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The Perils of Pauline

by 64Fordman

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© Copyright 2013 - 64Fordman - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; bond; rope; cuffs; encase; gag; hogtie; tickle; rack; machine; saw; oral; climax; cons; X

Pauline struggled with the ropes binding her arms behind her back and her ankles together. Her struggles intensified with every inch of rising water in the glass sided tank she was currently standing in which was now passing her breasts. The wet ropes were hampering her; as she twisted her naked body her breasts pressed against the inside of the glass. As the water covered her neck she tried kicking her feet free of the ropes which also anchored her to the bottom of the tank. Her attention shifted from struggling to breathing as the water covered her head, craning her neck to keep her nose above the rising water. With her ears covered the only sound she could hear was the water poring into the tank. Straining against the ropes at her feet Pauline sucked one last breath through her nose as the water covered her head. The water stopped and there was silence as she fought the bindings and strained her neck but the surface and the life giving air on the other side remained just out of reach. Her blond hair floated around her head like some mythical medusa as her lungs began to scream and bubbles escaped her mouth as she fought the urge to breath.

“Great job Kim, I’ll have you out in a minute.”

Pauline, otherwise known as Kim Andrews, now stood in the empty tank with her hair plastered to her head breathing deep to re-oxygenate her blood, she would have pushed it out of her face if her hands weren’t still tied, but she considered these inconveniences trivial in her overall quest.

Brian Jacobs, the 30 year old erotic and fetish photographer and occasional performance artist Kim was currently modeling for, released the four clamps at the corners of the tank and motioned his assistant to start the winch as Brian guided the tank over Kim’s head. Untied and in a bath robe, Brian guided Kim to a chair, kissed her forehead and began packing his equipment.

Standing in the shadows in the corner of Brian’s warehouse/loft being used for the shoot was Rachel Browne, Kim’s lover and house mate. Thirty five year old Rachel was gorgeous; 5’8” with chocolate brown hair and eyes and a permanent tan, she had full breasts but not too big and a derriere with a curve daVinci couldn’t have designed better. Brian had asked her to model several times but she respectfully declined. Kim had pulled on sweat pants and a T-shirt and was toweling her hair as she joined Rachel and walked to the door.

“Are you dry?

“Not between my legs.”

“That will have to wait till we get home.”

Kim was a beautiful 25 year old; 5’6” with steel blue eyes and a killer body, she was the only one who thought her B cup breasts were too small, but they were perfect for her. When her father passed away he left her a trust fund that provided her with sufficient income to do whatever she wanted, why she chose this Rachel tried to understand.

Kim learned from the childhood games she played that she enjoyed being tied up and later identified with the damsel in distress when the uncle she lived with after her father died introduced her to the classic movies and television she came to love, eventually taking her modeling name from the heroine of the old Hollywood serial. The reason she got into modeling was to indulge her more extreme fantasies in a controlled setting with professionals with a ‘don’t try this at home’ philosophy.

That night Kim and Rachel were fooling around in bed when Rachel noticed the fading rope marks on Kim’s wrists.

“I know what it was like to watch, what was it like doing it?” Rachel asked.

“It was great, some shoots are static but this was in real time,” Kim said.

“It’s still hard to understand,” Rachel said as she kissed the bruises on Kim’s arm.

“Like I said there’s only one way.”

Kim got out of bed and went to the walk-in closet. She came back and dropped an armful of stuff on the bed, four leather cuffs, four coils of rope and two cotton scarves.

“We talked about this before Kim.”

“You know you trust me, and at least you can say you tried it.”

Kim gave Rachel a long deep kiss then took her left arm and buckled one of the cuffs on her wrist. Shaking out a coil of the white cotton rope, Kim doubled it and fed the loop end through the D-ring and pushed the two ends through the loop pulling out the slack. She lifted Rachel’s arm above her head and wrapped the strands around the bedpost tying a knot below the mattress.

Rachel watched as Kim repeated the process on her other wrist and both ankles resulting in a secure spread eagle. Kim climbed on the bed straddling Rachel’s hips and used one of the scarves to blindfold her.

“O. K., I tried it.”

“That was just the preparation, the lesson starts now.”

Kim dug her finger into Rachel’s bellybutton and hysterical laughter and struggling began.

“STOP;” uncontrollable laughter, “I MEAN IT;” more laughter, ‘STOP;” even more laughter.

“First rule: when you’re tied up and helpless the words ‘no’ and ‘stop’ only serve to turn on your tormentor, so you keep right on saying them.”

Kim started an assault on her arm pits.

“NO;” screaming laughter, “YOU ARE SO DEAD;” more screaming laughter, “I’M NOT EVEN LYING.”

“You’re being difficult but I’m not going to give up on you Rachel, lets see, how about these pretty feet.”

“NO, DO NOT TOUCH MY FEET, DO NOT TOUCH MY FEET;” crying laughter, “no,” more crying laughter, “please stop, please.”

Kim stopped tickling and shifted around so she was lying on top of Rachel caressing her face and kissing away the tears.

