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The Perils of Pauline 2: Married Bliss Part 4

by 64Fordman

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Chapter II: Married Bliss, Part 4

Research & Development

Rachel sat on the patio, a gentle breeze blowing through her hair. She was a bit warm in the track suit but the concrete felt cool on the soles of her bare feet. It was a glorious day with an occasional big puffy cloud floating by. She had seen about a dozen in the hour and a half she’s been out here and tried to identify them as they went by, one sort of looked like an elephant, but mostly they looked like clouds. Today was just like the day her dad taught her to fly turns. It took her a couple of hours to get the hang of it, but then she was circling a big cotton ball in the sky, adjusting bank and rudder for changing wind direction to keep the plane the same distance from the cloud all the way around. Rachel missed those days, not that she would trade them for her life with Kim. Perhaps they had been underappreciated.

Being duct taped to the chair and alone, reminiscing and watching clouds were among the few activities available. This was another one of Kim’s exercises. So far she’s been walking around the mall with her hands cuffed behind her covered by a sweater, and grocery shopping with wrists zip tied to a shopping cart, the sleeves of an oversized sweatshirt hiding her bondage. Though fun, Rachel wasn’t sure what the point was. Trust me, Kim would say.

This session started out quiet, but the noise from next door was picking up, which was odd because the people from next door had gone away for a few days. A large blue ball bounced into the yard and came to rest on the lawn in front of Rachel, a few moments later a young man came to retrieve it.

“Hi” He said.

He was college age, and very athletic. Rachel could tell since his only attire was red board shorts and Ray-Ban sunglasses. “Hi.” She said.

“You’re taped to a chair.” He said.

And he’s a rocket scientist, okay, time to be a Jedi master. “Just a game with my friend.” Rachel said.

“What kind of game?” He said.

Now change the subject. “Do they know you’re using their pool?” Rachel said.

“Yeah, we’re family.” He said.

 And go away. “Okay, I’ll let you get back to your friends now.” Rachel said.


“Dammit Obi wan.” Rachel said.

Two similarly dressed guys stepped into view, too late for get off my lawn. “Hi.” Rachel said.

Kim went up the neighbor’s driveway and across the front lawn to get back home. The sliding door was open with the blinds closed, she got a glass of iced tea and a magazine and sat at the kitchen table where she would be able to hear the action outside.

The voices rose from muted comments to a lively conversation with generous amounts of laughter, including Rachel’s. A short while later the patio became quiet, Kim opened the blinds and stepped out.

“There you are,” Rachel said. “I had visitors. I could have been kidnapped.”

“That would never happen.” Kim said. She got down cross legged on the concrete next to Rachel. “Who do you think threw the ball in the yard? The important thing is you had fun and didn’t die of embarrassment.”

“So this was staged.” Rachel said. “Because leaving me at the checkout to get one more thing didn’t work out.”

“I wouldn’t say that, you did have to give the cashier some bogus reason for not unloading the cart.” Kim said as she caressed Rachel’s foot. “But this is working.”

“Assuming I know what ‘this’ is, how can you tell?” Rachel said.

“You haven’t asked me to let you go.” Kim said.

The following week Kim asked Rachel to help with a promotion for the web. Sonya arrived after dinner and they all went to the basement.

“Okay, what are we doing?” Rachel said.

“We’re making a short challenge video, the camera will remain static so the pieces of tape on the carpet will keep you in the frame as you try to get free. I’ll check the camera while Sonya gets started on you.” Kim said.

“You mean I’m getting tied up?” Rachel said.

“Pauline and Pearl have a video to promote.” Kim said.

Rachel got on the floor and Sonya tied her wrists behind her back, then pushed the legs of her sweatpants back so she could tie her bare ankles. She placed Rachel in a tight hogtie with a long rope and wrapped the remainder around her ankles and thighs, folding her legs together and cinching it tight. She finished with a cotton scarf cleave gag.

Sonya tied Kim in the same position, her denim shorts not interfering with the bindings, and gagged her with a matching scarf. She walked to a table against the wall to get Kim’s cell phone to use as a timer and saw the box of old Halloween costumes next to it. On top was a pair of black cat ears. Sonya placed the band on Rachel’s head.

