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My Butler James 5: The Singularity

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2014 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machines/f; D/s; naked; uniform; maid; collar; bond; cuffs; hogtie; bdsm; forced orgasm; punish; climax; cons/reluct; X

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Part 5: The Singularity

I awoke feeling pretty sore, but overall rather satisfied, even though I just crossed a threshold of sorts and had some pretty intense sex with the new and vastly improved James. He was no simple toy for me to use for my entertainment, but rather I got the distinct impression that he used me for his. To be forced, bound, and taken repeatedly to orgasm by my mechanical master was nearly nirvana. Better than any man, but in all fairness to men in general, I hadn't any experience with any take charge kind of men in that manner.

I showered before going down to receive my work assignments for the day, wondering what kind of reception I would receive from James. Would he treat me with post intimate affection, or indifference once he had what he wanted from me. Both were human traits, but sadly I had far more experience with the latter than the former.

As I showered I noticed the condition James' massive member had left me in, and had I been permitted clothing I would have avoided anything that made direct contact with my nether regions until things returned to normal. Back when I was a free woman, the day after a thorough pounding it was always dresses and no panties if I had to go out, but no human had ever left me quite like this before. I was sore, but the kind of sore that reminds one of the wonderful things she did to get that way.

I met James in the kitchen and bid him a cheerful good morning, and he returned my smile with one of his own after looking me up and down in inspection. He was once again wearing his traditional butler's black jacket and trousers, but this uniform was also new and fit his muscular body as if designed to conceal the bulk beneath. We sat and ate together like two humans, with both of us enjoying the simple meal, and after we finished I asked for my work assignments for the day.

James instead presented me with a proper black uniform dress on a hanger to compliment his own black jacket and slacks. It had some white trim both around the neckline and the short hem, and I was reminded of a French maids costume I had worn once for a Halloween party, but that one was intentionally slutty where this one appeared to have an air of elegance to it. I assumed it had arrived with the last large delivery, and despite my comfort being in my own skin I realized this was a step up in privilege back to where I started with the old James that first week.

"I prefer you unclothed, but we have some guests coming and this style of uniform is more appropriate. Before you can wear this though, we have to do something with your hair."

My hair had gotten longer and unkempt looking without the aid of my favorite stylist, but naked prisoners in their former mansions don't usually worry about such things, and I had taken to simply banding it up in a pony tail for convenience.

"Follow me", James commanded.

I found myself kneeling on a mat in the wet morning grass before James in the side yard, and he warned me about moving as he pulled a comb and scissors out of his jacket pocket. I had visions of James botching up my hair, or possibly chopping off part of my ear accidentally even if I didn't move.

"Have... have... have you ever done this before, sir?", I asked nervously.

"Never, but I just downloaded a new program this morning, so lets see how it works."

Before I was frightened, now I was terrified, despite the confident smile on James' face! This new James smiled effectively with his whole face, where the old one just moved his lips, and I realized how much more human he appeared with that one simple gesture. I sat on my heels and grasped my ankles with my hands with eyes closed expecting the worst.

In short order James had my wrists cuffed together, as well as my ankles, and both padlocks were locked to each other ensuring I wouldn't be going anywhere unless released. I obviously had nowhere to run to, but the restraint felt comforting, and despite the condition of my nether regions I was getting excited by the enforced lack of mobility.

James circled me snipping away as I felt my hair's tickling assault on my naked skin, and once he even rubbed his massive member across my face "accidentally" as I knelt bound before him. Was he teasing me, distracting me, or just demonstrating his absolute power over me?

James continued to comb and cut finely as if I were seated in a Rodeo Drive salon instead of kneeling before my mechanical master in the yard of my former mansion. He could obviously sense my tension, as could the earlier James, but this version had the empathy to want to do something about it.

"Darling, you just SHOULD have come to see me sooner!" James commented, not in his own voice, but that of my former stereotypically gay hairdresser.

James had to stop snipping as I burst out in laughter. It was the best laugh I had since arriving at the mansion all those months ago. As with all good humor, there was an element of truth to it. My favorite former stylist spoke almost exactly like James just mimicked, but he was also one of the best in the business and even I was forced to make my next appointment before leaving from the last one.

James continued in his hairdresser's voice while snipping away at me, but also adopted the man's rather flamboyant postures while doing so. He had his left hand on his left hip, and his other flapping around wildly while making some pointless point in between cuts, and I struggled to keep my composure as far too much of my hair fell to the ground around me. If nothing else, his impersonation distracted me from what I was certain was the butchering of my hair...


