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The Perils of Pauline 2: Married Bliss Part 3

by 64Fordman

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© Copyright 2014 - 64Fordman - Used by permission

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story continued from chapter two part 2

Chapter II: Married Bliss, Part 3

Author’s note: In the first ‘Perils’ story Rachel’s last name is Browne, so her father’s last name should have been Browne. Instead of referring to my story notes I relied on memory, which never ends well for me, and referred to Rachel’s father as Mr. Meadows in ‘Perils II’. Because it was only mentioned once in the first story, the last name of Rachel and her father will be Meadows. I apologize for any confusion.


Seeing Red

Rachel sat at the kitchen table flipping through the newspaper one more time. She was hoping that something in one of the department store ads would jump out and grab her. Kim’s birthday was approaching and Rachel was frantic for a gift idea, so far everything she thought of was either in the ‘don’t want’ or ‘don’t need’ column. Frustrated, she tossed the page on the other side of the table exposing the real estate section.

In front of her was an ad from a real estate agent listing homes for sale. If she bought Kim a house she’d have no shortage of gift ideas in the ‘need’ column. Then a small box at the bottom of the ad caught her eye offering off season cabins at reduced rent and available for weekend getaways. Rachel tore the ad from the page and put it in her purse as Kim returned home.

“Hey.” Rachel said.

“I have a shoot at Brian’s tomorrow, want to tag?” Kim said.

“You just did a shoot two days ago.” Rachel said.

“I know, but Sonya was available.” Kim said.

“Sonya?” Rachel said.

“You know, the girl from the beach.” Kim said.

“Red? You’re working with Red tomorrow?” Rachel said.

“Yeah, she wants to be a model, you knew that, right? So, you coming?” Kim said.

“Okay, I’m officially banning that term, and hell yeah I’m coming.” Rachel said.

“Cool, and I’m officially ending every sentence with you knew that right, you knew that, right?” Kim said.

“How about I officially kick your ass.” Rachel said, and began chasing her around the house.

The next day Kim and Rachel drove to Brian’s warehouse.

“Hello ladies.” Brian said. “Sonya should be here soon, but first, your video is a huge success Rachel. It’s had six thousand views so far.”

Rachel said “Six thousand? Doesn’t it cost $19.95 to view it? That’s like...”

“Well the machine wasn’t free.” Brian said.

“Carry the five.” Rachel said.

“Had to bring a guy in from out-of-state.” Brian said.

“Holy crap!” Rachel said.

“Transportation.” Brian said.

“We should be discussing royalty.” Rachel said.

“Jump in anytime.” Brian said to Kim.

“This isn’t a book deal, and Brian pays better than industry rates. You weren’t complaining when you cashed the check.” Kim said.

“Okay, okay, I’m over it.” Rachel said.

“Hello.” Sonya said from the hallway.

“We’re in here,” Brian called out. “Through the double doors.” She found her way in. “Hi Sonya, you know Kim, and this is Rachel.”

Rachel extended her hand “Hello Sonya, I’m Kim’s wife.”

“I know,” Sonya said smiling, “nice to meet you.”

“I have a couple more things for you to sign and we can get started.” Brian said.

“Okay.” Sonya said. “I guess my name is going to be Red, don’t know where that came from.”

“It came from her.” Kim said, pointing at Rachel.

“Well I didn’t know her name.” Rachel said.

“It’s okay, it fits.” Sonya said.

Brian took the paperwork upstairs and the girls walked around the warehouse.

“All this equipment.” Sonya said. “Too bad you’re not into it Rachel.”

“What, I made a video.” Rachel said.

“I thought that was an accident.” Sonya said.

“Or good acting.” Rachel said walking to a frame against the wall. “Hook me up.”

Rachel extended her arms and Kim strapped the leather cuffs around her wrists. She had to spread her legs so far to reach the ankle cuffs the pleats in her dress disappeared. Kim selected a ball gag from a collection on the wall, pushed it in her mouth and buckled it tight.

“She’s very into it.” Kim said swatting her butt.

“Okay ladies, time to work.” Brian said descending the stairs.

Kim and Sonya walked to the middle of the warehouse floor where the shoot was set up.

“You going to leave her there?” Brian said.

“She’s into it.” Sonya said.

“Whatever.” Brian said. “Take a seat.”

