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The Robots and the Secretary

by Turboman87

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© Copyright 2013 - Turboman87 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M+/f; machine/f; robots; processed; latex; boots; corset; mc; program; bond; armbinder; maid; cons/reluct; X

Some secretaries come and go, and that’s the problem. As a young women with limited experience, just coming out of college, I had to take what I could get. My degree in ‘women's studies’ did little to open doors, and with the economy as poor as it was, I was starting to get desperate. I had gotten an interview at a robot manufacturer as a secretary for the CEO. A very good position for a fresh college graduate. The complex was a little far away, but they said they had their own apartment complex nearby just for them.

Before entering in, I checked my professional outfit, a smart business outfit and a short enough skirt and heels. My chest was both proudly displayed, and reserved in my jacket. I walked in, and up to the front desk. It was a female robot. Dressed in bright red latex, with the bottom half of its face covered, and a speaker in its mouth. There was some kind of head band around its head with lights occasionally blinking.

I walked up to the robot, and explained that I had a 10:30 interview. The robot seemed to process this for a few moments, and then directed me to sit down on one of the nearby couches. The robot was polite, but spoke in a robotic tone, and moved in a similarly themed way. I sat down. The room was very large. It seemed like the company was doing very well. In my time sitting on the couch, I did not see any other people coming and going, but a robot would walk by on occasion.

After about three minutes, another robot came into the large room, and asked me to follow it. It was also female. It had a figure to die for, with a small waist, and high heels and legs. I was attractive, but this robot looked amazing. I hoped I would not have to fight it for hotness. I laughed at the concept.

I followed the robot to an office marked for the CEO. It appeared I was going to interview with the CEO himself. He was a young man, about the age of 30 or so. He was well built, and dressed in business casual. He thanked the robot named ‘Susie’ and the robot walked out. The interview was standard fare. He asked my background, and asked if I would be ok living on site. The location took me about 45 minutes to get to, and that was with no traffic. I accepted and signed some forms. My little apartment was nothing to write home about, and saving money was always a plus for me.

Without much fanfare, he offered me the job, and I accepted. For about a week, I packed up my few things into my small ford focus, and went back to Robot Makes Inc. I was directed to park my car in a special lot for new hires. The same Susie robot from before came and escorted me to a different part of the building. I started to wonder if there were any humans in the building at all.

I was led to a large room with lots of robotic equipment in it. Out from somewhere, a male robot came up behind me and stuck some kind of needle in my butt. I jumped away, not knowing what they were doing. I looked between the robot women, and the robot man, came to the conclusion that they were trying to turn me into a robot.

I started to go limp. The male robot caught me, and carried me to a table, where the two robots started to carefully remove my clothes and place them in a nearby bin. After a few moments, they were done. I lay on a table, unable to move, waiting for the next bit of injustice to occur. The two returned in a few moments later, and injected something into my legs. I was then carried to some kind conveyer belt, where I was stood up against some pole, and snapped against it in place. I was somehow attached to it. I could not tell. My head was attached as well to the pole, and my hair tied in a high pony tail. The two robots left me, and went somewhere else. I could still move my eyes and blink, but nothing else. It must have been some kind of powerful drug they gave me. After a few moments, the conveyer belt I was connected to started.

I shivered in fright, and from the metal pole attached to me being very cold. The machine made various pumping and clicking noises. I progressed through. A large blast of air came down on me. It was forceful. I had to close my eyes. That didn’t last long, and I continued on my way. The next stage took my arms and legs, and spread them. Some kind of device was attached to my groin and to my butt. It invaded me, and it felt very weird, and uncomfortable. Then, the spray started. I closed my eyes as best I could. This wasn’t like the air. I could feel something being sprayed onto me. It felt warm, and sticky. It sprayed for some time. Eventually, it stopped. I opened my eyes, and looked down as best I could. It looked like I had been coated in white latex.

The belt moved again. A short distance later, an arm came down, and attached something to my waist, and pushing my boobs up. They now sat on some kind of shelf from the garment being attached to me. I figured it must be a corset, as it started to get tighter and tighter. It started to be harder to breathe. But, then it stopped. I looked down again. My boobs had been pushed up to an obscene level. I would have been impressed if I wasn’t so short of breath, and unable to move my body.

Next, shoes were attached to my feet. Black lace up boots that went up to my knees. They were tied very tight. I could feel them hugging my legs. The heels were about 3 or 4 inches high, from my estimation. Then, round balls were placed over my hands, also black. And then into those balls, some kind of liquid rubber, thus preventing me from moving my fingers at all anymore.