“So cute. Okay, ten minutes on the timer, and go.” Sonya said.

Kim twisted and turned her body, rolling onto one side then the other, then on to her back. Straining her arms she dug her fingers into the mass of rope, her toes grasping the fibers of the carpet to gain every bit of leverage she could. Rachel laid on her stomach watching.

“Eight minutes.” Sonya said. “Loser gets tickled for ten minutes.”

Rachel pulled at her bindings, turning her head to see the ropes. “Mm mmmph mmph.”

Kim was unwrapping the ankle to thigh rope. Rachel repeated Kim’s efforts rolling into Kim twice.

“Five minutes.” Sonya said.

With the hog tie released Kim wrapped her fingers around her ankles and worked on the knot holding her feet together.

A drop of sweat formed on Rachel’s temple.

“Two minutes.” Sonya said.

Kim got on her feet, working the knot between her wrists.

“One minute.” Sonya said.

Loosening the knot, Kim rotated her wrists while pulling her arms apart. She pushed the coils of rope over her hands and pulled the scarf from her mouth letting it hang around her neck.

“Time.” Sonya said.

Several woo woos and high fives later, Kim and Sonya turned their attention to Rachel. She was on her stomach, her hair frazzled. Short blasts of air were entering and exiting her nostrils, and beads of sweat clung to her forehead.

“Reset the timer.” Kim said. “You take her ribs and pits and I’ll take her feet, I know all her spots.”

“Mm, mm, mm.” Rachel said, curling her toes in anticipation of the assault. She tried rolling away, but the girls held her in place.

Kim did know all her spots, and the thin short-sleeve shirt provided none of the protection the Ren-faire dress had. Rachel fought as hard as she could and screamed into her gag. To hold her Sonya leaned across her back.

“Stop, stop.” Kim said. “Grab a towel.”

Kim saw the dark stain growing larger from between Rachel’s legs. Sonya got a towel hanging on a door knob. Kim grabbed Rachel by the arm lifting her and stuffed the towel under her hips, but the liquid was already pooling on the carpet. She lowered Rachel and leaned back on her elbows.

“Oh no.” Sonya said with her hand over her mouth. “I feel terrible.”

Kim was laughing. She rolled onto her side while she composed herself.

“Bad Kitty didn’t use.” Kim said, bursting into another fit of laughter. “Her litter box.” Rolling onto her back and holding her stomach while stomping her feet on the floor.

“We should untie her?” Sonya said.

Kim said through her laughter “I don’t think she cares anymore.”

Rachel grinned behind her gag.

Code of Silence

Rachel drove her car across the empty parking lot and pulled up to the only door on the large white building. The numbers on the glass matched the address Brian gave them. Kim, Sonya and Rachel went in and after walking down a short hallway were in a large area with a long machine in the middle that went through the back wall. A conveyer about ten feet long fed the machine with push carts nearby holding small items and paperwork.

“Brian must have a bigger budget, the last one was made from junk.” Kim said, and pulled the zipper down on Rachel’s dress.

“Shouldn’t we wait for Brian?” Sonya said.

“We’ve done this before.” Kim said. Rachel was naked. Kim saw a pack of cable ties on a cart and used one to bind Rachel’s hands behind her back and helped her onto the conveyer, then used a second cable tie to bind her ankles.

“Maybe Sonya is right.” Rachel said, seeing the machine from her new perspective.

Kim peeled a label from a sheet on the cart and stuck it over Rachel’s mouth. “That’s better.” She said and pushed the round green button on the panel attached to the conveyer. The belt moved her head first into a square tunnel, her body passing through beams of light that measured her length and height. Another light was scanning over her from above until the label sealing her mouth passed under and it read the bar code printed on it.

Using the information from the scans the computer selected the appropriate size box and loaded the packer, the section of the machine Rachel was entering. As she approached the end of the belt, a box filled with foam packing peanuts began moving on another conveyer below her and she dropped in. Rollers closed the flaps as the box moved forward. She heard the sound of tape being pulled from a roll as it was applied to the top, two pops when plastic straps were secured around the box, then a gentile brushing sound as the shipping label was applied. The box passed through the wall into another part of the building.