When Brian finished his rigging, Kim and Sonya sat naked in chairs facing each other, and were secured with rope with the exception of wrists and ankles that were held to the arms and legs of the chairs with leather cuffs that had small boxes attached. Each chair had a metal dildo protruding from the seat that invaded their pussies, and Brian had applied nipple clamps as well as Velcro cuffs around each of their big toes. A panel gag was buckled tight on each girl with large foam balls filling their mouths.

The boxes on the wrist and ankle cuffs, the dildos, nipple clamps and toe cuffs all had wires attached, and they all led to a control box, as did the electronic touchpads mounted at the end of the right arm of each chair within reach of each girl’s fingers.

“This video is based on the movie ‘Saw’.” Brian said. “You each have a pad with four keys representing the four cuffs on the other girl’s wrists and ankles. Each cuff has a combination. At each turn a three digit number, the combination to one of your partners cuffs, will display at the top of your pad and you will have to decide which cuff that combination belongs to. Choose correctly and the key will turn green, an incorrect choice will cause your partner to be shocked. The winner will be the first to match each combination to each of your partner’s cuffs by turning all four keys green and will be electrically stimulated to orgasm. The loser will be electrically stimulated rather unpleasantly. Kim, you will begin.”

A number appeared at the top of Kim’s pad. She stared at the screen deciding what key to press when an electric shock tore through her. Sonya reacted the same way.

“Oh, you have five seconds to choose or you both get shocked.” Brian said. “Your turn Sonya.”

Rachel watched the game progress. Kim and Sonya concentrated on their pads, receiving shocks three turns out of four, Brian monitored the video cameras and they all ignored Rachel. She could see the changing reactions to the shocks making it impossible to tell if they were trying to avoid it or make it happen.

Finally the game ended. Rachel couldn’t tell who won, both girls struggled in their bonds while electric current stimulated their bodies. She could tell they both had orgasms and figured Sonya had won, of course Kim would get off on the punishment. Nicola Tesla would be proud.

After being released both girls sat on a bench for the post video interview. Now facing Rachel, she saw them wrapped in each other’s arms telling the camera how they couldn’t wait to do it again.

Kim and Sonya took a quick shower upstairs and got dressed, then returned to stand on opposite sides of Rachel.

“She’s ripe.” Kim said reaching under Rachel’s dress. “Should we just leave her here?”

“You better untie her.” Sonya said.

“We’re going to lunch, you want to come?” Kim said as she removed the gag.

“Is Blondie coming?” Rachel said.

“Her name’s Zoe.” Sonya said laughing. “She asked if you were coming.”

“Zoe, Zoe.” Rachel repeated, as if trying to overwrite the name Blondie in her brain.

Cabin Fever

Over the next couple of weeks Kim and Rachel saw Sonya and Zoe several times socially and the two college students were nothing but nice. Rachel found Sonya to be a typical college student, outgoing, spontaneous, a young woman trying to experience everything adult life has to offer in fifteen minutes or less. Her view of the world formed by one line comments on social media. Zoe was a different story. She had a great sense of humor, but she was reserved, thoughtful, and approached life with curiosity. Behind those shining eyes was an intelligence that belied her years. Both girls were a lot of fun to be around, but she was keeping her eyes and ears open, Kim and Sonya had a lot in common and were forming a bond, and the physical similarities between Kim and Zoe were too much for coincidence.

All that could be set aside right now, it was time for Kim’s birthday present. There was a party during the week on the actual day, but this was the weekend getaway and Rachel had planned it like a black ops mission. She had made sure Kim would be free, scouted cabin locations with suitable amenities, made sure she could drive round trip on a single tank of gas, and recruited Brian as a mission specialist. Kim thinks she can arrange a camping trip, wait till she gets a load of this.

Friday: Bedtime

Rachel was motionless, silent, controlling her breathing, she had taken a position in sector two seven Charlie, the closet. She had a clear view of the bed through the narrow slit between the sliding door and the wall. The shower went off. That was the signal, she gave two clicks on the radio to alert the team the operation was a go. Okay, there was no team and she didn’t have a radio, that part came from the cartoon she got this from, but she did have coils of rope in her hand and the squeaky clean target was approaching the bed.

Rachel tackled Kim onto the mattress before she could reach for the pajamas draped over the end. With the girl screaming she locked Kim’s arms behind her back and lashed them palm-to-palm with a generous number of turns and cinched it snug. She repeated the process on her ankles, target secure.

“I didn’t know tonight was a play night.” Kim said.

“Oh were going to be playing.” Rachel said, stripped off her own pajamas and got on top of the helpless girl.

