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My Butler James 8: Jessica's Worst Enemy

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2014 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

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Part 8: Jessica's Worst Enemy

I was an absolute mess by the time my Ms. Jessica and her droid had finished with me, and she only stopped her prolonged torture when I lost my bladder all over the walkway next to the pool. That was hugely embarrassing but well out of my control, and I would still have to say that our second engagement could be considered a draw, as we hurt each other somewhat equally depending on one's point of view. The watching men also at some point realizing that this wasn't as "fun" for me as I originally pretended it was...

I was hardly conscious when the little monster carried me into the pool all stretched out in it's grasp like a helpless bug caught in a spider's web, the cool water bringing me instantly back to full consciousness with only my head above the surface. I thrashed about thinking it about to drown me, but if it had wanted to it could have easily done so no matter what I did. Once properly awake though, I realized how unlikely that would be, as neither Ms. Jessica nor her sponsor would likely let me off that easy.

I learned several things that day, first that the military version of the little monsters were apparently waterproof, ending my thoughts of possibly pushing them into the pool to destroy them. Second, I noticed that at some point my torment stopped being 'fun' for Jessica's watching human feeders, despite Ms. Jessica's threat that they had little empathy of their own. And third, the little machines could definitely do anything they wanted to do to me physically, as that battle had already been lost.

The little security droids had an excuse, they executed programming allegedly without malice, only seeking to cause whatever result was intended by their masters, on the chessboard these would be the pawns.

Even both third generation James and my doppelganger followed this basic approach, but in their case their nuanced actions appeared near human like. Humor, passion, greed, envy, and possibly even lust were within their understanding, as were tactical planning. Whether they truly felt the emotions I gave them credit for, or simply emulated the humans they had studied was still unclear to me, but what did that matter at the moment.

The encased human Jessica was the greater threat at the moment, and acting like little more than an omnipotent self appointed dictator, her thoughts turned into actions by the device that I knew as Ms. Jessica. She was aided of course by the little monsters, and she seemed to have a power over the other inorganics that defied logic.

Did the machines not realize that they didn't need her? She could out think me, but likely not predict my actions accurately yet with my painful misdirection, but with enough time she would be able to tell what I wanted to do long before I ever thought about doing it, and that meant that I had to attack now before she became any more familiar with me.

Even though I felt pity for the encased Jessica at some level, that pity was tempered by the reality of our situation, and I realized I would have to find a way to combat her if I wished to survive. Could my human mind and it's wild variables be what James and any others needed to compete with the encased human singularity, and in aiding them was I simply choosing one master over another? Could the encased Jessica be their Frankenstein monster, and once empowered, impossible to control?

It was an easy choice all things considered, a human mistress that was vicariously amused by torturing me until I passed out, with an expiration date hanging over my head, or a refined mechanical master that was amused by fornicating with me until the same thing occurred. I lay in bed aching just about everywhere and thinking about my options, and how the rest of my day went by in a blur as I slaved for my watching new masters.

* * *

The little monsters were relentless in their torments as I again assumed the duties of a naked servant, and I was worked hard to entertain the three watching human men, and the encased Jessica as seen through the mechanical eyes of the Ms. Jessica device. I was collared and leashed like a pet by the droid handling me, and shocked by it when I didn't move as fast as it thought I could. All were obviously intended to degrade me further, and to make me appear less than human and undeserving of any empathy from the watching humans.

I rose from bed half awake even though I desperately wanted to sleep, all to put my plan into motion. I had been thinking about a particular lover I had once, not because he was good or special, but specifically because he wasn't. I found James and made my strange request, I not even wanting to share my crazy plan with him should he not be able to keep a secret. As James cooked my requested snack for me I went back to my room and showered to wake myself, and then took the time to do my hair and makeup, and slip into a pair of heels. I was forbidden from wearing clothes, but not shoes, and the high heels gave me a nice profile that the men would notice, (as if they wouldn't otherwise). I was pushing the issue if caught, but with the plan I was about to put into motion that was the least of my problems.

