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The Spandex Rehabilitation Machine 2

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2011 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; machine/f; bodysuit; spandex; electrodes; vr; fantasy; x-frame; bdsm; toys; electroplay; anal; insert; voy; cons; XX

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Part Two

Dr. Plank was fully set up in his new facility, and the mindless but beautiful Jessica was back with him now and wearing a sensor/ transmitter rig built into her sexy blond wig. What he thought would be the perfect toy, his sexy Jessica willing to do ANYTHING that he could think of just by suggesting it to her, got tiring after a while. For a week straight he had her only wearing a short lab coat and high heels while bent over his desk, but even that got boring even though she enthusiastically thrusted back at him each time. The sensor rig she wore made his suggestions, with electrical stimuli, into her fondest desires and was only possible because the machine had so completely broken her in the two days it had her! In no time at all Jessica became just another piece of test equipment to Dr. Plank, but still one he liked to play with on occasion.

The doctor's employers arranged for test subjects for their very secret project, and the prison system was the most logical place to find them. The brilliant doctor's new team had written a program to detect what secrets a test subject was most willing to hide, and it questioned them relentlessly in their dreams about those until it detected a truthful answer. The machine was possibly the most sophisticated and ruthless lie detector in the world, with it's hundreds of sensors and complete lack of human empathy. Because of the preoccupation with medieval times in Jessica's early experiences, the machine had a bias toward those methods, but there were others in the data base that could be used instead. The machine could obviously still use a scenario from the test subjects mind, but only if there was one in the front part of his or her consciousness.

The team received a new "test subject" and it was obvious from the start that this one was different. She was brought to the facility like the others in an orange jumpsuit, cuffed wrist and ankle, the latter hobbled by a twelve inch chain. All the previous inmates were told they were selected for a study relating to sleep problems. If they didn't want to participate in the study with a nice bed and good meals it was up to them, but the guards had ways of convincing them that it would be better to volunteer once selected. When they were done with the inmates their memories of the testing were redacted by the machine in a highly secret process.

This new woman was different though, even dressed as she was she was very sophisticated, it was hard to tell with the baggy jump suit on, but with some makeup and her hair done Dr. Plank thought she could be a model. He had a knowing smile on his face, because in short order he would see exactly what she looked like as she was prepared for the test. The two possibilities that occurred to the team were; this was an elaborate test by their employer with a highly trained test subject, or that this was the real thing and a sexy spy novel kind of spy. In either event the team decided it wouldn't limit the machines authority to inflict whatever force it needed to find out what secret their sexy spy was hiding, unlike they had done for themselves the rare times one of them tested.

The sadistic Dr. Plank was especially looking forward to seeing her writhe around in her cell, and wearing only the thin sensor suit as she was virtually tortured. The doctor was torn, he knew he would like to watch her in real time in her cell, but he also now had the ability to put a sensor cap on and watch her from inside the program. He could only be a faceless spectator in the crowd, but one day he hoped to be able to actually participate in the virtual interrogations. The only way the doctor could see what was going on was for the test subject to know he was watching, and in that way he would see what she thought a spectator expected to see.

The doctor decided he would use the sensor cap, and view the film of her preparation later in his office, the best of both worlds he thought! He needed his team to help him with the cap, and then put him out with "laughing gas", just long enough for the machine to let him into the program. The sexy spy would undergo much the same thing, but with a whole body suit and the necessary body preparation that it required. She would also be under the influence of the laughing gas if she wouldn't cooperate, at least until the machine had control of her. The doctor slept in his office under the care of one of his female doctors, a very attractive thirty something year old that he wanted to bed.

Dr. Plank had no reference of time in his dreamless sleep, and was startled when he suddenly found himself watching a very sexy brunette wearing a trench coat getting roughly arrested. Some countries secret police had literally dragged her off of their dirty city streets and drove her away as she submitted helplessly in her hand cuffs. She had made the briefest eye contact with the virtual doctor, a "please save me" kind of look, but the doctor had no way of doing that even if he wanted to. The doctor was confused, the sexy face was the same, but the woman they had been given to play with was very blond with green eyes, and he thought that her dream persona must be how she sees herself in real life...

