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"Warm Storage"

by LFW

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© Copyright 2019 - LFW - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machine/f; facility; dystopian; bond; cuffs; implants; restraints; control; bodymod; inseminate; impregnate; birth; alien; lactate; collection; climax; dildo; insert; oral; force; gag; intubate; storage; nc; X

Laura’s eyes blinked open. Her vision was blurry, but then there wasn’t much to see on the grey ceiling above her. Her instincts told her to sit up, but she quickly found that she couldn’t. After pondering for a moment, she began checking her body and its degrees of freedom. Her head and neck were free but her back seemed held to something between her shoulder blades.

Her arms were free, though she noticed a pair of tightly fitted wrist cuffs, one on each wrist. Approximately 3 inches long, seamless, and appearing to be made of some polished metal, each cuff stuck to her wrist almost as if mounted to her wrist bones, though they were not connected to anything but her body. She noted, with her improving vision, a small blue LED blinking on the underside of each. Lifting and straightening her legs she found similar devices at her ankles.

As she looked down along her prone body, she noted what appeared to be a band bra of some kind across her chest. It had the appearance of grey fabric, perhaps made of a metal fiber, and it form fit her breasts perfectly. It ended in a horizontal line just above and below her breasts. While it flexed with her body and she could manipulate each breast, she couldn’t manage to get her fingers under the upper or lower edge. She couldn’t quite be sure, but she thought she noted something resembling miniscule tubes or electrical circuits under its surface, leading to and away from her nipples and around the sides to the back of the bra.

Attempting to move again, she decided that whatever was holding her back to the table appeared to be centered near the back of the bra. However, tugging on it didn’t appear to tug on the bra or her skin. It was a strange sensation. Almost as if a point on her spine between her shoulder blades was fixed to the table behind her.

Continuing her evaluation, Laura looked down between her breasts and tried to feel her abdomen and hips. Her back and belly seemed free of modification and she could bend her spine side to side a bit, though that too was restricted by what felt like another restraint along her spine just above her hip bone. Reaching her hands behind her Laura felt the top of what felt like a disk or puck. Around it she felt a small patch of what felt like more of the bra’s fabric. No matter her wiggle, the puck and her spine just above it remained fixed.

Feeling down to her nether regions she found more like the bra, except in a triangular pattern over her groin. Like the bra, she could not remove it or get underneath it, but it was flexible. She couldn’t continue to feel farther down with her hands, but she was sure it continued between her legs towards her rear and met with the material she had found on her back.

Speaking of her rear, it was then that she noticed a full feeling between her cheeks. Her hands couldn’t quite do the exploring for her and her hips couldn’t move much, but with what movement she could manage, she guessed that there was a plug inserted in her rear and there was a connection of some kind to the table. This made her concerned, but she didn’t seem in a position to do anything about it.

As her vision cleared, she started scanning the room around her. It was plain. Maybe 20ft square. Light grey ceiling and walls with inlayed lighting. There weren’t any obvious doors or windows. She was on a raised platform or table in the center. Along the upper corner of the wall towards her feet there was a display of some kind. She squinted to make out what was on it. There was a text display showing a log of some kind, titled “Unit 241”, some status indicators, and what appeared to be the shape of a human. It had a female silhouette from the neck to the thighs, but appeared to show some of the internal organs, like an x-ray or MRI. It indicated the “bra and panty” she was wearing in a highlighted outline as well as several other devices throughout the body. There also appeared to be what looked like filaments of some kind running to and from each device and into muscles, organs, and other regions.

It was then that she unconsciously attempted to adjust per position and saw the silhouette on the screen move slightly, with the internal organs and mechanisms wiggling with the body in the image. Suddenly her mind put two and two together and she realized she was looking at a live image of her insides. She began moving and probing herself near the indicated devices while watching the image to try and find out more. There didn’t appear to be any wounds or incisions near them, and she couldn’t feel any of them except for the clothing and the two restraint points along her back. She also had no idea what the other internal devices might do.

Laura considered her situation for a moment and was about to yell out to see if anyone was nearby when a deep robotic voice boomed into the room.

[Unit 241 system integration successful. Consciousness 21:30.]

Laura noted that the robot voice’s prompts were being transcribed in the log on the screen. Like a scientist speaking into a voice recorder.

[Unit initialization: class Alpha - production and gestation]

Laura blinked. “Production and gestation of what?” she thought.

[Task 0001 – unit replication: Initiating sequence]

Before Laura could think of what to ask, the two cuffs on her ankles made a beeping sound and the LEDs turned solid red. Her ankles were pulled down with a clank onto the table surface in a slight spread position with her knees straight. The table then seemed to split just above her knees and the portion below her knees began tilting downward towards the floor. The cuffs slid upward along the tilting section such that when the motion ceased, her legs were spread with her knees bent just above her body and her ankles were fixed to the sloped part of the table below her bottom. The thought of a gynecological exam passed through her mind.

She heard a click and hissing sound, followed by the whir of electric motors. A robotic arm appeared from the floor between her legs. It was a simple robotic arm with something akin to a syringe without a needle at its end. A new view appeared on the display, showing a grey triangle above a circle and tube and framed by two skin pale shapes. Laura quickly deduced it was a view from the robot’s perspective and she was looking at the panty and plug assembly in her nether regions.

Trying again to move herself, but finding the back and ankle anchors completely unforgiving, Laura attempted to put her hands over her sex, thinking out loud “Now what do you think your going to do with that!?”. As if in response, her wrist cuffs beeped and were immediately pulled to the table surface at her sides. “Hey!” was all she got out before the robot began a steady approach to her groin. Watching in wide eyed disbelieve, Laura almost didn’t feel the slight tingle and motion as the panty opened a small hole in itself and her sex below its surface, providing a path for the robot’s syringe. She did, however, feel the cold tip of the syringe press against her cervix and let out a whimper, just in time to hear a hiss and see a barely perceptible cloud of fluid pass into her womb on the display.

