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My Butler James 2: James Takes Control

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2013 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

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Part 2: James Takes Control

I laid there with my ass stinging wondering how on earth I got myself into this situation, and how I could get out, but I didn't have the courage to even move my hands without James' permission. James eventually came back and told me he inspected my work and none of my chores met his standards, and unless I wanted to find myself in this very position several times a day I better step it up. He then told me I could get up, and that I would find my lunch waiting for me in the kitchen.

Over lunch I asked James if I could go home, and he told me I already was, unless I wanted to become a slave in the real Gloria's house for a while. "No sir", I told him, and in a much more respectful manor than I used with any human. I realized fear and pain had instantly reminded me of manners that I didn't think one in my social class should have to bother with, and it caused me to reflect on some things that I found unsettling. I knew I needed more information before I could decide what to do about escaping back to the real world, and I asked James what he did previously, just to make conversation.

It would be far to obvious to ask him where his off switch was, and I figured if we talked long enough he would slip with some information that would be useful. I couldn't disable him yet though, because he alone had access to my things, and without them and the ability to call the chopper I would probably starve to death here before anybody even thought to check on me. Being the youngest of my half siblings, manipulation was the only skill I ever needed, and I had a feeling James would put those skills to the test.

James told me he was originally designed for the corrections department of the federal prison system, but it was decided that he lacked the proper sensitivity for the inmates and he was then re-purposed to the hospitality industry. I laughed out loud when I thought he had delivered the perfect punch line to his joke, although he didn't laugh along with me.

"Ah, humor" he said, "that is a concept that escapes me". (Now I didn't know if he was making a second joke, or if he didn't see the absurdity of his situation.) He told me he was then assigned to come here after some minor cosmetic changes, and when I told him I was Gloria, (an apprentice housekeeper) he realized that's how I wanted to be treated.

I noticed in the short time we had been together that he had become more and more human in his actions, and his time spent with me ostensibly to teach me how to do simple chores to maintain the mansion were also used by him to hone his human impersonation. I realized this myself when I thought of him as a "he", and not an "it", and it was hard not to respect my new babysitter, or jailer, depending on one's point of view.

* * * *

So started our strange new relationship, with me working for a machine and trying to meet his high standards, all to avoid punishments that I initially thought I wanted. In my world machines were things that did my bidding, and not the other way around. However, apparently now I was little more than a servant to my servant James, and not even deserving of clothes. It should have been several of my most erotic fantasies all rolled up in one, but I was definitely not getting off on this, at least not yet as I was far too busy for any of that.

I was woken early from my slumber every morning, and kept naked as I had not yet earned the right to wear even the uniform of an apprentice housekeeper. With only James and I present I didn't mind all that much as I had developed a magnificent natural tan with my time outdoors. I swept the porch, cleaned the solar panels, and did many other non skilled tasks in the nude that James still had to break down into simple steps, as I had no experience with what most people would consider "work". When I fell short of his expectations I was corrected, and when I tried to get away with something I was punished, usually in some ironic way.

Once I swept a large pile of dirt into the corner on the porch to hide it as I didn't feel like picking up, and James easily discovered it and called me over. He had two pairs of my thick leather cuffs waiting in his pockets, solving the mystery of whether or not he had discovered my toy box. With little choice I placed the first pair of cuffs on my own ankles and locked them closed when he instructed me to.

I then locked my wrists behind my back in similar fashion with the second pair, (after I struggled with the lock in that position), and he lowered me down so that my breasts were directly in the dirt I had attempted to hide. I was still up on my knees with my ass in the air and my face turned trying to maintain balance, all the more difficult with my ankles pinned together, and my knees only inches apart.

James used my broom to paddle my ass as I was driven into the dirt with every stroke, the coarse bristles also making contact with the tender skin of my womanhood. I grunted with every stroke, but with the restraints I was made to apply to myself it was much closer to my fantasies than any other punishment I had yet endured. As soon as he released me I intended to sneak away and savage myself for relief, if I could do it without getting caught. James had a habit of showing up at the worst possible times, and if I didn't know better I would have sworn he could sense my desires. I hadn't got to enjoy a single orgasm since he had arrived, and to say I was frustrated would be an understatement!

