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Olsen’s Family Dairy Farm 2

by Incubi

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© Copyright 2011 - Incubi - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; machine/f+; collar; electro; forced; stalls; susp; drugged; lactate; milked; BBW; toys; reluct/nc; X

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This story contains adult content and a disturbing theme so if you are under the age to view such material or easily disturbed please stop reading, you won’t but hey you were warned.

Part Two

Sarah’s family always said that she wasn’t a bad kid at heart she just couldn’t see the train coming till it was two feet from her…

She was the local hottie in a sleepy rural community that barely had enough students to qualify for its own school, despite her parents best efforts she was quite useless at anything practical and her grades left her unqualified for everything in a community where most of the residents were still only a few steps removed from working the land.

Despairingly they arranged a job for her as a secretary but that ended when she accidentally left her panties in her employer’s bed for his wife to find. It was a small town which meant there was practically no one who didn’t hear about the ensuing scandal so for the next six months she had mooned around the house while her parents tried to find someone who would employ her.

‘I’m not doing it’ Sarah announced as she slumped into her usual seat at the breakfast table a childish pout marring her usually attractive features.

‘We can’t afford to support you forever young lady’ her mother replied firmly putting a bowl of cereal down in front of her wayward daughter ‘Your father had to pull some strings to get you this job and it’s not as if anyone else will hire you after all the trouble you caused.’

‘But its farm work I will be useless I hate farming’ she protested

‘You are going and that’s final young lady’ her mother snapped giving her a look that clearly said she considered the argument closed ‘your father said its nothing strenuous now eat up the bus will be here in half an hour.’

Sarah ate her cereal half heartedly knowing it would do no good to push her mother any further, she would just have to suffer through a few days until they fired her although she was outraged that her parents expected her to go work on a farm.

A horn outside announced the arrival of the rickety second hand coach that her new employer had laid on and she made her way outside her slow mournful walk of the condemned somewhat spoiled when she dragged her feet a little too slowly and stumbled over the doorstep.

The bus was half full when she got on board and she was surprised to see that besides a few old farmhands near the front the majority of the passengers were young girls around her own age. Walking down the narrow aisle she passed several girls who glared at her or spread themselves out on the seats making it plain they didn’t want company.

‘Hey over here’ a chubby blonde girl shouted waving at her with a friendly smile and wriggling over in her seat to give her room as the coach began to drive off making Sarah stumble alarmingly making her collapse into the seat next to the big girl. Usually she wouldn’t have associated with a girl her size but at least she seemed nice unlike most of the rest of the girls so Sarah gave her a brief smile.

‘My name's Crystal,’ the big girl shouted over the grumbling roar of the old coach’s engine, ‘don’t mind them most of them are only here because they had no choice.’

‘I’m Sarah,’ she replied, ‘and I’m not exactly here of my own free will myself.’

‘Really?’ the big girl asked surprised, ‘I had to beat like two dozen applicants to get this job.’

‘My parents got me the job and to be honest I don’t even really know what I’m supposed to do yet.’ Sarah confessed.

‘Well you probably have a better job than most of this lot, they got frog marched on board in the last town over by a cop, sounded like they are doing community service or something,’ Crystal said leaning in so she didn’t have to yell so loudly.

‘They hire criminals?’ Sarah hissed back surprised.

‘It’s probably some work scheme they will be digging ditches or cleaning out pens for a few weeks I expect,’ Crystal said rolling her eyes, ‘I doubt they will even let this lot into the building.’

As the decrepit old coach rattled its way past endless fields Sarah sat back and let the big girls chattering fade into the background as she contemplated her current situation.

Most of the dairy produce in the area came from Olsen’s Family Dairy, they were a local success story and since Cindy Olsen had taken over the business from her father a few years ago the farm had ballooned outwards until they owned the majority of the land in the area, practically singlehandedly saving the local farming industry.

Sarah had assumed that her new job would probably be in an office but on a bus surrounded by various assorted lowlifes she had to wonder what the hell her parents had gotten her into.

Her reverie came to an abrupt halt as the coach finally juddered its way around a bend and came in sight of the vast cattle sheds bearing the Olsen logo, up front the farmhands started getting their bags together and Crystal almost knocked her out of her seat in her eager rush to grab her own bag from the overhead rack.

They pulled up in front of a huge ugly grey building pretty much indistinguishable from the half dozen others in sight and the driver got up and announced that everyone needed to get off.

