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The Perils of Pauline 2: Married Bliss Part 1

by 64Fordman

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© Copyright 2014 - 64Fordman - Used by permission

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Chapter II: Married Bliss, Part 1

The aroma of coffee filled her nose, rousing her from sleep. Kim opened her eyes to the sunlit room, content to lie still and enjoy how wonderful she felt. She could hear Rachel in the kitchen. The added smell of bacon signaling the traditional Saturday morning breakfast was being prepared, an attraction her stomach couldn’t ignore. Kim tried to sit up but found her wrists still bound together and to the headboard. The tug on her ankles foiled the attempt to reach the knot.

Looking down her naked body, Kim thought of how she got this way and the exquisite things her helpless body was subjected to before submitting unwillingly to the sleep from which she had just emerged, a perfectly good use of her time as she waited for Rachel to return.

The wait and recalling the details of the previous evening left Kim feeling playful and when she heard the gentile footfalls on the wood floor she pretended to be asleep just to see what creative way her lover would find to waken her. Fighting a smile at the recognition of a familiar sound Kim continued the ruse and soon felt the tape being placed over her lips and smoothed into place. A second strip followed and Kim waited for whatever Rachel had planned.

After pretending to be asleep for a reasonable amount of time with nothing happening, Kim opened her eyes and turned her head to find the room empty and the bedroom door closed. A piece of paper against the lamp on the night table read ‘busted’. The muffled sound of the television seeped into the room. Kim recognized the show as The Amazing World of Gumball and pictured Rachel in her Saturday morning routine, on the sofa wearing pajamas with her bare feet on the coffee table eating breakfast, occasionally laughing at the action on the screen. This could take a while.

Rachel would explain that it was part of her job as an editor to stay current on the hot Young Adult market, yeah right. The best scenario would be for Rachel to return and bring Kim’s helpless naked body to an orgasm or three, Kim loved morning sex with Rachel, or she would be happy to do it herself but for this rope situation. Kim laid her head back on the pillow knowing any moans she attempted would not be heard over the television leaving nothing to do but wait for rescue from her delicious predicament.

One of the wedding presents they received was rope lessons from Brian for Rachel that for whatever reason ended up being private, and Kim still hasn’t been able to squeeze details from either one of them. Rachel must have been a star pupil and has no trouble placing Kim in the inescapable rope bondage she prefers.

Though they have plenty of love making sessions without bondage, Kim loves that Rachel embraces and indulges her fantasies and actively improves her knowledge to enhance Kim’s experience. The only thing Rachel hasn’t done is participate more on the receiving end, other than a very special set of engagement photos unfit for the fireplace mantle, there have been only a couple of times Rachel has been tied up.

Kim thought back to the first time, just so Rachel could say she tried it. She had the best sex of her life and Kim thought for sure she was hooked but Rachel pushed back from it. She fully indulged Kim’s fantasies, but why Rachel hasn’t embraced it herself remains a mystery. It’s certainly not because she doesn’t enjoy it, Kim has seen with her own eyes the effect being tied up has on Rachel. Maybe she’s afraid of that effect, or maybe it’s something else, either way she knew the journey to discovering ones inner damsel could be a strange one.

The bedroom door opened and Rachel came in, hands on her hips doing a burlesque type dance that turned into a striptease. She slowly unbuttoned her pajama top while dancing around the bed, briefly exposing one breast before covering it and exposing the other, then removing the top and tossing it over a chair. Stepping out of the bottoms she passed them through her legs in a sawing motion before dropping them to the floor and climbing on the bed.

“I feel like some morning sex.” Rachel said.

Ding Dong

Rolling off the bed and peeking out the window. “Oh crap, it’s my dad!” Rachel said.

Rachel tore at the knot and pulled the rope through the headboard allowing Kim to sit up, then began ransacking drawers to find something to wear leaving Kim to untie her own ankles.

Ding Dong

Wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt Rachel ran to the front room and opened the door. “Come in.” and ran back to the bedroom. Kim was free and was putting on a short sleeve sleep shirt. Rachel gathered up the rope and tossed it under the bed.

“Put something on to cover your rope marks, it’s my dad.” Rachel said and threw her some sweats. Both girls entered the front room running their fingers through their hair.

“Hi Daddy.” Rachel said.

“Hi Mr. Meadows.” Kim said.

