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The Pod

by LFW

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My name is Sara, I am 18, and I have accepted appointment to the population continuance program.

We have lived underground here on Mars for 200 years after the great war decimate the earth. We were left isolated and alone on our own. Our early settlements were on the surface and were inadequate for long term settlement. We eventually developed the technology to move underground, but not before exposure to the surface radiation reduced the fertility of our population to less than 1%. Hence, the population continuance program was created to ensure the continuation of the human species on Mars. Those of us who are fertile and of good genetic quality are rare and highly valued. To turn down appointment to the program is unheard of.

Testing to determine eligibility begins at puberty but entrance is withheld until the applicant turns 18 as a matter of adult consent. Some embryos are lost, but the illusion of self determination is maintained. Those who return from the program do not speak of it and little is known other than its success in bolstering our numbers and its necessity for our survival.

I arrive at the entrance to the center wearing a green dress my mother gave me for my birthday and as a going away present. The low V-neck exposes my upper chest, nicely framing my c-cup breasts and complimenting my waves of brown hair cascading over my shoulders. The dress stops just below my knees exposing slender calves and simply sandaled feet. As instructed, myself and my clothing are all I have with me.

The main door to the center opens as I approach. A woman's voice kindly invites:

[Welcome Sara. Please enter and proceed down the hallway]

I am a bit nervous, wondering why I see no one else, but I take a deep breath and enter. The door slowly hisses shut behind me.

The hallway is simple. Gray walls with light blue inlaid light strips at the top, bottom, and middle. The voice leads me through a series of unmarked doors and hallways until I enter a room with a small bench in the center and a door at the far end. A small green light flashes on the wall and a drawer slides open. The voice asks me to remove all my belongings and deposit them in the drawer. I remove my dress and underwear, fold them neatly in the drawer, and place my sandals on top. The drawer slides close with a satisfied 'sssssst'. A shiver passes down my spine. I inspect my arms and legs and find infinite goosebumps. A moment later, the voice returns:

[Your pod is ready, please proceed through the door and await further instructions]

The door at the end of the room opens, and I walk through.

The room I enter is only different from the rest of the facility in that there is a screen on one wall and a stand in the center, under a set of white lights. The screen appears to show a multitude of technical information including process indicators, sensor data, and camera feeds from around the room. I can't understand much of it, but I recognize some medical data such as heartrate and blood pressure. Near the top, it clearly shows: READY. The stand is an inclined plate slightly wider than my shoulders and with thin padding and a head rest near the top. What appear to be thigh stirrups on mechanical arms protrude near the lower end of the plate.

Also, a 'device' I do not recognize is draped on the plate from about shoulder height down and drapes well off the bottom of the plate, between the stirrups. It can only be described as a shiny, perhaps gel filled blanket with minor curves to its edges and several small bumps and bowl like divots along its upper surface. It seems to undulate, subtly. Where it is draped on the plate of the stand, it appears to be attached, nearly seamlessly.

Before I can contemplate my surroundings further, the voice greets me again. This is my birthing room and the 'device' within is my pod. The screen will monitor my progress and vitals. The voice will guide me through the process and attempt to answer any questions I may have.

"Ok. Where is everyone?"

[The birthing center is a nearly fully automated facility. Minimal oversight is managed from a central control complex located elsewhere.]

"What is that thing, on the stand?"

[The birthing pod is a bio-electromechanical device constructed to facilitate the fertilization, gestation, and extraction of fetal modules. IE, birthing. It will provide for your care and comfort during your stay.]

"Fertilization? I though 'you know' a man would do that?"

[Male genetic material is extracted from fertile male candidates in another part of the facility. The materials are then screened and processed for their use here.]

"Bummer. This is safe though, right?"

[The continuance program has successfully guaranteed the future of our population on Mars for over 200 years.]

"Riiiight. Ok, but like. will it hurt?"

[While all discomfort cannot be eliminated, the pod's systems mitigate most damage and pain with various techniques. Some participants find parts of the process pleasurable.]

"Pleasurable?" I pause, taking it all in. A light flush passes over my body, betraying my thoughts.

[Shall we begin?]

"Um, sure. I guess."

[Please stand in front of the pod as shown on the screen.]

