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My Butler James

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2013 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; machine/f; naked; maid; uniform; tease; force; gag; bdsm; spank; punish; cons; X

I was the youngest heiress to my families vast fortune, but in competition with my older half siblings for my portion of it. They were serious about the family business, and each had worked their way up from sweeping floors and other menial jobs to various directorships in the company. I, being the youngest, was spared that humbling experience, and spent my considerable free time flamboyantly spending money and embarrassing my family name.

My antics eventually had an effect on their business interests, and that couldn't be allowed to continue... I was then given a token directorship of our token southern operations, only because it required me to live out of the country and therefore the media spotlight. The position came with a fine house and staff, formerly an end of the world scenario private escape for a famous billionaire, and it was chosen for me because of it's remote location.

With little choice I moved into my new mansion and away from my bad influence friends, but I drove all the staff out in short order with what I now realise was my horrible behavior. I then discovered keeping a mansion all by my self could be an impossible task, especially for a woman who was accustomed to having other people clean up after her all her life. I begged my half siblings for help in several frantic emails, and they responded by reminding me of our butler James when we were growing up, and they offered to find me a butler exactly like him to run my household for me.

James ran the household staff when we were growing up, he was powerful, and the staff both loved and feared him. Once when I was supposed to be sleeping, I instead went in search of a snack in the kitchens, and was startled to hear a commotion from James' room. I snuck to his door and saw that it was slightly open, and through the crack I saw Helen, one of our younger maids, bent over his simple bed with her uniform dress up. James had a paddle in his hands, and he was administering a spanking to the young woman for some minor infraction in the household. I watched in fascination for far too long, and he sensed my intrusion and turned to the door and caught my eye. I feared I was in big trouble for violating his privacy, but he just winked and smiled at me, and went back to what he was doing with Helen.

I then snuck away to my room, and I ground into myself with my vibrator as I imagined I was getting Helen's spanking instead. I came off hard with that little fantasy every time I tried it for years afterwards, even though I never saw James punish her again. What I didn't realise until later on was that it was a kind of power game between James and the girls, and being bent over his bed and getting paddled was only the first part of the game. I also didn't realise that Helen and the others were willing players in that game...

They were right, I needed a James of my own to run my new house, and maybe even me!

Two weeks later the supply helicopter flew in, (the mansion was so remote that once it's construction had been completed many years ago, the forest had intentionally reclaimed the trail that the builders had used to bring the materials in), and in the back seat was my butler, just as I was promised. I laid on my chaise lounge chair in just my bikini as I watched his approach, and I had only just wiggled into that when I heard the helicopter's rotor noises moments before. An all over natural tan was one of the few advantages of being alone at this remote mansion, and I made sure the pilots always got a good look at my skimpy bikini. As my butler came closer I saw that the pilots had dumped our supplies near the landing pad and not carried them up to the main house like every other time. I assumed they were running late, and as they took off I was glad my new butler was here to carry them up for me.

As he got closer I realised there was something odd in the way he was walking, not like he was injured, but more of a strange way of walking on the uneven ground. As he got right up close to me I realised he was a dead ringer for the old James, and not the least bit human! My blasted half siblings had given me an android, a device with the appearance of our old James, but a younger version of him. With our age differences though, they probably remembered him like that, and not the older James that I had known. Still he was a magnificent machine, and no doubt a prototype from our robotics division. I playfully wondered how precisely he duplicated the original, and my body responded all on it's own with fresh thoughts of Helen's spanking all those years ago.

He addressed me in that familiar voice, "I am James, and I have been directed to take command of the household staff. Could you ask the others to assemble so I can meet them, after you carry our supplies up from the landing pad before they spoil?"

I had a devilish idea, since he obviously thought I was staff, why not let him think that for a while and see how much like the old James he really was. If I pissed him off enough I might finally get the paddling I needed all those years ago...

"You are?" he asked... I thought quickly, young Gloria had left in the helicopter in such a huff after we had our argument that she left her uniforms behind, and while I was more curvy than she was, I could possibly wear them for a day of two...

"I am Gloria, sir, and I am the only staff left here at the moment. Welcome aboard."

He thanked me, but told me break time was now over, and that there was no time to change into a proper uniform before I got to work.