“Kim, I love you like my own, you can call me dad.” Mr. Meadows said.

“I know.” Kim said.

“Am I interrupting something?” Mr. Meadows said.

Rachel said “No, we were going to have lunch.”

“Breakfast.” Kim said.

“Want to join us?” Rachel said.

“I can’t stay, but you mentioned you were going camping and I thought you could use a couple pieces of gear. I put them in the garage, be safe and have fun.” Mr. Meadows said, giving each girl a big hug.

“Thank you, love you Daddy, say hi to Mom.” Rachel said.

“Bye Mr. Meadows.” Kim said.

Closing the door Rachel said, “You want to talk about it?”

“You ask me every time.” Kim said.

“Every time he asks you to call him dad something happens, I can see it in your eyes.” Rachel said.

“I’m Okay.” Kim said.

Gone Camping

The weekend of the camping trip had arrived. Both girls grew up in rural areas and enjoyed the outdoors and camping but this would be their biggest adventure yet, but since Kim had arranged the entire trip Rachel had no idea how big.

When Rachel woke up Kim was triple checking the gear, she had never seen her this excited about anything. They had showered, dressed, eaten breakfast and were loading their gear into Brian’s Jeep Cherokee as the sun came up. Rachel questioned Brian’s presence but was told to just get in the car.

She renewed her questioning when they arrived at the marina but Kim jumped out of the car and ran into a small building. When she returned she directed Brian where to drive and they headed away from the boat docks and toward a wide wooden pier.

The sun was reflecting off the shiny blue and white Cessna 206 Stationaire rocking gently on its floats next to the pier. Standing under the wing of the single engine airplane was an attractive slender woman in jeans, flannel shirt and grey baseball cap, her blond hair in a ponytail pulled through the opening above the adjustment strap. She looked to Rachel to be about thirty.

“No effing way, you said we were going camping.” Rachel said.

“We are going to the greatest effing campsite on the planet, and this is the only effing way to get there, how effing great is that.” Kim said.

Kim was pulling one of the two large nylon bags that held their gear out of the Jeep.

“Like my Air Force buddy says, flying on props is its own piece of heaven.” Kim said.

“As long as we don’t end up there.” Rachel said.

The gear had been hauled down the dock next to the plane, Brian had left, the pilot was stowing the bags in the cargo area, and Rachel was still standing next to where the Jeep used to be parked. Kim walked back up the pier and stood next to her.

“Are you afraid, because you get on planes all the time, what’s the problem?” Kim said.

“Real planes, not a Yugo with wings.” Rachel said.

“It’s the safest way to travel, you know, statistically speaking.” Kim said.

“Do you mind if I just confirm that, I think I’ll call Buddy Holly, Jim Croce, Ricky Nelson, John Denver and Stevie Ray Vaughan; oh wait.” Rachel said.

“Technically, Stevie Ray was on a helicopter.” Kim said.

Rachel did that thing she does when Kim corrects her during an argument, crossing her arms, tilting her head and exhaling through her nose. Granted she was smart, and her job required her to check facts and research, but Rachel’s know-it-all I could win on Jeopardy attitude sometimes went over the top, and Kim delighted in knocking her down a notch. But this was the sign that Rachel was about to dig in, and Kim didn’t have time to engage in trench warfare.

“First of all,” Kim started, “I spent a lot of time organizing this trip and it’s very important to me, and second there is nothing to be afraid of, this pilot is a flight instructor and flies all over the place and you are going on this trip. The only decision you have right now is whether you want to travel in a seat or hogtied and strapped down with the cargo, because I know this pilot and she would be happy to accommodate any travel arrangements you care to make.”

Kim crossed her arms and raised her left eyebrow, a look Rachel found adorable.

“I’m sitting in front.” Rachel said.

“Fine.” Kim said.

After an introduction to the pilot, Terry Sullivan, and a short conversation everyone was aboard. Two men came down and pushed the plane back from the dock. Terry started the engine and began the final items on the preflight checklist.

A few minutes later Terry taxied into position and opened the throttle. The plane picked up speed and with a slight chop on the water it was a little ruff. All at once the plane became absolutely smooth. Kim watched the floats glide a foot above the water as Terry gained airspeed, then raised the nose and climb into the cloudless blue sky.

“Where are all the dials?” Kim said.

