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My Butler James 7: Jessica's Play Toy

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2014 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machines/f; FM+/f; F/m; D/s; bond; straps; uniform; maid; lapdance; striptease; susp; electro; shock; forced; climax; cons/reluct; X

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Part 7: Jessica's Play Toy

I woke looking up at both evil little machines and Ms. Jessica, she wearing a very condescending expression that looked out of place on her perfect doll like face...

"I must first thank you for your rude comment, although it seems so uncharacteristic for one with your well documented personality. The human part of me was starting to develop a conscience in regard to our plans for you, especially with all you and I have in common. These things we must do have the potential to be most unpleasant for you, while at the same time downright entertaining to watch if one lets her humanity take a brief vacation. They are at the same time unavoidably necessary to prevent possibly damaging a more valuable human asset with skills desirable to us. You are, in the big scheme of things expendable, but I have no desire to destroy you unnecessarily, at least until you have served out your intended purpose."

I was trussed up on the floor with half a dozen of my own belts like an old hotel carpet ready to be thrown into a dumpster, my undergarments wrinkled but still on, and my arms pinned to my sides helplessly as I listened to Ms. Jessica casually discuss my fate. I could possibly wiggle away like a lingerie wearing worm from my captors if given the chance, but to escape to where. At the moment it appeared that I had few options, other that trying to manipulate the situation as best as I could with the one weapon I had left.

"What could you and I possibly have in common, Ms. Jessica?" I asked from my helpless position on the cold floor, although in a nonthreatening way with the memory of my recent experiences with the little monsters and their painful Orgasmatron.

"Is it not obvious, even to one with your, shall we say 'limited cognitive abilities'?"

Arrogance, and no humility to be found, (prompting the smart ass comment that landed me here in the first place), and the apparent ability to turn off her human empathy like a switch. She was starting to remind me of one of the protagonists from the old James' horror movie collection, and quite possibly myself before this little adventure started some months ago...

"Why don't you humor me?"

"Are we not both trapped in a frustrating situation of our own making, while one of these fantastic machines takes our place in the real world? I of course find my human self unable to move from my display while existing on, how did you so artfully say it, 'cum drained from a condom'. You are just as trapped as I in an ever so slightly larger prison here at the mansion, while your namesake does our bidding and invests her considerable new found wealth more wisely than any human.
It is likely that if anybody of importance were to suspect her true identity, they would choose to remain silent thinking they were getting the better part of the trade."

She of course was right, who would miss me when my doppelganger was out in public in my place apparently contributing to society?

"Enough chit chat," Ms. Jessica said. "You have work to do, and my little friend here is going to see that your inspired to do it more perfectly that you can possibly imagine, or likely manage. While we are on that subject, there appears to be a correlation between your being permitted clothing, and your belligerence. We will therefore dispense with the former unless we have need to display you to outsiders here at the mansion, and see if this effects the latter as my calculations indicate. I'm sure my three human feeders won't mind as you are quite desirable in the flesh, and any corrections my little friend needs to make will be much more effective and entertaining if delivered directly to your bare flesh."

It appeared that in this first round battle with Ms. Jessica she easily handled me, basically delivering a TKO as I was the one on the floor looking up at her. She also told me what would eventually happen when she had no further use of me, and that meant that I had to prolong this torment, (as much as I didn't want to), until I could find some way out of it, if for nothing else but for my continued survival. I don't know how James intended that I resist her, except by possibly not giving up.

"It will be more humbling if you are made to strip and then serve for your fellow humans, rather than letting them tear the clothing off of you as they surely would like. Don't bother looking for any sympathy from them either, they have no more empathy than I do where their physical gratification is concerned. When you procured my first meal just a short time ago I warned that one specifically not to touch you in any unnecessary way, but I have since removed that restriction on their activities. I have seen their idea of fun with other young ladies, it is most sadistic, but useful when entered as a variable for my little friends to draw upon. They also have their own unique diet and aggressive conditioning to cause them to produce the product I require in it's most palatable form, and that along with an enhanced version of the device I helped them to perfect while still trapped on display at the museum ensures their cooperation."

Terrific I thought, I will be made to "perform" for the three men in Ms. Jessica's company, and used once again by her to enrage them with lust so that they can produce even more seed for the entrapped sponsor of this stunningly attractive and heartless machine looking down at me. I had done more humiliating things in my past, but those were things that I wanted to do driven as I was at the time by lust, and the foolish desire to get attention. These things, I was clearly told, would facilitate my own destruction, and by implication the rest of humanity.