The robot arm retracted, and she saw the panty re-seal itself, as if it had never had an opening. After the arm lowered itself into the floor, the table returned to its flat state and her wrists and ankles were released with soft beeps from each of the cuffs.

“Hey, what’s going on here? I want to know what’s going on and what you just did to me!” Laura called out to no one in the room. For several moments, there was no reply.

[Impregnation successful] The voice boomed. [Gestation estimate: 4 days. Commencing nutritional feed and hormonal modification]

Laura’s mind stuttered. Impregnation? 4 days? Feed? Just as she was reassembling a train of thought, she felt a slight swelling between her cheeks and pressure begin to build in her rectum. As the fluid filled her, she felt the sphincter at the top of her rectum relax, and a gush of warm flow enter her descending colon. Almost immediately she felt a flush come over her body and her mind and muscles begin to relax. As she watched the screen, she saw an indicator showing a flow rate and the log update with several chemical names she did not recognize. She realized she was being drugged but could not muster the energy to complain. A few blurry moments later, she passed out.


Laura’s eyes blinked open to the same gray view. For a moment, thinking she was awakening from a very strange dream, Laura tried to sit up. This time, when she felt the tug at her shoulders and hip joint, her situation quickly came back to her. Looking down towards her body, however, she noticed not two bumps where her breasts were expected, but three. Her belly now rose behind her breasts her pale skin well stretched, but free of any marks. “What in the hell?” she voiced. Placing her hands on the sides of her belly, probing and pushing it around in disbelief. Looking at the screen, Laura saw a timer showing “gestation time: 95:32:20” and several new notes in the log. Then her eyes went even wider as she looked at the translucent silhouette of her body on the display. All the organs and devices that had been there before were still in place, but the lower center of her abdomen was now clearly distended to the sides and filled with… a human? To her astonishment there was clearly a human baby fetus, nearly full grown moving around within her.

Looking back at her belly and gently probing it with the palms of her hands, she could feel and see the movement of the baby on her skin. “That’s not… how can that… “. Her mind was doing circles. Before she could consider it further, the robot voice returned.

[Gestation at 99%. Preparing for extraction.]

Laura felt a tingling over her mound. Not unlike the twinge when the syringe bearing robot had approached her, but significantly stronger. Though she could not see it, she had the distinct feeling something was opening her vagina and exposing her interior. Then a second tingle started, this time on her cervix, and she felt clearly that something was opening her womb.

“Ahhhhhhh! Nooo! what are you doing?” she complained while unconsciously trying to lift herself off the table and away from the unpleasant sensations.

[Dilation at 20% and progressing]

Before Laura could protest further, her ankle cuffs beeped, and the table began to move again. Like before, the table bent and held her legs bent and apart. Unlike before, the rest of the table also tilted head up, placing her body in an inclined position. The burning in her mound and cervix had continued to increase and she was now in significant discomfort. “nnnnnggguuhhh” she let out, starting to breath deeply to deal with the pain.

[Dilation at 60%]

Another click and hiss was heard, followed by the rise of a new device from the floor between her legs. Laura could barely focus enough to study it, but it looked like a large diameter white plastic worm. It could clearly articulate, as its “head” bent towards her. As it did, she could see it was mostly open inside and its “mouth” was clearly shaped to fit between her legs and over her well rounded nether region. Remembering the camera view from the first intruder, she looked at the screen. What she saw made her already wide eyes and mouth almost double in size. The panty that had opened a small hole before was now little but a ring around a gaping hole where her sex had been. Inside that she could clearly see a similarly dilated cervix ring around a translucent dome. She then realized that the dome she was seeing was the surface of the amniotic sac within her. This was quickly confirmed when the child pressed against its surface in response to the light.

As Laura’s mind reeled with what she was feeling and observing, the extractor proceeded forward, seating and sucking itself onto her body with a slight “thhhp”.

[Commencing extraction] was the only warning Laura got before her world turned upside down. The dilation sensation seemed to double instantaneously, and she felt the pressure from the extractor increase as its suction pulled on her and her womb’s contents. Then, she felt the most excruciating wrench in her abdomen, knocking the wind out of her and causing her body to try and curl into the fetal position. She instinctively clutched at her belly and pushed it downward as hard as she could. After a few seconds, her abdomen released, and she gasped for air. A few seconds later, she was wrenched again, even harder.

Torn between the burn of the induced dilation and the breath and clench cycle of her abdomen, Laura lost count of the number of cycles and almost didn’t notice the imperceptible slip of her womb’s contents outward. Then, after what seemed like an eternity, one final full body crunch and airless scream resulted in the bulbous mass plopping out from between her legs and passing quickly down the throat of the extractor.

As air sucked around the lip of the extractor’s head due to the reduced size of her belly, the burn in her sex quickly dulled, becoming more of an ache. Sweating and panting, she lay exhausted on the table for what felt like several minutes before the extractor pulled itself away from her. To her astonishment, she watched on the camera as the panty, now almost normal size, was closing itself, and her sex back to normal. Her belly was still slightly distended, but now more like that of a big meal and not someone 8 months along. Eventually the extractor retracted itself back below the floor and out of view.

[Task 0001: replication - complete. Gestation and extraction successful. Fetus viable and transferred to stasis]

[Production detected. Collection commencing]

“Production?” Laura thought dimly. With the panting, exhaustion, and other aches, Laura had not noticed the increased size of her breasts or the dull pain within them. When the mild electrical stimulation of her nipples and light kneading of her breasts drew her attention, however, she quickly grasped that production meant lactation. She watched in amazement as her breasts softly rose and fell with the kneading and sucking, she assumed was being performed by the bra. She couldn’t see where the milk was going, but she could certainly feel the flow, and guessed it was being piped away through some network of small tubes within the fabric of the bra. The sensation wasn’t quite pleasant or unpleasant, but it certainly had a way of keeping the rest of her nerves on a slight edge.

