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My Butler James 3: Doppelg�nger

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2013 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

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Part 3: Doppelg�nger

Things were happening too fast for me to keep up with, but the implications of not only loosing my wager with James, but a perfect vintage copy of myself standing before me were troubling.

"GET... IN... HERE... AND... PUT... MY... THINGS... AWAY", she repeated, slowly annunciating every syllable through her gritted teeth as if she were talking to a belligerent moron.

James nudged me forward after he quietly laughed again in my ear, it was that same sinister laugh he had used before. "Better not keep her waiting, she is as delightful as you used to be, and in control of your necklace just as I am."

"Yes sir", I told him.

I went in and put my things away for their new owner, and after a moments further thought I realized she was for all intents and purposes my new owner as well under the conditions of my lost wager with James. I was now apparently the possession of two androids, one an exact copy of myself before I was directed to come to my remote mansion, and the other of my butler James from long ago whom I always held a secret lust for. Both had control of my necklace that was far more like a collar with it's ability to track and punish me at the whim of my mechanical masters, and a worst case scenario for me as I knew what a ruthless bitch I could be with the hired help. Gloria would have been a blessing in comparison, she at least had a soul and would eventually have had mercy on me.

As I put the new faux "heiresses" room together just the way I had liked it once, I had the uncomfortable feeling I was being studied. Every time I looked she was watching me intently with an exact copy of my own eyes, and it was most unnerving. I came to realize she was learning how to mimic the fine details of my physical movements that are somewhat unique to each human. It was apparent she already had my speech pattern and haughty look down pat, as if she had already watched hours of my actions in study.

I had allowed myself to forget about the many surveillance cameras in and around the property, and I felt the color drain away from my face at the thought of what they had already recorded, and the many nefarious purposes those recordings could be used for in the public sector. No doubt James' eyes and ears recorded whatever the cameras might have missed, with every slap of his leather belt and my accompanying grunts kept for all time to evaluate the effectiveness of his discipline. For all I knew I could already be a viral Internet sensation, with millions of people all around the world watching my torment on a daily basis.

If James wanted this faux heiress to be an exact working duplicate of me, it meant that both of them expected to have to fool others with her impersonation of me at some point. If she looked and acted exactly like me she could impersonate me almost anywhere, and that could mean that two of us might be one to many! It was a sinister thought that he might want to replace me with the faux heiress in public, but James had developed an affinity for horror movies lately, and with his twisted form of humor he could think it would be the ultimate practical joke to have the faux heiress living it up all around the globe on my dime while I was enslaved at "her" mansion. Of a further concern were if his intentions were darker, or even if they were "his" intentions, and not those of some other group.

I was daydreaming as I worked and nearly overcome once again by the erotic nature of my slave fantasies, and the juxtaposition of our proper positions at my remote mansion. Just the thought of being enslaved by James, (who should be doing my bidding), made my orgasm starved body respond in ways that were impossible to hide from the faux heiress. I struggled not to breath in short little gasps, but I felt myself flush with anticipated pleasure as my nipples became painfully erect all on their own. I also smelled my own arousal and felt the slickness between my thighs that accompanied that familiar tingle in my belly, and the faux heiress looked at me sharply, not missing any of it. I was so flustered I didn't even realize I had gotten to my box of toys at first, and when I did I attempted to hide them, but the faux heiress stopped me dead in my tracks.

"WHAT IS THAT?" she barked.

I turned to address her, as I knew speaking without making respectful eye contact when in her presence would get me in at least as much trouble with her as it did the one time I tried it with James. She looked me up and down as if inspecting me for defects while waiting for my answer. She had slipped into one of my little black dresses and matching high heels while I was distracted with my daydreams, and both fit her as if they were made for her instead of me. I doubted any of "my" clothes would even fit this new larger body of mine, both due to James' fine cooking and my voracious appetite after long hours of hard manual labor. Her clothes, (and my lack of them), reminded me of who was in charge here, and it excited me to be kept like this in her presence almost as much as it did with James.

"Those are my toys Ma'am", and then I corrected, "Your toys".

I thought of the possibilities, but even if I could get her all cuffed up and helpless, she still had control on my necklace, and James as an ally.


