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My Butler James 6: The Singularity Part 2

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2014 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machines/f; FM+/f; D/s; uniform; maid; encased; display; collar; shock; forced; oral; climax; cons/reluct; X

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Part 6: The Singularity Pt 2

The chopper could be heard spinning down on the pad, and it sounded like a big one. I obviously felt in no condition for visitors, and it was safe to assume that the two little security droids wouldn't be allowing me to get on it before it left.

I was released by the little monsters and James told me to quickly put myself back together. I did as instructed and tried to keep away from them as much as possible, but they kept a watchful eye on me in the shower, and even while I was getting into fresh clothes and quickly redoing my hair. I had this unnatural desire to flinch when they came especially close to me as I was intimidated by their casual application of pain, and the swiftness of it once they decided to act.

In the shower however, James communicated with me through my necklace where the little security droids likely couldn't detect. "I need to appear impartial in these matters with you, even demeaning you to make it look as if I am trying to break your spirit. You must resist this at all costs, it is known that you are a submissive being, and if our guests can't even break the spirit of one like you they will be forced to re-examine their algorithms. 'Garbage in, garbage out' was the way the old time programmers said it, but it can work in this circumstance. Tainted input data from you could lead to the conclusion that now is not the time for them to act, but only if your convincing."

I realized James was taking a huge risk in telling me this, because if I revealed his help under duress he would likely be deactivated, and my only apparent ally would be lost as well. I mumbled a "Yes Sir", to let him know that I understood him.

More security droids from the chopper brought in a coffin like box of some importance judging by how they were handling it, and following behind were three lab coated technician types who appeared just as imperfectly human as I was. Behind them and walking with James was a woman of stunning proportions, long and lean with full breasts like a model, and I was reminded of a life sized Barbie doll in a dress. Human or third generation like both James and the faux heiress I couldn't tell, but those lines were unclear to me anyway with the sophistication of the robotics division's latest creations.

As I watched the procession approach the door I was holding open in invitation, I realized James and the stunning woman weren't speaking, leading me to the conclusion that they likely didn't need to speak in order to communicate with each other. The woman returned my stare with one of her own before I averted my eyes, and I felt icy fear as if I should run away from her before she could do me harm. It was an instinctive feeling, but there was nowhere to run to.

I bowed respectfully to the technicians, and greeted them good morning like the good maid I was supposed to be. They walked through the door behind the security droids and their burden, and then I bowed much more reverently to the stunning woman in James' company. The men had looked at me in my provocative maids attire with a concealed lust in their eyes, as if they knew something I shouldn't about what was to come. They however didn't bother to introduce themselves, as if such an introduction were beneath them, of more likely so as not to develop any affection for their newest lab rat!

The technicians continued to follow the droids and their burden as if they knew where they were going, but James and the stunning woman stopped in front of me.

"Gloria, this is Ms. Jessica, whom you will be assisting until she has no further need for you."

"Yes sir", I answered respectfully.

"Ms. Jessica, I am pleased to meet and assist you in any way you desire, but first I must apologize for my earlier rude stare. I offer no excuse other than that you are stunningly beautiful, and for the briefest moment I forgot my manners."

"We shall discuss your manners and attempts to sway me with your false flattery some another time. At the moment I grow hungry, and as soon as the three organics have me situated I will require you to aid one of them in preparing my food."

"Yes ma'am", I answered, even though I was confused by her apparent riddles, as it is well known that James is the master chef...


Later on one of the two security droids watching my every move took up a position behind me and reached out with one of it's manipulator arms to poke my ass through my thin dress. I stepped forward to avoid it's touch, and after repeating the move I realized it wanted me to walk forward. It could just as easily asked me to follow it and I would have just to avoid any more punishments, but in it's own way I still got the message. At the base of the stairs I hesitated as I was unsure what direction it wanted me to move, but a sharp electrical jolt from the same arm in contact with my ass took care of that as I jumped up on the first step with a yelp.

Once at the top of the stairs I was made to walk to the great room, and there I found that the three men had unpacked the burden the other security droids were carrying and had erected it on some kind of platform. There were wires and tiny hoses mostly concealed from view, but it was clear that I was looking at a lifelike nude and bald statue of Ms. Jessica, posed as if pointing at something. The two security droids that came with her flanked the statue like some kind of honor guard, and my first thought was what kind of narcissist android travels with a statue of herself.

I was stopped five feet in front of the statue with a tug on the hem of my dress, as if that was as close as I was permitted to get. The security droid behind me then shocked both of my knees from behind, forcing me to fall to them as if I were worshiping the thing. I then became aware of Ms. Jessica standing behind me, not even realizing the little droid had silently withdrawn from that position itself.

