into her weary mind and she remembered the itching that had plagued her for so many weeks. She recalled that the itching was on her legs and back as well and quickly reached to move the silken sheets. She used her new partially cloven hands to pull her covers back and saw the fur covering her thighs and knees. She jumped up and ran across the room completely oblivious to the entire team that was standing on the opposite side of the room. She ran to the mirror and gasped at the horrific sight of her own body.

She stood there in the mirror remembering the thousands of times before when she twirled in front of that very same mirror admiring her incredible body while modeling the latest fashions or short skirt or skimpy bikini. But now she stood there in emotional and physical agony looking upon her new body. The ring in her nose, the ID Tag permanently attached to her cow like ears. The massive ring hanging from her big fat ugly black nose. The electrified steel and leather collar hanging from her neck with the large bell dangling above her tits. She brought her fur and hoof covered fingers to her tits and began fondling the four massive orbs now protruding from her ribcage. They looked like flesh colored watermelons hanging off her ribcage. Their size defied gravity as her hands disappeared beneath each of the four overfilled globes. She squeezed and tugged on the sausage sized teats sticking straight out from her body as she instantly became wet at her own touch. She looked down her body in disgust as she could see her glistening lips getting wet with lustful excitement. Her eyes continued down her body seeing her pink flesh turn to fur as her legs emerged from below her private mound.

She turned slightly towards the mirror and squeezed her tight ass and was surprised and further disgusted by the tail that was dangling down past her knees. She reach behind her and pulled up the tail moving it close to her face to examine the tuft of brown hair that perfectly matched the hair color on her scalp. With her one hand grasping her tail, her other hand squeezed her ass as she rotated a bit more to see the large black silhouette of the Dawson Dairy Logo branded on her ass. She had mentally convinced herself she could shave away the white and black hairs for a few days of normality, but the heavy black logo covering her butt cheek would never go away. She slowly turned to the other direction and closed her eyes as the other branding came into focus. In undeniable bold Black letters was her new Identity. Mandy Dawson would forever be known as “Milk Cow # 163478”.

She let her tail fall from her hand as she rotated the belled collar to read the black etching in the thick 2-inch leather collar. She then lifted the RF ID tag form under her pretty brown locks of hair and read the numbers reflected in the mirror. There was no denying it, the branding in her ass, the tag in her ear, and the collar around her neck all matched. She would forever be Heifer Number 163478. It was then that she recalled the strange operation to her lips and she looked closely at her mouth once more. The changes to her ears and nose were so shocking she just thought the black specs on her lips were dirt or from being chapped and dried out. But she closed her mouth beneath the obnoxious metal ring and could clearly see the words “DAWSON FARMS” on her exposed upper lip and “MILK COW” written as plain as day on her lower lip. She used her cloven hands and peeled her lower lip inside out and could read “#163478” emblazoned on the inside.

She could not believe the changes and it took all of her energy to stand there in shock of what she had become. It was several quiet awkward minutes of her partially cloven hands mindlessly exploring her modified torso before she moved onto her legs. Her gaze started south again quickly ignoring the juices that had started seeping from her nether lips. Her entire legs were completely covered in the short thick colored hairs the medical team had recently cut down to size. Beneath the brandings and the hair, she could tell her legs were in incredible shape despite the many months of captivity. Her ass was more rounded and firmer then it ever was and her legs were more tone then the hottest super model she had ever seen. But her feet were another story completely. Her toes had merged together forming two wide black cone shaped hooves. Her feet emerged out each cloven hoof shooting almost straight up in the air. Her heel was easily 9 inches off the ground and almost invisible under the covering of white and black hair. She marveled at how she was even able to stand on the incredibly stable hoofs. Her hoof like feet blended seamlessly into her hair-covered legs as she twisted and turned still hoping it was just a bizarre shoe or crazy dream she was having. She could not resist the urge to bend over and attempt to touch the bizarre new feet but immediately lost her balance. The 40 pounds of flesh hanging from her chest launched her forward and she plummeted head first towards the mirror. Brandon and her Father lunged to grab her and kept her from completely toppling over.

