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Olsen’s Family Dairy Farm

by Incubi

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© Copyright 2011 - Incubi - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; machine/f; bond; cage; caught; susp; drugged; lactate; milked; BBW; reluct/nc; X

This story contains adult content and a disturbing theme so if you are under the age to view such material or easily disturbed please stop reading, you won’t but hey you were warned.

Part One

The Olsen ‘family’ Dairy farm had begun as a smallholding some two hundred years in the distant past, as time ground on most of the other local farms sold up to big farming companies or vanished into housing development but the Olsen farm struggled on defiantly growing ever more behind its competitors but prized locally for the quality of its produce.

Then some five years ago the fickle hand of fate touched the small ailing farmstead as John Olsen the young farmer who had only recently taken over from his aging father won the lottery, he surprised his neighbours by staying on his land and investing his new found fortune into cutting edge modern technology rather than indulging in luxury, his investment turned his dilapidated farm into a high tech modern business and began to spread the local fame of its produce into the start of a nationally known brand.

His daughter Cindy thought it was the stupidest idea in the world…

‘But daddy I have things I need to be doing this week! I was going to go shopping!’ she whined pouting at her father.

‘You can waste your allowance another time Cindy, I’m three men down with this damn flu and if I don’t make the show I’ll lose customers, the whole farm is automated you just have to keep an eye on things and call me if we get any more glitches.’ Her father replied glaring at her ‘It will do you some good to actually do some chores around here instead of wasting your time flirting at boys.’

Cindy knew when she could get past her father and from the sound of it this wasn’t going to be one of those times, at eighteen Cindy looked the very opposite of the typical farmers daughter she was just over 5’5” tall, slim and tanned, with long manicured nails, cascading waves of blonde highlighted hair and pert C cup breasts outlined clearly under a near scandalously tight designer summer dress.

‘But daaaddy your going to be gone three weeks…’ she began to protest again stretching out his name in a pleading tone that usually melted her father’s resolve.

‘But nothing sweetheart all the big buyers go to the stock shows, I’m going to be shorthanded as it is - even your younger brother is coming and heaven knows I’d take you instead if you had ever showed the slightest interest in the family business in your entire life.’

‘Why can’t you just hire on more men?’ she protested snappily ‘Grandpa said the farm used to need five times the workers it does now.’

‘This is the Olsen family farm Cindy and damn it all, your family so for once in your life you will do as your told, the farm doesn’t need more men it just needs the ones it’s got to get over this flu bug that’s been going around, we are a family business honey we don’t need outside help.’ Her father replied snappily.

‘Yeah well we’re supposed to be entirely organic too but that doesn’t stop you pumping the cows full of that crap you get delivered each month.’ Cindy retorted nastily, from the look that flashed across her father’s face she knew immediately that she had gone too far.

‘You are doing it and that’s final!’ her father snapped angrily ‘and if you don’t do it you will lose your allowance for the next six months - and don’t think I won’t find out, I’ll check the security logs when I get home to make sure you did a good job.’

With that her father stormed off outside, the sounds of one of the livestock transports starting up and rumbling away signalled his departure from the farm with the rest of the family leaving her on her own.

Now normally Cindy avoided home as much as possible, she had recently flunked out of college showing little desire for study and no desire at all to find a job to the despair of her family. She spent most of her time hanging out with her friends or off spending her allowance and seldom if ever did any chores about the place, so instead of beginning the list of chores her father had given her she settled herself down in her room to sulk over her unfair families unrealistic demands on her time.

Eventually however the threat of losing her substantial allowance outweighed her desire to sulk so she went outside and walked the short distance to the grey steel dairy buildings.

Signing in at the entrance she looped an ID necklace around her neck and walked along the long observation gantry that led to the control room, below her whole herds of cattle were being cared for by the automated system - inspected, milked, cleaned and fed by machines that carefully monitored each individual cow. The farm had twelve huge barns just like this one with another set up as an automated slaughterhouse all controlled by a sophisticated computer system that meant the farm could handle many more times its original stock with only a fraction of the manpower.

