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The Perils of Pauline 2: Married Bliss Part 2

by 64Fordman

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story continued from chapter two part 1

Chapter II: Married Bliss, Part 2


The sun was filling the kitchen with light. Kim had gotten up early and was sitting at the table with a cup of coffee and her laptop trying to edit her feature length basement bondage video into the short clip it was meant to be. Let’s give her a few more minutes, Kim thought while savoring another sip from her mug.


“Good morning.” Kim said, walking into the guest room.

“What the hell.” Rachel said.

“Isn’t it absolutely delicious? It’s every damsel’s dream to wake up helpless.” Kim said.

“I said I was sorry for yesterday.” Rachel said.

“It’s early, I think you should stay in bed.” Kim said.

“I don’t need any more rest.” Rachel said.

Kim took a roll of duct tape out of her robe pocket and began to pull off a strip.

“Okay, go ahead; do whatever you’re going to do.” Rachel said.

“That’s the attitude we like to see,” Kim said.

She placed two strips of tape over Rachel’s mouth, then took a remote control bullet vibrator out of her other pocket and began sucking on it until it was wet with her saliva.

Rachel was emitting gagged protests as Kim lowered her pajama pants and pulled her panties aside, then slowly inserting the device and restoring her clothing.

“I’ll check on you in a while.” Kim said, set the vibrator on the lowest setting and placed the remote on the bed between Rachel’s legs.

The low buzzing was only mildly distracting, and Rachel tested her restraints. Her hands had a couple inches of slack to push or pull, but were held to the edges of the mattress, and the straps kept her lying flat.

After a few minutes of struggling the small buzzing invader had become moderately distracting. She fought with the restraints but found no release. Minutes ticked by and her torment increased, the stimulation between her legs was awakening her breasts, and they were also begging for attention. Rachel gave a loud short moan and struggled against the restraints as Kim returned.

“Still want to get out?” Kim said while opening the pajama top above the strap, pulling the material aside to expose Rachel’s breasts, “Let’s see what effect this has.”

Rachel protested loudly, raising and shaking her head when she saw the nipple clamps. Wide eyed, she watched Kim roll her left nipple between her fingers. As the clamp approached her swollen bud Rachel dropped her head to the pillow and closed her eyes in anticipation and defeat. “Mmmmm” Rachel squeezed her eyelids tighter and rolled her head on the pillow as the clamp compressed her swollen bud.

Feeling Kim’s fingers on her right breast she opened her eyes, watching Kim work her nipple until she was satisfied, then picking up the second clamp. This time she kept her eyes open as the clamp approached; “mmph” then bit down on her flesh “MMMMMM.”

Kim ran her hands over Rachel’s breasts, flicking the clamps and causing the tormented girl to flinch, then sliding her hand down Rachel’s stomach and leg to her ankle. Bending down, Kim grabbed her partner’s foot and began to suck and nibble her toes, tickling Rachel with her tongue.

With her head raised, Rachel watched as her toes emerged from Kim’s mouth glistening with her lover’s saliva.

“Back in a while.” Kim said peeking over the tips of Rachel’s toes then licking the pad of her big toe before leaving the room.

Her hands useless, Rachel could only look at the devices holding her nipples in a cruel embrace. The vibrator had gone from a minor element to a fixation as Rachel transitioned from trying to escape to trying to reach the remote control.

When Kim returned Rachel repeatedly made a motion with her thumb and index finger, a signal that was immediately understood.

“Would you like me to turn this off?” Kim said holding the vibrator remote.

Rachel vigorously shook her head.

“Oh, I see.” Kim said and slid the control to high.

Rachel pulled against the restraints as an orgasm took control of her body almost immediately, then howled behind her gag as her nipples were released from the clamps. Using her lips and tongue, Kim massaged and soothed the aching buds as Rachel ascended to a second powerful climax.

Spent, Rachel lay still with eyes closed as Kim removed the vibrator.

“Just relax, I’ll make us some breakfast.” Kim said, leaving her strapped down and gagged.