She thanked them for their fast reaction and asked to return to the milking room. Even though she had been in a coma for nearly a week, she was well overdo for her thrice-daily milkings and the over inflated throbbing in her breast was unbearable. Brandon held Mandy vertical while her father grabbed a sheet off the bed and together the two men and the medical team guided her to the milking barn. Nobody knew what would happen but at least there was an entourage to be sure she was not abandoned in the infirmary yet again. Brandon quickly went to the control booth to monitor the process while her Father opened the gate and allowed her to crawl between the ever-changing queue of heifers waiting to be milked. She trudged forward on all fours and noticed what a fine job the maintenance staff had done cleaning the floors and removing the excess manure from the walls. She remembered how dirty the walls were and how thick the floors were with mud and thought that she may want to increase the cleaning crew to twice a week instead of just once on Saturday morning.

She was trying to keep a safe distance between the cows immediately in front and behind her as she entered the switching gate, she was remarkably transferred to milking stall Number One and could only pray that this time went better then the last. Upon entering the stall the gate swung closed behind her and her head was trapped between the bars around her neck. She began to panic as she was once again locked into the milking stall. The computer scanned her RF Tag, verified it matched her leather collar and photographed her tattooed cheek to make sure the company logo was intact and the number on her ass matched the rest. The machine detected that her head harness was removed and quickly reattached a new harness and metal bit over her head and through her mouth. Like the first harness, this one was riveted closed and prevented any speech from escaping her mouth.

A red rubber nipple was presented to her face and she began suckling the precious nutrients as the silver suction devices attached to her over engorged teats. Her mind was quickly over taken with erotic thoughts as the feeding nipple reminded her of a time long ago when she was sucking Brandon’s penis after they snuck away to the woods behind the large farm estate. She envisioned his strong hands pulling and massaging her breasts as they gently spurted litre after litre from her elongated nipples. She kept her legs spread wide hoping the cool breeze through the barn would help reduce the stimulation to her clit. It took every last remaining cell of her mind to not reach up and begin fondling her pussy with her partially cloven hands knowing that nearly a dozen men had joined her father in the control booth to monitor the session. She had recently endured so many humiliations; she had no intention of masturbating herself to a much needed and long overdue orgasm in front of so many watchful eyes.

The lack of a regular milking had caused the session to go into overtime. Normally the average heifer would only stand for an hour of feeding and milking three times a day, but she would be forced to stand alone in the cell for three solid hours as she produced a mind numbing 22 liters of milk. Nearly 6 liters more than she had on a daily basis back in the infirmary. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could resist pleasuring herself when the bars on her neck finally released and the exit gate opened to release her back to the herd. She nearly trotted out of the milking station, as her massive udders no longer felt like they were ready to burst.

Once leaving the barn, she stood in the pasture and brushed the straw and dust from her knees. She did not realize that the juices dripping from her sopping wet pussy had left a sticky ooze all over the inside of her thighs. The breeze had slowly blown a thick layer of dust over her legs and her hairy unkempt pussy coating the inside of her legs in an obvious pattern of black lust. As she walked over to the fence, her dad had found her favorite pajamas that consisted of a short cotton blouse with a tie through the waist. It went over her shoulders and had big oversized sleeves for her arms to stick out. It normally went down past her ass, but her recently drained breasts tightened the shirt around her chest and hiked it up in the back just exposing the human cheeks of her ass above her fur covered legs.

Her recent milking left her tits raw and sensitive, but it reduced the pressure enough to stop the throbbing, it also allowed her hotdog sized nipples to droop down rather then point straight out like spears from her watermelons. However despite the massive amount of milk that was removed, her breasts appeared no smaller in size. As she emerged from the pen, Brandon used a drill and knife to remove the harness and free the gag from her mouth. She immediately kissed him deeply indicating they may have more then a working friendship with each other. Brandon was having trouble keeping his penis in check as he found his former “friend with benefits” still incredibly attractive despite her recent situation and her overly sexual kiss was not helping his situation.

The group returned to her bedroom so she could be briefed on her predicament. The medical team surmised that she was in perfect health for a half-human half-heifer species. Her tits measured an incredible eight inches in diameter at the base and were nearly 12 inches long not including the 3-inch nipples popping out the end. Her breast size was equivalent to a breast augmentation of nearly 4,000 cubic centimeters in each of her four breasts. A 700 cc augmentation was relatively unheard of by human standards and she was over five times that amount. Where the average milking cow had one large udder with four elongated nipples, She had four cow-sized udders with four cow-sized nipples. She was one of the herds top producers and was yielding between 15 to 16 liters a day.