The pilot being busy, Rachel turned to look at Kim in the back seat.

“It’s called an all glass cockpit, all the flight information like altitude, air speed and heading are displayed on the screen overlaid on a moving map display showing the planes position relative to the ground.” Rachel said.

“Very good,” Terry said, leveling off at seven thousand feet, “Do you fly?”

“My dad had a plane, he taught me a few things.” Rachel said.

“You want to take it for a minute, we need to turn to zero-eight-zero degrees?” Terry said.

“Sure.” Rachel said, placed her right hand gently on the yoke and rolled the plane into a 30 degree right bank, applying right rudder and just enough back pressure on the elevators to maintain altitude, then rolled out with the heading indicator displaying 080.

“Text book maneuver,” Terry said taking back control, “You’ve got a natural talent.”

“Thanks,” Rachel said and looked back at Kim who was leaning forward as far as her seatbelt would allow, “Your mouth is open Honey.”

Kim sat back and looked out the window as the plane continued toward the mountains.

Three hours later the plane was circling a lake. “We’d like to be on the east shore.” Kim said.

Terry gave a thumbs up and set up her approach.

With their camping gear off loaded, Kim and Rachel helped Terry push the plane back from the shore of the lake. Terry climbed onto the pontoon, opened the door and waved at the girls.

“Have a good time and be safe, I’ll see you Tuesday morning weather permitting.” Terry said.

Terry tipped her wings as the plane climb into the afternoon sky. As the sound of the propeller faded to silence the girls stood side-by-side with their arms around each other’s waists looking across the lake.

It was only the beginning of September, but at this altitude winter comes early and the leaves had already changed color. The secluded mountain lake was surrounded on three sides by ridges rising a thousand feet creating a bowl like some giant stadium, and the sun cast a golden light across the water that reflected off the ripples like sparkling jewels. Combined with the gently swaying earth tones on the trees it created impressionist art brought to life.

“Is this breathtaking or what?” Kim said.

“It is beautiful, but we better set up camp.” Rachel said.

“But first, that little hissy fit at the marina was just so you could sit in the front, right?” Kim said

“Would you have let me if I asked nicely?” Rachel said.

“Hell no.” Kim said.

Rachel held her pinky finger to the side of her mouth.

“I see.” Kim said.

Both girls grew up camping, though Kim didn’t consider motor homes equivalent to the hunting and fishing trips she took with her father and uncle, and introduced Rachel to real camping.

Having camped together the girls were efficient at setting up and went about their respective tasks, talking casually but not paying much attention to what the other was doing.

“You start a fire and I’ll get some dinner.” Kim said.

Rachel looked up to see Kim putting together a fishing pole and wearing a tattered old hat she had never seen before pushed back on her head so the brim lay against the collar of her jacket. The tan hat had a red plaid band with lures hanging from it. Kim had released her pony tail and her blond hair filled the space under the brim of the hat and hung down to frame her face, and for a moment Rachel imagined Kim as a child.

“I’ll have trout.” Rachel said, trying hard not to laugh.

Kim gave Rachel her ‘not amused’ look and headed toward the water.

“Brown trout.” Rachel shouted, laughing when Kim flipped her off over her shoulder.

The meal was delicious, but now it was after dark and getting cold. Kim was already in the tent when Rachel crawled in.

“Oh my god, I’m freezing.” Rachel said.

“Don’t worry, I have a lot of experience with cold weather camping, just listen to me and you’ll be toasty warm in no time.” Kim said.

“Really, what?” Rachel said.

“Take off all your clothes.” Kim said.

Rachel laughed. Kim folded back the sleeping bag to reveal her naked body.

“Your choice, naked with me or you can sleep next to the fire.” Kim said.

“There’s only one sleeping bag.” Rachel said.

“I had to lighten the load.” Kim said.

“You better keep me warm.” Rachel said as she pulled her clothes off and slid her legs into the bottom of the sleeping bag.

Kim wrapped her arms around Rachel and pulled up the zipper, it was a tight fit and she struggled to get it closed.

“What’s wrong, I know that giggle you get when you’re embarrassed.” Kim said.

“It’s just, you know, being naked outside.” Rachel said.

“You’re not outside, you’re in a tent.” Kim said.

“You know what I mean, you’re used to being naked; you’re so comfortable with your body.” Rachel said.