Laura let her head rest on the table and simply breathed while staring at the ceiling for some time. What was this place? How had she gotten here? What else was going to happen? Her memory didn’t seem to be working and she was frustrated she couldn’t come up with any answers. Clearly the robot voice didn’t care what questions she asked as it seemed to ignore her.

Just as Laura’s attention came back to the room and she was noting that the table had not returned to the prone position, the voice returned.

[Task 0002: Ophidian Constrictor Ovum Gestation

Source: Altair 4

Quantity: 100

Time: 2 days. Preparing ovipositor…]

Laura’s mind scrambled to catch up. She knew ovum was an egg but couldn’t place ophidian. Altair sounded like a distant place she had once heard of, but she couldn’t think of any details. The only constrictor she thought she knew was some kind of…

100 snake eggs for 2 days?!

As if predicting her panic, the wrist cuffs beeped and clanked to the table at her sides. She struggled wildly against her restraints but couldn’t achieve so much as a budge. Her thrashing halted when she spotted another new appendage rising from the floor in front of her. The mechanism on this one was clearly more complicated than its predecessors and looked something like a large paint ball gun with a plunger’s head stuck over the barrel. As it rose and she studied it more closely she saw that the translucent tube that extended out the back of the mechanism and into the floor was full of small egg-shaped objects, ready to be fed into the mechanism. The mechanism ended in what looked like a tube extending from inside the business end of the plunger. As she watched, the end of the tube changed shape several times, increasing and decreasing its diameter at the end as if testing itself. The plunger too changed its shape until it looked like a rather large athletic cup, shaped to fit over her groin. As before a camera view came up on the screen showing her private covering begin to shape a hole slightly bigger than the mechanism’s end tube.

As the device began moving towards her, Laura struggled again, grunting with the effort. She let out an angry “NOOOOO!” as the head of the ovipositor passed her lips and she felt the cup of its head seat against her groin. Pausing only for a moment, the head of the device then pressed into her. The cup flexed as it pressed against her and she felt the inner tube slip over and press at the base of her cervix. It held for a few seconds and then pulled back to its previous position. Then it pressed in again. This time, Laura blinked wide eyed as she registered three distinct sensations:

1) the cup head was rubbing slightly against her clit as collapsed onto her

2) the tube was finding her G-spot as it moved in and out, and

3) Something that had not been there before, was now pressed firmly against the mouth of her canal.

Before she could contemplate the meaning of all this, the machine retracted and then pressed again. This time as the mechanism seated into her, she could feel the egg being pressed into her cervix towards her womb. Her mouth opened and she let out an “ahhh… hnngggg” as it was stuffed in. A final retraction and press cycle felt the tube end squeeze her cervix behind the egg, sending it home with a slight popping sensation.

While the machine paused for a few moments, Laura swallowed and looked up at the screen. She could clearly make out the egg like shape that was now floating mid womb. As her eyes made out the segmented tangle of a serpent like spinal column within the eggs shell, her shock turned to rage, and she began flailing against her restraints again.

After 20 or so seconds of this, Laura was exhausted and had made no progress. When she relaxed momentarily to catch her breath, the machine pushed forward again. Then again. Then again. And pop. Laura let out another moaning “Nooooo” as she watched a second egg slide into her womb on the display.

A shorter duration later, the machine inserted another. Then moments later it inserted another. As Laura started to tear in frustration, the machine was picking up its pace. 5, 6, 7 eggs. A counter had started on the screen. Each egg was now only 10-15 seconds apart and the pace was quickening. Laura groaned as her body began to accept the procedure.

The egg insertion itself wasn’t entirely pleasurable or not, but the rubbing of her clit and the press and release of her internals was starting to drive her in a new direction. 15, 16, 17. They were only 5 seconds apart now. The 4 thrusts of the machine per egg now resembling the rhythmic motion of sex. Mouth and eyes now wide in disbelief, Laura felt herself getting warm and wet with arousal.

25, 26, 27. Laura tried desperately to distract herself, and momentarily succeeded when she could see her abdomen begin to rise beyond her pulsating breasts. She looked to the screen and could now see a sizable cluster of eggs, each with its own little serpentine tangle within. She turned her head, closed her eyes, and grit her teeth as the battle between arousal and revulsion was waged in her mind.

36, 37, 38. The pace was at full tilt now. Only 2 seconds per egg with four thrusts to each egg. Laura’s body won her internal argument and she began to wreath in heat against her restraints. Panting open mouthed between grits against the coming wave.

65, 66, 67. She glanced again at her abdomen, noting in blurry heat that it was approaching the size it made during her previous birth. Bumps from the eggs were now visible on her skin.

81, 82, 83. Laura’s sex was completely in charge now. There was no stopping the coming climax. Between moments of wreathing, her limbs began to shake in anticipation and from the effort of fighting her restraints.

89, 90, 91.

Like the slow-motion observation of someone in a car accident, Laura’s mind suddenly, but briefly, found a moment of slow-motion stillness and clarity. In it she pondered: When was the last time she had had an orgasm? As with previous queries, her memory failed to provide an answer. She knew what one was, and knew she had experienced them, but she couldn’t place the when and how. The “What were her orgasms like” question, however, came to her like the flash of a lightning strike. This was going to be more brutal than your average orgasm.


Laura’ made a full body convulsion grunting out a guttural “uhhhhhgnnn” as every muscle in her body snapped taught. Arms, legs, neck, shoulders, all the way down to her toes. The walls of her distended and bumpy abdomen found inhuman strength and crushed the volumes within, perceptibly shrinking the size of her abdomen. The violent tension continued for second after second, seeming like an eternity, Laura’s mind locked in a realm of unfeeling white light. Her whole body shook in tension.