James didn't release me then as I expected, but he helped me up by lifting me by my cuffs, once again reminding me of his deceptive strength. He made me hop to the grass with my legs still cuffed, and my breasts put on quite the show as they gyrated wildly with every hop. Most of the dirt was still stuck uncomfortably to my chest despite the wild motions, and James told me not to move as he parked me in the center of the side yard. I knew better than to move a muscle when directed not to, as every time I had some dreadful punishment followed. He removed his black tie and blindfolded me with it, and then he walked away, only for me to hear the thing I dreaded hearing the most, the squeaking of the hose reel.

I eventually felt the ice cold spray of the garden hose as he washed down my dirty body, and he was most thorough and didn't miss a spot. James paid special attention to my dirty chest as I squealed with the cold assault, and I heard him laugh for the first time, but it was an evil laugh, and not one of humor. I dared not move, not only because I didn't have permission to, but with the blindfold on I didn't want to trip and fall on my face. The cold water blasted me without mercy, and when he had finished I was left to shiver in the shade as he took his time winding up the hose. When he finally removed my blindfold he told me he was working on his humor, and he asked me how he did.

I told James his "humor" was sadistic, and I asked him how he had learned it. He told me he had started watching various movies to help develop the sense of humor that I had indicated was lacking, and when he told me some of the titles I was aghast to discover he had watched some heavy horror movies instead of any comedies. To make matters worse, he said he could quote any of the famous lines from any one of them, in the characters own voice! So when he asked me, "Do you want to play a game?" after he hosed my naked self down and made me shiver, I thought of "that movie".

It was strange to be having this conversation with James while still trying not to topple over bound as I was, and I asked him if he would please release me. He told me he wouldn't, and I stood there shocked, realizing once again how dependent I was on him. He told me that since he didn't actually put the cuffs on me, that he wasn't going to remove them either. He placed the keys I needed within my sight and walked away, and I was forced to get down on my stomach and move like a worm across the wet grass. I had grass stains all over the front of me before I reached the keys, and my freedom, and I had quite the time unlocking the cuffs. The self applied bondage, along with my punishment and struggling had me going despite the wet grass, and I would have given almost anything just for some quality time with one of my toys, preferably one of the large textured ones.

It wasn't to be as I couldn't even get my hands near where I needed them before James came around the corner to collect my cuffs from me, but not before he smiled at my frustration.

* * * *

Days turned into weeks and I was punished less and less frequently, and as a reward for my hard work James gave me a choice, I could either have one article of clothing back for one hour a day, or spend one hour of leisure time as I choose. I thanked him and spent my leisure time in the pool and hot tub and generally lost track of time in my remote prison with James.

James told me one day that he had spent so little of my allowance maintaining the house and grounds that he had decided to get me some company. He told me she would likely be here with the next resupply chopper, and I thought it had to be the real Gloria. She was after all still technically employed by the company, and had been receiving the direct deposits I earned in her place while impersonating her.

James thought it quite amusing when he told me that, but she also knew of my toy box, and her finding it was the reason I treated her so badly. She up and quit because of my treatment, and she jumped on the chopper in a fit without even taking her uniforms with her she was so pissed off at me. James had obviously been developing his sense of humor, and since I assumed my "company" was to be the real Gloria, I asked him if she would be working for US, and not really looking forward to any other possibility. His developing "humor" was an unpredictable thing, and bringing the real Gloria back to the mansion and putting the young woman in a position over me could seem like a grand joke to him.

James laughed, "Maybe she will work for 'us', maybe not. I think you will be surprised by who it is though, so much so that I am willing to make a wager with you in regards to her identity".

"What do you propose?", I asked.