As evidenced by the week long coma, where some cows go un-milked and stop producing, she seemed to only produce more when not cycled daily. Therefore surgery to have the breasts removed or reduced would be impossible due to the long recovery time and inability to lactate while recovering. She would also never be able to have human sized nipples, as they simply weren’t capable of processing the 15 liters her body was now programmed to produce. Therefore the team’s only solution was that she continue a regular regiment of having her udders emptied three times a day as had been done while locked in the infirmary. They also had received back the blood and DNA work and determined that her changes were irreversible. They compared fixing her DNA to that of an Oil Tanker spill. While it is very easy to contaminate a body of water with raw crude, it’s nearly impossible to completely clean it up 100%.

And while they tried to rid her body of the hybrid DNA, her body would be constantly replicating it making complete removal impossible. Additionally DNA repairs were still experimental at best and they could no way guarantee they would not accidentally remove something important to either the cow or human body and cause very harmful and potentially life threatening damage. They could always combine her with additional Cow DNA and further her transformation, or add a completely different species and alter her transformation, but returning to humanity was no longer an option. It was becoming quite evident that returning to a normal human life would be a fantasy that she would never obtain.

They had only been talking for an hour after her last milking when she could feel her breasts beginning to fill again, Her nipples hardened first and were soon kinked against the inside of her cotton jumper and throbbing very painfully. As they tried to inflate, the sensitive teats burned as they rubbed against the coarse harsh soft cotton of her short nightgown. She soon learned her first lesson of heifer life. The first part of her breasts to need milking were her nipples and if they were not allowed to erect themselves freely, they would kink and constrict and feel like they were being torn from her chest. She eventually apologized and removed the nightgown completely exposing her bare breasts and the four filling udders that quickly sprung to life as if she just ate a bowl of Viagara. It was then that she noticed the black stains of dirt and juices that were coating her legs, but she was too embarrassed to excuse herself for the bathroom and instead simply laid the nightie over her lap hiding her obvious arousal. She continued meeting with the scientist and doctors until close to ten pm when they decided to leave for the day. Her father went back to the Master Suite; Mandy went to bed on her nice comfortable mattress after showering the day’s grime away while Brandon retired to the guesthouse in case the family needed something during the night.

It was Mandy’s first night conscious in her bed and relished the soft supple mattress. No longer was she surrounded by foul smelling hay and sticky decaying straw poking her in the legs. It was her first time alone and safe in her own house, her human home, and she wanted to make up for lost time. She began massaging her breasts that brought an immediate result. As she returned from the shower she went into her hope chest at the foot of her bed and dug to the bottom hoping nobody had search her room in her absence. She picked out the remote control dildo and butt plug. She had received these as a gift for her 21st birthday and had only used them once before. She thought they were too dirty for her prim and proper self but after being forced to stand in her own feces for six months, she felt nothing was beneath her any longer.

She struggled to handle the menacing devices as her fingers were hard to bend and the thick collagen covering the ends of each digit lacked mobility and dexterity that she had known as a human. She was finally able to remove the cap from the remote vibrator and inserted fresh batteries in the remote and the large rubber penis. She next found the pear shaped black rubber butt plug and thought she may as well go all the way. She awkwardly rubbed the large device against her nether lips and smeared her juices all over the end. Reluctantly she started to push the large intruder into her ass. It took far more force than she remembered to get the device buried between her cheeks beneath her newly formed tail. Just when she thought she could push no farther, her ass suddenly greedily sucked it in causing Mandy to squeal like a schoolgirl. She promptly raised her cloven hand to her mouth hoping nobody heard her shout.

She paused for a few minutes gasping into her own hand to make sure nobody was coming to check on her and wondered if she wasn’t going too far. Once her breathing calmed down she returned to her vibrator and it easily slipped inside her with little effort. She began to fondle the remote when it fell out of her clumsy hands and landed behind her headboard. Try as she might she could not reach it and resigned herself to another night of frustration. It was then that she realized she was both extremely horny and her burgeoning teats were dripping from not being pumped. She reached into her box one last time and removed the rubber shorts that she had been given as part of an X-Rated Halloween costume. It took all her effort but she was finally able to wiggle the shorts over her hairy body up her legs, cut a hole in the rear and snake her cow tail through the cut opening. She was going to sneak off to the barn and let the machine do the arousal for her but wanted to make sure her toys did not fall out in the process.