Then there was a sickening “pop”. Then another. Then several. Then a cascade of sickly popping sounds as if someone were breaking bubble wrap underwater. Laura exited her mental rapture, still in the grip of the full body clench, just in time to hear and feel the last handful of pops from within her. Finally, just as quickly as the wave had hit, it released.

Laura’s head fell back onto the table and she gasped a deep breath as the tension was released in the rest of her body. The display was filled with red icons and flashing warnings. The insertion counter read “100” and the ovipositor sat motionless between her legs. She looked down at her swollen belly. It didn’t seem quite as large as it had before, though it was still very big. It also didn’t seem bumpy any more. Laura looked back to the silhouette on the display and the carnage became clear. No more were the individual round objects with serpentine knots within them clearly separated. Instead the knots were now all in a wriggling jumble.

Laura couldn’t decide if she was pleased or mortified. Her robotic overlord, however, seemed uninterested.

[Gestation estimate: error. Commencing nutritional feed and hormonal modification]

“Wait, please…” was all Laura got out before the chemicals in her colon spread, consuming her body in warmth, and her mind in darkness.


The grey of the ceiling greeted Laura again, along with a dull ache across the whole of her body. It wasn’t unlike the morning after a hard workout combined with a mild hangover. She didn’t try to move for several moments. Her moment of silent self-evaluation, however, quickly came to an end when something in her abdomen wreathed and gave her the sensation that something was pushing her stomach up through her throat. Her head tilted back, her mouth opened, and her tongue stuck out it a silent and content-less retch as her hands clawed at the sides of her stomach. When it ended and she could bring in air again, her eyes quickly found what her hands had only moments before. Her stomach was now well beyond her first pregnancy and into the territory of a woman bearing twins. On top of that, it wasn’t quite round… and seemed to move.

Remembering the screen, Laura’s eyes and mouth went agape in horror as she deduced the contents of her womb. It obviously dominated the whole of her abdomen, pushing organs upwards and into places they normally didn’t reside. Within the mass she could clearly make out the now significantly larger spinal structures of several serpent-like creatures. Scanning the rest of the display terminal, she found a counter that answered her first question: “Insertion Count: 100, Viable 20%”.

She hadn’t crushed all the eggs after all. Though the ones that had lived had clearly outgrown their own enclosures. And the rest? The thought of adolescent serpents devouring their departed siblings to rapidly grow in her womb made her sick to her stomach again.

[Gestation at 98%. Commencing Extraction]

Following the voice’s commands, Laura’s leg restraints reactivated, and the table began to reconfigure into the seated spread position. The sudden motion startled the slithering mass within her, causing them to react, and Laura to croak a groan. The robot arm that arrived this time was like the first extractor, but with a smaller head and hose. “That’s good” she dully thought, realizing the implication that the serpents would be coming out as smaller in diameter than her first birth. Another new feature was that the extractor moved into place and pressed against her nether regions, but the camera could still see the closed panty surface within, and there didn’t appear to be any suction. Instead it simply stopped in place.

Laura felt the panty begin to dilate itself, and then her cervix, and instinctually tried to reposition herself and start breathing more heavily in anticipation of contractions to come. However, when she saw the dilation stop on the screen and she could see the body of one of the beasts just within, no contractions came. Laura breathed and squinted, expecting a surprise contraction. Again, nothing moved. Looking around, she said aloud “C’mon damnit, get these things out of me!” Instead of a contraction, Laura’s taunt was met with another wreath within her womb. Through the camera, she could see the black-green skin of a serpent slide by. Then, it was replaced with what was clearly a snout. Light in color, it had the unmistakable line of a snake’s inverted grin, crowned with two ovular nostrils.

Laura froze in terror. A small tongue lapped out of her cervix in the view of the camera. Then again. What was it waiting for? Laura felt a slight breeze of warm air press against her groin from within the extractor. Another lick. And then another.

Finally, Laura felt a slow and deliberate motion begin in her belly and the pressure of a triangular head begin to push its way out of her cervix. Despite having been stretched much wider during the previous birth, Laura felt as if the snake were stretching her opening with its head and could feel the slip of the scales along her inner walls as it made it’s slow and steady progress outward.

As if in support of it’s exit, the remaining serpents stretched within her, making room for it to push and depart. The result was what felt like an increase in size and weight in her womb, and her head fell back in a lasting groan while her hands tried to support to size of her pendulous belly.

After what seemed like minutes, the tail of the serpent exited, flicking her walls as it passed, and the first born slid silently down the tube of the extractor. The mass inside her relaxed momentarily, and she whimpered. Then she felt the press of another.

The process repeated itself again, and again. Her abdomen shrinking slightly with the pass of each constrictor, but the remaining ones were still clearly in control of her abdomen. Then, just as the pace was quickening, she felt a sudden stretch to her cervix. “Uhgnnnn”. Looking at the display she saw not one, but two heads protruding from her nether regions. “One at a time you bastards!” But they didn’t hear her. One processed outward while the other stayed. Then as the first was about half way out, the second moved outward. As if on que, a third replaced the first, continuing the simultaneous exit. Then a fourth joined in, spreading Laura farther again. “uuuuggggggghhhhh uhhhhhhhh” Laura grunted. Her legs quivering under her effort. As her abdomen shrank and the exit counter approached twenty, Laura pushed on her belly with both hands to expedite their departure. Her body shook as she pressed on her belly for several seconds after the last serpent’s tail passed her exit.

Laura released and sat panting for a moment, her breasts still throbbing to the massage of the bra and the heave of her breathing.

“I don’t know who you are, or why you’re doing this to me” Laura warned the room in a panting anger, “but I hate you and I will do everything I can to kill anything else you put in me!”