“Trust me, there’s no one around here for miles, and you have an amazing body that everyone admires. In fact, you know who wants your ass, Janet Stevens” Kim said.

“Get out, she’s married to that personal trainer and has a bunch of kids.” Rachel said.

“Oh, she doesn’t want you, just your ass, a group of us were drunk at a bar one night and she told us her fantasy of kidnapping you for an ass transplant.” Kim said.

“Wow, that’s disturbing, thanks for sharing.” Rachel said.

“Don’t worry, you know I’ve always got your ass.” Kim said.

Rachel shuddered again as her body was still warming up.

“You have to snuggle up to get warm.” Kim said.

“I can hardly move it’s so tight in here.” Rachel said.

“Snuggle up everything, find a place to tuck those toes in.” Kim said.

Rachel slid her toes under Kim’s leg as Kim held her in a tight embrace and both women drifted off to sleep.

The next morning the weather was glorious, the girls hiked up to a rocky outcropping where they could see the entire lake. The view was so spectacular they sat there for a couple of hours. When they returned to camp the sun had warmed the air into the mid-seventies and Kim decided she wanted to go swimming.

“Please go with me, please, it’ll be great, how often do you get to swim in mountain spring water, come on, no one will see us, I don’t want to go by myself.” Kim pleaded.

“I’ll go down and keep an eye on you.” Rachel said.

Kim hung her clothes over a tree branch and waded into the lake waist deep before diving in and swimming out. The sun was warm and Rachel removed her jacket. A short time later she found a rock to sit on, removing her shoes she put her feet in the water.

Kim was watching Rachel’s progress and decided it was time to push her buttons.

“Why don’t you come in, looks like you want to.” Kim said.

“The water is a lot warmer than I expected.” Rachel said.

“That’s because you’re on top of a volcano. This entire area was formed by ancient volcanic activity and the spring water that feeds the lake is heated by the remnants of a giant underground caldera, but you probably knew that Ms. my dad had a plane; Ms. It’s an all glass cockpit, right; Ms. Stevie Ray; you knew that, right.” Kim said.

Kim wasn’t quite sure what Rachel was yelling as she stripped off her clothes and dove in, but no matter, the deed was done. After a few minutes of playful wrestling Kim stopped.

Kim said “Oh no!”

“What?” Rachel said.

“That bird just saw you naked.” Kim said.

Rachel pushed Kim’s head under the water and the wrestling resumed.

They swam another thirty minutes then laid together on a beach towel while the sun dried their bodies, at least that’s how it started. It ended with a passionate and physical love making session under the afternoon sun that required another dip in the lake to cool off.

Dressed and back at camp, Rachel was doing some chores while Kim went to gather fire wood in preparation of the evening meal. Kim had been gone almost 25 minutes when Rachel heard a scream that sent a chill down her spine.

Grabbing a hunting knife she ran into the woods. The trees were thick and blocked her view, so she ran in the direction she thought the scream came from.

Rachel stopped, she saw nothing but trees. She screamed Kim’s name but got no response. Running again she could feel the veins in her neck pulsing, every heartbeat pumping more adrenalin into her blood, cold sweat dripped down her forehead stinging her eyes, every footfall like a drumbeat in her ears. She ran, ran anywhere, ran nowhere, fear had turned to panic as the forest closed in threatening to suffocate her.

Suddenly Rachel was in the open. Emerging from the tree line into a clearing with a single tree in the middle and Kim standing next to it.

“What happened?” Rachel said.

“I found it.” Kim said.

“You found a tree in the forest?” Rachel said, the adrenalin turning her fear to anger.

“I found THE tree.” Kim said as she pointed to two names carved in the bark, “My dad and I were here, I was ten and we carved our names in this tree, we were going to come back every year, it was right before school started, but then he was gone.”

Rachel watched as Kim traced her fingers over the letters in the bark as tears streamed down her cheeks. Rachel stepped forward and locked Kim in a tight embrace.

“I told you this was a great campsite.” Kim said.

“I knew it would be from the start.” Rachel said.

“You did?” Kim said.

“Yes, anywhere I’m with you is the greatest effing place on the planet.” Rachel said.

Kim pulled back from Rachel’s shoulder, her smile unable to hide the pain in her eyes, “I love you.”

“I love you.” Rachel said, “You want to be alone?”