The screen shows the silhouette of a woman standing in front of the stand, legs slightly apart and arms outward at about a 45-degree angle. Two blue circles illuminate on the floor, indicated where I should place my feet. "Simple enough" I mutter.

I move in front of the stand, face the screen and place my feet in the circles. As I strike the pose with my arms, the voice calmly resumes:

[Thank you for your cooperation. The pod will now engage. Please try to relax and do not resist the process]

"Easy for you to..." I'm cut off by the whirring sound of the stand positioning behind me. The stand tilts to vertical with half of the pod still dangling below it. The stirrups come closer together, matching the angles of my thighs. Then it moves forward.

I twitch slightly as the pod material makes contact with my bottom. It's cool and, while not quite slimy, it has a sticky gel like feeling to it. The stand slowly presses forward, pressing the pod into my back. At first, I think I'm going to stagger forward, but instead realize that the material is sticking to me and is adhering me to the stand. It even reaches out, sucking onto every curve of my skin. It continues to suck and stretch and stick and mold until the back half of my body from the base of my neck to the apex of my cheeks is gently but firmly stuck.

The material contracts slightly, pulling me back and causing me to lay back on the stand as it begins to tilt back to about 45 degrees. I let out a small yelp as the stirrups wrap around my thighs and gently spread them slightly. My body, now spread and stuck is hanging from the pod material on the stand like a doll, rubber cemented to a perfectly molded back rest.

I feel a small bump press between my cheeks and let out another yelp. It gently nestles against my anus and I feel the pod material begin to move around my rump. Like a giant tongue making an incredibly slow come hither-motion, the pod material slowly and coolly rolls upward between my legs. It moves slowly, sticking to every inch, every curve, and every crevice of my skin. I quickly realize where the second bump will make contact. I instinctually grip the edges of the stand with my hands and let out and "ah!" as the bump presses into my sex, quickly doubling the light sensual pressure I already feel from behind.

The pod material is wide enough that even snugly wrapped into my inner spaces, it extends several inches down each thigh, like a pair of boy shorts. As its wrap slowly completes my mound and heads for my belly button, its outer edges spill down the outside of my hips and contact the back half of the pod holding me to the stand and now waiting near my waistline. As the crawl upward continues, the edges meet along my sides, slowly merging, leaving no seam behind.

As I look down, watching its slow progression up my abdomen, I notice I'm breathing heavy with nervousness and mild arousal, as indicated by my bosom rising and falling in my view. As the material reaches the base of my breasts, the two bowl indentations become visible. They are rolled over onto each breast and effortlessly stretch and slide outward, cupping each breast perfectly and joining with the material behind me. Struggling against the urge to pant, I stretch my head back, close my mouth and eyes and hold my breath, expecting the material to cover my face. Instead, it stops at my breast bone, making a small final pair of connections to itself over each of my shoulders.

A few moments pass as I inspect my situation and calm my breathing. I release my death grip on the edge of the stand, telling myself how many others have gone through this and that it will be OK.

Then there is a subtle hissing sound from beneath me and it feels as if a warm fluid is plumping my sticky one-piece body suit into a slightly thicker form. Other than the warmth, I only notice a slight swelling and tightening of the material around my body.

Out of curiosity, I poke the surface over my belly. It gives slightly but does not wiggle. Almost like a vinyl inflatable pool toy but filled with gummy bear material. It has a silver and slightly translucent look. I can see into it, though my skin is not on the other side. I try to wiggle my midsection and legs. I'm firmly attached to the stand and my legs are staying open. There is a small amount of motion, but the suit never slips on my skin and the pressure in my nether regions never gives, slips, or waivers. I flush again as my focus returns to my mild arousal.

Some time passes. I feel the warmth of the pod. I test my restraint periodically. My skin begins to feel more sensitive. My body relaxes. I entertain myself watching the screen. My vitals show I'm relaxed and the 'initiation procedure' is progressing. I feel a twinge and realize I need to pee. Just as I'm admonishing myself for not asking earlier and deciding how best to inquire, I feel the pressure release.

I'm confused.

"Did I just... What just happened?"

[The pod manages all bodily functions. You need not concern yourself with these functions]

"Wait, so I just peed into the pod thingy?"