It was just before 2 AM when she left her room and snuck across the barn for a little nighttime playtime. She left her nightie in her bedroom and streaked across the farm to the milk house. Most of the cows were sleeping so she quickly hoped the fence and crawled to the switching gate. Meanwhile back in her room, the vibrator remote was pulsating red as it defaulted to “proximity mode” when the fresh batteries were inserted. As soon as she was more then 100 feet away for more then ten minutes, the device would be set to punishment mode. Her clock had started ticking and any minute now, she would be hoping that she was back in her room, not foolishly trying to sneak out in the night on her first evening of freedom.

Almost on instinct, Station One opened up and she was shuttled inside. In her haste to prepare she forgot all that was going to happen. Her head became locked in the bars and the computer scanned her body. It confirmed the RF Tag and the Collar, but due to the black rubber panties, it could not scan her ass branding. It could not recognize the branding and decided that she had some type of skin condition and would be sent to the infirmary. It also noticed that she was missing her headgear yet again and this time would be her last. Instead of the standard rubber coated bridal with leather straps she received an all steel bridal with heavy steel chains wrapped around her head. The chains were pulled tightly and the links dug into her flesh painfully. The chains were then welded shut and encoded to match the rest of her identification. Removal would not only be nearly impossible but would be painful as well. She quickly began to panic as the Silver Suction tubes did not present themselves to her teats nor did the feeding nipple appear in front of her. Instead the heavy shackles locked around her wrists and knees indicating she was bound for the Infirmary to treat her skin condition. She screamed into the metal bit but everyone was sleeping and she could not be heard anyways.

Upon arrival the suction cups appeared and quickly latched onto her teats. The feeding nipple appeared and began supplying sweet nutrition to her stomach. DNA and Blood testing began but did not find any signs of infection. She would be placed under mandatory 24-hour quarantine for full diagnosis. Just as she was beginning to feel the rewards of her stupid decision to enter the milk house, the vibrator in her pussy went into full punishment mode and took away any pleasure she was destined for that evening. She tried to remove it but her cuffed hands could not reach her pussy. She tried to squeeze it out, but the rubber panties kept it buried deep inside her. She would spend the next 24 hours, suckling her feed nipple, while her butt plugged teased her ass, the milking machine aroused her nipples and the vibrator punished her pussy. She flipped between pain and pleasure a million times as the line between fantasy and reality blurred with each moment.

Brandon and her Father awoke the next day to find Mandy missing yet again. Rather then call out a search party they immediately ran to the control booth to track the whereabouts of their favorite cow heifer Number 163478. When they discovered she had been transferred back to the Heifer Hospital they tried to have her removed, but the quarantine could not be overruled and she would be forced to stay locked up until 2 am Sunday morning. Even though Mandy had divulged the Master codes for the entire system, the quarantine was a requirement by the FDA and could not be over-ruled by anyone, for any reason. It would be a long Sunday for everyone involved as Mandy was mercilessly tortured and pleasured once again inside the Heifer Hospital. She cursed her father and Brandon for leaving her locked up all day when they should have been able to figure out her location. They determined there was nothing they could do and nervously went about their daily chores. Brandon set his alarm for 1 AM and woke up in time to get changed and make his way to the milking station. He was told to notify her Father if there was a problem, but according to the infirmary records her health and vital signs were normal if not erratic. At 2 AM the alarm went off in the control booth indicating that Heifer 163478 was transferring back to the milking station for release. She was placed back into station one where she was promptly released and allowed to crawl back to the pasture behind the barn.

As she wobbly crawled out of the barn Brandon jumped over the fence to greet her and helped her to her feet. He immediately recognized the chain linked harness wrapped around her head and realized he would be unable to remove it. He reached behind her and helped stand her up and carry her to the bedroom. As soon as they were within 100 feet of the Main House the remote switched back to full pleasure mode and her head began to spin in ecstasy. By the time they arrived back at her bedroom her sexpot was boiling over and she could not contain herself. As soon as the door closed behind them she pushed Brandon onto the bed and fumbled with his sweat pants.

Confused at first but quickly aroused by the sudden change of mood he reached down and helped her free his growing penis from his loins. The second his penis emerged from his pants, she opened her gagged mouth and began sucking on his penis for several minutes until his sweet sperm was shooting from his tip and down her throat. Even after she eagerly ate the last drop she crawled on top of him and begged him to remove her pants. She eventually mumbled enough that he began reaching for her waist and realized that she was wearing rubber pants and was hiding so much more between her legs. It took a long while for him to wiggle the tight rubber pants down her sweaty legs. Finally with the thick red rubber panties removed he was able to retract the rubber vibrating penis from her vagina and finally give her some relief. As soon as the penis shape plug was removed it was immediately replaced by Brandon’s own penis as she began humping him to a mind-blowing orgasm. She had several massive orgasms before she collapsed on the bed next to Brandon with the pear-shaped plug still jammed deep in her ass.