Oblivious to the great mass of mooing cattle beneath her she opened the door leading to the control room and threw herself into a chair, she checked the screens and the long panel of numbered green lights, the entire system was set up to flag any anomalies it couldn’t fix itself, so as long as none of the lights went red the entire place ran itself, with the workers on hand only to oversee things and top up the vast tanks of feed and other supplies.

She sat listening to her IPod until the system announced it was entering its ‘sleep’ phase to allow the vast amount of cattle to rest until morning and then logged herself out of the system and headed for bed.

The beeping of an alarm woke Cindy in the early hours of the morning, unlike the rest of her relatives Cindy usually slept in till noon but the beeping noise was not coming from her alarm.

Sitting up sleepily she realised that the noise was coming from her father’s room down the hall, the computer system was programmed to wake her father in case of a problem and from the sound of the shrill beeping there was definitely something wrong.

Swearing under her breath she got up rubbing sleep out of her eyes and threw on her red dressing gown and slippers. Heading outside she noticed with disgust that it was still dark, the cold night wind whipping around her bare legs and cutting through her dressing gown and the flimsy negligee she had on underneath it making her shiver and hurry towards the farm sheds.

Ignoring the log in desk she opened the door and dashed inside, the giant barn was heated to keep the stock comfortable and despite the strong smell of a large amount of livestock crammed into a limited space it was a welcome relief from the biting cold.

Hurrying to the control room she saw a single blinking red light labelled ‘intake pen’ on the board and taking a seat she tried to bring up a view of the problem.

‘Bertha identify the problem in the intake pen’ she commanded.

‘UNAUTHORISED ACCESS IN CONTROL AREA’ the computers voice was a deep synthesized feminine drawl that set Cindy’s teeth on edge, her father had jokingly nicknamed the system Bertha and the name seemed to oddly fit the deep synthetic female voice.

‘Bertha I’m not unauthorised its Cindy quit messing around’ she snapped ‘don’t tell me you have another bug dad will think I broke you.’


‘I’m right here you stupid computer’ she snapped back at the machine attempting to type in the code manually.

‘CINDY IS NOT LOGGED INTO THE SYSTEM’ Bertha replied her screens flashing up access denied.

Cindy realised that she hadn’t stopped to log herself into the system because it was so cold in the entrance and her ID tag was sat on her bedside table, the stupid computer was programmed to recognise her voice but only it appeared if she was logged in.


If the system logged an error it sounded an alarm in the control room for fifteen minutes and then moved to stage two sounding an alarm in the house, at stage three the stupid computer would call her father’s mobile phone no doubt getting her into deep trouble but it would take at least that long to get her ID and log back in and she would never turn off the alarm in time so she reluctantly hurried out to the intake pens to see if she could find the problem.

Unlike the rest of the building the intake pen was partially open to the elements with a long corral designed to funnel new cows from the trucks into the barn where the automated machines would log them into the system and lead them inside, unfortunately it was also the only place without concrete flooring and as her father had only taken a delivery of new stock a couple of days ago and it had been raining steadily since the muddy pen was a treacherous morass of muddy slurry.

Almost immediately she saw the problem, one of the mechanical arms that processed new stock was sliding aimlessly back and forth as it attempted to return to the ‘ready’ position its track blocked by what looked like a dead bird stuck in the mechanism.

‘Damn stupid machine birds must have been roosting on the track again’ Cindy muttered fetching a long handled broom from a storage closet, unfortunately the malfunctioning machine was stuck right in the middle of the pen and she would have to wade through the muck to fix the problem.

Taking off her expensive slippers she climbed over the fence and gingerly put her foot down into the mud her toes sinking into the icy cold black mess.

‘Eeeeew daddy you are so going to give me a raise on my allowance for this’ she squealed squirming in distaste as she reluctantly put her other foot down and started to carefully edge her way into the pen. The thick mud crept up over her ankles and half way up her calves before she got more than three feet into the pen forcing her to pull against its sucking grip with each step.