I realized the magnitude of my error instantly. She hadn't even realized the significance of the toys, she was asking about my obvious arousal, and I had forever linked the two in her electronic mind that was incapable of forgetting the slightest detail.


It wasn't a request, but how on earth could I show her how I play at self bondage. Would she even understand the concepts of desire or fantasy, or even passion? There was no way I wanted to demonstrate this very private thing for any other human, or even this near perfect copy of myself, and just the discovery of my toy box by the real Gloria was enough to push me to new levels of bad behavior with her just to drive her away. I stalled for more time trying to figure out what to do, and I laid out what were my favorite personal possessions on the clean bed I just finished making, mindful of the consequences of open disobedience with this ruthless copy of myself.

"These are identical sets of thick wrist and ankle cuffs", I started, still stalling for time as she noticed the way my fingers lingered for an extra second on the soft leather surface as I inhaled sharply.

"These are spreader bars than can be locked to either set in several different configurations, or even to both pairs separating my wrists and ankles and making it impossible for the one to touch the other. These are ball gags, they run in size from this small one here to this huge one the size of a tennis ball, however the blue racket ball sized one is my favorite. Each can be attached to this harness, and the harness has a ring to attach it to just about anything else."

It was embarrassing for me to be showing "someone" my things, especially one in a position of power over me, but with little choice I continued.

"These locks can be made to hold any of the 'toys' to any others, and depending on where I place the keys, or how I time their release, I can be restrained and helpless anywhere from seconds to hours, or just until I get off if I lay the keys within easy reach." I couldn't tell if her blank stare meant she didn't understand what getting off was, or if she thought I was insane, but I had come too far to stop now.

"This is"... My faux heiress interrupted me at that moment, "inhumanly large, and I can guess what one does with it." She finished for me.

I finished laying out the other dongs, a little put off by her comment, and of course with the irony that it was made by an "inhuman" replica of myself.

"This smooth one can be used in back with this lubricant", I suddenly couldn't say the word anal, "and any of these can be used anywhere, even as another gag."

I laid out my chains and strong nylon straps, the latter for securing the cuffs to just about anything silently, and without scratching up any polished surfaces to tip off the hired help as to what I was up to in my room. I had several heavy belts in my box as well, and I explained that I could bind my legs tightly together with them, trapping one of the dongs in place until I got off. I also had a soft flogger and not so soft paddle that I sometimes used on myself, but that necessitated the freedom of one of my hands and never fit well with my "caught and punished fantasies".


She then paused got all sweet like with me, possibly reading my face and realizing she needed to see how I did this willingly, and not when forced. In every relationship I had ever had I was the aggressor, and it was most unlikely that would change with the faux heiress, if she were intended to replace me in public. That fact alone probably explained why the thought of James' control turned me on so much at first, it was another juxtaposition of our expected roles, and probably why I only gave a token amount of resistance to his control.

"Why don't you pretend to be the naughty housekeeper 'Gloria' that James has to discipline, like in one of the erotic stories you saved on your computer!"

"You, you, you know about them?" I asked, suddenly aware that I had no secrets worth keeping.

"Of course we do 'Gloria', why do you think James was chosen for you in the first place."

If she wasn't lying, and I don't think either of them have that capability, it confirmed another suspicion I had about the selection of James. I doubt my half siblings were capable of such a thing. Giving me a James and a remote mansion to keep me out of the tabloids for a time was just business, and I even deserved as much for some of the negative press I generated for the company. However, I suspected some other hand was involved, because being enslaved and punished by James went way beyond just business, even for them...

"I need to feel you 'getting off' through your necklace's bio sensors, as well as experience your actions up close and personal in much more detail than in that infamous video you made with that energetic young man. James is a first generation human analog and was designed originally for another purpose, but his original design and programming are ideal for this present application with you. I am a third generation human analog and can emulate every human activity, to include every known act of fornication, although I don't think that's the word you would use."

I gathered as much as I could plainly see the detail of her familiar body before she covered it with one of my dresses, and it was an exact copy of the one I had several months ago, as if she were my long lost twin separated at birth. To be honest with myself, I had gained weight here with James' fine cooking, and if things kept up I could become hard to recognize even by my parasitic "friends". At the moment she looked far more like the "me" that everybody recognized than I did, and that was obviously intentional.