Saturday: 0430 local time

Rachel took a quick shower. She put on jeans, long sleeve sweatshirt, socks and sneakers. Returning to the bed, she untied Kim’s ankles, brought her to the bathroom and cleaned her up, then to the kitchen to prepare a light breakfast.

“So is there a lunar eclipse you want me to see or were you just hungry?” Kim said.

“No, this is your birthday present.” Rachel said. “You’re being kidnapped and taken to a secure location for a beautiful, relaxing, sex filled weekend where you’ll be restrained the entire time. I’ll be pampering and providing for your every need, except when I’m tormenting you. You’ll be going as you are, but I wanted to make it as interesting as possible for you, so the only thing you will have is this card. We have to be out of our hideout by 5pm Sunday, and written on this card is a promise from me that if you get free at any time during your kidnapping you can take me hostage for the remainder, but don’t count on it.”

“Oh you’re going down.” Kim said.

Rachel cleave gagged Kim with a scarf and led her to the garage. She had Kim lay down on the sleeping bag spread over the back seat, tied her ankles, blindfolded her and closed up the bag. Using the three sets of seatbelts she strapped her down and covered her with a blanket, any truck driver looking in would see nothing of interest.

Popping the trunk she returned to the house, retrieving prepared items and placing them by the door. Rachel ran through her mental checklist. Suitcase, canvas duffle bag, ice chest, four bags of groceries, and a canvas handbag for the front seat with clothes and shoes for Kim just in case, no sense sitting in jail until Monday to explain to a judge why there’s a naked woman in your car because of a flat tire. She loaded the trunk.

With the car running in the driveway Rachel toured the house, doors and windows secured, thermostat set, security lights on and she had her keys. Returning to the car she closed the garage door, turned on the radio, put the car in gear and held the brake. Its five thirty, time for nine fifty AM traffic and weather. Rachel pulled out of the driveway, right on schedule.

Traffic was light and the drive to the cabin was uneventful, Kim having slept the entire time. She found the mailbox with the number and turned up the drive, a narrow gravel path that wound through a stand of mature trees. Rounding a curve she could see the structure, a lovely log cabin with a field stone chimney that rose above the cedar roof. A covered porch with two antique rocking chairs sat on either side of a small round table. French windows were separated by a rustic door. If Kim could see she would love this, it was like a picture postcard. Rachel sat in the car for a minute absorbing the image then opened the car door, on with the business of kidnapping.

Next to the front door of the cabin was a small metal box with a keypad, Rachel punched in the four digit code the agent had given her, retrieved the keys inside and unlocked the front door. It was perfect, a single room design with a large modern kitchen to the left, a curved island and black leather covered stools created an eating area. On the right a living area with black leather furniture, and in the back corner the sleeping area dominated by a huge bed, it’s frame, head and foot boards made of turned logs. The floor was pine and Native American artwork hung on the walls. The only enclosed space was the bathroom, done in cream colored marble with matching fixtures and gold plated faucets, it sparkled. Rachel briefly fantasized about owning the magnificent secluded cabin in the woods, the picture in her mind quickly incinerating as she recalled the price tag just for the weekend.

Everything was inside, including Kim, who was sitting on one of the stools at the kitchen island, though tied to would be more precise. Kim was still tied with rope, but that would change. The duffle bag she brought contained a collection of handcuffs, leg irons and leather restraints from Brian, who trained Rachel on safety, as well as the security and ease of transporting prisoners the way law enforcement does. Right now it was time to eat, Rachel removed the gag and blindfold.

“What do you think of my secluded hideout?” Rachel said.

“It’s only two days, I guess I can tuff it out here.” Kim said.

“Careful, you could end up in the doghouse.” Rachel said.

“The dog probably lives better than us, who owns this place?” Kim said.

“I do.” Rachel said. “For the next two days.”

After their meal Rachel put stainless steel wrist and ankle cuffs on Kim and removed the rope. The wrist cuffs were hinged on Brian’s recommendation as Kim would be unable to bring her hands in front with that style. The girls took a nap, snuggled on the sofa watching television and had another light meal.

It was now bedtime. After showering together she helped Kim onto the bed. Releasing one ankle, she passed the chain around the footboard and reattached it. Next she loosened the wrist cuffs and slid them up Kim’s arm, buckled on padded leather restraints and removed the steel cuffs, returning them to the duffle bag.

“What was all that for?” Kim said.

“You can’t sleep in those metal cuffs, you’ll break your wrist.” Rachel said.