She lay in his arms for several minutes coming off her emotional roller coaster and returning to reality in her bedroom. She tried to reach behind her and remove the large plug in her ass, but with her limited mobility and the lack of sensation in her fingers she was unable to grasp the plug and finally gave up and begged for Brandon to remove the plug from her stretched arse. Once she was completely free of her rubber invaders, the two of them retreated to the shower to wash the juices and dirt from her hybrid body before going to bed for the night. The sponge bath in the shower pushed her to the limit and they had sex in the shower as she was teetering on her hooven feet before finally making it to bed for the night.

They awoke in the morning as Mandy’s Dad was knocking on her door to discover Mandy and Brandon laying in bed together. Mandy four teats had inflated to full size and her long nipples were sticking straight up like the spires of a church. He was shocked at first to find the two of them together, but had always suspected that there was some spark between them both. Mandy was still unable to speak as the chain link harness was still welded around her head. Brandon escorted Mandy down to the milking station so she could receive her morning feeding as well as her first of three daily milkings. After the hour-long session inside the milking barn she exited the barn horny as hell and eager to find her fuck buddy to relieve the built up tension from her morning session.

4: Return to Normality

She spent the next two-weeks reprogramming the entire computer system and debugging the code to allow for special circumstances for Cow #163478. It would have taken less time had she been able to type faster and operate the mouse to the mainframe with human hands. As it was, she had to let her fingers grow longer so she could taper them so she could stop hitting three keys at once. She had to completely change her typing habits to compensate for her unbendable fingers. She was able to promote her father and Brandon to Super Users giving them complete access to the system and all buildings in the event she was somehow detained against her will. She was able to create special rules for herself but could not completely change the rules to suit her situation. She was able to modify the milking station so that she would not have to wear the harness and bit gag in her mouth during milking. But it would be closer to three weeks before she could remove the safety precaution that prevented her from cutting the chain link gag on her face and removing the metal bit in her mouth.

It was nearly a month before she could give Brandon the all clear to cut her harness from her head and finally remove the thick chains and steel bit in her mouth. She was able to prohibit the computer from administering additional DNA supplements to promote milk production or continue her transformation into a cow. She was not able to remove the collar from her neck or the bell that hung from it. She also could not remove the RF Tag from her ear, as they were both required to track her progress and health on the farm and removal of either would result in her getting branded a second time and retagged the next time she was milked. The marks on her ass and lips were embarrassing enough; there was no way she wanted to repeat the process. She also could not remove the massive ring from her nose and would be forever stuck with the ring dangling in the middle of her face.

She quickly learned that clothing was optional in her new life. Not only was the simple task of getting dressed made extremely difficult with her cumbersome claws. But simply finding items that would fit her unusual proportions was next to impossible. With four gigantic breasts with 3-inch nipples, there was not a bra on the planet that would fit. Her teats were always rubbed raw from the constant milking and no matter how much medication or lotions she applied to them; they could only grant a few minutes of relief. She had a costume seamstress and several other cloths makers arrive at the farm to create a garment that would fit her unique body, but all had failed. Her breasts were extremely sensitive and every touch no matter what the cloth excited her.

Her teats were soft and would hang down immediately after milking, but within an hour they would begin filling and become stiffer, wanting to stick directly out from her chest as her breasts began to swell. Any bra which kept them bent over or down caused her incredible pain as the nipples tried to stand up and the garment kept them kinked at their base. The first four-cup bra did exactly that. After waiting weeks for the seamstress to finish it, she could not bear to wear it longer then a couple hours. After the nipples started growing, she immediately cut four circular holes allowing her teats to escape and point in their desired direction. This of course allowed them to rub against her cotton shirt, which was quite painful. But also extremely exciting as the silken cups tickled and teased her breasts and caused her pussy to dribble down her thighs.