The conveyor belt moved again. A small white leg hugging latex skirt was attached, and seemed to be glued onto the bottom of the corset. It seemed like it was being glued on, but I could not confirm. Then, my mouth was opened, and a round circle was placed into it. It was also glued into my mouth. Some kind of liquid was forcefully placed into my mouth in such a way that it did not go down my throat. So much was pumped in; my cheeks bulged and prevented my tongue from moving. Then, some kind of device was placed into the opening in my mouth. With my tongue out of commission, I could not try to force it out. The device clicked in place in my ring of a mouth.

The belt moved again. This next stage put a head band like the receptionists had when I arrived first time around my head. It also clicked in place, and hugged my head. I heard it beep, and it felt weird. I heard my voice come out of the voice box that was attached in my mouth. It sounded like me a bit, but more metallic and processed. The pole was removed from my back, and I stood free form. But, I still could not move. The belt moved me forward, out of the machinery.

I was greeted by the CEO, Susie, and a full length mirror. I could now see myself entirely. I looked amazing. My waist was made extremely small, forcing my chest out, giving me a rather good hour glass shape. My boots gave an excellent contrast to the rest of my outfit, which was pure white, except for my ‘ball’ gloves. My mouth was bulging, and covered with a speaker. My hair still up in a ponytail.

The CEO expressed concern to Susie about my mouth bulging, and she informed the CEO that the engineers were working on it. The CEO approached me, and examined my form and smiled. He complemented me on how well I looked. I would have thanked him, but only after I slapped him for putting me through that. My body would still not respond. He instructed me and Susie to follow. I felt my body comply.

The CEO explained to me that all of the robots here used to be just normal humans. The company makes full robots, but for employees, they needed the flexibility of the human brain. I would be his schedule secretary, so I would do little to no tying, which was why my hands were in a ball format.

Walking down the hall way, I could hear my shoes making a thud noise. I loved that sound they made. The CEO explained there was much to do, but there was an orientation video I had to watch first. He escorted me into a small room with a projector, and a computer. He talked to Susie, and complained about how the machine missed making my eye lashes bigger. She hurried off somewhere.

I stood in the small room standing at attention. I could still control my blinking, and breathing, but that was little help. My breathing was heavily impaired by the very tight corset. Susie came back, and started working on lengthen my eye lashes. I usually didn’t do that, but it’s not like I could stop her. While she was working, her chest brushed against mine a lot. It felt so smooth against me. In no time, she finished. I could feel my eye lashes have more weight, and making it harder to blink. The CEO started the video, and left the room. I was left frozen in place, staring ahead watching this video.

The video started; "Congratulations on being chosen as an Android Human Mark 2. You most likely have many questions. As a secretary unit, much of your day will be controlled by our central OS system. It will use the processing power of your brain to answer calls, and schedule appointments for the division you are working for. The best part is you will not have to put any effort in. Your brain and the central computer will do all the work. You just have to exist, and keep connected.

You may also be wondering about your uniform. Here at Robot Makers Inc, we want to put our best, and hottest foot forward. People may occasionally come into the office, and we want those who represent our company to look their best, and snappiest.

At the end of your 1 year contract, you will be given the choice to leave the company, or continue working the way you are. If you choose to leave, all robotic technology will be removed from your body, and you will be just as when you started here. This concludes the video".

It was a short video, and it did answer my questions, but I still found it very odd, but also very erotic that I could not control myself. This was a new sensation for me, and I was starting to wonder if the CEO and their central computer could pick that up. I was left standing in this room unable to move for several more minutes, but then Susie came back in. She asked me to follow her, I could not. She then pulled out a remote from her belt, pushed a button, and I felt my body follow her.

Great, now even another robot could control me, I thought. But, after a few moments, I also felt this to be very hot. She still looked amazing. I followed her with the thud of my boots going down the hall way. Eventually, we went outside. I walked up to a large apartment complex. We entered an elevator, and got out on the 7th floor, where we walked some more. Susie showed me an apartment, and instructed me that this was where I would be living. My things were put in my bedroom for later sorting, as I felt fit. Susie left the room, and when the door closed, I was giving control over my body.

It had been an hour or so since I was turned into a robot, and it was starting to feel amazing. I ran my balled hands over my body, and it felt amazing. I moaned a little. I looked around my apartment, and took in my surroundings. It was somewhat barren, but there was a computer. I walked over to it, and immediately noticed that I could not use the keyboard. I would have frowned, but my face was rather frozen. A small arm came out of the computer, and plugged into my head set. I was then able to use my brain to go to one of my favorite sites.