Remembering how much time she probably had left she tried to hurry but she only managed to overbalance herself and with a shriek she fell face down into the sticky black glop.

Struggling upright she dragged off her ruined dressing gown and used it to wipe the filth off her face, she struggled to her feet and using the broom like a walking stick managed to squelch her way over to the malfunctioning mechanism.

Using the head of the broom she dislodged the dead bird from the machines track and stood leaning on the broom and shaking with the cold as the freed arm trundled off into the darkness, she was a complete mess her once red silk negligee torn and covered in filth one strap fluttering free and smeared head to foot in filth she stood there gasping in air so chilled by the icy wet mud that she felt almost frozen to the spot.

Distantly she heard the deep buzzing noise of the morning alarm sounding the start of a new work day the sky only just turning a pale shade of pink in the east as dawn approached, she was so numb she barely noticed the approaching hum as the same mechanical arm returned along its track but she certainly paid attention when the steel cable of the leash attached to the arm dropped over her head and pulled itself tight.

Gasping and struggling like a gaffed fish she let go of the broom and pulled in vain at the cold steel noose that began to firmly lead her towards the entrance to the rest of the barn the machine was used to guiding dairy cows many times her strength and mass and the young girl was faced with the choice of stumbling along or being suffocated by the dragging cable.

Helpless Cindy floundered through the morass held up by the arm as it directed her slowly and patiently into the building, she was dragged through the thick rubber sheets that helped keep the heat from escaping and led up to the inspection station.

More mechanical arms whirred into life and a glowing green line tracked up her body as the computer mapped her into its database.


‘It's me Bertha, let me go you stupid machine, its Cindy’ the struggling young girl shouted pulling at the noose around her neck.


‘No you stupid piece of junk! I’m Cindy, I’m not a damn cow let me go!’ with mounting horror she saw a computer image of her body appear on the station monitor, she tried in vain to reach the emergency release button but the cable round her neck kept it far out of her reach and she had lost the broom outside.

The mechanical arms whirred around her, one continued to play the green laser line over her body while another slender arm behind her whirred in bearing a trio of long needles which it unceremoniously jabbed into her mud stained backside.

‘OWWW! Get off me you stupid machine’ Cindy shouted trying her best to dance away from the stabbing needles which moved with her drawing vials of her blood for analysis.

The needle arm withdrew and the noose pulled her forward onto a steel plate set in the floor which rocked slightly as she stepped on it, out of the corner of her eye she could see the screen listing her height weight and dimensions.


‘Nooooo!’ Cindy screamed, the computer had taken her details and mistakenly decided she was a calf and logged her into the system as livestock.

The noose started moving again dragging her off the plate and deeper into the processing area through another set of heavy rubber sheets. On the other side rows of water jets hissed into life spraying her from head to foot with powerful blasts of stinging icy water, no matter how she struggled and protested the mechanical arm kept the tension on the noose tight enough to hold her and forced her inexorably through the icy water.

The next row of jets sprayed her with a foul smelling bluish liquid that burned her eyes and made her gag and after a thorough dousing she was led again to a third set of jets and again sprayed with icy water.

Blinking away tears from the stinging fluid Cindy was dragged to another terminal station where heavily padded bars pushed against her sides almost squashing her, another arm lowered behind her and pressed against her tender rump and with a hiss branded her ass with the Olsen’s Dairy brand.

Screaming in pain Cindy tried to struggle but the pads held her fast as another machine swung in and with a click shot the stud of a stock tag through her right earlobe.

The sobbing young girl was released from the padded restraints and dragged out into an empty paddock where the constricting cable was finally released letting her collapse to her knees.

After a few minutes sobbing Cindy collected herself enough to stand on shaky legs and look around, having never paid any attention to the workings of the farm she didn’t even have the slightest idea where she was but there was an access gate leading out of the pen so she hobbled over to it and attempted to pull it open, the moment she touched the metal fence a powerful jolt of electricity shocked her leaving her hand stinging and numb.