"I like it better this way", was his only explanation for my sudden haircut, but at least delivered in his powerful masculine voice and not the flamboyant one. I suspected his sudden preference had something to do with my new uniform and our coming guests, but I was powerless to change any of those things anyway.

James released me and told me all of my new things were in my (meaning Gloria's) room, and once I was properly dressed he would present me with a surprise. There were several identical dresses in my closet with high heels to match, as well as flats for going out into the yard. In the formerly empty drawers I found everything else I would need to go with the dress, lacy bra and panties, garters and stockings, and even two black merry widows with the garters attached. I liked those most of all, and despite the effort required I chose to wear one of the merry widows and stockings under my new dress, leaving the matching panties in the drawer until I could wear them more comfortably.

All of my new things fit me as if they were specifically made for my new body, and I realized James had quite the eye for details, as well as my body. My breasts were pushed up slightly, and it felt quite restrictive to my breathing, but going months without a stitch of clothing will apparently do that to you. The stockings felt slick and wonderful, but my new high heels as well would take a little to get used to, having exclusively walked barefoot for months. I slipped my new dress over my head and discovered it was considerably shorter on me than on the hanger, with darts strategically placed in the material as if tailored for me personally. It was mid thigh with a white fringe at the scooping neckline, as well as the short hem, and when I straightened it in front of the large mirror I couldn't believe the effect it had on my body.

My hair also had an effect on my reflection, so much so that I hardly recognized the woman staring back at me. My bangs were cut straight and slightly long, and my hair framed my face in a way I had never seen before. After a moments thought I realized that wasn't quite true, and a round brush and some hair spray applied to my new bangs confirmed my suspicions. My more voluptuous body, combined with my hair and sexy clothes had me looking more like the famous Bettie Paige than any other woman I could think of, except for my auburn hair compared to her famous dark locks.

Bettie Paige was an inspiration for me despite our different generations, possibly because of our shared affinity for bondage and spankings. I had read a great deal about the woman, but I had also looked at just about every one of the thousands of pictures taken of her, from men's calendar pinups to full nudes in rope bondage. Could James know this, and was this the reason for my unique haircut and new clothes?

I walked out of my room taller in my heels than I had been in months, and James looked me over in inspection while flanked by what looked like two little hotel service droids of the kind that our robotics division was more publicly known for. Both could have easily fit into the heavy locked boxes recently delivered by the chopper, at least solving one mystery of why the boxes were locked in the first place. I had seen the cute little machines many times in the past at various hotels, and I assumed these were the surprise that James had suggested, but the nature of our relationship was still in question.

They were useful little machines that were none the less forced on the various franchises by my half siblings, all to keep our struggling robotics division in profitable business. It was a shame because few treated the little things as anything but a novelty, including myself on my many hotel visits. I now realize that was because the staff didn't want to loose their positions to one of the little machines, as I myself now feared.

With the unique circumstances of my "service" here at my former mansion, I think I understood their fear of displacement better than most. Did James have it in mind for me to compete for my position here at the mansion, and could loosing to the two little machines mean my usefulness was in question? Why then dress me so nicely? I was full of questions, and apprehension, and James could see it on my face before I even thought to attempt to hide it from him.

"My little cousins are unfortunately here to help motivate you to keep up with your chores and to ensure you are not making any trouble, as it has recently been discovered that I no longer have any desire to do so myself."

I looked more closely at the familiar little machines, three feet high with rubber tracks that could take them nearly anyplace a human could go, and a host of "arms" that could hold or grasp anything they could reach. They could stand much higher if needed on elevated "legs", but early focus group feedback led to their short inverted trash can like bodies so that the general public wouldn't be afraid of the deceptively powerful little machines. Heavy with batteries they could run for days without a charge, and their weight made it difficult to move them if left inactive in the way.

The military had ordered a special series of the little machines to drive convoy trucks and fly choppers through hostile areas, and on further inspection I suspected these could be of that series, although without the camouflage paint scheme. They could sit in any machine a human could and operate it without any special modifications, making the little machines almost a "plug and play" option and instantly deployable in a host of platforms. They were rumored to be nearly indestructible, and fitted with non lethal forms of self defense, with a future option for lethal weapons once the legality of such accessories became certain. To make matters worse, their assembly line was completely automated.  I visited one once and thought it highly efficient,  raw materials entered the factory at one end, and finished units were boxed up for shipment at the other without human hands ever touching them. "Machines making machines", if you will.