No new stories. That made me sad. I rather liked the robot and control stories. I then used my brain to log into my email. No new email. How about Facebook? Nothing of note.

Then the computer notified me of an incoming chat request. I accepted it using my brain. It was only voice chat. The voice was male, and explained that the central computer said that we had excellent compatibility, and that we both like robots. I blushed on the inside that the computer knew this. The male voice asked if I would be interested in exploring this. I said I would, and asked where he lived in the complex. He laughed, and said he would program me there, and the call ended. I wondered what he meant.

I soon found out. My body was taken control of again, and I walked out of my room, and outside. I had no idea where I was going, but I could hear the thud of my shoes on the ground. I started to actually enjoy this feeling. After about a minute or so, I arrived at a door, and waited. After a few seconds, the door opened. It was a male robot, similar to my format, except no heels, and no corset, and he had fingers. He ushered me in.

He complemented my form, and examined me like an object. I was very much enjoying this. But, he lamented my heels not being ballet boots, whatever those are. He also removed my speaker, and commented about how the jell was not installed correctly. He slapped my butt, and commented on how nice it was, and examined my chest too. I would have moaned, but I no longer had my speaker installed, and I don’t think I would have been able to if it was.

He used a remote, and unfroze me, but still had my speaker out. I motioned to my mouth, and he explained that he wanted to upgrade a slightly better version, and fix my tongue issue. I nodded, and he smiled. He got a remote, and froze me in place again. He then walked over to his computer, and started typing. After a few moments, he walked over to me and explained that he had scheduled an immediate update to my chassis, and the central computer should be taking over in a few seconds. He smiled.

And true to his word, I started walking out of the room, and left. I found my body being controlled, and taken to another building. After several minutes, I arrived at the facility that I started at. A voice said that my upgrade had been approved by the CEO as well. I walked to a large tube. My eyes were commanded to be closed. A number of things happened; The gel was removed from my mouth, freeing my tongue, but then some new stuff was put in its place. My boots were removed, and some new ones were installed. It felt like my feet were standing on their tip toes. Next, my arms were pinned behind my back and placed into some kind of mono glove. I could feel my arms being pulled back. Then, some spray was applied to me. It felt like thicker latex. That finished in a few moments, and then an intense heat started; I figured it must be drying me.

That finished shortly thereafter. Sweating like crazy, my eyes opened, and I walked out of the tube. With every step, and every move, I could hear myself squeaking. I also had a new speaker installed, as it was tested with my synthetic voice. I left the factory and into the fresh air, but I was still very hot. My shoes were also very awkward to walk in, and I was taking shorter steps. I eventually made my way back to the man’s apartment.

He gasped at what he saw, and ushered me in. He moved a full length mirror in front of me. I was amazing. My latex shell was noticeable thicker, my shoes were noticeably higher, and my arms pinned behind my back caused my chest to be pushed out. The man examined my figure, and touched me. He released me, and I almost immediately fell over in my boots. He walked me over to a chair, and sat he down. I learned his name was Jack, and we talked for a while. He said he always liked robots, but nobody at the location expressed that much interest in being controlled. I explained to him that I was not before, but it was growing on me. We laughed and smiled for some time.

After a while, he asked how I was liking the arm binder. I explained it was fine, it was making my shoulders sore, but I liked how it thrust my chest out. He said he liked that part too, and excused himself briefly. He returned with a small band, and started binding my elbows together. I asked what he was doing, and he said he was improving my set up.

When he was done, by elbows were touching, and sure enough, my chest was thrust out a bit more. I commented about how every move I make now squeaks. He rather liked that aspect of level 1.5. I asked if there were other levels. There were, but 1.5 was his favorite in regards to functionality and mobility.

We conversed some more, and he asked me if I was willing to try something for him. I agreed. He pushed a single button on a remote, and I jerked. My body was being taken over again; I stood up, and he removed my speaker. He then pulled a feather duster from somewhere, and attached it to my mouth. He pushed another button, and I felt my brain be set to ‘Auto Clean Mode’.

Well, I figured this was as good a way to clean as any. I moved around his apartment, and started dusting. With every step, I squeaked, and my shoes made a different thud sound. I could occasionally see him looking at me, nodding approval. After a few minutes of cleaning, he came over and smacked my latex butt. I almost lost my balance, but my programming stood me back up for a few seconds, and then I went right back to cleaning.

I must have cleaned for what felt like hours. Eventually, I stopped and the man had me return to him. He smiled at me, and said that we will be having some fun soon enough. He laughed. I stood there motionless, wondering what was going to happen next.


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