Inside the building looked like someone had tried and failed to make a factory room look like a pleasant lobby, the walls were painted white and covered in fancy awards and pictures in neat black frames but that didn’t do anything to conceal that the wall was plain undressed concrete underneath and the ceiling was a good twenty feet up and hung with great thick cables and strange tracks like a giant toy train set suspended a few feet from the ceiling.

A woman called for everyone’s attention and as the crowd started to quiet Sarah tried to push her way forward so she could see who was talking, ending up crammed up against Crystal again. The woman stood waiting for silence was simply enormous, her carefully tailored dark business suit was quite obviously corseted and it only emphasised her enormous ass and titanic breasts, which were pushed so high she looked like she could practically turn her head and use them as a pillow.

‘If I can have your attention for a few moments I have a few things to say and then we can get you all settled into your work placements and get on with today’s schedule,’ she said in a rather deep voice that suggested very firmly that this woman was used to being obeyed. ‘I am Cindy Olsen and on behalf of the company I would like to welcome you all to Olsen family dairies.’

‘She’s supposed to be a real genius,’ Crystal whispered quietly.

Well she sure isn’t head of the company because of her looks Sarah thought to herself tartly as she tried to listen to the big woman as she droned on about the buildings facilities like some overweight promotional advert.

‘Most importantly of all,’ Cindy was saying, ‘I need to introduce all of you to Bertha the buildings computer, are you there Bertha?’

‘ONLINE AND AWAITING INSTRUCTION CINDY’ a mechanical sounding female voice chimed in from a speaker up near the ceiling.

‘My father designed the first Bertha over ten years ago and we have been improving her design ever since,’ Cindy announced proudly, ‘The first bertha was capable of controlling six automatic sheds but our current design controls over thirty doing the work of several hundred people and dealing with every function of the farm, Bertha even calculates her needs and orders the feed and supplies direct so all we need to do is keep an eye on her and make sure she has everything she needs.’

The big woman took a step to one side and gestured at a big industrial looking doorway hung with thick flaps of semi translucent rubber instead of a normal door, which parted to allow a strange mechanical device to trundle into the room on the ceiling track.

‘In a moment Bertha will start calling out your names if you would step forward and she will identify you and log you into the system, then she will take small groups of you on a guided tour of our facilities so you can see the work we do firsthand. Please don’t step forwards until your name is called.’

As Cindy stopped talking the computers vaguely synthetic voice began calling out names, as each girl stepped forwards the odd machine scanned each of them with a green light before confirming their identity and asking them to wait quietly while their group was assembled. After the computer identified ten girls the doors opened again and Bertha instructed the little group to enter the next room to begin their tour.

‘Isn’t this place awesome,’ Crystal gushed her face alight with wonder at the high tech system, ‘I mean I knew Olsen’s were high tech but this place sounds incredible.’

‘Yeah sounds a real hoot,’ Sarah replied a little snappily as she listened for her name starting to feel even more lost than before.

‘CRYSTAL MATHEWS’ Bertha’s mechanical voice called out.

‘Oooh that’s me, got to run I’ll see you later,’ the big girl said giving her a friendly smile before stepping forward, ‘don’t worry about the job I’m sure you will do fine.’

That’s easy for you to say, you actually want to be here Sarah thought as she watched the computer scan her friend, strangely instead of telling her to stand with the others it had already called out it instructed her to speak directly to Miss Olsen.

Whatever they spoke about Crystal certainly seemed to be happy and after a few minutes of quiet conversation she gave Sarah one last excited wave goodbye and followed Cindy out of the room, looking almost petite hurrying along in the wake of the gigantic farm owner.

Left alone in a sea of unfamiliar faces Sarah waited anxiously among the thinning crowd until eventually her name was called, stepping forward she was momentarily blinded by the bright green light as it played across her face. She was still blinking when the big rubber doors opened and bertha tonelessly instructed her group to start their tour of the building.

Sarah hurried on behind her group as the doors closed behind them leaving them in a long hallway of undressed concrete that ended in another set of rubber doors, another robotic device trundled towards them along a track and stopped rotating what was obviously a camera to face them.

‘WELCOME TO THE TOUR, PLEASE FOLLOW THE REMOTE’ Bertha announced mechanically her voice echoing slightly in the bare hallway.

Most of the rest of her group seemed to be rough looking girls who laughed and swore as they followed the slow moving device down the hallway, one of them a particularly mean looking girl with a tattoo on the side of her neck glared at her for awhile before speaking.