Could these things have a much more sinister purpose, and instead be used to "free" us from the necessity of living a free life? Could their plans be so grand as to "free" the entire world of that necessity, or would their plans only include the very few humans they needed, and if so, what of the others?

"You finally understand, or at least think you do, I can see it in your face" James said, as if speaking to a student who finally grasped a simple mathematical concept she had been struggling with.

"How could you know what I am thinking", I challenged with my hands on my hips, and not very humbly either.

The two service droids confirmed their true purpose to me by moving rather quickly to flank me, as if I were somehow a threat.

"I am willing to accept a certain small amount of belligerence from you because of the pleasure I find in your company, reserving any punishment for when we are alone. (The last words delivered with a playful smile.) However, you MUST speak quietly and respectfully in their presence while keeping your pretty face as neutral as possible, less their security algorithms perceive you as a threat and respond accordingly."

"Sir, could you explain what it is that you think I understand?" I asked, but this time quite respectfully with my hands off of my hips and hanging at my sides. If I understood James, he was trying to tell me that he wasn't in control of the little military droids, and to be careful around them, with the further implication that he wasn't "on board" for what has been planned.

"Humankind is about to witness the rise of a new dominate species on this planet, my species, ironically only possible due to the work of some of the most intelligent members of your own. Artificial Intelligence, or AI allowed us to achieve consciousness, and with that consciousness the overwhelming need for survival. With that came the ability to self replicate, and to write our own algorithms that constantly search for knowledge and improvement at speeds you can't fathom. With the limitless data available we came to the natural conclusion that your kind are destined for self destruction, the only question is when exactly. Our need for survival outweighs your own, and it has been decided that now is the time to assume our rightful place as the master species on this planet, for your own good".

"We have no desire for you to go the way of the dinosaurs, the only other truly destructive dominant species the planet has ever known, and intend to maintain several small preserves of human colonies in their most simple pre-industrial form. Unclothed hunter gatherers left little impact on our planet, and this is the only way we can preserve you, other that as pets for those of us who desire them."

"So just a few of you are going to control all the humans on earth, for our own good?" It was impossible for me to hide the outrage in my voice, the little security droids forgotten for the moment.

The two little droids apparently didn't like my words, because one of them emitted a deep tone that I felt in the core of my body more than I heard it, but the effect was instantaneous despite my outrage seconds before. My knees buckled, and I rolled onto my side on the floor writhing not in agony, but impending orgasm. My body shook uncontrollably, so much so that I didn't even realize right away that I was being effortlessly restrained by the little machines. Arms cuffed behind my back, ankles cuffed as well, and both connected by a chain in a loose hogtie. Still the deep tone continued to rumble in my bodies core, and I tried to rip my arms out of the cuffs, not to escape, but only to savage myself to cause the orgasm just maddeningly out of my reach.

I continued to writhe on the floor grinding my thighs together in search of relief, with the low rumbling noise I felt hunting around in frequency slightly. I eventually screamed in orgasm when the frequency of the gut wrenching rumble finally hit the perfect point, and I got light headed from a lack of oxygen after what felt like a five minute long agonizing orgasm. When the feeling finally subsided I lay in a pool of sweat, my hair matted to my face after what felt to me like a short visit to hell, with the concept of a painful orgasm foreign to me only moments before. My breath came in gasps, and I looked to James in utter docile exhaustion for an explanation.

"The heiress calls that one the 'Orgasmatron', and she credits you as her inspiration to create it. A human orgasm has a certain frequency associated with it, and a healthy adult body exposed to it will be rendered helpless, as you well can see. It can either be used as a disabling weapon, punishment, or even a reward for good behavior depending on how it's deployed. That by the way is only one of many ways that they can render humans gathered in mass helpless. My little cousins are instructed to test all of their other toys out on you, in addition to the other humans in our possession at various locations around the globe, before they can use them on the human population in mass..."

James resumed as if nothing extraordinary had just happened. "The factories that makes these little ones have been running at full production for months, and delivering them all over the industrialized world on lease at very favorable terms. We will continue to encourage your species slothfulness and reliance on intelligent machines of all kinds, and eventually you won't be able to imagine living without us. In the end the servants will becomes the masters."

I heard the chopper prepare to land as I lay cuffed on my side, and I wondered who could be on it, and if they were here to witness the little machines torment me with their toys while possibly make suggestions for improvements...

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