[Negative, a catheter was used to collect the waste]

"Catheter? I didn't feel anything, What else is there?" As I look down at my legs in curious confusion.

[A small protrusion has entered your vagina and is managing its health and responses. A microtubule system has been inserted into your uterus and fallopian tubes to manage fertilization and gestation processes. An additional tube system has been grown into your bowels to manage nutrition, drug administration, and waste management. The exterior pod has established chemical and electrical interfaces with your skin and muscular structures]

I suddenly feel full.

"This will all come out, right?"

[All pod components are removable when processing is completed]

"You mentioned drugs, why do I feel warm and kind of rubbery?"

[Several chemical agents have been administered during the preparation phase. Muscle relaxants have been given for your comfort and administered locally to facilitate future dilation. Hormonal syntheses have been administered to increase fertility and gestational processes. A bone softener has been administered to facilitate widening of the pubic structures.]

"Wha?" I look down at my hips and realize that the stirrups have been slowly widening my stance. I feel as though I can see my hips almost an inch wider than they were before. I begin to panic. I toss left and right trying to feel around the stand for any way to be release. I try to wiggle my torso in hopes of feeling some amount of give. 'I uh! uh, I don't.. know about this, I..."

A small hissing sound is heard

[Sedative administered. Please do not struggle. The process will continue]

I feel a calm press over me and lay my head back against the rest, my gaze falling back onto the screen.

[Preparation is complete. Fertilization parameters are nominal. Fetal module generation will commence]

On the screen I see two camera views enlarge. One from my side and one from in front of me between my legs.

Half expecting to see a probe reach up between my legs and pump in the goods, I am slightly put off when the only sensation is a slight tightness in my abdomen and a mild urge to go number 2.

I wait a few moments, expecting the same results as when I had to pee, but the tightness remains.

"Um, are you going to take care of that or..."

[The tightness you feel in your bowels is the influx of gestation inducing hormones and ultra-nutrient dense materials]

"Food? Now? Down there?"

[Rapid gestation requires massive amounts of nutrients and calories. Feeding by normal methods is too slow and cumbersome]

"Rapid? Like 7 months instead of 9 or... NO WAY!"

A twinge of new pressure brings my attention to my pelvis as a small bump has appeared before my eyes. I probe the baseball sized lump in my belly with both hands. Even under the pod material, I can feel it clearly, and it is growing at a perceptible rate. I watch and probe agape in disbelief as it grows to the size of a softball in a few minutes.

"What! How?"

[The pod's rapid gestation process allows for gestation to proceed to viable fetal module status in a matter of hours. The muscle, bone, and skin flexibility enhancers administered will reduce damage due to the rapid expansion and the pod will contain the process and assist in the birth.]

I'm breathing faster again. Mildly struggling against the pod while continuing to probe my stomach with both hands. The lump is now the size of a shotput ball. I notice a counter on the screen.

[90 minutes]

I feel a movement between my labia followed by a mild electric tingle. The tingle spreads across my mound and clit and then deeply into my vagina. "Mmm uh" I moan softly. Trying to push myself up the stand and away from the sensation to no avail.

[Vaginal dilation commencing]

"No, really?!"

I'm breathing through my mouth now as I try to stay on top of he sensation in my sex. I periodically toss, expecting some slip or motion but finding none. The pressure on my anus has grown and I swear I can feel a small but constant flow of fluid rushing in past my sphincters. My hands repeatedly move between gripping the edges of the stand and probing volleyball in my stomach, clearly bulging from my gelatinous body suit prison.

[75 minutes]

I've taken to lifting my head and letting fall onto the headrest with each breath. The tingling sensation in my vagina has gone from mild to full buzz. I can feel my wet fluids sliding momentarily between my parts and the pod before being absorbed. I tense my abdomen in a crunch hoping for some motion within the pod. The material mercilessly holds my skin, drawn taught around the basketball within me.