As a temporary solution, she wore the modified bra but allowed her nipples full exposure to the rest of the farm while the group devised a solution. She tried tiny socks made of cotton, silk and nylon to cover her nipples, but regardless of the fabric they were far too scratchy. She tried tubes and hoses of rubber, plastic and metal, but all turned her on to no end. She tried wearing no bra at all, but even the lightest of over sized shirts stilled tickled, teased and tormented her to the point she could not take it any longer. She soon traded the embarrassment and humiliation of walking around the farm topless to the torments offered by and garment she had yet to conceive.

She also found that as her regular milking time approached, it was more comfortable to crawl on all fours than to walk on her cloven feet. As her udders reached their breaking point, they pulled on her body and stretched the skin unbelievable. Crawling allowed her breasts to hang straight down which was far more comfortable than walking. She would always be seen crawling out of the farmhouse in the morning to take her place in line behind the many true heifers on their way to the milking station but leaving the milking barn on her cloven feet feeling over ten pounds lighter. Each of her three daily milking sessions would yield nearly a gallon and a half. She was yielding nearly 16 liters a day, which earned her the rank as one of the highest producing heifers on the farm. A distinction she held with both pride and complete humiliation. Her father had never been prouder of her daughter, not just because of her ability to supplement the farm, but also more importantly for her ability to carry on in the face of such adversity. He often thought that he was more embarrassed by seeing his only daughter half naked and bare breasted strutting around the farm doing her day-to-day tasks as if it was just another day in the office.

Her relationship with Brandon continued to blossom and it was his strength and affection that she turned to keep her predicament from killing her. While her father remained a pillar of strength for her, Brandon assisted with the more intimate details of her life. Obviously her sexual appetite could be quenched in a number of ways, but Brandon and his developing erotic adventures was her preferred method. They would often be seen walking through the farm or to or from the woods in a back pasture either walking hand in hand or leash to nose ring on two or four legs. He was also put in charge of the task of trimming and cleaning her nails and hooves. They found that she required trimming her rear feet every three months, but her cumbersome finger hooves needed reshaping once a month so she could continue using a keyboard. About once a month he would recover her feet and fingers in a layer of copper sulfate to keep them healthy. At which time he would typically repaint her nails. Initially her pedicures used traditional fingernail paint by the pint. She simply had so much surface area to cover that the small ounce sized glass jars simply wouldn’t cut it. They later learned that aerosol paints were faster and dried quicker. While the paint didn’t last as long, it was a fraction of the cost and could be easily changed without stripping and starting over. As a young lady, she never left the house without having her nails painted, so coloring her black heavy nails was a way to hold onto her remaining few bits of humanity as well as made her hands look cleaner and healthier.

Brandon was also in charge of her general grooming. Generally she kept her hair at a cute shoulder length, which kept it relatively clean when she was crawling through the milking stations and around the farms when her udders hurt too much to walk erect. While her white and black fur never grew more then 2 inches in length, she required regular grooming to reduce the constantly shedding hairs to a minimum. The summers were the hardest and they often shaved her completely or down to a more manageable stubble length to help keep her cool. Unfortunately the first time they tried shaving her completely they unfortunately discovered that her unique beauty was not just skin deep. Her skin was no longer a light tan beneath her fur, but rather reflected the same black and white patterns that her hairs reflected on the outside. Even when she was completely shaved during the hottest months of the years, she still did not look human.

It had been over a year since her transformation and Mandy had adjusted to her new life as best she could. They had informed the sheriff that Mandy had returned to the farm claiming she was overworked and simply took some time to cool off and reflect on her life. They referred to it as a life changing Hiatus where she was able to contemplate her future role in the Dawson Farm, which is why she left so unexpectedly. She returned just as unexpectedly with a new outlook on farm life and intended to stay with her father’s farm, but in a much less public role. Brandon and her father would attend all the seminars and conferences allowing Mandy to concentrate on the finances and production efficiency of the farm. It seemed like a fairly weak story, but after she contacted the local Sheriff on several occasions she was able to convince him that was the case and he need not interview her in person to prove it.

Any one who chose to work on the farm was required to sign a release form stating they would never tell of the changes that had occurred to Mandy and any cameras or cell phones were no longer allowed on the farm. Mandy’s transformation became a safely guarded secret, but one that the small farm with it’s few hired hands had successfully maintained for the last year. Despite the medical expenses and setback in the development of the automated milking machines, the investment paid off in exactly three years, just as Mandy’s initial investigation predicted. To celebrate the achievement, her father threw a huge feast for the entire farm to congratulate all the workers on the accomplishment. True to his word, they retired Station Number One and replaced it with a completely new station.