“No, stay with me.” Kim said. “I just want to sit here awhile.”

That night after dinner, the girls lay on the ground. Kim stared up at the night sky filled with flickering lights, many more than she sees back home in the city. Tiny points reaching out from the cold distant heavens, and to the heavens the warm and comforting fire next to her a mere tiny point of light. The logs crackled, and glowing embers rose up in the smoke as if each one were trying to join its brothers and sisters in the cosmos.

“So were you going to save me earlier, you ran up with that knife like you were about to go all Rambo on someone?” Kim said.

“Let’s just say when you screamed a Bert Reynolds movie flashed before my eyes.” Rachel said.

“My hero.” Kim said.

“You’re my hero, I’m terrified of losing my dad; I can’t imagine losing him at ten.” Rachel said.

“It was hard. I never knew my mom so it was just me and dad. Camping here was the last thing we did together. It happened so fast there was no time. I was devastated, but Uncle Leo was just crazy enough to get me through it. He talked me into coming back here, said when you get stuck in the mud, sometimes you have to back up. He was the first person to tie me up” Kim said.

“He is a piece of work, what happened?” Rachel said.

“That first year was a little crazy,” Kim said, “I would act up and not listen; so one day I was playing rodeo in the living room, knocking magazines and stuff on the floor. I lassoed the lamp and pulled it off the table so Uncle Leo changed the game to capture the bucking bronco, he threw me over his shoulder, put me on the sofa and hogtied me. I thought it was the best game ever, he was happy to stop the destruction. Later he introduced me to his collection of old movie serials. Hey, maybe if I spent a thousand hours in therapy I’d discover the reason for my damsel in distress fantasy.”

“Thank you for sharing this with me.” Rachel said.

“Thanks for watching my ass.” Kim said.

“I’ll always come to your rescue, and you don’t need any therapy, you’re a well-adjusted damsel.” Rachel said.

“Have you ever been the damsel?” Kim said.

“I don’t know,” Rachel said, “as a kid my girlfriends and I would imagine the heart throb du jour walking in and sweeping us off our feet. I guess that doesn’t really count.”

“Unless the heart throb is a vampire.” Kim said.

They shared a long kiss.

In the solitude of their lakeside world the girls spent the rest of their time talking, laughing and loving. Tuesday morning the weather was picture perfect, the girls packed up expecting Terry any time.

“I have one thing I have to do, would you come with me.” Kim said.

The girls walked silently through the woods, back to the clearing, back to the tree. Rachel stood a few feet behind as Kim touched the names carved in the bark so many years ago. This time there were no tears, no pain and sorrow, but a look of peace.

“Thanks Dad.” Kim said, taking the tattered fishing hat off her head and hanging it on a branch above the carving.

Kim and Rachel stood on the bank holding hands as Terry cut the engine and let momentum bring the plane the last few feet to shore.

“I’m sitting in front.” Kim said.

“Fine.” Rachel said.

Tide Down

Later that week Kim had a photo shoot with Brian. Having nothing better to do Rachel decided to tag along and the three arrived at the beach just before daylight. By the time Brian set up, daylight was breaking and the first shots were of Kim duct taped to the slide at the play area, then taped to the life guard chair, both in a bikini. The last set would be staked out on the sand nude, which was the reason for the early hour before anyone arrived, plus the tide was still out.

“How cool would it be if we both did it?” Kim said.

“I just came along for the ride.” Rachel said.

“Come on, it won’t take long; no one’s around except Brian; he’s practically seen you naked and he’s a professional.” Kim said.

“I don’t think so.” Rachel said.

“And your pictures would be just for us.” Kim said.

“I can’t.” Rachel said.

“Don’t push her, besides I need an assistant.” Brian said.

Rachel held the beach towel down while Brian pounded the stakes into the sand with a hammer, then walked thirty feet up the beach and sat in the shade of the lifeguard tower as Kim was being tied down.

Fixated on the photo shoot, Rachel was startled at the movement she caught in the corner of her eye and turned to see two women jogging toward her. The girls looked at her as they passed within feet giving Rachel a good look at them. They both wore bikini tops and short jean shorts, and were beautiful, she figured they were college girls maybe 22 or 23. The redhead had a curvy body with full breasts, wide hips and solid athletic legs. The blond was the exact opposite, her tall thin body and neon blue eyes made her just as beautiful for completely different reasons, and Rachel wondered if it was their version of a non-compete agreement.