"I have already given you a hint that it is a 'she' to help you narrow it down some, so I propose that you write her name on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. If you have guessed correctly you can return to the pampered life of a spoiled heiress, and both of us will work for you and do your bidding indefinitely. If however you are wrong, you will treat HER like an heiress and pamper her as you yourself demand to be in the past, as well as submitting to her authority just as you have learned to do with me. In effect, if you are wrong you will end up with two masters instead of one, and if you are right you will have two servants."

I hadn't thought of it in those terms before, but James was my mechanical master, and I had learned to submit to his authority after I tested him over and over again. It earned me several humiliating and painful lessons, that would have been all the more humiliating if another human witnessed them. His words also implied he alone had the power to return me to my former pampered life, and that meant I had some deep thinking to do, if I ever got the chance between working like a slave and dropping into bed exhausted late at night.

I wrote "Gloria" on the piece of paper and sealed it in an envelope, and I handed it to James, my mechanical master. The word "master" both thrilled and terrified me, because only slaves had masters. From heiress to slave in just hours, and to make matters worse, I agreed to this, although with some clever manipulation by James! The one person in the universe I thought I couldn't be a slave to was the real Gloria, so it was a simple decision as to who's name to write on my paper.

* * * *

The chopper was on it's final approach, but this was a new company and not the one I had grown used to seeing every few weeks. I saved my one hour of clothing for this moment instead of relaxing in the hot tub, and this would be the first time I wore a thing since James arrived and confiscated my clothing. Being naked for my mechanical master felt natural to me, but with the pilots and our visitor, (whom I was certain was the real Gloria), it just wouldn't do.

I suspected I had been seen from the air in all my naked glory several times by accident as the chopper flew in supplies, and even by other choppers flying things in and out of a gas project to the South. I also felt confident from that distance nobody could tell the difference between me and any woman of my approximate build. Before I came to my sequestered mansion I had my hair extensions removed, and the blond color I was known internationally for returned to it's natural auburn.

The result was some level of ananimity if I were seen, and that also made sense from a security standpoint as well. I was after an heiress to a fortune, and kidnapping and ransom were always concerns, as were deranged fans.

I waited in my room, (actually Gloria's), for the last possible moment before I put on her ill fitting uniform, just to make sure I had enough time for the pilots to leave before I won my wager with James and reclaimed my proper status.

"What are you waiting for?" I heard in James distinctive voice, and I jumped I was so startled by the intrusion into my room. I looked around only to find I was alone, and I thought I must have imagined it.

"Your hour starts on the hour, and that means you have already wasted twenty two minutes that you could have been wearing that uniform."

I didn't imagine it the second time, but I also realized I didn't hear James' voice so much as feel it vibrated from my necklace, (a gift from James despite Gloria's name engraved on it). Suddenly my heavy necklace felt much more like a collar, and I thought of the implications.

"James", I called out, "I thought I had one hour to wear one article of clothing once per day."

I felt his voice vibrated once again, "And your hour starts on the hour, which started now twenty three minutes ago!"

"Sir, where are you?" I asked.

"South America the same as you, now get going out to the pad and help those pilots unload before I show you what else your necklace can do!"

I attempted to stuff myself into a thin cotton uniform dress that just hardly fit me weeks ago as I wondered why I ever thought to encourage him to develop a sense of humor, "South America, same as you", what a smart ass! I struggled to get into a dress that just didn't fit, and I checked the other two in the closet only to find they were all the same size. Either the dress shrunk, or I grew with James' fine cooking and all my hard work, and I slapped my butt to discover muscle tone I had ignored earlier.

I packed myself into the thin dress, and it threatened to burst it's buttons at any moment. I held my breath in and took short and stiff steps toward the landing pad, and my breasts actually hurt from being confined in the obscenely small dress, as if they had grown as well. It was easy to see I wasn't wearing anything underneath the dress, and I think I would have drawn less attention to myself if I remained naked.