“Or roll around while you take advantage of me.” Kim said.

“Which I’m going to do right now” Rachel said.

“You’re in charge.” Kim said. “But seriously, I’m having a great time, I can’t believe you did all this, thank you. Okay, I’m back in my hostage role.”

Rachel got in bed and wrapped her arms around Kim.

It was morning. Kim was leaning against her sleeping partner, skillfully sucking and nibbling her breast. She continued for a long time before any signs of life appeared. When she knew Rachel was fully awake, Kim wormed her way down between her legs and used her mouth just as skillfully.

Bringing Rachel to a peak didn’t take long, and Kim pushed herself up the bed, kissing and nibbling mouth, neck and breasts, driving Rachel’s arousal. Her arm was tugged several times, then a hand reached behind her releasing the leather restraints. Kim’s hand went right to the steaming cauldron between Rachel’s legs forcing a loud sigh as she worked her magic spot.

With Rachel disabled by her own passion, Kim grabbed her arm, flipped her onto her stomach and got on top of her.

“No! I was almost there.” Rachel said as Kim pulled her arms back and applied the restraints.

“You lose.” Kim said. “But I’ll take pity on you.”

Kim rolled Rachel onto her back and continued working her magic spot until the screams of pleasure had faded. Both girls lay side-by-side on the bed recovering from their respective exertions.

“Looks like you’re my hostage for the rest of the day.” Kim said.

“Yup, you got me, a momentary lapse of judgment in the troughs of passion.” Rachel said.

“It happens, but you did promise in writing.” Kim said.

“I did.” Rachel said. “I didn’t promise to help you though. You’re still chained to the bed and the keys are way over there in the duffle bag. I’m no expert, but this bed looks pretty heavy.”

Kim raised her head to see how far away the bag was causing the chain around the bed to jingle.

“So close, yet so far away.” Rachel continued. “You’ll get free, when whoever cleans this place for the next rental shows up. And you know everybody has a camera now days, and what’s the first thing they think of, making a buck. Find a naked chick chained to the bed during some crazy sex game and click, someone just hit the lottery. Hey, with all of your internet exposure, you might even get on that doctor’s show on the court channel. Imagine his panel of experts analyzing your behavior while they slideshow through those cellphone pics, your hair is a mess by the way.”

Kim rolled Rachel onto her stomach and released the leather restraints.

“Sometimes I even impress myself.” Rachel said.

Rachel held the restraints over Kim’s head and shook her hand. Kim sighed, rolled over and placed her hands behind her back.

“Such a good little hostage.” Rachel said, rolling Kim over and wrapping her arms around her. “I love you, more than anything. When I try to imagine my life without you all I see is darkness.”

“Hey, this is my birthday present, there’s no crying.” Kim said. “I love you, more than anything. I plan to be around for a long time, like pushing your ass around the mall in a wheelchair because you need a damn pair of support hose long time.”

“You’d do that for me?” Rachel said.

“And I’d be proud, tell everybody you were my old lady.” Kim said.

Rachel snuggled her head against Kim’s neck and closed her eyes.

“I wonder if they have cameras in here.” Kim said.

“What?” Rachel said.

“Million dollar place in the wilderness, renting to people you don’t know. They have those hidden security cameras you can log onto and watch on the internet in real time. Just thinking out loud is all.” Kim said.

Rachel got up, grabbing her clothes while looking around the room.

“As long as you’re up, I’m hungry.” Kim said.

After a day of relaxing and cuddling it was time to leave. Kim was back in the sleeping bag, bound and gagged, blindfolded just for the heck of it, and strapped down with the seat belts. With the car packed and the cabin locked up, Rachel headed home.

Handy Man

Kim walked in the house from errands and sat at the kitchen table. Rachel was on the phone.

“Did you fix it?” Rachel said. “What you mean is you can’t figure out what’s wrong.” “It only does it when it’s cold.” “Maybe the choke plate is sticking.” “Yes I know something about cars.” “Just keep it till it’s fixed.” Rachel hung up. “Fifteen mechanics in that shop and I always get Bubba.” Rachel said.

“I bet I know what his nickname is for you.” Kim said. “Why don’t you just get a new car?”

“I like my car.” Rachel said.

“Since you’re dealing with that, would you mind if we postpone the museum trip tomorrow?” Kim said.

“You had your heart set on it.” Rachel said.

“I know, but the exhibit will be there for months, and Brian wants to shoot with me and Sonya tomorrow, and we’re doing it here so we can still spend the day together and later meet up with Zoe and all go out for dinner.” Kim said. “Please.”