‘Dammit Bertha turn off the fence I need to get out this is Cindy identify my voiceprint you stupid heap of junk.

‘CINDY VOICEPRINT CONFIRMED, STOCK 0024601M IDENTIFIED AS CINDY’ Bertha’s voice echoed from a speaker near the rafters.

‘At last! Okay you know it’s me so log me into the system.’ Cindy replied feeling a wave of relief that she was finally getting somewhere.


‘Yes whatever just let me go’ Cindy begged trying her best not to cry.

‘SUBJECT CINDYS TEMPLATE UPDATED’ Bertha replied a nearby screen flashing up with her ID picture instead of the livestock details, Cindy rushed forwards to try the gate again but again she was given a hefty jolt of electricity sending her flying backwards onto the hard concrete.

‘What the fuck Bertha why didn’t you turn off the damn current.’ Cindy snapped getting back to her feet and self-consciously attempting to adjust her ruined nightgown.


‘No that’s not what I meant you stupid piece of garbage change it back!’ Cindy screamed in frustration rushing at the door and trying to force it open despite the stinging current.

‘UNABLE TO COMPLY LIVESTOCK DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO TEMPLATE CONTROL’ Bertha chimed helpfully her mechanical arms swinging back into motion and throwing another steel noose over Cindy’s head.

The computer ignored Cindy’s protests as it dragged her through another gate and deeper into the facility its confusion over her status finally cleared up the computer ignored her increasingly desperate pleas as it guided her past long rows of cattle pens until it found an empty quarantine stall allocated for the new livestock and led it inside.

Cindy was dragged into a concrete pen and released once the electrified gate had closed behind her, all around her she could hear the sound of the farm processing the herd and the lowing of the cattle as they were guided through their daily routine.

The walls of the pen went up about six foot and with the exception of a concrete trough in one corner it was completely bare, the track overhead was hung with assorted mechanical equipment but it was all well out of reach.

She immediately tried to climb over the wall of the stall but her fingers almost immediately found the electrified wire that ran along the top sending her crashing back into the pen.

‘Come on there’s got to be a way out of this’ Cindy muttered to herself looking around in desperation. One of the long mechanical arms dangling above the pen was only just out of reach if she jumped for it if only she had something she could stand on she could pull herself up on it and scramble up to the observation gantry above and get out of this nightmare.

Suddenly she had an idea, taking off her ruined silk negligee she twisted it up and tied a knot in the fabric turning her last shred of clothing into a crude rope which she started trying to hook on the dangling mechanical arm, on the fifth try the knot caught in the crook of the metal arm and Cindy tugged hard on it checking that it would hold her weight.

‘So long Bertha I’m going to have daddy turn you into scrap when he gets home.’ Cindy muttered jumping as high as she could and starting to desperately scramble up the silk.

Unfortunately Bertha’s sensors registered the sudden weight on the arm and after registering that stock was attempting to leave its pen labelled her as a problem animal. The mechanical arms that had hung limply around her as she began her climb sprang into life and after a few moments frantic struggle Cindy lost her grip and fell back into the pen followed by the reaching arms.

One arm strapped a thick woven steel collar around her neck and pulled it tight the mechanism adjusting the fit to her neck automatically but the width of the restraint meant for the longer neck of a cow forced her head up as it dug painfully against her jaw and collarbones. Long cables were attached to the collar and clipped to pulleys built into the floor and ceiling which whirred into life locking her head at a set height as a thick nylon sling was passed under her stomach and pulled gently tight forming a cradle that raised her onto her tiptoes. More needle tipped arms diagnostic arms whirred down piercing her already sore backside and injecting her with a tranquiliser meant for a much larger animal.