I reached the landing pad only to find the chopper deserted, and I assumed Gloria was helping the pilots bring in our supplies. Doing anything in that dress made it likely all my buttons would pop, and I turned to walk ever so carefully back to Gloria's room to await James' admission of defeat.

I didn't get very far before I felt his voice telling me to grab my cleaning supplies and get back to the chopper and clean all the dirty windows. I had little choice as I grabbed the necessary things in my supply closet and again carefully walked back to the chopper and got to work on them. As I reached for the top of the door window one of my buttons popped on my chest, and I felt as if I could spill out of the front of the thing at any moment. I saw my reflection in the window and realized it was more obscene than sexy, and I was grateful I had no spectators. Keeping myself in the thin dress until I won my bet with James could prove to be impossible, but I was determined to try.

The windshields were especially dirty and covered with smashed bugs, but I couldn't reach them with the shape of the nose without my ladder, and climbing on the front of the machine just didn't look like a good idea. I had to walk one more time back to the supply closet to get it, and I felt the tear on my hip travel even further. I set up the ladder and started cleaning the windows, only to hear and feel the seam fail completely at my hip. I was startled to see two smiling pilots looking back at me from the inside of the chopper, and they took great pleasure in pointing out spots I had missed as they seemed to be intentionally dragging out my job.

I felt James voice vibrated from my necklace once again telling me my hour was almost up. I could tell the two pilots didn't hear a thing, and I could hardly answer him or beg for more time without looking insane. Was this his plan, make me look like I had lost my mind to whoever visited me here to justify my imprisonment, "for my own safety"? I tried to finish the windshields, but with all the spots I had to go back and fix I ran out of time before I even reached the left one.

"Time is up" I felt vibrated to me, followed by James' sinister laugh.

I then felt a shock from my collar that made me twitch, and James told me that was power level one. I climbed down the ladder and walked around to the cockpit, and before I could say a word the pilot asked me if anyone ever told me I looked like that heiress. I told him all the time, but I also pointed out my "Gloria" necklace, and that seemed to satisfy him. I felt a stronger jolt from my necklace reminding me I had something to do, and I told the men that I had lost a kind of bet with my boss James, and as a result I hoped they weren't offended that I had to finish their windshield in the buff.

Their eyes opened wide, and the pilot said that James had promised them a surprise if they helped unload the cargo, and were able to keep me out there past the hour. I asked why their passenger didn't do it instead, and he told me there was no passenger this time, only small boxes of produce and dry goods, and one large box. I was definitely confused, but the shock on level three from my necklace brought me instant clarity.

I tried to make my stripping for them sexy, (I have had some practice doing that), but it is near impossible to wiggle out of a tight uniform dress in a sexy way, and I just grabbed both half's of the neckline and pulled. The buttons flew off of the ruined uniform and I stepped out of what was left and kicked it to them. I stood proudly before them, pirouetted on my bare feet and smiled, and climbed the ladder once again to finish my job on the windshields. It was nice once again to have two flesh and blood men look at me like that, but it only reminded me what I was missing back in the "real world". I finished the windshield and provided the two men with quite the show, and might have done more if given the chance!

I walked back toward the mansion attempting to carry all my things, and I thought of the exact words of my wager with James as I heard the chopper's engine start... By the time I had cleaned up, (something I would never have considered weeks ago), I came to the conclusion I neither won nor lost my bet as nobody else was on the chopper, according to the pilots.

I searched for James upstairs where my old master suite had been before I assumed Gloria's identity, and I thought I heard him in my old room, so I entered looking for him. I froze in my tracks for a moment, convinced I was looking into a mirror on the other side of the door. Except this reflection was not as tan as I was, (although just as naked), and much softer like I used to be. "She" also had the blond long hair that I used to before I entered this sequestered life, and the same foul mouth that drove all my help away.


I stood still in shock, and then backed away from the door in terror.

I then bumped into James' chest right behind me, and as I turned he said, " Ah, I see you have met your company", followed by his sinister laugh...

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