I was so excited to be under his control that I had to fight the urge to run up to my room and savage myself with one of my favorite toys. I had quite the collection, and some of them were inhumanly large. Also in my "toy box" were several pairs of thick leather cuffs, blindfolds and gags, and some paddles. All of them were for the express purpose of my "under control" fantasies, and in them I would cuff myself wrist and ankle and struggle for release before my butler returned to punish me. It just wasn't the same to paddle myself, and that part of my fantasy always fell short, but I made up for it with my other toys...

I was instantly back to reality when he walked away, and should have known better than to pretend to be Gloria as it took me half an hour to bring all the supplies up by myself. I sweat like a servant in the hot sun, despite what I was hardly wearing, and when I eventually found him I was exhausted. James asked me how this place got to be such a pig sty, having just finished his self guided tour of the house and grounds, and I shrugged my shoulders in reply.

James told me he had a gift for me, and he reached into his suit jacket pocket and pulled out a choker necklace, and printed on it's gold pendant was the name "Gloria". He motioned for me to turn around, and I lifted my hair so he could place my present on my neck himself. The chain was heavy, as well as the pendant, and the clasp felt unbreakable. It looked thick and expensive, but felt more like a collar than jewelery with it's weight.

I thanked him for the gift, and he told me he needed me to work some double shifts to whip this place into shape, but that he would make sure my direct deposits reflected my efforts. How could I say no with the fine gift he just gave me, and it wasn't like I had anything else planned for the next few days anyway. It seemed a cruel joke though that the real Gloria would still be receiving deposits from a job she no longer had while I toiled at her old job in her place.

James told me he would work up a proper schedule for me in the morning, but that first he wanted to know what skills I had. It was a painful moment of self assessment when I admitted that I didn't have any, but if I claimed I was good at something, he would expect me to be. James warned me that he could be a brutal taskmaster, but by the time he was done with me I would be a highly skilled member of his staff.

I decided on a plan, I would be the best servant for James that I could be, and then ship him back to where he belonged after I earned my spanking.

James told me he wanted me to box up the personal contents of the master suite for storage, and for me to launder any dirty clothes before I did. I thought a silent "oh shit" as they were actually my things, and to make matters worse James told me he had already examined the entire contents ahead of time, to include my toy box I was certain. I found myself washing clothes that I intentionally left for my next servants to do, and then boxing them and my cell phone and other things up for secure storage, with James in possession of the only key.

It was dark out when I had finished my duties, and I hadn't eaten since breakfast either. It was therefore a welcome smell that came from the kitchens, fresh bread and butter, and hot tea. James was apparently a much better chef that I was, and I complimented him on his bread as I nearly choked on my own as I watched him eat some of it. He looked at me and smiled, and as he sipped his tea he told me he was designed for every eventuality, and if the solar panels and batteries at this "off the grid" survival house failed, he would still be fine. He must have had some kind of bacteriological furnace in his belly, not only generating heat, but power as well, and that killed my earlier plan of cutting the power at the mansion and watching his batteries run down when I was through with him.

I bid him a good night, still wearing only my bikini, only to have him redirect me off the master staircase and down to Gloria's room at the rear of the house. I was also exhausted from my first half day as Gloria the maid. I found her room, and her simple bed, and I stripped and showered and immediately fell asleep in just my skin. I had no idea what Gloria earned, but I was certain it wasn't enough.

The morning came almost instantly by the way it felt, as did James' knock on my door. I packed myself into one of Gloria's old uniforms after my fast morning routine, but without anything else on underneath as my things were put away out of my reach. My full breasts pushed at the simple buttons of Gloria's dress, but other than that I could wear it for the few days that it would take me to figure a way out of this mess I put myself into.

James had breakfast waiting for me, and I devoured it as he handed me a long list of the days chores, and I was shocked to see it was still dark out. As the weather was supposed to be nice, I was to labor outside until it got too hot, and then move inside. Sweep the solar panels and wash down the decks, clean the pool and hot tub, and a bunch of other things as well. I was wiped out by lunch time, but actually ahead of James' schedule by fifteen minutes despite my lack of familiarity with manual labor. I decided on some minor social disobedience, and I stripped out of my ill fitting, sweaty uniform, and dove into the pool I had just cleaned. It was refreshing, and I intended to skinny dip until lunch time, and then get back to work.

I only had made two laps before I heard James' voice right in front of me, "What exactly do you think you are doing?" he asked ..."Skinny dipping", was my smart ass answer... "I see that", he said, "much better than the drowning I initially thought you were doing."