Bill Engle thanked the people seated in the break room for their attention during the employee meeting. A middle aged woman climbed the stairs to the offices while everyone else walked toward the production area.

“What’s this?” Bill said, seeing the box at the end of the line.

An employee picked up a hand held and scanned the shipping label. “It’s a local, Pete’s route.”

“Get it loaded and button this place up, I got a thing starting.” Bill said.

The guys put the box on a loading cart and pushed it to the docks, placing it in the back of a cargo van. Trucks and vans pulled away from the docks as employees closed the overhead doors, then said goodbye to Bill and all left through an exit door to the back parking lot.

Bill Engle is the owner of Point of Purchase Solutions, manufacturer of display items for the retail industry supplying everything from jewelry cases to full size mannequins. As he organized the production floor another box came down the conveyer.

“What the hell.” Bill said to himself. He walked across the floor and through a steel door into the assembly room.

“What are you doing? You shouldn’t be touching the equipment.” Bill said. “Are you with Brian?”

“Yes, but he’s not here yet.” Sonya said.

“Then don’t touch anything.” Bill said.

“Hi guys.” Brian said, walking in the door from outside. “Problem?”

“Just a safety first discussion.” Bill said.

“Good, where’s the others?” Brian said.

Sonya looked toward the opening in the wall where the conveyer passed through.

Bill huffed and motioned Brian to follow him. Sonya picked up the two dresses and pairs of shoes and ran to catch up.

Bill took a box cutter from his pocket and cut the plastic straps, then the tape and pulled the box open. Kim sat up. “Hi Brian.” She said, while picking foam peanuts from her hair.

Brian and Bill each took an arm and lifted her out of the box. Sonya handed Kim her dress and she slipped it over her head then stepped into her shoes.

“So where’s Rachel?” Brian said.

“She should be here somewhere.” Kim said. “We sent her first.”

“Unbelievable.” Bill said, picked up a phone on a pole and punched a few numbers. “Mary, what was the last order processed?”

Rachel sank into the packing peanuts as her box was moved and had to lift herself on her elbows to keep her face clear. She heard voices she couldn’t recognize and what sounded like a door closing. The mind plays tricks with common sounds in total darkness. She was moving again, this must be another one of Kim’s games.

 Bill hung up. “Wear-Ever Boutique.”

“You mean she got shipped?” Kim said.

“I know that place.” Sonya said. “It’s on Park Avenue.”

Bill was ending another call. “Driver already delivered.”

“Let’s go.” Kim said.

Both girls ran through the building and back to the car, Sonya carrying the dress and shoes. Kim got behind the wheel and fastened her seatbelt. Fishing the keys from the pocket of the dress she jammed it into the steering column, and realized she had never driven Rachel’s car before.

“Don’t panic.” Sonya said. “She’s just a couple miles away.”

Kim slid the key into the ignition on the dash and turned it. The tachometer needle jumped and gauges moved as the engine came to life. Kim had snickered at Rachel in the past, but she could feel it now, the power pulsing through the steering wheel and the throbbing of the exhaust pipes under her feet.

Kim pulled the floor shifter into reverse and hit the gas. The tachometer needle shot straight up and the car backed away from the building into a thick cloud of gray smoke. Kim slammed both feet on the brake. She put the car in drive and her foot on the gas. The back of the car drifted to the left as Kim steered a wide arc across the asphalt, stopping the car at the entrance to the road. Both girls turned to look out the rear window, the smoke clearing to reveal two black stripes across the lot. “Don’t tell Mom.” Kim said.

Sonya gave directions as Kim weaved the car through traffic, stopping at a red light behind another car.

“This is Park Avenue, the store is two blocks to the left.” Sonya said.

Kim floored the pedal and jerked the wheel to the right powering past the other car, then left fish tailing around the corner with smoke billowing from the rear tires.

Sonya holding the vent window post with both hands said. “What was that?”

“I don’t know, I saw it in a movie.” Kim said.