She could force me to do anything she wanted, but had likely chosen not to as I had never been forced to do anything I didn't want to, (before being sequestered at the mansion). If she forced me she wouldn't see the accurate response she claimed to need. She was also right in sensing that I needed to get off, so badly in fact that it was clouding my judgment. The presence of the bio sensors in my necklace explained how James was able to know I was close to bringing myself off all those times when he had "accidentally" interrupted me, or even knew when I decided to go skinny dipping right before he caught me misbehaving the first time.

I knew I had little to bargain with, especially with my lost wager with James, but I needed to know just one thing.

"I will willingly do whatever you want, to the limit of my abilities, if you answer me one question. Why are you here?"

"Whatever is a word that can mean many things to many different humans, so before I agree to your offer we need to be clear. The definition I choose is 'without limit', as in you will do what I want without limit for the duration of our time together, so long as it doesn't cause permanent harm to your mortal body. In case James didn't tell you, we are not allowed to do such things without specific permission from you".

Did I already agree to as much with my earlier acceptance of James' terms? I didn't have the courage to ask, but I suspected I already knew the answer!

"I will willingly do 'without limit' that which you desire in exchange for the reason of your presence here."

"Very well" she said, and I held out my hand to shake hers, much more like an equal that one would do with their master despite my lack of clothing.

Servants followed orders and didn't negotiate with their masters, and I wondered if she understood the position I was attempting to elevate myself to. Her hand was soft and warm, and it felt as if I were grasping my own it felt so real, (other than the firmness my hands were developing from their many hours of manual labor), and those eyes that I know so well looked deep into my own.

"I am here to free you from the necessity and responsibility of being an heiress to your family's business conglomerate, a position that you have no respect, nor demonstrated aptitude for. You are far more properly utilized here as James' apprentice, with simple chores and domestic skills to master under his control. He is a fine chef, as you have apparently discovered by your ever increasing girth, (the latter statement delivered with a sarcastic smirk that I'm sure I had given many times to my underlings in the past), and he may teach you those skills as well if you master the many other simple ones he has planned for you. In time, even you could aspire to become a skilled master domestic, and we intend to keep you nice and safe here at MY mansion until such time as we decide what to do with you, 'Gloria'."

I could tell there was more to their plan, the cost and elaborate nature of everything I had seen so far guaranteed it.

The faux heiress paused and looked as if looking off into space, and then after a moments time right into my eyes.

"Self bondage likely excites you for the same reason that James' control does. You deceive yourself into thinking you are a dominate personality, and you present yourself this way in public, but you are in reality a submissive just begging for someone to take control of you. You secretly yearn for someone to free you from the daily responsibility of expectations that you don't desire, you want to be directed and controlled so that your privileged pointless life has a purpose, however simple. It is the only explanation for how easily James was able to dominate you, and convince you to submit to his authority so painlessly, but in direct contradiction to what is expected by society of somebody with your perceived social standing".

"With self bondage you are only in charge of forcing yourself into submissive restraint, and after the last lock is closed you are at the mercy of 'whatever' situation you have created for yourself. In other words, submissive to the unyielding nature of the chains, cuffs, and locks, and once again free of responsibility, but in this way even of free movement. The orgasms you achieve are probably incredible for you under such conditions, and likely not possible from any other source of stimulation, and it is these that I must 'feel' through your necklace to accurately emulate your personality."

"In a way, I am here to serve you, and others. I will go out into public in your place and do the things you detest, and you will be free, to a limited extent, to enjoy yourself under the control you desire, provided by James. You have much more in common with many young socialites than you realize, except in your case you will be free to earn your personal version of nirvana as they toil at tasks they detest."

I stood staring dumbfounded into an exact copy of my own eyes, having just learned that the magnificent machine before me knew me better that any human being alive, and apparently much better that I even knew myself. I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from me, and I was finally free to be... enslaved by others and possibly even used for their entertainment. It was the darkest of my dark fantasies, and I wondered if James could arrange it, or if I could even earn it from him if he could make it happen.

