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The Spandex Rehabilitation Machine

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2011 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; machine/f; bodysuit; spandex; electrodes; vr; bdsm; dungeon; fantasy; toys; cons; XX

The machine started out as a medical device and was still in the developmental stage, but had so far exceeded the expectations of the two doctors in charge of the project. Dr. Samson was in charge of the human aspect part of the of the project, and her focus was neurology. She was one of the only women in her graduating class, and by far the most attractive.

Her part of the project was a sensor group that could be made to interface with a large main frame computer and give the wearer the ability to move, and feel a previously inactive appendage. Not all would be able to use this breakthrough, but for the the ones that could it would hold great promise. The problem was in set up of the sensors and muscle stimulator's on able bodied test subjects, usually college students. Their placement had to be perfect and was not ever in the same precise spot one subject to another. The sensors on the head and neck were easier to place, but for this expensive research project to bear fruit, in other words become a deployable product, it had to be easy enough to use for the average patient.

As is sometimes the case, one of the great breakthroughs appeared to come by accident. Dr. Samson had an idea that if she could find a manufacturer to make a spandex type of material with sensors and transmitters embedded in an adaptive configuration, the processor could adapt and control each as required. The wearer could just put the sock or sleeve on and go. When Dr. Samson received the test sock she had ordered, she was surprised to see it was a whole body spandex like suit. Apparently her instructions were misunderstood, but she wasn't the least bit displeased. Her partner was though.

Dr. Plank was in charge of the electronic part of the machine and when Dr. Samson told him of her idea about the adaptive sock he almost resigned right there. There was tension between the two brilliant doctors, because while Dr. Plank was interested in his attractive counterpart, she was only interested in her work. The adaptive suit would require a whole new approach, and he hated change. The secretive financiers of the project liked Dr. Samson's idea though, and that was that. She would have been surprised to know that the test suit was no accident. Dr. Plank decided right there and then that when his attractive partner was no longer necessary, he would find some way to move her out of HIS project. There were many technical problems to overcome, but the brilliant Dr. Plank and his team solved them all.

Dr. Samson volunteered to be the next test subject because she had a problem asking a college student to put the spandex suit on, leaving him or her nearly naked in front of the research staff, for only one hundred dollars a day. Also this would be a long term test by the way it looked, and they wanted a reliable, here every day test subject. There were also safety concerns that both doctors downplayed, they had to reassure the investors that the bulk of Dr. Samson's work was done on the project, and if she were injured it could continue without her. The spandex suit had a front opening that allowed the wearer to get into it from there. It was made to be worn with nothing on under it so all the sensors could get good skin on skin contact. Several strategic areas were marked, a center line for the crotch of the suit, and marks to align her breasts with, as well as knees and elbows. The tan suit left little to the imagination regarding the Dr.'s body. The suit went over her head and face and the only thing sticking out was her long hair through a hole left in the top of the suit. The suit gently compressed her body and the effect was not unpleasant to the doctor. She had trouble seeing through the fabric covering her eyes though, and had to be guided to the reclining chair set up for her. The mostly male staff liked what they saw, and Dr. Plank had a renewed lust for his colleague.

Dr. Samson agreed to the precautions they had talked about, but being strapped to the reclining chair nearly naked was different in practice than in theory. The thick straps were applied to ten strategic areas of her body and would prevent her from injuring herself with any unintended muscle contractions until the machine was calibrated. She didn't want to admit it to herself, but the helplessness, even clinically applied, stirred something in her. She felt her nipples harden, her respiration change, and her sex prepare for penetration. She thought it unlikely a room full of scientists would miss such an obvious physical response, especially ones trained to notice and document the slightest detail. As Dr. Plank was hooking up the considerable collection of cables to the suit, Dr. Samson was thinking it was good they weren't alone, he might have wanted to press his temporary advantage over her helpless self. More disturbing to Dr. Samson was the realization that she would have let him!

The doctor closed her eyes and relaxed and tried to forget where she was when the machine started. The machine helped her into a kind of semi conscious dreamworld as it mapped out her body and noted her arousal, and assumed that was her normal state. It's primary goal was to maintain her "normal state" every time the suit was calibrated, and the doctor was held in an aroused, near orgasmic state with electronic stimuli while it did this...

With her body roughly mapped, Dr. Plank decided to test for some inputs and went to his touch screen and touched a silhouette of her body to see if she could "feel" it. He touched her ankle and she said she could feel a light tickling. He turned up the gain and she gasped and said it felt like he was standing on her leg. He made some other adjustments and she said she could feel a pressure on her leg. He decided he needed to test the sensors on her whole body and ran his finger up the leg of the silhouette on his screen. The doctor ran his finger up to and over her crotch and continued to her stomach and on to her breasts. Nobody could see what he was doing at his console and Dr. Samson didn't want the others to know Dr. Plank was feeling her up in virtual reality. With the front of the suit thoroughly tested, he went to the back part and had some more fun...