[50 minutes]

I moan with each exhalation. Writhing inside the pod, tugging relentlessly against its grip. My hands nearly claw at the sides of my beachball sized belly. Sweat drips down my temples and arms. My legs are spread to nearly a full split and buck with each attempt to move. The soles of my feet are burning in unison with the now pulsating throb in my nether regions. I feel like I'm being skewered from below by a pulsating electrically charged post, relentless in its expansion and climb to my womb. The watermelon in my stomach has made breathing more strenuous. I've given up writhing crunches for attempting to arch my back and get more space. The flow into my bowels is now a fully perceptible vibration of flow.

[30 minutes]

A pin prick on each nipple is followed by a tingle that passes down and around each breast. Then a throbbing squeeze. I look down to see my breasts have nearly doubled in size and a small tubule of white fluid has formed in the pod material leading away from each nipple and around to my back. I'm being milked. I look at the camera view from my side. I have a record-breaking watermelon with two slightly deflated volleyballs on my chest, all wrapped in a smooth silver lining. The bumps move ever so slightly up and down with my heavy breathing. The maddening pulsation between my legs has been replaced with a near constant burn. My whole body is held in a perpetual ache for satisfaction that seems will never come. The pod relentlessly holds me on the teetering edge.

[15 minutes]

I'm in full lamaze breathing mode, if only to keep from suffocating against my giant orb of a belly. I claw at the sides of the pod, looking for release of any kind. Motion within the suit, freedom from the burn of my sex. My bowels now vibrate and pulse with the inflow of fluids. My breasts pump ounces of fluid with each stimulation. My whole center is on fire. Though spread to full splits, my legs stick straight out and point my toes to the walls. I think I'll go mad.

[2 minutes]

A slit has opened over my sex in the pod material. It morphs from vertical line to an ovular opening, exposing my dilated organs below. With the pod material reaching into my gaping hole, an easily 6" tunnel is formed into my womb. A similar diameter tube rises from a hatchway in the floor and positions over the opening in the pod. With a slight 'thhhhp' it sucks into place.

[1 minute]

I'm out of my body, a pleasent day in the atrium... flowers, trees, and warm light...

My abdomen is electrically shocked into a full abdomen crunch "Gaahhhhhh".

The martian sun set, red and beautiful...

"Huhhhhh..." My breath is knocked out by another electrically induced contraction. I grit my teeth and try to hold in air as my knuckles turn white on the edge of the stand.

Another jolt. And another. And another. My whole midsection seems to contract and contort with each shock.

[Final Sequence Initiating]

The apparatus in my bowels and stomach suddenly inflates, increasing pressure throughout my abdomen.
The burning in my sex goes beyond fire and becomes ice.
The stirrups stretch my pointed toes till I swear they will touch the walls.
The stimulation of my nipples freezes mid shock and a steady stream blasts from each breast.
The shock to may abdomen goes full tilt and hold.
I'm frozen in a breathless death grip for what feels like minutes.

A large watermelon sized placental sack slowly emerges from my womb. The sensation as it passes my sex can only be described as white light. It hesitates slightly, and then with a small gelatinous 'pop' it exits my body and glides down the tube and out of sight.

[0 minutes] [Gestation Count: 1]

I can breathe. I can't see. Minutes pass.

Now I can see. I'm still in the center, still in the pod. Though my abdomen has nearly returned to normal size.

The tube and slit between my legs are gone and the stirrups have returned my legs to a comfortable angle.

I feel no pain as I cool off under my sweat. Only some dull aches.

"Oh!. Oh my god!. That was... What was that?"

[Gestation 1 completed]


"One? That's it' right? Just one?"

I notice my breasts are still enlarged and being gently milked.

"I just produce enough milk for the baby and I go home, right?"

[Negative. Additional gestations are required for the stability of our population]

"So, like... two, three? How many?"

[The average fertile female at age 18 has approximately 500,000 follicles. At an average attrition survival rate of 1/1000 per month, this results in 500 viable eggs over a fertile span of 41.6 years]


[However, improvements in fertilization technology have increased the attrition survival rate to over 40/1000 with improvements every day. With a rapid gestation time of 2-3 hours and accounting for the occasional twins or triplets, this results in an average of 20,000 gestations over a period of approximately 4.5 years]



In a control room deep within the facility, a controller studies a monitor showing the logs of ongoing operations. He stops on a pod activation log. The log reads:


POD 14











The controller nods, sips his coffee, and quips "Newbies!" then moves on to another log.


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