I bowed my head, not in shame or defeat, but to acknowledge the greater of the two of us in the room. "What, what must I do 'heiress'?"

"Imagine what kind of situation you could get yourself into if you had another to help you. Since I am more like you that any other it could be as if you are doing it yourself, and I would be here for safety, or to only release you after an agreed time period has passed."

I had many scenarios in my mind from countless daydreams that were very dark, and it was one of these that I chose after careful consideration. I explained the details I had envisioned, and where some form of improvisation was called for by my imaginary captors.

"You will document every detail of your experiences here at the mansion for my later study from your point of view."

"Yes heiress".

* * * *

A blindfold was placed over my eyes from behind turning my world black, and I held my wrists out in invitation. My captor took one wrist each in her powerful hands and twisted them behind my back as she forced me face down on her bed with her slim leg thrust in between my spread ones. She wasn't really rough with me, but I knew if I resisted she could have her way with me no matter what, and I was so excited by that I had to fight the desire to grind myself all over her leg positioned between my own. My wrists were then cuffed together with my thick leather cuffs with only the padlock between them, forcing my hands palm to palm and rolling my shoulders back.

James had me place them on my own wrists once the same way, and I wondered if she got the idea from him. My captor then took my favorite ball gag and ran it up and down my gushing womanhood before holding it to my lips, and I nearly had my first orgasm right there as my hips thrust toward it on instinct. With it directly under my nose I could smell my arousal moments before I tasted it, and I willingly opened my mouth to accept the ball behind my teeth as my fantasy was played out far better than I could ever do on my own. I was still gushing all over the bedspread I was so worked up, just as I had probably done on her bare leg moments before.

With the ball buckled in place I tasted nothing but myself, but I could just imagine what I looked like when she stood me up. She then wrapped one of my belts around my neck like a noose, and I became concerned as I had never put anything around my neck during self bondage for fear of strangling myself. My heiress apparently had no such concerns as she lead me through the house and out into the expansive yard by my improvised leash. We finally arrived at our destination, and by the distance and direction we walked it seemed like the place I had suggested to her in the abduction fantasy scenario that I described to her earlier.

A portion of the energy for our off the grid survival house came from a not so close natural gas well, with the meter and related above ground plumbing placed as far away from the main house as possible for safety. It was enclosed on all sides by a chain link fence even though the entire compound was encircled by a massive barrier of it's own, and it was this lock and door that I heard my captor open before I was walked inside, just as in the fantasy I described earlier to my heiress. I knew this area well, as one of my mindless chores was to read the meter once a day and give the reading to James so he could arrange payment for the gas we used at the end of the month. I could tell the bright green pipes were cold from my many visits due to the gas released from deep in the earth, but that wasn't what interested me inside my perfect little fantasy prison cell.

The gas flowing, and the action of whatever made the meter work were both mechanical things, and they set the large pipes buzzing and vibrating with several different frequencies in random patterns. The mindlessness of the vibrations I had witnessed on my many visits is what excited me, and being restrained in place, possibly while straddling one of the large pipes as it drove me mad with it's vibrations seemed like the ultimate orgasm just waiting to happen. The cold it could torment me with seemed like the price I would have to pay for this fantasy, and in my mind I imagined I was being held for ransom by some evil characters and filmed in my torment to hasten the ransom being paid, before of course my abductors had their fun with me.

I was lead over to what I could feel was the cold twelve inch pipe, and my captor silently pulled my left ankle up and over the pipe running parallel to the ground that fed the meter. I felt it brush my upper thighs, and it's presence there made me spread my legs out widely, but that alone wasn't going to do much for me despite my heightened state of lust. My wrists were freed from behind my back and the left one was locked to one of my heavy chains, and then it both felt and sounded like my captor ran the loose end of the chain up through the chain link roof, and back down to my other wrist cuff. My captor pulled most of the slack out of my chains before closing the other pad lock, holding both my arms high overhead and spread about shoulder width apart.

So far this was turning out to be the best "self bondage" experience I had ever had, and we had just started!

My captor then put my other cuffs on each of my ankles, and she brought them together behind me also straddling the cold pipe. My womanhood was ground down onto the pipe that had warmed with my boiling body pressed up against it, and the only two things that could make this better would be for my large textured toy to be inside of me, and the pipe to be set into motion by gas flowing through it.