“There, your first lesson is over and you did great.”

“What do you mean?”

“You stopped commanding and started begging.”


“We’re done with your mouth for now.”

Kim used the second scarf to gag Rachel and began applying long slow kisses, working her way down to Rachel’s breasts where she lingered for a long time using her tongue and teeth. She kissed her way down her stomach until Kim was lying on the bed with her face between Rachel’s legs. Kim slid her arms under Rachel’s thighs and held her hips for leverage as she put her tongue to work on her helpless captive as Rachel moaned through her gag.

In their normal love making Rachel would put her hands behind Kim’s head and press her mouth into her when Rachel was ready to finish. Right now she had no choice but to ride Kim’s arousal roller coaster. Kim took her time, a lot of time, and brought Rachel to an explosive orgasm that left her panting as Kim removed her gag.

“Someone call Hawking, I just saw the Big Bang.”

“Amazing what patients can do.”

“Untie me and I will patiently hold you all night.”

“Oh, we’re not done yet, now it’s your turn.”

Kim swung around and settled herself over Rachel’s mouth. Using the control she had she began teaching Rachel to give her the same experience Rachel just received. After an amazing orgasm Kim got off the bed and replaced Rachel’s gag.

“I’m getting hungry; I’m going downstairs and get a snack while you finish up here.”

Rachel struggled when she felt the hard plastic intruder being pushed between her legs. She struggled harder and moaned loudly when Kim turned the vibrator to high and kissed her forehead.

“Don’t have too many orgasms while I’m gone.”

Rachel was having her first orgasm before Kim reached the door.

* * * *

Kim put a cup of coffee in front of Rachel as she sat at the breakfast table, even after sleeping seven hours she still looked like she was rode hard and put away wet.

“Aren’t you going to speak?”

“Speak, it was an hour before I could walk. Except for almost killing me that was the best sex ever.”

“It’s amazing what some attitude adjustment and loss of control can do for you.”

Kim pulled up to the warehouse Brian used for shoots that also served as his residence in the form of a second story loft. The door was unlocked and Kim made her way through the maze of narrow corridors that contained tiny offices to the double steel doors that led to the large open space that made up most of the ground floor. On it was taped a note that said ‘back at 3pm’. With an hour and a half to kill Kim decided to cross the warehouse floor to the giant steel stairs and make the climb to the loft, until she saw what was in the warehouse.

The overhead lights were off but plenty of light was coming through the glass block windows that lined the walls as Kim walked around the object of her attention, it was a rack. Kim ran her hands over the device as she circled taking it all in; it was beautiful dark stained distressed wood with a base that held the platform at a 20 degree angle to the floor. At the lower end were two fixed metal shackles about two feet apart and the upper end had similar shackles attached to ropes that went through metal rings at the top and wrapped around a shaft mounted on the end. Kim saw a wood lever on the side of the platform about where her head would be but no wheel or anything to tighten the restraints.

She had to try it. Kim stripped down to her panties and got on the rack, then got off the rack and fished a blue ball gag out of her purse and got back on. Holding the strap of the gag in her teeth she fastened her ankles in the shackles and strapped the gag in her mouth. When she lay down the wrist shackles were at her shoulders and she had plenty of slack to bring her hands together. She attached them, extended her arms over her head and despite not really being helpless went into fantasy mode. Kim could get herself worked up this way but could not reach orgasm without physical stimulation, and as long as Brian was not early he’d be none the wiser.

Kim had her eyes closed and was enjoying her body’s response as her fantasy played in her mind when Brian’s cat Opal jumped on her stomach. Kim flinched and instinctively swung her arms down scarring the cat that jumped off right into the lever before dropping to the floor. The lever released a pawl that released a gear that allowed two sandbags tied to ropes wrapped around the shaft to fall, turning the shaft and coiling the ropes attached to the wrist shackles around the shaft, pulling her arms up and holding the shackles against the rings which were mounted about two feet apart, preventing her from bringing her hands together to release the shackles.

She tried pulling her arms down but the sand bags were far too heavy to lift. Realizing she may be truly stuck increased the activity between her legs. She was struggling with the shackles but they just wouldn’t budge and her wrists were becoming sore. Kim was more concerned about getting a hand down her panties than getting free of the device. As the fire under the shear fabric covering her objective increased she noticed Opal watching from a window sill.


When Brian returned Kim had been stuck about 45 minutes. Brian smiled as he scanned Kim’s body, the wild eyed desperation, the sweat slicked skin and large wet spot on the panties. You just can’t stage that.

“I have to grab my camera, I’ll be right back,” as Brian headed for the stairs.

That night Kim and Rachel experienced sexapalouza, it started on the kitchen table, moved to the sofa, the floor and then the bed and ended when both women could no longer move. When it was over Rachel held Kim as she slept, really held her. She felt Kim’s warm soft body against her, the gentile beating of her heart, the breath on her shoulder and silky hair against her face. A flood of emotion erupted and tears flowed down Rachel’s cheeks, she felt a closeness to Kim she had never felt before.