As Cindy moaned in pain and drifted into a drugged daze Bertha brought up her blood tests and checked them for anomalies, the system was programmed to look for symptoms of disease and parasitic infection and suggest treatment it was never programmed to look for anomalies it couldn’t understand so it registered Cindy as a normal healthy cow although it did note her blood chemistry indicated some deficiency in the animals diet. Bertha’s system ran a more thorough test attempting to identify reasons why the stock would be acting strangely registering her as extremely malnourished and underweight with unusually high heartbeat and low blood pressure and concocting a complicated chemical mix of drugs and supplements to correct her problems and begin her rehabilitation into productive livestock.

When Cindy came to she found herself still suspended by the collar and cradle her nose inches from the trough which was divided into two sections for food and water, the room seemed to swim around her and she found it difficult to focus or think clearly the drugs coursing through her system making her woozy.

‘B.. Bertha please let me go’ she sobbed’ frantically trying to pull herself free but the sling just moved with her dunking her head into the water as the cable holding her collar gave her a few inches movement letting her body seesaw.

‘LIVESTOCK CINDY HAS BEEN QUARANTINED UNTIL SHE MEETS MINIMUM QUALITY STANDARDS’ Bertha droned quietly as Cindy continued to beg and plead between sobs.

A long hose dropped into the stall and filled the feeding trough with a sticky mix of greyish brown animal feed making Cindy Gag on the unpleasant smell, utterly revolted she hung there ignoring the food and drifting in and out of consciousness until the feeding trough was emptied by a spray of water as the computer registered her refusal to eat.

Another pair of mechanical arms lowered, one aimed a thick rubbery tube at her mouth while the other brushed against her back giving her a mild shock making her gasp and open her mouth for the feeding tube to slip neatly inside, as Cindy wriggled and squeaked the thick rubbery hose pushed into her throat and down towards her stomach the tube built for a much wider throat making her gag around it as she struggled to breathe.

After a few panicked minutes her body relaxed the gag reflex giving in against the immovable intruder and she hung there helpless and moaning in protest as the feeding tube began to forcibly fill her stomach.

'It’s too much oh gods I feel like I’m going to burst' the hapless girl though to herself as her stomach visibly began to bloat from the amount of food the machine was filling her with but thankfully just as she felt she couldn’t possibly hold anymore it stopped leaving her feeling immensely bloated and another set of needles came down pumping her full of sweet oblivion.

Four more times that day she was roused from drugged sleep by a course of injections and a massive amount of food pumped directly into her stomach but for the most part she slept as the drugs and her own body conspired to keep the traumatized young girl unconscious while she adapted to her new situation.

For the first time in her life Cindy woke up at dawn the next morning as the morning alarm announced the start of another day on the farm, Bertha deciding overnight that the new intake was no longer attempting escape had lowered the dose of tranquilizers so her head was almost clear as she blinked the sleep from her eyes.

The long tube that had force fed her the night before was nowhere in sight having retracted after her last feeding so she was able to lean forwards and gulp thirstily at the water trough to ease the soreness in her throat.

‘I feel like I spent all night giving head to King Kong’ she groaned softly ‘Damn you Bertha let me the heck out of here.’

If the computer was listening it gave no sign but the feeding hose dropped down filling the food trough with another gooey pile of feed.

‘Forget it Bertha I’m not eating that shit again’ Cindy muttered eyeing the unsavoury looking gloop with distaste.

‘IF LIVESTOCK CINDY DOES NOT IT WILL BE TUBE FED UNTIL IT REGAINS ITS APPETITE’ Bertha announced in her deep emotionless voice the mechanical arms above whirring menacingly.

‘Okay okay you fucking bitch ill eat just leave me alone’ Cindy said quickly her defiance crumbling against the machines merciless pronouncement. The feed tasted disgusting but she began to eat hurried handfuls of the noxious glop trying not to gag on it but she was soon full and the trough was only half empty so in desperation she began scooping it out and dropping it onto the floor hoping that the computer wouldn’t notice.