Dr. Samson told Dr. Plank that she was getting tired and he asked if she could do another test before he let her go. The "let her go" phrase stuck in her head, but she agreed. Dr. Samson's legs were unstrapped from the chair and Dr. Plank switched to control mode and and told her he was going to try to move her legs. Dr. Samson felt her legs being spread apart, in a full split like a stripper would on stage, and then closed back together as she was powerless to stop it. It might have looked lewd to the assembled crew, but none of them could put down the excitement of such a revolutionary breakthrough.The computer was blocking her nervous system's control of her legs, and allowing external control of the same legs. Dr. Samson was exhausted from the test, and from being held in a state of high arousal. The entire team went out to lunch to celebrate, after Dr. Samson took a shower in her office and saw to her personal needs. The suit was a success, but so was the computer.

Several more spandex suits were ordered, but there was a lot of "learning" the large computer had to do on Dr. Samson. The financiers wanted this breakthrough kept secret for now to keep the competition, so they said, from stealing man years of research before the proper legal protections could be put into place. That meant no outside test subjects, and Dr. Samson would have to "endure" many hours in the suit as the now used supercomputer and it's complex program learned every detail of her body. Money was no problem on this project now, and Dr. Samson thought with a laugh that if she told the procurement people that she needed a solid gold sex toy to relieve the sexual frustration the testing caused, she would likely get it!

The new suits they received were upgraded, and had sensors all over the head piece, right where Dr. Samson's beautiful long hair was. There was a way to still use the sensors, but the hours wasted setting that up would take away from the project. Dr. Samson decided she would shave her hair off complete, much to the shock of Dr. Plank and the staff, but for the good of the project. She had a high end wig made from her own hair, at the financiers expense, and without a word of complaint! She had long since kept her sex clean shaven, to get skin on skin contact with the suit, but she easily had kept that fact a secret. Dr. Plank realized his sexy counterpart was becoming addicted to the sensations of the suit and machine. He couldn't imagine what it would be like to have every physical need fulfilled by one device, that could learn what worked on your body and adapt faster than you could think about it. With the safety devices turned off, the suit could cause unbearable pain, or pleasure, and the subject would be helpless to even voice a complaint, as those responses could be overridden as well. Dr. Plank realized a far darker purpose for this creation of theirs, and the brilliant man formed a plan in his twisted mind that would have shocked the others on the team, but not the financiers.

The new suit and faster computer were another breakthrough, and Dr. Samson could now go into a complete dreamworld while testing. They were her own dreams, but the machine enhanced them, as well as keeping her in her near orgasmic state. Dr. Samson could even control the subject of the dreams by reading about some subject right before testing. She didn't know it at the time, but the machine could and did remember her dreams, and had the ability to take her someplace wonderful, or terrifying, with a simple command.

In Dr. Samson's current dream she was getting a massage on a cruise ship and she "felt" her virtual massage as the suit manipulated her muscles. She didn't require the restraints now because the suit could override all her own desired motions to protect her. She felt her legs separated as if her masseuse did it...

As part of his dark plan, Dr. Plank suggested that he could set the machine up so the sexy Dr. Samson could test in private over the weekend, if she wanted. He knew she had held back from "full enjoyment" of the machines capabilities, not wanting to go that far with others in attendance. He also made another suggestion, carefully, that Dr. Samson initially acted repulsed by. He knew he had planted the seed in her mind and would soon see if it grew. She didn't know he had turned off all of the safety devices,"accidentally", he could later claim, if it became necessary.

Dr. Samson waited until the staff left, she knew Dr. Plank had a seminar in another city and would be unlikely to intrude on her fun. The others had no business being there without one of the two of them present, and the doctor felt confident she would have privacy at the secure research lab. Without anybody in the lab Dr. Samson thought of herself as just Jessica, and with the temporary loss of her hard won title, she felt free to do things that Dr. Samson could never do. She removed her expensive wig, showered, and got into the spandex sensor suit in the privacy of her office. In preparation for her solo session with the machine, she watched a movie with a heavy interrogation scene earlier that was set in medieval Europe. The heroine in that movie was treated roughly, and Jessica could imagine herself in that position.

Dr. Plank had suggested she could improve the reality of the experience if she inserted a "toy" after the suit was on, giving the sensors access to one of her more private areas. What seemed unthinkable to Dr. Samson, Jessica could do. She had several toys in her private office, all to relieve the stress of testing the suit several days a week. Jessica laid on the comfortable reclining chair used for testing and inserted one of her latex dongs all the way into herself, pushing the sensor and transmitter covered spandex in around it. The sensation was unique to say the least. She then pulled on a thong over her suit and over the part of the dong left sticking out of her pussy, holding it into her. The thin string that went between her ass cheeks forced the suit into contact with skin it had never encountered before as well, and after she turned on the wireless interface unit, a further advancement, the machine had to learn about it's new control over her well known body. She had no idea how long the batteries would last in the wireless, but she put new ones into it just to be sure.