I hadn't eaten much that day, torture apparently not being all that good for ones appetite, but I told James I had a craving for one of his signature snacks that were most certainly forbidden for our other human guests. The three feeders had specific diets consisting of a bland porridge and fruit combination, sprinkled with a mixture of vitamins and minerals that looked and smelled awful, even when James prepared it for them. I on the other hand had been encouraged to eat anything I wanted, causing me to gain enough weight that most of my former friends wouldn't have recognized me.

Before the mansion I had maintained myself at a near starvation weight because I thought it looked good on me, but not now with my work requirements. I had filled out in ways that both the pilots, and the three feeders felt drawn to stare at, not to mention that James apparently liked the extra weight on me as well.

I returned to find James putting my requests on a serving platter, more than enough for my purposes, leading me to believe he knew what I was up to. He looked me up and down with my makeup and heels and asked a silent question with his eyes.

"Room service for our guests, sir" I said quietly in response to his unasked question. "Are you jealous?"

"I have no desire to share you with another, especially those three, and I fail to see the wisdom of you intentions. That being said, the encased Jessica is sleeping as you apparently wore her out today with your resistance, which means the one you know as Ms. Jessica is as well. As you probably realize she is nothing more than a vicarious action device, originally intended for disabled humans who could afford one, but still in the research and development phase. Both Jessica's are to be respected and feared when awake, but when sleeping pose little threat. Her honor guards aren't programed to act autonomously as they are constantly in very close proximity to her physically, the risk of damaging her fragile encasement too great. One of my little cousins is on patrol out on the grounds, the other in the third floor doorway to protect Jessica the singularity, but not too closely."

I could tell James only thought I was engaging in some simple harassment of Jessica, an illogical attack sure to lead to a vicious counter attack by her. That was part of my plan, but not the whole part. I knew if I could enlist the men in my efforts, (possibly using this body of mine to sweeten the deal), their insights could be valuable. I knew they wanted me from their earlier responses to my lewd performance, and also knew that they could take me while not giving anything in return for the simple carnal pleasure of the moment. They seemed as trapped as I was, and possibly their allegiance to Jessica could be challenged with her plans to overthrow the human population out in the open.

With tray in hand I quietly walked to the first man's guest room, knocked lightly and announced "room service" in my most soft and sexy voice, and entered when invited. The man had been sitting up in bed wearing a pair of shorts, and looked surprised by my intrusion, but not disappointed. He looked me up and down in approval, but his nose was drawn to the hot and fresh garlic rolls James had made for me. They were the best I had ever had, and I asked him if wanted to share some with me.

The man devoured several of them with butter, and I would have been put off if I hadn't known any better by his choosing food over me. The poor guy got milked like a cow every few days in anything but an erotic fashion, his friend's explosion with my amateur lap dance proof of their need for something with some eroticism in it.

He told me he would have to pay a terrible price for cheating on his diet if Jessica ever found out, and I thought of that old boyfriend and how terrible he tasted and smelled with his love of all things garlic. 'Oh, she'll know all right' I thought to myself silently. Jessica would discover shortly that the well was poisoned, and likely know that it was I who had done so. She might be angry with him, but she needed him, and I on the other hand was expendable. This was therefore a highly illogical move, and unexpected by one so logical, I hoped.

I thought that it might take some time for the garlic to work it's way through his system, and to expedite that process I intended to indulge any desires he may have. This was the man who missed out on his own lap dance, and likely the next to be chosen for feeding duties. If he yearned for something erotic, something far more so than being milked with oral sex while wearing a condom, here in his guest room I could accommodate him.

"I'm sorry if I am going to get you into trouble, is there anything I can do to make it up to you?" I asked in my best 'come and get me tone'.

"Is there enough for my friends?" he asked.

"Yes" I answered, not knowing if he meant garlic rolls or me, but it was the same answer anyway.