“Okay.” Rachel said.

The next morning Kim and Rachel went out for coffee and bagels, then picked up Sonya so Zoe could use the car the two share, and returned home. The three girls sat in the living room and Rachel and Kim each told their version of the weekend cabin getaway. Kim’s cell rang, when she punched off she told the others Brian was on his way and would be about thirty minutes.

“I’m hungry.” Kim said.

“Me too.” Sonya said. “Anyone tried that new burger place?”

“No, but I’ve been dying to.” Kim said.

“We don’t have time.” Rachel said.

“We can bring it back.” Kim said.

“Good idea. Hey, want to prank Brian? How about if he finds you two tied up” Sonya said.

“Yeah.” Kim said. “You can take my car to get the food, we’ll tell him you were abducted by bondage loving aliens.”

“You two are nuts.” Rachel said. “All right.”

Kim got her plastic storage bin full of rope from the closet and two kitchen chairs and put them in the living room. Sonya tied Kim and Rachel with their arms behind them and to the chair backs, then pushed the chairs together and tied the girls to the chairs and each other, tying their ankles to the front legs. She used a scarf from the collection in the bin to gag Rachel.

“Lock the front door, Brian has a key and there’s a key with my car keys.” Kim said.

Sonya gagged Kim and grabbed the keys. “I’ll get a burger for Brian.” She said and closed the door behind her.

A few minutes later Kim and Rachel both heard a key in the lock and prepared for their big act.

“OH MY GOSH!” It was Rachel’s dad, he ran over and pulled the gag from Kim’s mouth since she was facing him.

“Are you all right, I’ve got to call the police.” Mr. Meadows said and ran toward the phone.

“No, don’t call 911. Don’t.” Kim said being ignored. “DAD!” Kim yelled.

Mr. Meadows froze with the phone in his hand.

“We’re all right, we were just playing a joke.” Kim said.

Rachel’s dad looked down at the bin still over half full of rope and hung up the phone.

“The front door was wide open.” Brian said, stopping when he saw the scene.

“Hey Brian.” Kim said.

“Isn’t he the photographer from your wedding?” Mr. Meadows said.

“Yes.” Kim said. “The joke was supposed to be on him.”

“MMMMMM MMMMM MMMMM.” Rachel said.

“She said why did you come over?” Kim said. “I’m fluent in gag talk.”

“I was going to fix the leaky faucet in the bathroom, I thought you were going out of town, both cars were gone and I let myself in.” Mr. Meadows said.

“I guess someone forgot to tell you we had a change of plans.” Kim said.

“MMMMMM MMMM.” Rachel said.

“She’s sorry.” Kim said.

Brian began to untie the girls.

“I’m sorry I barged in.” Mr. Meadows said. “It is rather funny, reminds me when Rachel’s cousins would tie her up on our camping trips.”

“MMMM.” Rachel said.

“Really. Dad, you have to stay for lunch.” Kim said, picking up her cell with her freed hands. “Sonya, bring another burger.”

Mr. Meadows fixed the leak before Sonya returned, and the five ate together while he recalled a family camping story to the delight of Kim as Rachel focused her attention on her burger. After lunch Rachel’s dad left and Brian prepared for the shoot. Rachel’s boss called and she took it at her desk.

The call lasted forty five minutes. When Rachel returned everyone was gone. She looked out the window, Brian was gone and Kim’s car was still in the driveway where Sonya had left it. She began a sweep of the house, they weren’t in the basement, all the rooms were empty and Kim’s bag and keys were on the kitchen counter along with the bag of clothes Sonya had brought for the shoot.

Laughing, the two returned to the house through the patio doors.

“Where were you?” Rachel said.

“Sonya wanted to see the neighborhood.” Kim said.

“Why, is she moving here?” Rachel said, immediately regretting it.

“You have a beautiful place, I love the park down the road with the brook.” Sonya said.

“Thank you, we’re very happy here.” Rachel said.

They decided on a restaurant, informed Zoe where to meet, changed clothes and left. Rachel sat quietly in the back seat.

They had to wait for a table and went to the bar for a drink. The bartender was gorgeous, late twenties with a muscular build and short curly black hair. Sonya jumped on a stool and did all the talking while the others stood behind her. One liners and innuendo were being returned like a tennis match and the laughter reset the mood.