Rachel moaned softly, satisfied and content.

Faire Maidens

Rachel was exhausted from her cookbook project. As soon as she finished a section, a revised manuscript would arrive from the author and the work would start over. Tell all or work of fiction, it was no longer her concern, the printer’s deadline put an end to the nightmare.

“You’ve been a slave to that stupid book for weeks and we haven’t had any fun.” Kim said while adjusting Rachel’s dress, “I’m so glad you’re going. Okay, turn around, let me see.”

Rachel was wearing a dark green velvet dress, form fitting to the waist with half-sleeves and collar trimmed in frilly white lace, the neck scooped to show just a hint of cleavage with a flowing skirt cut just above the ankle. Her hair formed a bun on top of her head ringed with a writhe of delicate white silk flowers.

“You look stunning, a little makeup and you’ll be done.” Kim said, kneeling on the floor and gently sliding black suede slippers on Rachel’s feet.

“I feel like a queen being attended to…”

“Save it for the Ren faire.” Kim said, cutting Rachel off.

“Jeez.” Rachel said.

“I’m staying in character. Remember, I’m performing with Brian this afternoon.” Kim said.

Rachel sighed and rolled her eyes, having forgotten the reason for going to the Ren faire.

“I know,” Kim said, “your brain is still scrambled; soon you’ll be emerged in a simpler world of brash men and fair maidens.”

“Or brash maidens, where’s your sword” Rachel said as Kim stepped into the living room. She was wearing a white long sleeve shirt with lace cuffs under a short sleeveless brown leather dress, black leather pants and knee high boots. Her hair was pinned back behind her ears but otherwise fell loosely around her neck.

“Brian is bringing the props, would you tie me up?” Kim said, turning and pulling her hair aside so Rachel could lace up the back of the dress.

During the drive Kim kept the conversation moving and lighthearted and soon saw Rachel emerging from the depths of mental fatigue.

With Kim at the final rehearsal, Rachel walked the grounds watching craftsmen fashion medieval goods, actors play music or do tricks, talking with visitors and not thinking of anything but having fun. Then horns signaled the start of the Queens Court performance and Rachel moved toward the stage to see Kim and Brian perform.

The audience cheered and applauded at the shows end and a few minutes later Brian walked up to Rachel.

“Great job Brian, are you two done now?” Rachel said.

“Thanks, we have a performance at the yellow tent in half an hour, then Kim is all yours.” Brian said.

“Where is she?” Rachel said.

Brian formed a hand puppet and motioned as if it were talking.

“Right.” Rachel said.

Continuing her tour of the exhibits until it was almost time for the other performance, Rachel headed for the yellow tent.

“Rachel, come in, where’s Kim?” Brian said.

“I thought she was here.” Rachel said, stepping through curtains surrounding an area in front of the tent.

“I haven’t seen her and we’re on in a couple of minutes, it’s a fundraiser performance for the Children’s Hospital.” Brian said.

“Children’s Hospital, can I do anything?” Rachel said.

“Only if you want to stand in.” Brian said.

“There’s no time to learn lines.” Rachel said.

“I talk, you just have to sit here.” Brian said pointing at the stocks.

“I’ve seen this, you’re going to lock me in this and tickle me.” Rachel said.

“I’m not going to tickle you.” Brian said.

“You promise.” Rachel said.

“I promise.” Brian said.

“All right, it’s for the kids.” Rachel said.

Rachel sat down and let Brian secure her wrists to the backrest on either side of her head. She extended her legs, placing her ankles in the holes and Brian lowered the timber and locked it in place and tightened a leather strap across her legs, then removed Rachel’s slippers.

Brian stepped away and returned with a wicker basket full of quills, placing it on a bale of hay next to Rachel.

“You promised.” Rachel said.

“I’m not going to tickle you,” Brian said as he pulled back the curtains, “they are.”

Rachel was staring into the faces of the crowd that had gathered. Her helplessness in front of all those strangers was igniting emotions within her, not the least of which was fear. Not wanting to embarrass herself or ruin the event to raise money for the hospital Rachel stayed calm, she did offer after all.