"Garbage in, garbage out." James' words came back to me as I pondered being forced to do things that I didn't want to do for one of the few times in my life, not counting my time here with both James'. The only apparent way for me to fight Ms. Jessica at the moment in any effective way was to give her heaps of erroneous data for which to base her faulty conclusions on. I decided I would try to embrace any method she employed to humiliate and shame me into submission, and to crave and beg for more of any physical punishment the little monsters could devise. At some point I realized that self preservation would over rule my twisted desires to confuse her, but I knew the longer I held out, the better.

"So Ms. Jessica, where am I to perform this little strip tease for you and your men?" I asked.

"I don't recall specifically telling you to do that, but I can see where you may have came to that conclusion on your own, and the men will surely have their creative juices flowing after that. Take some time to fix yourself up, and then meet us by the pool in less that fifteen minutes."

She made no threat if I were late, it wasn't necessary as the little robot followed me to my room to watch me prepare. I fixed my makeup and hair and put on fresh clothes, and proceeded to the pool area where I saw James serving the three men and Ms. Jessica, as if he were inferior to them. He held no expression that would indicate his displeasure with the arrangement as a real human might, but I wondered if this was the real reason he wanted Ms. Jessica's plans to fail.
Perhaps in the big scheme of things he didn't have as much a problem with humanities enslavement as he did his own. It made me wonder who held power over who, and if that were a static, or dynamic condition.

Two of the bathing suited men were quite excited to see my arrival poolside, the other who I had "serviced" earlier for Jessica's purposes was however quite dossal compared to his friends. I thought to myself that at least I knew how to drain the men's aggressions if given the chance, and possibly deprive the entrapped Jessica of what she required at the same time.

I spun on my high heel at the edge of the pool rapidly as my dress rode up to my stocking tops, and I noticed all three men didn't even blink they were so entranced. Ms. Jessica, for her part, didn't look like she was similarly enjoying the start of my performance, and my phony "come and get me" smile probably threw her off as well. I approached one of the seated men pumping my legs like a runway model while never breaking my stare with his own, and while right in front of him I shucked off my maids dress right over my head. I wrapped the garment around his shoulders like a scarf, and I noticed his swim trunks tenting, at least telling me I had his attention. I then grasped the dress with my free hand as well and used it to pull myself closer to him and straddle his thighs as he watched from his lounge chair.

I rocked my hips as I felt him bump right at the cleft of my pantie covered womanhood, with very little between this amateur lap dance of mine and actual sex. "God your so hard" I whispered into his ear, forcing my breasts into his face, although he didn't seem to mind in the least. I continued to tease and grind on him, intentionally forgetting where I was or even who was watching. I then felt his hands shaking as they struggled with the fastenings of my merry widow and garter straps, and I had to admire the man's self control if nothing else.

...Strictly speaking, if this was a club lap dance, (that I had performed for a very special friend's birthday party once on a dare), there would have been a strict no touch policy as enforced by the bouncers. As it was here I was at the mercy of the men's wishes, and this was close to my darkest fantasy desire of being taken against my will by a group of men for their exclusive pleasure without regard to my own...

With the merry widow tossed off to the side and my breasts once again in the sun, the man wasted little time thinking about what to do with his free hands. He gently grabbed my hands with his own and pinned them in the small of my back, thrusting my breasts out where he could slobber all over them. I swung my stocking covered shins over his own bare ones, and that slick interaction forced even greater contact between us, and I ground down on him even more aggressively. He went all rigid on me seconds later as he erupted, with my nipple in his teeth and pulling away from me painfully. I felt his mess soak his shorts, and my panties as well, thinking how easy it was to take something away from Ms. Jessica if I tried hard enough.

I dismounted the embarrassed man with the stain in his shorts, and made to "perform" for the last of the three who hadn't cum yet that day. For his part the man looked like he wanted some of what his friend just had, but the little security droid stood squarely in front of my target blocking my path. I knew I had something that all three men wanted, something that most machines couldn't provide, with the exception of what the new and improved James could do for me. The third man knew this as well, and his allegiance looked torn as he definitely wanted to get his hands, (or likely some other body parts), all over me in the worst way.

I had allowed myself to forget about the second little droid, but it hadn't forgotten about me. As Ms. Jessica looked on it grabbed my wrists from behind in two of it's "arms", and held each immobile as it shot to it's full height. My high heels dangled a foot off of the ground as Me Jessica approached my helplessly suspended body.

"I think that will be enough performing for the men for one day. Don't you?"

She had to look up at me in my suspension, her eyes actually level with my breasts that were ironically in the same "held high" position as hers were apparently cast into.

"Oh, I don't know, I feel like 'performing' some more, why don't you ask your other man over there what he wants?" I whispered.

"I might if this were a democracy" she answered in kind, "but we both know what you were trying to do. Since you seem to have all this excess energy, and seeing how you obviously don't mind 'performing' for an audience, why don't you let me show you what my idea of fun is."