The doctors portion of the dream picked up again in the secret police station, and he was watching the woman's rough processing as a nameless extra at the jail. She was protesting her innocence to whatever charge the men had yet to make, and the virtual police looked at her like they could see right through her clothes. The woman looked terrified, and freely gave her name and address when asked, and acted like anything but a spy. She was uncuffed and her trench coat was removed, and searched behind her back for clues along with her small purse. The woman was wearing a thin dress, and it was obvious to the doctor that she was a younger version of the woman who was brought to the lab. She was also in magnificent shape, more like an athlete than a model with her firm arms and legs. She was still feminine, but had no breasts to speak of, much like a track and field competitor. That also meant she didn't need a bra to restrain her firm but small breasts, and as a result her excited nipples were poking out against the thin material of her dress in an inviting way. The position of her arms, cuffed again behind the back of the hard chair she was forced to sit on only helped to display her charms even more. Her sexy legs spread out instinctively for balance on the chair as the men circled her with questions, and that hiked her thin dress to mid thigh in an unintended further display of her helpless body.

...The side door opened to the interrogation room and a naked man, with his body flushed from some kind of trauma, entered under the control of two other men. He had no marks on his body, but his disheveled and sweaty appearance made it clear he had been roughly interrogated. The woman and man made eye contact, and it was obvious to the secret police that the two knew each other. The woman was told they knew all about her now, and if she wanted to avoid a very bad time she would confess to them about the relationship she had with this other spy. The woman knew she made a major mistake by showing any reaction to her partner's capture at all, and she hoped to be able to recover from this and keep silent. Her thin dress and panties were cut from her body after she refused to speak, and she was marched naked and without her heels through the same door the man was just brought through. She now knew her things would be searched for the object she was to hide on her person, and she knew if she didn't talk they would be unlikely to ever find it. In fact, she had bet heavily on their inability to find the object. It was both a game to the woman, and deadly serious all at the same time, even though the doctor didn't know this yet. He did realize the sexy spy was reliving a past event in her dream, and that this was no fantasy to her.

The doctor found himself looking at what could only be described as a modern dungeon, it was well lit and had several gleaming machines that looked like they belonged in a sadists version of Golds Gym. There were even one way mirrors on the walls so spectators could watch the action from rooms behind mirrors like he was in. It was no secret to the sexy spy that the rooms were there, otherwise the doctor couldn't see what he was seeing. Dr. Plank was in heaven! The sexy spy was strapped to a machine with a horizontal "X" frame mounted to a rotisserie device. It had many hard points to secure her to that still left all of the front of her accessible, and much of the back of her as well. Her head and neck were also secure, and she had no way to see exactly what the men were going to do to her. Her body was pulled tight to the frame, and her taunt muscles and magnificent body were quite the sight for the doctor.

The lead interrogator ran his index finger playfully up the sexy spy's instep, and she twitched at the sudden surprise. He used his fingers to torment his way from her feet up, and he was clearly in no hurry. The doctor expected anything but "tickle torture", but was forced to admit she was thrashing around like mad and might speak just to make the torment stop. When he had tickled his way to her upper thigh he asked her if she wanted to say anything to him. He apparently took her silence as his answer and put his hand of her furry mound. She froze at the touch to her more private parts, but yelped in shock when the interrogator pulled just one of her little hairs out by the root. "What's your name?" Pluck! "What's your name?" Pluck!... It went on until it lost it's effectiveness, at least for then. She had plenty of hair for more of the same later the doctor thought.

The interrogator looked at her exposed ass invitingly, but continued to run his finger up her stomach, and he watched her muscles clench as he did so. When he got to her little breasts and hard nipples, he no doubt wondered if their condition was due to her being chilled, or her arousal. He flicked each of the little buds in a friendly way as the sexy spy worked hard at not begging for mercy. The interrogator then pulled something out of his pocket with a round weight attached to it on a short chain. In a moment he had clipped a padded nipple clamp to each of her erect nipples as she yelped and begged for him to stop. The two clips were attached to each other by the length of thin chain, and he still held the lead weight in his hands that was free to slide between the two clips. He asked again what her name was, and was angry with her when she gave the name she had earlier that he knew was false. He then let the heavy weight fall from his hands onto her firm upper stomach as she grunted.