‘You got on and set next to the fatty didn’t ya?’ she growled making the question sound like a threat, ‘why ain’t she on the tour like all the rest of us?’

‘I don’t know we really didn’t talk that much’ Sarah stammered intimidated.

The girl grunted sullenly and hurried forwards a few steps to catch up with the others leaving the worried young girl trailing along behind them.

The doors ahead opened into another plain concrete room, this one with a row of doors down the far wall and a gantry high overhead.


As the computer finished speaking the doors on the far side of the room opened revealing a row of dimly lit cubicles each with a large screen set in the far wall.

‘What does it mean processing?’ one of the girls demanded belligerently, ‘I thought we were here to do community service.’


One by one the girls stepped into the little cubicles, the doors whirring closed mechanically behind them. Sarah nervously stepped inside her own station wondering if she was finally going to learn what her parents had gotten her into. The room was bare concrete without even a chair to sit on and the walls only went up about ten feet with the now familiar tracks and heavy cables dangling far overhead.

The screen on the wall opposite flashed into life and Cindy was surprised to see her own face displayed next to a line of mostly empty boxes.

‘WELCOME TO OLSEN’S FAMILY DAIRY SARAH’ Bertha announced her voice sounding much louder in the close confines of the booth ‘AS PART OF YOUR TOUR WE NEED TO PERFORM A MORE DETAILED SCAN, PLEASE STAND STILL.’

‘What the hell is going on?’ Sarah asked timidly as a new mechanical device whirred into view high above her lowering down long mechanical arms that reached down into the room. From the other booths she heard the sound of other girls probably asking similar questions but if bertha was answering any of them she couldn’t hear her.

The long arms dropped down until they surrounded her and began to rotate slowly as more green light tracked over her body, she watched in surprise as a three dimensional copy of her appeared on the screen although she was disturbed to note the computer had obviously somehow ignored her clothing as the image was entirely nude.

Another set of arms lowered even closer dropping down around her head and emitted a high pitched hum before suddenly reaching for her and Sarah only had enough time to gasp in surprise as the arms connected around her neck and locked for a brief moment before pulling away with a whir of mechanical gears leaving an unfamiliar weight around her throat.

Reaching up to touch her neck she discovered a thick metal collar had locked itself in place and despite her frantic tugging it refused to budge and inch.


‘What the hell is going on!’ Sarah yelled, around her she could hear the angry and panicked enquiries of the rest of her group and the sound of someone slamming against one of the doors.


A metal drawer slid out of the opposite wall as Bertha finished speaking

‘No look there has to be some mistake I’m supposed to be here for a job,’ Sarah shouted at the screen thoroughly afraid by now, ‘let me the hell out of here!’


At once the collar around her neck lit up in a moment of blazing pain, Sarah shrieked and heard the other girls yelling in agony too before the pain subsided.

‘PAIN WILL INCREASE IN STRENGTH AND DURATION WITH EACH PUNISHMENT’ Bertha informed her tonelessly the computers voice sounding utterly devoid of any emotion.

Slowly Sarah got undressed, pulling off her clothes and dumping them into the drawer, Bertha reminded her to remove her socks and shoes too and then silently pulled the box back into the wall leaving her cold and shivering on the bare concrete floor.


One by one the girls hurried out of their cubicles and gathered under the little remote, some of the girls like Sarah blushed furiously and silently tried to cover themselves but several others shouted loudly for help or screamed obscenities at the top of their lungs.

With a buzz to get their attention the remote began to trundle along the track and out of the room and the girls fell into step behind it, those who lagged too far behind soon discovering that their collars immediately punished dawdling. The little robot led them through another rubber doorway into a large room where the other groups were waiting, all as naked as they were and each clustered under an identical device.

Some girls just sat on the ground and sobbed while others called out to them asking questions or demanding answers as if they knew more than they did about what was going on. The groups were all spaced just far enough apart that they couldn’t mingle and the shrieks of those few unfortunates who tried quickly taught them that they were all effectively leashed to their robotic jailors.

A large screen on the wall opposite lit up and the face of Cindy Olsen smiled down at them

‘If I could have your attention,’ she crooned her voice amplified through the building speakers making her sound almost as inhuman as Bertha, ‘This is a recording so please don’t bother asking any questions or Bertha will have to punish you.’

The room quickly fell silent as the girls shouted pleas and protests stopped abruptly leaving only a few girls sobbing quietly to themselves.