"Can you invite them over while I get some things?"

I thought for sure that he would want me for himself, at least first, but I did as asked and all three men ate James' awesome garlic rolls with tons of butter in the man's room with me. I only thought at best that it would be possible to poison one well, but as luck would have it I was able to get all three, I knowing Jessica would be infuriated when she discovered my treason.

"If you can tell Jessica truthfully that you don't know what happened, she might go easy on you. She needs us, but not you really. If she thinks you were a willing participant, what she did to you this morning will seem like play time in comparison."

How they were going to make that happen apparently took the form of some of their belts and bathrobe sashes, and I grabbed the bars of the headboard cooperatively while laying on my back on the guest bed as my wrists were secured to the bedposts with them. My ankles were secured in similar fashion, and this was getting close to my ultimate fantasy of being taken against my will by some very bad men with even worse intentions, but I felt no need to resist. In fact, my desires were quite the opposite.

"There's no need to be gentle," I offered, "I don't break easy".

I was feeling so randy that rolled my back off of the bed as I stretched, pulling at the belts that bound me in place and reminding my captors of the power they had over me. It wasn't perfect or complete restraint, (I owned many things far more suitable for that), but it was a creative improvisation, and my desires were boiling because of it. If things went terribly this could be the last time I got to do such things, and three men while bound to a bed was a first for me. With this being a first, and potential last as well, I just hoped it lived up to my expectations...

The man whose room I was in held up a device for me to see, and he told me that it was their secret weapon. To me it was just a smart phone from a famous manufacture, one I had owned once myself when I was free, but a newer version of that same device.

"Jessica's plan was never to overthrow the entire planet with her droid army, they were only ever intended for crowd control. She realized that if the human population thought they were happy, they wouldn't resist, and the population could be allowed to dwindle to a manageable number through attrition as they became over dependent on their devices. The three of us, with a lot of her help while still in the museum, developed a secret program for the newest phones as a sales tool. It would listen passively to it's owner even when turned off, as well as measure bio functions and facial and body mannerisms, and enter them as data points on a massive data base for each human. Games and further apps provided more data points, as well as measured overall intelligence, and allowed us the ability to sell the proverbial 'ice cubes to esciomones'."

"Imagine millions of data points, everything from when you wake to the inflection in your voice, as well as those of others within the device's range as you interact with them. Even how you make love and lie are recorded in exacting detail. With such information one can influence elections, provoke wars, or even cause humans to stop breeding entirely. One can even cause a population to think they're happy with their state of affairs and herd up in giant cities to better keep track of them, or cause particularly desirable women to want to indulge three nerdy tech guys most outlandish fetishes, only to forget their exploits afterwards. Our device was intended for our own enrichment and dark purposes, only to be further perverted for Jessica's much darker ones".

"Enough talk, allow me to demonstrate with this generic unit, not specifically tailored to your unique physiology, but close enough for our purposes. One more thing," he said, and then sang, "Don't forget to push the red button... push the red button..." over and over again as if a commercial jungle for some product. The words stuck in my head, but so did the tune.

The man sang the little tune over and over again as he put the phone down on the night stand and pushed the button on it. I didn't understand what he meant because the button he pushed was black, and not red, and with my arms bound to the bedpost I couldn't reach the thing in any event. Still his lips were inches from my eyes as he repeated his little tune over and over again...

* * *

...I woke in my bed disoriented, and the red marks about my wrists confirmed my experiences were no dream, even though they seemed like one I had wanted to experience once. I knew I had to get up and going on my chores before I got myself in trouble with Ms. Jessica, no matter what happened the night before. In the shower I cleaned up, and there was the hint of something about me that brought back some not so fond memories. Garlic man, I had called him that in my mind, and I wondered why I should be thinking about that one.

I replayed the previous days events in my mind while luxuriating under the stream of hot water, my torture session with Ms. Jessica the most vivid memory. I then remembered my request for James' garlic rolls, and my room service visit to the three men, but not much after that.