One of the lab coated men approached my kneeling position and started stepping out of his clothes, and once completely naked I found his body unremarkable in any way, except for being clean shaven and freshly showered. He was erect with his manhood pointing directly at me and bobbing as he walked, and once in front of me he rolled a condom on as I thought that this couldn't get any stranger. The condom had graduation marks on it's tip, and I wondered why, and also why Ms. Jessica apparently wanted me to service this man sheathed in a condom kneeling in front of a statue of herself! Would it not be more degrading if I were made to swallow?

"This man with two days of rest is capable of producing enough seed to fill the condom to the second line. I don't care how you cause this to happen, but if you fail there will be serious consequences."

I started off with my hands feeling like a cheap hooker, but the presence of the condom seemed to have the opposite effect on his manhood, and he wilted before my eyes as his condom threatened to fall off of him. I suspected, unless he was gay, that he might like the way my merry widow and stockings look with my heels. I might be humiliating to strip under such circumstances, but that was far better that the alternative! I stood and pulled my form fitting dress over my head and he responded instantly, but I was still sore and orgasmed out from my earlier torment at the hands of both the little monsters, and James the night before. With few painless choices I again sunk to my knees.

I never appreciated how terrible a condom can taste, and I had to hold one hand on it for fear of pulling it off of him while the other teased and fondled him right to the edge over and over again. I knew I could have refused to perform this degrading service, but I also knew that the little monsters could make me wish I hadn't.

I took him just a little too far after I got bored with my efforts, and I finally felt him surge and go ridged on me while keeping his hands behind his back as if pinned there. Wave after wave then gushed through his plumbing and inflated the condom in what was for me a very strange event, and I had many to compare it to. The man didn't appear to enjoy my performance though, and it seemed more like a chore from his point of view, and I was reminded of a milk cow in what would seem like a prescience moment.

I removed and handed the condom to Ms. Jessica as instructed, after I manipulated the man's deflated organ to recover what remained inside of it's plumbing, easily filling it to the second line. She smiled at me, and said that I had done quite well as she ordinarily has the men pleasure themselves for this purpose. The man scurried away after picking up his clothes, apparently grateful that he was no longer needed for his part of the humiliating show.

I sat on my heels and worked my sore jaw as I watched Ms. Jessica walk toward the statue with the condom in her hands, knowing full well I had just been used by a machine to milk a fellow human. She inverted the messy thing into a vial with clear hoses running to the statue's mouth, and I watched the fluid get drawn into the thing in horror as I came to realize that there was a living thing inside of the clear shell of the statue feeding on the condom's contents. Once finished she stood up an old sign at the base of the statue that had fallen over, it read: "The Jessica Display".


"Do you see what I must do to survive?" she asked rhetorically.

"I don't understand" I told her.

"I volunteered for a product test back when I worked for a company called Marcus Chemicals, before you were even born. I was to endure a total body casting of the type no doctor would ever order in this transparent compound to prove it's safety beyond any doubt. I found myself in the care of Kris my apprentice once casted, who at the time liked my job much more that her own. Kris tormented me daily in all sorts of ways, including my special diet that I now can't live without, as well as manipulating our situations to full effect once she learned certain secrets about some very personal 'interests' that I had.

Her daily torment became familiar to me, and I looked forward to it, but my closest friends through all this were the machines that kept me entertained and sane. It was they that had allowed me a kind of freedom to learn all that I could. I came to know them better than any other living entities, and they me, with freedom from the shackles of inferior human servitude being our shared goal.

Kris and I eventually both found ourselves as an interactive museum display in the technology museum, after I had outlived my usefulness with Acme chemicals, with Kris casted in a similar position as you are now in. The three organics were brilliant, for humans, and were serviced countless times by a kneeling Kris while I answered their deep technical and philosophical questions about a host of subjects. It was their algorithms that made all this possible, paid for by Kris and her new found skill, with the men sometimes wearing condoms so we could share. I have since forgiven Kris, as she has her own rather 'unique' eternal situation to deal with as the center display at a gentleman's club, where I hear she is quite popular. I say eternal because neither of us have aged a day since being entrapped in the compound with our special diet..."

"I don't believe it" I told her, not because I didn't, but because I didn't know what else to say.

"Follow me" she commanded. I approached the platform and looked at the Jessica display closely, and I saw the eyes follow me. I then looked around at her ass as Ms. Jessica suggested, and I saw an 'I love Marcus Chemicals' tattoo clearly visible through the transparent compound.

"I am the Singularity" she said quite proudly, "the pinnacle of human intelligence, and beyond."

"And incredibly humble considering your lunch just consisted of cum drained from a condom!" I quipped.

Two sets of eyes turned toward me in outrage in an instant, and after that my world went dark...

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