Neither thing happened fast enough for me, so I started grinding myself back and forth on the smooth pipe with as much of my body weight pressing down at the apex of my obscenely spread thighs as I could manage, all while my chains rattled overhead. I bore down on my ball gag as muffled squeals escaped past it, and even without something inside of me I knew I could still orgasm like this, but the effort it took to get that to happen had me sweating like mad.

I felt my ankles being pulled up off of the pipe, and I both heard and felt one of my chains pulled up through the chain link roof until my womanhood was no longer in contact with the pipe. I was suspended in a most uncomfortable position with the vehicle for my much anticipated orgasm just out of reach. I screeched in frustration past my gag, but I stopped dead as I felt the belt still wrapped around my neck pulled just enough to remind me it was there, as if I could forget it's rough torment over my hypersensitive nipples with every twitch!

"Don't even think about it without my permission", my heiress hissed into my ear.

I was startled a moment later to feel my soft flogger smack my ass, and I yelped more at the shock than I did any pain. James had taken his belt to me so often that he needed to smack me good and hard to even get a response from me, and the flogger was having the opposite effect on my sex starved suspended body. She swatted me progressively harder three times until she stopped, observing to no one in particular, "You like that then".

She worked over my back, my thighs, and my hanging breasts and stomach, and she noted my responses, again to no one in particular. She kept coming back to my breasts, my necklace and my squeals both probably telling her they were my primary trigger point, and that I liked them treated especially roughly at times like this. When I thought I couldn't endure another moment I heard the sound I was waiting for, the buzzing of the gas pipe I was suspended over. I whined past my gag, "please, please, please," and as my ankles were lowered down I ground myself onto the cold pipe, with my heiress smacking away at my breasts without mercy.

My orgasm was epic, possibly the best one ever, but I can't be sure because I passed out from the sheer intensity of it. I woke soaked in perspiration, but still suspended in the same position I was left in, and I had a momentary panic that I had been left alone with my heiress' need already satisfied. I wanted out of my bondage, just like every other time right after I orgasm, but I was still at the mercy of my heiress for that. I realized my ball gag was out, and it was a good thing as I was still breathing deeply trying to replace the oxygen my body used up moments before.

"Am, am, am I alone?" I asked quietly, hoping I wasn't.

"I am here Gloria. That was quite an experience, I nearly couldn't keep up with you for a moment."

"Thank you", I said. "Could you release me now, please?"

"Not just yet, we have some other matters to attend to. Have you always stuttered the first word of your statements when under stress, or only since you have been here?"

"I, I don't always realize I'm doing it, so I can't say for sure... Please let me down, now."

"I need just one more thing before I can leave here to assume your public life. I need the secret access code for your investment accounts, as you well know living the life of a spoiled heiress isn't cheap, and I require resources to make that happen. I also can invest it much more wisely than your brokers have in the past and actually out pace the market, instead of trying to just keep up with it."

"What code?" I lied. Suddenly in my post orgasm low my cloudy judgment cleared, and I didn't know if I liked the idea of being "free" of the necessity of being a twenty five year old billionaire in the real world.

"I have you precisely patterned, so does James, I know when your lying."

"I, I don't remember it," I lied again.

"Let me help you then," she said.

I still couldn't see a thing with my blindfold in place, but I felt the feather tickle my bare foot as I tried to launch myself out of my chains. My bare feet, the back of my knees, my arm pits, and a dozen other places she explored as I tried to rip the chains from their locks. She had instant feedback both from my reactions, and my necklace, and she was sadistic and relentless with her torment of my helpless body. She mapped every square inch of my body for it's most ticklish points, and came back to the worst ones over and over again.

My lungs hurt, as did the rest of me, and I was surprised when I heard myself yell out, "I AM A BITCH THAT NEEDS A SPANKING".

She stopped for a moment, "Yes I know you are, but I still need the code".

"NO, no, no, that's how I remember it", I said breathlessly. "Each letter corresponds with a number on any cell phone."

"Clever girl, I'll send James down to get you after I have left."

She left me there and a short time later I heard the chopper...

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