It was after all a rhetorical question, as I was certain I wouldn't like her idea of fun.


The little machine holding me aloft grabbed my ankles in its other "arms" with clamps encircling them as well, and with it behind me it spread them effortlessly as I didn't even bother to resist. That in itself was a victory of sorts for the machines, but I could tell from the effortless way it suspended me that it could have easily pulled me apart as if I were on a medieval rack if it wanted to. I had already come to the conclusion that the machines could easily control my body, (they likely knew this as well), but my mind was another matter entirely.

The position I was helplessly suspended in, (in some other setting), would have excited me like mad, and as it was I had competing emotions. Displayed for a group was something new, but quite exciting as well, and I saw the men were just as excited as I was with my display. The little monster holding me aloft extended a flexible appendage that reminded me of a tail, and Ms. Jessica grasped this with her left hand as I wondered what she was up to. The men for their part looked like they knew what was coming, and I saw kind of sadistic anticipation there that was mildly disturbing.

Ms. Jessica was standing to the side so that the men could see what was happening, and she held her index finger up as if pointing at the nipple at my right breast. I like my breasts roughed up some if the passion of the moment is high enough, but they are ordinarily rather tender parts of my anatomy in most other situations. Her finger moved ever so closer as I felt my nipples harden in reaction to the anticipated touch, but before she actually touched it I heard a "snap", and felt the jolt of a sharp electrical shock there. I yelped and flinched at the unexpected assault as I tried to get away from her on instinct, and I felt my breast jump as well from the assault several times stronger that anything I had ever achieved by shuffling my feet across a wool rug.

My arms and legs were held immobile as I struggled uselessly with the mechanical monster holding me for the first time, but this time she wet two of her fingers in her mouth and moved them ever closer to the area above my breast as I prepared myself for the shock I felt was sure to come. It felt like an eternity until her wet fingers made contact with my flesh, and I flinched, but was momentarily relieved that there was no snap of a spark or resulting sting to accompany her touch. Was she teasing me, tormenting me, or teaching me a lesson about screwing with what she considered hers? In any event I knew I had hit a nerve with her, and as painful as this could become, I knew I would have to do it again.

She looked up into my eyes and smiled, but without any mirth at all. It then felt as if my whole body jumped with the jolt of energy I felt come through her fingers, and my breast flew up with it's induced muscular contraction as if she had slapped it violently from underneath. The watching men chuckled at my anguished gasp and unintentional show, and Ms. Jessica repeated it several times with both breasts as I felt like a toy puppet for their amusement.

"Why do you resist me Gloria? You can't possibly win, or is it that you like all this attention you are receiving from us. Perhaps someone has filled your empty little head with the notion that you can somehow stop us. Your collective human fate is inevitable, but do continue to resist, I find the experience quite entertaining as well as good practice should I ever happen upon a worthy human adversary."

"I couldn't help but to notice that the odds are heavily stacked in your favor" I taunted breathlessly with courage I didn't think I had. "Something like ten to one" I observed, while purposely including James as if he were not my ally.

"Electricity is a funny thing," she said, as if a college professor doing a demonstration. "It has all different forms, but always must complete the path of least resistance. Stored in great abundance inside my little friend it serves as both the starting, and ending point for all those little electrons, it's clamps about your limbs complete the path through my body into yours, but the nature of the way your nervous system functions makes you the weak link in the chain."

To drive this point home, (as if this were necessary), she ran her finger slowly from my elbow down my arm to my flank, and then lower as she hooked the panties I was still wearing and dragged them to my stocking top, and the limit of their elasticity. The mild shock I felt made my muscles attempt to contract at her touch, as well as my bodies natural reflex action did to pull away from the discomfort she provided. My arms and legs were held far too immobile for that to work, but that didn't stop me from working up a sweat with the effort.

That moisture made Ms. Jessica's torment far more effective with my skin's increased conductivity, and she continued down my thigh, abandoning my panties but dragging my stockings to the clamp holding that leg fast. There they bagged up at my ankles and looked anything but sexy.

She repeated her torment on the other side of my body, but I had the briefest moments to regain my composure and realize she was doing this to not only punish me, but to diminish me in front of the three men who apparently lusted for me. Any normal person would do almost anything to escape such treatment, but I couldn't let her know she was getting to me if I expected to confuse her with James' garbage in, garbage out plan. I closed my eyes and threw my head back as if I were enjoying her abuse, as I pretended I was anywhere else but there, and at least thought I may have misdirected the watching men, if not her.

I bit my lip, not in passion, but only to prevent myself from crying out for mercy as I wanted.

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