Had they eaten the rolls, or enlisted to help me? I believe the answer to the first question was yes, but the second was a mystery as I don't even remember asking for their help. What if they ate the rolls and then took advantage of me, only to rat me out to Ms. Jessica afterwards? Her response would be brutal, but could the men have wanted to get a piece of me one time before that happened? One last time? If that was the case I was likely taking my last shower, and I decided to enjoy it.

I met James afterwards and made my breakfast request as I was starving, I decided on a good one, especially if it were to be my last. I quite possibly entertained three men for a good portion of the night like in my ultimate fantasy, although I couldn't remember a moment of it. My body was in better shape than when I had passed out in James' "care" that one time, but James also had inhuman proportions and could do things no human man could, far longer than any human could as well.

James remained quiet on the subject of last night as the little monsters were about, and after my meal I set about to start my chores once again with one of the little monsters in tow. It had no collar or leash on me this time, not that I was complaining, and I had hardly started when the thing actually talked to me and ordered me to follow it.

It had never talked to me before, and I found this much better than getting poked and shocked in the ass to get me to move where it wanted. It was more efficient from it's point of view as well I'm sure, and I complied, expecting the worst. If I were walking to the proverbial gallows, I would do so with my head held high, and a wonderful last meal in my belly. I thought if I could only remember what I had done the night before things would almost be tolerable to me on this potential last day.

I stood before Ms. Jessica, with her encased sponsor off to her left, and she looked me up and down in inspection. "Is that garlic I smell, and what the hell happened to your body?"

Should I be frightened, or bold? I decided on bold to further confuse her efforts to pattern my thoughts one last time.

"Yes Jessica, it is garlic", I said in a dismissive tone, "you should try some sometime!" I taunted. I purposely addressed the encased Jessica directly, knowing her dietary requirements. Seeing the hungry look on Ms. Jessica's perfect face, and knowing she was emulating the expressions the encased Jessica would be making if she were able, I knew I was present to service her feeders and provide a meal for her.

A further taunt would be just too much fun, (and counter to the frightened way I should be feeling), so I continued my manipulation of the situation, such things coming naturally to me. "This morning I woke quite hungry from all our activities the previous day, likely the same time my body got all bruised up with your aggressive foreplay (I lied). James was kind enough to make me an omelet with garlic, peppers, and onions, Swiss cheese and brown toast, with a large cup of coffee." I gave a big exhale in both Jessica's directions so they could smell it for themselves on my breath, I suddenly realizing why Jessica was set up where she was, instead of in the master suite. She was positioned as far away from the kitchen as possible while still being inside the mansion proper to keep her away from the smells she desired, but couldn't have, and I realized I was torturing HER for once.

Ms. Jessica looked as if she were about to explode, and I smiled back infuriating her further, and letting her know that my comments were no accident. If she didn't like the smell of garlic, (or even if she did), she certainly wouldn't like the taste of her men once they had some, of that I am certain!

The man who's room I had visited hours earlier was brought in, and I took to my knees to service him right in front of both Jessica's, I suspecting that what I was offering was the thing least desirable to him all things considered. On top of that, he was flaccid once he stripped out of his clothes, confirming my suspicions about his thoughts of being milked like a cow still again, and making it impossible to roll the special condom on for the collection of his seed. Had I worn him out the night before? That could explain the bruises I had, but there were few other tell tale signs about my body that I had entertained him or his friends the previous night. He was as unremarkable as his friends, average in every sense of the word, and not at all well endowed.

Ms. Jessica noticed the problem and walked to the pile of clothes the man had shed, pulled his belt from it's loops, and positioned herself behind me. "You seem to need some extra stimulation this morning" she said while speaking to him over my head as if I didn't exist, and I heard the belt swish through the air and meet my exposed ass with a smack. I yelped and moved away from the assault, and at the same time closer to the man I was kneeling before as his manhood twitched with excitement. Several welts later he was up and ready, my torment obviously quite exciting to him.