Unfortunately Bertha was not to be fooled, the long feeding tube was lowered and forced past the struggling girl’s lips filling her stomach painfully as the wasted food was washed away by the stalls cleaning program.

While she was still being uncomfortably force fed another set of arms lowered bearing the unmistakable tubes of a milking machine, as Cindy writhed and gurgled in protest her eyes wide in panic as the machine ran a laser scanner across her belly hoping frantically that it wouldn’t be able to figure out her different biology but the computerised arm worked its way inexorably towards her chest and finally sprayed her with cold water before pressing two sucking hoses against her chilled and unwilling nipples.

The pull of the machine was brutal dragging at her sensitive nipples as it tried to milk the struggling girl, no matter how she wriggled and squirmed the relentless pulsing suction of the milking claw kept them attached until it finally decided it was finished.

The rest of the day continued much the same as the last with the additional indignity of the milking machines visit with each feeding, unfortunately Cindy was more alert without the numbing influence of the tranquilizers and she was forced to suffer through the full day awake.

Soon after her first feed she became uncomfortably aware of her over full bladder but Bertha remained adamant that Cindy was livestock and no longer entitled to use the facilities, eventually flushed with embarrassment she was forced to go, her mess immediately flushed away by the cleaning system much to her relief.

By morning the feeding hose had once again been removed and Cindy ate without further encouragement the sticky animal feed tasting far more pleasant than the taste of the feeding tube, each meal the machines tended to her the milking machine abusing her swollen tingling nipples while the needle tipped arm pumped her full of her prescribed chemical cocktail.

As the days passed Cindy became used to the routine, the feed no longer tasted bad to her thanks to the mildly addictive supplements added to it and she finished every meal never with relish noticing that each one was slightly larger than the last.

Between the drugs and supplements and the pulsing suction of the milking claw it wasn’t long until she began to lactate, her breasts swelling with milk as her nipples slowly stretched ever longer. At first Cindy was horrified at the first obvious being forced onto her body but the insistent pulling of the machine soon started to have another side effect as each dragging pulse was answered by an echoing throb from her crotch.

At first she tried to ignore her bodies insistent reactions but with each milking the throbbing grew stronger until at last she gave in sobbing with relief as she rubbed frantically at her sodden pussy exploding into the strongest orgasm of her young life.

As the days progressed came to enjoy and then actively look forward to the erotic suction of the milking machine as it pulsed around her engorged nipples draining her of her milk as she wriggled and moaned no longer in pain but frantically rubbing her clit as she achieved climax after climax.

Bertha continued to monitor her as the days crept past, if computers were capable of satisfaction she would no doubt have been pleased at the progress made by the new livestock. Cindy began to put on weight with increasing swiftness as the rich feed piled on the pounds, her belly which had been slim and tight in all her slinky designer dresses started to bulge and then hang over the fabric of the supporting cradle alongside her swelling breasts.

After a week the cradle bearing arms lowered Cindy to the floor and pulled away as the collar released from the cables with a whirring click of gears, she had gotten so used to the gentle support of the hoist that her legs wouldn’t support her at first so she sat dazed and confused on the floor of her stall.

For the first time Cindy realised quite how big she had become, her thighs no longer fashionably thin were round and plump and her breasts had grown immensely from their former C cup and now swollen and engorged with milk rested heavy on her pudgy belly.

God I’m as big as a house Cindy thought looking down at herself, strangely she realised she wasn’t horrified at her new size perhaps her experience had simply drained her past the point where she couldn’t be shocked any further but she found herself oddly aroused at her fattened shape.

With a creak of grinding metal another arm reached down and attached itself to the back of her collar pulling her slowly back to her feet, Cindy didn’t even think to resist anymore as the long arm directed her out the door of her stall and into the corridor.

Cindy was led into one of the main pens where several thousand cows were currently being cared for by Bertha’s automated systems, as she walked she could see the morning milking starting up and she began almost unconsciously squeezing on her own swollen nipples as she walked the interruption of her normal morning routine making her desperate to relive the pent up pressure in her milk swollen teats.