“You okay?” Brian said.

Rachel smiled and Brian stepped in front of the crowd.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this young woman has been found guilty of several crimes and misdemeanors, including gossiping.” A low OOOOO rose from the crowd. “In the matter of raising funds for the Children’s Hospital, it has been decided that the subjects of the Crown will assist Her Majesty in the punishment of this criminal for a donation of five Quid.” Brian said.

The crowd turned into a mob waving five dollar bills. Rachel tried to prepare herself as the first two stepped up but she exploded in laughter when they began working both feet, laughter that was only interrupted by her screams as each tickler worked the quills between her toes.

Brian handled the crowd like a pro, timing out one person and having another immediately take his or her place to keep the line moving. Rachel’s laughter was drawing more people and the line was growing longer instead of shorter.

Always one to find solutions, Brian had two people tickling her sides as two worked her feet cutting the wait time in half. Rachel unconsciously fought the restraints as the relentless stimulation of her most sensitive areas caused waves of laughter, but through the chaos a message was received by her brain that another sensitive area was being stimulated, this one between her legs. Then suddenly everything stopped.

While she caught her breath, Rachel heard a mumbling in the crowd and Brian explaining the time was up.

“I’m sorry,” Brian said, “but if we continue it would have to be up to our prisoner.”

Rachel looked up and everyone was staring at her. Her eyes went wide in shock as the word “yes” came out of her mouth, as if she were no longer in control of it.

Everyone was still staring.

“Well it is for the kids.” Rachel said as a cheer went up in the crowd.

As the remaining people tickled her ribs and feet in return for their donation, Rachel received the gift of a long beautiful orgasm, hopefully masked by the laughing frenzy she was being worked into.

When it was over Brian helped Rachel to a wood chair outside and went back in with another man.

Kim ran up and saw Rachel sitting next to the tent, her hands in her lap and a smile on her face staring straight ahead. Kim went into the tent to apologize to Brian who was talking to a representative of the hospital.

“Excuse me, I am so sorry, I lost tract of the time.” Kim said.

“It’s okay,” Brian said, “this is Mr. Wallace, Kim Andrews.”

“Hello Kim, great event; Rachel did yeoman’s work; raised over two thousand dollars, a real trooper; well I have to run, thanks again Brian.” Mr. Wallace said.

Kim returned to Rachel, pausing for a moment to look in the direction Rachel was staring and seeing nothing.

“What happened?” Kim said.

“I helped.” Rachel said in a soft voice.

“How was it?” Kim said.

“It was wonderful.” Rachel said, her gaze unchanged.

“Okay, good… good; you ready to go?” Kim said.

“Whatever.” Rachel said.

By the time they arrived home Rachel had recovered from her medieval experience and they helped each other out of the costumes.

“Shower?” Rachel said.

“Together? Last time you got a little ruff.” Kim said.

“That’s true maybe you should tie my hands.” Rachel blurted out without thinking.

“Are you asking me to tie you up?” Kim said.

“Just out of concern for your safety you understand.” Rachel said.

Kim got a length of rope and tied Rachel’s hands palm-to-palm behind her back.

“I feel safer already.” Kim said.

Kim lovingly washed and rinsed every part of Rachel’s body, carefully toweled her dry and used a brush and blow dryer on her hair, drying the rope at the same time. With Rachel sitting on a towel placed over the toilet seat cover Kim saw to her own grooming, then dressed in a short sleeve shirt and sweat pants.

With more rope in hand Kim led Rachel, still naked, into the kitchen and helped her sit at the table, guiding her bound arms over the chair back. Rachel stayed silent while her chest was tied to the back of the chair and her ankles were bound together and to the rail under the seat.

“How’s sautéed baby kale and artichokes sound?” Kim said after tightening the last knot.

“Delish.” Rachel said.

Kim buzzed around the kitchen prepping, cooking and plating. In just under fifteen minutes she placed the piping hot dish on the table with a small glass of white wine and sat down.