It was a sad moment for Mandy as she had a wide range of emotions and a strange sense of attachment for the mechanism that brought her so much pain and change to her life. While it was Station One that caused her demise, it truly wasn’t the fault of the machine. She could only blame herself for allowing herself to be in the position where she allowed the machines to garner the upper hand. She watched from the control booth as Station One was disassembled and pushed off to the side of the milking barn while the replacement machine was brought in and wired and plumbed to the existing building. The removal and installation took nearly eight hours, but by the end of the day Replacement Station One was up and running. She left the control booth before the installers had left and taken the remnants of Original Station one to be carted off to the recyclers.

The next day she entered the Control Booth and reprogrammed the switching gate to ensure she was transferred through the New Station One. With the programming change in place she used the one-way gate they had installed months ago to make her introduction into the herd for milking much easier when her heavy udders were weighing her down. As she crawled along the muddy concrete path, the switching gate cycled her to the New Station One and she marveled at how clean the gleaming red bars of the new stall were in comparison to the other older milking stations. Gone were the duct tape and zip ties that held the wires in place. The rusty and unpainted welds that had been added and deleted over the years were gone and replaced with shiny stainless steel brackets outlining the bright red fences and silver chains and mechanisms. As the grid closed around her head as it had three times daily for the last twelve months she admired how smoothly the gates operated and how quietly the bars operated without pinching her head too tightly. She decided that she would reprogram the computer so that she was always routed over to this station for processing.

Her Father had other plans however. After his daughter left the control booth, he had sent the Old Station out for repairs and modifications. He was building an addition onto the Milking House claiming he wanted additional space to store equipment. Mandy was vehemently against the addition insisting there were other buildings that made more sense from a logistic standpoint, but her father continued attaching the building to the side of the milk house and even added a door leading directly into the addition from the control room. Mandy was so against the addition that she never even looked behind the door to see that was being added to the space. Her birthday was coming up this weekend, and her father planned a big breakfast for Mandy and Brandon.

When Brandon brought her down for breakfast, they quickly blindfolded her and walked her topless across the farm and into the control booth. Although she couldn’t see where she was, she recognized the route and the sounds from the control room. When the blindfold was removed, the uninvestigated door to the addition was wrapped with a big red ribbon. Mandy was very confused at first but was quickly told to approach the door. Her heavy swollen udders were weighing her down and all she really wanted was to eat breakfast quickly so she could crawl to the milking room and relieve the growing pressure at her chest. As she approached the door the light above the door turned green and the computerize voice spoke up welcoming Mandy to the control booth.

As she walked through the door expecting to find a bare studded room filled with shovels tools or supplies she was surprised to find something completely different. In the middle of the room was a single milking station that her father had made from the salvaged parts of Station One. The rusted bars were sanded smooth and powder coated with a fresh layer of her favorite shade of pink. The floors were coated in thick soft rubber tiles so she would not slip and her knees would not ache after milking. The clean rubberized tiles were easy to hose down and disinfect and she would no longer be forced to trudge through the path of mud and cow dung. The walls were dry walled and painted in natural hues that looked more at place inside the house then in the white sterile interiors of the milk house. The windows let in plenty of natural light and were covered in matching curtains to help set off the décor.

There was a small sitting table in the corner and a couple of comfortable padded chairs so her father or boyfriend could be comfortable while she endured her daily schedule. There were multiple flat screens and a large button keyboard at the front of the milking station so she could watch TV or work on the computer. Instead of the sliding horizontal and vertical bars that tightly gripped her neck and kept her immobile, there was a large padded shelf that would help suspend her weight off her arms so she could rest her arms or operate the computer.

The changes to the cell would allow her to do other things while she stood motionless as the robotic machine helped relieve her swollen breasts. Ordinarily she would spend three to four hours a day locked in the milking stall with nothing to do. But her private milking room would allow her many different options to entertain herself during her daily ritual. Her anger with her father with building the secret storage room immediately went away as she hugged them both and quickly crawled into Good Ole Station One for it’s inaugural test run. As the machine engaged her breasts, Brandon handed her a large traditional country breakfast that would soon make her stomach as full as her breasts had been. As she looked around her new addition she knew that this would be her life and despite the challenges and tough times ahead, she knew she was home and she knew her new family would always be there for her.

The End.


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