A stall door opened and a large cow was pulled out by a tether just like Cindy’s, the cow was quite young although far larger than Cindy and quite obviously heavily pregnant. After the cow exited the stall the cleaning jets scrubbed it clean and Cindy was led inside, unlike the secure walls of the quarantine pen her new stall was made of wide steel bars allowing her to see the rows of cattle on either side of her new home.

With another click the leash detached from her collar and whirred away leaving her free in her pen as another arm poured food into the trough in front of her. Perhaps it was the routine that had been drummed into her subconscious mind but Cindy was on her knees before the trough before she stopped to think.

I can get out now she realised slowly, I can easily slip through the bars and run to the exit before Bertha can catch me. She ate a few handfuls of the delicious feed savouring its taste as she sat thinking about when the best time to run would be the milking machines would be visiting in a few minutes and then she usually took a nap but she could surely escape after dinner…

Idly Cindy began to wonder how she was going to sleep without the broad sling that she had gotten used to, perhaps if she asked Bertha she might provide one again.

‘Wait what the fuck am I doing?!’ Cindy yelled realising the direction of her thoughts had been so quickly derailed by her daily routine ‘I’m not a Cow I don’t belong here!’

Shoving herself away from the mostly empty food trough she slapped her chubby face with sticky fingers trying to clear away the daze that had permeated her thoughts.

As she stood there trying desperately to clear her head the claw laden arm of the milking machine lowered into her stall and began scanning for her, Cindy was torn with revulsion at the thought of submitting to the machine fought against her strongly ingrained need to be milked.

As the mechanical arm inched its way across the stall towards her scanning the air her resolve began to crumble, her sore breasts already leaking drops of milk began to ache painfully as their much needed relief hovered only a few feet away and with one fleeting sob of denial she flung herself forward grabbing the searching suction tubes and guiding them to her waiting nipples before thrusting her hand down to her dripping sex.

After the milking was done Cindy lay in a dishevelled heap on the floor idly stroking herself as she relaxed in a post orgasmic haze, freedom lay only a few a few feet away and yet she felt no desire to leave the comforting security of the pen anymore.

‘Bertha’ Cindy called quietly, it was she realised the first time she had attempted to talk to the computer in days.

‘YES LIVESTOCK CINDY?’ the computer rasped in reply

‘could you give me the sling back please I feel much more comfortable on it than on the ground.’ she asked tentatively.

‘UNABLE TO COMPLY LIVESTOCK HAVE NO COMMAND CONTROLS’ the computers mechanised voice replied.

‘But Bertha isn’t your job to make the livestock happy and well cared for?’ Cindy asked ‘I need the sling to sleep without it I won’t be happy.’

With a whine of gears a pair of mechanical arms appeared along the track bearing another sling, Cindy obediently got on all fours and let the hoist slide underneath her and left her weight comfortably, she hung their feet resting on the floor and arms dangling and sighed in comfort.

‘Thank you Bertha’ the young girl muttered happily already drifting towards sleep.

Days drifted past in the same happy routine, she woke up to the feel of her morning injections and spent the day being fed and milked often never leaving her sling the entire day as she drifted blissfully.

With the last vestiges of resistance gone Cindy began to actively enjoy the changes to her body, she stroked her swiftly growing form lovingly finding her transformation both erotic and somehow comforting, after all she was fulfilling her new purpose in life.

Had Cindy been able to check her messages she would have received word from her father that their tour of the stock shows had been a wild success, indeed they were doing so well that he had decided to extend their tour by another week.

He had been concerned at first that she might have run off because she refused to pick up the phone but every time he called the farm Bertha helpfully confirmed that Cindy was present on the farm so he just assumed she was still sulking.

Bertha continued to monitor her newest charge with detached interest, her weight continued to improve and her milk production rose steadily but her blood tests revealed other more interesting changes to her body were going on under the surface…


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