Using a fork, Kim speared a piece of artichoke and some kale, gently blew to cool it down and placed it carefully in Rachel’s mouth. Closing her eyes, she slowly chewed and swallowed, savoring every moment of the experience.

“Why don’t you cook more often?” Rachel said.

“While you’re tied up?” Kim said.

Rachel was holding her mouth open and Kim offered another forkful.

“Well?” Kim said as Rachel repeated her reaction to the first forkful.

“I’m thinking it over.” Rachel said, opening her mouth for more.

“Are you going to eat it all?” Kim said, “Oh wait, what was I thinking.”

Kim fed herself and shared the wine with Rachel. After the meal and clean up Rachel was untied except for her wrists, led to the living room and sat on the sofa where her ankles were retied.

“What are we doing now?” Rachel said.

Kim laid down on the sofa and pulled Rachel down in front of her facing the television, then picked up the remote and turned to the Cartoon Network.

“Since you gave up your usual Saturday morning for the Ren Faire, I’m going to let you watch TV while we snuggle.” Kim said, “Oh look, Johnny Test, you like that.”

“Are you going to keep me naked and tied up?” Rachel said.

“Only if you don’t want me to.” Kim said.

Rachel stared back over her shoulder at her lover.

“I should at least get to tie you up as many times as Brian has.” Kim added.

Rachel said “You’re keeping score?”

“No…….maybe” Kim said.

“I understand,” Rachel said, “I thought about it in the car on the way home, that I might have been denying you a part of our relationship. That maybe you enjoy giving as much as receiving. And maybe I’ve been denying myself as well.”

“Are you saying you enjoyed your little stint in the stocks?” Kim said.

Rachel thought for a moment but said nothing.

Kim said “I understand, your still processing your experience and it will take time before you can verbalize your feelings.”

“I’m invoking my Fifth Amendment rights.” Rachel said.

“Watch the cartoon.” Kim said.

Take Your Spouse to Work Day

Kim parked her car in front of Brian’s warehouse/loft, her cell rang as she turned off the engine.

“Hey Brian. Yeah, we’re out front. Rachel came along. Oh. Okay. Ha, Brian says he’s glad I brought adult supervision. Okay, bye.” Kim punched off her cell. “Brian won’t be here for a couple of hours, he got held up somewhere.”

Kim and Rachel went inside. As they walked past the office doors and down the hall that led to the warehouse floor Brian’s cat, Opal, appeared and rubbed against the girl’s legs. Rachel picked the cat up, petting and talking to it.

“Oh yeah, I have to feed the bitch.” Kim said.

“Don’t call her that, she’s precious.” Rachel said.

“It’s a term of endearment; long story, you look around, I’ll be right back.” Kim said.

Kim took the cat and Rachel went through the double doors, entering the large warehouse floor that occupied most of the first floor. Rachel had been here on more than one occasion to watch Kim’s photo shoots and the space itself never changed, only the equipment, so the large heavy canvas panels hanging from the ceiling that concealed the other two thirds of the space caught her attention.

The second thing that caught her attention was a horizontal X-frame. It was made of thick timbers set on a base, had a wide section in the middle to support the body and leather straps. Rachel ran her hands over the wood imagining lying on it with her arms and legs spread wide. Adult supervision, she didn’t think Brian thought of her as old, but the fact that she was ten years older than Kim often entered her mind. She jumped when Kim began speaking behind her.

“Really getting into the medieval stuff.” Kim said.

“Just looking.” Rachel said.

“Try it out.” Kim said. “We have plenty of time.”

Rachel smiled and started to lift herself onto the device.

“Ah, ah, ah, no clothes allowed.” Kim said.

Turning around so Kim could unzip the blue flowered dress, Rachel pulled it over her head, placing it on the floor next to their purses and kicked off her sandals. A quick look at Kim told her the panties had to go also, and she climbed up on the frame.

Kim walked around applying the restraints to Rachel’s wrists, upper arms, waist, upper thighs, knees and ankles.