...The session started out like the others, and the machine experimented with the new control it had over her body... Jessica's dream was more real than usual, and she found herself tied to a whipping post in the town square. The whole town had turned out to see her whipped, and her pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears. She recognized the blood lust on the peoples faces, she wasn't a wrongly accused woman to these people, she was entertainment! In her realistic dream she was stripped naked and her wrists were tied high up on the rough pole with her sensitive tits rubbing up against the pole painfully. The machine made it feel like she expected it could feel, only worse. Before the first blow even landed, a cold wind blew in her fantasy, and she shivered as her naked skin felt it all. The first blow landed on the center of her back, and the machine stopped her from making a sound, but she screamed in agony in her dream with the pain the suit created! The area hit in her nightmare even twitched like it had been whipped in real life.

Jessica instantly wanted out of this nightmare, but if she could have seen herself in the suit, like Dr. Plank's hidden camera could, she would have noticed her arms pinned above her head like in her dream. Her own muscles were holding her arms, being controlled by the machine, and impossible to override no matter how bad she tried. She was even standing up against one of the beams in the lab, acting out her nightmare. She knew all she would have to do was disconnect the suits wireless, or hit the emergency stop button. Neither were in her reach while she was "tied" as she was in her dream. The whipping continued without mercy from the crowd or even the large ugly man with the whip. The people were actually whipped up into a sexual frenzy by her punishment, and it continued until she passed out.

Jessica awoke in a damp and cold jail cell, she was still naked in her nightmare, and felt just as helpless as somebody really experiencing what she was virtually. Every time she tried to unhook the wireless from the suit the machine overrode her intentions before she could even make her muscles start to move. Other than Jessica knowing she was hooked to the machine, this session was real to her. The large man who whipped her savagely entered her cell with several men who looked just as terrifying to her. These men weren't out of any movie or book she ever had, they were the virtual manifestation of her greatest fears, and the machine could sense those. Scars and huge lumpy muscles adorned their ugly bodies, and they looked at her in her dream like something to play with, SOMETHING, not somebody!

In her dream like state she was dragged by the long hair she no longer had to the center of the dungeon, and the men used her body for hours. She was whipped and fucked by the ruthless men, and the dong she still had inside her made it feel very real. At some point during the ordeal she forgot she was even hooked to a machine in a lab, every time she formed a negative thought, the virtual men made her pay for it with pain. When she didn't, the machine controlled orgasms caused by her tormentors were indescribable. It only took a day of that to convert the sexy intelligent Dr. into little more than a mindless toy. Dr. Plank monitored her actions, and the machines from his seminar that hundreds would remember he attended, and he was surprised she was still even alive. Without the safety devices turned on, Dr. Samson's heart rate went way into the red zone and stayed there for hours. Now he was forced to come up with a new plan on the fly to deal with his still living partner, and he still hated change...

Dr. Plank got in very early Monday morning, and went to the lab directly, and there he "found" a dehydrated Dr. Samson laying on the floor in a pool of her own bodily fluids, her arms and legs stretched out obscenely like she was getting pulled apart on a virtual rack. Dr. Plank decided to play the one card he didn't want to use, and he made a "frantic" call to the projects financiers to say there had been a terrible accident... He was told there was a procedure for this kind of thing, and some people would be there within the hour. Dr. Plank suspected as much from his secretive employers, that this device was never going to be used in medicine, or for any good at all!

Dr. Plank still didn't turn off the machine, and Dr. Samson was still getting stretched on the rack in her nightmare as he heard her joints crack and pop, and a faint whimper escaped her lips. He turned off his hidden camera, and found a condom, and indulged one of his darkest desires for what he thought would be the last time. He pulled the thong off of her, and removed the sloppy dong from her gaping pussy, and jammed his rigid condom covered covered cock into her, as she was still getting virtually tortured. He roughly manhandled her large tits, and came in moments as she was pinned spread eagle to the floor by her own muscles, and didn't even respond to his assault. The sadistic Dr. didn't even shut off the machine until the clean up people arrived, and they stripped her and strapped her to a gurney to be taken by ambulance to a secure "hospital"...

Months later the people involved in the project were just as happy to forget they ever knew each other from the lab, as involvement in something like that was a career breaker at best, and a jail cell at worst. Dr. Samson was said to have been testing on her own, against the rules, and to have suffered some kind of breakdown, and was now a mindless drone in a special hospital.

... Months later Dr. Plank had a new facility with a new mission, but the same employers, and a stunningly attractive but mindless assistant with a long blond hair wig.


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