Without response, the panty closed, the extractor lowered itself into the floor and the table returned her to a prone position. Disappointed she started to threaten again “Do you hear me?! You’re not putting snakes in me again!”

After several more moments, the booming voice returned

[Ophidian Constrictor viability: 20%]

[Unit 241 gestation performance inadequate to continue as Class A]

[Unit 241 reassignment Class B: Sample Collection]

[Initiating sample collection performance evaluation]

Before Laura could form a response, the whole table began to tilt forward. When it reached vertical, she was suspended by the two points on her back with her feet 6 or so inches off the floor. She hung there for a moment, looking surprised and pawing at the tables surface for any additional support. Then there was a series of clicks followed by her falling forward and the “zzzZZZZZ” of reels spooling out behind her.

Her feet landed flat, but Laura was unprepared to stand and fell forward onto her knees and then caught herself on her hands. For a moment, she just stumbled on the support of her arms, trying to get a grip on her new orientation. Then, as she sat back, she felt several tugs along her spine and below. Turning as much as she could and feeling with her hands, Laura found that she was still connected to the table by three cables or tubes, clad in metal armor, not unlike a hand held shower hose. The whirring sound of her fall had been them spooling out from locations in the still vertical table towering behind her. She followed one to just above her hip bone along her spine, and found it ended in a metal puck. The puck was at the top of what felt like the panty, continued from her front, up between her cheeks. However, when she tugged slightly at it, it didn’t feel like the puck pulled on the panty. It felt more like it tugged on her spine underneath. Tracing the lower tube, she found what she expected. It ended in a plug of some kind, firmly seated in her rear. She assumed the one that ran to between her shoulders was like the one at her hip.

Feeling her hands over her privates, she found the panty was of the same material as the bra but showed no signs of how it opened or closed, or even how it adhered to her skin. To her surprise, she could now visually scan her belly and found that it had nearly returned to normal size and didn’t have a sign of stretching.

Her exploration and pondering were quickly ended by the opening of two small panels in front of her. One on the floor and one on the wall at about 2 ft off the floor. Just as quickly as they opened, two artificial phalluses emerged from them, one vertical, and one limply pointing in her direction. The lower phallus was maybe 2-3 inches in diameter and 10 or so inches tall while the upper one was closer to 20 inches long and only 1 ½ inches in diameter. Both were a slightly translucent white color and a central tube as well as other tubes and possibly circuits could be observed under their surfaces. Laura cocked her head to the side slightly and looked at them quizzically. After everything she had just been through, what in the hell was supposed to happen with these?

As if hearing her thoughts, the voice returned

[Simulated phalli: Pegasi B, humanoid]

[Unit 241 will commence sample collection performance evaluation – Level 3: dual simultaneous collection]

Laura was beginning to connect the dots. “Dual simultaneous… your shitting me, right?”

[Performance evaluation initiated. Commence collection]

“I don’t know what you have in mind you sick….”

Laura’s eyes shot wide and her mouth gaped in a scream as a pain she didn’t know could exist arched up her spinal cord. The convulsion to the pain alone sprung her several inches forward towards the waiting members.

[Commence Collection]

Laura coughed in a breath “Ok…. Ok… give me a second…”

She looked up at the phalluses in disgust, then slowly began to crawl towards them, her attachments in tow.

As she approached the first member, a small display blinked alive next to the one on the wall. It appeared to have two bar displays, one labeled “A” and one labeled “B”. The levels for both were bouncing around slightly at the bottom of the range. As Laura reached out and touched the lower phallus, the reading for B jumped every so slightly, indicating a reaction to her touch. Laura got closer in a squatting position, with the lower phallus now between her knees and touched the wall phallus. Similarly, the level for A jumped momentarily.

Laura pondered the problem for a moment. She had a pretty good grasp on what sample collection implied. Simultaneous was also obvious. But how was she supposed to get the samples and how was she supposed to collect them. Briefly, she considered that maybe if she just gave them a hand job, they would do their business and that would be the end of it. She reached out to phallus A and began to tug on it with her left hand. As expected, the level meter moved upward, but only to about 15% of the range.

As she reached for phallus B to add it to the action, she was racked with another shock of pain.

“AHHH!! What?! I’m trying to get the sample like you asked!”

There was no response.

Then her mind clicked. “I’m the container?… oh god…”

Laura slumped in realization, but only momentarily as she was jolted again.

“Ok! OK! I get what I have to do”

Laura stood up on her knees and started to walk her pelvis over the lower member. She was preparing to lower herself onto it when she realized with some disgust that she had two problems. One, the panty was closed over her sex, and two, she probably would not be able to make herself wet to do the job. As if in response, she felt a twinge as the panty opened a slit over her lips. She was just exploring the new opening with her finger when she noted the phallus below her now had a slight sheen to it. She touched it gingerly and found it’s surface slick to the touch. “Nice” she thought with a frown. She squinted and looked away as she lowered herself onto the tip of the member.

Just as her lips made contact, Laura recoiled as she felt another injection of fluids enter her rear. Pausing for a moment in reaction, Laura felt a new sensation. Like before, there was a spreading warmth, but this time it started and spread from her groin. In only a moment she felt a tingling warmth spread all the way to her toes and finger tips, followed by a near gush of fluids from her sex. Laura’s eyes closed and she moaned as she fell forward at her hips, catching herself on one hand and clenching her sex with the other. A second passed before she brought her lower hand in front of her face, opened her eyes, and saw her hand now slick in her own juices. In almost a panting moan she groaned to the room “You perverted bastard”.

Another shock, though lighter, reminded her she had a job to do and through her heated state, she realized how badly she now wanted to do it. Sitting up, she hungrily positioned herself over the lower phallus again and used her hands to part her lips. Thinking the phallus would be too large for her, Laura progressed slowly, lifting her eyes and holding her breath, but she found that her body adapted to the member’s slick shape readily. Her outer parts slipped over its surface with ease, and she found there was a slight tingling where it pushed out her walls. It only added to her need to continue.