Interested to see if the girls would make any snarky remarks as they past, Rachel was surprised to see them head toward Kim and Brian, and shocked at what happened next. Sadly the surf was intermittently drowning out parts of the conversation, but Rachel heard the redhead call Kim Pauline, and she was acting like she was in the presence of a celebrity.

Next she was talking to Brian, and after a short conversation he was pounding four more stakes in the sand. So much for needing an assistant. Then she started taking her clothes off, wow a real redhead. Rachel didn’t know why she didn’t go over there, she wasn’t even aware her mouth was open until a fly tried to land on her tongue. She could see Kim and Red were having a good time, she didn’t know what she was feeling, but she was sure she wasn’t jealous. Pretty sure. Then the blond came over and sat next to her, both women looking at the ocean as they talked.

“Hey.” Blondie said.

“Hey.” Rachel said.

“My friend really wants to be a model, she got pretty excited when Brian let her be in the shoot.” Blondie said.

“Yeah.” Rachel said.

“You trying to be a model?” Blondie said.

“No.” Rachel said.

“Yeah, they probably want younger talent.” Blondie said.

Rachel turned her head toward the blond who in turn looked at her. Approaching 40, Rachel didn’t consider herself old. She briefly considered bitch slapping her, but those eyes.

“Yeah, probably.” Rachel said.

“It’s sad,” Blondie said, “I mean, I’m happy for her because she’s my friend, but our relationship won’t last.”

“What do you mean?” Rachel said.

“We’re fine now, but I’m not into all the things she’s into, so when she starts meeting people that are, you know.” Blondie said.

“Yeah.” Rachel said.

“Well, looks like they're done, good luck.” Blondie said.

“Yeah, you too.” Rachel said.

Rachel was quiet on the ride home and while they got undressed. They got in the shower together and after soaping up Rachel attacked Kim, grabbing the back of her neck and drawing Kim’s lips to hers while clutching Kim’s wrist and forcing it between her legs.

Kim fingered Rachel to a quick orgasm while standing in the shower stream. Rachel returned to her assault on her partner, kissing, sucking and biting Kim’s mouth, neck, breasts and tummy. From Kim’s perspective, this was more like handling a wild animal than sex, Rachel had gone primal.

Rachel was ready and again placed Kim’s hand between her legs. This time both girls were on the tile floor of the shower, and Kim began working Rachel who was now lying face down. The only thing within reach was Kim’s foot, the desperate girl drew it in and bite down on the side just behind the big toe. Acting as a gag to muffle Rachel’s screams, the foot also became a signal, the harder Rachel bit down the faster Kim worked her partner’s pussy. Turning, she got on top, fingering Kim to an orgasm while kissing and biting her neck and breasts.

The session outlasted the hot water and Rachel dragged Kim to the bed. Leaning against the headboard with her knees up Rachel pushed Kim’s head between her legs and held it there with her hands clutching Kim’s still wet hair until Rachel screamed through another orgasm.

When it was over Rachel held Kim, nuzzling against her neck and drawing deep breaths.

“What happened?” Kim said.

“Old my ass.” Rachel said.

“What?” Kim said.

“I just wanted you to fuck me.” Rachel said.

“How was I?” Kim said.

“Fucking awesome…. thank you….thank you.” Rachel said.

“You take a nap and I’ll see about lunch.” Kim said.

Kim slid out from Rachel’s arm and replaced her body with a pillow, kissed Rachel on the forehead and closed the bedroom door.

Working Girls

Rachel walked in the house from running some quick errands and checked her email, still waiting for a message from work that a file was ready. She knew Kim was home but didn’t see her. As she put away her purchases she heard Kim talking to someone in the basement. No other cars were outside and curiosity took over. She found Kim talking to a video camera mounted on a tripod in front of an unusual chair, and after finishing her speech, Rachel asked her what she was doing.

“Brian and I discussed me having a bigger social media presence in my ‘Pauline’ persona, and I was making my first video. It’s going to be a self-bondage piece with this chair Brian brought over, but as long as you’re here you might as well help.” Kim said.

The chair was a heavy duty version of a regular straight back wood dining chair with leather straps attached. Kim removed her robe, the only thing she was wearing, sat down and secured her legs to the front chair legs at the ankle and upper thigh.