The lead interrogator said nothing, but walked away in disgust and flipped a switch on the machine she was strapped to, and it started to rotate. She slowly turned from face up to the left, and she felt the heavy weight roll off of her flat stomach and get jerked to a sudden stop by her nipples. She was not aware before then that the weight was actually attached to the clamps, but as she rotated further around she could see it swinging underneath of her in the mirror she was mounted over. As she rotated further it pulled both of her nipples to one side and she saw herself in the mirror the virtual Dr. Plank was behind. She painfully rotated in a process that continued until the lead interrogator returned.

The lead interrogator turned off the rotisserie as the sexy spy was facing down, and left her hanging against the restraints and looking at her reflection in the mirror under her. Her nipples were pulled toward the mirror painfully as the man whispered something to the spy that the doctor couldn't hear. He abruptly stood up and told her he was giving her to one of his apprentices for practice. The eager apprentice was holding an electronic hand held device, and he touched it to her ass and touched the button that activated it. The spy made quite the noise as her restrained body jumped, but still refused to answer his repeated questions. He whacked her all over her body, and her muscles rippled and pulled at her restraints, but her breasts got her to talk. The apprentice knew he could have done that first, but he needed the practice and enjoyed toying with the sexy spy.

After the sexy spy revealed her real name and indentificition number, he called the lead interrogator back in to gloat in his success. It was short lived though because he still didn't know where the object they were looking for was. The sexy spy was exhausted from her struggles, and the lead man told his apprentice that he did well and that he had an idea where they could look for the thing they wanted. He told the spy that her partner Ramone told him under interrogation that she loved it in her ass. He said that, and the stretched condition of her back passage lead him to think Ramone was not joking. The man slipped on some rubber gloves and lubed up his hands, and started working several fingers into the spy's clenched back side as she grunted out her protest. He forced his way in and recovered a small object double wrapped in two condoms with four of his fingers. The lead interrogator dropped the object into a tray for his apprentice to take to the lab for analysis, and reminded the spy of their bet.

The still bound and helpless spy said "I don't know Frank, the kid actually got me to talk, and I think that makes him the winner!"

Frank, the lead interrogator protested, "I actually found the object you said I never would."

The spy only had one more question for her co-worker, "did Ramone actually say I like it in the ass?"

"Yep" Frank said, "and it looks to me that he's not the only one who's been there either."

The sexy spy said she would agree that they both won IF he would take the clamps off of her aching tits first. Frank agreed and got behind the spy to collect his reward while she was still bound and in perfect position. He easily entered her stretched ass with the aid of all the lubricant he left in there, and he was pumping away at the spy as she encouraged him on. Frank couldn't resist the urge to pick up the electronic device and zap her ass on low power as he hammered her from behind. Her twitching with the shocks drove him over the edge, and he flooded her ass with his seed.

The apprentice had re entered the modern dungeon and was on his way to stopping what he thought was the rape of a suspect, only to find out that she also worked for the "company" like they did, and that her and Frank had a bet to settle. This realistic training scenario was practice if caught for her and Ramone, and also for the apprentice interrogator. The young man apologised for being so rough with the spy, who was still hanging from the rotisserie device as she told him that was the whole idea. She said she was tough enough for them, but that Frank has something to tell him about a little bet she has to settle with him...

The apprentice ended up behind the restrained spy, forcing his meaty cock into her as she encouraged him on. She told him how Frank had used the electronic device on her, and he picked up the thing and shocked her repeatedly on low power as she orgasmed hard for him. He thanked her for the time of his life, and she corrected him and thanked him instead. He had unbelievable staying power and had not even came by the time he pulled out of her, and she finished him off with her eager mouth.

The dream ended and the doctor was woken with more knowledge of their test subject than could be possible with just getting her name and I.D. number. He had just seen how the company trains their deep penetration agents, and also their own interrogators. It looked like a rough training program, but the results were hard to argue with. The doctor wondered if they would pass their test once he filed his report with his boss about their well trained spy.

He somehow thought they would!



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