Stopping about half way down the shaft, Laura opened her eyes and brought her attention to the wall mounted phallus. It too was now shiny with lubrication. She gingerly lifted its tip and leaning back slightly to bring her mouth in front of it, began to press it to her lips. There was no taste, but the lubrication slickened the walls of her mouth and her tongue easily. Bringing her eyes back to the display in front of her, Laura began a light bounce in her hips while she licked the tip of the phallus in her mouth. As she had expected the bars for both began to rise. Closing her eyes, Laura moaned softly as her heat began to grow.

Laura continued her stimulation and leaned forward, pushing the oral phallus farther towards the back of her throat and massaging its tip more fully with the entirety of her tongue. Her forward push caused her legs to spread more and her hips to sink. The pace and depth of her vertical bounce began to increase.

After a few moments of bouncing and massaging, Laura opened her eyes again to see the meters. They were now showing around 50%. “Really?” She thought. Her heat fueled her determination and she pressed forward and downward again. The oral phallus was now attempting to make the bend at the back of her throat at the apex of each push and her hips were no longer bouncing but had begun an orbital grind of many inches along the lower member. She had one hand on the oral phallus for support and was trying to pull herself farther downward onto the lower phallus with the other. As she felt fuller and pressed harder, her drug induced heat only seemed to grow.

Seeing the meters reach 75%, Laura had the distinct feeling the phalluses had swollen slightly and were pulsating with her movements. Laura’s body was flush with sweat, pleasure, and determination.

As the meters passed 85%, the oral phallus was pushing past her epiglottis and the lower phallus was dipping through her cervical opening. She was grunting with pleasure and effort as her whole body gyrated.

At 95% the members quivered and throbbed significantly, and Laura knew she was reaching her goal. The phalluses were not the only one’s approaching climax, though. Closing her eyes and sucking in one deep breath Laura ground hard several times and then slammed her hips to the floor with all her might and threw herself, grunting, onto the skewer ahead of her. Both phalluses found their mark and beyond as their tips popped passed her inner thresholds and into her womb and stomach.

The surprise of unintentional success startled her and for a split second and she attempted to back off but was stopped as she felt the swollen tips of the members seat in the openings they had just passed. Both quivering phalluses instantly swelled in diameter, sealing their throbbing masses into her. As her body began to convulse in her own orgasm, she felt the gush of fluids blasting forth from each member and impacting the internal surfaces of her stomach and womb.

1 second. 2 seconds. 3 seconds.

The gush slowed momentarily in unison with a slight relax in her body. Then they both hit again.

4. 5. 6. Her body softened once more, and she noted a new pressure in her stomach. Her womb, recently stretched, was accepting the now gallon or more of fluid being pumped into her without complaint, but her stomach was un-prepared for such volumes. The fullness and throbbing vibration of the phalluses drove her into a third climax.

6. 7. 8. As her body released again, she found her hands were now clutching her distended belly. Her stomach was beyond capacity and she felt her mouth widen as if to vomit as her abdomen tried to expel the member and mass in her stomach. She clenched again, this time half in orgasm and half in retch. She tried to lift her hips to pull away by straightening her legs, but she didn’t have the leverage in her squatted position to unseat the member clenched into her womb.

Her lips widened and her tongue protruded below the member from her mouth. Her eyes were wide with panic as her mid-section tried to explode. She grabbed the phallus protruding from her mouth with both hands and began to pull with all her strength. Her body convulsed again.

There were two dull popping sensations as Laura rose and pulled herself backwards and began to stumble. Like a water balloon coming off a faucet, the fluid being pumped in met with fluid now being gushed out and exploded around the shafts through Laura’s nose, mouth, and between her legs. As the phalluses exited, the thick white fluid came out like water from a hydrant, pressurized by the clench of her abdomen. The member’s flow slowed and sputtered, bathing her belly and face in the unknown goo. She retched again, and then again, before she was able to gasp for air. She coughed violently for a moment and then retched again, even more fluid departing her body.

Gulping air, Laura could only look at her hands, body, and the floor in disbelief at the amount of goo that now covered them all. She fell to one arm, and then to her side in utter exhaustion, laying in the puddled mass, staring blankly at the wall and continuing to breath heavily. Her chest heaved in breath and her nipples still twitched under the unceasing extraction of their contents.

After some time, the voice returned.

[Unit 241 sample collection performance evaluation – Level 3: dual simultaneous collection]

[Stimulation levels achieved: 100%]

[Sample extraction achieved: 100%]

[Sample collection and retention: 5%]

[Unit 241 sample collection performance inadequate to continue as Class B]

[Unit 241 to be reassigned Class C: Warm Storage]

Laura let out a sobbing whimper. In her exhaustion, she had no idea what her new assignment meant, but she saw a pattern, and it couldn’t be good.

The phalluses retracted into their holes and the panels closed behind them. Whirring sounds emanated from the still vertical table behind her and the slack was pulled out of her restraints. Soon she was being dragged lifelessly across the floor like a cat on a leash. She pawed weakly at the puddled floor as her rear hit the table and she began to be pulled upward into a standing position. The whirring deepened as her weight was lifted from the floor, her hands and feet flailing weakly in protest, a smear of goo following her up the surface. Finally, with several clicks, her restraints locked into their positions on the table and she was left, suspended, just off the ground, fluid still dripping from her limbs and burping from between her legs with each breath.

