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  • FutureCom's Fantasy AirlineLFW

    F/m; oral; sex; scifi; pregnancy; cons; X

  • ShimmerLFW

    Other/f; machine; scifi; insert; nc; X

  • Into The GameLFW

    bond; vr; MM/f; anal; toys; insert; reluct/cons; X

  • FutureCom's New BaristaLFW

    Machine/f; office; contract; service; ai; bodymod; controlled; mind-control; enslave; bond; cuffs; prepare; transform; insert; bladders; breast; lactate; milk; costume; objectify; drink; dispenser; tease; torment; orgasm; shock; cons/reluct; X

  • Warm StorageLFW

    Machine/f; facility; dystopian; bond; cuffs; implants; restraints; control; bodymod; inseminate; impregnate; birth; alien; lactate; collection; climax; dildo; insert; oral; force; gag; intubate; storage; nc; X

  • The PodLFW

    Solo-F; facility; naked; Machine/f; pod; device; automated; control; bond; stirrups; intubate; catheter; drug; bodymod; impregnate; breast; enlarge; milk; process; birth; stuck; cons; X