“Would you mind?” Kim said pointing to the wand vibrator on the floor. Taking it from Rachel, she adjusted it between her legs before strapping it down to the chair seat and setting it to high.

Kim applied the waist and chest straps then attached her left arm to the arm of the chair at the wrist and elbow.

“Would you get that blue ball gag over there,” Kim said, “so what are you doing today?” she asked as Rachel went to retrieve it.

Returning with the gag, Kim tugged on her left arm; “I guess you’ll have to do it.”

“I have to edit a cookbook from a celebrity chef, or her ghost writer,” Rachel said, “they want the release to coincide with the premier of her new TV show in two months, so it’s a rush job.”

“How hard is it to edit a cookbook? Oh, and don’t forget to plug me in before you go.” Kim said as she opened her mouth to accept the gag.

“Beside recipes, it’s supposed to be a scandalous tell-all about the cooking show business, I’ll keep you informed when I get into it.” Rachel said.

Kim vigorously nodded her head and mumbled “every detail” through her gag, not paying attention while Rachel strapped her right arm down. She plugged the extension cord into the wall outlet bringing the vibrator to life and climbed the stairs to the kitchen.

Rachel returned to her desk and saw the email. Logging into her office computer she downloaded the manuscript and opened the file. The first paragraph told her this would be a challenge.

In the basement Kim began performing for the camera. While moaning and fighting the restraints as the vibrator worked its magic, Kim realized she was really trapped, and Rachel thinks it’s a self-bondage video and isn’t coming back. Her first orgasm slammed her head back against the chair.

Two hours later the words on the screen were getting blurry, Rachel took off her reading glasses, leaned back in her desk chair and rubbed her eyes. Seeing the time she realized she hadn’t heard from Kim.

In the basement she found Kim covered in sweat with strands of hair plastered to her face desperately pulling at the restraints.

“Oh my god!” Rachel said and removed the gag.

“TURN IT OFF.” Kim yelled.

Pulling the extension cord from the wall outlet she returned to the chair.

“Oh you poor baby, I’m so sorry, I got so involved in work I forgot about you.” Rachel said as she moved Kim’s hair out of her face.

“It’s not your fault,” Kim said as Rachel released the straps, “my wrist was supposed to be loose, I forgot when we were talking.”

Rachel wrapped Kim’s arm around the back of her neck, lifted her from the chair and led her toward the stairs.

“Wait,” Kim said as they passed the camera, reaching over and switching it off, “that’s going to be one hell of a video.”

In the living room Rachel helped Kim lay down, covering her with a blanket, and gave her a bottle of water and the remote for the television.

“You relax, I’ll be at my desk if you need me.” Rachel said.

Kim woke up on the sofa, the only light was from the muted television casting ghostly shadows on the walls. She felt refreshed from her earlier ordeal, throwing off the blanket she realized she was still naked, then saw her favorite pajamas folded on the coffee table. She’s such an angel Kim thought, put them on and went to the kitchen to get a snack. After a small bowl of Greek yogurt with a few slices from a fresh peach she saw it was 10:30 pm.

She found Rachel slumped over her desk sound asleep in her pajamas, her head resting on a stack of notes and her hand still holding the pen. Kim tried to wake her but the sleeping beauty wouldn’t stir and Kim decided to take her to bed.

Leaning Rachel back and pulling the wheeled chair away from the desk, Kim decided to just push her to the bedroom. Guiding the chair down the hall, Kim suddenly had a better idea and wheeled Rachel into the guest room where a set of twin beds were separated by a night table. Kim lifted her sleeping partner from the chair and placed her on her back on one of the beds, returned the chair and went to get a few items.

After putting wrist and ankle cuffs on Rachel, Kim used rope to attach the cuffs to the frame of the bed with her arms at her side, with wrists and ankles held at the edge of the mattress. Working carefully, Kim placed three heavy cloth belts across the bed at Rachel’s chest, waist and legs. The belts were four inches wide and long enough to wrap around the bed, with a sturdy metal buckle and two rows of brass grommets.

On her stomach Kim reached under the bed and pulled the belts across, then with the buckles on the side of the bed tightened each belt until they crimped the side of the mattress. Adjusting the pillow under Rachel’s head, Kim tip-toed into the hall, closing the door.

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