A new panel opened above her and an arm with what was clearly a hose and nozzle descended to just above and in front of her face. In anticipation of the coming spray, Laura lifted her hands to protect her face, but was thwarted by the activation of her cuffs, locking her ankles to the table and her wrists just to either side of her head. When the spray started, she turned her head to the side and protested aloud, but to no avail. The sprayer began a side to side arc and downward motion, blasting warm water at her unprotected skin from every available angle. The bra offered some protection, but when the spray hit her excited nipples, she yelped in pain again. After lingering between her legs, it’s slow cleaning path ended just beyond her feet and, as she was left to drip dry, the sprayer diverted to make several passes at the floor before retracting back into the ceiling. Laura was left hanging for some time, the warmth of the water causing it to steam off her skin.

[Initiating Class C unit conversion]

The table tilted backward until it settled at level and a new panel opened directly over her center. From the opening above, a large, grey shape emerged. As it approached her, she noted it looked like the fabric of the bra and panty and realized it would likely fit around her mid-section, aligning with the edges of her current attire. Lowered to just above her, she could see it was being held taught along the outer edges by a spider like robotic appendage. As it touched her stomach, the arms circled her abdomen, wrapping it around her. She felt the material stretch, compressing her like a light, but still flexible corset. There was a buzzing sound and flickering light from below her followed by a mild warmth that passed from her tailbone up her spine and then across her shoulder blades as two of the mechanism’s arms traced the edges of her new garment. As their ends emerged from below her arms, she realized that the new piece was being welded into place.

As soon as the mechanism had retracted into the ceiling, the table shifted itself and her ankles back to the exam-like position. Laura’s breathing quickened and she lightly struggled against her restraints, bracing against what new horror would come next. The new device that rose between her legs was somewhat like the ovipositor but without the plunger-like hood and had the addition of what appeared to be a second tube inside the first. Laura whimpered a “please don’t” as her sex was displayed on the screen, opened by the panty, and then approached by the new device. As the device entered her, Laura felt the smaller inner tube contact the head of her cervix and then push through followed by the outer tube slide over the exterior and then press deeply against its base. The smaller tube was now extended into her womb beyond the tip of the larger tube. Laura’s face scrunched in surprise and pain as she felt the end of the outer tube contract around the base of her cervix, clamping it to the inner tube like a hose clamp. Laura also felt the tubes reorient slightly as the panty closed itself around the outer tube. A series of clicks were heard before the arm that had brought the tube assembly detached itself and returned from the floor leaving a two-inch diameter hose protruding from her sex and disappearing into the floor somewhere below the table. Whatever this new thing was, it was now clamped tightly into her body and would not be departing any time soon.

As Laura gawked at the tube departing between her legs and wriggled against her new abdominal prison, she missed the approach of a new device from the ceiling. It wasn’t until the table began to return her legs to the prone position that she looked up again to see a new grey shape hovering directly over her face. As it paused 6 or so inches above her nose and mouth, Laura could only stare wide eyed and lips clamped at what she saw. A width of the grey fabric was stretched side to side above her, similarly, suspended from a robotic device. However, a small protrusion of material at the top had two small diameter tubes protruding from it, and a larger diameter tube protruded from the center. It didn’t take her long to realize these were meant to go in her nostrils and mouth respectively.

The device continued to pause over her face, as if expecting her to welcome it. As the only protest she could mount, Laura turned her head to the side, closed her eyes, and pressed her lips together in defiance. A moment later she gasped an open mouth and open-eyed scream at the waiting device, as a shock of pain wracked her spine. Capitalizing on the reaction, the device lowered itself into position, placing the tubes in her now open mouth and nose, before wrapping the fabric around the back of her head. A brief buzzing sound later, Laura’s new headpiece was fixed into position.

Recovering from the shock and unsure what to expect, Laura’s eyes widened again as the two tubes in her nostrils were thrust into her nasal passages and continued down the back of her throat. As they approached her epiglottis, she felt a press of cool air emanate from one of the tubes, opening a path for itself and its partner further into her bronchial passages. The coolness expanded in her chest and Laura’s diaphragm began to feel the pressure of the new air expanding her lungs. Just as suddenly the build stopped. Still feeling the coolness of flow in her chest, Laura could only assume that one tube was bringing in air while the other was taking it out, maintaining a steady pressure in her chest. Attempting to expel the air with normal breathing sent air out through one of the tubes, but as her chest expanded again, the incoming flow filled her lungs and maintained the back pressure.

As Laura began to pant in panic the oral tube pressed forward, down her throat and passed into her stomach. A swelling sensation at the top of her stomach indicated the head of the tube increasing in diameter, sealing itself in position, just before her body wretched in gagging protest. If she had been able to move more, her body’s revolt would have resulted in a full flail. But, as it was, her chest only jolted, and her abdomen only crunched as she tried to expel the tubes. As with before, a few clicks were heard before the arm retracted into the ceiling above her, leaving the tubes quivering in time with her involuntary convulsions.

It was several minutes before Laura’s body gave up the gagging fight. While the nostril feed never deprived her of air and allowed her chest to expand and contract as if breathing, the cool flow through her lungs never ceased. Her diaphragm burned in pain from the repeated convulsions, and her exhaustion was bringing her to the edge of passing out when the voice finally returned.

[Unit 241 Class C conversion complete.]

[Increasing production to 400%]

Laura had nearly forgotten the constant stimulation and massaging of her breasts as it had gotten lost in the exhaustion and more pressing sensations. The robot’s directive was followed by a new gush into her rectum. As before it flowed into her colon and she began to feel her body respond with a tingling warmth that wandered towards her chest. Unlike before, the flow appeared to continue. Looking down as best she could around her new mouth piece, Laura half expected her abdomen to rise with fullness from this new fill. Instead, she stared in wonder as her breasts increased by another cup size before her eyes. A muffled “mmmmmm!” emanated from her throat as the massage of her breasts and nipples amplified significantly. Looking back down, she could now see raised tubes pulsating as they carried away copious amounts of her mammary production. Whatever was being pumped into her was rapidly being absorbed and used to produce more milk.