James then took my dirty uniform and told me I would only be permitted to wear it again when I had proved myself worthy of it, and until then I would work as I was, if I even stayed. I wondered what my friends would think if they knew I had just been demoted below maid's status, and stripped of my clothes by a machine that doesn't even know it works for me?

"We have here a serious infraction of the rules", he stated, "using house amenities during working hours without permission. As I'm not permitted to issue unauthorised 'corrections', I have no choice but to call the helicopter and ship you home just as you are. Oh, don't worry though", he said, "I'll contact your family in San Dela Coral ahead of time so they can be there to receive you with something to wear, if they so choose."

James wasn't threatening to send me to my home, but to Gloria's, and I'm sure she would just love to receive me there and play a little catch up for how terribly I treated her after she found my toy box. With no money or ID I couldn't even leave the country, and Gloria would be sure to take full advantage of my helplessness, and possibly even force me to be her servant... I quickly decided I would rather be punished in private by James, as opposed to becoming Gloria's family servant and whipping girl, with her knowledge of my toy box certain to be used against me. I also thought I could always tell James who I really was AFTER I received my "corrections" from him, if I even still wanted to!

"Please don't ship me back there", I begged, "I'll do anything you ask".

"Very well then", he said, "but the only way you can stay is if you unconditionally accept 'house punishments' at my discretion for the entire duration of your stay here".

I repeated the phrase pretty much word for word, "I unconditionally accept house punishments at your discretion for the duration of my stay"

James stood rigidly, which was quite unusual for him, and repeated formally to no one in particular, "corrections unconditionally accepted, program modified".

He reached down to the pool's edge and held out his hands to help me out, and when I reached for him he instead grasped my wrists and hoisted me out in one effortless fluid motion. Instead of putting me down on the sidewalk like I anticipated, he held me aloft with my arms stretched over my head, as my dripping naked body was stretched out in front of him. James smiled at me, much more like a man then an asexual android would, and he said that by accepting his corrections I could shave as much as a year off of my training here with him. I was glad at that point that I wasn't Gloria, because by implication she could be here for years training under James until she met his high standards, where I simply had to reveal my true identity to him to be done with this kinky game of ours.

As the builders of this fine house had spared no expense, there were several marble benches set around the property, and James directed me to one of them and told me to lie down on it. I was so excited I almost came with the realization that I would finally get my spanking from James, and when he lowered me down I couldn't hide my enthusiasm as I rushed to it and laid down as instructed. The stone bench was still cool yet, and that part of me was chilled, but my back side was drying in the hot sun quickly. I felt him approach, and then I saw his slight shadow cast partially over me in the noon sun, and I dared not look less I ruin this much anticipated moment. He told me to spread my knees further and to hold on to the other end and not let go. If I do, he cautioned, he would add to my punishment. My pelvic bone was at the edge of the marble bench, and I was close to orgasm already, if I were only gagged and cuffed in position this would be nirvana to me.

I heard him shuffle with something, and then he told me to open my mouth, and he stuffed his handkerchief into my mouth as if he had heard my earlier thoughts. I bore down on it as I heard him pull his belt from his trousers, and without delay it swished through the air and made contact with my clenched ass. It took a long moment for the sting of his belt to reach my brain, but when it did I grunted into my improvised gag, and my hands went instinctively to cover my ass.

He grabbed my wrists and moved my hands to the small of my back, holding both immobile in one of his large hands, and freeing his other for his belt. I struggled uselessly against him as he again wound up and smacked my ass, but this time it was not as bad. I grunted into my gag, but I also ground myself against the edge of the bench. I received eight more, and the sting of his belt was like teasing foreplay to me, but I couldn't get myself off either despite my best efforts. When I thought we were done, after ten lashes with his belt, he told me that I had earned five more for moving my hands earlier, and he gave me those as well.

He freed my wrists, but told me not to move until he came to collect me so that I would have time to reflect on my behavior. I didn't orgasm, although I had been close, and while the sting of his belt was not horrible once I got over the shock of it, I didn't want a repeat performance either. Some things are apparently best left as fantasies, this for me being one of them.

I spit out my gag and sounded as indignant as I could, (while purposely not moving my hands from where I was instructed to leave them), "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?"

He bent down to look me in the eye, "Of course I do heiress, I was sent here expressly to keep you out of trouble. Now don't move until I return or you will receive five more."

With that he left me to do who known what, but I didn't have the courage to move a muscle either as I reflected on things to come...

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