“You look hot on this. Let’s get the full effect.” Kim said pulling a ball gag out of her purse, “never leave home without one” and strapped it in Rachel’s mouth.

Rachel laid on the frame in a wide spread-eagle, held immobile, every part of her body exposed and available, watching Kim circle her like a vulture assessing its prey. While circling, Kim was imitating Rachel’s striptease performance until all of her clothing was in a pile with Rachel’s.

“While I decide what to do to you first,” Kim said, “I’m dying to find out what’s behind these damn sheets.”

Kim slipped between two of the hanging canvas panels and disappeared on the other side of the warehouse.

“Holy crap!” Rachel heard Kim say from the other side of the barrier. Remaining silent and straining her ears she listened but there was no further sound. Her body struggled against the restraints to no advantage while her mind envisioned an intruder, she considered crying out for her partner and exposing her helplessness but remained silent.

Thoughts streaked across Rachel’s brain like shooting stars flashing images in her mind of strangers finding her and using her helpless naked body for their pleasure, being powerless to stop them as they performed lurid act after lurid act until finally satiating their lust.

Rachel’s head shot up when she felt someone touch her between her legs, but no one was there and she realized it was her own dripping pussy she felt.

Hours past as she lay helpless and exposed on the frame, or that’s how the five minutes Kim was gone seemed to Rachel.

“You gotta see this.” Kim said reemerging and releasing the straps. Rachel wanted to tell her she preferred to remain as she was and be played with, but Kim pulled her off the frame and through the barrier.

Before them stood a giant mechanical structure, an assembly of components and devices that almost filled the entire space.

“What is it?” Rachel said.

“It must be why I’m here, Brian wouldn’t say exactly what it did, but I would find out what it was like to be a couple rungs down the food chain.” Kim said.

Looking around, Kim saw a white envelope on top of a panel of switches and lights and picked it up.

“Opening Brian’s mail?” Rachel said.

“It’s not even sealed.” Kim said, “Let’s see, Dear Brian, your meat, in quotes, processing machine is functioning and fully tested, I used my daughter, in parentheses, so you know it’s safe. Let me know when you’re ready for tear down as I have other uses for most of the components, otherwise, any problems, call. Regards, Stan Rogers.”

As Rachel listened to Kim read the letter, she looked over the machine curious to its purpose, and the function of the various sections.

“This must be the beginning.” Kim said, with her hand on a horizontal metal surface that looked like the straight section of a slide from a playground, and Kim decided, was exactly what it was.

Kim noticed that one end of the slide ended over an opening that reminded her of a wood chipper and the drop from the slide to the opening was rather large, but she figured it must be safe, the guy tested it on his daughter.

“Come here,” Kim said to Rachel, “lay down on here, I want to see what it looks like.”

The metal felt cold against Rachel’s bare skin, but if it meant her body would receive the attention it was craving she didn’t care, and laid down with her head toward the opening.

“Don’t you find this exciting?” Kim said as she climbed on top, “Waiting to be sent into the machine, not knowing what it will do to you, maybe poking and prodding all over your body.”

Kim began poking her fingers into Rachel’s sides and underarms. Screaming and laughing, the pinned girl was trying to escape the torment, looking for leverage she grabbed a bar on the side of the slide. It tilted down closing the gap in the opening, and both girls slid screaming head first into the machine.

A sensor activated the machine as they entered and a group of padded widely spaced rollers began slowly tumbling the girls, separating them for the next group of tight rollers that placed them in the proper orientation.

Kim emerged first, head first and face down, the rollers holding her arms to her sides and legs together. The image of a pasta press flashed in her mind as she was slowly pushed out onto a conveyor belt, a mechanical arm on each side wrapped a two inch wide clear plastic band around her just below her shoulders and secured it tight.

As she moved further out, identical bands were applied below her breasts, around her stomach and waist, all securing her arms to her side, then to her legs above the knees and ankles, each strap had two metal pins attached and positioned behind her. When her legs cleared the rollers a larger restraint clamped around both ankles. Before Kim could look back she was lifted by her ankles. Hanging from a small trolley on an overhead track she began moving further into the machine. Now facing backward she could watch the mechanical arms clamp bands around Rachel’s body and hoist her off the conveyor.