[Sample 347 bravo, 10 liters collected. Unit 391 preparation in progress. Transferring sample to warm storage 241]

Laura jerked with a start as the tube into her groin came alive. A moment later she saw a column of grey substance pass up the tube and then down between her legs and felt a ball of warmth begin to grow in her lower abdomen as the warm substance pooled within her. Laura’s eyes closed and she breathed a series of pitched moans in protest, but the flow continued unabated. As the ball of warmth grew within her, Laura could feel the grey fabric stretch around her belly. It didn’t seem to impede the expansion, but it did keep a mild but uncomfortable pressure on her mid-section. Many minutes later, the flow stopped with a light clicking sound.

[Sample 347 bravo, transfer to warm storage complete]

Laura lay panting in her prone position with her now immense belly quivering above her. She could only twitch and let out soft mews of protest. With her mobility further restricted and her belly blocking most of the view, Laura couldn’t make out the timer counting down on the display. Before she could ponder her predicament further, the voice returned.

[Sample 365 gamma, 5 liters collected. Unit 420 preparation in progress. Transferring sample to warm storage 241]

Laura made a muffled squeak as the quiver of the tube leading to her mouth grabbed her attention. Her short breaths quickened, and she eyed the tube in terror, belting a muffled scream as she saw a thick purple fluid arrive from beyond her view and descend towards her mouth. She felt a warmth pass down her throat and then begin to grow in her already compacted stomach. Immediately Laura felt her stomach struggle against her hyper inflated womb, further restricting the weak movements of her diaphragm. Laura instinctively attempted to push back her head and arch her back to make more room, but in moments she was locked in tension. Unable to breath, change position, or expel the immense pressures in her abdomen, she twitched and vibrated against her restraints in a silent open-eyed scream.

Laura lay for minutes, her body held in pressurized purgatory. Air was pumped through her lungs keeping her alive and keeping them from complete collapse. Her breasts now heaved under their own stimulation. Her abdomen rose almost vertical from the edge of her rib cage making one large arch towards her feet before making another larger arc that terminated between her legs, looking like the merging of a basketball and a large beachball implanted in her mid-section. Slight gaging sounds could be heard from her throat as she twitched periodically against her restraints.

After an eternity, the voice returned.

[Unit 391 preparation complete. Transferring sample 347 bravo for insemination]

Laura heard a click and felt the pressure in her lower abdomen begin to subside. As it did so, she felt the walls of her abdomen shrink, but also tighten, as if constricted by her mid-section covering. While the release gave her some relief, the pressurized basketball in her stomach remained, only lowering its position somewhat as her womb was emptied. When the sample finished it’s exit, the pressure from the suit released and it was then that she got her first tiny gasps of normal breathing.

As fought to breath, she felt another small amount of fluid get pumped into her womb and then almost as quickly get sucked out several times. She was being cleaned. She still wanted to gag and vomit with the pressure in her stomach and she struggled to find any kind of release. But before she could find any, the cleaning stopped, and the voice returned.

[Sample 422 kilo, 6 liters collected. Nutrient mix required. Transferring sample to warm storage 241]

Laura could only mew a muffled cry as the tube between her legs shook again, this time producing a red column of fluid. A cool feeling grew within her as the sample expanded her belly. After 40 or so seconds, the flow stopped. Her stomach was still highly distended, but not nearly as before, now looking more like two semi-merged basketballs. She could still squeak out small but useless breaths.

[Nutrient injection, 1 liter]

A white column of fluid rose through the tube and she felt her belly surge again.

[Commencing intermix]

Laura’s eyes bugged out and her arms and legs shook in an attempt to move as her abdomen began to morph and undulate. Stimulated by some combination of the suit and her abdominal muscles, her belly shaped, moved, and reshaped, before her eyes as if a giant thumb and forefinger were pinching and prodding her lower abdomen. Up, down, left, right, squeeze, press, repeat. Her abdomen was being kneaded like frosting in a bag and the pressure was more than she could stand. She flailed uselessly against her restraints, hoping for any pause, breath, or release.

It was minutes later before one came. [Unit 420 preparation complete. Transferring sample 365 gamma for insemination]. The kneading of her lower abdomen continued while the suit constricted around her stomach. In a slow, involuntary wretch, Laura felt the sample in her stomach shrink and depart. Her diaphragm ached as its stretch was reversed against the motion in her womb. Under the torment below, Laura hardly noticed the cleansing flush of her stomach.

For another several minutes the kneading continued until finally, the voice called for the sample to move on. After it’s exit, she was flushed again and the suit relieved the pressure on her mid-section, giving her breath, but leaving Laura empty and still with exhaustion.

Softly beeping, Laura’s cuffs turned off, releasing her ankles and wrists from the table. Dully, Laura bent her knees and moved her arms to below her shoulders. They ached from stretch and effort and she moaned and winced as she moved them. Letting them relax at her sides, she didn’t even bother to try and pull on the devices attached to her body and inserted into her core. She knew without trying that any such efforts would fail and be met with more pain and suffering. Hearing two clicks behind her, Laura felt the restraints along her spine loosen. She slowly rolled to one side and found she could now lay on one side before their cables stopped extending with another click.

She lay on her side, tubes and cables emanating from her body like medieval chains to the table, ceiling, and floor. She knew there would be no real comfort in this state, but in her exhaustion she could no longer protest. Laura curled into a fetal position, pressing her still throbbing breasts against her body with her hands and began to sob.

As her tears formed a small pool on the surface of the table Laura knew this was now the totality of her existence. A storage vessel preparing samples and generating milk for this abominable reproduction machine she was now an integral part of. Her memory blank, will broken, and her future controlled, this hell was all there was or would be.

[Sample 143 Charlie, 5 liters collected…]

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