“I love you, I love you, I love you,” she whispered.

* * * *

Rachel worked as an editor for a small publisher and had the luxury of working from home but occasionally had to go into the office. Today was one of those days and it was late afternoon when she returned home. After kicking off her heels and dropping her purse and briefcase on the table in the foyer she entered the living room and found the drapes and sliding door opened to the patio. She walked outside and saw Brian on the back lawn taking pictures of Kim who was naked and tied to a tree with a lot of rope and sporting a large ball gag.

“Hi Brian, how you been.”

“Hi Rachel, I’m glad you’re here, the rigging took longer than I thought and I have an appointment so could you…?”

“Go, I’ll get her out of that, no problem.”

Brian thanked her, grabbed his gear and left.

“Look at this adorable bellybutton.”

* * * *

A few weeks later Kim met Brian at a factory that made wood cabinets. The manager was a friend of Brian’s and let him use the factory for a shoot, but being after hours the main gate was locked and the two had to enter through a pedestrian gate and walk down the long driveway to the building.

Inside they came to an area with a pallet of wood panels next to a steel table. Kim helped Brian put one of the panels on the floor so she could lay on it while Brian made pencil marks around Kim’s body. While Brian drilled holes in the panel Kim finished her costume of red plaid shirt tied into a halter, short jean shorts and bare feet.

Kim helped Brian lift the panel onto the table and laid down while Brian used wide plastic zip ties passed through the holes he drilled to strap Kim down to the panel. When done Kim’s arms were held a few inches from her side and feet spread about 18 inches with two straps on each arm and leg and one across chest and waist. To give access under the panel during the tying process Brian had to prop up the panel on the raised sides of the table. Brian gagged Kim with a red scarf and unpacked his camera.

Kim looked over her situation and noticed that if the panel were square on the table it would lay flat within the two inch high edges, but Brian had left the corner of the panel at Kim’s left foot resting on the edge.

“The battery is dead in this camera, I have to get one from the car.”

Kim grunted a response and watched Brian go outside; he would have to walk all the way back up the driveway. Kim gave her restraints a test to see how hard she could struggle during the shoot, as usual she could struggle all she wanted. The exertion made her breathing increase and the gag was forcing her to breathe through her nose which was becoming increasingly itchy from the dust when she suddenly sneezed very hard.

The force of her sneeze caused her body to shake which caused the panel to slip off the edge and fall flat onto the table surface. Kim was momentarily disoriented and thought she was falling and instinctively reached out for anything she could grab, which in her current restrained state was a small box mounted on the edge of the table by her left foot. As she reached out her toe pushed the green start button and she heard motors come to life.

A whining noise made her look to her left as the edge of the table retracted and the panel was pushed off by tabs in the table onto a platform covered with rollers. Kim slowly rolled down the platform and stopped against another panel. A few seconds’ later two metal tabs at the end of the platform lowered and the other panel slid off onto a conveyor, the tabs raised before Kim’s panel got to the end and it stopped against them. She watched four metal lugs rise and engage the ends of the panel and it began to move down the conveyor.

As the end of the panel passed Kim’s feet the tabs lowered and Kim slid onto the conveyor, more lugs engaged and she began moving feet first down the conveyor. Kim could now see down the line and saw that two panels had been left on the conveyor when it was shut down and the first had reached the band saw that was cutting the panel into two pieces.

Kim fought her bonds as the saw cut through the next panel, but short of cutting her limbs off she wasn’t getting loose, and that would be happening soon enough if Brian didn’t get his arse back here. As she struggled she felt her hardening buds rubbing against the inside of her shirt and the wetness between her legs.

The third panel had reached the saw and Kim’s attention was now focused on the blade as she was close enough for saw dust to settle on her. By the time the saw had reached the middle of the panel the impossible was happening, Kim was having on orgasm. She was next but at least she could go out with a smile.

As she slowly moved closer to the moving band of razor sharp teeth the saw came to a stop and the sound of motors spooling down filled the room. Kim looked over to see Brian holding his camera.

“You’re like a reverse Houdini; you would be huge in Vegas, one night only.”

Kim and Brian walked down the driveway to the gate.

“Too bad there’s no Pulitzer Prize for porn because this would be it. So you really had a spontaneous orgasm with no external stimulation?”

“Just the thought of the external stimulation I was about to get from that blade.”

“Wow! But can we not do that again?”


That weekend in their favorite restaurant Rachel asked Kim if she would marry her and Kim agreed. Later among the talk of wedding plans Kim asked if Rachel would give her a very special engagement present, Rachel said she would do anything for her.

Kim was laying on the floor of her living room naked in a hogtie that had her ankles resting right on top of her wrists and a red ball gag strapped tight in her mouth. Her chin was resting on the carpet forcing her to look straight ahead. Starring back at her a few inches away was Rachel in a not quite as tight hogtie wearing a full satin slip and identical ball gag as Brian snapped pictures of the engagement ring on Kim’s finger.

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