“What happened?” Rachel said.

“Obviously you touched something” Kim said.

“So it’s my fault?” Rachel said.

“You’re the adult here.” Kim said.

Hearing a scream behind her, Rachel craned her neck to see Kim dripping with water. Dozens of small nozzles in frames on each side created a block of spraying water that soaked Kim from toe to head, and Rachel was moving toward it.

“IT’S COLD.” Rachel said as she moved into the spray. “Good thing we put our hair in buns.”

“You might end up on a bun.” Kim said.

A loud smack followed by a scream caused Rachel to crane her neck again.

“I think I’m being tenderized.” Kim said.

On each side of Kim, a box traveling along a rail carried an arm with a paddle at the end. Each side coordinated to alternate cheeks as the boxes matched Kim’s forward travel.


Rachel continued to watch, focusing on Kim’s reaction to each strike.


The paddles folded in and the boxes moved to the beginning of the rail at a higher speed to meet Rachel as she moved into position.

“Your turn.” Kim said.

As the paddles unfolded into position Rachel had a flash of vision like a searchlight illuminating an object in the dark. The helpless damsel subjected to some diabolical device set in motion but no longer under the control of a human, executing its function on whatever or whoever is placed in its path. This was Kim’s thing, this is what Kim liked, but then why was it having an effect on her?


Kim was being lowered onto a large metal table facedown. Her ankles were released from the suspension harness and a long metal bar swept across the table pushing Kim next to a long steel roller with holes forming rows along its surface.

When the push bar retracted, the section of table under Kim tilted up pressing her back against the roller. She heard audible clicks as the pins in the restraint bands engaged the holes and locked in place.

The table section lowered leaving Kim attached to the roller, then retracted back exposing a vat of clear, slightly reddish-brown liquid. Marinade, Kim thought.

Kim wasn’t sure what the liquid was, so as the roller began turning she took a deep breath and squeezed her eyes shut. The vat was rounded and made of clear plastic, if Kim’s eyes were open she would have seen the video camera mounted under it.

Emerging on the other side Kim began breathing and blowing liquid off her mouth and nose as it flowed over her head. Colored water. A panel extended under her at an angle covering the vat, the pins released and Kim slid face down onto a conveyor. At the same time the screaming was an indication Rachel was about to get marinated.

“NO, NO, NOOO………….…….OOOOOOO.”

Girl has some lungs, Kim thought, as a wide flat bar pressed onto her back and engaged the pins. The bar rose lifting Kim, rotated half a turn so she was on top, and stopped.

Rachel moved down the conveyor, still spitting and sputtering, and stopped under Kim. The bar lowered onto Rachel’s back engaging the pins in her restraints, lifted both girls and carried them forward.

The bar was set down in a frame a couple of feet off the floor with the girls suspended in the middle. Two banks of heat lamps, one on each side of the bar mounted on the floor at a 45 degree angle came on, and the bar began to slowly rotate.

A long brush descended from the ceiling until the bristles dragged across the girls turning bodies. Tubes imbedded in the spine of the brush pumped a thick brown mixture into the bristles. The brush was coating their bodies from chin to toe. As more of the thick liquid filled the brush it began to flow over their bodies, dripping onto the floor between the heat lamps until they were completely covered from the neck down.

The brush lifted away while they continued turning, the lamps uncomfortably hot but not dangerously so. Rachel touched her chin with her tongue.

“Barbeque sauce.” Rachel said.

“Us, it’s what’s for what’s for dinner.” Kim said.

“That’s hilarious.” Rachel said.

“I’ve seen movies and wondered what this would be like.” Kim said.

“Was it good for you?” Rachel said.

“I don’t think it’s over yet.” Kim said.

“I can feel the sauce caramelizing on my body.” Rachel said.

“I want to eat you.” Kim said.