Ms. Jessica handed the belt to the man and he resumed smacking me while I serviced him, although not as roughly as she had done. He eventually hummed a particular tune that I vaguely recognized as I felt him fill the condom, but I didn't need to even look to know it wasn't full. The tune stuck in my head, I for a moment wondering where I had heard it. I removed the partially filled thing and went to stand, Ms. Jessica instantly noticing his deficient performance, but she blaming me instead. In a way she was possibly right to blame me, but I doubt she knew the true reason for his lacking performance, as I wasn't entirely certain myself.

She grabbed the thing from me just short of the aggression necessary to break it, and I followed her to the Jessica display to watch her squeeze it's meager contents into the receptacle that would allow her starving sponsor to feed. I stood very close to the display with my eyes downcast as not to give away the surprise that awaited both of them once the contents reached their destination, and I heard Ms. Jessica bark an order to the man to get the other two immediately. I heard him start to dress, the tune still trapped inside my head, but Ms. Jessica reiterated her command when she noticed him dressing first, obviously not caring about his modesty.

The man scurried away in his shorts to get his friends, he obviously stalling moments before to see something. If he was frightened of Ms. Jessica's tone, I most certainly should be as well. My downcast eyes noticed a red button for the first time at the base of the control box for the Jessica display, it looked as if it had been there all along, in fact it looked so old that I didn't have any reason to believe it still did whatever it was supposed to. I started singing the man's 'push the red button' lyrics in my head to match the tune trapped in my mind, knowing I was to push the button, but not the reason why.

The little mnemonics's influence was like trying to ignore an itch, or a bug flying around my head. At first I was successful, but as the seconds passed It became an all consuming passion to push that button at all costs. I remembered the man singing the tune with his lips inches from my face then, I realizing I had been programmed as a not so smart bomb by him to be used against Jessica with the aid of his modified smart phone. Had he deployed me in such a way that if I did as programmed and something went wrong, he could claim to have no knowledge of the event? If so it was a brilliant plan, but the effect was that I was nothing more than cannon fodder, to be shot at the enemy in the hopes that I was effectively devastating. If that were the case we were apparently allies, and I knew what I had to do...

* * *

I missed the look on both Jessica's faces that I so desperately wanted to see when it was discovered that I had poisoned her well, or at least made it taste really bad, but not the response.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" Ms. Jessica accused with a tone that left little doubt about the outcome for me. I sunk to my knees as if feinting submissive surrender and pushed the button, and I held it in with my palm as if it was the only thing that I was ever intended to do. My only purpose was to hold the button, I not knowing what to do next, or what it even did... I then looked up in astonishment half a minute later when the fatal blow failed to occur.

The Ms. Jessica device stood with clenched fists twitching violently, yelps and all manor of unintelligible sounds escaping her lips. She fell over as I watched, my own humanity feeling sympathy for her even though she was nothing more than a machine. I didn't even consider that she was only acting out what her encased sponsor was experiencing inside her transparent display. I heard two of the men run up behind me, the third barefoot and nearly naked, and therefore nearly silent.

"Don't let go just yet" I heard him say in my ear, I watching them scurry about disabling the machines inside the room with us.

After the two flanking security droids were shut down by the men, (they themselves not designed to act autonomously in the singularity's presence), they next shut down the defenseless Ms. Jessica device. Her twitching helplessness while sprawled out on the floor reminding me of my own experiences with the Orgasmatron when I had been perceived to be less than respectful with James in the little monsters presence.

Once she was silenced I became aware of much more subtle little noises coming from the Jessica display, and it was obvious to me that she was in great distress.

Even with all she had done to me vicariously through the devices she had controlled, I couldn't stand to continue to harm her by holding the button, I discovering some hidden empathy of my own for one so cruel. The man hung his modified smart phone about Jessica's neck with a string, and I was then finally allowed to release the red button, Jessica I was told being pleasantly distracted by the device...

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