At the table the conversation started out as a group, but transitioned to Kim and Sonya talking, leaving Rachel with Zoe. Not that Rachel minded, Zoe was engaging, passionate, and seemed genuinely interested in everything she had to say, at the same time she had one ear locked on the conversation between Kim and Sonya. Rachel could no longer stand it and excused herself.

In the restroom she entered a stall and shut the door. What the hell was wrong? Kim was a porn star for god’s sake, she gets tied up and turned on for a living. Anyone interested can look at pictures of her and do who knows what, that’s never bothered her; she’s done it once or twice. Why did she feel this way about Sonya? She’s been wonderful, responding graciously to her snubs. She hated herself for doing that and hated feeling this way. But why Sonya? What was it about Sonya she didn’t trust? Then the voice in her head responded. Who cares if you trust Sonya, you trust Kim, with your life. Yes, she trusted Kim, it was time to end this, go out there and act like an adult.

Rachel exited the stall and saw Zoe.

“Are you okay Rachel? I was worried.” Zoe said.

“I’m fine, Thank you.” Rachel said.

“Because if you ever needed to talk or anything.” Zoe said.

“Anything?” Rachel said.

“I just want you to know I’d be there for you.” Zoe said, grasping Rachel’s hand.

Rachel looked deep into Zoe’s eyes. “Ah jeez.”

“What is it?” Zoe said.

Rachel took her hand back and sat on a bench, Zoe sat next to her.

“One day you’re a mastermind, and the next you’re just another dumbass.” Rachel said. “I’m happily married to Kim, but even if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t interfere between you and Sonya. If you two are meant to part ways, it needs to happen between the two of you, not with outside forces. I still have faith in you two, you’re beautiful together and I think you can build a strong loving relationship. I know it’s hard with school and career choices, but challenges are always present no matter what stage of life you’re in. Don’t give up.”

“Sonya’s not gay.” Zoe said.

“Did I say dumbass?” Rachel said.

“I’m sorry.” Zoe said. “I had this foolish idea there was a problem in your relationship, I haven’t even known you that long. I guess I’m the dumbass.”

“No.” Rachel said. “Your perception was flawless, my own, however, saw something maleficent when it was really the blossoming of a friendship.”

“Where do we go from here?” Zoe said.

“Still friends?” Rachel said.

“Still friends.” Zoe said.

“So this will be our little secret.” Rachel said. “Pinky shake?”

“Pinky shake.” Zoe said.

“One thing.” Rachel said. “You know I’m old enough… almost old enough to me your mother?”

“I think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever meet.” Zoe said.

“Beautiful and smart, let’s get back before they think we stiffed them with the tab.” Rachel said.

On the drive home Kim sensed Rachel was in a calmer emotional state.

“Are you okay?” Kim said when they got in the house. “Anything you want to talk about, like the restaurant?”

“I had a moment, but I’m okay.” Rachel said.

“Or camping trips?” Kim said.

“I knew this was coming.” Rachel said. “Okay, okay, my cousins used to tie me up.”

“Did you have a bad experience?” Kim said.

“No, nothing like that.” Rachel said. “Just humiliating.”

“Of course, it’s the missing piece of the puzzle.” Kim said.

“What?” Rachel said.

“Nothing.” Kim said. “Let’s go to bed.”

“I like that idea.” Rachel said.

The next morning Kim took Rachel to pick up her car and returned home while Rachel went into the office. Later Sonya picked up Kim, they browsed a few shops and stopped for coffee.

“How do you like working with Brian?” Kim said.

“He’s great, I would like to work more.” Sonya said.

“It’s hard getting started.” Kim said. “He can only market so much at one time, and he doesn’t like to cut his established models. If you like I can offer to split my fee with you on a couple of shoots, you’ll make less but you’ll be working.”

“That would be awesome, thank you.” Sonya said.

“Good, and maybe you could help me with a little project.” Kim said.

Sonya pulled her car up to the curb on the other side of the street to drop Kim off. Both girls caught the image at the same time, cut-off jeans and legs. The rest of Rachel was hidden by the hood of her car as she leaned over the fender.

“I bet that never gets old?” Sonya said.

“You ain’t lying.” Kim said.

Sonya drove away as Kim walked up the driveway.

“Trouble?” Kim said, looking over Rachel’s shoulder.

“Bubba changed the timing. He knows I have an aftermarket cam and run the spark two degrees ahead of spec, dad will fix it.” Rachel said. “I know, you don’t understand.”

“You like your cylinder to go off prematurely.” Kim said.

Rachel huffed and closed the hood.


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