‘For one reason or another you are here because you do not suit civilised life,’ Cindy began smiling sweetly down at them, ‘for whatever reason you have been sent here because there is nowhere else that wanted you but all that is in the past. You are going to become productive, rehabilitated members of society and in time you will come to enjoy your time here, indeed in a few months I doubt any of you will ever want to leave us.’

The screen went dark and the girls all started talking at once, some of them shouting denials, others calling out for help or just crying helplessly as the row of robots whirred back into life and began leading the groups of girls in different directions.

Sarah and the others were led down another bare corridor and out into another room with twenty or more stalls lining the walls, as they walked further into the room the stall doors swung open one by one and a girl would be directed inside with a quick jolt from the collar if she didn’t move fast enough. Soon enough it was Sarah’s turn and she hurried into the cell and watched the door close behind her with a click.

The walls were the same familiar grey of the rest of the building but there were a great many nozzles and pipes neatly recessed into the undressed concrete along with another monitor screen that flashed into life showing the same scanned image of herself she had seen earlier.

Around her she could hear the faint sounds of the rest of her group and the hum of machinery, another device rolled up the track above her and she automatically crouched down to avoid the descending mechanical limbs.

Again the collar lit up with explosive pain making her grunt in agony her throat convulsively closing against the electrical discharge.


The collar stopped as suddenly as it began and Sarah took a deep shuddering breath before climbing slowly to her feet using the wall to steady herself, the mechanical arms that had lowered into her cell dangled motionless and menacing in the corners until she stepped away from the wall and she had to fight against the urge to duck again as they whirred closer.

One long arm attached itself to the back of her collar with a deep mechanical clunk effectively holding her still as the other arms crossed in front of her lowering a grey fabric sling which was pressed firmly against her stomach forcing her forwards and down, another pair of arms attached more soft straps around her shins and then pulled backwards sharply making her overbalance until she was unceremoniously swinging suspended and helpless in mid-air.

Ignoring Sarah’s panicked struggles a final long mechanical limb telescoped down behind her, the long needle at its tip aiming unerringly for her exposed bottom.

Sarah shrieked at the unexpected sting but almost immediately her head began to swim as the syringes contents flooded into her system making her feel strangely lightheaded and confused, she knew distantly that she had been upset but at that moment she was so comfortable that she only wanted to close her eyes.

In her private control room Cindy watched with satisfaction as her new arrivals succumbed to their new situation, one by one the last few stubborn girls gave in to the inevitable and were hoisted into their slings and lulled into a deep drugged sleep.

Relaxing back into her chair she let Bertha's attendant arms swing down over her and as they hissed quietly into life she let her thoughts slip back to her own first few days in Bertha's care.

Her father had been horrified when he found his once skinny daughter in the barn with the cows, her immensely inflated body suspended from a sling stuffing fistfuls of cattle feed into her mouth with one hand and rubbing wildly at her sopping pussy with the other completely oblivious to his presence. They had taken her out of the barn like she was made of fine china that might break and tucked her to bed but the next morning they found her back in the barn being milked with the rest of the cattle and her father’s shock had turned to outraged anger.

They had sent her off to psychiatrists and doctors, forbidden her to go anywhere near the cattle barns, changed the locks and nailed shut all the windows, but when none of it worked they resorted to keeping her locked in her room.

The doctors had gone on about post traumatic stress disorder and operant conditioning but as far as she was concerned it all boiled down to the same thing… Cindy was a cow and they couldn’t fix it.

Her life had adapted to the routine of the farm and without it she had fallen into a deep depression and then she became suddenly quite seriously ill, when the doctors told her father that her body had adapted to the drugs Bertha had pumped into her system and become dependent on them he finally gave in to defeat.

Cindy was given a prescription to wean her slowly off the drugs and reluctantly her father allowed her to return to the barn and she quickly began to recover, although she slept in a bed instead of a pen and she was no longer allowed the injections or the animal feed.

Reliving that old memory Cindy moaned in pleasure as the pumps attached to her breasts slowly milked her with rhythmic sucking motions like the questing lips of a tireless lover, her chair had reclined all the way back and Bertha had obediently activated the vibrating toy which snaked between her legs and pressed itself urgently against her throbbing clit.

As she began to buck wildly the soft restraints built into the chair carefully held her down, Bertha having long since been programmed to respond for her owner’s desire for helpless captivity as she lost herself in the past.


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