The heat lamps switched off and the spit stopped turning. From overhead the mechanism that had placed them here returned, grabbed the ends of the bar and lifted them off the frame, carrying them to a conveyor.

Kim was gently placed face down, the bar released the pins in her restraints and lifted away. The conveyor moved Kim forward head first until she was clear. Rotating, the bar lowered placing Rachel on the conveyor. The bar lifted away and both girls moved forward.

As Kim’s head entered an arch that spanned the conveyor, two arms, one on either side, descended in front of her face with the manipulators on the ends holding the straps of a ball gag shaped like an apple. Before she could warn Rachel the rubber apple entered her mouth and was fastened tight behind her head.

While Rachel’s gag was being applied a short strap was attached to the pins on Kim’s ankle restraint, her legs folded and the other end snapped to the pins on the band around her waist holding her legs in a hogtie position.

When Rachel had completed the same process she was placed on an oval tray, a tube on each side dispensed some plastic vegetables around her, and she was carried forward and slid onto a table next to Kim’s serving tray.

The girls tried to talk to each other for a minute then heard Brian behind them.

“So much for adult supervision.” Brian said looking at Rachel. “But you both look absolutely delicious.”

Brian reached out and ran the tip of his finger along the bottom of Rachel’s foot, then placed it in his mouth.

“Mm, Country Sweet, there’s no substitute for real Barbeque sauce.” Brian said.

“Mm mm mm.” Both girls mumbled.

“All right, I’ll get you out.” Brian said.

The girls were showered, dressed and enjoying some lemonade while Brian showed them parts of the video they had just unknowingly made.

“There were cameras all over and so far it looks great,” Brian said, “now all the separate recordings have to be edited into a single video. What do you want your name to be Rachel?”

“What?” Rachel said.

“Your professional name, she’s Pauline, what do you like?” Brian said.

Rachel said “Whoa, I need to think about…”

“How about Penelope?” Kim said.

“Becoming a star.” Rachel said.

Kim said “It could be great, we’ll be like Sonny and Cher, Burns and Allen, Lucy and Desi.”

“Un and Employed.” Rachel said.

“She’ll think about it.” Kim said to Brian.

What's in a Name?

“Brian sent us a clip, it’s you getting tenderized.” Kim said.

“It’s hard to explain,” Rachel said, “but the longer I was trapped by the machine, the more things that I was subjected to, only made this feeling grow inside me. Then you said you wanted to eat me and I thought yes, that’s what I want, I want you to devour me, to crave my body so much you can’t control yourself.”

“But I couldn’t.” Kim said.

Rachel said “Yes, it was like I had a need and I was, I was...”

“Being denied?” Kim said.

“Yes; thing is I wasn’t thinking about me but you getting free. Sound weird?” Rachel said.

“Sounds like someone able to verbalize their feelings.” Kim said.

“Watching it again gives me the same feeling.” Rachel said.

“Does this mean you’re up for some adventures?” Kim said.

“Let’s not get crazy, but if you got some rope I wouldn’t complain.” Rachel said.

The girls made their way to the bedroom, leaving a trail of clothes behind them. Kim tied Rachel in a tight frog tie, her hands gripping her lower calf muscles, wrists and ankles hidden by coils of rope forcing her knees apart.

“Remember, my record is five orgasms.” Rachel said.

“Actually, we’re going to see how many times I don’t make you come.” Kim said.

Over the next two hours Rachel went from a frog tie to a ball tie to a spread-eagle bed tie. Kim had brought Rachel to the edge six times and was using her tongue to allow her to release her sexual tension. Rachel strained against the ropes holding her limbs to the bedposts, screaming into the ball gag.

After letting her catch her breath Kim straddled Rachel and unbuckled the strap on the gag.

When the ball popped out of her mouth Rachel said, “Pearl.”

“What?” Kim said.

“My name, I think it should be Pearl.” Rachel said.

“Why?” Kim said.

“Pearl White played Pauline in the original 1914 silent films, you knew that, right?” Rachel said.

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