“Well don’t do it again.” Sonya said.

“That’s what they said in the movie.” Kim said.

Stopping in front of the store, both girls jumped out and ran inside. The lone clerk asked if she could help them as they ran past toward the back room.

“I know, we can’t go in there.” Kim said.

Kim threw some boxes aside to uncover a large box with ‘fragile: display mannequin’ printed on the side and grabbed a scissors from a counter.

“What are you doing?” The clerk said. “I’m calling the police.”

The clerk froze with the phone in her hand when Rachel sat up in the box. Kim ripped the label from her mouth. “Ouch.”

“Are you okay?” Kim said, cutting the cable ties.

“Where am I?” Rachel said.

“Later.” Kim said. She helped Rachel stand and took the dress and shoes from Sonya.

Sonya flashed her library card in the clerks face. “Check in your deliveries when they arrive Miss, don’t make us come back.” Took the phone from her hand and hung up.

The girls walked out of the store, Rachel leaving a trail of foam peanuts on the way to the door. Kim helped Rachel into the back seat and Sonya climbed in next to her, then started the car and pulled away from the curb.

“You poor thing.” Sonya said, with her arm around Rachel picking the last peanuts from her hair.

“Why are you driving my car?” Rachel said.

“Your car.” Sonya said, and Kim cleared her throat. “Has been treated like a baby.”

“What happened?” Rachel said.

“Long story.” Kim said.

“That she’ll tell you when she thinks of a version that doesn’t sound like her fault.” Sonya said.

“Don’t make me pull this car over.” Kim said.

At a red light Kim handed her cell to Rachel. “Call Brian and tell him you’re okay.”

That evening Zoe joined them and they went to an ice cream stand. Her dish of Pistachio Nut melted while she laughed as Kim and Sonya recounted every detail. Well not every detail.

“That’s the craziest thing I ever heard.” Zoe said.

“We were like Charlie’s Angles.” Kim said. “We did everything but make a video, which was our original intent.”

“So you have to do it again?” Zoe said.

“As soon as Brian’s friend lets us come back.” Sonya said.

“What time does hell freeze over?” Kim said.

Pillow Talk

Kim sat on the sofa turning the pages of a magazine. Not reading, her mind was recalling the events of the past few months and assessing the impact on Rachel. Her change in attitude from Dad walking in while she was tied up to being shipped naked to a clothing store is miraculous. Added to the other adventures, would she embrace her inner damsel and accept pleasure in distress.

That night the girls lay in bed together.

“I got to come to your rescue.” Kim said.

“After shipping me across town.” Rachel said.

“You could be wearing hideous clothing in a display window right now.” Kim said.

“My hero.” Rachel said.

“Did you learn anything?” Kim said.

“Wait for Brian.” Rachel said.

“And?” Kim said.

“I realize how my early experiences with my cousins affected me. I wanted to be on top. It drove me to get my Master’s Degree, even my job, I get to tell artists their work sucks. That part’s cool.  Yeah, I’ve learned some things about myself. Thank you.” Rachel said. “And you?”

“Yeah, I kept my feelings about my dad buried way too long. We should talk about stuff, no matter how stupid it sounds.” Kim said.

“I had a talk with Pearl, she would like to come out and play now and then.” Rachel said.

“I’d like that.” Kim said. “You won’t think I’m cheating on you?”

Rachel kissed Kim’s lips “Go to sleep.”

Kim opened her eyes. It was morning, light was coming through the edges of the closed blinds. She tried to move and found her wrists wrapped with leather cuffs and tied to the bed posts. Her ankles were attached the same way to the bottom corners of the bed. Rachel walked in and opened the blinds flooding the room with light.

“What’s going on?” Kim said.

“Every damsel’s dream.” Rachel said, pulling a strip of duct tape off a roll and smoothing it over Kim’s mouth, adding a second strip before putting the roll down.

“I’m putting my new education to use.” Rachel said. “I have some work to do, I’ll come back when I’ve decided what to do with you.”

Rachel left the room leaving Kim naked on the bed. A radio was playing Grateful Dead’s Truckin’ in another room. What a strange trip it’s been.


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